Redeeming Rikki

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Rikki Renard, known as the Diva Driver of NASCAR, is in the lead for the championship this year. She has skill as a driver and an impressive knowledge of cars but her temper and outspoken attitude push most people away. Crew chief after crew chief has walked out of the job, afraid to stand up to the daughter of the team’s owner.

Everyone but Brock Williams, that is. The minute the current chief walks out, Brock makes his interest in the position known to Rikki’s dad. Brock has been on Rikki’s crew for quite a while and he has watched her lose control and drive people away in the process. She doesn’t scare him, though, he has three younger sisters and knows the best way to calm her down.

Richard Renard has a feeling about this young man and gives him the promotion on the spot. Brock may be just what his oldest daughter needs, both on and off the track. When Rikki finds herself attracted to her hot new crew chief, will she realize the error of her diva ways before it’s too late? Has she truly met her match in Brock, as he attempts to tame the Diva Driver?

Publisher’s Note: This romance, which takes place in the NASCAR world, is intended for adults only and includes themes of discipline of adult women and mildly explicit scenes. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

“I’m done! I’ve had it up to here with that spoiled little rich girl. Find yourself another crew chief!”

Brock Williams looked up from the engine he was tinkering with at the sound of Ray’s voice. Ray was the current crew chief for the hottest young NASCAR driver on the circuit this year, Rikki Renard.

Rikki was the oldest daughter of well-known oil man, Richard Renard, and already had built quite a reputation for herself, in more ways than one. She was fast becoming one of the big names on the track, with several wins under her belt and a good chance at a championship. But, in the pits, her name caused many a man to shudder. Rikki wanted things done her way and her way only. She had gone through more crew chiefs in the past couple of years than most drivers do during an entire career. Her wealthy daddy was her sponsor and the team owner, and growing up, Rikki had been indulged by both Richard and his wife, Joyce. Richard was an avid racing fan. Having no sons, he’d been thrilled when his oldest daughter began to share his interest in the sport. Rikki’s younger sisters, Alissa and Maris, couldn’t have cared less about engines, cars and tracks.

Richard had groomed his namesake from an early age, and when she was old enough and experienced enough, he sponsored her endeavors. It had paid off, because she was wowing everyone with her skill behind the wheel.

Everyone but her crew chiefs, that is. Ray was not the first to walk out on the job. Now, it seemed there was a position to fill again. Brock knew he wanted to apply for the job, but had he been at this line of work long enough to even be considered a viable candidate? There was no time like the present to find out. He marched right up to Richard, who was in the garage today, shaking his head.

“Sir, may I speak to you for a minute?” Brock asked bravely.

“Can it wait, son? I have to get on the horn and find a replacement for Ray, ASAP. Never thought he’d walk out on us.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for the job.”

Richard looked at him in surprise before finally answering with, “Are you sure about that, boy?”

“Very sure, sir. I’ve worked closely with the last two crew chiefs and I paid close attention. It’s something I’ve had in the back of my mind ever since I took this job.”

“Come into the office,” Richard said as he ushered him away from prying ears.

Once inside the large office, Richard offered him a drink.

“No, thanks, sir.”

Richard helped himself to a beer and sat down behind his massive desk. “Now, what makes you think you can handle this job? Sell me.”

Brock cleared his throat, determination in his voice when he spoke, “This has been a longtime dream of mine. I’ve eaten, breathed and slept engines and cars for as long as I can remember. I’ve followed NASCAR since I was a boy. It was a dream come true when I landed this job and I made up my mind the first day, I would one day become the chief of a good crew.”

“That’s all well and good, son. I do know your work is excellent. However, there is another part of the job that concerns me.”

“Sir?” Brock asked.

“Oh, come now, boy. You’ve been around long enough to know my daughter isn’t the easiest person to work with. I’m sure you’ve seen the tantrums, heard the screaming; hell, I’m certain you’ve heard the guys talking. Why do you think Ray just stormed out of here? Not to mention the five crew chiefs before him. I will admit, all three of my daughters are spoiled rotten. Do I like Rikki’s attitude? No, I don’t, but it’s a little late in the game for me to change it. She needs a man in her life to do that. So far, she’s not found one that fits the bill. In the meantime, we continue to go through crew chiefs like water. Now, tell me why you think you are any different from the rest?”

Brock straightened up in his chair and leaned forward. “I have three sisters. I’ve dealt with tantrums; I’ve survived screaming matches. I’ve had things thrown at me, doors slammed in my face and been given the silent treatment. Through it all, I knew one sure fire way to settle ’em down.”

“Oh?” Richard asked with interest. “Care to share that wisdom?”

“When things got out of hand, over my knee they went. Worked like a charm.”

Richard chuckled. “Now, that’s exactly what my darling Rikki needs but I’m not so sure you’d survive if you tried it with her. As far as the job itself, I have no qualms about your ability to do it and do it well. Getting along with Rikki is my biggest concern.”

“Why don’t we give it a trial run? Say, six months?” Brock suggested.

Richard studied him for several minutes while he finished his beer. Finally, he said, “Okay, boy. Six months, it is. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off, while I break the news to Rikki? Be back here at seven sharp, tomorrow morning, for training.” He scribbled something on a piece of paper and slid it across the desk. “I’m assuming this will suffice for salary.”

Brock’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he opened the slip of paper and read the figures. “Y-yes, sir.”

Brock went back out into the garage and began putting away his tools.

“What’s up, man? You walking out, too, cuz Ray did?” one of the crew members, Randy, asked.

“No, just taking the rest of the day off to take care of some things.”

“I saw you talking to Renard. You didn’t apply for the job, did you? Any man who takes that job is crazy. Rikki Renard is a first-class bitch to work for.”

“So what if I did? You all know that’s my dream. Hell, any one of you should have done the same.”

“No way!” Dave, another crew member said.

“Me, neither,” Randy agreed. “You sure you want to tackle that?”

“I want the job. If Rikki Renard’s attitude comes with it, then so be it. I’ll deal with it.”

“How? No one else could, apparently.”

Brock grinned. “I have my ways. Ms. Renard may have just met her match. Wait and see.”

“Well, more power to you, man. I’m happy for you, and I’ll be proud to have you as the chief but I don’t envy you one bit,” Dave said.

“You ain’t sweet on our little wildcat, are you?” Randy asked.

Brock chuckled. “She is a looker, but that isn’t why I want the job.”

“Wonder how she’ll take the news?” Dave asked with a laugh.

“Daddy will break it to her. That’s why you’re out of here for the day, huh, Brock?”

“Got things to take care of, bro. I’ll see you in the morning.” Brock waved and walked out to his truck, leaving the others shaking their heads.

* * *

“You’re joking, right? Ray will be back. He just needs to cool off.”

Richard looked at his daughter and frowned. “No, Rikki, he will not be back. I’ve already replaced him. As of tomorrow morning, Brock Williams is your new crew chief.”

“Brock Williams? That tall guy on the crew?”

“Tall, sandy-haired, yes, that’s him. He’s good at what he does, Rikki. You need to give him a chance. You can’t keep running good chiefs off. Sooner or later, the word is going to get around and no one is going to want to work with you.”

Rikki rolled her eyes. “These guys need to grow some balls. I’m not that bad.”

“I would appreciate it, if you didn’t talk like one of the guys, Rikki. You may be a driver but you are still a lady.”

“Oh, Dad, really?”

Richard raised an eyebrow and Rikki relented, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. So, tell me about this Williams kid.”

“He is hardly a kid. He is older than you, my dear, by two years. I’ve been looking over his file. He has a lot of experience, even before he joined our crew. I think he can handle the job quite well. The question is whether or not he can handle you.

“I hardly need handling. If he listens to me, we’ll get along just fine.”

“Rikki, I know you are well versed in mechanics and cars, but do me a favor and let Brock do his job.”

“I’m calling it a day since my crew chief isn’t here. I’ll see you tomorrow, Dad.” With that, Rikki turned, flinging her long brown hair over her shoulder.

“Get some rest. No partying, young lady. You have a lot to do tomorrow. I want to have a meeting first thing in the morning to announce Brock’s promotion. After that, you will need to spend some time with him, discussing things.”

“Whatever. Same old thing. I wish these damn crew chiefs would stop being such divas and just do their job. Male divas are the worst.”

“Language! And I wouldn’t be throwing that word ‘diva’ around too much. Many could describe you that way. Have a good night, Rikki. I love you.”

She sighed. “Love you. Later.”

Rikki walked out of the garage and unlocked her fancy red sports car. She spun the tires as she left the lot and headed down the road to the local eatery the racing gang liked to frequent.

Might as well grab some dinner before I go home, since I am under orders not to party tonight ,” she thought as she wheeled her vehicle into the parking lot.  Honestly, you’d think I was a teenager.

She got out of the car, careful to lock the door, and walked into the tiny sports bar. As her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room, she spotted a few people she knew and made her way to their table.

“Mind if I join you?” she asked.

“Pull up a chair, Renard,” one of the guys said. He was the other driver on the team her dad owned.

“Thanks, Johnny,” Rikki said as she joined the group.

“Heard Ray walked out today,” Johnny said as he watched her face.

Rikki shrugged. “Seems that way.”

“I heard Williams wants the job,” another man, Damon, who was Johnny’s crew chief, said.

“So I heard. What do you guys think about that?” The server came over to the table and Rikki ordered a light beer.

“Brock knows his shit,” Damon said. “He’s a good guy, too, from what I’ve seen.”

Johnny nodded. “Rikki, you gonna go easy on him?”

Rikki snorted. “I don’t know why I get the blame for all these pantywaists who can’t handle the job.”

The group around the table laughed in unison.

“What?” she asked innocently.

Johnny wiped his eyes as he tried to control his chuckling. “Oh, my dear Rikki, you have no idea, do you?”

The server returned with her beer and Rikki ordered a burger and a salad before turning back to her comrades.

“I expect a certain degree of respect for my knowledge. Is that too much to ask? It would seem that, because I happen to be a woman, I’m not supposed to know anything about engines and tires. I probably know more than most of the guys on my crew.”

“True, you do have a vast amount of knowledge and experience. No one is disputing that. But you have to learn to trust your crew chief, hon,” Damon said solemnly. “You can’t have them walking out on you all the time. Word gets around. You’re lucky Williams wants the job. I’m sure he has seen you in action, as well as heard about some of your tirades.”

Rikki rolled her eyes. “If he doesn’t know what to expect, that’s his problem. He’ll find out soon enough that I run a tight ship. My dad may provide the money and he may know his business, but he’s too easy on his employees. I’ve always thought that.”

The others shook their heads and exchanged glances. It was no use trying to reason with this particular female. Woe to the man who finally tried to tame her. Rikki didn’t date much, even though she was one hot female. Her attitude took care of that. She was a petite little thing, with long, brown hair and big brown eyes. Most men couldn’t handle more than two or three dates. Once they got a glimpse of her smart mouth and stubborn ways, they were done. Rikki didn’t seem to care, either.

“Speak of the devil, look who just walked in,” Johnny said.

Rikki turned to look at the door. “Is that him? Brock?” she asked.  Damn, he was one fine specimen of male. All man, tall, built, with sandy colored hair and golden tan skin. Rikki normally wasn’t impressed by looks, but this man—she wouldn’t mind getting up close and personal with him.

“Yup, that’s the man, your new crew chief,” Damon said. “Draw in the claws, kitty cat.”

“Play nice,” Johnny added.

She shot both of them a look before smiling at the man walking toward their table.

“Ms. Renard, care to join me? I think we have some things to discuss before tomorrow,” the hunk said when he reached their table. He nodded to the group. “You guys don’t mind if I steal her, do you?”

“I suppose I can do that,” she said. She looked at Johnny and added, “Please tell the waitress where I am when she brings my food.”

“Will do,” he replied with a grin. He whispered to Damon, “This could get interesting.”

Rikki gave them both a dirty look before standing up and walking with Brock to an empty table in the corner.

To her surprise, Brock pulled out her chair for her before taking the seat across from her.

“So, you’ve already ordered?” he asked.

“Yes,” she answered curtly.

A server came to take his drink order and he ordered a beer, along with a burger and fries. “The lady was sitting over there. When her order is ready, please bring it here and put it on my tab,” he said.

The server nodded.

“My, my, buttering up the boss already, I see,” she said when the server left to put in Brock’s order.

He grinned. It was a lopsided grin and Rikki’s tummy did a little flip flop. She admonished herself sternly in her thoughts.

“I see you’ve heard. As for buttering you up, no. I asked you to join me for dinner. That generally means I intend to pay.”

“And to what do I owe this invitation to dinner?” she asked sarcastically.

He grinned again. Damn, that was a delightful sight.

“I thought it would be nice if we could chat a bit, get to know each other before we meet with the others in the morning,” he explained patiently, ignoring her attitude.

“Really,” she commented drily.

“Yes, really.”

“Okay, what do you want to know? I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories. I run a tight ship. You do your job and respect my opinions and we’ll get along just fine.”

“I have no doubt that we will,” he said in a low tone. “Just seems to me when we meet with the crew tomorrow to make the announcement, we should put forth a unified front. Any dissention between a driver and her chief can cause the troops to lose respect for authority.”

“The troops? Tell me, Mr. Brock Williams, were you, by chance, in the military at one time?”

“United States Army, four years. I studied mechanics while I was there.”

“I see.”

The server brought Brock’s beer and Rikki’s meal.

“Could I please have a glass of ice water with lemon?” she asked as she picked up the small cup of dressing and drizzled it over her salad.

“Of course.”

“So, the lady really does have ice water in her veins,” Brock joked.

“You shouldn’t listen to gossip, you know,” she said with a laugh.

“You should laugh more often,” he remarked. “I like the sound of it.”

“Flirting with the new boss now?”

“Not at all, just making an observation. I take my job very seriously.”

“Okay, truce. Look, Brock, you seem like a nice guy. As for your work, you came highly recommended by my dad. Time will tell if we can work well together and if you really ‘know your stuff,’ as everyone seems to think you do.”

Brock nodded. “Truce it is, then. Now, how do you wish to conduct the meeting tomorrow?”

The server brought his meal and Rikki waited until they were alone again before answering his question. “I am sure Dad will make the announcement and give a little speech, welcoming you and all that. Next, I will talk. After that, you can say your piece. You and I will meet in my office, with Dad, most likely, when the meeting is over.”

He saluted her. “Yes, ma’am. Guess you’ve done this a few times.”

She looked up from her plate and said, “You know damn well I have. And, if you don’t do your job, I’ll be doing it again.”

“So much for the truce. Simmer down, boss lady,” he said, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Did you just tell me to simmer down?” she asked.

“Yes, and I’ll do it again, if need be. Gonna fire me for that?”

She glared at him. “Not today.”

“How about we start over? Only, this time, we table the work discussion and talk about other things. Tell me what you like to do when you aren’t working.”

“When would that be? I’m either on the track, practicing or racing, traveling or in the office or garage.”

He shook his head. “You know what they say.”

“What do ‘they’ say?”

“All work and no play makes Rikki a dull girl.”

“Well, so what if I am dull? I have been eating, breathing and sleeping cars and racing for as long as I remember.”

“Everyone needs a break, Rikki. At least once in a while. That may explain some of your stress.”

“Stress? Who said I was stressed?”

“Mmm, the attitude maybe.”

“I can’t believe you think you can talk to me this way!” she exclaimed in disgust.

“Maybe someone should have, a long time ago. Think about it, Ms. Renard.”

They finished their meal in silence. Rikki was fuming. And to make it worse, Brock was smiling and digging into his food as if no hostile words had been spoken between them. Just who in the hell did he think he was?

When she was finished eating, she picked up her purse, ready to leave.

“Leaving so soon?” he asked.

“I need to go home. I’ll see you in the morning, bright and early. Thanks for dinner.”

Brock stood to help her up. “If you wait a few minutes, I’ll walk you out to your car.”

“I guess I can do that. After all, you treated me to a burger.” Her tone was slightly more friendly than before. She’d decided, during their silence, it did no good to remain miffed at him. Not if they were going to work together. She had plenty of time to train him to her ways.

Brock took one last swig of his beer, paid the tab and walked around to pull her chair out for her.

They walked out of the bar together, his hand on the small of her back. This gesture did not go unnoticed by Johnny and the others who winked at Brock as they passed their table. Rikki saw it, ignored them and noticed that Brock did the same. Score one for the new crew chief.

Outside, he waited for her to unlock her car door, helped her inside and made sure she was safely buckled in. “Drive safely and sleep well. Busy day tomorrow.”

“I’ll see you then, Mr. Williams. Be prepared to dive in on your first day.”

Rikki backed up her car and pulled onto the road, leaving her new chief in the dust.

11 reviews for Redeeming Rikki

  1. Tami

    Rikki is known as “Diva Driver” and the name fits, because she has quite a temper and a bad attitude. When her crew chief quits because he can’t stand being around her any longer, Brock takes over. Now, with his newly promoted job, he also feels responsible to take Rikki in hand. When she behaves like a spoiled brat again, Brock turns her over his knees and teaches her a lesson. It will take some time, but Brock is determined that she learns.

    The story is well written and the characters had great chemistry. Aside from a couple of kisses there is no intimacy. If you like NASCAR and spanking, this is the book for you.

  2. Dyane

    I enjoyed the unusual setting of this romance – the NASCAR circuit. Even more unusual is that the heroine is a NASCAR driver. But being one of a very few female drivers has given Rikki a chip on her shoulder, earning her a reputation as a diva with a bad attitude. She has had several crew chiefs quit. But the newest one, Brock, knows exactly how to deal with bratty divas. I was glad to see that Rikki was immediately attracted to Brock, and that she was a quick learner with regards to her actions having consequences. It was also a nice change that they took their romance slowly. There are several mild to moderate discipline scenes in the book, as well as a few mild sex scenes. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  3. BlueDiamond

    Redeeming Rikki is a sweet romance between a feisty female race car driver and her handsome crew chief, who likes to spank the spit and vinegar from her sassy attitude. This is a charming love story that warms the heart. A must read.

  4. JigsawGirl

    This was a sweet, steady paced romance with moments of domestic discipline. Brock was the only man strong enough to stand up to Rikki’s diva behavior, which he managed to tame pretty quickly.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy.

  5. Redrabbitt

    The story is a great beginning to a new book series, Racing Rendezvous, with plenty of angst along with a great cast of characters. The Renard girls were blessed to have the parents they did, a mother who is an attorney, a father who is an oil man, and one who invested in a racing team to support his oldest daughter. Their three daughters have been encouraged to choose a career path of their own making.

    Rikki has a reputation for being a diva driver and has gone through so many crew chiefs, losing another one with her bratty behavior. When one of the men on the crew, Brock Williams approaches Richard Renard for the position of Crew Chief, he asks for six-months to prove himself. At the reputation and behavior of Rikki, he is willing to give him a chance, especially when Brock admits that he has three sisters and knows how to handle their bad behavior, over his knee.

    The plot will have Brock Williams becoming the new crew chief for Rikki Renard in the middle of the racing season. He tells her that he expects to be spoken to correctly and respectfully, and will not tolerate her ranting at him or other team members. When she gets out of hand, he proves to her he will not allow her bratty behavior and turns her across his knee.

    It doesn%u2019t take long for others to see a positive change in Rikki and her behavior, and it makes a difference in the work environment, around team mates, and even on the race track. The more time Rikki spends with Brock, the closer their relationship becomes and eventually turns physical.

    Rikki needed a man who was willing to stand up to her, prove he was a man of his word, and show her that he cares for her, respects her career choice, and is not only a team player but a man who loves her and wants to be with her. The story has several well-deserved spankings, and the sex scenes are not explicit. I look forward to reading more in this new series.

  6. Hope W

    I loved this book! The storyline was believable and the characters were heartfelt and likeable. Rikki Renard is a true diva who is feisty, spoiled, sassy, short tempered, and does not care who she messes with as long as she gets what she wants. However, while she is tough on the outside she is equally scared and insecure on the inside. She is good at her job, but she is also horrible with those she works with. She continues to run off crew chiefs as quickly as they come, until Brock Williams steps up to the position. Once this happens, Rikki sees another side to the man who takes over not only the job, but her as well. He is the perfect blend of man. He is strict but understanding, a hard worker but plays equally as hard, and while rough on the outside he is romantic on the inside. The one thing this man has that the other crew chiefs didn’t, is that he is not afraid to put Rikki over his knees for a well deserved spanking when she gets out of hand. Come read and enjoy the fireworks that explode between these characters hit the racetrack!

    This is the first book by this author that I have read but will not be the last. I loved this book! The racing storyline was something not many books use and the characters are hardworking and real, just as the challenges they face are real. The pairing of this couple brought spark and included a lot of fun, laughs, love, spanking, sex, friendship, and more. This was a great start to a new series and I can’t wait to read book two once it is released! I highly recommend this for an wonderful nights read! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  7. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Rikki Renard us a NASCAR driver and a good one. She is also a diva and a brat who throws a fit when she is unhappy or tense. She fires her Crew Chiefs left and right or the get fed up and quit. Not the new Chief. He is fair, but tough and believes in spanking to punish and calm. Rikki has finally met her match. Growing pains follow. Spanking romance.

  8. PJB

    This is a different setting for a romance – unusually a NASCAR circuit! The heroine, Rikki, is a NASCAR driver. Being one of a very few female drivers has given Rikki a reputation as a woman with a bad attitude. She has had several crew quit on her but the latest one, Brock, knows exactly how to deal with bratty girls who got too big for their driving gloves! Rikki is immediately attracted to Brock and his no nonsense approach. Rikki is a quick to learn that actions have consequences. There are only mild to moderate discipline scenes in this tale and a few mild sexy scenes. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  9. Southern Lady

    A Red Line Read
    Redeeming Rikki by Anna Kristell was a fast satisfying page turner.
    I had high expectations for this book set in the fast paced world of NASCAR and I%u2019m happy to say it hits the spot. While Rikki is a rising star on the racing circuit, her demeanor leaves something to be desired. Her attitude is rude and her bratty personality is responsible for competent crew chiefs reaching their red line leaving one after another.

    Enter, Brock who is not a %u2018panty-waist,%u2019 Rikki%u2019s demeaning name for her past crew chiefs.
    It is apparent from the beginning of his time as her crew chief and his race car driver, that she senses that something is up and that Brock is a man%u2019s man. Rikki in the beginning feels the need to behave and keep her mouth in check.
    Add, Alissa, a sister who is not afraid to get down to brass tacks and hurt Rikki%u2019s feelings. So, when he fireworks start the taming of the race car brat begins. I thoroughly enjoyed this book which covered both NASCAR and spanking.

  10. Toni L

    An unusual setting for this story & not being American & having no interest in motor sports, I was doubting just how much I would enjoy this read. My lack of knowledge of the sport didn’t play any part of my enjoyment of the story, which I found was a easily read, easily enjoyed light romance with a bit of spanking. Good characters, but given the number of times the word ‘diva’ is used, I don’t think I’m likely to use it again for a very long time.

  11. Sam

    This is an amazing book. I really appreciated the setting of the book – I feel it is very unique. Rikki and Brock make a great couple. I love how they work through conflict together. The author did a great job of making them seem realistic and relate-able. I am looking forward to the next books in this series. I received an ARC of this book.

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