Reclaiming Clover

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Clover could give in to the little girl forever and feel secure but unfulfilled, or fight every day for that balance between the woman she needs to be and the little girl she longs to be. Can she do both? Would he let her? 

When her protector abandoned her to go into the Army, leaving fourteen-year-old Clover Sweet Medicine to go through high school virtually unsupervised, she felt as though her spirit had died. She survived the loss, and now she is eighteen and graduating. However, grad night turns into a life-changing event, complete with an arrest and loss of adult status. Suddenly, Clover needs a guardian, and the tribal council chooses the only person who cares enough to make her follow the rules: Jared. Will he be willing to reassure the little girl inside and still want the woman outside? 

Jared Little Fox is a man of his word, and when he left to join the Army, it was to gain skills, a college degree and to earn money. He was going to fulfill his destiny with his tribe, and he was going to marry Clover Sweet Medicine. He tried to explain all this to Clover before he left but she’d turned a deaf ear. Now he worries that four years might have been too long, considering the changes in his girl. His Clover is a woman-child who is out of control, angry, scared, reckless, and desperate for love. She has lost all the security he had worked so hard to give her, ensuring she was happy, safe, and healthy since her early childhood. 

Now, instead of letting them start their adult lives together, the council wants to kick her off the reservation. They charge him with the task of saving her once again – or else. He claimed her once. He could do it again. But will Clover be able to submit to a man she proclaims to hate? Can Jared help Clover find her security, see that he is her only hope for freedom, and she his only path to happiness, before it’s too late? 

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit scenes as well as elements of discipline. If either of these offend you, please do not read it.


Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Jared Little Fox was returning tomorrow, and Clover couldn’t sleep.

Clover Sweet Medicine loved Jared Little Fox with her whole being. She had loved him for as long as she had known him and that was almost forever. Ever since she had reached an age to know of such things, she knew that she belonged to the grandson of the great chief, Little Fox. Even the sheer number of ‘greats’ before grandfather did not diminish the wonder from that fact. Little Fox was a great leader born nearly two hundred years before and died over one hundred years ago. It seemed like too many ‘greats’ to include, so Jared proudly announced the bare facts. He was his grandson. And indeed, he was.

Clover remembered the first time she looked into the expressive eyes of Jared Little Fox. Another child on the bus coming home from school chose that one day to harass her. It marked the beginning of Jared’s self-appointed status of protector of Clover Sweet Medicine. He claimed her that very day, and everyone knew it. Clover, most of all.

The story of Sweet Medicine of old told of a healer who saved the tribe from starving. He wondered if that was the reason her mother named her Clover Sweet Medicine for, in Cheyenne, Sweet Grass and Sweet Medicine were interchangeable sometimes. Unfortunately for Clover, the bus driver didn’t see the significance nor did he have compassion on a newly orphaned child who rained her pain in a torrential rage on the young taunter. He kicked both kids off the bus. Jared got off with them and walked the spitting wildcat home, knowing she was too young to walk home alone.

“Where do you live, little one?”

“Leave me alone.”

“Did the boy hurt your feelings?”

She nodded. “But I am strong enough to handle it.”

Jared nodded at her statement but followed her home anyway. Clover allowed him because it felt so right. She needed to feel like the world was good again.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Jared Little Fox. How about you, my little hellcat?”

“Clover Sweet Medicine, and you said a naughty word.”

“I apologize.”

She nodded.

Clover had always lived on the reservation, but fast on the heels of her mother’s premature death, she moved over to her auntie’s home. Her father’s unrealistic dealing of that loss pushed Clover from his life as well. It was evident to all that he was sadly unable to believe his wife of nearly a decade would not be returning. He began to speak of the reincarnation that some of the elders and others still believed in.

The overwhelming grief, and his preoccupation with looking for his wife, gave way to a vast wasteland of mourning that was so profound, he was unable to discuss things with his daughter. Caring for her alone and the demonstration of any love was simply out of his capabilities. He did, however, share his peyote with her, hoping that her innocence would entice her mother back from the spirit world. While Clover never looked for her mother in the dreams after the first, full-color display, she did learn to enjoy the journey it took her on. She moved to her auntie’s soon after that, but Clover was able to sneak a little from her father’s stash whenever he used it. She didn’t crave it, but she considered it her escape, and even after years of Jared’s watching over of her, she remembered its power. When Jared left, it was her solace.

Many thought the mourning of Aiyana would resolve itself. It never did. Jared assured Clover that people loved in different ways, but Clover later had to acknowledge the truth. Once her mother was gone from this earth, she was no longer able to buffer and shield from her daughter the distinct lack of paternal understanding or ability by Forrest. It was glaringly obvious. After the death of her mother, Forrest was kind but became more distant and never grew to be more than a fond acquaintance to his child.

Aiyana Sweet Medicine may have had less Cheyenne blood than her husband, but she was much more Cheyenne in her heart than he ever professed to be. Clover was more like her mother than her father in that, even as a seven-year-old, she wanted to follow the Cheyenne way. Her similar manner of dealing with things, even as a child, was so like her mother that what Forrest would shake his head at good-naturedly, earlier, now only seemed to bring him pain. Clover learned to avoid him.

“Clover, for heaven’s sake, stop leaving messages about Mr. Stryker’s garbage on his door and in his yard.”

“How do you know it’s me?”

“It says ‘Don’t litter. It’s bad.’ And you signed it with a drawing of a clover.”

“But, Dad, he leaves his trash and then shoots at the dogs that get in it. It’s mean, and it’s littering.”

“I don’t care. You leave Mr. Stryker to live as he sees fit.”

The next day, when the garbage in question was found strewn all over Forrest Sweet Medicine’s yard, Forrest was the one complaining.

Clover, in her seven-year-old wisdom, told her father, “We have to leave him to live as he sees fit.” Her father stormed out of the room to address the issue with their neighbor.

She found her interactions with the rest of her world to be as difficult as living alone with her father had proven. The discord was partly because of her recent loss, but as time progressed, it was because Clover Sweet Medicine looked for adventure. Without her mother there to guide her, she was a rather loose cannon, her auntie had said. While Clover was sometimes overcome by her insecurities, she pushed against her self-professed protector. However, Jared Little Fox, who had taken on that role, didn’t allow too much pushing. That very fact had grounded her throughout the early years.

One day, eight-year-old Clover asked fourteen-year-old Jared, “Do you think I’m dirty?”

Jared had looked at her clothes and scrutinized her face before responding. “You’re clean, baby. I’ll toss you in the bath when we get to Auntie’s tonight, if you like.”

She stomped her little foot at the end of her scrawny leg. “No, ‘mbecile, because I’m not whole.”

Jared stared hard at his charge. “You’re whole for now, but if you stomp your foot at me again and call me an imbecile, I will tear up your ‘whole’ backside.”

She sniffled. “No, I’m not whole like you.”

Jared Little Fox was full Cheyenne Indian. Clover was five-eighths. Jared would get angry when she brought it up. He said blood is only one way of proving who you are as a Cheyenne.

He hit his chest over his heart. “You are Cheyenne in here. Nothing else matters.”

He preferred to know a person by their deeds. She knew he was right. It shouldn’t have mattered, but to her, it did. More than one blood wasn’t uncommon in many places and was indeed celebrated, but on the reservation, purity of blood mattered. It mattered a lot. No one usually gave her too much trouble over her mixed breed status. However, it hadn’t always been that way. Sweet Medicine did have problems.

In school, she was a good student but not always a good problem solver.

Clover had heeded Jared’s request that she be patient, and after waiting two long years, her father began to see his daughter as his responsibility once again. He finally acknowledged that she had needs that he must meet in some way. Forrest Sweet Medicine brought Clover home from her auntie’s and for all intents and purposes had brought Jared Little Fox back as well.

Jared was entering high school the next term, and since everyone told Forrest that Jared was who really cared for her, he decided anytime Jared wanted to come to the house, he could. Then he gave Jared a house key, gathered his gear, and went off to another job, leaving his not quite nine-year-old in the hands of a fourteen-year-old.

While there was grumbling, the council said if Jared did a good job then it was allowed. Forrest was careful to never stay gone more than a couple of days, but that’s how Jared raised Clover and how Clover fell in love with Jared. She loved him because, even though she hated discipline in any form, she adored him for being predictable.

She loved everything about him except… Well, except that one thing. She had to whisper it even in her own mind. Jared spanked. She wondered if he spanked his girlfriends because he didn’t seem to keep them long. She asked him once, and he said it was his business. That meant he did.

“Jared, stop! I hate it. You can’t spank me.”

“It looks like you’re wrong, doesn’t it? If you’re dishonest, you get spanked.”

She hated being spanked. Jared spanked her anyway.

“The Cheyenne don’t spank their children,” she exclaimed with great haughtiness.

“This Cheyenne does. Besides, I’m not an adult who worries about other’s expectations. I am not your parent. I am, however, older than you are, and if you’re intent on breaking the moral laws we live by, then I will impress their merit upon your rear end.”

“Why? Why do you care?” she yelled at him.

“Because,” he responded gently. “You are mine, and I take care of what is mine.”

That settled it, and they all knew it. But kids can be cruel.

“I saw you with Jared Little Fox. Don’t get too attached to him,” sneered a boy who often taunted her. “No warrior class Indian would ever muddy his blood with yours. It would dilute the purity.”

“Well, good thing there are no warrior societies now, then, isn’t it?” came Clover’s haughty response, but inside, she shriveled at what she knew to be true. The translation was glaringly obvious; you’re not good enough for Jared Little Fox.

The scenario played out many times over the next few years, until one night, Jared found her, as he often did after his ball practice or other activity, home alone, but this time he had caught her crying. Though she tried to hide it, he was a master at getting the real story from her.

“What is wrong with my little warrior woman?”

She loved him so much, because no matter how bad things got, he shielded her. “Nothing really, I’m behaving like a child. Ignore me,” replied Clover.

He pulled her into his already strong, sturdy young arms and coaxed the words he needed to hear from her. “Clover, you are a child, but you’re mine to care for and protect. What’s wrong? Truth.”

“Adam White Cloud and his group of friends started repeating it again that I am not good enough for you and then the rest joined in. The teacher said I needed to get stronger to repel their hurtful words, not shoot the nasty arrows back at them. She said I must deflect not project, whatever that means,” the ten-year-old replied in an attempted nonchalance with minimal success.

When she had finished her recounting, Jared had gone still. Worried, she looked into his face. There, she saw his eyes had turned the blackest she had ever seen them and the developing muscles of a hard working sixteen-year-old flexed. His fists knotted. His breathing was deliberate and measured. His tone was low and menacing as only Jared’s could become.

She was not scared but curious as he looked sternly into her eyes. After a moment, he asked in the voice that she had learned over the years was his defender voice, “Who is this Adam White Cloud and why would he tell you that lie?”

He pulled her fiercely to him and reaffirmed to Clover that she was his. She knew it, but she was not so young to miss that people and their feelings changed without notice. Her insecurities were enough to cause her to question Jared’s desire to retain his claim on her. His question was her reassurance, her answer to the question in her heart.

It had been a lie told to confuse her. People always confused her because she lived on the fringes of the community in more ways than the physical. She had little family and even less who attended to her. There were, however, many who doubted her ability to survive well.

She’d relaxed into Jared’s embrace. When her father did not take care of Clover, her protector had remained constant. She had no doubt her mother had sent him to her. She had never had a strong feeling for the spirit animal chosen for her, but she would be all right so long as Jared stayed near, his shadow covering her. She knew without any doubt that she would die without him.

The next morning, Jared was leaving her school when she arrived. He slowed to tousle her hair then continued out the door. From that group of children, she never had another incident. She had no idea what Jared had done, but she knew he was looking out for her and the knowledge was enough. With Jared as her watchdog, no one dared harass her in defiance of him. They all knew Jared Little Fox would do great things. If he kept her safe, they would not interfere.

Even at ten, Clover knew she loved him with all that she was, but for some reason, no matter what he said or did, she still worried that she wasn’t good enough for him because of who he was and who she was. Just a small part of her wondered if she would be good enough for anyone.

“Dad, héh, look, when I add Jared’s blood to mine, we get eighty-one percent. That’s more Cheyenne than I am! That’s more than four-fifths! They will be safe! Everyone will love them.”

Clover’s father scoffed dismissively. “That is just plain nonsense, girl. Jared Little Fox is destined for greatness.”

“Yes, but he told me I was Sweet Medicine, and I was destined for greatness, too. I would help to heal the tribe.”

“Being Sweet Medicine hasn’t been an asset for you or me.” Her father had continued to laugh. He meant no harm, she thought, his never-distant grief was blinding him to the truth. She must learn to be patient. That’s what Jared said, and her protector never lied.

That very evening, when Jared came to check on her as was his habit when he could, her father had told him what Clover had discovered. While her father laughed again, she never heard one chuckle from Jared. She had been mortified, but Jared remained solemn, whether to save face for her or because he took her seriously, she never knew. It didn’t matter because regardless of the reason, Clover was grateful.

Clover loved her mother and took after her in the way she stood, straight and tall. She had her dark blue eyes that sparkled when she was excited. No one expected that her mother’s blue eyes were genetically stronger than the Cheyenne’s almost black, but there it was, evidenced in her daughter. Blue eyes proved her father was not full blood but not many of the elders knew things like that, and she would not ever allow for the thought she was even less Cheyenne.

What was also obvious was she was her father’s daughter because she had his broad, high cheekbones, his coloring, and his smile. However, she had her mother’s temper. Aiyana Sweet Medicine was renowned for her ability to make a person trust in the things she believed in because she was passionate. Clover’s blue eyes, like her mother’s before her, would flash with any change of emotion, but they were most dramatic when she was angry or fiercely fighting for what she felt was right.

The older she grew, the more those times of righteous indignation presented. Clover was Jared’s warrior woman, and he told her he loved her passion, but looking back now, she knew he spent hours trying to smooth her edges so others would hear her voice and not shut her out. When she was ready, he always told her, he would find them a future. But he would have to go away for a time to start that future.

She knew in her heart of hearts that he was right, but it scared her. At twelve, Clover knew the primary lucrative business on the reservation centered on visitors who came every year. Tourists left plenty of things behind besides money. They left booze, pot, used girls, and nasty diseases she wasn’t supposed to know about. Of course, there were always jobs such as grocery stocker in the little town near the reservation or moving off the reservation, but Jared would never make his home anywhere else. None of these would be options for him, and he refused not to be the man his forefathers would have wanted him to be.

“It is our responsibility to find a way to keep the tribe together without keeping us poor. It is my destiny to help make a difference, and it is yours because you are my warrior woman and born Sweet Medicine.

She’d cried for weeks before he left and begged him every night to stay with her. He tried to explain to her his reasons and that he would not stay gone forever, but she didn’t hear him. Once he’d left, she cried for the next month and didn’t speak to anyone for two. Just when it looked like she was going to need psychiatric help, he came back from boot camp.

For a week, he was on the rez before going to his assignment, and for a week, he had tried to see her, and for a week, she had angrily hidden from him. Then he was gone again. He went to Texas and Clover went to high school. She hated high school, and she hated that she’d been left behind. She hated herself because she was not good enough or old enough to go with Jared. She was always lacking. She lacked in bloodline, in family, in age, in maturity, in love. She had fallen in love with Jared Little Fox, and she knew that she would never love another. He was her rock in a world of confusion.

Her mother had left her and then her father and, finally, Jared. It had to be her, because she was the common denominator. She learned that much in math and probabilities. In her brokenness, all she knew was she’d loved Jared, and he left her. She hated the reservation that couldn’t help their young men, and she hated her life, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t hate Jared. He’d saved her, protected her, but now she was on her own.

She showed her hatred in anger. At school, she never followed the rules, knowing Jared was not there to enforce them and partly to disrespect him. She showed her hurt in never answering his letters and then hated herself for it. He wrote every week for four years. She never answered one, but she kept each of them, hidden. She read every one of them repeatedly in the quiet of her room when she was alone, which was often. As she got older, she showed her anger in risky behaviors that had real consequences if things went awry. She’d stood before the council several times in her shame and resentment.

She was “wild as a mustang” is how the counselor saw it. “Unruly” is how a teacher described her. Unloved is how she felt. She knew there was no fixing her broken. Everyone was glad that Jared was coming home. They wanted him to take over where all others had failed. She wanted him to, as well, but in the chaotic confusion her life had become, she rebelled against that eventuality. She was afraid her life was too decimated, even for Jared’s love to repair.

She seethed the pain of the loss of her mother, blaming her for leaving Clover, the child. She spewed her anger for her father leaving her in spirit and reality, and most especially Jared, for leaving her to fight all her demons alone. Demons she had thought he would always battle for her. She had since quit the fight and given over to them. Jared would want to make her mind him again. That is, if he cared any longer. If his letters were truth telling, he was expecting the girl he left. Well, she didn’t exist any longer. He would want to change her.

Clover decided she wouldn’t let him. She had just turned eighteen, and she would graduate from high school by the skin of her teeth. But she had made it and was going to the ceremony that marked the proof of that milestone. What she was ready for, she had no idea, and it scared her to death. Actually, she thought they might have fudged a bit just to get her out of the school because her influence was not good for those coming behind her. Better to graduate her and get her away from the impressionable youth coming behind her.

She’d learned that she enjoyed the alcohol buzz but hated the taste and the false courage it gave her, making her risky behavior less scary. The cock teasing she did in the casino parking lot and in the front lobby helped her pass the time and make a little money. She had to be twenty-one to go further inside, but she brought them business, so they didn’t kick her out. It would earn her a red-hot butt if Jared found out. She had peyote instead of pot, but it cost a hell of a lot more and took weeks to get a supply. She hated pot because it made her see her mother and Jared and all sorts of crap she didn’t want to see.

Auntie said that it was her good medicine trying to force out the bad medicine. Clover just figured it was the effect of the marijuana and she was tripping like everyone else. Peyote gave better results, and she could say it was for religious reasons, which is where most of the supply went, the old church. The Christian Church didn’t do the peyote ritual, and that was Jared’s church.

Since Jared had left, she was able to get her hands on some, even when everyone knew she was not religious or even spiritual. People had learned to leave her alone since Jared did not spread his wing over her and his shadow did not cover her. She hated the peyote, too, so she only used it when she was feeling especially lonely and scared. Jared’s sister, Robyn, told him all the things Clover did. Clover was sure of that fact.

Now, four years had passed, and Jared Little Fox was coming home. She knew all about Jared and his dreams of life when he returned, but he knew nothing about the young woman she had become. She missed him and loved him. Hated him and wanted to shun him. She waited desperately for him. But Jared didn’t know it all. He would be angry with her if he got wind of the worst of her terrible behavior. More than that, he would be disappointed, and she hurt for that fact.

He was coming back home, and everyone was buzzing with the news, but not Clover. She would stay out of his way. She knew once he saw how bad she had gotten, he would stay away from her, too. It would kill the last of her spirit. So, if she stayed away, he would never know.

Robyn stopped Clover the day before Jared was expected. “Hey, Clover, we’re going to have a welcome home party for Jared. You need to be there.”


“Clover, Jared is coming home. You know all he did by leaving, he did for your future. Do you think he left his home because he wanted to? Don’t be a stupid, girl.”

“No, his future, not mine. He deserted me to find my own destiny. I will not welcome him back.”

“Clover, you’re angry, but more than that, you’re worried that when he comes home and sees you, he will know how you have turned out. That he will be disappointed in the young woman you have become. None of that matters now. He is coming back for you.”

Clover didn’t dare hope what Robyn said was true. Still, she couldn’t let go of the desperate rage that seemed to consume her, bit by bit. Clover didn’t like when people knew what she was thinking, either. “I’m no good for him, Robyn. You’re his sister. You know this.”

“He is no good without you. He told me that this morning.”

When Clover stood silent, Robyn continued, “You don’t know how to see him because of your shame of how you chose to grow up after all he invested in you. You haven’t spoken to him in four years and have lost your familiarity.” Robyn waited a little longer before adding, “And you are angry that he left, irritated that you let him, and upset because you know he had to do it, so it is unfoundedly aimed at him. Jared will make it all better, Mota’ayoth.”

Clover twirled around to look Robyn in the face, her eyes flashing. “Don’t call me that!”

“Why, because it’s Jared’s name for you? Because it means you have a responsibility to have a meaningful life? He is on his way. He will find you and make things right. Don’t mess this up.”

Jared Little Fox was returning tomorrow, and Clover couldn’t sleep.

Even if he still cared, it wasn’t as if he could spank her as he had before he left. He was six years older than she was and it seemed as though he had lived a lifetime away by the time she was beginning adulthood. Jared would not discipline her again. For some odd, unexplainable reason, it made her soul sad. She refused to cry. Clover only dealt with sadness one way these days.

Jared Little Fox was returning tomorrow, and Clover couldn’t sleep.

She went in search of diversion.



21 reviews for Reclaiming Clover

  1. Tami

    Jared and Clover know each other since they were children. Jared was always there for her, but when he joins the Army and leaves Clover behind, she spirals out of control. Angry at the world and especially Jared, Clover does not want to have anything to do with Jared when he returns four years later. It needs a very determined Jared and a lot of spankings to show Clover that she is still loved and also in love with Jared.

    Reclaiming Clover is a sweet romance with intriguing characters, some smoldering love making and a satisfying happy end. I enjoyed reading this book very much.

  2. Margaret Corcoran

    This is a sweet, well written and interesting story. Sweeter than most of this author’s work. I loved Clover. She is bright and sassy. Jared has a lot to learn! Very good, well developed characters. A real page-turner. The author has done a lot of research for this book. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  3. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Jared Little Fox took responsibility for Clover Sweet Medicine when she was a very young girl. Her mother had died and her father could not cope with a child. Jared looked at her and knew she belonged to him and it stayed that way until he left to join the services to get his education. He promised her he would return but Clover just couldn’t believe it. At that point she went off the rails. Now Jared Little Fox has come home to lead their tribe and to claim Clover and she will have to deal with the consequences of her actions. This was a really good story and I really enjoyed it. Lots of spanking and light ageplay

  4. Redrabbitt

    I enjoyed this emotional story and the characters. At times it seemed like Jared Little Fox was indifferent to Clover Sweet Medicine, but in reality, he loved her so much that he had to hold back to allow her time to heal and grow. The first two chapters will be her POV and his POV from when they met as children until present day.

    The plot will pick up in chapter three with Jared returning to the reservation, and he comes home to a wild child in Clover. Her father is mostly absent; she barely graduated high school, is drinking and getting into all kinds of trouble. Jared will have the Elders increase the age of adulthood to nineteen, get her father to sign over guardianship to him, and convince the elders to give her another chance to make amends. He will have to be firm with Clover to make her see the seriousness of her actions.

    With the recommendation of a counselor, it is decided that Clover needs to regress to that of a child, to be given discipline and structure and allowed time to grow up and by the time she turns nineteen, hopefully, she will prove to be a responsible and productive adult. Jared will move into her home; he will make rules, issue responsibilities and guidelines, and dispense discipline. Part of the regression will take her to a young child of around eight-years-old, sometimes a rebellious teenager, and even a belligerent adult, and the punishments will fit the age criteria.

    While the story does have age-play elements, it doesn%u2019t make that the main focus. The love Jared has for her is unmeasurable, and it shows that he has cared for her when everyone else has tried to encourage him to abandon her too. There are explicit scenes, medical play, spankings, other forms of discipline, and sex scenes eventually. The story is the first in a series, and while not a cliffhanger, it does end with a lead into a new story. I can%u2019t wait to see what this series takes us.

  5. madpuss

    What a lovely sweet story. Clover was so lucky Jared was there for her from such a young age and helped her to become the best woman she could be. If not for him her life would have been sad and tragic. It was a very mild age play where Jared acts as her protector and cares for her when she is overwhelmed with everything she has to deal with. The story was different from anything I have read before and I really enjoyed it.

  6. Dyane

    Wow! What an amazing book! The subject matter and setting were so unusual and fascinating %u2013 a modern day romance on a Cheyenne reservation. It is unlike anything I have ever read, and I can%u2019t wait for the next book in the series. Their love for each other and his unwavering commitment to her from the time they were children was reassuring to the reader that no matter the journey, the destination was happily ever after. The hero Jared is perfect %u2013 strong but gentle, stern but understanding, and above all, consistent. And Clover is a complex, warm, emotional heroine who is intrinsically likable. There are plenty of creative discipline scenes, as well as some sweet and passionate love scenes. It was a great book, and I%u2019m glad I read it. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  7. Stats23

    This is a truly unique setting for a contemporary age play story this is that and so much more. Set on a Cheyenne Reservation, it tells the story of Clover Sweet Medicine and Jared Little Fox, two young res kids who come together after the death of her mother and her emotional abandonment by her grieving father. Marginally older Jared takes little Clover under his protection and claims her as his own. He helps her to grow, emotionally and spiritually, as he goes thru high school. This includes spankings when the situation warrants, but purely in a disciplinary sense. When it comes time for Jared to leave the res to further his education and leadership qualities, he reluctantly has to leave Clover in the hands of the tribal council. She interprets this as abandonment, similar to how her own father had abandoned her years earlier. Her behaviour in his absence was rebellious and detrimental to her health and wellbeing. When he returns four years later, she is both thrilled and angered and reacts in a most inappropriate way. The plot now follows the rebuilding of their relationship, including age regression to when she first came under his control. How this works, within the framework of reservation politics and Cheyenne culture makes for a most compelling read. The book is a sweet spanking romance told in a very new way and features spankings, both disciplinary and erotic, and sexual tension followed by some very erotic sex. I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next book in the series. 5 Full Stars
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  8. Ajjmb

    I absolutely love this new story by Alyssa Bailey. She has done such a wonderful job of writing an emotionally involved story. Both Clover and Jared live on their tribal lands. Clover has always been cared for more by Jared, a boy and then a man six years older than her. She often suffers from feelings of abandonment and when Jared leaves to serve in the army and get an education, Clover feels abandoned by the only person that has really cared about her. Jared does a great service by returning four years later and helping Clover become the woman she should be. The process is long and sometimes quite painful for Clover especially when Jared spanks her bottom. I adore the woman/ child that Clover becomes and this story is very well done. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  9. Nancy Hughes

    This is a first for me, a spanking story on a reservation. It%u2019s an emotional story of one, who feels abandoned, without strict guidance and love, and finds herself going down a dark path.
    Jared, the love of her life, couldn%u2019t have returned any sooner, claiming guardianship, as Clover was out of control. He has a lot of responsibility to set her straight, and also pursues helping the youth on the reservation.
    I believe the author did quite a bit of research, as you will be able to pick up reading.
    This can be read as a stand-alone. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  10. Joanie M

    This was a book I didn’t want to put down. Clover and Jared are both amazing well-developed characters. Their story is one of dedication, determination, and survival, but is sweet and romantic and full of love. The plot begins with tragedy in little Clover’s life and the young teenaged Jared declares himself her protector. What follows is a great story filled with deep conflict and emotion. Jared will use domestic discipline and his undying love for Clover to help her heal her inner child and become the woman she was meant to be. Meanwhile Jared works tirelessly to improve life for his tribe on the reservation. I strongly recommend you read this incredible journey.

  11. Lisa Watson

    This is the story of Jared and Clover. Jared has looked after Clover since she was 6 years old and her father had no time for her so when he left her at age 14 to go to medical school Clover was distraught. She went off the rails and was acting out. Once Jared had a trade behind him and felt he was able to lead the tribe he returned with the intention of reclaiming Clover and make her his again.

    The tribe lower the age of adulthood making Clover a child again and Jared her guardian. Jared then allows Clover to be little again and teach her the right way to grow up in a loving environment with strong boundaries.

    I really loved this sweet age play story and can’t wait to read more the next book in the series.

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.

  12. DONNA L

    5.0 out of 5 starsLittle Girl Lost
    ByDonna Lon November 20, 2017
    Format: Kindle Edition
    I enjoyed this journey along with Clover Sweet Medicine and Jared Little Fox.
    Clover is in deep trouble,she is a loose cannon after being left to her own
    devises.Every one she has cared about has left her and she is on a course
    of self destruction.Jared has returned to the reservation to fulfill his rightful
    place and to bring Clover back under his control.Jared had been Clover’s
    protector up until he left to go into the army at 18 years old.With new powers,
    he must gain complete control of Clover or she will have to leave the only
    home she has ever known.Along with new rules came a new ways to help
    Clover,she became his little girl.Clover challenged him on every level with
    painful results.With unconditional love,Clover became the adult she was
    meant to be.The little girl lost,finally found love.I was drawn to this book by
    watching the characters struggle with their growing feelings towards each
    other.It was a unique age play story,Jared and Clover were so attuned to
    each other.This is an engaging story from beginning to end.
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

  13. Barbara

    This is a very charming and quite touching story.? Jared and Clover have been extremly close for a long time.? When Clover’s parents died, Jared took on the role of carer/parent for Clover.? This continued until Jared enlisted in the army.? Clover was desperately hurt by his leaving.? Jared wrote to her every week but although Clover treasured his letters, she never acknowledged them or wrote back to him.? Now Jared is returning home to the reservation, ready to begin taking up his leadership role.? He finds Clover running wild and he is tasked with getting her back on track.? Jared accomplishes this with love which also includes loving discipline.? There are lots of ups and downs before Jared and Clover find their HEA and it is a delightful story to read.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book

  14. Penny Gwen

    This was a great story and I loved reading it! Clover lives on the Indian Reservation and is looked after by Jared. With her mother dead, dad checked out, and now Jared leaving to join the Army, Clover feels abandoned and goes into a downward spiral of self destruction. Four years later, Jared returns to fix the problems on the Reservation%u2026 and stop Clover from being exiled. At first she bucks against Jared%u2019s controlling ways, especially when he returns to tried and true methods of warming her bottom for her. Jared determines that Clover wasn%u2019t able to have a childhood so he gives her the structure to be little, teen, or woman, whichever she feels at the time. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

  15. DB

    What a great series this is going to be! Jared had been looking after Clover since she was seven years old and Clover had loved him for that long. Now he had guardianship of her, at 18, when he came back home from the service. This book had, humor, well written dialogue, good length, many spankings, a steadfast alpha male, a non-obeying female, some age regression, trust issues and a great deal of caring! Love it!! 5 Large Stars

  16. Lynn

    There was a lot going on in this book. We get a look at Clover and Jared’s lives through the years from childhood to adulthood, I love stories like this where the couple meet as children and we get to follow that journey. Unfortunately this journey takes jared away from Clover for fews years and she is lost without him. This is the story of Jared coming home to reclaim his Clover and get her back on the right track. The setting of this story is on a Native American reservation and reading about that was interesting and new to me, there were a lot of details and traditions that were shared, and it felt very real. This story had its of love, discipline, and a little age regression.
    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.

  17. charlotte Huelsemann

    Reclaiming Clover by Alyssa Bailey
    This is the first book in the Lone Wind Series. It starts out with Clover losing her mother at a very young age and her father retreating from his daughter who reminds him of a loss he can%u2019t get over. Jared Little Fox takes over raising her even though he is a boy himself. He protects her until he must join the army to become a real man in the Cheyenne reservation. To become a leader for the good of the tribe. Clover is devastated over her loss of her protector but when he returns home he finds a different 18-year-old than the one he raised. I was given this Advanced Reader Copy to honestly review. I really enjoyed the story line and Jarod taking his little Clover back to the age she lost her mother. There is plenty of spankings and Jared makes mistakes and learns along the way. Which he openly acknowledges. I really look forward to the next book.

  18. Lalaland (verified owner)

    I really loved this book, it was a breadth fresh air. Clover Sweet Water lost her mother when she was only six years old and her father unable to cope with the loss checked out of her life to do his own thing leaving her to the dubious care of elderly relatives who really couldn%u2019t cope. Clover was being bullied on the school bus when Jared Little Fox was present, he was much older at 14 and he made it known to all that she was henceforth under his protection. She remained his girl for six years until she is 14. He has to leave the reservation to join the military and get a college education in order that he can lead his people on his return to the reservation. Sadly Clover could not forgive his leaving when he returns to marry her he finds that she has been going completely off the rails and the council are on the point of throwing her off the reservation. The council issue an edict, he must bring her back to acceptable behaviour and they remove her adult status although she is 18 she must be brought back into line by her 19th birthday or leave. There are some wonderful intimate moments and some very hot scenes, there is a small amount of age play with power exchange and discipline but all is handled with such tenderness that the eventual HEA brought a tear to my eye. Fabulous read, highly recommend especially if you are feeling low, guaranteed to lift your spirits. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  19. Goldie Nut

    Clover Sweet Medicine meets Jared Little Fox. Clover’s mom died and
    is left with her Father but he can’t deal with her and the loss of his wife.
    Clover goes a little crazy and the only one that can tame her wild ways.
    When he leaves for college and military service she goes crazy. He told
    her he loved her and wanted to marry her after she could be sustain adult
    life. Awesome book a real page turner.

  20. Sam

    I really liked this book. We got to see the story from both Clover and Jared’s perspectives. This is good because it gives a more balanced view of what is happening. Without seeing Jared’s motivation he would seem to uncaring. I am interested in what the next book in this series will be about.

  21. BlueDiamond

    %u201CWe could be%u2026planning a wedding instead of a spanking.%u201D I love this line from %u2018Reclaiming Clover.%u2019 This is a beautiful love story between a devoted young man and the woman/wild child he has loved since they were children. Jared knows exactly how to deal with Clover and all her shenanigans. As it turns out, they plan many spankings and a wedding throughout this story, with an ending that is warm, cozy, and snugly.

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