Ransom the Moon

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Convicted felon Morgan’s world collides with that of Chincoteague Island’s new police chief, Nathan Shepherd, almost immediately after she arrives.   

Convicted of a crime she didn’t commit,?Morgan is determined to fight her attraction to the new chief while stealing a group of wild ponies destined for research.?Nate believes that the self-proclaimed wild child of Chincoteague needs to be tamed and that a few trips over his knee may be just what she needs to learn to love and trust again. 

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of power exchange. 

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Sample Chapter

A Decade Past 

Morgan Jennings stood letting what passed for hot water run over her one last time in the Womens Correctional Center. Her trial had been quite the sensation. Images and salacious gossip from her evenings spent in one of the local BDSM clubs had made it into evidence and gone viral. Her side business as an erotic romance writer had also been introduced into evidence. Her lawyer had argued that it had nothing to do with the embezzlement charges she was facing, but the prosecuting attorney had argued that it spoke to her character. Her inept attorney had put her character in question early in the trial and so the judges ruling stood even when appealed. Once wrongly convicted, Morgan entered the prison.  

The first thing Morgan wanted to do when she was free of this place tomorrow was find a nice boutique hotel and soak in a hot tub. She had the shower room to herself—a privilege she paid for by not reporting the two night guards she referred to only as Fric and Frac. For the past three years when they were on the same duty shift, they routinely forced themselves on her.  

Morgan knew they planned to have her one final time when theyd separated her from the other prisoners. I can survive this one last time. The two guards had very little fear that she would try something. She was scheduled for release the following day and they knew she would not do anything that might endanger that. 

Fric entered the shower room first. Well, princess, this is our last night together. Sure going to miss you, if you know what I mean.  

Everything in Morgan wanted to tear them limb from limbThree things kept her from doing soThe first was it would do little good. The second was this would be the last time. The last was the package that contained evidence of their crimesOnce released she would see it sent to the proper authorities and the mediaShe had arranged for a detailed letter, along with samples of their DNA, to be delivered to the warden, the head of the prison system, and the press after she was released. 

She closed her eyes and willed her mind to let go of her surroundings and the things that were being done to her. When they were finished, they led her away, making no effort to hide their guilt. 

For three years they had terrorized new inmates, letting them know that telling anyone what they were doing to Morgan meant they would be next. Morgan had made it clear that if they touched another woman, shed report them regardless of how many years it cost her. Many of the inmates told her she should report them anyway. Morgan knew it would do no good. She had no faith in the system and rationalized that the other guards knew it was happening and chose to turn a blind eye.  

Maggie, her cellmate, hissed at them as they shoved Morgan into the cell. Maggie was doing life without the possibility of parole for the murder of her abusive biker boyfriend 

You couldnt resist, could you? You couldnt let her have a little bit of peace? Maggie said. 

Fric grabbed his crotch. Oh, we gave her a piece. But Morgan will tell you it aint so little, he said, laughing at his own perceived cleverness.  

Frac cackled next to him. Yeah, well miss Morgan. For sure. 

Maggie started to rush the bars, but Morgan restrained her. Maggie, enough. Let it alone. Im out of here tomorrow morning. No need for you to get into any trouble. Its over. 

Morgan felt the tension start to drain away from Maggie and let go of her friend. Fric and Frac clapped each other on the back and headed back to their assigned station.  

I still dont understand why you dont report them, whispered Maggie. 

Morgan walked to the small window of their cell. She looked up at the full moon and made a silent vow to never be held against her will where she couldnt see and feel the night sky. Shed once had a man tell her he loved her and that if she agreed to be his, hed give her the moon. She had laughed and reminded him that the moon was not his to give or to hold hostage. 

Morgan placed her hand on her friends forearm. Theyve never touched me, Maggie. They may have had their way with my body, but they never touched me. Morgan lay down on her bunk, pulled the thin blanket over herself and fell asleep. 


The outgoing guard handed Morgan her personal effects, including an envelope containing more than $300. He said as he handed it over to her, I think this is everything. You sure didnt bring much in here with you or accumulate anything. But, I think your commissary earnings are the highest Ive ever seen.  

Morgan removed what shed need to pay for a cab to take her to the bank to reclaim what was left of her money and the interest that had accumulated over the years and then on to the hotel. She passed the remaining money back to the guard. Can you credit this money to Maggies account? The rest of this shit you can toss.  

She owed Maggie. This hell hole had almost destroyed Morgan. Had it not been for Maggie, she would have readily and happily stepped into the abyss and taken her own life. When Morgan entered the prison, she had lost everything but the remainder of her bank account after what she had supposedly embezzled was repaid. Maggie had dragged her back from the edge. Maggie had made Morgan promise that she would put this all behind her, find a new place to call home and start over. She would live free for both of them. 

The guard shook her head. I swear, Ive never seen a con as unrepentant or unremorseful as you. No wonder they didnt give you early release or probation. 

They offered but I wouldnt tell them what they wanted to hearAnd for the record? Im not guilty, but Im the only one who seems to care about that. I was the easy suspect and the easy one to convict. The fact that the courts got it wrong was never important to anyone but me. There is nothing to be remorseful for or to repent. All of you were just too stupid or too lazy to figure out the truth. Why is that? Wait. It doesnt matter. Im free. 

She pressed her hands against her cheeks to stop the tears that she refused to let fall and turned to go. She walked out and got in the cab. She sat back, straightened her spine and brushed the hair away from her face. She never looked back and promised herself she never would. No one would ever ransom the moon to her again. 



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11 reviews for Ransom the Moon

  1. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Wrongly convicted of a crime and released from prison, Morgan is finally living a free life again. Her friends Lori and Kyle introduce her to Nate and it is all she can do to tolerate him. He is very alpha and just knows that although also alpha, she will respond well to his dominant command. Hand, switch, belt.

  2. Lalaland

    This is the third outing in the Wild at Heart Series. Morgan was convicted of a crime she did not commit and served time in prison. We begin the story with her being released having served her time. The story picks up years later and Morgan is living a free and happy life on Chincoteague Island. The small community is fully aware that Morgan is a convicted felon but they believe that she was innocent and they have taken her to their hearts. She runs a business taking visitors and tourists on pony treks and trail runs. Enter the new Chief of Police Nathan Shepherd, a decorated police officer from Chicago. Nate is staying with his second in command and his wife until he finds his own place the wife just happens to be Morgans best friend who, naturally, cannot help herself from matchmaking. Nate is instantly attracted to Morgan but Morgan is not impressed, she doesn’t trust cops on the whole, although the Island cops are okay guys, but in general, she doesn’t want to know. Nate however is very confident he can change her mind and also very very dominant. There is very little heat in this story but there are some really amusing scenes and lots of very hot spanking, poor Morgan, when will she learn. I enjoyed this book and found it an amusing and entertaining quick read. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  3. Ajjmb

    Ransom the Moon is a great new story by Willa Bradley. Morgan is a woman who is determined to never be under the control of anyone and least of all a man ever again. Who can blame her? Especially since it was a corrupt system of men that out her prison for a crime she didn%u2019t commit and then abused her in said system. I was pleasantly surprised that she was finally allowing Nate to guide her life. I really should say control her because he does it in such a delicious way. Nate has control and dominance down to an art and he controls Morgan very nicely. I was so glad for Morgan that Nate truly cares for her and wants her happiness. Morgan deserves to be happy after the way her life turned out. I loved this nice long story. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  4. DB

    This is the third book in this series and I think it’s the best!!! But then again, they just get better! Morgan and Nate meet accidently at her best friends house. Morgan is not looking for romance and especially with the Chief of Police! Once Nate learns her background he knows why she is so skittish and doesn’t want a cop for a boyfriend. But Nate is persistent and he is VERY alpha so in no time at all he has moved in with her! This book had, a very dominant alpha male, a stubborn feisty funny female, great length, great dialogue, many laugh out loud moments, many spankings, sex and an ending I think should take these two into another book! 5 Big Fat Stars

  5. Hope W

    Ransom the Moon is a well written story with an interesting storyline. The characters are developed and have great chemistry. Morgan is an ex prisoner, living in a small town, works with horses, “rescues” wild horses, and hates cops. With her hatred toward cops, how does Morgan get involved with one? Well Nate is a cop who sets his sights on Morgan and barrels into her life. He is strict, loving, believes in domestic discipline, and won’t give up on her no matter what. There is plenty of erotic sex, spankings, power exchange with various punishments, friends and a lot of emotions and unconditional love. I recommend this wonderful story and wish there was another book to follow up with this story and its’ wonderful characters. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  6. Tami

    Morgan is a convicted felon who served time for a crime she did not commit. Nate is the Chief of the town where Morgan resides. As Morgan does have quite a dislike for cops, the chances are not good for Nate to convince Morgan that he is the one and only for her. But he does not give up and if he cannot show her reason, he lets his hand talk on her behind. Slowly, Morgan also falls in love with Nate despite him being a cop.

    Wow, there was quite some chemistry between Morgan and Nate. This couple made the pages burn, their passion was off the charts. What I also loved was the other couple, Lori and Kyle. And I enjoyed the scenes so much where Lori and Morgan were together and talking, their conversations made me laugh out loud several times.

    The reason why I cannot give the book the five star it deserves, is the rape scene at the beginning of the book. Even if the scene is not graphic by any means, it is clear what is happening, and I would have wished for a warning at the beginning of the book. For some people this can be a serious trigger.

  7. Rhonda

    Love blooms unexpectedly

    Willa Bradley’s Ransom the Moon is the latest in her Wild at Heart series. It was an ok read it just didn’t resonate with me as much as the earlier stories. It was nice to see characters from the previous book. I found some of Morgan’s actions hard to believe in relation to her bring a strong woman and questioned Nate’s definition on dominants.
    I received an advance reader copy.

  8. Redrabbitt

    Morgan Jennings was framed and convicted of embezzling and served her time. She refused to offer remorse or repentance for what she didn%u2019t do. Even her time as a prisoner, she wasn%u2019t a troublemaker, yet was never paralleled early because she refused to show remorse. But she was smart and waited until she was released to share evidence against some abusive guards. Now, ten years later, she lives in a small community, minds her own business, has horses and gives excursions to the guest, and also is a writer of erotic based romance novels. The residents on the island know she is a convict, but no one seems to care.

    Nathan Shepherd is the new chief of police for Chincoteague, a huge difference from his life in San Francisco and its crime level. He is living at the bed and breakfast owned by fellow officer Kyle and his wife, Lori Beauchamp

    The story will begin with the last day of Morgan in the women%u2019s correction facility where she is raped in the shower by two male officers, and her cellmate is furious for the abuse repeatedly done to her.

    Morgan has become best friends with innkeepers, Lori, and even tolerates her husband, Kyle, a cop. With what all Morgan has endured, she has no faith in law enforcement or respect for most police. Lori just believes that Morgan and Nathan would be great together and meddles, knowing she will be in trouble with Kyle.

    There is so much angst and animosity from Morgan towards Nathan, but it has to do with him being the police, more than him as a man. Yes, there is an underlying attraction and sexual chemistry too. When Morgan is injured, it will be Nathan rescuing her and then taking control. Morgan is a control freak and giving up control to Nathan goes against everything she wants to do. She will unwillingly acquiesce to his dominance.

    The story is full of control, dominance, and power exchange. Nathan is a man who expects and demands complete obedience, submission, and isn%u2019t afraid to exert himself in whatever way to get what he wants. While Morgan may talk a big game, it is a defense mechanism to act like she is invincible and in control. Giving up that to Nathan never comes easy, but he isn%u2019t an easy man to submit to.

    The story has many spankings including non-consensual, dubious consent, and explicit sex scenes. The scene with the two guards at the beginning is not detailed but is rape by an authority figure. The sex scenes later in the story are consensual between Nathan and Morgan.

  9. rjr

    Morgan is rebuilding her life after being wrongly convicted and serving time for a crime she didn’t commit. She has a big chip on her shoulder, mostly for cops, but keeps most people at a distance. Her best friend is married to a cop and after a while, she’s come to accept him as a friend. When Nate shows up to fill the vacant Chief of Police job in their small town, her friend starts matchmaking. Nate is very interested and Morgan is downright rude to him. When Morgan needs assistance, Nate decides he is the man for the job. The battles ensue and include heated arguments, lots of laying down the law, romance, seriously heated sexual encounters and quite a bit of humor. I enjoyed this book, as I have the others in the series. There is one thing that bothers me however, and that is the over use of the word mount. Surely there is a more romantic word. Still, this is a very fast-paced, action filled, sexy read that is very enjoyable.

  10. DONNA L

    5.0 out of 5 starsDespair to peace
    ByDonna Lon June 22, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    I was drawn to this book emotionally.It was not particularly comfortable at the start of the story but I admired Morgan as she endured more than
    any one person should.Convicted of a crime she did not commit,forced to endure acts of violence just to survive, and protective of her fellow cell mate,Morgan now has an inherent dislike of police copsNathan Sheperd is the new police officer of Chincoteague Island.Nate is set up to meet Morgan by her best friend Lori Beauchamp.Kyle is Lori’s husband and also a cop and they live a domestic discipline lifestyle. Morgan fights Nate on every occasion that they meet including when he tries to help her after a car accident.Despite her independent attitude, Morgan ends up over Nate’s knees on many occasions.Nate slowly chipped away at her defenses.Nate’s alpha vibe,the primitive part of him,called to Morgan in a way she did not know existed.This was not your usual spanking story where the focus is about how naughty the heroine is,this is a well written story about one woman’s journey from despair to finding love and peace against all odds.A relationship where domestic discipline ended up as an intrinsic part of Morgan and Nates journey together.Morgan was strong,willful,brilliant but also intuitive with a submissive streak hidden
    and uncovered by Nate.An entertaining book with something for everyone’s tastes.

  11. Kitty Ranma

    Stand alone.
    I can’t wait for more of this series, I want to say more about this story but I absolutely hate spoilers, so I won’t do it to you by going into details.
    Reasons I enjoyed this book:
    Happily Ever After, Witty, Romantic, Wonderful characters, Page-turner, Great world building, Unpredictable, Original, Realistic, easy to read, Entertaining, Sexually Action-packed, Steamy, Funny, Whimsical.
    adult, angst, contemporary, domestic-discipline, favorites, horses, humorous, island, panty-wetting, romance, series, spanking.
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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