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When Irelynn O’Malley returned to the country of her birth, she only wanted to be left alone to cry and sort out her life. She did not want a bossy young police officer dogging her every step, spouting off his opinions about nearly everything she did. 
She did not want her cousin Rory hounding her to leave the shelter and go and stay with his parents. And she especially didn’t want her cousin Colleen, the one she’d been closest to as a child, to pry into her reasons for leaving Ireland.

Even if Colleen was willing to spill her guts about how she’d managed to catch such a handsome husband, that didn’t mean Irelynn was going to relax her guard. Oh, her story ‘twas interesting, to be sure, but Irelynn’s secrets were much too painful to talk about over Irish coffee and wine. 

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange and domestic discipline. 

Sample Chapter



Ian watched her, just as he had for more than a month. Damn Detective O’Malley anyway. Yes, he’d managed to get him out of a couple of scrapes when he was younger, and he had helped him get on the force when his time in the military was up, but this was too much. Essentially it was babysitting.  

Each day she left the women’s shelter early in the morning, a ratty looking, charcoal gray hoodie the only thing keeping her from freezing in the elements. Her skin-tight jeans were threadbare, her sneakers werewell, who knew what color they’d started out.  

Dark hair obscured her features, but he’d spoken with her often enough he knew exactly what she looked like, in fact, she sometimes haunted his dreams. Young, completely screwed up, but pretty. Picking up his coffee, he got out of his car and began his daily trek as he locked his cruiser. She froze at the sound, her shoulders slumping but didn’t turn around and glare at him as she did most days. This was their ritual. 

He stayed well back; she didn’t like him to get too close and Ian wondered for the millionth time who’d hurt her. It was odd really; she didn’t appear to be afraid of him, just annoyed by his presence. Without stopping she pulled a black glove and a foldedup trash bag from her pocket, picking up the first of her bottles. 

Continuing on they approached her first dumpster a block away. Looking at his watch Ian leaned against the brick wall of the building, careful not to step in any refuse lying nearby. She quickly climbed the metal rungs, dropped over the side and disappeared from sight. He wasn’t worried. After six weeks he knew the schedule by heart. The trash had been collected last night, so there couldn’t be much in there to injure her and sure enough she was out before he moved closer. Three blocks away it would be a different situation. Sighing he moved on, dogging her footsteps and trying not to breathe too deeply.  

His eyes scanned the area as they crossed at the next intersection and she turned left heading toward the alley. It was dim and fairly narrow, but at least the buildings provided some protection from the cold wind. There were three huge trash receptacles at the very end and God forbid, she skipped even one on her mission.  

“Hi, Angie,” she called to a young girl leaning against a graffiti scrawled, steel door.  

Ian tried not to stare at the shivering figure in torn fishnet stockings, heels and a mini-skirt. The fur jacket she wore barely covered her midriff, which was bare.  

“Bad night, love?” his charge asked sympathetically. 

“Too cold,” the girl replied, her lips quivering. 

“Here, reach into me back pocket.”  

Sticking out her butt she held still as Angie dug her hand in and pulled out some bills. 

“Aw, I couldn’t,” she said softly as she looked at the money longingly. 

“Aye, I want you to. I wish you’d come to the shelter with me.” 

“They don’t want my kind; besides, I do all right when I’m not freezing my ass off,” she said as she tilted her chin up and shot a suspicious look at the cop who’d been Irelynn’s shadow for a while. “I see you still have your watchdog,” she teased, stuffing the money down her top. “Maybe you should come and join me. With your looks we’d clean up in this town.”  

His target giggled but when he took a quick step forward she shot him a look over her shoulder.  

“I don’t think I’m ready for that, love. I’m not sure I even like men anymore. This one’s really gettin’ on me nerves.” 

“I don’t know, he’s pretty cute,” Angie quipped before giving her a quick hug and darting toward the street. “Somewhat serious, but still attractive. Let me know if you change your mind and thanks for the loan. I gotta find somewhere to warm up and maybe get some breakfast. See ya.” 

“Aye, see ya.” 

Narrowing his eyes, Ian opened his mouth to say something and decided against it. No sense getting into another useless argument, not when it was so damn cold, and he knew she wouldn’t stop until she finished her ‘route’.  Her bag was still nearly empty and in her misguided judgement she would continue until it was full. When she began to climb the rungs of the next dumpster he stepped closer. This one was full and could hold anything. 

“Stay back,” she barked.  

He obeyed. It wasn’t until she’d nearly tumbled head first over the side that he tossed his cup away and grabbed her by the waist of her jeans. Dangling over the edge, her backside was directly before him and he wanted nothing more than to smack it a good one. In fact, he’d like to slap it several times. God, he hated this assignment!  

“Just hold onto me,” she called, puffing her hair out of her face. “I see a few I can reach without gettin’ down in.” 

“A blessing,” he mumbled, turning his face away from the stench. Lord, if it smelled this bad in the winter, imagine how it will stink come summer. “I’ve got you, but don’t go wiggling away or these jeans will come right off you,” he informed her, taking a bigger handful of her pants. “I can’t believe I’m helping you do this when I should be carting your ass away for vagrancy,” he growled. 

“You can’t,” she replied, her voice muffled and soft as though she too was trying not to breathe. “I have the exact amount needed to prevent that in me shoe and we’ve been over this before, Officer Sullivan.” 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, come on before you get stuck with a dirty needle and I have to take you to the hospital.” Dodging the bottles she was throwing out, he swore. Finally, she started backing up and he snatched her around the waist and plopped her on the ground. Instantly, she pulled away and scrambled to pick up her finds. 

“Look, Miss O’Malley, why the hell don’t you get a job or something?” he demanded, his hands on his hips. 

“I have a job,” she snapped, staring up into his angry eyes. 

“What, dumpster diving? I think you could find something more constructive than that,” he continued with a snort. 

“I’m savin’ the planet, Officer Sullivan. Better that than followin’ innocent people around and snoopin’ into their business.” 

“Listen, Princess Hooligan, you know I’m only doing this at the request of your cousin, Rory. Why don’t you move in with your family where you belong instead of being just another strain on the taxpayers of this county?” 

“How am I a burden on the taxpayers?” she asked worriedly, a frown drawing her eyebrows down in confusion. “I admit, although I’m a citizen of this country, I don’t understand all the rules.” 

“You’re a burden on people like me because it’s my dollars that pay to support you and the other women in that shelter,” he snapped. “Now, I’m not against helping when it’s needed, but there’s no reason for you to be living there at all, not when you have family.” 

“I don’t need their help, and for your information the shelter is entirely supported by charitable contributions. That means big wigs with money get a nice fat writeoff and I get a place to stay until I decide what I want to do and where I want to do it. You should get your facts straight, so kindly stop your blatherin’ about thin’s you know nothin’ about.” Snatching up her bag she stomped away. 

“What have you got against the O’Malleys anyway?” he demanded, easily keeping step with her. 

“Why nothin’,” she replied, surprised. “I love them, but I didn’t come all the way from Ireland to leech off me kin. Aunt Maeve and Uncle Sean have plenty of their own to care for,” she insisted. “I’ll make me own way, thank you very much.” 

“Fine, be a stubborn little brat. You keep picking garbage and I’ll just keep following you,” he snarled. “Like I don’t have anything better to do.” 

Irelynn picked up her pace and he smiled evilly. Her short legs were no match for his long ones, so at least she couldn’t out run him. 

“That’s Rory’s doin’,” she hissed, making the street and heading for another alley. “Tis nothin’ to do with me.” 

“It has everything to do with you. If you weren’t so allfired perverse you could be nice and warm, eating one of your aunt’s delicious dinners tonight instead of standing in a soup line. Why I’ll bet she’s even got some homemade pie.” 

Ian could almost see her mouth watering as she paused and looked up at him. Maybe this time his words would convince her, he thought hopefully. Damn, she was pretty with those wide blue eyes. For a moment he thought he had her, but she squared her shoulders and marched on. 

“I don’t mind the food at the soup kitchen and I always help clean up, so I sort of feel like I’m doin’ me part. I’m sorry if me way of livin’ offends you, Officer Sullivan, but tis really no concern of yours.” 

“It does offend me, Miss O’Malley. It offends me very much. So much in fact, if I wasn’t a cop and obligated to uphold the law, I’d find a stoop, pull you over my knees and spank some sense into you. Then I’d cart your sorry little ass off to your aunt’s and make you stay there until you came up with a reasonable plan for your future,” he informed her darkly. 

“Then tis a blessin’ you’ve chosen the law for your profession, for if you tried such a thin’ I’d have to make you sorry you were ever born,” she hissed. 

He watched her face flame in embarrassment as she looked around, but when her foot came up to kick him, he smiled. 

“Please do, Princess Hooligan,” he drawled. “Assaulting an officer is exactly the excuse I need to take you in. Kick me hard, I want you to leave a nice big bruise for evidence. Then Rory will have to deal with you. Besides, I’m freezing.” 

Tis sorry, I am, Ian,” she said sweetly, lowering her foot. “Why don’t you go and get a cup of coffee to warm ya? I’m a might chilled meself.” 

His heart melted a little as he watched her shiver. It was damn cold, and he was much better dressed than she. Could he trust her not to give him the slip? O’Malley wouldn’t like it much if anything happened to her on Ian’s watch and this was a pretty seedy area. On the other hand, if she was as cold as he was, she’d want that coffee. 

“All right,” he said sternly. “I’m going into that little store there,” he pointed, “and you’d better be here when I get out. What do you take in your coffee?” he asked, rubbing his hands together. 

“A bit of cream and sugar,” she replied, shivering dramatically. 

“I mean it, Irelynn,” he warned as he backed away. “Don’t you move an inch.” 

“I won’t,” she promised. 

Five minutes later when he came out, she was nowhere to be seen. Hurrying back to his patrol car he drove her usual route with no luck. Returning to the shelter he pressed the buzzer. 

“I’m looking for Miss O’Malley. This is Officer Sullivan.” 

“Have you a warrant?” a chilly voice questioned. 

“No, I just want to see her.” 

“I’m sorry, but there are no men allowed in here. If you must see her, you’ll have to return with a warrant and a female officer.” 

“I only want to know if she made it back here safely.” 

“We don’t give out any information about our residents, officer. Surely, you know that by now.” 

“Yes, I do, I only…” 

“Good day, Officer Sullivan. If Miss O’Malley returns I’ll tell her you were asking after her and that’s ‘if’ mind you. Our residents are fairly transient.”  

“Will you call me if she doesn’t return?” he growled in frustration. 

“Have you a warrant?” she asked again. He was sure he heard a giggle in the background. 

“No, I don’t have a damned warrant. Pardon me for giving a shit if she’s safe or not,” he bellowed into the speaker. “And don’t think for a moment I don’t recognize your voice, Shelly. I have half a mind to speak to the sergeant about you!” 

“I totally agree with at least part of what you said, Sullivan,” she snickered. But you leave my husband out of this! He knows the rules, same as you,” she snapped back. “Now, how about you use that half a mind you say you have and be on your way?” 

Cursing, Ian stomped away. Once in his car, he keyed up his radio.  

“This is Sullivan. Inform Detective O’Malley his little pigeon is MIA. Tell him I’m going home to shower. He’ll know why. Sullivan out.” 


Irelynn went up the stairs after thanking Shelly and entered her cubical of a room. Gathering some clean clothes, she showered and tossed her dirty things in the machine wondering how many more washings they could take before she opened the washer only to find a tangle of threads. Brushing out her long, dark hair she collapsed on her bed and pulled the shade. In a few hours she needed to head over to the soup kitchen at St. Paul’s and give them a hand preparing the evening meal. After she would make her rounds again and hit the places she’d missed today. It was probably best if she changed up her schedule, thus avoiding Officer Sullivan altogether. If he came around for a few mornings and didn’t see her out, maybe he’d inform Rory his wayward cousin was no longer around, and they’d leave her alone. 

It was ironic. When she first met Sullivan, she thought she’d seen a ghost. He looked very much like Jamie. Same strong build, well over six feet tall, same dark wavy hair, much shorter, of course, but very similar. Even his dark eyes reminded her of everything she’d left behind in Ireland. 

The decision to come to America had been an impulsive one but something no one from her small circle of friends and family was surprised at. They’d counted her out long ago as someone capable of sticking with anything. She changed her mind, often based on the way the wind blew or her mood at the time. Now, she was here in the country of her birth, yet a virtual stranger.  

The O’Malleys would take her in, after all, blood was thicker than water, but they wouldn’t understand her, ever. All her cousins were successful with jobs and homes, spouses and children; they’d never truly accept her ways. A ‘willo’-thewisp’ she was called, flighty others said, a goodtime lass who wanted a cold beer and a jig more than she did a husband and family.  

She would have married Jamie, she sighed as a tear slipped down her cheek, but he’d left her, suddenly and violently in a tragic accident, his body so mangled there had been no viewing. No chance to say goodbye. Often, she wondered if he were really in the casket she watched lowered into the ground, or had he decided to simply get out, away from the girl everyone thought was trouble.  

Here, she could start over, begin anew. She wasn’t ashamed to be living in the shelter. Most of the women were much like her, their dreams destroyed by the harsh reality that was life. As long as she did her part to help out and didn’t break the rules she could stay, and that’s what she intended to do if only to assure herself she could commit to more than a good time.  

The money from the bottles she collected was donated back but for the small amount she set aside for Angie and the other girls. It wasn’t much but it did help. For some reason, men were not anxious to take off their clothes in Angie’s room when the weather was bitter, so business was slow.  

Irelynn made a point of not judging others. Her soft voice with its slightly foreign lilt was comforting to newcomers and she well understood their fear and loneliness. After all, you couldn’t be more alone than Irelynn O’Malley.   


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21 reviews for Princess Hooligan

  1. lani

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for an honest review. this is a continuation of the O’Malley series. I was very excited for this book and the newest O’Malley bride. However, the book was a bit of a let down. While it was well written, and the characters from previous books made an appearance, it didn’t really give very much on the relationship between Ian and Irelynn. There was a significant portion of the book that focused on Colleen and Noah’s relationship. The organization of the book also made it a bit confusing. It kept jumping around in time, not really focusing on one couple or story line. If you like this author and this series, you definitely want to buy this book, but be warned it’s not a full cohesive story about one couple.

  2. Nicolette

    Another book in the O%u2019Malley range. Irelynn is just as stubborn as the rest of her family and when she finds her family has put a tail on her in the form of a young officer she is not happy and give the man as much lip and trouble as she can. When he has had enough of the little hooligan he expresses his displeasure on her but and so the romance begins. An entertaining read.

  3. Jessica N

    Princess Hooligan is the seventh book in the O%u2019Malleys Series and centered around finding strength and love after a heartbreak, as well as the strength and love of family support. Ian, a police officer, has been tasked with watching over and protecting Irelynn, a homeless woman who pushes all of his buttons. When her family pushes for her return, the truth of her past comes out, but will Irelynn feel strong enough to feel the love and support of her family and Ian, or will she run again?

    I really enjoyed this story, I loved the romance as well as the importance of family. I%u2019m not going to lie, I haven%u2019t read many of the previous books in the series, so I know I was missing some of the backstory on Irelynn%u2019s family members, but I was still able to follow her story and love her romance. She was so strong, so caring and giving, but held so much pain and hurt from her past. Ian was able to be the friend and man that she needed and wanted, but I wish I could have read more of their interactions – maybe their first meeting or more of their time getting to know each other. There%u2019s quite a few chapters that focus on Colleen and Noah%u2019s relationship, which was fun, but also distracted from Ian and Irelynn. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and I%u2019m very interested in reading the previous books in the series and can only hope for more from Ms. MacFarlane!

  4. Tami

    Princess Hooligan is book seven of the The O’Malley’s series. This time there are two couples. There is Irelynn and Ian, and then there is Colleen and Noah. As much as I enjoyed meeting characters from the former books again, and both stern and dominant men taking care of their feisty woman, I felt that it might have been better to focus just on one couple because I would have loved to read more about Irelynn and Ian. Maybe we will learn even more about them in the next book of this series.

  5. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. When Officer Ian Sullivan’s friend Rory ask him to tail his cousin to keep her safe, it is a pain in his ass. Irelynn is determined to be beholden to no one and is working hard to help herself and those who need her. Every man in this story is quick to smack a naughty woman’s bottom and Ian is no exception. Another fun O’Malley read.

  6. Lalaland

    This is the 7th book in this charming series about the O’Malley family and their close friends and extended family. This story introduces a cousin Irelynn who has returned to the US from Ireland (having been born in the US). She is living in a homeless shelter in the city. Irelynn refuses to visit the O’Malley family and her cousin Rory has a young police officer Ian Sullivan following her around to keep an eye on her. Irelynn spends her time helping to feed the homeless picking through rubbish to collect bottles to get refunds on and giving the money away to working girls or homeless people. Her clothes are rags and she refuses any assistance from her family. There was obviously some very bad trauma that went down in Ireland which caused her to come back but nobody is talking including Irelynn herself. The family want answers and Colleen is deputed to try to get Irelynn’s story from her. Instead we get Colleen and Noah’s story. I have read all of these books and enjoyed every one of them. I personally thought this was quite a clever way of producing back stories to characters who have appeared in previous books but we never knew how they got together. Later we hear Irelynn’s sad story and it is all quite surprising before we reach the inevitable HEA there are some very hot scenes, some intense spankings and some real laugh out loud moments. This was a very entertaining read and I do hope that Ms Macfarlane extends this series to just one more to learn the last untold story of the O’Malley tribe ie how Patrick and Molly got together. Really great, as always Ms Macfarlane hits the spot. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  7. Margaret Corcoran

    I love this series. It’s a joy to read. There is brilliant interaction between the characters. There is plenty of fun, laughter and drama in the increasing O’Malley family. I envy someone finding this series now with all the books published. Waiting and hoping for another book to be published has been a lesson in patience. This book is as good as the earlier books. I enjoyed reading the story of brat Colleen and Noah and of course Ian gets his own brat Irelynn. Thanks to Ms MacFarlane for writing this story and wonderful series. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. A brilliant unput downable fun read.

  8. Maryanne

    Fantastic to revisit The O%u2019Malley family, all the old characters were there putting their own opinions into this fantastic story. Irelynn O%u2019Malley has come over from Ireland but has not contacted the family and is hiding some big secrets. Ian is a policeman doing a favour for a friend, her cousin, by keeping an eye on her to keep her safe, until she feels able to come to the family. A series of twists and turns help build this plot into a great page turner! Stevie has done it again.

  9. Debbie

    Stevie MacFarlane has again written a book I loved! Not only do we meet a new O’Malley, Irelynn, but we learn the story of Colleen and Noah. As always, I think these books have the perfect mix of domestic discipline, steamy love scenes, and humor. I find myself smiling at the antics of her heroines and this new addition is no exception. This can be read as a stand alone, but you will love it even more if you have read the previous books.

  10. Debbie

    Stevie MacFarlane has again written a book I loved! Not only do we meet a new O’Malley, Irelynn, but we learn the story of Colleen and Noah. As always, I think these books have the perfect mix of domestic discipline, steamy love scenes, and humor. I find myself smiling at the antics of her heroines and this new addition is no exception. This can be read as a stand alone, but you will love it even more if you have read the previous books.

  11. PJB

    This is the 7th book in this fabulous series about the O’Malley family and and extended family. This story is about cousin Irelynn. She has returned to America from Ireland after her parents had returned to Eire when she was a child. She is living in a homeless shelter in the city and refuses to visit the O’Malley family and her cousin Rory has a young police officer Ian Sullivan on surveillance to watch out for her safety because Irelynn spends her time helping to feed the homeless and picking her way through rubbish to collect bottles in order to get refunds on them. Her clothes are ragged and she refuses assistance from her family. There was something terrible that has happened in her past in Ireland which caused her to come back but nobody knows what has caused Irelynn to be the way she is.The family want answers and Colleen is deputed to try to get Irelynn’s story from her. Finally Colleen and Noah’s story is revealed and I so enjoyed that part of this wonder tale which keep me glued to this series that gets better with every new book! Keep up the great work Stevie MacFarlane!

  12. Redrabbitt

    A great addition to The O%u2019Malley saga and this time will bring in a cousin, Irelynn O%u2019Malley, who was born in the states but then her family returned to Ireland when she was a young girl. Her father and Sean O%u2019Malley are brothers. After the death of her mother, her father became a lost soul and so did Irelynn, becoming a wild child and gaining a bad reputation, but she didn%u2019t care.

    Irelynn has left Ireland and come to America, and in the same town as her kinfolks but she is living in a woman%u2019s shelter, working a soup kitchen, wearing ratty clothes that won%u2019t keep her warm and spending her time dumpster diving for items. Rory O%u2019Malley will have Ian Sullivan keeping an eye on Irelynn which becomes a full-time job. Ian will watch her give money to hookers, and refuse clothing her tries and bring to her. She is a tough cookie and one he would like to turn across his knee, but he just keeps on watching her to make sure she stays safe.

    The plot will have the O%u2019Malley family calling a family meeting to try and come up with a viable solution to help Irelynn and hopefully talk her into coming to live with Sean and Mauve. An intervention will be devised, and with the help of Molly, she will give them insight into her seer abilities.

    They will come upon Irelynn and several men, in what looks like an attack and will Colleen will take Irelynn home with her. Every time she will try and get her to tell her story, Irelynn will ask Colleen questions and change the subject. She will learn more about Colleen and her husband, Noah Preston, and how they met and eventually married. They will talk into the night, and when Colleen wakes the next day, Irelynn is gone. The next person to find her will be Ian and he is determined to get answers.

    The relationship between Ian and Irelynn is sketchy in the beginning. What starts out as a wellness detail will have him developing deeper feelings for her as well as concern for her safety. When he finally catches up with her and takes her back to his apartment for answers, it will take her time to open up and share, be she will. Ian will keep the relationship platonic, especially when he learns the heartache of her past.

    The story has several spankings, and yes, there are some intimate scenes, as well as a few intense moments, laughing out loud times, and you know you have been around the O%u2019Malley clan. The story is a great example that life comes with the good, the bad, and the ugly, and it is how each person embraces what life gives them and what they can give back. Irelynn will have to learn that herself.

  13. DB

    A Stevie MacFarlane book and/or The O’Malley’s Series, is a book that is hard to put down! Irelynn O’Malley and Officer Ian Sullivan do not hit it off in the beginning of this book. Irelynn is running from something that happened in Ireland and now has come to America but she won’t let any of her relatives help her outshe dumpster dives! Ian has been ask by her cousin, Rory, to watch out for her and he thinks nothing better could happen but to spank her bottom while she hangs over the dumpster! This story also had how Colleen and Noah met and that was a fun part to read, but didn’t have a lot of interaction between Irelynn and Ian which I was really hoping for. This book had, drama, all the O’Malley’s, laugh out loud moments, street fighting, sex, spankings, Ian really taking care of Irelynn and having her open up to him. Maybe some more of Irelynn and Ian’s story can be in another book too! 5 Big Bright Stars!!!

  14. rjr

    Simply superb! What a treat – another visit with the O’Malley family! Any visit with this large, loving, boisterous family promises romance, laughter, and a lot of love for naughty women by dominant men. This series is one of my all time favorites and this entry does not disappoint. The reader actually gets two great stories in one with this book. You get the story of Irelynn O’Malley, who fresh from spending most of her life in Ireland, returns to America with all kinds of secrets. She refuses to contact her extended family and is living a dangerous life. That does not sit well with the senior O’Malleys and they are determined to bring her into their loving fold. In the process of that effort, you are treated to the back story of Colleen and Noah, and oh my, it is hot! I always wondered how the life of the party Colleen ended up with the reserved Noah and it is a great story. In my opinion, this series gets even better with each entry and the talented Ms. McFarlane never fails to deliver a witty, warm, steamy and original story to devour. While this book is definitely a stand alone story, if you enjoy it as much as I did, do yourself a favor and read the whole series. As for me, I’m already craving the O’Malley episode!

  15. DONNA L

    Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
    I devoured this new book in “The O’Malley”series by Stevie McFarlane,
    I have read every book at least twice,the author has an ability for sharing
    a story with a great cast of characters such as the O’ Malley’s.I feel I now
    know them so well that it’s almost like your a part of their family with all its
    mayhem.The story starts with the family trying to find a way to bring Irelynn
    into the family.Irelynn is Sean’s niece,she arrives from Ireland and is living in
    a refuge.She rejects all offers of help from her American family.As a favor for
    Rory,Ian Sullivan tries his best to keep Irelynn safe but she rejects him as well.
    The family have a meeting and decide to stage an intervention.With Molly’s
    special abilities,the women of the family set out to save Irelynn.Unfortunately,
    Irelynn continues her slippery ways,running away from Colleen’s after spending
    the night getting to know each other.It is at this point that we learn how Colleen
    and Noah met.Colleen was much more interested in her college Professor then
    her studies.She impulsive and forward, making it difficult for Noah to keep his
    hands to himself.Colleen is shocked to find that Noah is not as meek and mild as
    she expects.The story switches back to Irelynn and Ian,in his care,Ian and the
    family manage to help Irelynn move forward with her life and leave her tragic past
    behind her.This story has not only spankings and sizzling sex scenes but has the
    most comical dialogue that I have come to expect from this author.The dumpster
    scene where Rebecca and Tess save Irelynn had me in stitches.Mason reacted as
    usual pounding on Rebecca’s behind.There was not a dull moment in this book and
    I hope there is more to come in The O’Malley saga.

  16. Dyane

    It is always a pleasure to read one of Ms. MacFarlane%u2019s novels, and this one is no exception. Ian is a strong, dominant police officer who owes Rory O%u2019Malley a favor. The favor turns out to be more than he bargained for when he is required to basically babysit Rory%u2019s cousin from Ireland while she lives at a women%u2019s shelter and collects recyclables from garbage bins. Irelynn is independent, stubborn, generous, and sneaky. Naturally their relationship is complicated and explosive. In addition to reading about their relationship, we get to revisit all of the O%u2019Malley%u2019s we have come to love in the previous books. It was a lovely novel, with plenty of discipline and love, and I certainly look forward to the next O%u2019Malley book. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  17. Ajjmb

    When I saw that another O%u2019 Malley book was coming I couldn%u2019t wait to read it. And let me say it was well worth the wait. I adore this family mostly because their antics are so darn hilarious. This was a great book and it is like two stories in one. We have never had a book explaining Coleen%u2019s story and several chapters tell us how she met Noah. We also get Irelynn%u2019s story and how she gets Ian in the end. My only complaint is that the story didn%u2019t go on longer. Stevie MacFarlane is going to have to start writing stories about the next generation just so we can keep seeing the O%u2019Malley%u2019s. That is how good these books are. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  18. Hope W

    Another fun book in the O’Malley Brides series! While it can be read as a standalone, I enjoyed it more knowing some of the returning characters. This book is about Ian and Irelynn, but the author also gave us Colleen’s and Noah’s lovestory as well. Although I enjoyed each couples story I do wish there had been a little more from each couple. I loved watching this wonderful family come together to help one of their own through a tough time. Overall I loved the storyline that shows life is not always as it seems and that people overcome tragedies in their own unique ways. The author includes plenty of antics for the O’Malley ladies to keep us laughing, great alpha males who love and protect their women, plenty of spankings, characters who are developed and have chemistry, family, love, and friendships that show deep selfless love. Overall, this book is a great 5 star success and I recommend it for a great night’s read! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  19. Carla Frantz

    Enjoyed this read and loved this family. A very stereotypical image of an Irish American family (big gatherings and everyone is there for each other) but enjoyed it all the same. I managed to laugh and get frustrated and all this while devouring the book in one sitting. A good relaxing read with domestic discipline to boot!

  20. Toni L

    This is the 7th book in The O’Malleys series but is the first that I’ve read. While it is standalone, I found it quite confusing about who all of the characters were that are mentioned in passing – as if you should already know them. It was a very good read with enjoyable characters and a good length that kept things moving at a nice pace. Nothing felt rushed or dragged out to fill the story. It did feel as if I was reading a book within a book in that it went quite into depth about the start of Noah & Colleen’s relationship (which I’m presuming was covered in a previous book?) & while I enjoyed it, it felt out of place. I would have prefered more Ian & Irelynn & less Noah & Colleen.

  21. Sam

    I really enjoyed this book and reading more about the O’Malley clan. Although this book is about the new relationship between Irelynn and Ian, it also has a lot about who Coleen’s relationship began and some about the other O’Malleys as well. The is a story about the O’Malley family working together to add another to the fold.

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