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“Let’s just say that the other realms have been reminded of our presence. Take the message to the wolves that the dragons are coming.” 

In the generations since they came to Earth, they have forgotten their true beginnings. There are said to only be five realms that are connected to ours: Earth, Pavo, Fae, Asgard, and the Shadow Lands.

This is a story about Pavo, the dragon realm, and the four dominant Dragon Kings who rule there. For years there has been a liaison between the realms to supply the lusty dragons with sensual companionship. Zoe, a voluptuous librarian, accidentally stumbles upon the earthly portal and is transported to Pavo. Upon first glance of her beauty, Cane knows that he must have her in his bed – no matter the cost. Zoe finds herself drawn to the alpha dragon king and his fiery temperament. But a dragon could never mate with a human – could he?

Meanwhile, a sinister evil far greater than anything they have yet faced is coming for their kind. Thankfully, they have allies: wild, sensual creatures with scales and wings. They are ancient beasts that have sworn to protect the five realms.

Publisher’s Note: This action-packed, steamy sci-fi romance contains elements of power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter 1



Zoe pushed her glasses back up the ridge of her nose and cringed at the passage she was reading.

He shoved his man meat inside of my love tunnel, and I screamed with pleasure. The Dragon King was far larger than any man I had been with before. He growled in my ear, “Stay still, human.”

Zoe rubbed her tired eyes and wondered for the millionth time why she had offered to edit her boss’ erotic manuscript. And then she glanced around her to the public library that sat as silent as a tomb. It was a Friday night and not a soul had ventured out to quench their thirst for reading.

Being a librarian didn’t pay the big bucks, and unfortunately, Zoe liked to eat as well as live her life. Her apartment was on the swankier side of town, an expense she really couldn’t afford. Hence the extra shifts at the library and taking on proofreading work on the side.

Zoe angled her ample hips out of the chair and walked to the front door, locking the deadbolt and switching off the light. She moved throughout the library turning off copy machines and computers, restacking the children’s puppets and straightening the chairs at the teen study center.

As she passed the restricted section, she thought she saw a flash of light. That was strange, she thought to herself. Zoe had been at the county library for four years and in that time, she had never seen anyone enter through the forbidden door.

In fact, her boss Ava said that nobody went in there. Apparently, the older building’s roof wasn’t as stable over that area and because of budget restraints, nothing could be done about it. Zoe thought it was sad that such a beautiful old building would be left to decay. She hated the thought that there might be important works being destroyed.

Secretly, Zoe had searched for the key to the room when she was alone at the library. She told herself that it was only to assess the damage and it had nothing to do with the fact that her curiosity was getting the better of her.

A rumble in her stomach reminded Zoe that she was way past dinnertime. She pushed her thoughts of the restricted section away and went to gather up the manuscript Ava had left her. It was far-fetched, to begin with. Ava described a secret world where dragons ruled, and their most prized possessions were human women who willingly fell at their feet.

Zoe snorted; if she was the author, she would have made the dragons her bitch. With a laugh, she gathered her keys and turned to walk to the back entrance.

A crash sounded from behind the locked door. What in the world?

She set her things down and moved toward the Restricted Section. Her heart was thumping wildly. Could it be a wild animal? A shiver went down her spine; she certainly hoped not! Although an animal would be better than an intruder. Her hand froze on the doorknob.

It was silly, she told herself, to be so scared. The door was locked anyway; it had been every time she had attempted to enter it before.

Another crash emanated through the door and Zoe sprang into action, wrenching the doorknob, only to find that for once it wasn’t locked! The momentum behind her actions propelled her forward. She expected to see a raccoon or at least that was what she was hoping for.

But the glowing archway had come as a complete surprise. She stopped herself right before hurling inside of the creepy glow. It was opaque enough that she could see swirls of colors from the other side.

Taking a deep breath, Zoe steadied herself and moved to walk out the door. A huge hand reached out and clapped her on the shoulder. Zoe screamed trying to get away; he forced her head forward as he yanked her back through the portal.

And then she saw nothing.

* * *

“Your Highness, I have brought the human girl as you requested.”

Cane, formally known as 蒼龍 Cānglóng—The Azure Dragon, one of the four Dragon Gods of Pavo, Dragon King of the East Sea and arguably the best at aerial combat, stared at the creature his underlings had brought him.

The curve of the human’s breasts had his cock hardening and he felt a clenching in his gut. She was all soft curves, her rounded hips and ample ass hanging out for all of the men to see. Cane clenched his jaw. It was disconcerting that he was having this reaction. He thought back over all the human women the procurer had sent to him before. Never had Cane felt this protective streak; he had been able to view each of them with a dispassionate air. But this ripe, curvy female stirred something deep and primal in him.

“Cover her,” he commanded with a bark. He tugged on his breeches to allow more room for his aching cock, and then on second thought, he added, “Have her taken to my rooms.”

His men jumped to do his bidding. A cloth was thrown over the female and they started to carry her away. He felt another twinge of conscience and before he could stop himself, he yelled, “Be careful!”

The dragons turned and stared at him; Cane was not known for his kindness. He also wasn’t known for his long explanations. He turned from them and resumed the discussion he was having with his brother Quin.

Quin glanced from his brother to the human and back again. “You will keep her for yourself?”

Cane’s jaw tightened. He didn’t like explaining his actions, especially not to his brother, the Red Dragon.

“She isn’t your concern,” Cane growled.

Quin raised a brow; born minutes after his brother, he was used to the surly attitude. Dragons were also notorious for protecting their horde. What was interesting to Quin was the fact that this female seemed to have slipped under his unflappable brother’s skin.

It was true she had the perfect female form. The human woman, Ava, who usually introduced the girls to the dragons, hadn’t been present. And this female was ripe and thick, not like the scrawny, skinny females Ava usually introduced. In truth, most of the dragons hadn’t been interested in the pairings. If the girls ended up staying, it was when one of the lesser ranks claimed her. They just didn’t have the girth needed to take a real dragon.

But this human was different. She had wide hips and thick thighs that a man could get lost in. Her tits were full and heavy. Quin noticed his brother’s reaction to the female was not far off from any other man in the room. Dragons needed sex; it wasn’t something they could go without and live. Their sexual appetite helped feed their fire.

The new female, dragons would fight to the death to spend a night burying themselves between her thighs.

“If she isn’t for you,” Quin said slyly, “I believe that I will make a bid for her.”

Cane jerked his head back as if he had been struck. His eyes flashed gold, and for a moment, Quin wondered if his twin was going to shift right there to demand satisfaction. It was fascinating in a clinical way, but Quin was smart enough not to taunt the beast too far.

He held up his hands in a show of peace, “If you want her for yourself, of course, she is yours.”

Cane’s eyes narrowed, knowing full well his brother had played him well. The female had to choose the dragon; it wouldn’t work unless the pairing was equally decided upon.

“I never said that she was mine.”

For a dragon to utter those words, it created a bond. If the human were to claim the dragon using the same words, it was as good as a mating mark. Dragons were prideful yet extremely honorable. They did not take what didn’t belong to them.

“Then you will give her to me?” Quin pressed.

Cane’s hand tingled with electric fire; his brother wanted the female? Well, that’s too fucking bad.

“I claim the female as mine.”

There was a hush in the cavern as his words floated over and into every man present. The Dragon King of the East Sea had claimed the human.

There were no whispers of discontent or even glares of malice. Whatever the other men were feeling, they kept it to themselves. Cane would just as soon rip off their heads as listen to excuses or remonstrations.

He rose to his feet. “This meeting is over.”

Quin smiled and joined his brother standing. They were both over six and a half feet and heavily muscled. They shared dark silky hair and golden eyes. But where Quin was prone to smile, Cane was apt to scowl.

“Until next time.” Quin took a step toward the mouth of the opulent cave, and then in a flash, his bright red dragon shimmered into existence and he took flight.

Cane didn’t turn to watch his brother go. His cock demanded attention and he had a female to meet.


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2 reviews for Pavo

  1. John

    This first book in the Dragon King series by S Cinders gives the reader two erotic dragon mating tales in one story. It is also a story about finding out who you are and where you belong in society, regardless of what realm that might be in, and then fighting for it. Of course, in addition to the battles, mysteries, and magic, the book is a very vividly described erotic paranormal romance at its heart. Looking forward to reading the other books in this series. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Blushing Books through Booksprout.

  2. Julie

    I like paranormal romances sometimes to break the monotony of regular romance books. I prefer them to be shifter stories whenever possible, and Pavo proved to be just that.

    A librarian Zoe who is curvy but has meat on her bones especially in her chest area accidentally stumbles upon the portal and is swooped up to Pavo.

    What has she got herself into?

    Zoe finds herself mesmerized by this alpha dragon king Cane along with his fiery temperament.

    Cane took one look at Zoe beauty and knew he must have her in his bed no matter what the cost, and he is used to getting what he wants. No is never in anyone’s vocabulary around him.

    It is nearly an instantaneous love attraction right after the magnetic pull they both felt. It is scorching hot, and Zoe and Cane fight their battles together rather than being against each other.

    The author developed mind-blowing characters, which is easy to relate to. This book grips you nearly immediately, and the well-written storyline keeps you turning the pages.

    The plot is complex, likable characters, unexpected twist, and plenty of heat allow you to be absorbed without too much stress, a welcome change for me.

    I generally prefer more depth as it weaves me into the characters emotionally journey as they develop and grow throughout the book.

    S Cinders, the author has a knack for including plenty of surprises and luring the reader in her fun stories.

    I received a free copy of this book. This honest review was posted voluntarily.

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