Passion in Spades

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During a vacation to Scotland to visit his mother, Lord Oscar Mansfield is introduced to the beautiful, wild Bridget, who is his equal in every way. They marry and return to England to discover passion and love and uncover the secret to a treasure hidden for centuries.

When disaster strikes in the form of kidnapping for ransom, Oscar calls together his closest friends to help him rescue his wife from the villains holding her. Will love win out over greed? Or will they lose everything, including each other?

Publisher’s Note: This eighteenth century romance includes explicitly described love scenes and power exchange.


Sample Chapter

Chapter 1

Oscar, Viscount Mansfield, stared out the window of his traveling coach marveling at the rugged and almost mystical Scottish landscape. The boy in him wanted to jump out, grab a wooden sword and rescue a beautiful damsel from a fierce, fire breathing dragon. The man in him happily imagined his rewards for such a heroic deed and those thoughts kept him pleasantly entertained the rest of the way to his destination.

As his coach pulled into the circular drive, Oscar readied himself to face an altogether different kind of dragon. “Oscar, my boy. Oh, it is so good to see you.”

“Hello mother, I’ve missed you, too.” And he had. He gave her a warm hug in greeting.

Margret Markum the Viscountess of Mansfield was a happy, caring woman and a loving mother to two irrepressible scamps. She had been staying in Scotland, the land of her birth, visiting family and friends for two years now. They hadn’t seen each other since she had come home to celebrate the birth of her grandchild. Oscar’s twin sister, Olivia, the Countess of Warrington, had given birth to her first child—a healthy, sassy little boy named Simon Everett.

The home of lord and lady McAlister was very impressive. It was a lovingly restored midlevel castle. Built of rough blue stone, it had two tall circular towers gracing the east and west wings. A thick wooden drawbridge spanned a decorative pond lined with cattails, purple hyacinth, and sweet-smelling water lilies, and led to the massive carved-oak front doors.

Oscar’s adventurous inner boy wanted to climb those towers and explore the secret nooks and dungeons. He wondered if the castle had a dungeon, and the thought made him grin. His mother led him into the house, and as impressive as the outside was, the inside was even more remarkable. Whitewashed walls were hung with antique tapestries and framed paintings. The furnishings were well constructed and polished to a lustrous shine, and everywhere he looked he saw carved oak, from the casings around the doors and windows, to the moldings along the ceiling and the baseboards along the floors. It must have taken a team of carpenters years to create it all. But the real jewel was the great hall.

Oscar took a moment to study the room as they passed. The ceiling was high and from the exposed ribbing hung enormous cast iron chandeliers. The windows were large and provided not only an abundance of natural light, but a spectacular view of the Scottish wilderness. The main focal point of the hall was an enormous fire place he could stand in without even having to duck and was large enough to roast an entire ox using whole trees for kindling. His eye traveled up to focus on the intricate plaster work covering the ceiling. He wanted to lie in the middle of the floor and study it for an hour.

Oscar’s mother had to take his arm and pull him away to show him to his bed chamber. Like the rest of the castle it had a medieval feel while boasting modern conveniences such as a water closet, gas lights and bell pull for ringing up servants. He stood at the window marveling at the rugged beauty of the forest of trees and the craggy, mist shrouded mountains in the distance.

“I’m so glad you’ve come. There is so much I want to show you here,” his mother said , coming to stand beside him to share the view. “There is natural beauty here as well as an untamed wildness I believe you will come to love.”

Oscar tore his eyes away from the scenic splendor and surveyed his mother. He didn’t trust the hint of humor in her voice, but when he looked at her she was the very image of innocence so he was sure he must have imagined it.

“Well, dinner will be served soon and some guests will be arriving so you have no more than an hour to make yourself presentable. I’ll leave you to it then.” With a kiss on his cheek she departed.

An hour later he had washed, shaved, and combed his hair. He walked down the stairs dressed in his best evening clothes and followed the sounds of merriment to the great hall. His mother met him at the doors. “Oscar my love, how handsome you look.” He bowed his head to kiss his mother’s cheek, and she took his arm, and led him into the great hall. She first introduced him to the McAlisters, her good friends and hosts.

Laird Malcom McAlister was a tall, cheerful, mountain of a man, with a thick, red, well-tended beard showing distinguished streaks of gray, and a booming voice full of good-natured humor. Oscar shook his hand, the other man’s hand swallowing his. He met the beautiful Lady Elizabeth McAlister, a petite woman with dark brown hair and smiling eyes who welcomed him warmly to their home.

His mother next introduced him to another man in the group. He was tall though not as tall as Laird McAlister, and also barrel chested. His beard was more stubble, like he hadn’t shaved in a couple of days, but was clean and groomed and it was a good look for him. Oscar absently rubbed his own clean-shaven jaw wondering if such a beard would look as good on him.

This man was introduced as Duncan McAlister, the laird’s brother. Oscar shook his hand then happened to glance at his mother. Was she blushing? By God, she was. Oscar looked more closely at the man wondering if he were the reason his mother had stayed so long in Scotland and if he were responsible for his mother’s rosy cheeks and the sparkle in her eyes. Good for her, he mused. She had been widowed for far too long and she needed a new husband.

After introductions had been made and pleasantries exchanged all around, Lady Mansfield took his arm and led him off again. “Mother, I don’t trust that grin on your face. What are you planning?” He trusted the affronted look she gave him even less.

“Oscar really, I just thought you would enjoy a nice holiday when I invited you to come visit.” Her eyes flicked across the room then back to him with a very satisfied smile. “I wanted you to enjoy the beauty that can be found only in Scotland.”

With a resigned sigh, he looked to where his mother had indicated and froze. Scottish beauty indeed. The woman standing across the room, engaged in conversation with several other young women quite took his breath away. Her hair was a deep shade of auburn, halfway between red and black and piled on top of her head and held in place with diamond pins that shone and sparkled in the fire light. Her skin was golden and sun kissed, not at all the milky complexion so common in English girls. He didn’t mind her tall, athletic looking figure and small breasts. At all. While most of his friends were of a mind, the more the better, all Oscar cared was that they were sensitive to his touch. Personally, he was an ass man.

She radiated energy and vitality barely contained by her jade green evening gown. He might have stood there all evening just watching her sip from a glass of champagne and speak animatedly with her friends and laugh aloud at a quip one had made, if his mother hadn’t shaken him out of his daze.

“My God mother, who is she?”

“Her name is Bridget. She is the daughter of Laird and Lady McAlister.” He forced his eyes away from the siren across the room and focused on his mother. “Is she why you sent for me? Are you match-making again, mother?”

“Darling, with your sister married now and me so far away you are all alone in that big rambling house. You need companionship, and I need more grandchildren. It is your duty to provide an heir to the title and of course he will need playmates, lots of them so you should be getting started before you’re too old to sire them.”

Oscar chuckled over that. “I’m hardly in my dotage mother. I’m still young enough to sire all night long and into the next morning.”

She swatted his arm with her fan and said, “You speak to your mother like that?”

“You started it,” he replied with a grin .

She shot him a disapproving look that was ruined by the silent laughter tugging on her lips and the sparkle in her bright blue eyes.

“Saucy boy,” she replied before tightening her arm on his and leading him to the woman as one might march a naughty boy to atone for his wrong doing, and like that naughty boy he went along reluctantly.


Bridget stood near the window where she could at least see freedom. She enjoyed visiting with her friends when they came to dine and their conversation was lively and amusing, but her head was hurting. The heavy mass of her hair weighed her down and her hated corset was pinching her.

She wished tonight was a normal evening where she could dine in a comfortable dress, then relax in a hot tub with a good book. But her parents were hosting the titled, rich son of their friend so a little pomp was called for. She resisted a sigh when she realized they were now sending away for suitable men for her to marry after she had turned down every offer she had received since she turned fourteen.

Were her parents really so determined to marry her off they would consider sending her to England? These dark thoughts weren’t like her and she tried to shake it off and focus on the conversation. Her friend Emily was telling a funny story about her own latest suiter. He was a portly nobleman with bad teeth, a fondness for gory tales about his beloved hunting dogs tearing apart some helpless creature, and had the tendency to talk to her breasts. Bridget laughed and commiserated with her, though not about her breasts. One good thing about having small ones was men tended to look her in the face.

Bridget felt a shiver run down her spine and turned her head to glance around the room. Who was that? She turned back to her friends and tried to pretend she hadn’t noticed him. He must be the awaited son of Lady Mansfield. While she quite liked “Aunt Margaret,” she had reservations about the son. According to rumor, he was close to thirty and hadn’t settled down yet. He was, also according to rumor, a trivial fop with a lack of maturity.

However, if that was the son, he was handsome, she could give him that at least. From the corner of her eye she saw Aunt Margaret heading her way with the son beside her looking like he was about to have a tooth pulled. He was probably as fed up with well-meaning matchmakers as she was.

They reached her little group of misses and Bridget turned to great them. Her smile was genuine for Aunt Margaret and only faltered a little when introduced to Lord Oscar Mansfield. She held out her hand to him like a man and he smiled as he shook it. His hand felt warm and strong in hers and she pumped it once then released him.

Good lord he really was nice to look at. Not overly tall, so with her height they were nearly on the same level. His hair was so dark as to look black and worn long on top with wavy curls that had a tendency to fall over his forehead. He slid his fingers through those curls to move them back in place. His smile was charming and she felt an answering pull of her own lips.

Ever the gracious hostess, Bridget asked about his journey and the sights he saw on his travels. She did not expect his response. His face took on a boyish joviality as he described his reaction to the majesty and wonder he felt at her homeland. Her smile was genuine now as he praised the wild lands that were a part of her soul. When he spoke of dragons, she laughed and put her hand on his arm. What was wrong with her? She never behaved with so much familiarity with a man who wasn’t her family, especially not a man she had only just met.

There was something about him that drew her, but before she could determine what it was about him, dinner was announced. He gallantly held out his arm for her and she resigned herself to dining with him as she let him lead her into dinner. His mother entered just before them on the arm of Bridget’s uncle, Duncan, and she took a quick peek to see how he felt about this.

He looked on with a fond smile. She thought he might be aware of the romance that had been blossoming since Aunt Margaret had first come to stay with them months ago and if so, he seemed fine with it. He was a loving son. That boded well for him. What was she doing? Auditioning him for her future lord and master? She mentally shook herself. She was as wild as her beloved Scotland and she would never be mastered.

Despite her misgivings, Lord Mansfield was a charming and entertaining dinner companion. Most of her potential suiters liked to tell her about their homes, family history, hobbies and expectations, but would quickly lose interest when she tried to discuss her own. Lord Mansfield, Oscar, as he gave her permission to call him, expressed an interest in her home. He inquired if the castle was haunted, whether there was a dungeon and where the dragons were stabled.

She couldn’t remember laughing so much or enjoying a dinner more. She couldn’t stand to break his heart so she told him the dragons lived in a cave high in the mountains, and would only come down when summoned for battle. She told him the legend of the gray ghost who haunted the battlements and assured him there were dungeons and promised to take him on a tour the next day. He asked her if she liked to ride, then listened as she described the trails she followed and her favorite places to go.

She asked him about his home and his face broke into a grin as he described the manor house, their castle ruins overlooking the sea, and even his own family legends.

“Many generations ago, my however-many-greats grandfather had won the title and land by saving the life of the king in battle. In gratitude, the king and queen had even given him a bride—the daughter of the queen’s sister. By all accounts she was a stunning beauty. The king and queen dowered her and made my ancestor a very wealthy man.” He paused to take a drink of wine then continued his tale of treachery, murder, and mystery.

“He learned from trusted spies that a neighboring lord wanted his land, his wealth, and his wife.”

Bridget was captivated by the story. She found herself leaning toward him during the telling, but didn’t care.

“He sent his young wife to stay with her uncle and aunt, the king and queen, while he set up defenses. He knew he didn’t have enough men to properly defend his castle, but he was able to safeguard the treasure for future generations by hiding it. The problem was he hid it far too well and it still has not been found.”

“What happened to him, and to his wife?” she asked.

“The king sent many knights, but they were too late. The castle had been reduced to rubble and my ancestor was killed when the castle fell. His wife had given birth to a son shortly after she had been sent away. He became the new viscount.

“The king ordered the death of the villainous neighbor. His lands were confiscated and given to the son and his mother. She returned to the land and had built the main portion of the manor house I currently reside in. My ancestor had a riddle cast in bronze and buried by a marker stone. The bronze plate was found, but to this day no one has been able to solve the riddle. Her son and his sons and grandsons went on to rebuild the family wealth, but the mystery still remains:

Follow the stone

Look to the ruins

Time can only march forward

You’ll not find it alone”

“Follow the stone… the ruins. So, somewhere on your property is a lost treasure, with a riddle the only clue?” she asked with unladylike excitement. His answer was to cock his eyebrow and grin at her. She began to wonder if he were having her on, but he seemed so sincere. She would have to ask Lady Mansfield if it was true or not.

When dinner ended, they all returned to the great hall for music, dancing, and other entertainment. The musicians struck up a waltz and Oscar engaged Bridget for the first dance. It was awkward in the beginning, and after a failed attempt to spin her into a turn Oscar stopped her. “Close your eyes,” he told her.

“Why?” she asked?

“Because you keep leading. Close your eyes,” he told her.

She did so uncertainly and they resumed dancing. Unable to see, she had to put her trust in him, and she found it was much easier when she just let go and let him take control of the dance. Never had she danced so well, and she realized with a wry grin that he was right. She did tend to lead and wondered if that was why she had always believed herself to be a bad dancer.

They danced together once more, a lively country dance that ended with flushed cheeks and happy smiles all around. Bridget promised to take him riding the next morning, and with that to look forward to they said goodnight and went off to bed.

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8 reviews for Passion in Spades

  1. Tami

    Oscar and Bridget are a match made in heaven. From the moment they meet, the sparks are flying. They soon marry and couldn’t be happier, but not everyone is happy for them. When Bridget is kidnapped it is up to Oscar to rescue her in time.

    The story captured my attention right from the beginning. The characters were well developed and likeable. There was action, danger and plenty of heat. I enjoyed reading the story very much.

  2. PJB

    A nice sexy tale that ran smoothly but lacked a historical feel – in fact it took me a while to realise that this book was set in another era, which I am guessing was 19th century?

  3. Stats23

    This third book in a series of stories about the individual love lives of a group of card playing friends is the absolute best yet. This time around Oscar Markham, twin brother to book one%u2019s Olivia, meets the love of his life while visiting Scotland. Oscar is every bit the dominant, almost sadistic, alpha male that Olivia%u2019s Jack is, and he is more than delighted to find that Bridget, having an equal amount of innocence and willingness to try new things, may be the perfect submissive mate he is looking for. Their passion and their ever developing D/s relationship keep this book moving at a breakneck pace. There is a sub plot of a treasure hunt and kidnapping, but the real story here is the explicitly erotic, sexually deviant, romantic love story of Oscar and Bridget. It has everything you can possibly look for in a spanking romance story, and is totally deserving of a 5 Gold Star rating. This book, as with the others in the series, can be read as a complete stand-alone but I recommend you read all of them as they are all great reads. Sure hope the next one comes out soon.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  4. DONNA L

    ByDonna Lon September 14, 2017
    I was drawn immediately to this book.I love historical romances and this
    story did not let me down, instead I was captivated by the descriptive
    scenery and the electric attraction between Oscar and Bridget.It delivers
    on so many fronts,a interesting storyline,good characters and a lot of kink.
    Lord Oscar Mansfield remains single until the night he meets Bridget McAlister
    He is drawn to her beauty and charming personality but could she share his
    sexual preference.Oscar is a dominant man who likes to cause pain and pleasure,
    Bridget suggests that he spanks her to judge if she is the right partner for him.Bridgets
    sensual awakening was beautifully portrayed,she was a perfect match for Oscar.
    The plot includes mystery,intrigue,scorching hot kinky sex,danger and punishments.
    I liked how the book jumps right into action,focusing on the instant attraction
    between Oscar and Bridget.I did not anticipate such a unique,funny and delightful
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

  5. Dyane

    This is my first book by Cora Montgomery, and I enjoyed it The first page or two seemed like a normal, uneventful romance, unmarried viscount meets unmarried eligible lady at a dinner party. But toward the end of the first chapter the book took a fascinating twist – centuries old buried treasure. It was then I knew I was going to like this book. Buried treasure is not the only lure of this novel. There are tons of spankings scenes, as well as explicit love scenes with creative use of BDSM implements and furniture. It was quite enlightening, especially for a Victorian novel. With an overall fun and lighthearted tone, this book is a winner. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  6. Joanie M

    This book has everything one could ask for: romance, bdsm, adventure, danger, suspense, and playful humor. Oscar and Bridget are a wonderful couple who are friends as well as lovers. Their easy camaraderie and bedroom antics made this book a delight. The treasure hunt added to the fun. The many erotic scenes were varied and well done. This well-written book will stand alone and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. Redrabbitt

    I enjoyed this third story in the Luck of the Draw series with each book reading as a stand-alone but will have some of the characters from books one and two. The story will revolve mainly around Oscar Markum, Viscount Mansfield and Bridget McAllister, daughter of Laird Malcolm McAllister of Scotland. The story is a journey of two people that will include honesty, experimentation, riddle solving, and an intense and passionate marriage.

    Oscar will travel to Scotland to visit his mother, Margaret, who has been visiting her friends in Scotland, the McAlisters. Meeting Bridget and finding marriage was the last thing he expected to do. Bridget has to spurn every man who has offered her marriage because she craves freedom more than marriage.

    The story is the chase and capture of Oscar and Bridget. There is a chemistry and genuine commandry between Oscar and Bridge as they explore the Scottish countryside, castle, and in even a late night talk in the library. Oscar will open up and share his proclivities, how he likes inflicting pain by spanking, it will give Bridget a lot to think on, and when she suggests a sampling at night, it will seal the deal. They will marry and travel back to England.

    The plot will have Oscar and Bridget exploring their new marriage that includes spanking, bondage, BDSM, and the use of various furniture and sex toys. She thrives on his dominance and control as much as he does on inflicting pain for both their pleasures. She is his yin to her yang, two people who harmoniously find that pain and pleasure heighten their sexuality.

    The Markums live on land that has ruins of several buildings that is from centuries past, and even a legend of buried treasure with a riddle. While people have tried to solve the riddle and find the treasure, no one has ever succeeded, and Bridge has fun exploring, even reading the journals of those who have tried and where they have looked. An epiphany will lead her and Oscar to the treasure, but they have nefarious company that will kidnap Bridget for the treasure. True love, intelligence, wit, and best friends will save the day.

    I enjoyed that Oscar found his perfect mate, Bridget and that by their honesty and frank discussions, first while just getting to know each other, and finding each other enjoyable to be around, then by sharing what he needed and desired sexually. Bridget is a free-spirit, and Oscar is willing to allow her freedom to be herself provided she doesn%u2019t do anything to harm herself. Their marriage is a journey of sexual freedom, sadomasochism, with lots of spankings, bondage, oral and anal sex, and more.

  8. Kitty Ranma

    This is the first time I’ve read Cora Montgomery but it won’t be the last.
    I loved this story. I think she might be a new favorite. I’d love to see it go to audio.
    Reasons I enjoyed this book:
    Happily Ever After, Romantic, Wonderful characters, Page-turner, Great world building, Easy-to-read, Entertaining, Action-packed, steamy, mystery, spanking.
    This book was given to me for free at my request from the publisher or author and I provided this unbiased voluntary review.

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