Odelia’s Pirate


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Marauding pirates. A Princess incognito. A spanking-hot dystopian romance!

Odelia won’t give in easily to the pirates who try to rob the coach she shares with passengers who have no idea she is the king’s daughter. She bites the leader and sweeps his feet out from under him. The other passengers do nothing to come to her aid.

Felix grabs the sassy brat and tosses her over his knee, intent on giving her a firm spanking. Unfortunately for him, the king arrives in the nick of time. But does he? Instead of preventing his daughter’s discipline, he carries out his own swift justice. The unfortunate princess and the pirate who dared to tame her are bound together at the wrists by a length of rope.

“The one who removes this rope without my authority will be put to death,” the King declares.

He commands the pirate to finish taming his willful daughter, who had been trying to escape from marrying the man her father had chosen.  He cautions the pirate to protect his daughter’s virtue, but otherwise, Felix is free to discipline her as he sees fit. Only when the princess chooses to return to the palace and marry will the rope be removed.

They have more than their own stubbornness to overcome! Danger lurks at every turn. Somehow, they must learn to work together – their very survival depends on it!

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Zarrington 4275


Odelia did not like the other passengers traveling alongside her in the coach. They did nothing but complain, and she was thankful she did not have to be around them any longer than it took her to reach her friend Zada’s home. Zada would hide her until her father came to his senses. Of course, Zada’s parent might not approve and could very well turn her away, or even lock her in a closet until her father arrived to take her home.

Odelia’s reveries were broken by a sudden shout, and she heard the horses pick up speed, even as the coach lurched and they were thrown about.

“It’s Pirates!” an older male passenger exclaimed. “What shall we do to protect ourselves and our valuables?”

“Money is not worth getting beaten or killed,” another man said.

“What if they rape us?” an older woman exclaimed, and Odelia should not have laughed, but she could not help herself.

“You find this funny, girl? You must be one of them, set upon us to learn who has valuables worth stealing! It is obvious you have nothing of value.” The older woman was flaunting her wealth by wearing jewels wherever she could; several necklaces and bracelets, earnings, brooches, and rings on her fingers. Her rings alone would make this robbery a profitable one. The woman judged others by her own shallow values, and Odelia did not feel sorry that she would lose her jewels.

“I know better than to travel wearing my best,” Odelia said quietly. She looked out the window of the coach and could see the Pirates were gaining upon them. Their horses were of a fine quality and spoke of good breeding. For a moment, she was jealous and wished for the right to own one of the magnificent beasts.

“Hold! Driver, hold! Take heed and spare yourself harm!”

The coach stopped, the driver indeed taking heed. It was only a few seconds later that the door of the coach was jerked open by one of the pirates, his face covered by a colorful mask to prevent himself from being identified later in front of the authorities who dealt with this sort of crime for the King.

“Dismount, ladies and gentlemen.”

“No! I refuse!” The elderly woman who was afraid of being raped dared to argue.

“Lady, you will cooperate or wish you did. Our leader does not tolerate defiance.”

“You first.” He pointed to the older man, and in spite of the fact he did not wish to lose his valuables, he dismounted gracefully. “And you.” The pirate spoke to the other man, who did not say anything, but chose to cooperate with the thieves. “Lady,” he spoke to the older woman, and she shook her head in denial. The pirate reached inside to grab the woman, but instead had his hand slapped hard by the younger woman.

“Leave her alone. Can you not see she is very frightened?” Odelia might not care if they took the woman’s jewels, but she would not stand by and see the woman harmed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

“What is going on over here, Two?”

“Sir, the old woman does not wish to cooperate, and the young woman slapped me when I went to pull the Lady out.”

“Come out, Two,” the man said in a deep voice that conveyed confidence. The pirate was replaced with the Pirate with the deep voice. He held out his hand to the older woman and said kindly, “Lady, believe me, you want to step out of the coach. You will not be harmed if you do as you are told.”

“You promise?” she asked sharply.

“Yes, Lady, you have my word.”

“Very well, but I am quite nervous now.”

“Take my hand and I will keep you from falling.” When she was on the ground, the man stuck his head inside the coach again. “It is now your turn, little one, and I would advise you not to slap at me unless you wish for me to retaliate.” He grabbed for her and while in the process of pulling Odelia from the coach, she bit him!

When Odelia bit the man wearing the pirate’s mask, he grabbed her chin between his fingers and then shoved her violently to the ground. “What? None of you steps forward to protect this girl? Is she not of value to you?” he demanded. “You!” he spoke to a man who was old enough to be the girl’s father. “You would not defend your child?”

“She is not mine! I know naught of her. She did not introduce herself amongst us.”

“And yet, you would permit me to mistreat her and do naught to stop it?”

The man shrugged. “She should not be traveling alone.”

“What of you, sir? Would you not step forward to rescue a lady in distress? You can see the bruises from my fingers appearing upon her chin.”

The man shook his head. “Can you not see that she is alone? None of us will accept responsibility for her actions.”

“And, you, Lady? Is she your maid?”

“No! I would not have her. She is unruly and look at her! Her hair is red and she has the green eyes of a witch!”

“Ahhhh, a witch now? Is that what we have here, a witch?” He looked down to where the girl remained, and was startled to see her eyes were flashing with fire and emotion. “Ah, perhaps so. Tell me, girl, would you cast me into a fire if you could?”

Odelia was furious with the robber, and without giving the matter conscious thought, she kicked out with her foot, sweeping his feet from underneath him, and sending him sprawling in the dirt on his posterior.

His men had the nerve to laugh, and the other passengers gasped in shock and dismay. The pirate had the advantage over them and controlled their destiny. “Apologize at once, girl!” the first man ordered sharply. “Your behavior is appalling! You will get us all killed. Apologize!” he repeated himself, and Odelia could see the fear he was trying to hide.

“I take no heed of you!” Odelia said scathingly. “You did naught to aid me, therefore I take no heed of you and your fears.”

The pirate said, “You will, by the gods, take heed of me!” He grabbed her arm and pulled her face down over his lap and smacked her bottom, which was covered in layers of clothing. “Now, do you concede that I am by far stronger than you, girl, and that you will take heed of me?” he demanded.

Odelia was furious with the pirate. “I will concede that you are stronger, and that you can use force to make me take heed of you, but you have not the right!” She was prepared when his hand fell the next time. It hurt, just as he meant for it to. “Does it make you feel big to beat a woman?” she demanded.

“Does it make you feel smart to keep insulting me when I clearly have your life in my hands?” The pirate was more than a bit insulted. He was used to women and men cowering in fear in his presence, but this slip of a girl dared him and challenged him as if he mattered not!

“Obviously, it is not smart, but neither is beating a woman you do not know. You will have plenty of time to reconsider your foolishness. My father arrives now.”

It was that quickly they were overtaken, and to the pirates, there seemed to be no warning. In fact, it was only the girl who was not surprised. She had heard some signal the others had not. The elderly female traveler nearly fainted when she realized she had called the King’s only child a witch! If the Princess complained, the King could have her publicly beaten, or even beheaded if he wished! King Vanscoy was partial to this child of his!

The King dismounted with dignity and walked over to hold out his hand to help his daughter up from the ground. “Did I witness this Pirate spanking you, Odelia?” he asked in his calm voice.

“Aye, Father, you did.” She looked at the Pirate with a look that was close to being a satisfied smirk.

“Do you suppose you brought this treatment upon yourself by running away again?” the King scolded her, making his displeasure with her known. It was a look that terrified bold men, but did little to frighten Odelia.

“I do not wish to marry some man I have never met.”

“And so, you run away once again, in spite of my warning of dire consequences should it happen again?” The King wanted to be sure he understood his one and only child.

“Father, how else am I to get you to understand?”

“Daughter, how else am I to get you to understand?” He shook his head, and then leveled his green eyes upon the Pirate.

“Did you know who my daughter was before you put your hands upon her?”

“No, sire, I did not. I knew her only as a hot-tempered vixen in need of schooling. First, she bit me, and then she felled me! I decided a lesson was in order.”

The King surveyed the Pirate’s men, and then said, “Give them provisions and send them on their way.”

The other pirates looked at their leader with something akin to horror. “But, Sire, we cannot leave without—”

“You will go or you will die; is that your wish?” the King asked curtly, cutting him off from what he was about to say.

The leader of the pirates looked at his men and said, “Go now! Do not come back for me!”


NOW!” The pirate yelled, and the men gathered their things and did as they were bade, leaving their leader behind.

“I warned you that you that you would be punished in a manner you would not like should you run away again, Odelia. Lorson, bring me rope.” The King had barely finished speaking when he was handed a rope. He decided it was too long, and bade Lorson cut it in half.

Odelia was sure her parent had finally reached the end of his patience with her and that he was going to use the rope to thrash her soundly, even though he had never done so before. She really couldn’t blame him, but would rather he do it in private. But, instead of telling her to turn around and offer her back to him, he bade her hold out her hand. Her eyes widened in trepidation at the thought of a whipping to her hand, but the King took the rope and tied it securely around her wrist. The knot was a tricky one, and she knew she would not be able to untie it.

The King turned to the Pirate and said, “You took upon yourself the taming of my daughter, but the job is far from finished. Your punishment for attacking this coach is to finish what you started, and in a timely manner. The one who removes this rope without my authority will be put to death.”

“Father! You cannot mean to tie me to this pirate!”

“It is precisely what I mean. I am tired of your rebellious ways, Odelia. Perhaps this pirate will know how to tame you without breaking your spirit.”

“How long must we endure this?” Odelia asked, her voice full of anger and resentment.

“Until you grow up and decide to accept the man I have chosen to give you in marriage.”

“What if this pirate spoils me for marriage?” she asked tearfully.

“I think he is wise enough to know what would happen to him did he do such a thing.”

“Your Highness, just what are my bounds and limits?” Felix wished he had heeded Cornelius’s warning and ignored the coach that was traveling so fast on the dusty road. He couldn’t have imagined a worse punishment than being tied to the hot-headed termagant for an undetermined length of time.

“I will not have Odelia harmed, but other than that you will need to set the boundaries yourself, Pirate. I have failed in twenty years of trying; you can do no worse than I. Daughter, I will see you when you have come to your senses, not before.”

“Father, you cannot leave me with this Pirate!”

“Yes, child, I can.” Just as suddenly as they arrived, the King and his men were gone, and the King did indeed leave his daughter behind, bound to the Pirate.

“Are you two going to ride in the coach?” the driver asked curiously.

“Yes, of course!” Odelia answered.

“No, driver. The Princess will be coming with me.”

“I will not!”

“Yes, you will, and I would suggest you do not throw a tantrum unless you want a sample of my form of discipline here and now.” She tried to kick him, but this time Felix was ready for her, and he pulled her off her other foot and she landed on the ground, sitting down hard in the dirt. “Do not dare me, Princess. I am by far stronger than you are.” He looked at the driver. “Toss down her baggage.”

“She only has the one bag, sir. I sure did not figure her for a genuine Princess.”

“Neither did I, driver. Now be off. I would warn all of you that I shall not be pleased should any gossip or unkind remarks reach my ears. What happens here with the Princess and me will be our personal business and not to be reported to others. Is that clear?”

“I assure you I do not spend my days gossiping, Pirate!” one of the men stated.

“Then you shall have nothing to worry about,” Felix answered quite deliberately before turning to the elderly woman. “Lady, may I count on your silence? I would not see this young woman’s reputation suffer, and it is already known to me that you consider her a witch because of her red hair, green eyes, and the fact she was wise enough to hide her wealth while traveling.” Felix’s gaze was full of warning, and he was at his intimidating best. The elderly woman trembled, and he thought she might pass out from fear. “But then, perhaps I misunderstood, and your comments were made out of concern for Princess Odelia?”

“Oh yes! I would not besmirch the Princess! Why, she is the King’s only child, and he dotes on her! You may be sure that no one shall learn of this instance from me!”

“Thank you, Lady. I know you speak the truth.” One by one he extracted the same promise from all of the passengers, and then he turned to the driver. “And you, driver?”

“What Princess?” the man asked with a straight face and a wink. And just like that, the coach was on its way, leaving Odelia behind, and tied to the Pirate.

“Brilliant. Now we are stranded because of your foolishness!” Odelia did not hesitate to scold him from her position on the ground. “I am stuck in the middle of nowhere with a Pirate who has the manners of a wild boar!”

“I would watch my tongue were I you, Lady Princess.”

“You are not me, and I shall make you rue this foolishness if it is the last thing I do.”

“I already regret stopping your coach,” he assured her. She was very beautiful underneath the rags she was wearing and the smudges on her face. He could not see much of her hair, but he knew the red color had to be as fiery as her scathing tongue. Princess Odelia was spoiled, too. Very, very spoiled, and he would soon deal with her privileged attitude. She was going to learn a sharp lesson, even if his hand fell off in the giving. Yes, the King should have walloped her cute behind a few times and his spoiled child might have grown up to be a fine lady and a good idol for all the female children of the kingdom.

“I do not know what you are thinking, but I shall warn you to have a care with me, Pirate. I do not suffer fools gladly. How do you intend to get us out of the predicament we are in? You sent your men, and your horses, away from us. Now we are stranded and on foot.”

“I am not the fool you think me, little one.” He suddenly let out a sharp whistle that caused the hair on the back of her neck to rise in fear!

Odelia heard the horses before she saw them, but when they came into view they were as splendid as before. She watched them race toward them and come to a stop just a few inches from the Pirate.

“Two,” he addressed one of the men. “Thank you for your earlier compliance. As you can see our King has given me his impossibly spoiled child to deal with as I see fit. He seems to think I am the man to tame her wild ways. I will take two horses and take her with me to our south border and teach her the lessons he is too kind to insist she learn. I would have you and the others of our band go home and live normally while I am busy with the Princess.”

“There is no need for that. I insist that you accompany me to my Father’s mansion. He will calm his temper and regret his folly in tying this rope to bind us together.” Odelia was determined he not take her somewhere that her parent could not find her and come to her rescue should it be necessary.

“Do not interrupt while I am speaking. It is most rude,” Felix told her.

“I am a Princess, Pirate. You will be silent when I command it so.” Odelia was not about to let him intimidate her.

Two started to say something, his face red with anger, but Felix held up his hand to halt whatever the man was going to say. “Give me provisions and two horses, then leave us. When I am finished schooling this child, I shall send word.”

“This is not a good idea, One,” Two protested.

“I have been given an assignment I am unable to resist.”

“Did you not hear me?” Odelia raised her voice. “You,” she addressed Two. “Spare yourself and your men and take me home. If I am obeyed instantly, you shall all live. Leave me alone with this one, and I shall see you and every one of these men punished and then put to death! I have a very long memory for insults and injustice, and doing as this Pirate dictates would be a grave injustice.”

“Princess, I only take orders from One. You have no authority over me.” Two was quite firm in his reply. “I shall see to your provisions right away, One.” He hurried back to the others and Odelia was furious.

“I am not going with you, Pirate!” She crossed her arms over her chest and then sat down on the ground, her legs under her in a squat.

“You are going to do as you are told or you will find sitting your saddle extremely painful to do.” He waited for her to comment, determined to spank her at the first bit of sass that escaped her pretty mouth. He knew he should not be thinking of her in that manner; he did not dare touch her and coerce her behavior by teaching her the joys of sexual union. It would be easier than using his hand on her posterior, but he could not and would not touch her sexually. It would not be fair to her. Still, Odelia did not comment, but sat there silent, her arms crossed over her chest, staring straight ahead and ignoring his words.

“There is enough here for at least thirty days, One. Is there more I can do to make this easier for you, perhaps cut some branches and make a birch for you to use on this female?” he offered.

Odelia glared at him and Cornelius knew she was planning his demise, even if she did not speak. Her green eyes were flashing fire!

“Go now, Two. I will return when it is possible.”

“What do I tell your Father?” Cornelius asked quietly.

“Tell him the truth. He will not believe you.”

Cornelius shook his head, but mounted his horse and had the men follow him. It was not long before Felix found himself alone with the little vixen. He turned to look at her. “Are you going to make this easy on yourself, or are you going to be difficult?”

“Pirate, you do not command me; I command you. Take me home now to my Father, the King, and I will see you absolved of your crime.”

“You are in need of a lesson, and perhaps you shall be more cooperative then.” He tugged on the rope, intending to pull her to her feet, but the Princess was in a scrappy mood, and for the second time that day, she swept his feet out from under him, and he landed on his backside in the dust.

Odelia was not foolish. This time she was determined to escape him, and if that meant knocking him senseless and then stealing his knife to cut the rope, she would do so. If her Father was angry she would tell him the Pirate cut his precious rope. After all, the tall, handsome man was a Pirate, and her parent hated Pirates. She drew back her free arm and hit him as hard as she could.

Felix felt his jaw start to swell from her small fist, and realized she was planning to belt him again. He caught her fist in his and used her own momentum to jerk her over his lap. He then shoved the layers of skirts up to her waist until she was covered by nothing but one thin layer of decorum. It protected her body from his eyes, but not from his hand. He spanked her a dozen times before she finally cried out in anger and pain.

Odelia started kicking her feet and tried to jerk free of the hold he had on her tiny waist, but to no avail. His hand felt like it was attacking her bare skin, but she knew her decorum was covering her cheeks and her most private areas. He would not dare bare her if he valued his life. Her father would have him castrated, and then hang him, which was what he deserved for spanking her like a naughty little girl! She was not a child; she was not! In rankled her that his strength was greater than hers, and that he was capable of using force to control her! She did not wish to obey him, or to give in to the pain he was causing her, but each succeeding spank hurt worse than the one before it. How was she to escape him? When she could bare the pain no longer, Odelia cried out, “You are hurting me, Pirate! Stop now!”

“Not until you say you are sorry and make me believe you,” was his infuriating answer.

“You do not understand! My Father is wrong! I do not wish to marry a stranger! What if he is cruel? Or if he is ugly and forces himself on me? I cannot bear to marry someone I do not know. Why cannot my Father understand that? Just because I am a Princess does not mean I should not have some say in who is chosen to be my husband! Owww! You are hurting me, Pirate! Stop immediately!”

“You have not apologized for your ridiculous behavior, Princess. A genuine lady does not strike a gentleman.”

“You are a Pirate!” she reminded him, and then wished she had not when his hand fell on the tender area below her cheeks.


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