Nothing But Time

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Lulled into a false sense of security… 

Katherine has found a new love with the dominant Jack, but he sometimes behaves strangely and keeps disappearing. 

Turns out he’s from the past and has traveled to the present to find her. 

Desperate to be more involved in his adventures, she’s frustrated by his secrets, even if he is only trying to protect her. 

On top of that, there’s a storm on the horizon, and it could ruin her newfound happiness. 

Publisher’s Note: This steamy time travel romance contains elements of power exchange. 

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Sample Chapter

 The redhead sprawled on the warm boulder, feeling lazy as she thought about her life and how much it had changed recently. She was comfortable basking in the sun, with a blanket under her to cushion the rock and a thick layer of sunblock to keep her from burning. In the background, the loud roaring of water crashing into a still pool from several falls was punctuated by the cries of native birds. There were no manmade noises to distract from natures soundtrack out here in the secluded grotto, and she felt completely at peace for the first time in a long while. 

Just a short time after her greatest sadness, she was now experiencing the deepest sense of contentment she could recall in her adult life. It felt surreal, like it shouldnt even be possible. But then nothing about this was normal, not when shed gone through such a turbulent couple of weeks and come out the other side with a new dominant lover, and the most amazing secret—something right out of a science fiction novel. 

When Christopher had dumped her and then suggested she take their planned special anniversary trip alone to clear her head, shed agreed only because she didnt know what else to do. It was paid for, and she had the vacation time booked from work, so why not? But shed expected to spend the entire week moping around the ship being miserable. She hadnt expected to run into a handsome stranger who seemed built from a checklist of her deepest desires. 

He was tall and handsome, with a strong jaw line and an expressive face. His eyes were a beautiful dark brown and filled with both compassion and humor. But physical attributes werent what had attracted her to him. She liked how he looked; of course, she did, but she wouldnt have cared if he was ugly. What reeled her in from the moment she set eyes on him was the aura of dominance he exuded without even trying—the way he took charge of her from the moment they met and started guiding her towards healthier choices. 

It wasnt just an attitude, either. He was the real thing, and hed proved it the first night theyd met by giving her a blistering spanking that had her sitting uncomfortably in her seat the next morning. He had no patience with reckless behavior that could have cost her life, and hed made that clear with his hand and then a good dose of her own hairbrushNot that it had been nonconsensual; shed asked him to give her what he thought she deserved, and he had—in spades. 

It had only been a few days since theymet, and she was already head over heels for him. Shed never thought it was possible to fall for someone so fast; she certainly never had before this. It wasnt just rebound lust; she knew what that felt like. This was different. It was like they had some deep connection that had clicked into place the moment theyd set eyes on each other. If she believed in such things, shed say it was fate. It had the feel of something that had been predestined, and the level of happiness she was feeling right now only made it more obvious how miserable shed been before she met Jack. 

Shed like to say that it was only the past couple of weeks shed been unhappy, then she could blame it on Christopher for dumping her without warning, but the truth was shed been feeling unsettled even before that. His nonstop pushing for her to give up her own place and move in with him had her constantly on edge, and shed never been comfortable with the way he handled it when she didnt comply with his desires fast enough. In his annoyance, he often cut her out of his life for a day or two—sometimes longer, and it felt cold and unreasonable to her. Of course, it usually made her desperate to please him and win back his affection—which was the point of withholding his affections. The only thing shed refused to give in on was moving in with him, and that one thing was too much for him to handle. 

There was a big part of her that wished shed put the pieces together before he ended their relationship, so she could have left him, instead. It would still have been heartbreakingly painful, but at least, shed have had some warning that way. Instead, shed been half-expecting a marriage proposal when shed showed up for their last date, only to get dumped. At the time, shed thought her issues with him were small, that they were things shed get used to in time, because, eventually, shed give in to his demands, as she always did. 

It wasnt until she met Jack and spent all those hours pouring out her sadness into his willing ear, shed realized just how unhappy shed been. The deep depression shed found herself submerged in wasnt just because shed been thrown away by her dominantsome of it was anger at herself for letting things get that far. She wasnt experienced at that kind of relationship. Christopher had been her first dominant, the first one to fulfill all those fantasies shed been having for as long as she could remember, and shed kept pushing away the signals that something deeper was wrong with their relationship, because she had nothing to compare it with. 

Until now—Jack was everything shed always thought a dominant partner should be. He was kind, he listened to her when she talked and took her needs into account. Best of all, he actually wanted to know what she desired, what excited her, and he had an uncanny way of knowing exactly what to do to take her to that needy submissive place. 

Christopher kept her turned on pretty much all the time, but it was more that everything was new and exciting when shed first started exploring with himrather than any special effort on his part. Hed definitely felt that it was her place to excite him, not the other way around, and most of the time, that had been enough, because it made her feel submissive to please himShe thought that kind of one-sided care had already started to wear thin, and she could recognize it now, even if shed missed it then. 

Of course, there might have been some self-defense going on, as well. After all, shed made the poor choice of dating and submitting to her boss when she really couldnt afford to lose her job. No doubt the fact that shed be losing more than just a dominant and lover had played into her need to please him, but she was feeling much more centered now. As she lay there, she toyed with the idea of abandoning her empty life back home to stay with Jack. It really didnt matter that shed only known him a few days, she could see giving it all up for him. Of course, that was just a daydream. Committing to that course would be hard for her, and she knew that actually doing it would be a monumental struggle. Just agreeing to move across town to Christophers house had been beyond her. 

She hated to admit it, after all the pain shed been through, but breaking off their relationship had probably been the best thing Christopher could have done for her. If he hadntshed never have met Jack or learned how much better submission could be. She sighed and sat up, leaning back on her arms as she looked over at him. His nude body had a healthy tan going, and unlike her, he wasnt in danger of burning to a crisp if he lay out too long. Though it did amuse her that all of his skin was uniformly tanned. She wondered if he made it a habit to lie around naked in the sun. 

You know, I can feel you watching me, he said. An arm slung over his eyes to keep the sun out also kept her from seeing his expression. 

She laughed. I was just wondering if you make it a habit of sunbathing in the nude. No tan lines, she pointed out. 

I tell you Im a time traveler, from the past, and the only question you have for me is about my tanning habits? He snorted a laugh and sat up. “Being able to travel in time has a few perks, kitten; one is the ability to spend as much time somewhere as I like. When I find beautiful places like this, I tend to visit a lot, and why bother wearing clothes when no one is around to see, right? He stood, stretching out a kink in his back as he got to his feet and held out a hand to her. She took it and let him pull her up. 

Im getting a little overheated; join me in a swim? he suggested. Before she could reply, hed dived off the rock and into the cool water below. She leaned over to watch him bob to the surface before she jumped in after him, letting out a loud squeal as she hit the water. After baking herself for an hour, the cold water was a shock and she splashed around breathlessly until her body adjusted. 

They spent a pleasant little while swimming, enjoying each others company as they paddled around the pool, occasionally splashing or trying to duck each other under the water like carefree children. Before long, she found herself in his arms, holding on to him as she pressed against his warm body. She wrapped her legs around his waist and let his strong legs keep them afloat while she stared into his eyes. 

There are so many things I want to ask you that I dont even know where to start, she admitted, thinking back to his comment on the rocks. I mean…I believe you. Youve been honest with me from the start, and I cant imagine any point to making up a story like that. She paused. Unless youre crazy and believe it yourself, of course, in which case, well, you seem pretty sane to me, and if youre crazy I must be, too, because it all makes perfect sense. 

He chuckled. Im not insane, but if I was, I guess Id probably still say that. I expected you to want some proof. To be honest, it took me off guard when you just accepted it, he said, rolling his eyes, as if shed believed him just to throw off his plans. 

As proof goes, the butterflies were pretty fucking compelling. I know a little bit about the monarch migration, from watching the science channels, you know? I cant figure how you could have known theyd get pulled off course like that unless— she trailed off. 

Unless I had a way of knowing the future? he asked, with a hint of amusement. He regarded her thoughtfully, as they spun in the water with slow, lazy circlesThats why I chose to show you; I thought it would raise some questions in your mind so that when I told you, youd be more open to the idea. Guess it worked better than I expected, he said. 

I just dont understand how you knew all the other stuff. The private beaches, the local restaurants, the best tourist traps. I mean, how often have you visited here? Her eyes narrowed, thinking about the many small clues hed given her. 

As many times as it took, he replied. 

Her head tilted, confused. As many times as it took for what? she asked, and then before he could reply, she switched tracks, a look of complete bewilderment on her face as she asked, Jack, why me? What could possibly be so special about me that youd go to such trouble to make me happy? 

He sighed; it was as though hed been waiting for the question. He visibly debated his reply and she waited, holding her breath to see if he would answer. Remember I told you there were some things I wouldnt tell you until I knew you were ready? he asked finally. 

She frowned then pursed her lips. She had a feeling she wasnt going to like this. Yes, she admitted with reluctance. 

This is one of those things, he said. There was a hint of firmness to his words that seemed to indicate it would be best if she didnt press, but shed never been one to heed warnings like that. 

Jack, look, youve already told me youre a time traveler, what else could you possibly tell me that would upset me? she demanded. Her eyes glittered with annoyance, tired of the secrets and desperate to know everything about this exciting mystery hed shared with her, especially since it clearly involved her. 

If I answered that, Id be telling you, now wouldnt I, Katherine? he asked, one eyebrow going up. His use of her full name pulled her up short, giving her a little nervous flip low in her belly, and she hesitated before going any further. 

When theyd met, shed introduced herself as Katherine, because her ex-lover hadnt been a fan of nicknames in general, and hed thought Kitty was far too childish for a grown woman. Shed gotten into the habit of going by her full name to please him. Jack had ferreted out her real preference after her first punishment at his hand and begun to call her Kitty, the way her friends used to, and that had quickly extended to calling her kitten most of the time. She had to admit she loved that. There was something sweetly submissive about being his kitten. Now, when he reverted to her whole name, it brought her up short and made her worry she was getting herself in trouble. 

She arranged her bottom lip in a pout, hoping that a sad look would get her further than arguing, but he just chuckled. That wont work, either, darlinSorry, how about I tell you something else, instead? he suggested. 

Sighing, she nodded; there was a lot she wanted to know, and some information was better than nothing. Fine, but it better be interesting or Im going to throw a fit so loud theyll hear me back on the ship, she warned him in a huffy tone. 

He snorted, Do you mean theyll hear your having the tantrum? Or that theyll hear you howling afterwards when I blister your ass for throwing one? he asked. His tone was one of curiosity but the pointed look he gave her made her swallow hard and drop her eyes from his. 

There was that taking charge thing he did so well; she wondered if he realized how it affected her. Just a small threat and her body was reacting. Something low inside tightened and her cheeks flushed. If the cool water hadnt already made her nipples hard, his words would have done it, but they seemed to gain extra sensitivity as they brushed against his chest. 

I meant the first, she grumbled, a little embarrassed and not meeting his eyes as she tightened the grip around his neck and buried her face against his shoulder. 

He laughed. Of course you did. Well, I have no idea what youd find interesting, but if you can think of some more questions we can try and find one I can answer. Hows that? he asked. His hand slid down her back, cupping her ass as he turned them towards the falls and began to kick, propelling them backwards towards a ledge at the far end of the pool. The loud crashing of water was slightly less overwhelming there, making it easier to talk. 

While he pointed them in that direction, she mulled over the thousand or more questions crowding her mind. There were so many things, both emotional and scientific, that she wanted to know, and she debated whether it was worth avoiding the emotional ones. Hed seemed sad at times when he spoke about his past, and she didnt want to trigger painful memories, but at the same time…learning about him was more interesting at the moment than learning how he did what he did. 

She sighed. Its hard to decide what to ask first, she said. IId really like to know why you cant go back and see your family but II dont want to bring you down. 

Hed told her some stories about them, about the farm theyd owned, and especially about his sister, Emily, earlier in the afternoon after theyd made love in the shallow basin under one of the smaller falls, but shed let him reminisce then without asking many questions 

My family? Ah. He was silent, but it wasnt the kind of silence that made her feel he was drawing away. It was more like a contemplative quiet. He took his time answering, and long before hed come up with the words, theyd reached the far end. It was shallower there, and a ledge halfway out of the water provided a seat for them. By the time shed settled herself comfortably next to him, he was ready. 

Im sorry, he began, making her look up in confusion. Ive never talked to anyone about my past before, for obvious reasons; today is a first, and its a little hard. Youll remember I told you it started when I was four and that my parents were surprised, not because I was a traveler, but because they already had a child who traveled and two was unheard of? he asked. 

She nodded. Yes, and your grandfather was one, too. He taught your sister before he died, and she taught you, right? she clarified. 

Exactly. Before me, there was always only one. One in every generation; I guess Im an anomaly. Most of what I know, what we knew, came from old family journals and stories. There hasnt exactly been anything youd call scientific research into what we could do, and sometimes what we think we know is—well, wrong. He stared down into the water that came just over his waist, legs kicking lazily under the surface as he spoke. 

So, youre basically just guessing at all of this? she asked. 

Yep, pretty much, he agreed. Though my sister and I were able to do a lot of experimenting together. I think we learned quite a bit more than our predecessors. He seemed proud of that, though there was a hint of melancholy, too. 

Then why cant you go back? She leaned against his shoulder, taking his hand and holding it under the water. 

He tilted his head to smile at her. “You cant go back to the exact time and place youve been. Im not sure what would happen if you collided with an earlier self, but we were warned it would be bad. It can be very difficult to pinpoint an exact time and place to go, especially in the beginning, so to keep from having any accidents, we were told to leave at least a year gap between trips home. 

He paused, and she was about to ask another question when he began again, Apparently, the first few years of a travelers life are the most critical. Many of them vanish and never return. No one really knows what happens, but its assumed they just dont surviveanother reason my parents grieved when they realized I was one, too. The earliest trips are run purely by instinct, and if Id returned too soon… He shrugged as if unconcerned by the thought, but her breath caught in her throat and her chest tightened just thinking about how many near disasters there must have been. 

Thats awful! she blurted. 

Yes, I think, in a way, my parents felt like theyd already lost me the moment they realized. They were always guarded with their emotions with us, but it was worse with me. You see, once Emily began traveling, they pinned all their hopes and affection on me. It wasnt just a double loss, it was like they lost everything, he said. 

She wondered if he still felt pain over that. If losing his parents love still made him sad. If so, he didnt show it in his voice, but she leaned closer into him, wanting to offer what comfort she could for that long-ago pain. That must have been rough, she said softly. 

It was, at first, but I had my sister and that made up for a lot. She understood me more than they ever could have, anyway, and we had a lot of fun traveling the world. Each time we came home, we were older, and more time had passed. Our parents started to treat us like casual visitors more than family and then, one day, they were gone. We came home to find the farm abandoned. Theyd been struck by a sickness, and with no one to take care of them, they died. At least, thats what we were told, he explained. 

Oh God, Im so sorry! I cant imagine what that must have been like for you, she said, horrified that shed even brought up the topic at all. 

Dont be. It was a long time ago, and it doesnt matter now. You ask why I cant go home? Well, I supposed we could have risked trying for an earlier visit but, by then, we both felt very little emotional attachment to anyone but each other, and knowing how things turned out… He shook his head. Cant think what Id say to them. Better just to leave it in the past where it belongs, he said with a tone of finality. 

Yes, but…but couldnt you have warned them that they were going to get sick? Maybe saved them? she asked tentatively. 

Maybe. Thing is, its hard to change things once you know theyve happened. Fate, or whatever you want to call it, usually finds a way to keep you on the path youre meant for. Other times Ive tried changing things; it usually didnt work out well. He shifted suddenly toward her on the ledge and scooped her into his lap, wrapping his arms around her waist and squeezing her in a tight hug. There were some hidden emotions there that he wasnt explaining, but she could feel it in the tenseness of his body. 

As much as she wanted to know more, she pushed her curiosity aside for the moment, turning instead to loop one arm around his neck, so she could lean in and press her lips against his. It was meant to be a gentle kiss, one of reassurance, but he responded with a frantic hunger that surprised her. She started to pull away, eyes widening at the way his mouth fastened on hers, his tongue thrusting hard between her lips, but already, she was responding. A throbbing pulse started deep in her core, and after a second, her body relaxed. 

She melted against him, turning until she straddled his hips, and then returned the kiss with equal passion. With her backside seated firmly on his lap, she could feel him begin to stir to life underneath her. As his shaft hardened with interestit pressed against her and she shifted, grinding down against his hot flesh. There, in the sun-warmed shallows, the water wasnt chilly enough to cool his ardor and there was nothing keeping them from making love. 

Except, she could still see that remnant of pain in his eyes, or maybe it was fear. She couldntell, and she didnt know exactly what had caused it; she was pretty sure it wasnt lingering feelings for his parents but, rather, something he was choosing not to tell her. She was tired of the secrets, but since hed been so forthcoming already that day, she really didnt feel like she could argue his decision to hold things back. Especially when he looked so pensive; she decidesomething else was called for. 

His arms were wrapping around to pull her tighter against him while he kissed his way down the side of her neck, and thats when she made her move. In a flash, her slippery wet body had squirmed out of his lap, twisted, and given him a hard shove off the ledge and into the water. He came up sputtering. Hey! he shouted at her as she clambered up onto dry rock. 

She stood there, hands on her hips, legs akimbo, and looked down at him laughing. How are you going to catch me from there! she called down to him. 

His eyes were narrowed with irritation and he reached up to slick his sopping hair back, getting it out of his face as he climbed back on the ledge with a determined glare. She could see exactly why he was so annoyed when he lifted himself out of the water and his rampant shaft sprang up, hard and ready. Shed interrupted just as things were about to get very hot and left him all bothered. 

Her eyes glittered with amusement as he stalked her across the rocks. Naked and barefoot, neither of them could go very fast, but then she wasnt really trying to get away from him. Just give him enough reason to spank her ass when he caught her. She didnt have to let him catch her, he was surprisingly fast and agile, and she didnt get very far. But she held him off long enough to call out a few bratty teasing remarks, ensuring he knew exactly why she was doing this. 

By the time he caught her, he was struggling to keep the annoyed look on his face, and they both knew he wasnt mad; it had become a game of chase and they were both enjoying the play, knowing how it would end. She pretended to stumble near their towels and packs, and he scooped her up and dropped her over his shoulder. Well, well, look what I caught? Is this a mermaid on dry land? he inquired. His voice was full of suppressed laughter as he slapped his hand down hard on her wet backside. 

She yelped, legs kicking with far more drama than the sting warranted. Im not a mermaid; do I look like I have a fish tail to you? she demanded. She was dangling upside down with an excellent view of his firmly muscled ass, and she couldnt resist reaching down and giving him a pinch. 

He didnt comment on the pinch but snorted at her response. Nope, the only tail I see is definitely human, which is good, because I intend to spread those legs of yours wide later, but first… His hand came down again, leaving another blazing handprint and then he was swinging her off his shoulder and setting her on her feet. 

Oh? Is that the plan? Catch a poor innocent girl, minding her own business, enjoying a little swim, and ravish her right here on the rocks? she demanded in a faux offended voice. One eyebrow had gone up, and she had what she probably thought resembled a judgmental look on her face—it didnt. 

Maybe. Any objections? he asked. No longer bothering to hide his amusement at her little game, his mouth had curved into a crooked grin. 

Pretending to think about it first, she finally answered, as if reluctant, suppose not…since were both here and all. I mean, I have a little free time. 

A little? Oh, no, thats not going to work for me. This is going to take more than a little time. Guess youll have to clear your schedule, he said firmly, and with that, he began dragging her towards a towel, sitting down crossed-legged and pulling her across his lap while she made mock protests about how busy she was. 

Youre about to be busy, anyway, was all he said, and then he began to spank. There was no doubt that this was meant to be a sensual spanking; the difference between it and the punishments hed given her before were like night and day. Instead of a blistering tempo of painful swats, he took his time. His palm coasted lightly across the rounded flesh of her ass, skin barely touching hers and then swung with a light slap. He kept the spanking slow, though the strength behind each swat gradually increased until her ass was hot and stinging. 

But he alternated between the spanking and rubbing, and every time he landed an especially hard slap to her hindquarters, hed stop and massage the burning flesh for a moment or two. Her pale skin colored from a rosy pink to scarlet over the course of the long, slow spanking, but it never got too much to handle, and after he judged her sufficiently warmed-up, he began to add in the lightest of feathery touches along the seam where her legs were pressed tightly together. 

Like a spring being released, her legs snapped apart, encouraging more of that, and he gave it to her—but not enough to get her where she wanted to go. His fingers investigated, nails dragging lightly up and down the skin of her inner thighs—teasing her by getting close to the junction of her legs and then moving away, until she was squirming and making soft little whining sounds. When she began to seem too desperate, hed pause to land a few slaps across her rounded backside, catching her with a scooping upwards swat that made each cheek bounce. 

There was something about the motion of those slaps that increased her pleasure. The way things jiggled made her moan, rocking across his lap with a soft gasp, and she could hear a little chuckle as he noticed her reaction. Suddenly, his hand was between her legs, cupping her mound and parting her lower lips so his middle finger could stroke through the soaked folds, circling her clit and wrenching a cry of pure pleasure from her. 

It echoed across the water as the spanking had. The high stone walls on all sides trapped the sounds there, making them seem louder, and even the crashing of water from the falls couldnt drown them out as he brought her close to her peak. His fingers plunged inside of her, working their way in and out as she writhed across his legs. But he wasnt quite ready to let her reach climax yet. He slid his fingers from her, ignoring the way she tried to clamp her legs around them to keep them there. 

Jack! No, no, you cant stop now! she begged, looking over her shoulder with a desperate hunger that only he could satiate. She remembered how hed teased and teased, driving her to desperation on the ship—only to stop short of allowing her orgasm, and she was afraid he was doing it again. Of course, the first time shed agreed, knowing that he had refused to have sex with her because she thought hed be unable to stop and walk away when it got to that point. Shed been wrong. His willpower was made of iron and hed done exactly what hed promised. 

The second time hed done it, it had been something of a game. Hed wanted to keep her on edge all night so that when the evening culminated with their first full sexual encounter, she would be half-crazy with need for him—and it worked. The pay-off had been worth the delay (probably) but the wait for him to take her had seemed like an eternity, and it hadnt been nearly as much fun for her as it had been for him, but it had made her feel intensely submissive to be controlled like that. She just wasnt eager to experience it again so soon, but luckily, that was the farthest thought from his mind. 

Oh, Im not stopping, kitten. Not even close, he said with a laugh. He tumbled her carefully off his lap and onto her back, with the beach towel underneath to protect her bare skin. He knelt over her body, her legs spread wide by his knees as he dragged his backpack over and pulled a condom out of a small side pocket. He seemed to have thought of everything and she watched with hunger in her eyes as he rolled the rubber sheath over his hard length. 

He leaned inbracing his weight on one arm as he covered her body with his. He reached down to guide his shaft between her legs, pressing into the slick folds to find her entrance and circling it in a teasing way that made her cry out. His mouth caught hers while it was still open, and as he pushed inside of her tight sheath, his tongue echoed the movement, thrusting between her lips. There was something satisfying about the dual sensations and her hands came up to cup his face, holding him there as she returned the kiss with a passion that bordered on overwhelming. 

He began to stroke in and out at a nice easy pace, going a little deeper each time. It was tender and without haste, and sometimes that slow lovemaking was exactly what she wanted, but today, it was not enough for her. She rolled her hips, encouraging him to go faster, deeper as her tongue danced with his. He obliged with a few hard thrusts, snapping his hips forward and sinking his hard erection deep inside of her willing flesh. 

She broke the kiss to catch her breath, and he began to lick and nibble his way down the side of her neck as their bodies moved together. Shifting to give him a better angle, the sudden change caused him to slide across just the right spot. There was a spasm, a feeling of something uncoiling low in her body as a flood of warm pleasure filled her. Her walls clenched around him as they pulsed from a small orgasm and his hips jerked in response to her body squeezing rhythmically around his shaft. For a second, he was afraid it might end right there, before theyd even gotten startedso close to spilling that he froze in mid-stroke with a low groanHe pulled back after a few seconds and took a slow breath, letting it out with a rueful chuckle as he stared down into her dazzling blue eyes. 

Give me a second, kitten, or this isnt going to last very long, he warned her as he eased out of her body with an obvious reluctance that was echoed on her face. But he was only planning a short breatherjust long enough to get himself under control, and as soon as hed eased back from the edge enough, he was ready to go again. He gripped her by the hips, dragging her towards him and lifting her ass off the towel slightly so that he could plunge into her with a long, hard thrust that wrenched a cry of pleasure from her lips as she wrapped her legs around him and held on. 

It didnt take him long to bring her back to the fever pitch shed been at before hepaused, and as he continued to move inside of her, she quickly passed that point. Her whole body seemed enflamed as it built towards another orgasm and a deep blush spread across her skin as she writhed under him, twisting and mindless in her passion, with a halo of red hair surrounding her head and shining as it caught the sunHer arms slid around him, clinging with a soft moan as her nails dug into his back. His hips snapped forward with deep, penetrating thrusts that drew all manner of sounds from her. 

Please, Jack, please. Yes. Right there. Yes—Im so closeso close, Jack, she chanted in a breathy whisper. She was only vaguely aware that there were words spilling out of her mouth, a litany of nonsense punctuating the noises of pleasure she was making as she clung to him, hunching and bucking against his body with a frantic need that took all her focus. Suddenly, all the building pressure crested, and she was swept away on a tide of intense pleasure. Her legs squeezed him with an almost painful grip around the waist. He barely noticed it, because with her orgasm, her slick flesh had clenched around his shaft, making her so tight that he had to fight to move at all. The internal stroking as the orgasm pulsed rhythmically through her sheath thrust him over the edge, seeming to milk the pleasure from him. He stiffened, back arching as he thrust one more time, holding that pose until his arms shook from the strain. 

When he began to move again, it was with slow, jerky motions that prolonged her pleasure and set off aftershocks, making her twitch. A laugh burst from her as she slumped back on the towel and stared up at him with a dazed look in her eyes. That was amazing, Jack. Fuck! she blurted. 

Thought thats what we just did? he teased as he let his softening shaft slide from her. He caught her around the waist and rolled them to the side, so they could lie face-to-face. His breath came in halting gasps, but there was a wide grin on his face as he looked at her. 

You know what I mean; my whole body is tingling and…mmm. It was perfect, she said. She reached out to fuss with his hair. The besotted look on her face was a spillover from all the romantic feelings her heart couldnt hold in. 

It really had been the most spectacular day and she felt like nothing would ever top it. In the pastdays that went a little too well had always worried herbecause it seemed like when something good happened, something bad would quickly come along behind to balance things. The better the day, the worse the corresponding balance would be, but today…today, she felt like nothing could go wrong, and she sighed happily. 

Jack yawned and rolled onto his back, stretching. Id love a long nap right about now, he said. 

Me too; its so peaceful here and the mist from the falls keeps it cool enough for comfort despite the sun, she agreed. Not to mention the fact that youve worn me out with your lusts, you voracious time traveler! she added in a dramatic tone suitable for a really campy sci-fi movie. 

With my lusts? he chuckled. I dont know who you think youre fooling there, kitten, but Im pretty sure were a match when it comes to lust. And just who was it who decided she wanted to play a game of spank me if you can hmm? he teased. 

Okay, okay, lets call it a tie, she said as she sprawled there lazily. She was too worn out to argue, and the sun was really making a nap sound like the best idea. Lets sleep for a little while and then do it all again, she suggested hopefully. 

He laughed and sat up, shaking his head. Much as Id love to…were going to need to leave before long. He tilted his head back, wincing as he looked up into the bright sky and tried to judge the time of day from the position of the sun. Guessing its right around four p.m. by now, so weve got a few hours before the boat leaves, but its a hike and then a long drive back, he said. 

No, I dont want to leave yet, she whined. She rolled over on her stomach and covered her head with her arms in protest. 

Theres no sense arguing about it, Katherine; weve got a ship to catch and it wont wait. But wstill have a little time left. How about if we take a quick swim to rinse off and then have a snack while the sun dries usbefore we start back, he suggested, always hungry. He ignored her complaints, instead slapping a hand down firmly across her bare ass when she refused to sit up and cooperate. It was still pink from the earlier spanking and the sudden smack startled her into sitting up quickly, with a scowl on her face. 

He didnt comment but one eyebrow went up in a subtle threat. The spanking shed just had was for foreplay and it was nothing like the punishment he could dole out when necessary. With her body still thrumming and sensitive from sex, thlast thing she wanted was a punishment, so she dropped the attitude immediately, sighing. 

I guess we dont have a choice, she grumbled as she got up reluctantlyShe didn’t want to leave their romantic haven, but he was right, the ship wouldnt wait for them. Since they didnt have too much time before theyd have to pack up, she decided to make the most of it. She jumped into the water and splashed around to rinse the sex sweat off of her body and then stroked a few laps across the deep pool. He joined her, and they had a nice, easy swim, without the racing and horseplay, before they clambered back onto the rocks to eat. 

He dug through his backpack and pulled out the rest of the sandwiches and fruit hed picked up from the shipboard kitchen. Theyd packed everything up neatly with little cooling packs to keep it from being ruined by the heat, and after all the exercise theyd had, she was starving again. She ripped into her share voraciously, not bothering to make any attempt at eating in a ladylike manner. 

Jack, for his part, sat back and watched her with amusement, but he didnt let that keep him from eating just as quicklyand as usual, he ate twice as much as she did, still stuffing food into his mouth long after shed finished. Hed always eaten a lot, at every meal, and his lean frame didnt show an ounce of it. Hed explained to her at their first shared meal, he had a very fast metabolism and had to eat a lot, or he lost muscle—but now that she knew his secret, it made her wonder. 

Hey, Jack? she said, catching his attention between bites. 

Yeah? He paused, then took another large bite while he waited for her to tell him what was on her mind. 

I was just wondering…all the food you eat? Is that part of your uh— she trailed off. 

Part of the traveling thing? Yeah, it is. He hesitated and then pushed the last bite into his mouth, chewing slowly while he considered how much to tell her. There were definitely things he wasnt ready to share yet. Not because they were bad, necessarily, but because he didnt want to overload her with too much at once. 

Thing about time travel is that it takes a lot of energy. You know about the conservation of energy law? he asked. 

She shook her head; science had always interested her, but shed been focused on other things during her college career, things that would get her a job, so she could survive on her own. 

He considered how to explain things so shed understand. Alright, well, it states that energy cant be created or destroyed. Basically, it just changes form. When you eat food, it gives your body energy which you use to do he waved a hand “…whatever. If you eat more food than you burn off, the energy is stored as fat instead of changing, and you gain weight. With me, with the traveling, I am constantly burning energy at a higher rate than I can keep up with, so I have to eat twice as much food. He watched her, trying to gauge how much she understood. 

Hed had a little trouble understanding it himself, at first, and his education had been spotty, for obvious reasons, but when it came to things that affected him, hed made an effort to learn. His sister, he explained, hadnt understood the science of it. Shed just taught him what she knew, that they had to eat plenty to keep them from starving. Hed had to go out on his own to learn why it was so. 

So… She frowned as she turned this over in her mind. She tabled the questions about his education, and a lot had just cropped up, but this was more important. But youre not traveling now, are you still burning extra energy? she asked slowly. 

He nodded. Always. Except when Im home, in the time I should be in, and as I said, I dont really go back there anymore. 

But why? One eyebrow went up, questioning. I mean, why would it be different back then? she clarified hastily. It didnt seem to make sense. She understood using a big burst of energy each time he traveled, but why would his metabolism constantly be working so hard? 

Im not sure, but we always thought maybe it was because Im not meant to be here. Possibly my body is constantly burning energy because its fighting to hold me where I want to be, instead of snapping me back to where I belong, he said, shrugging. As hed explained, there werent any scientific studies to go by, only what hed been able to learn on his own. 

Its so strange, she said finally, a frown plastered on her face as she turned it all over in her mind. 

Yep, inconvenient, too. Imagine a couple of starving little sprouts trying to beg or steal enough food to feed five kids their size. That was how it was when we were small—always searching for food, always hungry. He chuckled, and there was some actual amusement there, but she could also hear the remnants of long-ago pain and frustration. 

Well, youll never be fat, she said. She sounded a little jealous about that; hed never know what it was like to have to watch every calorie, the way she did. 

Nope, I can never fill my gut with enough food to get heavy. Wouldnt mind a few extra pounds, to be honest; it would make things a little easier when food is scarce. As he spoke, hed begun packing up the remains of their lunch, mostly wrappers and debris, all the food was gone. 

She sighed and shook her head. Her body had dried quickly in the sun, but her hair was still damp and clung to her skin in wet hanks, pulling a little as her head moved and she fussed with it in irritation. Isnt there any way to stop it? It seems like, if youre staying in one place for a while, your body would adjust to it and it would slow down, she said. 

It does a small amount, but not enough. The more I travel, the more I burn, so I try not to make trips too close together if I can help it. When its possible, I like to stay in one place for a month or more, and after Ive been settled a bit, Ill notice my appetite is slacking off some, but the weight falls off pretty quickly if I dont eat a minimum of about five-thousand calories a day, he explained. 

Five thousand? Thats so much food! she blurted. She wasnt sure why she was shocked, after all, shed seen him shoveling it in at every meal, but shed dieted enough in her life to know how high that number was. 

When Im staying put. More when I travel, when I can get enough, he said, laughing. He stood up and began to get dressed. 

She hated watching him tug his shorts on, knowing it was getting close to time to leave. She reached for her own clothes and then paused. Hey! You never answered my question: Is there any way to stop it? she asked. When he sighed and looked away, she realized it hadnt been an accident; he’d ignored it on purpose. 

He didnt respond until hed pulled his shirt over his head, slipping his arms through the sleeves and then he turned back to her with a solemn look. I know you hate hearing this, but there are some things Im not ready to tell you yet, he said. 

She blew out a loud huff of frustration. Even now, after hed told her the biggest secret, he was still holding back, and it frustrated her beyond belief. She was already, in the back of her head, thinking of a future life with him, but when she ran into one of these mysteries, it shook her and forced her to realize how little she actually knew about him. It was stupid, of course, falling in love with a man shed only known for days, yet here they were. Yeah, whatever, she snapped, scowling as she yanked her clothes back into place. 

Katherine, he said quietly. There was a firmness to his tone that pulled her up short. 

She avoided his eyes as she slipped on her shoes and knelt to tie them, and she didnt respond until after shed straightened. She almost didnt want to answer at all, afraid of her attitude getting her in deep trouble, but she knew hed demand her attention if she tried to ignore him. “Yeah? 

I know it bothers you that I cant tell you everything, but you said you trusted me and believed me, so I need you to remember that Im not going to lie to you. Not telling you everything is better than lying, isnt it? he asked. 

She gave him a sharp jerk of a nod, still not looking at him, but then sighed and let her head tip back so she could see his face. I dont want you to lie but…itso frustrating, she complained. 

I know. I get it. He pulled her into his arms, wrapping her tight in an embrace. She stiffened against him at first, but slowly gave in, and her body relaxed against his. Only when shed let go of the anger, did he speak again. There is a way. One way, but its not an easy thing and it would mean—well, a lot of changes. It would be a big adjustment, and its not something Ill be able to do anytime soon. Thats all I can tell you, and Im not sure if that helps or makes it worse, he said. 

She thought about it, considering. It gave her more questions, more to wonder about, but also another clue to the puzzle of Jack. Better, I think, a little bit, anyway, she admitted. 

Good, now its time to go and— His eyes narrowed as he gave her a very stern look. Im all out of patience for attitude and sulking, so if theres any more of it, were going to have to take the time for a little lesson on the way back. And since were running a bit late, it will have to be hard and fast. Not something youll enjoy at all, am I clear? he asked. 

She gulped and immediately decided she was going to be positively sunny on the way back to the jeep. Y-yes, Sir! she said. There were far too many sticks laying around for her to want to push him to give her any lessons. Shed never been switched, but shed been caned, and she hadnt liked it one bit. She wiped any sign of displeasure from her face, and he let her go with a satisfied nod. 

There were no signs of their visit when they left, hiking up the steep path to the ledge above the waterfalls. She stopped there to look down longingly at the grotto. Leaving was hard, but at least, shed been able to take a million pictures to bring home with her, and the memories of what theyd shared there would never fade—not if she lived to be a hundred would she forget this afternoon. The long sweaty hike back to the jeep, however, that shed willingly erase. 

The afternoon had turned sultry and a number of biting insects seemed to swarm around her, nipping at her salty skin at every chance. Between that and the hurried half-trot through the forest after his much longer legs, she had trouble keeping a cheerful disposition. It didnt take more than the occasional sharp look as a reminder that Jack was willing and able to punish her no matter where they were, though, and she managed to make it to the parking area without experiencing one of his lessons. Barely. 

She spotted the lone jeep waiting for them and let out a loud cry of relief as she hurried over to drop her tote bag on the front seat. Finally! I swear the walk back was twice as long, she complained. 

Felt like it, he agreed, wincing as he slid the heavy backpack off and dropped it in back. He took a moment to stretch. His arms reached high over his head, pulling the shirt up to reveal his belly and the trail of curling dark hairs that vanished into the waistband of his shorts. 

Shed learned he was ticklish there and couldnt resist sneaking in a quick tickle. Her fingers slid under the edge of the shirt and caught the exposed skin with a little scratching motion. A laugh burst out of him and he grabbed her before she could dart away, grinning as he pulled her up tight and dropped a kiss on her forehead. Dont start something youll regret, kitten, he said, teasing her. Unlike the earlier threats, this one was playful, and she twisted out of his arms and danced away, laughing without worry. 

What makes you think Id regret it? I think youre more ticklish than I am! she said with a smirk. She wasnt at all sure that was true; she had a few spots that were horribly ticklish, but he hadnt discovered them yet and none of them were easy to get to at the moment, so she felt confident in her bluff. 

He made a sudden lunge in her direction, eyes narrowed with a fierce look, and she stumbled back a few steps, giggling and ready to run. He stopped, snorting, and shook his head. Youre lucky weve got to get on the road, or Id have to test that, he said. 

Shed count that as a win and smirked. Sure, blame it on the time. If it makes you feel better, she said. She turned back to look at the gorgeous expanse of trees that started not far up the path and said in a more serious tone, I do wish we could have stayed longer. 

Maybe well come back someday, he said. Or maybe well find some place even better. Theres a whole world of places for us to explore, he reminded her. 

I suppose. She sighed, better pee real fast before we go, she said as she ducked into the dilapidated restroom. Their vehicle wasnt big on comfort, and if the trip back was anything like the trip out, she was going to be glad of an empty bladder. 

The restroom was surprisingly clean, though weathered. The cracked old mirror over the sink looked more like funhouse glass than a reflection and the water only ran cold, but it was better than nothing. She finished her business quickly and was buckled into her seat, ready to return to the ship in under five minutes. 

The sun was still high in the sky, but she could tell without even looking at her phone that it was getting late. Jack was far too responsible for her to be overly concerned about missing the ship, but she couldnt help checking real fast just to make sure they were on time. She relaxed, when she realized they had a decent cushion of time before they were due to leave the dock, and settled back to find what comfort she could during the bumpy ride. It wasnt so much the roads that were the problem, though they didnt help, but that the jeep had very little in the way of shocks. 

The combination kept her awake, even though a wave of tiredness had hit her, and her eyes desperately wanted to close. Jack looked over at her and chuckled. Maybe a nap when we get back on board? he suggested. 

Mm, that sounds good, she agreed and was looking forward to getting back to their room for a little rest. The day had been wonderful, but exhausting, and she was feeling all of it now. Her body was stiff when he pulled into the rental lot and she got out, wincing as she tried to stretch out the kinks with a tired yawn. 

We have about an hour before we need to board. I thought you might like to look in the shops, he said, pointing at a cluster of small shops that lined the docks, waiting for eager tourists. 

She let out a low groan. What she really wanted was their cabin, possibly some time in the Jacuzzi tub to sooth her sore muscles, and then sleep, but she couldnt resist the allure of cheap souvenirs and she took his hand and let him drag her along to the stores, regretting the fact that shed let herself get so out of shape when she gave up her daily runs. 

Looking around the shops rejuvenated her a little, the excitement of finding fun little knick-knacks and junk to bring home tended to do that for her; she loved all of it from the tacky magnets covered in glitter to the low-quality t-shirts. Mostly, she was content to just look at all of the overpriced items packed on the shelves, but she did buy a few things for her friend, Maria, and her kids, and a t-shirt for herself, before they were done and ready to return to the ship. 

What do you think? she asked, laughing as she held up the bright pink shirt, with its garish teal logo and the word Cozumel emblazoned across the chest. 

Very colorful, he said with a wry look on his face. If you get lost, Ill be able to find you in the crowd. 

Right? Its perfect! And look! She flipped it over, so he could see the back where it read, This is the tackiest tourist t-shirt I could find in Cozumel! in gaudy fluorescent green print that made him wince. 

Yeah, thatssomething alright, darlin, he said, shaking his head and chucklingSo, you were specifically looking for… 

The ugliest shirt, yep! She gave him a wide smile as she rolled it up and shoved it into her bag. Whats the point of buying cheap tourist crap, if its not obviously cheap tourist crap, right? I mean, I could get better quality at home for less money, but I wanted something from here, and this is perfect, she explained. 

He laughed. Thats actually a pretty interesting take on the whole souvenir thing, I guess. He pulled her over against him, brushing his lips across her forehead as his arms wrapped around her. She let her head fall back so she could grin up at him. 

Why, thank you, Jack. It makes me feel a little less of an idiot for wasting the money, to be honest, she confided. She opened her mouth to continue but she was interrupted by the horn blast from their ship bellowing across the dock. It startled her with the volume and she jumpedclinging to him tight with panic before she realized what it was and what it meant. I guess thats it for the day, she sighed wistfully when the deafening sound finally cut off. 

She wasnt ready to leave and go back to the ship or to go home, for that matter. She wanted another day here or a week. It was funny, since shenever expected to enjoy this trip at all. Christopher had been the most important thing in her life. Hed been her lover and her dominant—not to mention, her boss. The sharpness of his abrupt departure from her life had cut so deeply that shed had trouble seeing her way through it. Shed expected to mope through the whole vacation, but then…shed met Jack. He was everything shed lost when Christopher dumped her and more, because he was a far more skilled dominant. He actually cared about her needs and desires in a way that she now realized Christopher never had. 

So, instead of a week of depression as she lurked in her luxurious cabin and worried about her futureshed fallen in love with an impossible stranger, been dragged through a whirlwind of fantastic experiences, and discovered that time travel actually existed. While she might not be able to visit other times herselfand that was a harsh disappointment she still hadnt had time to really process yetshe was still connected now to the most amazing adventure shed ever imagined because of Jack. It had opened a whole new realm of possibilities for a girl whod always loved sci-fi and fantasy, and though she had every reason in the world to dismiss his stories as lies or insanity—she did believe her new lover. 

It wasnt her being naïve because she wanted to believe in magic, either. No, there was something about the absolute surety in the things he said that she found utterly believable. The fact that hed been honest with her and expected that in return, from their first moments, didnt hurt, either. If she believed in him, she had to believe in his stories of being born in another time and traveling here from the past. So much had happened in such a short time that shed found the only way she could deal with any of it was to simply live in the now, taking the new experiences as they came. 

But with that, there was still an underlying feeling of certainty that Jack would be part of her future and that everything was going to be all right now that they were together. There was a connection between them that shed never thought existed outside of fiction. She wasnt quite ready to call him her soulmate yet, but the idea flitted through her mind as they walked back towards the ship holding hands. 

Jack let her hand drop as they got to the boarding ramp; there was a small crowd of people making their way back and more arriving last minute behind him, so he let her proceed ahead of him, one hand lightly touching her back, as if he needed to keep her safe from the crowds around them, or maybe he just liked the contact with her. She didnt mind; it made her feel protected, and she flashed a smile over her shoulder at him. 

Stopping at the top of the ramp was probably the worst idea, with so many people hemming them in, but she did, and when she didnt immediately begin moving again, Jack laughed, saying, You going to stand there all day, kitten? I think there are some people whod like to board. 

Katherine didnt reply; in fact, she seemed rooted to the spot and he frowned, moving around to look at her. Hey, you okay, darlin? he asked with concern in his voice. She was staring in a fixed way that seemed almost like shock to him, but he couldnt for the life of him figure out what could have caused it. One second, she was smiling, the next…this. 


7 reviews for Nothing But Time

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    While this book can be read as a stand-alone story, it really is an extension of her first book in the series and you would be well advised to read it first, both for character background and context. This story continues the on-board romance of Katherine (Kitty) and Jack, with a surprise appearance by Christopher near the end of the cruise. That event supplies the conflict for this story, and carries through to Kitty and Jacks return to Denver and the further development of their relationship. Readers of the first book will already know that Kitty is a submissive in need of a firm Dom and that Jack is possibly that man. The twist to the story, and the series, is that Jack is a time traveller (and a very HUNGRY one). It remains to be seen why he has chosen to travel to this point in time, and why he has chosen to assert himself as Kittys new Dom. There are many spankings in the story, with lots of erotic, graphic sex. The ending leaves no doubt that there will be another book in the series, so this particular 4 Star story could very well lead to a 5 Star one in the near future.
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    Katherine and Jack are a great couple, they do have great chemistry. Jack is a stern and dominant man, exactly what Katherine needs and wants. The intimate scenes are explicit and very, very hot. I enjoyed reading the book very much and look forward to the next book of the series.

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    Nothing But Time is the second book in this series and can be read as a standalone; however, I found it much better having read the first book. This time travel romance with domestic discipline kept my attention and had me wondering how Kitty and Jack could work out their life together. As a couple, some things come easily and some things are hard, but overall together they can go anywhere. The characters are developed and have several sides. The secondary characters are few but also are important to the story. The spankings are fit into the story beautifully and the sex is hot and erotic. I can say that I look forward to reading book three in the Timeless Love series to see just where Kitty and Jack will go from here. I recommend this wonderful story and series for a good night’s read. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

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    Jack and Kitty have quickly become inseparable on their cruise, and with his time-traveling, he knows the ideal places when they do take a day off the ship while in port, which includes finding a secluded spot for plenty of playful spankings and sex. But things are going to get antsy soon.

    The plot will have Jack and Kitty sharing more about each other, and yet, there is much about his life, his travels, that he can%u2019t not or will not divulge to her. It will lead to some intense moments, and he tells her he won%u2019t lie to her.

    The intensity of their relationship escalates quickly after she is willing to admit to being over Christopher and the closer she and Jack become, the more she knows the difference in the two men%u2019s dominant style. Christopher was about himself, and Jack is about them. Being dumped made her vulnerable, but then Jack is like a knight in shining armor rescuing her when she needed it most.

    What happens when Christopher decides he wants her back? Will Katherine accept that he cares and just wanted to help her see what was best for them? Or will she realizes the difference between the two men and who really cares about her and her well-being?

    Returning to Denver brings a new set of problems. Kitty wants answers, Jack wants her to be patient and accept his ways for now, and Christopher wants to make threats. She is pulled in two directions, and neither one is making her happy. Can she walk away from Jack to save him from Christopher%u2019s threats? What will become of her job now that she is back at work and Christopher is making demands? Has this all be for naught?

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    Customer Review
    4.0 out of 5 starsLove Everlasting
    ByDonna Lon May 7, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    What is one to do when you fall in love with a time traveler.This is the dilemma that Kitty finds herself in
    as her feelings for Jack deepen with every moment she spends with him.Being dumped by her boyfriend
    Christopher,was the best thing that could have happened to Kitty.She soon realized that Chris was a poor excuse as a Dom.Jack regrets that he must keep secrets from Kitty to protect her,she is so vulnerable.
    Their time on the cruise is rudely interrupted by the arrival of Christopher,he seems to think he still has a claim on Kitty.All is well in their relationship until Christopher makes ugly threats.Kitty is heartbroken and
    must do all she can to protect Jack,what she should have done is trust himJack has his hands full at times,Kitty acts out on a regular basis resulting in painful spankings.This was a time travel story with a
    difference,a traveler with a penchant for domestic discipline as an intrinsic part of everyday life.It was
    super sexy as they burned up the sheets,it will leave you hot and panting.Together,Kitty and Jack slowly
    learn to trust one another and grow as a couple.I look forward to the next book in this series.
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  6. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. What do you do when you get dumped, take a cruise alone and meet a hot, dominant time traveller? Have hot sex, get your bottom blistered red and hope he stays.

  7. Ajjmb

    Nothing But Time by Kessily Lewis is the second book in this series. Jack and Katherine%u2019s relationship has become even more serious and complicated. I love the mystery in this story and I am very much looking forward to the next part. I love the developing relationship and how Jack is so loving. I hate that he has to keep so many secrets from Katherine. And of course her ex-boyfriend is a real piece of work. He doesn%u2019t want her but then he does. He is the type you will love to hate. So I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens next. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

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