Nellie from Newport

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Nellie Lancaster has been raised by her over-indulgent widowed father and it shows. She is known to be rude, arrogant, and so spoiled that no man within fifty miles is interested in courting her, much less marrying her. When her father grows terminally ill, he has to face the fact that it was his fault she turned out that way and it’s up to him to remedy the situation before he dies. He calls upon an old friend and business advisor from Big Rock to come help him liquidate his estate. He also wants Philip to take Nellie back to Big Rock with him and find a husband for her.

They all know any man set on marrying Nellie has his work cut out for him. Wes Hollicker has been in Big Rock less than two years, but it’s been long enough to build a successful cattle ranch. It is so successful that he has detailed plans of how to expand and nearly triple the size of his business within three years. He only lacks one thing to make his life happy: a wife. The first time Wes hears about Nellie, he sets his sights on her. So what if she has more spirit and fire than other men are willing to handle? Wes likes fire. He likes it a lot.

Publisher’s Note: This historical western romance contains a theme of power exchange as Nellie and Wes get to know one another.

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Sample Chapter



Big Rock, Wyoming Territory, mid to late 1880s…


Dear Philip,

We’ve done business now for nearly fifteen years. I started doing business with you because of recommendations from other ranchers, but I kept doing business with you because you came to be a trusted and good friend and I treasure that. Now I need help, big help. I have a couple of favors and among my circle of acquaintances upon whom I could call, you are uniquely qualified to help me with both of them. It’s never been easy for me to ask for help, especially for help of this magnitude, but I’m afraid it’s unavoidable now. I’m dying. I’m told I might only have a few weeks.

I need for you to come to Newport to liquidate my livestock and sell my ranch. It might be that other local ranchers would be interested, but I just haven’t felt up to the task of talking to them about buying. I’m weak as a kitten and can’t even remain standing for more than a few minutes before I have to sit or lie down.

I want you to keep a suitable amount from the proceeds for your own efforts and put the remainder in an account for my daughter, Nellie. I trust your judgment.

As for Nellie, well, if you thought that last request was a big one, then you’ll think this one’s a doozy for sure. I would like for you to take her back to Big Rock and find her a husband. You’ve shared with me how the mail order bride business is flourishing in your town and how many good men there are who would like to find wives.

Several eligible men have moved away from here since that gold lode was found east of the Indian Territory. There are still some men around here, just a few, but I fear her chances of finding a suitable mate are slim. How shall I explain the reason for this? I can only suggest it’s because they’ve met her already. My Nellie has been my prize, my absolute joy, for all these years, especially since her mother passed a few years ago. Now I realize I have done her no favors for letting her get away with doing whatever she wants and giving her whatever her heart desires.

It’s taken a bit of persuasion and more time than I care to reveal, but Nellie has agreed to go to Big Rock upon my death and burial, provided you agree to help us in the manner I’m asking. It helped to persuade her somewhat when my own hands said they would not stay on to work if she were running the ranch.

Philip, please understand Nellie isn’t a wild beast or even a contrary shrew, at least most of the time. She’s quite a pretty girl but sometimes acts as though she’s too well aware of it. Some might be of the opinion she’s only aware of herself. Underneath it all, I see a sweet spirit inside her. It just needs to be coaxed out and polished up some. She might be in need of a bit of comeuppance. All right, truth be told, there’s no ‘might’ to it. The girl needs the structure and discipline I’ve denied her all these years.

I do pray you’ll find it within you to help me. I’ll be completely ready to meet my maker if I know my daughter, the ranch hands and my stock are taken care of.


Sincerely yours,

Albert Lancaster


Philip read the letter as soon as he picked it up from the mail counter at the mercantile. He hadn’t been expecting a letter from Al since he usually wired short messages. Philip and his wife, Bethie, discussed it outside in their wagon on the way across the street and down the block to the telegraph office. Bethie reread the letter as Philip went inside to send a wire to his friend.


We’ll be there in ten days on the 12th STOP We will take care of everything STOP Philip Hickam


Philip was already a successful livestock broker a few years prior when he met and married Bethie Benson in Big Rock and decided to live there permanently. His only relative, a cousin named Molly McBride, lived there and he wanted to be close to her. He and Bethie built up their own thriving ranch but he still was an active broker and was often called upon by struggling ranchers for consultation. He’d consulted with Al Lancaster several times over the years as Al expanded his operations.

Chapter 1


The Ladies’ Aid Society attendees took their seats, some wondering why Bethie’s husband had chosen to attend. When Harriet pounded her gavel twice for attention, the group all faced her inquisitively.

She smiled beatifically at them. Harriet always did love an audience. “You may notice we have a visitor this afternoon, and quite a handsome one I might add. Philip Hickam has just today been made aware of a young woman in need of a husband. Philip, I’ll turn my podium over to you.”

Philip stood and addressed the group. “I received a letter today from a dear friend of mine who has asked me to take care of some things for him. I believe the best way I can explain it is to just read the letter to you.”

The group listened attentively and a few twitters arose here and there as Philip read the letter aloud. He looked up when he finished. “So, ladies, you now know as much as I know of this situation. I can tell you that Al Lancaster is a good man whom I consider to be a dear friend as well as business associate. I already wired him and told him that Bethie and I’ll be there in twelve days. I hope while I’m gone you can put your thinking caps on and come up with suitable matches for Nellie, at least tentative ones. You all heard what we’re up against here.”

Harriet stood to be heard. “We’ll be looking, Philip, and I’ll make it my own personal mission to spearhead the effort. I’ll talk to the men. I trust she’ll be your guest when she arrives?”

“Ah, yes, she will. She’ll stay with us for as long as it takes to find her a spouse.”

“I have to ask,” Evie Glover said. “What if we don’t find one for her?”

“I’ll continue to be responsible for her. Bethie and I discussed that. We have that big spread and I might even build her a little house on it if she ends up not marrying. She will have a good deal of money in her own right, and if she becomes disillusioned with our town, it will be difficult to persuade her to stay. I will try, though, because of my promise to her father.”

“I’m not worried about her wanting to leave,” Molly McBride said, smiling at her cousin Philip. “Everyone who moves to this town loves it. The only people I know of who moved away had to because of a family situation.”

“That’s true,” he said, also grinning, “but you heard the description of her. Who knows what she might do?”

“I suspect,” Molly countered, “that Al’s going to expect you to step up and free her of some of those bad habits.”

Some of the other ladies chuckled at that, including Philip’s wife.

Philip took a deep breath and flashed a smirk. “Bethie and I have talked about that, too. We both think I’m equal to the task.”

“Well, I hope you can knock some of that behavior out of her before she arrives,” Harriet said. “Even so, I think we need to look for a certain kind of prospective groom. He needs to be one who won’t be afraid to be firm when it’s warranted. I have a few in mind. Philip, give me your opinion. Do we need to make the men fully aware up front of what they might be up against?”

He considered that. “I would want to know, so yes. I can leave this letter with you so they can read it themselves. Reading about her father’s pain and concern might soften their opinion of her. Remind them that we don’t know how long her father will linger. It might be several weeks, maybe even months, before she arrives. By that time, maybe I’ll have had time to, as you said, knock some of that attitude away. Does anyone have any questions? We need to get home, get packed, and get the boys ready to stay with their cousins.” He grinned at Molly.

Harriet stood again and walked to the podium. “No, Philip, you two go on. We’ve got it from here. You two have a safe trip now, you hear? Bring yourselves and that gal back to us, each in one piece, all right?” She smiled and blew a kiss toward Bethie.

“All right, then,” Philip said. “Harriet, I’ll wire you and keep you updated on Al’s condition. That way you might have a better idea of the time frame we’re dealing with.”

The Hickams left and Harriet picked up another piece of paper. “We have another young woman who would like to come here and make a match. Let me tell you about her. Let’s see here. Her name is Lily Holt and she’s a schoolteacher. We need one of those, so let’s see if we can find a man for her right here in town, closer to the schoolhouse than the outlying areas.”



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1 review for Nellie from Newport

  1. Redrabbitt


    As a fan of Ms. Nora Nolan’s Big Rock Romance series, I have genuinely enjoyed this spinoff series and to be back in Big Rock in the Wyoming Territory. The area is growing, but with the number of single men, the Ladies’ Aid Society of Big Rock has called a meeting to discuss what needs to happen. It is decided that several of the newer brides will send letters to their friends and see how many would be willing to become mail-order brides. But this story will take on a different twist; this time, Albert Lancaster will write his friend, Philip Hickam, asking for help.

    Philip and Bethie will travel to Newport at the request of Albert, who is dying. He trusts Philip to help with several things, selling his ranch and cattle, and taking his daughter, Nellie, back to Big Rock, and assisting in finding her a husband. The Ladies’ Aid Society will use the letter and contact several potential men that want to marry. It is narrowed down to one, in particular, Wes Hollicker.
    Nellie has earned the reputation as a spoiled, self-centered brat, and her father knows he is at fault for allowing her to get away with it. She is rude to his employees and throws her tantrums, but life is getting ready to change—and Albert is trusting Philip to handle Nellie, including spanking her.

    “Understand, Nellie angel, Philip now has the authority to whip that attitude and those bad manners out of you as he sees fit. I’m telling him right now not to let anything slide because you feel sorry for her. If you find her manner or behavior distasteful, make sure her backside feels your displeasure.”

    Wes has decided rather than wait for the stagecoach containing the Hickams and Nellie to make it to Big Rock; he needs to travel for business in Rawlins buying new bulls. Then he will wait for the stagecoach and ride with them back to town, giving him two days to get to know her. The journey allows Nellie and Wes to get acquainted and start the process of courting. It doesn’t take long for Wes to know that Nellie is the wife he wants. They also decide not to wait long to marry.

    “He kissed her. It was nothing like she expected and it was everything she expected, and more.”

    “Don’t you realize that everything you’ve done in your life, every choice you’ve made and all the things that happened to you are what made you the woman you are now? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I happen to be extremely fond of that woman.”

    The plot will have Nellie losing her father, facing a new future, and watching the interaction of Philip and Bethie. She grows up. Sometimes hearing the truth, even if it is ugly, can be eye-opening, which is the case for Nellie. Now, she will be going to a new town, making new friends, and finding a husband—but then again, he comes to meet her along the way. The chemistry between Nellie and Wes is well matched. I love how she has worries, and she talks with Bethie and with Wes. That open, honest dialogue helps her in her decisions and moves the marriage in the right direction.

    The story does share sizzling intimacy within the marriage, discussing marital relationships, including variety, and adding spice into their marriage. It does have one discipline scene, and I like how Nellie knows she deserves the punishment and submits to Wes. While there is no cliffhanger—there is a mention of plans for bringing more brides and where to house them. I believe that will be coming soon in another story.

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