Mrs. Terrell’s Letters

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Can she handle the heat that three husbands deliver?

When Beth McMahon boards a train to escape her stepfather’s plans to marry her off, she has no idea where she’s headed. She soon learns that Mrs. Terrell – the woman who helped her get away – has secrets of her own, including an array of sexually explicit letters, filled with passion, that she had been exchanging with her intended husbands.

When Mrs. Terrell disappears and everyone believes Beth to be her, taking on Mrs. Terrell’s identity is easy. Soon, Beth is acquainted with the three handsome men and it isn’t long before she finds herself turned over John’s knee. Though she likes the feel of his hand on her bottom, it’s his heart she craves. But her guilty conscience won’t allow her deception to continue. Will her confession mean harsh discipline, or does she risk losing his love forever?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of action, adventure, power exchange and ménage, it is intended for mature readers.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Beth McMahon’s only hope of escape was crossing the platform and hopping aboard the train. It was a huge risk to emerge from behind the crates which had kept her hidden for nearly an hour. It meant exposing herself to capture. The men were still close by searching for her, and if she was spotted, it was all over. The life she had dreamed of would be exchanged for one which offered no hope of happiness or love, let alone thrills and adventure.

She could see the train was nearly ready for departure. The doors on the boxcars were being slammed shut, and most of the passengers were aboard. Only friends and loved ones were left standing there, getting in last words of goodbye at the windows. The conductor was striding across the wooden boards calling, “All aboard.”

A glint of light made Beth squint and peer out to see its cause. A woman was seated by a window, holding a mirror which was reflecting the sun. She was also staring straight at Beth, urgently beckoning her to come. As Beth watched, the woman leaned up against the window and looked both ways before repeating her gesture.

Beth had no idea what to do. It was foolish to trust a stranger, but staying where she was meant eventually being caught. Crouching, she took hold of the boxes for leverage, took a deep breath and launched into a sprint towards the train. She refused to look about her until she was aboard, her heart thumping and her breath caught in her throat.

“There she is!”

The shout was enough to make her blood run cold and rob her of the will to put up any further resistance. Beth bowed her head, tears leaking from her eyes as her last seconds of freedom ticked away, until suddenly her wrist was seized by a cold hand.

“Come with me.”

Beth looked at the pasty, white face and recognized the woman who had signaled her. She allowed herself to be led into the interior and along the narrow passageway between closed compartments until she was pulled inside one of them.

“Shut the door and then hide under my skirts once I sit down and get comfortable. If you want this to succeed, you are going to have to be very still and quiet. I would prefer at this stage of my life to avoid any disrepute brought about by hiding a fugitive, especially one hidden under my skirts. The gossip would be horrendous. Do you believe you are able to follow my instructions?”

Beth looked at her blankly and offered a weak nod. “But why?”

The woman smiled. “Because there was once a time when I should have boarded a train much sooner. I’ve regretted it ever since. Besides, I believe you will make a first class traveling companion, at the very least, an interesting one. Now, what is it to be, young lady, hiding or giving in to whatever you’re running from?”

There was shouting and commotion somewhere outside the compartment which spurred Beth to answer, “Hiding.”

Beth was barely amongst the petticoats when she heard the door open.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Terrell, there are men here who are looking for a young woman.”

“Yes, yes, I know exactly the young woman of whom you speak.”

Beth gasped silently, certain she was about to be betrayed. Someone else joined in, and Beth shivered as she recognized her stepfather’s voice.

“Ma’am, are you saying you’ve seen my stepdaughter, a young girl, loose brown hair and dressed in britches?”

“The very same,” the woman replied haughtily. “Not two minutes ago, I was assaulted by this awful creature pushing me aside quite savagely, knocking me over and entering the empty compartment across from me, where she jumped out the window and…”

There was another commotion, shouts of “Let’s go” and Beth went to move, only to be softly kicked. She remained still, her skin prickling as she heard her stepfather continue.

“I’m mighty grateful, ma’am and my apologies for the trouble.”

“No apology needed, but maybe some explanation as to how a young lady comes to be dressed so inappropriately and lacking in manners.”

“My stepdaughter is headstrong, always has been and I, being a widower for some years now, haven’t had the right notion for raising her properly. I’d managed to find her a suitable husband but she objected. Tomorrow was to be her wedding day and instead I’m left looking the fool and will have to face a jilted fiancé.”

“How simply terrible for you. I sincerely hope you find the scamp before tomorrow and maybe a few lashes of a switch to her backside might teach the child some manners.”

“Indeed, and I’ll be passing it on to her husband with my blessings. Thank you again, ma’am and safe travels.”

Beth breathed again when she heard the door close, but the woman cautioned her. “Stay where you are until the train is in motion. I will tell you when it is safe to come out.”

“Thank you,” Beth replied through the heavy material of the skirt. “Thank you for saving my life Mrs… um…”

“Terrell. Charlotte Terrell. And no thanks needed. You may yet find yourself wishing you had stayed at home.”


3 reviews for Mrs. Terrell’s Letters

  1. Redrabbitt

    I enjoyed this western page-turner with a delightful cast of characters, plenty of interaction, mystery, suspense, secrets, and adventures. What starts as a life and death escape for Beth will change her along the journey and open her eyes to new and erotic experiences.

    Mrs. Charlotte Terrell will rescue Beth McMahon at the train depot. Charlotte sees this young woman, dressed in boys clothes and men searching for her, she must help her escape. The train trip will enlighten Beth to the life and adventures of Charlotte, and she will learn about shocking things along the way. Charlotte will share a stack of letters from the past two years where she has corresponded with three brothers, John, Thomas, and Jack Granger.

    The plot will have Charlotte pulling a fast one and having everyone believing that Beth is Mrs. Terrell. Beth will arrive at Fairfield, Arizona and when Jake shows up at the train to get her, she doesn%u2019t know what to tell him%u2014or his brothers. With the Vicar injured, she will be taken to their ranch, hours from town before they have a chance to marry%u2014yes, her to all three brothers. While no marriage has taken place, Beth hasn%u2019t revealed her identity, and the Granger men believe her to be a highly sexual widow who has agreed to all their various proclivities. Having a safe word in place, she doesn%u2019t know what it is and must endure punishments without protection.

    The story details the letters, the adventures, and the erotic and sometimes shocking proclivities of Mrs. Terrell and her encounters. Beth will learn more about what the Granger men want from Charlotte, especially through their letters. Reading it and experiencing it are two different things. Beth will learn that she easily capitulates to John and is drawn to his dominance and control. There is plenty of action, danger, life and death, suspense, and passion in this tale%u2014along with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  2. Lalaland

    I am a huge fan of Ms Taylor’s books and have read all of them literally on the day that they were released. This is a total departure from her regular genre – It is a historical western set in the days of the wild west. Beth is trying to escape being forced into a marriage to a man 25 years older who is a lecherous old drunk who tried to assault her when she was 14. She is being forced by her stepfather whose public personna is as a kind and pious man when in actual fact he is cruel and drunken bully who beats her regularly and also makes inappropriate advances toward her. We first meet Beth when she is hiding in a the train station. A complete a stranger Mrs Terrell beckons to her to come aboard the train and then offers to hide Beth in her skirts. Mrs Terrell shields Beth from her stepfather when he boards the train looking for her and suggest that Beth accompany her to the West (Arizona) – she is travelling West to marry 3 men. This is where the story becomes a little unconventional for a western spanking romance. In fact it becomes more of a BDSM western spanking romance. Really this is a charming story told with great humour. The characters are likeable and fun. A really entertaining read with a little of everything, hot steamy scenes, plot twists, action and loads of eye watering spanking, just what a spanking DD romance should be and I really loved it. Keep them coming Catherine but sometime please finish the Master series. Five big shiny stars for this one.

  3. Marybeth

    Beth is a young lady trying to escape her stepfather and fiance. Mrs Terrell motions for Beth to board the train and then offers to hide Beth from her stepfather in her skirts . Once her stepfather leaves, Mrs. Terrell asks Beth to accompany her out west. She tells Beth that she is going out to marry three men. Of course, this intrigues Beth and Mrs. Terrell starts her story. What we learn later is that Mrs. Terrell is sick and wants Beth to take her place. Beth does so unwillingly, but is intrigued by the three brothers . What ensues is a wonderful story. I highly recommend this book!!!

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