Miriam’s Rebirth

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It is February of 1865; The Civil War has been going on for five years now.?Flaxen-haired and blue-eyed Miriam Hanner Clarke is widowed at age twenty-eight after her husband, Burton, went to serve in the war and was killed in battle.

She fills her days of dealing with his loss by working in the dormitory, which has been turned into a hospital. No longer the quiet, shy, stuttering girl she was when she arrived, Miri is now a competent young woman who is determined to ease suffering in any way she can.?But she is certainly unprepared for the challenge of caring for Captain Nate Alley; the recipient of a gunshot wound, now under her care.?

Captain Alley has no patience for being injured. He is quite accustomed to being in control and in charge and having others submit to his leadership. When challenged by this tiny, independent and stubborn young woman who is half his size, his first instinct is to put her over his knee. Growing stronger each day, he is determined that she will submit – she is just as determined not to.?Who is going to win this battle?

Publisher’s Note: A sweet love story filled with stern discipline, humor and romance. If this is not to your liking, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter


Late November, 1861

Miriam Clarke’s hands trembled as she read her husband’s neat script.

“My dearest wife Miri,

I hold the letter I received, just today, written by your own hand. Your fine penmanship makes my heart swell with pride, my darling, each time I read it.

My day has been filled with fond memories of you. The very first time I saw you, sipping coffee over breakfast at the restaurant with Lady Wellington, your blue eyes mesmerized me. You seemed so young and vulnerable, I dared not suppose that you were eighteen.

The next time, you were waiting outside the station for the stage, looking so lost and so alone. I knew Lord Wellington would be displeased if you were allowed to share the carriage with Lady Wellington, but the truth was there was no way I could leave you there.

For you see, I loved you, even then.

These past eight years have been wonderful for me. The day you agreed to marry me was the happiest of my life. Yes, you were young; some would say much too young for me. But should I never be able to return home again, know that you have made these years perfect

There is much firing going on here, at present. I must finish so this can get out to you; one of our men is being discharged today and is carrying a load of letters home with him.

Please give the others my greetings. And if you see Henson’s wife, once again, give her my thanks; had it not been for her years of classes, you and I would not be able to write to each other. I have no word of Geoffrey or Francis. Henson, I saw a few weeks ago; he was homesick, although well. William, I have not seen for a very long time, but I know he will be writing Gracie as often as possible. The only thing I would ask from you is to send paper, if possible, so that I may write to you more often.

Goodbye for now, my adorable and precious little Miri. I keep you in my heart, always.

Your devoted and loving husband,


Miriam pressed the letter to her chest. She would write again to him this afternoon, perhaps two letters, perhaps even three.

Dear God, how she missed him!

Chapter One

Four years later, Tuesday, Feb 21, 1865

Miriam Hanner Clarke knelt in the snow, next to the grave of her late husband, determined to ignore the tears that stung and threatened to escape down her face. The icy winter wind cut rosy patches on her cheeks, causing her to shiver with cold. Small yellow flowers of early spring were everywhere, tenaciously pushing their way up above the snow, and she had stooped to pick a handful on the way.

Quietly, she said a prayer and kissed the flowers, tucking them closely next to his grave in the family plot at the Pembroke Estate.

“I miss you so, Burton,” she whispered quietly.

The sound of footfalls crunching on the frozen snow behind her caused her to quickly wipe her face with the backs of her hands and look up, just before a hand descended on her shoulder. Angelica Wellington stood by her, frowning with sympathetic green eyes. She was clutching an older blue velvet cloak around her shoulders tightly, her long red hair tied up and tucked inside the hood.

“Miss Hazel has breakfast ready, Miri. She did not want you to miss it. She said to tell you both of us need meat on our bones.”

Miri’s deep blue eyes met Angelica’s. “I suppose it is good that she looks out for us. Are you going to the hospital today?” She rose slowly to her feet as she spoke.

Angelica nodded. “I am. I must keep busy. It is hard to keep a happy face in front of the children; they know how worried I am. I believe we may stop by and pick up Merrie, if she wishes to go. She cannot handle the sight of blood but she can pass out the cookies Lillie sends. Mollie went today, too, but she has already left in the wagon.”

For the first time, Miri’s smile was not forced. “Oh, I am glad. I get such enjoyment from listening to her lecture the doctors on the importance of washing their hands.”

“Yes!” Angelica was laughing now. “But Mollie has kept many a mother and baby alive with her clean hands. The doctors should be thankful for her advice. I hope to see Gracie and Cinderella while we are there, too.”

Miri’s face suddenly became grim. “I am sorry about the dormitory.”

“Quite all right. I knew when war broke out they would probably take it for a hospital, if they needed it—perhaps when it is over.”

Miri nodded. The dormitory was not the only thing the Union, currently in Strasburg, had taken over to use as a hospital. The church, including the basement, had, as well. Some of the houses in town had been taken over by the infantry. Gracie Becker, the wife of William Becker, had been forced to leave her house to them while he was away and had moved in with Cinderella, the wife of the former Sheriff Andrews. Their twin girls were six, now, and as mischievous as they had been at three. Their older brother, Thomas, at age twelve, was doing his best to be man of the house.

Miss Hazel was pacing, when they arrived in the dining room. A stout woman, huffing and puffing, she nodded, glad to see them. “The children have eaten and are back upstairs beginning their studies with the governess. Lizzie demanded to know if her papa had sent a letter yet.”

Angelica met her gaze, tilting her head to the side. “What did you tell her?”

The corners of Miss Hazel’s mouth were downturned. “I told her that her papa has a war to fight—but he has not forgotten her and he would write as soon as it was possible.”

Miri watched as Angelica nodded, lowering her gaze to the table. It had been two months since a letter had come from Geoffrey. “Thank you, Miss Hazel,” was all she was able to say.

“Eat, loves.” Miss Hazel’s voice was softer now. “I shall get the baskets of treats from Lillie for the soldiers.” She smiled at them both and turned, disappearing into the kitchen.

Miri ate silently, as did Angelica. It was not long before Lillie appeared, bearing three baskets. “I could not send anything but the shortbread cookies,” she said quietly as she handed them over. “There are just too many ill soldiers to send anything else. Please let me know if it is enough.”

Angelica and Miriam both smiled at her and rose, heading toward the foyer with the baskets.

They each said a quick thank you to Benjamin as he helped them into the carriage and whistled to the horses, his rifle close at his side. He had brought the older carriage, this time, afraid the newer one would attract unwanted attention, and had brought some of the older horses to pull it.

They caught sight of Union cavalry ahead, on the road, and Benjamin pulled the horses back a bit, waiting for them to pass. Inside, Miri and Angelica leaned forward to look out the window. Miri reached instantly into her pocket, curling her small hand around the smooth barrel of the pistol that Burton had given her before he left. He had spent hours with her, teaching her how to shoot, until her aim satisfied him. She wondered if Angelica had brought hers along, as well.

The moment was tense but, finally, the cavalry moved on. After a moment, the carriage jerked and moved forward and Miri relaxed. It was not long before she saw the small house she and Burton had spent several years of their lives in. It was one of many cottages that sat empty on Pembroke land, now, but it had been theirs.

Angelica’s hand covered hers. “You miss it,” she said, looking out toward the house.

Miri nodded. “Terribly. It needs someone to live in it. They all do.”

“But, Miri, I am so glad you are staying with us,” Angelica said earnestly. “I should have been terribly lonely, if you had not moved into the house.”

Miri swallowed and turned to her. “Thank you, milady. I appreciate—so—”

“No. For the last time, call me Angel. No more milady. You are my friend, Miri. You have not been a servant there for many years. All right?”

Miri’s smile was uncertain but she nodded. After a moment, her gaze returned to the window. “Do you remember the trip we made, coming out here in 1850—”

“When the highwaymen attacked us and Burton was shot—and we both ended up being kidnapped by Mrs. Grimm? Yes.” Angelica’s mouth became tight for a moment and then relaxed. “Life might have been very different, had Geoffrey not found us when he did. We both stuttered back then, too, did we not? And now, neither of us does.”

“If it had not been for Burton working with me so diligently, I still would, I think.”

Angelica nodded. “He was such a good man, Miri.”

Miriam nodded, with a small sigh. “He was indeed.”

The horses began to slow and stopped in front of the big house known as  The Adams House. Merrie’s beautiful face peeked out at them from the window, and a moment later, she came flying out of the front door to meet them. Benjamin helped her into the carriage. She had fastened her hair back this morning, at the nape of her neck, but her eyes were as vibrant as ever as she climbed in and sat down.

“Good morning!” She looked from one to the other brightly.

“Good morning,” Miri greeted her, smiling. It was hard not to smile when Merrie was around.

“How is Katie?” Angelica asked softly.

Merrie shook her head. “Oh, Angel, she asks me every ten minutes if her father has sent a letter. I truly hope we receive one in a day or two, for her sake.”

“And for yours,” Miri said quietly.

Merrie nodded in agreement. “Yes. I wonder if Francis and Geoffrey have gotten separated. Usually, one or the other writes. How is Lizzie? Katie will demand to know, when I return.”

“Full of drama, as usual. Except when she is asking about letters.”

Merrie looked from one to the other. “I wanted you both to know,” her voice was low and worried now. “We have been seeing a lot of Confederate soldiers in the area. Near the house. It would not surprise me if they did not try to take it over.”

Miriam’s eyes flew to meet Merrie’s in alarm. “I have heard there is a tunnel under the house. Do you think they know of it?”

Merrie took a deep breath. “Yes. You heard correctly. There is more than one. One tunnel goes a half-mile, to the tracks. There is an area under the house the slaves have been hiding in, as a stop toward the north. Miss Constance feeds them there and allows them to rest, before they go through the other tunnel to—” She stopped. “Another house further north, but I am unsure exactly which one. The tunnels have been there since the house was built. Francis has never allowed me to go down there and he threatened me, if I did. But he said it had not been in use since the Revolutionary War, until five or six years ago, when the slaves began using it to go north.” Merrie’s gaze moved toward Angelica. “I wonder if the Confederates  do know. We have seen them four or five times, in the past two days. They were within sight of the house.”

Angelica leaned across and grabbed her hand. “Merrie, you must bring Katie and come to stay with us. It may not be safe there for you!”

Merrie leaned back against the leather seat, deep in thought. Finally, she nodded toward, first, Angelica, then, Miriam. “I shall check and see, when I get home this afternoon. If they have been spotted again, today, I will inquire of Miss Constance and see what she thinks I should do.”

* * *

The rest of the trip into town was silent. Benjamin finally dropped them off in front of the church. “Miss Hazel sent me with a list,” he said as he ushered them toward the church. “I am to see if Mr. Greene has any of it. Where do you wish me to wait for you, Lady Angelica?”

Angelica chewed her lip thoughtfully. “Behind the sheriff’s office? I plan to be here.” But she caught Miriam’s expression and stopped. Miri was staring down the street, her brow lifted in curiosity.

“What is it, Miri?”

“Look! What is happening at the Andrews’? Gracie is bringing stuff out onto the porch. And she looks quite upset. No. Let me say it again.  She looks enraged.”

They all turned, simultaneously. There were suitcases sitting on the front porch at the Andrews’ house. The home that belonged to Merrie’s parents, next door, looked fine, but the Andrews’ three story had the front door standing open. Gracie Becker was carrying things out, her long golden braid flying out behind her. “I am going down to see.” Miri began to run. Angelica and Merrie were right behind her.

Miri raced against the wind, not realizing that her hair had come loose from its pins and was now flying out behind her.

A moment later, all three of them had reached the Andrews’ house. Miri lifted her skirts and took the steps on the porch, two at a time.

“Gracie! What is happening?”

Gracie, her furious eyes a dark indigo, finished dragging a trunk out and stood up straight, placing her hands on her hips. “Oh, hell’s bells. It wasn’t enough the soldiers took my house; they are taking Cinderella’s, too!”

“But, where will you go?” Merrie’s face blanched.

Gracie flattened her mouth into a flat line. “I have utterly no idea. But we are not staying here.”

“Well, I do. You are coming to Pembroke. With the children. All of you.” Angelica’s voice was quite firm. “Miss Betsy, too.”

Cinderella, who had come up behind Gracie, was staring over her shoulder, her chestnut curls bouncing. “Angel, we cannot do that. You have enough—”

“I am serious, Cinderella. The more of us who are there, the better. There is room in the nursery for the girls and Thomas can share the room with the boys. And there are empty rooms upstairs for you and Betsy.” Angelica began to grin now. “Shall I send Miss Hazel for you, myself?”

“Oh, no. Lord, no.”

Miri smiled. “When Burton was killed, Angelica asked me to come into the house. No, let me rephrase that. She demanded that I move in. When I refused, Miss Hazel came after me and nearly dragged me over. Out of my own house! Trust me, you two. You do not want that.” She looked from one to the other of them and leaned forward, lowering her voice. “And if you have any weapons, bring those too—and ammunition. Do not leave it for the army to take from you.” Then, she straightened. “I shall go down and send Benjamin after you. Then, I am going to the dormitory hospital to see what I can do. Merrie? Are you coming to pass out the treats?”

“Coming.” Merrie nodded, turning to go.

But Miri heard Gracie’s voice behind her, as she and Merrie began to cross the street, saying, “I swear. She’s as bossyas I am.”

14 reviews for Miriam’s Rebirth

  1. DONNA L

    This is a wonderful addition to this series and
    brings all the characters from the previous
    books together once more.Innocent women
    and children put into an untenable situation
    thanks to circumstances beyond their control.
    Miri’s life changed forever when her husband
    was killed in the civil war.Miri spends her time
    looking after the wounded soldiers in the
    dormitory now used as a hospital.One of
    Miri’s patient is Captain Nate Alley.He is
    not easy to care for but gradually recovers
    enough to move into Pembroke House.Nate
    will be protection for all the ladies and children
    now living in the house.Nate is fascinated by
    Miri and asks her to be his wife.Miri is no
    longer a shy girl but a women with her own
    ideas .Nate expects obedience and poor
    Miri finds out the hard way that he means
    business.There is much love,humor,danger,
    suspense and mayhem in the house.
    It is a beautiful love story with well developed
    characters.I enjoyed the emotional story of the
    friendships between all the women in this story.
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

  2. Hope W

    Miriam’s Rebirth is the fifth book in the Strasburg Chronicles series. While it can be read as a standalone was glad to have read the previous books to be familiar with the characters. The author sets the book during the Civil War’s time and the ladies find themselves having to take care of themselves and their children without the benefit of their husbands. Many of the families have been left homeless as the soldiers take over their homes, therefore, many of these women gather at Pembroke and ban together. Even though the men are gone the women still face many dangerous situations while also working at the clinic to help soldiers recover. Miriam, who has been widowed, takes care of Nate. He knows that he wants her from the first time he sees her but that does not mean things will go smoothly. Miri is used to taking care of herself and does not take kindly to Nate’s strong personality and protective nature. Nate on the other hand will not let his injuries keep him for getting to know Miri and protect her, even from herself. Needless to say this leads to many clashes between them. It does not take long for Miri to figure out that Nate means what he says and has no problem following through when she does not follow his orders. What happens when Nate moves into Pembroke to help protect Miri and the other families? Will they hear or see their husbands again soon? Come and join in the fireworks from not only the war but from the woman he loves!

    I loved this book and enjoyed watching Miriam and Nate find each other during this installment in the series. The setting is real and the characters are developed. The author keeps the readers interest with danger, heartache, friendship, family, laughs, fun, love, spanking, sex. and more. Come join this couple and the other wonderful characters who must make the most in a time of war. Even with so much heartache surrounding the story there is just as much love and fun to read about. I recommend adding this wonderful book to your reading list. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  3. Annmaree Fitzsimons

    Fantastic this is the 2nd book I have read in this series and both are fantastic.
    Pippa greathouse is a very good writer she has you interested from the first page all her characters are interesting and yes there is a story. Great book highly recommend this book Fantastic great.

  4. Toni L

    I read the first book in this series but missed the following until this book. I have to say that I enjoyed this book much more than the other. Yes, there were still a lot of characters who obviously were involved in previous stories, but it didn’t feel as confused as book 1. Unlike most book series, there seems to have been a period of time passing between the books in that they don’t immediately follow on from each other. Enjoyable

  5. Jaycee

    I really enjoyed this latest installment in the Strasburg series. There was more to the plot than just the romance and conceived “danger” to the lady. I loved how the women who were left behind because of war came together and supported one another and their town. Miri was wonderful – she was so kind, strong and giving. I loved that she stood up to Nate when she had to! He was a bit too commanding at times, but I appreciated his willingness to apologize and try again. Not much discipline in this story, which was fine because the story itself was so well-told! Definitely reccommned this one!

  6. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Another great story in the series. Miriam Clarke has lost her beloved Burton to the civil war. Strong and dominant, Captain Nate Alley has been injured and is in the hospital that Miri and several other women are working in. Miri, small and dainty, is a perfect foil for Nate’s tall frame. This is Nate and Miri’s story although you get updates on all the other ladies from the previous installments. Historical spanking romance.

  7. Lisa Watson

    This is the story of Miriam and Nate. It is set in war time, Nate is in hospital recovering from a gun shot wound and Miriam is charged with caring for him. Miriam and her friends are living in Pembroke House as the army has taken all of their houses so they do what they can to stop the army taking this one. Nate goes to live with them all there and the love story continues. This is a great addition to the series.

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.

  8. Lisa

    This is the fifth book in the series. It is set in war time and a lot of peoples house’s were taken over by soldiers so they move into Pembroke House. Miriam is widowed and is a nurse at the hospital and is tasked with looking after the stern and forbidding patient Captain Nathan Alley who has been shot. He doesn’t like being ill and it does not make caring for him easy but once he is out of real danger he goes with Miri and the others to live at Pembroke. As a now extended ‘family’ they fight off the soldiers threatening to take Pembroke and at the same time this is the story of how Miri and Nate fall in love.

    This story made me laugh and swoon in equal measure. It is a sweet domestic discipline story and a great addition to the series.

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.

  9. Dyane

    This is the fifth book in the series and tells the story of Miri, whom we met in book one of the series. However, you need not have read the first book to enjoy this one. Miri is a widow who is helping the town doctor nurse wounded soldiers. One of these soldiers, Captain Nathan Alley has taken an immediate interest in her, and from there their love develops. Nate is strict, dominant and loving, while Miri is sweet, sassy and strong. Both the discipline and love scenes are mild to moderate. I loved That Nate instantly knew Miri was his, and that he let her know that. No games, no uncertainty. Just a strong man protecting his woman, even if it is from herself. I look forward to the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  10. RubyCaine

    I have been waiting for Miriam to get her happily ever after, and this book was worth the wait. Each book just gets better, hotter and more exciting.

  11. DB

    Love this series!!! Miri meets Nate where she works as a nurse in a makeshift hospital during the Civil War. He has been shot and needs constant attention and the doctor assigns Miri to care for him. Nate is very authoritative right from the beginning and Miri is a little overwhelmed because she is use to taking care of herself. Nate is moved to Pembroke house to recover from his injuries and also to help protect the women and children who have had to seek shelter there. Miri and Nate’s romance has been building since she has cared for him at the hospital and just gets better at Pembroke house. I just loved the romance between these two, the laugh out loud moments, the sassy remarks she makes, his eyebrow lifting and stern looks, his gentle caring, her always being concerned he is going to open his wound back up, the spankings, the characters from the other books, the way the women and even the children work to keep the soldiers away. This is a big 5 star book! Pippa Greathouse you are a fantastic author! Love all your books!

  12. susan kirkland

    This is the 5th book in the Strasburg Chronicles and can be read as a stand alone. Miri lost her husband in the Civil War and now spends her time taking care of the other soldiers that have been injured. She is in charge of a new patient Captain Nate Alley and he is a terrible patient. Will they get together in the end? Can she get her happy ever after even with the spankings? Enjoy this wonderful romance.

  13. Redrabbitt

    The story is another great addition to The Strasburg Chronicles, which can read as a standalone, but even better in written order of the series. It will have many of the characters from the previous books, and now the timeframe will be during the Civil War, but mostly in the early part of 1865. The men from Strasburg are fighting with the Union Army, and so many of the homes have been confiscated and placed into use for various military needs, including hospital and surgeries.

    Miriam Hanner Clarke was widowed the first year of the war and is still grieving the loss of her husband, Burton. The war has taken such a toll, and she has never really been allowed the time to mourn his loss, and instead, has been working at the hospital with the wounded soldiers. She is placed in the continuous care of Captain Nathan Alley who suffered gunshot wounds to his chest and has survived the surgery and now must be supervised for bleeding, fever, and infection.

    Captain Nate Alley is a man of action and control and has no patience for being wounded and disabled. He is determined to get back into the action of the war, but the injury he suffered was severe, and he finds himself discharged from his military duties by his commanding officer. He is asked would he be willing to come to Pembroke house and help keep it and the residents safe from another unit that may try to commandeer the house. While he is officially discharged, he will remain in uniform as a Captain to hold rank over those who may challenge the household. It does give him a place to stay and recover and allow him a semblance of purpose, one that will become necessary sooner than later.

    The plot will have Miri and Nate thrown together during the later part of the Civil War when he was shot and had major surgery. As Miri is placed over his watch and care by the Doctor, he isn%u2019t an ideal patient and makes numerous threats about spanking her for her attitude. After he is transported to the Pembroke house, the relationship continues to grow with feelings for each other.

    With the dormitory used as a hospital, most of the ladies are now at Pembroke, and also work at the various hospital and recovery locations. The war has taken a toll on the town, but the ladies prove to hold their own, along with many of the older children. A battle of wills will be fought between Miri and Nate, and may the best person win. Nate%u2019s dominance demands respect and obedience from the independent little Miri. It is time for her to accept his control and allow him to guide her. There are several spanking scenes, and the sex scenes are very mild and more implied than detailed.

  14. Molly Friis

    A wonderful addition to this series. The story jumps ahead a little bit and Strasburg is in the middle of the civil war. While most of the men are away the women are busy keeping the town together and working at the local field hospital that has been set up in the dormitory. Miriam has been widowed a year when Captain Nate Alley is brought into the hospital with some very serious wounds. Miriam is asked to sit with him and nurse him back to health if he wants it or not.

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