Midnight Oasis Collection

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Join the crew of Midnight Oasis on their journey into a world of decadence, intrigue, and love.

Travel to exotic destinations with three couples in three full-length steamy romances in this collection featuring: Onyx, Sapphire, and Black Diamond.

Onyx – Sadie is trying to make it in the music business. Cameron is a man that goes after what he wants, and he has set his sight on her.

Sapphire – Dimitri and Xavier fall in love with Madison, a woman running from her past.

Black Diamond – Dulcinea has recently lost her mother and is struggling with blindness. She meets Jackson a football player in need of a change in his life.

Prepare to board and discover a sensual lifestyle with drama, action, and mystery on their voyage.

Publishers Note: This collection contains sensual scenes and elements of power exchange.

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1 review for Midnight Oasis Collection

  1. Redrabbitt


    Onyx: A BDSM Cruise Romance (Midnight Oasis Book 1)

    Now and then you read a book by a new author, and when you are finished, you are in total awe of the talent. Ms. Shannon captured my attention from beginning to end in this page-turning story of drama, mystery, suspense, passion, deceit, hate, revenge, secrets, and so much more. There is a great cast of characters that all play a critical role in the story as it eventually unfolds. Not all of it is pretty because there are cruel people involved, as well as those who are good and caring.

    Cameron Alexander is co-owner, along with Dimitri, of Midnight Oasis Cruise line, a different type of cruise that is designed for people who enjoy living a BDSM lifestyle to have a luxury cruise vacation and practice their lifestyle freely. Even the staff consist of dominants and submissives.

    Sadie Sommers left her hometown in Nebraska and moved to New York City with hopes of becoming a singer, but after four years, she is only really a fill-in at a bar. When she learns about Onyx, she is hoping that if hired, it could be a stepping stone to her future. What she does not know is that Cameron heard her sing, and he wants her aboard as a lead singing act, but not only that, he wants her as his submissive.

    The story is full of sinister plots, power exchanges, good versus evil, family secrets, business rivalries, kidnapping, abuse, as well as, new beginnings, D/s, various lifestyles, all while on a seven-day cruise. Not everything is black and white and in the end, many people will have learned what is important in their life and who makes the difference for them. The story has explicit sex scenes and is described in details that make the reader feel like a voyeur watching it all unfold. The story is the beginning of a new series, and I look forward to the next book that should be out in December.

    Sapphire: A BDSM Cruise Romance (Midnight Oasis Book 2)

    The second book in the Midnight Oasis takes the reader on a new journey, full of anguish, shock, reinvention, survival, and new beginnings. Madison MacIntrye is like the phoenix that rose from the ashes, and this story will cross many lines and eventually bring about peace and happiness. From the Onyx to Sapphire, the story evolves.

    We met Madison while she was working on the Onyx and during the staff auction, Dimitri Zilkin, co-owner of Midnight Oasis, was the winning bidder for the night, or in this case, a week with Madison. It is the beginning of a D/s relationship, but things change with Xavier Legend enters the picture, and he is calling her Amber. It is apparent there are secrets, and both Dimitri and Xavier won’t stop until they have answers.

    Two men, Dimitri and Xavier, both want Madison, and together they work out how they can both be in her life full-time, rather than trying to make her choose. They realize they can make this work, and would rather share her together than take a chance and both of them lose her forever. What will Madison do when she is propositioned by them to both be in her life as her Masters?

    The one thing that these two Masters will demand is the complete story along with the truth of her life, her past, who she really is, and what happened to her to bring her to this place in her life. Can Amber/Madison take the chance that once Dimitri and Xavier know all the dirty secrets, what all she has endured, and how she has had to bury Amber Sinclair and emerge as Madison MacIntrye?

    “To life, love, and truth. May they only bring us closer.” There is one other party involved in the secret.

    The story has some intense, heartbreaking moments, along with total acceptance. The good, the bad, and the ugly, all make up the life of Madison, and her men both admire and respect her for everything she has endured and overcome to emerge this beautiful, passionate, and giving woman. How far are they willing to go to make the culprits pay for her pain? The story is very explicit in sexual scenes that include M-F-M ménage scenes, BDSM, and even details in previous years attempted date rape of a minor, rape, human trafficking, and drug abuse.

    Black Diamond: A BDSM Cruise Romance (Midnight Oasis Book 3)

    The third book in the Midnight Oasis series brings a new journey, one for Dulcinea and Jackson. The story is good versus evil, new beginnings, painful past, finding family, forging alliances, angst, and happiness. There will be many people from previous stories and several new ones. Midnight Oasis is a cruise ship line that features three unique ships that cater to the BDSM lifestyle. The newest of the fleet is Black Diamond

    Dulcinea Bedford has recently lost her mother, and with the help of Max and Rayna, she is moving forward in her life. She has never known her father, or even who he is because her mother fears for Didi’s life if he were to find her. They moved often, and her mother homeschooled her but shared her dreams and hopes for the future. Since her mother’s death, she has begun a new life, adopting a BDSM lifestyle, and just completed her submissive training when tragedy strikes and she is blinded. She will be sponsored and join Max and Rayna on the Black Diamond but will start the cruise with a red wristband.

    Jackson Blackhawk is a football player that has suffered an injury on the field and is sidelined. He has a strong love of his Native American heritage.

    “In my culture, you are given a spirit guide to help you find your way through life. My wolf guide has howled for you since the first time I saw you.”

    Jackson is dominant and accepts his friends offer of sponsorship to the launching of the newest Midnight Oasis, Black Diamond.

    The story will have the marriage of Madison to her two men, Xavier and Dimitri. Several people will become joined as a family, even if it was because of an evil man, Richard Arcola, and the painful past of their mothers. Together they can become stronger and heal as a family.

    The plot of the story is full of intrigue, internal battles, learning a painful piece of the past, finding a lifetime of family for the future, exploring desires, and being open to the future.

    “You just needed to picture yourself in the future, once you had the dream, your heart chose the face.”

    The story has BDSM, domestic discipline, power exchange, and explicit sex scenes. I am sad to see this series end but look forward to seeing where Ms. Shannon takes us with her next book.

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