Melanie’s Education

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A woman explores her inner child in an age-play relationship while returning to college to complete her education.


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Melanie is a vibrant woman who has overcome most of her trust issues resulting from a childhood in foster care. She has the love and support of her long-time Daddy/husband as she embarks on a much desired but difficult degree program. Melanie looks at the homework assignments and interaction with the other students, as additional time she will have to spend ‘little’.

Daddy Jeff is proud of his little Mel and will be her rock as she navigates through scary new challenges. He knows frightened little girls don’t always make smart decisions and he will always provide necessary correction. His strict and loving discipline will help his little Mel find her inner best.


Sample Chapter

Chapter One

The car’s air-conditioning was set to maximum in an effort to combat the sultry Florida humidity, but the frosty internal air did not cool the driver’s heated temper.? Jeff took a deep calming breath, concentrated on driving safely, and did his best to ignore the tennis shoe clad foot of his 38-year-old wife Melanie rhythmically kicking the glove compartment.? Another two minutes and approximately forty thumps later, he quietly addressed his wife/6 year old little-girl, “Your continued kicking of the glove compartment has me about to turn this car around and go back to the house.? Do you want to buy your school supplies or shall we just skip it and get right to the spanking you’ve earned?”

Melanie, who’d been deep in thought and unaware of her foot tapping, gasped. “I’m sorry, Daddy, I was thinking about school and it was making me nervous.”? She stuttered, “I- I w-want to get my supplies.”?

Jeff replied sternly, “OK, both feet on the floor – now.”?

Melanie complied quickly, her foot landing with a resounding thunk.? Jeff then asked gently “What is it about school that is making you nervous?”

Melanie focused her gaze on her lap and remained quiet for almost a full minute while Jeff admired her beautiful long brunette hair, pulled off her face today by a single large barrette, and the ivory skin of her cheek that he knew was always baby soft.? Even after fifteen years of marriage, Jeff knew his little girl/wife needed time to formulate her clearly upsetting thoughts into words, so he calmly waited for her to begin.? In an almost whisper Melanie said, “I won’t know anyone, and I’ll be older than everyone else.”? Her voice rose in pitch when she continued. “I have classes that will be really hard for me,” she finished in a plaintive wail, “so I’m afraid I’ll fail and waste our money.”

While his little girl was rattling off her list, Jeff had pulled the car into a parking place at their local mall but left the engine on so the air conditioning would continue to cool the vehicle as they talked.? He knew Melanie, when anxious or afraid, could literally make herself sick and so it helped her to talk through her worries immediately.? He also knew from experience he could ease her fears by making suggestions that would help her break down her concerns into an actionable plan with logical steps.? The sooner this happened, the more safe and secure she would feel.? So he turned to face his little girl and gently squeezed her hand as he acknowledged her fears. “That list would make anyone nervous honey.? Let’s examine them one at a time, OK?”?

Melanie, listening to her Daddy’s calm soothing voice, took a deep breath and said, “OK, Daddy.”

Jeff rubbed his thumb across her knuckles and began. “The first day at any new school can be scary.? So next week we could go to the campus and walk to all your classes, find the lunch place, and the library.? That way you’ll already know where you’re going and where you can sit and rest in between your classes.? Sound good?”?

Melanie let out her breath on a sigh and said, “Yes, I think that would help a lot.”

Jeff smiled and continued. “Good.? As for not knowing anyone, you’ll meet people in your classes when you sit down that first day for each of the lecture periods, and you know they will be nervous too because they don’t know anyone either, right?”?

Melanie said, “I didn’t think of it that way, but you’re right.”?

Jeff continued. “And if you’re really scared and want to talk to someone friendly, you’ll have your cell phone with you and you can call me.? Right?”

Melanie looked back down at her lap and whined, “But I don’t want to interrupt you at work, Daddy.”?

Jeff reached out and cupped her chin gently lifting her face until she looked up at him once again. “You know how happy it makes me to hear your voice throughout the day, and how I look forward to your calls.? I never consider my baby’s call an interruption ? ever! And I know that deep down you know that.? So let’s just agree right now that you’ll call me in between each of your classes on the first day and tell me how the lecture went, what the professor is like, and the other students you met. OK?”

Melanie paused and thought about that for a minute. “I will look forward to the end of each class knowing I’ll be able to talk to you,” she said.?

Jeff chuckled and gave her a hug. “And I’ll be watching the clock, waiting for your call, but I also want you to pay attention to the lectures and take good notes.? OK?”?

Melanie actually laughed this time. “Yes, Daddy, I will.” ?

“Good, because taking good notes should help you do better in your hard classes too,” he said.? “Which classes are you most worried about?” He asked this even though he already knew the answer.?

His little girl furrowed her brow, frowning, and with her voice rising in pitch again as she replied, “I’m afraid I’ll fail Statistics. I don’t see why I need to take it, and if I fail, I’ll get kicked out of school.”?

The tension of the moment was interrupted by the very loud growling of Melanie’s stomach, causing Jeff to chuckle and suggest they finish their conversation in the food court. ?His little girl nodded. “Yes Daddy.”

As she unsnapped her seatbelt and waited for her Daddy to come around and open her door, Melanie thought about how much she loved her Daddy/husband.? A former college football star who used his sports scholarship to get an economics degree and become a successful investment manager, Jeff was five years her senior.? At 6’3”, he kept his body in excellent shape, and his striking chiseled face was framed by close-cropped blond hair.? Jeff’s Nordic ancestry and athletic prowess both contributed to the broad chest and well defined arms that made women drool.? But, Melanie knew he was a one-woman man and the best Daddy in the world to her inner little girl.? He always made time for her, listened to her concerns and never made her feel foolish when she was afraid.? He cherished her, both as a capable woman and as a little girl.? Their relationship, which was sometimes in keeping with a traditional marriage, was predominately an age-play relationship that gave them a deep emotional intimacy.

Jeff opened Melanie’s door, took her hand, and began walking towards the mall entrance.? Melanie stopped, effectively halting them both in the summer heat and earnestly expressed what she had been thinking by stating. “I love you, Jeff Hansen; you help me realize the best in myself.”?

Jeff looked down at his wife, ran his hand lovingly over her hair and down her back. “I love you too, Mel – my girl, you are my universe.? I will always do what is best for you.”

?Melanie’s eyes shone with happiness. “I know. You fill my heart.”

?“Well let’s go eat so we can both fill our stomachs; I know shopping for your school clothes and supplies will wear me out.”? With that, they headed into the air-conditioned mall and followed the mall-map as well as their noses towards the food court.? As they sat down to a quick lunch of Greek salad and pizza, Jeff returned the conversation to his little girl’s concerns about potentially failing statistics.

?“Baby, I thought you wanted to get the courses you wouldn’t enjoy out of the way early,” he said.? “I think your words were ‘yucky classes’ when you had to build your first semester schedule.? Have you changed your mind?”?

In a quiet voice with her little girl lisp, Melanie replied, “No Daddy, but now I’m ‘fraid.”?

Because Jeff knew his little girl so well, he did not reply, and waited calmly looking into her eyes and allowed her time to voice her actual fears.

“This is a graduate program,” she went on fearfully. “And if I get less than a B grade in any class, I’ll get kicked out of the program.”?

Jeff remained calm and continued looking at his little girl, because he could tell by her facial expression she had more to say.?

“If I get kicked out then I’ve wasted our money.”

Jeff reached across the table and held his little girl’s hand.? “Baby, I know that the concept of statistical representation of data is frightening for you right now.”?

Melanie rolled her eyes at that statement.? He squeezed her hand just a bit tighter. “You’re current count is already at twenty swats for kicking and scuffing the dash of the car instead of sharing your feelings with me before you got yourself worked up, and now you’ve just added to it by disrespecting your Daddy.”?

Melanie gasped, but knew he was right and therefore just looked down at the table and said, “Sorry Daddy.”

Daddy continued, “That’s why I encouraged you to get Stats out of the way in your first semester, remember?”?

Melanie replied, “Yes, we agreed it would be the class I would least enjoy, and if I got it over with right away that I would be able to relax for all the other semesters and appreciate learning a subject I have always wanted to study.”?

Daddy urged her to continue, “And?”?

Melanie sighed. “And I have a built-in tutor, that’s my Daddy, because he’s so good at statistics.? You will review all of my homework and help me if I need it.”?

Daddy nodded. “Once more, has something changed since you finalized your schedule that I am unaware of?”

“No Daddy,” she answered. “I just don’t want to make your day longer by having to tutor me when you get home from work.? If I am going to take on a graduate studies program I should be able to handle the workload without help.”

Jeff shook his head. “Baby, when we got married, didn’t you say you would help lift me up in the bad times as well as the good?”

“Well sure?but?” she began.?

Jeff held up his hand, silently asking her to wait and he went on. “So you’re saying you’ll always help me, but I’m not allowed to help you?? How can that be a good relationship? And your assumption that spending time with my baby girl and helping her learn a subject that I enjoy will be a chore for me?? Mel, it will be fun for me, and I’m looking forward to it. ” ?

“Daddy,” Melanie replied, going into a soft but still plaintive wail, “I know you’ve made my dream of graduate school possible, and I want to make you proud of me in this program by getting good grades.”

“Sweetheart,” he said with his love for her carrying in his voice, “I am the proudest Papa on the planet.? My little girl, and wife, is a brilliant woman. ??I know it because I live with her and get to talk with her every day, and she helps me make decisions about my work.? The grad school knows it because they reviewed your academic and professional records and accepted you into their program.? The only person not in awe of your ability is you.? Now you know that stats is one of my best subjects, while understanding and empathizing with people is yours; which is why I wholeheartedly support you in this degree program.? This is your life’s goal, and I feel valued by you to be a small help in your achievement of your vision.? By giving you a push when needed in a single Stats class so you can kick butt for the remainder of your program.? Will you deny me a chance to help you achieve your dream?”

Because he was a normally taciturn, numbers-oriented man, the passion in his voice and length of his speech conveyed to Melanie her husband’s pride in her abilities, and his desire to see her achieve her dream of attaining a Master’s in Psychology.? She responded, her voice wavering with her love for this generous and remarkable man, “I’m so lucky to have such a smart and wonderful Daddy.”

Jeff laughed, “Smart to hold on to you for sure; let’s go pick out your school clothes.”? Holding hands they walked towards the clothing stores.

At 5’10” Melanie was well above average height for a woman and had difficulty finding off-the-rack clothes that fit her well, let alone were flattering to her graceful figure.? It was a source of great frustration for her, and made her view clothes shopping like most people viewed root canals.? That’s why Jeff had steered them to the mall first and saved going to the super store for notebooks, pens, and other supplies as something for her to look forward to later in the day.

The stores had a wide selection of all the nearby university sweatshirts and colors; Jeff began picking up the collegiate standards of polo shirts, kaki and colored pants, and sweatshirts.?? As a Daddy, he wanted his little girl clothed in conservative and understated clothing, while also recognizing her need to “blend in” with the rest of the student body.?

Melanie had worked outside their home for most of their married life, and was adept at mentally switching from her big-girl to her little-girl mindset, which was facilitated by changing her clothes when she came home after the workday.? Jeff had met her when she was just out of college working as a social worker and foster child advocate; she had been in foster care herself for fourteen years and was therefore committed to as well as concerned for the children she placed.? Not surprisingly, she often had trouble relaxing at the end of her workday.?

They were both understandably excited for her to start school.? The homework tasks and more free time in her schedule would allow her to be her mentally “little” a greater part of each day.? Melanie’s inner little girl ranged from six years to fourteen years, depending on her mood and the activity she was engaged in.

The year-round warmth of Florida enhanced Little Melanie’s’ ability to dress in her young mindset when they went grocery shopping or running other errands.?? Her denim coveralls were loose enough to conceal pull-up toddler pants on those days she was being particularly young or was ill.? Today though, she was wearing cotton shorts with a matching button down short sleeve shirt that had a sunflower applique trailing up the left side. ?Melanie took the pants and one of the polo shirts to the fitting rooms to try on.? The store had only a few of the pants in “tall’ size, and Jeff had picked them all and made a mental note to order several more pairs online when they got home.? Once Melanie had tried on the clothes and modeled their fit to her Daddy, their purchases were accomplished quickly.

As they headed out of the mall towards their car, Jeff swung his arm holding his little girl’s hand. “That has your school uniform taken care of,” he announced. “So now you need a backpack and notebooks.”

Melanie giggled. “Can I get some new coloring books, Daddy?”?

He smiled at this. “Sure, we’ll pick them up when we buy your notebooks and you can have them after your physical if you are good for Dr. Cynthia.”

“Oh Daddy, do I have to go see Dr. Cynthia?” she asked, her voice suddenly trembling.?

Jeff’s reply was firm. “Baby, you’ve got the form in the car that you have to turn in at school which certifies your immunizations are up to date and you’re in good health.? It has to be signed by a doctor.? So what do you think?”

Melanie sighed with resignation. “OK, and I promise I’ll be good.”? After a momentary pause she added, “I want three new coloring books though.”

Jeff laughed as he opened her car door. “Schemer.”

Their trip through the school supply section of the local super store was relatively uneventful.? There were several moms and dads with children of all ages in tow arguing over the respective merits of Little Mermaid vs. Beauty or Ninja Warrior / X-men backpacks.? They picked up all of Melanie’s necessary spiral notebooks, pens and a large three ring binder.? Then joining the fray in the backpack aisle, where Melanie curbed her obvious desire for a Mermaid backpack and settled for a more appropriate black and orange model instead.

With a short stop in the book area for Melanie to pick out her coloring books, they quickly moved on to the checkout line.? Melanie was starting to get cranky as her mind leaped ahead to the fear filled physical exam, and had to be told more than once to quit kicking the base of the candy rack as they waited to check out.? Jeff wrapped his hand around her upper arm and leaned down until his mouth was next to hear ear. “I will spank you when we get out to the car for all your foot-kicking brattiness today,” he warned in his gruff Daddy voice.? “Do it anymore and we’ll move from a hand spanking to a paddle spanking.”?

Melanie gasped, knowing her Daddy kept a paddle in the trunk of his car for occasions such as this, and quickly straightened herself up to stand quietly at his side.??

When they reached the car, which he always deliberately parked at the far-off, unused section of the parking lot, Jeff opened the back seat passenger door and said, “Get in, I’ll get the car cooled off before I set fire to your bottom.”? Melanie shuddered and slid into the car on the passenger side.? After a few minutes the car began to cool down. “OK little girl, put yourself across my lap.”? When Melanie was face down over his lap he ordered her to tell him why she was being punished.

With a hitch in her breath Melanie recounted her bratty behavior in the checkout aisle.

“Don’t forget the twenty swats you’re due for kicking the dash all the way to the mall and disrespecting me by rolling your eyes,” he added.?

“Yes Daddy,” Melanie replied, not surprised that he’d remembered. Daddy never forgot a thing.

Jeff began spanking her over her shorts, but after a few swats on each cheek he pulled her shorts and panties down to her thighs and continued spanking.? Melanie let out a wail. “Daddy!” But Jeff never slowed his swats.? Instead, his spanking focused on her sit spot ensuring she would remember this chastisement every time she sat down over the next twenty-four hours.

When Melanie’s cries turned to repentant sobs, Jeff’s swats slowed and he began to stroke her backside soothingly. “There, there, baby,” he comforted. “It’s OK.”?

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” cried Melanie.?

“I know you are, baby girl,” said Jeff. “Thank you.” After a few minutes he gently raised her shorts back up to her waist and helped her sit up in his lap while he rocked her side to side in comfort, quietly crooning to her.? “I love you, baby girl,” he said.?

“I love you too,” Melanie sniffed.

Jeff leaned forward to pull a tissue from the center compartment and after wiping her eyes, he held it to her nose. “Blow.”? Melanie obeyed. “Better?”

Melanie nodded. “Thank you, Daddy; I do feel better.”

Jeff helped her back to the passenger seat and snapped her seatbelt.? Then he backed the car out of the mall parking space and headed out toward the doctor’s home office.? Melanie was quiet on the drive to the doctor’s office, but she was often introspective following a spanking so that was not unusual.? However, when they pulled up in front of Dr. Cynthia’s home, Melanie visibly shrank into herself.

Jeff knew his little girl dreaded being examined and understood her issues; their family friendship with Dr. Cynthia and her own adult little boy Gerry, while pleasant and relaxed in all the other rooms of their home, didn’t help once they stepped into the doctor’s exam room and Melanie’s fear overtook her.? ?

Jeff walked around to the passenger side and reached in helping Melanie out of the car.? He could feel her trembling through her hand clasped tightly in his own.? After ringing the doorbell he turned to her and said, “It’s just routine, baby, so we can get your paperwork signed for school.”

Dr. Cynthia opened the front door, smiling warmly at both Jeff and Melanie.? As they stepped into the cool tiled foyer area, Gerry came bounding down the stairs asking his mother if he and Melanie could go outside and play in their pool.? Dr. Cynthia put an arm around his waist and said, "I need to give Melanie a look over and sign her school paperwork. Why don’t you play a video game for a few minutes and wait for us to finish. OK?”

Gerry nodded. “OK, mom.? I’ll wait in the living room. Hurry up Mel,” he called as he went. “It’s a good day for water volleyball!”

Dr. Cynthia told Jeff to follow her to the office and Jeff pulled an unhappy Melanie along with him.? In the exam room, Jeff handed the school paperwork to Dr. Cynthia, who instructed Jeff to help Melanie undress while she looked over the forms. Dr. Cynthia stepped into her adjoining office and Jeff turned to Melanie and drew both her shorts and panties down at the same time. “Step,” he ordered.? Melanie was shaking as she stepped out of first one leg and then the other.? Jeff next started on the buttons of her shirt.? When it was removed and he reached behind her for the clasp of her bra she grasped his shoulders and sobbed.

“Please take me home, Daddy!”?

Jeff continued removing her bra and gently pressed her into the chair, addressing her kindly but firmly as he did so. “You’re OK, baby, Daddy’s here; you’re not alone.? You know Dr. Cynthia and you know she won’t hurt you.”

With big-girl logic and sincerity, Melanie looked into Jeff’s eyes. “What I know and how I feel inside are entirely different.”? Jeff, just as serious, put his forehead against hers. “Daddy’s here to keep you safe, baby.? We’re lucky to have Doctor Cynthia as your pediatrician so we can do this together and you don’t have to go to a big girl doctor.”?

Melanie knew he was right, but she still feared being in any doctor’s office even when the doctor was a friend.

Dr. Cynthia came back into the exam room with Melanie’s open chart and asked Jeff how she had been eating and sleeping.? His reply was “good” on both counts. When she then asked about bowel movement regularity, Melanie flushed beet red.? Jeff said he wasn’t sure because he usually let her do that on her own.?

Dr. Cynthia nodded. “Well, I’m noting her current and past issues with anxiety, so I would recommend a written log of bowel movement activity, which will help me ensure she’s not getting constipated.”? The doctor explained that because anxiety contributed to constipation, it was important to keep track of Melanie’s regularity.? Jeff nodded and agreed to start logging Melanie’s bowel movements.

Dr. Cynthia stepped over and gently led Melanie to the scale to check her height (5’10”) and weight (150 lbs.), noting that both were unchanged from her last visit.? Then the doctor led Mel to the exam table and said, “Hop up, little girl, I need to take your blood pressure.”?

Melanie eased her still tender behind onto the exam table and Jeff joined them, picking up the hand on Melanie’s non-cuffed arm and rubbing his thumb across her knuckles in a soothing rhythm.?

Dr. Cynthia scowled. “Well it’s a little high, but that’s to be expected in a patient with white coat syndrome.”? Then she chuckled as Jeff gave Melanie a one-armed hug around her shoulders and kissed her temple.

Dr. Cynthia checked Melanie’s lymph nodes, addressing her questions to Jeff.? “Any high fevers, colds, or other illnesses since your last visit?”? Jeff answered in the negative.? “Good,” said the doctor.? She then turned to Melanie and said, “OK darling girl, lie back and put your feet in the stirrups.”?

Melanie stiffened and whimpered, so Jeff quickly moved and place both hands on her shoulders again helping to draw her down into a reclining position.? True to his word, Jeff kept Melanie’s hand in his and spoke comforting words in her ear while Dr. Cynthia conducted the embarrassing and very uncomfortable internal examination.? When she lubed her finger and conducted a rectal examination, Melanie winced in pain.? Dr. Cynthia removed her fingers, slowly shaking her head.? She looked at Jeff and said, “Melanie is severely constipated.? She’ll need an enema right away.? Would you like me to do that while you’re here?”?

Melanie began crying, and Jeff shook his head negatively, telling the doctor he’d rather do it back home where his little girl would be calmer in familiar surroundings.

Dr. Cynthia smiled. “I understand.? Let me just give her the vaccine – I’ve already got it prepared – I’ll just get it, so stay right there.”?

Melanie’s cries turned into sobs and she reached for Jeff with both arms while trying to get up from the table at the same time.? Jeff put gentle but restraining pressure on her shoulders keeping her down on the table while comforting her with baby talk to try and calm her fear.

Dr. Cynthia returned quickly and with the skill of a true expert she gave a quick swipe of antiseptic wash to the exposed still pinkened butt cheek, then without pause pinched the skin at cheek center while injecting the needle in a swift motion.? By the time Melanie found her voice to cry out, the shot was over and Dr. Cynthia was removing her legs from the stirrups, praising her patient as she did. “That’s it, darling Melanie; you’re all done.? Jeff, I’ll just finalize this paperwork while you get her dressed.” ??

Jeff moved swiftly knowing Melanie was cold from her fear and would only begin to feel better once she was safely home.? He had her dressed and off the table in record time.? Dr. Cynthia came back in surprised to see them ready to leave so quickly.

?“Melanie just needed a tetanus booster this time, so you’re good to go until you’ll both need flu shots in November, but if she gets constipated like this again, you need to call me.”? Handing the paperwork to Jeff, she turned and led them back down the hall to the entry area.? Gerry, having heard them coming, ran over excitedly asking if Melanie was ready to go swimming. Dr. Cynthia turned to her adult little boy and softly explained that Melanie had to go home and get a dose of tummy medicine so she wouldn’t be able to swim with him today.? His eyes widened at the explanation.

“Oh poor Melanie,” he said.

Their goodbyes said, Jeff put Melanie in their car ensuring her seatbelt was buckled, and waving to Dr. Cynthia and Gerry, he pulled out of their drive heading for home.? Melanie remained silent for the short drive.? While she was able to maintain a semblance of calm throughout most of the examination by Dr. Cynthia, her fear of doctors stemmed from early in her childhood in foster care when she was accompanied to school physicals by foster parents she may have only known a day or two and examined by doctors she didn’t know at all.?

Melanie had been thrown into a series foster care homes when her parents died in a car accident just after her fourth birthday; she had no other family and her young parents had not made wills or identified a guardian for their only child.? Her lasting fear of doctors, as the psychological representative of her lost childhood security, was something she had both shared with Jeff and had been struggling to overcome as an adult. ?But every examination took her back to those early fear-filled exams when she was so alone.? Melanie knew her Daddy understood her fear and she reached out gently touching his thigh and said, “Thank you, Daddy, I love you very much.”


12 reviews for Melanie’s Education

  1. Kzoo

    Very good character development in this first book of a new series. A sweet romance, even if it is an age-play! Very sensitively done – I especially liked the part about the dogs! I\\\’d recommend this to anyone who reads romance.

  2. Kzoo

    Very good character development in this first book of a new series. A sweet romance, even if it is an age-play! Very sensitively done – I especially liked the part about the dogs! I’d recommend this to anyone who reads romance.

  3. KArc (verified owner)

    This is an enjoyable story that has both the strict discipline and sweet romance of an age-play relationship.

  4. KArc (verified owner)

    This is an enjoyable story that has both the strict discipline and sweet romance of an age-play relationship.

  5. Laurel (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this book. I find that I like the age play books. The character development is strong, the loving daddy and the strict disipline. Melanie\\\’s daddy helps her learn to study and develop strong self disipline.

  6. Laurel (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this book. I find that I like the age play books. The character development is strong, the loving daddy and the strict disipline. Melanie’s daddy helps her learn to study and develop strong self disipline.

  7. SH (verified owner)

    This was a good quick read for me. Not as harsh as some AP can be and a sweet story.

  8. SH (verified owner)

    This was a good quick read for me. Not as harsh as some AP can be and a sweet story.

  9. Katy Beth (verified owner)

    I really love the way Jeff cares for Melanie and encourages her to be her best. I can\\\’t wait for more.

  10. Katy Beth (verified owner)

    I really love the way Jeff cares for Melanie and encourages her to be her best. I can’t wait for more.

  11. Ella (verified owner)

    A cute age play story, and a daddy that really cares about how well his little girl is doing. Strict schedules, and good punishments.

  12. Ella (verified owner)

    A cute age play story, and a daddy that really cares about how well his little girl is doing. Strict schedules, and good punishments.

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