Meeting John Wayne

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When Marcie Wyld, doctor and woman of science, decides to slip through time to join her sister in Texas, 1888, she plans and prepares. She packs vaccinations, medications, and surgical supplies. She takes old-fashioned clothes and money. 

She does not plan on meeting John Wayne, Texas Ranger, cowboy god. The man of her dreams. She is not prepared to lose her heart. 

John Wayne admires Marcie’s intelligence and independent spirit. He hopes she will remain in his time. But life in the Old West is dangerous, especially for a woman alone, and he must keep her safe. It’s simple: follow his rules, or find herself over his knee. 

Can a modern woman accept old-fashioned love and discipline? Will the call of operating rooms, delis, and sparkling ice lead her back to the future? Can John Wayne keep her safe and win her heart? Can he convince her to stay? 

Publisher’s Note: This romance contains elements of domestic discipline, and explicit love scenes.


Sample Chapter



“Holy hell!” Marcie muttered under her breath. “It worked.”

Turning in a slow circle she scanned the horizon, her light green eyes darkened in concentration. The absence of headlights throwing yellow feelers into the night, and the disappearance of telephone poles standing in rigid rows sent a queasy wriggling to her stomach. She drew a deep breath and closed her eyes. She listened to the deep quiet of a non-mechanized, non-car world. The silence had a depth that soothed. Overhead the meteor shower that propelled her slip through time burned and flared in brilliant streaks of light.

Picking up her two bags, Marcie turned in the direction of her childhood home and started walking. She came to find her sister. Her sister who disappeared five years ago. Disappeared without a trace. She never believed such a thing was possible, but she knew better now. Without a trace happened. Marcie had been frantic with worry, consumed with guilt, and missed her sister like an amputated limb.

A short message on a painted piece of wood had appeared on the river bank two weeks after the disappearance telling her not to worry. Fat chance. Marcie moved home and checked that river bank daily. Four years later, Amanda sent a letter with the unbelievable story of falling one hundred years through time during a meteor shower—with how-to instructions if she cared to follow.

Marcie packed and planned and prepared for the next year. Tonight, meteors blazed. Falling stars fell, and Marcie had gone to the river with two bags clutched tightly on her lap and… it worked. The modern world of electricity, highways and telephones was gone.

She stopped as the sky exploded in another brilliant shower of light. Just ahead the silhouette of a barn stood in stark relief against the glowing sky. Marcie lifted her skirt with one hand, pulled her bags closer to her side and ran. Those grueling hours spent running down country roads paid off now. The rhythm of her pumping legs saying A  manda, Amanda, Amanda.

When close to the barn, Marcie stopped and listened. A woman cried and apologized to a steady smack of hand on flesh. A low voice rumbled beneath the female distress. “Now, darlin’, you knew better. You knew better, and you went outside anyway. What would I tell Tommy and Jeanette and Joe if their mommy was gone? How would we go on? We would all be heart broken.”

“I know. I know. I’m sorry, Tom. Please, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” Her voice wailed into the dusky gloom of the barn.

The smack, smack, smack, paused and resumed. “Well, let’s just be sure that’s the case.”

Marcie crept to the door of the barn and peeked inside. A wide expanse of masculine back was turned to her. He sat on a bale of hay with a woman securely pinned across his lap. Even from this distance Marcie could tell her bottom glowed like an Hawaiian sunset. A large hand floated into the air and fell with a clap onto scarlet cheeks.

Marcie crept closer. The hand drew back once more revealing a heart shaped birthmark on the back of the woman’s left thigh. She would know that mark anywhere.

She shot forward. Her small fists pummeled the muscled back. “Stop hitting my sister. Stop right now. Stop. Amanda, are you all right?” The man’s arm hung in the air. His palm suspended at the apex of his swing. Amanda twisted her head to look over her shoulder. “Marcie?” she croaked. “Is that you, Marcie?”

Amanda squirmed and struggled, “Let me up. Let me up.”

“Settle down, Amanda. You’ll hurt yourself. Let me help.” The big man lifted her sister and sat her carefully on his lap.

“That’s mighty funny. You’re worried she’ll hurt herself when you were just beating her.” Marcie stamped her foot and threw her arms in the air.

“Now, hold on a dog-gone minute. I was not beating my wife. I was spanking her, and she deserved it. But that’s between Amanda and me, and none of your business.”

“None of my business? That’s my sister with the crimson bottom, my friend.” Marcie’s hands were planted on her hips while her eyes shot daggers at the cowboy.

“Your sister?” His eyebrows rushed to his hairline.

“Marcie, oh my God, Marcie. It’s you. I have missed you so much.” Amanda jumped from her husband’s lap and threw her arms around Marcie’s neck and hugged. She pulled back for a better look and hugged again.

“Why was that man beating you?” Marcie continued to glare over her sister’s shoulder.

“That man is my husband, and he wasn’t beating me. It was a spanking. It’s different in this time. Most men spank their wives.”

“But why?”

“Because we have a rule. I am not to go outside on nights like tonight when the sky is lit up like the Fourth of July. I don’t want to slip away in time, and we don’t really know how it all works. But I woke up tonight, and something called me, pulled me outside. Now that I see you, I think I felt your arrival. I should have asked Tom to check. He would have been happy to do it. Instead, he woke up, and I was gone, and the meteors were shining like high noon. He found me standing in the yard in my nightgown gazing at the show. I knew better. I deserved the spanking.”

Amanda looked from her husband to her sister. “Marcie, I’d like you to meet my husband, Tom Thornton. Tom, this is my sister, Marcie.”

Marcie extended her hand, and Tom took it in his much larger one. “Women don’t shake hands with men in 1888. I tip my hat and you give a polite nod.” His laugh echoed in the cavernous barn.

“Come inside. We didn’t want to wake the children. That’s why we were using the barn.” Tom picked up Marcie’s bags, and the three walked to the house.

A large black and gray dog slept in front of the banked fire. He raised his head and thumped his big tail on the floor. Tom motioned and said, “Rex, come meet Marcie.” The old dog pulled himself up and came to Tom’s side. “He’s a good dog, protective and smart.”

Marcie leaned down to rub his ears. “Hello, Rex. Nice to meet you.” Rex leaned into her hand with eyes tightly closed.

Tom pointed to the rug in front of the fire. “Down, Rex.”

“Well, there’s surely no doubt that you two are sisters. You’re alike as two peas in a pod.” The small women stood side by side. They both had a sprinkle of freckles across their noses. But, Marcie’s mass of curls were a darker brown and shorter than her sister’s. Amanda’s eyes were the shade of a summer sky while Marcie’s were the light green of a new fern. From a distance, they would be hard to tell apart. He chuckled.

“You two girls should get some sleep. The children will be up in a few hours, and then the day will be started tired or not.” Tom looked from blue eyes to green ones.

“I know, but I haven’t seen Marcie in four years. I can’t believe you’re here. You are a sight for sore eyes.” Amanda put an arm around Marcie’s waist and pulled her close.

“You’ll be tired tomorrow.” He raised an eyebrow in warning.

“I know, but we can take a little nap when the children rest after dinner. We’ll be all right, but thanks for worrying about us.” Amanda’s voice was quiet, respectful.

“I guess I’m going to bed alone.” Tom’s pursed lips spoke of displeasure. “Marcie, you can sleep in the loft. It will be the boy’s room when they are big enough to climb a ladder, but it’s empty now.”

“Thank you. I just need the one bag with me in the loft. So, Tommy and Jeanette, right? They must be four and two. I am excited to meet them.” Tom took the bag his sister-in-law pointed at and headed for the ladder.

“Yes, Tommy and Jeanette, but now we have baby Joe. He’s three months old. They are a lively bunch and will be beyond thrilled to have a new aunt.”

“So, do you have indoor plumbing?” Marcie asked.

Amanda’s laugh emerged as an amused snort. “No. Come on. I’ll show you the outhouse.”

Marcie squealed and opened the case left behind. She pulled out a roll of toilet paper, a new toothbrush and a large tube of toothpaste. “I brought some modern conveniences. I couldn’t resist.”

“So, this is toilet paper. Amanda has even talked of it in her sleep.” Tom examined the roll of quilted heaven he had heard so much about. “You both know anything not from our time must be kept out of sight. I don’t think we should let Tommy or Jeanette see it, either. At their ages, they are terrible with secrets. I’m headed for bed. See you in the morning, Marcie. Welcome to our home.”

“Thank you. Once I got your message and knew I had a chance to see Amanda and meet her family, I had to try the time leap. I’m still a little shocked it worked, but here I am.” Marcie held her dress out to her sides and did a small curtsy.

“Come on.” Amanda led her sister around the house to a little building. “This time does have its drawbacks, but I love it here. I’ll see you back inside when you’re finished.”

Marcie opened the door to the outhouse and shook her head. “Drawbacks, indeed.”



Little voices brought Marcie struggling to consciousness. She lay quiet and listened to their stage whispers.

“When will she get up, Mama?”

“I don’t know. She arrived very late, and she’s tired. Will you help your sister with her shoes, please?”

“I’m awake. I’ll be right down. I’m just dressing now.” Marcie unrolled the toilet paper, ripped off a good piece and stuffed it in her pocket.

She climbed down the ladder holding her skirt away from her descending feet. Two little people stood wide-eyed at the bottom. “Hello. I bet you are Tommy and Jeanette.”

The little heads bobbed in agreement. “I am your Aunt Marcie. Pleased to meet you. Can you show me the way to the outhouse?”

More solemn nodding. She extended her hands, and the children each seized one and pulled her toward the door. “Good morning, Amanda.” Her sister sat in a rocker by the fire with a baby at her breast. “That must be Joe.”

“This is Joseph Gabriel Thornton. When you finish outside, I saved some breakfast for you.” Amanda removed her nipple from the baby’s mouth with a pop and positioned him on the other side.

When she returned with a child attached to each hand, Amanda was lowering the sleeping baby into his cradle. She moved to the stove and retrieved a covered plate from the stovetop. “Sorry, no microwave, but it should still be warm.”

“This looks delicious. Thank you.”

Amanda turned her attention to the children. “Tommy and Jeanette. Can you take the wash tubs outside? Take the little bucket and fill both tubs half full of water from the pump.”

Marcie watched their little backs disappear through the door. Tommy walked with swift purpose, and Jeanette toddled behind. “How are you, Amanda? Tell me about life in the wild west.”

“Well, it’s not so wild anymore, but it is a lot of work—sun-up to sundown most days.” She shrugged her shoulders. “But I am happy here with Tom and my children. I need to wash some diapers for Joe, or we will be mighty sorry later. While the children are outside, tell me about home. What have you been doing? How is the ranch?”

“The ranch is fine. Do you remember our cousin Brett?” Marcie scooped scrambled eggs onto her fork and waited.

“Of course. Aunt Brigit and Uncle Ben’s son.”

“Yes, well, he married Miranda Steward, and they had a little girl.”

“Miranda Steward? Oh, no. That little cheat?” Amanda snorted but continued filling a large pot with water from the kitchen pump. She turned and placed it on the stovetop.

“Yep. The very one. Anyway, after the baby was born, she went back to running around. Brett filed for divorce, and he has shared custody. She got the house and most of the money in the bank, so I asked him to move in with me. Told him I needed his help—masculine pride and all. He’s staying in your room as a matter of fact. I left a letter with my lawyer that if I don’t return after six months, he should turn the deed of the ranch over to him. It will keep the property in the Wyld family.”

Amanda bent over the cradle and pulled the light blanket over the baby’s shoulders. “You might stay?”

Marcie cleared her throat. “Probably not, but I thought I’d cover my bases.”

“You had just started working as a doctor in Houston when I left. What happened?”

“When you disappeared, I was frantic. The police and the community searched and searched for you and then your first message appeared. It said you were happy and not to worry, so the search was called off.”

“I’m sorry, Marcie. I knew you must have been upset, but I was drawn into life here. A range war was on, and Tom was being threatened. I’ll tell you all about it later. What did you do next?”

“People are injured, babies are born, and hearts give out in San Miguel as well as Houston, so I resigned my position and moved home. Every day I rode to the river and checked for another sign, and a year ago I found your letter and the photo of your family that you sent.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll be right back.” Using a large towel, Amanda carried the pot of hot water outside. Amanda’s voice drifted into the house. “Good job, children. You may play now, but don’t go farther than the barn. Tommy, watch out for your sister, and don’t bother the puppies.”

Marcie added the hot water to the first tub and tested the warmth with her hand.

Marcie emerged from the house. “Puppies? You have puppies?” The children responded with grins and vigorous nods.

“Go play.” Amanda gestured toward the yard.

“Yes, ma’am.” Small feet thudded away on the hard-packed dirt.

“Puppies?” Marcie turned a frown toward her sister. “Three kids aren’t enough?”

Amanda laughed. “Rex is ten years old. Much as we hate to admit it, he is slowing down. Our friend in town, Arnie, had what Tom called a ‘likely bitch’, so we brought her to the ranch and left her in the barn with Rex and King. King is Rex’s brother. He belongs to our friends Henry and Becky. Long story short, Daisy was pregnant when the doors opened. The method certainly lacked romance, but life in this time has fewer illusions. No Tramp and Lady sharing spaghetti here.” She laughed and turned to watch Tommy and Jeanette drawing in the dirt with a stick. “The deal was we would keep Daisy here when she whelped and until the pups were old enough to go to new homes. Arnie had first pick and took the only female. We will keep two and Henry and Becky will take two. We just have one pup left who needs a home. You need good dogs on the ranch, and this way Rex can help train the pups.”

“How old are they?”

“Five weeks. Tom is feeding them gruel, and they will go to new homes soon. Tommy and Jeanette have each claimed and named one. We don’t let them handle the pups if we aren’t with them. They can be too rough.”

The two women returned to the house. Amanda filled the pot at the kitchen pump and placed it on the stovetop. “I’m going to put the diapers in the warm water to soak.”

Marcie followed her sister and watched as she dumped the soiled clothes into the water. “Can I help?”

“Not right now. Tell me what happened next. What made you decide to try the time jump?” Amanda stood with hands on her slender hips and watched her sister’s green eyes sweep over the ranch.

“I wanted to see you and the life you chose. I worried about the children and you and Tom. One bag contains the clothes I had made for this time, but the other bag contains medicine. Vaccinations for most childhood diseases. There is still nothing to prevent chicken pox, but small pox, measles, mumps, rubella, typhoid, whooping cough, and tetanus. I have antibiotics, sterile sutures, gauze, sedatives, pain medication, surgical gloves and drapes, ether. Anything I could fit in the bag.” She paused. “I also brought a book of medical practices and herbal medicine of the time, a set of surgical instruments from this time and modern tools as well.”

Amanda’s mouth dropped open, “’That’s, well, that’s amazing.”

“I will begin the children’s vaccinations. I can show you how to administer the medicine and leave a schedule and the medicine behind, in case I return to the future. If I stay longer, I’ll do it myself. I took a three month leave from the hospital.”

Amanda’s eyes looked suspiciously bright. “You have no idea, Marcie. We live in fear of those diseases. Tommy almost died from pneumonia last winter, and I thought every day about antibiotics and how I had taken them for granted.” She paused to wipe at her blurry eyes. “Our best friends, Henry and Becky, have two children. Do you have enough serum for them, too?”

“Do they know you were not born in this time?”

“They do, but no one else does.”

“Yes, of course, I can inoculate them.”

Amanda turned toward the door. “Stay here. I’m going to get the other pot of hot water.”

Marcie listened to the childish voices emanating from the barn. They seemed to be talking to the cow. She sighed. Such sweet innocence.

Her sister returned and added the hot water to the rinse tub. Placing a washboard in the soapy water, she scrubbed the diapers, twisted the excess soap out, and dropped them into the rinse water. “Marcie, you can dunk these diapers in the clean water and hang them to dry on the line. That would be a great help.”

They worked in companionable silence. Marcie watched her sister sweat over the hot water. “Want some disposable diapers?”

Amanda laughed. “You know, I used to always have those thoughts. I wish I could get dinner at the drive-through. I wish I had a dishwasher. I sure would like to go to a movie. I’d have killed for a drug store with rows of scented soap, herbal shampoos, deodorant, and toothpaste. Well, you get the point. I guess I’m so used to this life now that I forget about the modern comforts I left behind.” She leaned toward the house. “Joe’s awake.”

Marcie hung the last diaper on the line and followed her sister into the house. Amanda was already throwing a wet diaper in a bucket. “What can I do to help?” She looked around the neat room.

“I’ll nurse Joe. Then let’s go check on Tommy and Jeanette. They can play with the puppies for a bit if we’re there.” Amanda unbuttoned the bodice of her dress, and Joe threw his arms wildly and arched his little back. He latched onto his mother’s breast with a loud purr of satisfaction and grabbed a strand of curly hair in his tiny fist.

“Amanda, I can’t stop thinking about Tom beating you last night. How can you allow it?”

“I told you he was not beating me. It was a spanking. He spanks me because he loves me and wants to keep me safe. I’m sure it seems odd to you, but it’s true.” Amanda lifted Joe and set him on her lap.

“But women from our time wouldn’t go along, wouldn’t stand for… I can’t let you,” she hesitated, looked around and lowered her voice, “Maybe you and the children should come back with me.”

“Marcie, don’t you ever say such a thing again.” Anger caused a shaking tremor in Amanda’s voice. “I would never take the children away from their father. I would never leave my husband. I love him. I would not trade my life here for all the comforts in the world. You might not understand some parts of our life, but it is between Tom and me.”

Tension vibrated as Amanda’s blue eyes glared into Marcie’s green ones. The sound of boots mounting the porch turned their attention to the door. Tom stopped and stamped the dust from his feet, Rex waiting by his side. “Lay down, boy.” The dog followed his finger to the blanket by the fireside.

“Hello, ladies.” He stopped and looked from one small woman to her near mirror image. Anger darted through the air, low and thunderous. He paused and looked at the two scowling, tight faces. “Everything all right?”

Amanda moved into his embrace. “Yes, we were just talking. You’re in early. We were just going to take Joe to the barn and show Marcie the puppies.”

“I’ve been thinking about Marcie all morning, and I’d like to talk to both of you when the young ones go down for their naps.” Tom moved toward Joe and held out his hands. “Let me hold Joe. I haven’t seen him yet today. I’ll go with you.”

Tommy and Jeanette were watching the puppies play when the adults entered the barn.

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” echoed from the rafters followed by the sound of little feet as the children threw themselves at Tom’s knees.

“How are my buckaroos?” Tom handed the baby to Amanda and reached down to pat their little backs.

“We’re so good. We didn’t touch the puppies. Can we play with them now you’re here?” Tommy pleaded.

“Sure.” He lifted Tommy and Jeanette over the gate and stepped inside the pen himself. “You can show your pups to Aunt Marcie. Be careful and pick them up under their tummies.”

“This one is mine, Aunt Marcie.” Tommy lifted a wiggling bundle of fur from the ground. “His name is Cowboy.” Tommy grinned and snuggled the puppy to his chest.

“Why don’t you sit down, Jeanette, and I’ll put the puppy in your lap.” Her little butt hit the straw, and she held out her hands.

“Dog.” She looked hopefully at her aunt.

“Yes, it’s a dog.” Marcie agreed.

“No, his name is Dog.” Jeanette insisted.

“Oh, I see.” Marcie made a small bow. “Nice to meet you, Cowboy and Dog. Those are some mighty fine puppies. You are very lucky.”

The children nodded, beamed, and wriggled all at once.

“I’ll take Joe and get dinner ready. Can you bring the children to the house in about fifteen minutes?”

“Of course, darling’.” Tom leaned down to plant a kiss on his wife’s lips.

While they ate, Jeanette sat on her Daddy’s lap while he helped her guide her spoon. Amanda held Joe, and Tommy perched on the edge of his chair relaying all the news of the barn and the puppies in his squeaky high voice. Marcie swallowed around the lump lodged in her throat. The love in the room hummed a sweet tune.

The older children settled to sleep and Joe sucked at his mother’s breast when Tom cleared his throat. The early afternoon hung still and heavy in the room. Amanda’s eyes drooped to a close, but at the sound of her husband’s voice, she lifted them to his handsome face.

“I’ve been thinking about how to explain Marcie’s presence. I’m sure she will want to go to town and meet folks.”

“I would love to. Is there a problem?” Marcie turned a confused face toward her brother-in-law.

“This is a small community, and the arrival of a visitor is noticed. It’s news. People would expect Amanda’s sister to get here in one of two ways. Either I would fetch you, or you would arrive on the stage. How are we to explain?” He held his hands palms up in question. “When Amanda dropped into my life,” he beamed a smile at his wife and small son, “we told everyone that I found her alone on the range after her horse bolted during a robbery. Her father had been killed in the attack. Now, I can’t keep finding young women wandering on my ranch.” Tom paused. “It’s just too dog-gone strange. Plus, we would have every single man within fifty miles searching our land and hoping to find himself a bride.” He chuckled and sent a sly wink at his wife.

“I see your point. Do you have an idea?” Marcie queried.

“I do. You and I will ride to Abilene. We’ll stay away from roads and camp out. I’ll drop you by the train station just before the east bound train arrives. Go inside. Look like you just arrived on the train. Ask the ticket agent how to get to Brook’s Hotel. Go there and check in. Make a point of talking to the waitress and the bell hop. Stay two nights. Do a little shopping. Be seen. Board the stage coach the following morning. It leaves at eight. One night on the road at a stage stop, and Marcie and I will pick you up the following afternoon in San Miguel.”

“You’ll be gone four days?” Amanda asked.

“I know it will be hard for you, darlin’, to get the chores done with three little wranglers on your hands. If it’s too much, I’ll try to think of something else.”

“No, I think it’s a fine plan.” Amanda nodded and looked at her sister with eyebrows forming crescent moons over her blue eyes.

“I had a diploma made to look like it came from a college in Boston: The New England Female Medical College. It is known mostly for training midwives. I’ve been planning to specialize in obstetrics, so it’s close to the truth. It makes sense for me to be on a train coming from the east.” Her voice trailed off into uncertainty. “I hate to leave Amanda and the children alone.”

“I don’t like it much myself,” Tom agreed with a sigh. “But tomorrow I’ll go to the bank to get money for the hotel and stage coach. The next day we’ll visit Henry and Becky. I’ll ask Henry to check on them while I am gone.”

“You don’t need to go to the bank, Tom. I have money.” Marcie stated.

Amanda’s voice oozed incredulity, “What money? You can’t spend modern money here. We’re trying to make you less conspicuous, not more.”

“I know, silly. Before I left, I went to conventions for people who collect and sell money. I bought bills and coins minted before 1887. It’s 1888 now, right?”

Tom nodded his agreement.

“I have ten thousand dollars in legal tender for this time and place.”

“Ten thousand dollars!” Tom and Amanda screeched in unison.

“What do you plan to do with all that money, young lady?” Tom’s voice both scolding and concerned.

“If I stay, I’ll need a little to get set up. I thought you and Amanda might use some. Or for the children’s education. It just seemed like a good idea to bring cash.”

Tom’s voice was steely stern. “That’s a great deal of money. Now, you take twenty dollars with you. Leave the rest tucked away in the loft. The stagecoach could be held up, and it’s just not safe for a woman alone to flash that much cash around. The hotel is one dollar a night and the coach is two. I can’t think of any possible reason to need more.” His wife nodded, but Marcie’s face wore a mutinous scowl. “Oh, I know that look. Do as I say, Marcie. It’s for your safety.” He paused. “We’ll go see Henry and Becky tomorrow, and leave the day after.”

“I’ll begin the immunizations when we get back. I want to be here in case there are any reactions. They might be cranky, and you don’t need that while we’re gone.”

Amanda nodded and looked at Tom. “I’ll explain later. We’ll make a food basket. I don’t want to be a burden on Becky.”

“That would be right nice, darlin’. I better get back to work.” Tom swung his hat to his head, called Rex to his side, and long legs carried him swiftly out the door.

“You sure you’ll be all right?” Marcie bent to pet Joe’s sleep dampened head.

“Oh, yes. Don’t worry about me. I hear Tommy and Jeanette stirring, so no more time travel talk until tonight. What a marvelous adventure—staying in Abilene and taking the stagecoach. Just remember this is reality and not a movie set. It’s confusing at first.”

“I can’t wait.” Marcie reared back on a pretend horse, whinnied, shouted, “Hi ho Silver, away!” and trotted toward the room where the children had begun to rouse.

Amanda’s laughter trailed behind her, “Oh, I’ve missed you. I’ve really, really missed you.”

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    This was a very enjoyable book. I wondered how she was going to fit the the John Wayne name in but it worked out well. An easy going book and a good read

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    Nice little time travelling western, clever idea to link to the first book and involve John Wayne. This is the second book in a series which looks like it will be 3 books but it is standalone, however the reader would benefit from reading the first book in the series. This was a gentle tale, romantic, a little bit hot in places although not overt and just the right amount of spanking to keep you interested. I enjoyed the read.

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    ByDonna Lon August 18, 2017
    This book two in this series continues with the mystery of time travel.
    During a meteor shower,Marcie Wyld travels back to San Miguel in
    1888.Marcie’s sister traveled back in time 5 years previously and is
    now married to Tom Thornton.Marcie is shocked to find Amanda
    being spanked by Tom and tries to stop him.This is not the only thing
    Marcie has to accept.This was a time and place where there was no
    such thing as women’s rights,danger was a every day occurrence and
    men took charge.Marcie first meeting with Texas Ranger John Wayne
    was full of surprises.Marcie could not stop her laughter every time his
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    Amanda, Marcie’s sister, vanished without a trace a couple of years ago. When Amanda manages to get some messages through to Marcie, including instructions how to get to 1888, the young doctor decides to follow her sister Amanda in the past. When Marcie reunites with her sister, she has to learn that things are quite different in the past. Then she meets John Wayne and falls in love with him. But there will be several lessons – involving a stinging bottom – Marcie has to learn to behave like a woman from this time. I liked all the characters, there is great chemistry between Marcie and John. I enjoyed reading the sweet time travel romance very much.

  8. Redrabbitt

    The plot will have Marcie going to the exact spot that Amanda disappeared and she found messages from the past. She will be launched into 1887, but Amanda and Tom must devise a plan including having her arrive by stagecoach in town to keep up appearances. Meeting Texas Ranger, John Wayne, comes as an unexpected surprise but also tickles the funny bone because of his name and what it represented in her time.

    Marcie will discover the differences in men from the two different eras and appropriate behavior expected of men and women. There is a definite chemistry in the works between John and Marcie, and until decisions are made, they must act accordingly. Can Marcie give up the world she left behind, along with the modern conveniences to be with her sister and a man she is falling in love with? John is ready to settle down, retire from being a Ranger, and wants to marry and raise a family, can he convince Marcie that the eighteen hundreds are her future home? Life with a 1880s man includes domestic discipline, and John has already shown Marcie he is serious about health, safety, and following instructions. There are several OTK bare bottom spankings in this tale.

    The story focuses on the differences in time periods, the attitudes of people towards the different genders, the roles that people play in the 1880s, that even more than twenty years after the Civil War, there is still racial divide and discrimination of blacks. Men are dominant, and women are hard working but expected to be submissive. When it comes to health, safety, and obedience, you are never too old for a spanking.

  9. Toni L

    This is a very amusing & original time travel story that touches on a very heartbreaking event. Overall, this is a very easy to read, lighthearted read but it does have a very serious event that touched me for very personal reasons. It could have been 5 stars for me but the easy with which time travel is accepted and the instalove just pushed it down a star in my opinion.

  10. lani

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for an honest review. this was a cute follow up to Victoria Phelps%u2019 previous book Home On The Range. We got to see a lot of Tom and Amanda in this new adventure. Amanda%u2019s sister Marcie comes back through time to check on her and finds love and adventure of her own! The only reason I am giving this a 4 out of 5 is because of inconsistencies and lack of research. There are lots of inconsistencies in time line such as children%u2019s ages and how far apart they are in age keeps changing. Also, it was just a bit too unrealistic. I understand it%u2019s a time travel romance and that part was fine. It was how prepared Marcie was to go back in time. She had all this medicine and drugs, as well as cash from the era. Now, she is a doctor but how did she get her hands on such a large supply of medication that isn%u2019t over the counter? Did she steal it? And how could she afford to buy $10,000 in 1888 era money? Even in 1988 that would cost quite a bit (as a quick google search proves). These two were major issues for me, but the rest of the story was well thought out and sweet.

  11. John Lindow

    What a great blend of science fiction involving time travel combined with a good old-fashioned western romance story. This was a very enjoyable tale of a couple of independent and feisty women from 1988 meeting some very strong-willed and hard-handed men of the time a 100 years in the past, including of course John Wayne the cowboy. Of course, these men firmly believed in domestic discipline spankings as their way of keeping the women safe, secure, loved, cared about and most importantly, obedient. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

  12. Hope W

    I enjoyed this cute time travel story combined with a domestic discipline romance! While this is book two of the series, it can also be read as a standalone. This book focuses on Amanda’s sister Marcie who found her way back in time to be with her sister. When Marcie meets John Wayne, the story takes off. John and Marcie have a strong chemistry together. Marcie is a strong and independent woman who wants to help her man. She will find a way to help, even if she pays the price for not listening and following the rules, by spending a lot of time over John’s knees. John is a strong alpha male who cares for Marcie and will do anything to protect her and keep her safe. How will these two characters find there way to combine their knowledge from two time periods and become one as a couple? Come read and find out in this wonderful story.

    The author wrote a great story with wonderful characters. She found a fun way to fit the name John Wayne into the storyline, brought back Amanda and Tom along with their kids, and added new characters also. The story kept my attention throughout the book with time travel, robberies, a medical emergency, family, friendships, laughs, love, plenty of spankings, and characters that were heartwarming and down to earth. I loved that she wrote a story that showed what is important in life and what needs to be protected in the end. I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with for her next book in the series. She always finds a way to keep the readers attention and has them pulling for her couples. I highly recommend this heartwarming and exciting book! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  13. Dyane

    I thoroughly enjoyed Meeting John Wayne, the second book in the Texas Time Travel series. The book is well-written, easy to read, and has fully developed, interesting characters. The plot was exciting and lively from the very beginning, and there is an energy about the characters that draws the readers in. I was thrilled to read that there will be a third book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  14. Darlene Bledsoe

    This book was just as good as the first one! Love, love, love a western and with John Wayne in it.WOW! John and Marcie meet when she comes years back to his time. Marcie was a doctor in her time and the present doctor tells her she will have a hard time with the local folks especially the men with her treating them. Being a mid-wife is where she will be doing most of her doctoring. She does have a life or death case, when she gets to use her medical skills. John knows Marcie is smart and took care of herself in her time, but while she is in his, he will be the one to take care of her and if that calls for a bare bottom spanking then he is ready to give it! He gives Marcie a lot of spankings because she can’t remember the rules. Great book! This book can be a stand alone, but why would you want to miss the first one? There is also a book three coming and can hardly wait! I love a western. Blushing Books had their western on sale this past week for 75% off and I bought 26 of them! Great job Victoria Phelps! 5 Big Bright Texas Stars!

  15. Pettigg

    Great!!! This one is even better than the first one. Cute, funny, sweet with some eye opening racial differences thrown in, and of course lots of over the knee lessons.

  16. rjr

    I really enjoyed this one! This is book two in the Texas Time Travel series, and although I enjoyed the first book very much, I liked this one even more. In this book, Marcie decides to follow her sister back to 1888 Texas. Marcie, being a doctor, brings as much medicine, antibiotics, and vaccinations as she can with her. Also, since she is able to plan in advance for the trip, she brings appropriate clothes and money. She doesn’t know if she will stay in the past but she wants to see her sister again and ensure she is okay. She’s also at the point in her life where taking this trip is a good thing. When of the first people she needs is a Texas Ranger named John Wayne. John Wayne is the typical man of the time. He’s a commanding alpha male and he’s gorgeous. He and Marcie are very attracted to each other. The book is full of love, laughter, spankings, and romance and is a fast, fun read. In the end, Marcie must decide whether to stay with the man she loves or return home to the conveniences and modern medicine of her time. I really loved the book and look forward to more in the series.

  17. good bedtime reading

    Love reading time travel stories!.They’re quite intriguing, especially when the heroine knows more than she is letting on. Also, when the situation occurs when she stands up for herself against a man who thinks he knows best and doesn’t believe she can look after herself. When Marcie Wyld slips back into the past to look for her missing sister, she doesn’t gamble on a certain cowboy called John Wayne to pick holes in her behaviour or her attitude. Something he takes on himself to correct over his knee. But they manage a HEA with a few hiccups along the way till they get married.

  18. susan landowski

    This can be read as a stand alone as I have not read book one and found it easy to follow the characters from book 1 although I plan I going back to read book 1. I enjoyed the time travel aspect of this book and how hard it is for a modern day women to adjust to the Alpha males of the old west who believe in domestic discipline and taking care of a woman. This is a fun adventure with some sensuality as well. Give it a try.

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