Mastering the Empress

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Emmeline is startled when handsome dominant Victorian Prince Rasmussen travels through space from another dimension to lay claim to her as his mate and his world’s Empress. Her memory of her true identity was lost along with her whereabouts when she was sent to earth by her Empress mother to protect her from warring factions. Now the Prince has found her, he will return her to their Victorian Dimension where she will become Empress and prevent a war between the planets she is to preside over. But first, the Prince is intent on taming her to his will and ensuring her full submission to him as her future husband. For although the Empress rules her subjects, she must be in turn governed and protected by a strong masterful mate. And when Emmeline insists she is determined to resist the Prince’s strict authority, she soon finds herself controlled by a special leather harness he places over her naked body and over his knee for many bare bottomed spankings until she learns her lesson.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Torcello,  The Omega Quadrant, Parallel Universe

Prince Amias Rassmussen, Commander of the mighty Gydamist Intergalactic star ship of the planet Demeter stood tall, dark and handsome in his uniform upon the high rock overlooking the woodland spring.  At the age of thirty he cast a dominant dashing athletic figure in his navy frock coat adorned with brass buttons and lapels.  His long beige breeches in his riding boots betrayed his regal status and title as master of the ship even though he was only but twenty-one years of age.  He cast his indigo eyes out at the naked beauties frolicking in the water unhampered and smiled to himself.  It was a beautiful sight to behold.  The catch of women would be good today.

He removed the small bull whip he carried from his inside pocket and unravelled it as he watched two women cavorting together unaware of his presence.  One of the women was lapping seductively at a girl’s pussy with her caressing tongue as she lay on the rocks.  It made his cock stretch and tighten.  He found himself wanting to take them both hard and fast.  They were beautifully curved just like the love of his life.  Not too thin, not too big.  His hands ached to hold their breasts and smooth his purposeful finger tips across them until the girls were aroused by his own male prowess, testing their size and weight.  He needed them both in his bed to take and dominate, such was his ardour.

He had bed many women, sometimes, two or three at a time.  He would make these two women pleasure each other and watch with interest.  Perhaps he should vary his routine that night he thought with amusement.  The feeling was short lived.  It always was.  Emmeline’s image would enter his mind and wipe everything else from it.  He made love to other women imagining it was her body he caressed and claimed.  The pain of her loss stabbed his heart once more.  He would never give up hope of finding her.  She was not dead as so many of his friends and everyone else in the Omega Quadrant believed.  Someday he would find the lost Empress and claim her as the bride promised to him.  Until then he would perform his duty and capture women for the continuation of Demeter.

In a regal and imperial tone, he told them all firmly, “In the name of the King and the High Council of every woman here is claimed as the property of Demeter.  You will be taken back to Demeter for marriage and breeding.  Do not be afraid, you have my assurance you will be treated well.”

There were shocked gasps and chattering.  Many of the women were coyly trying to cover themselves and hide, their small delicate hands cupping their breasts or their sex giving them a fragile vulnerable appearance.  On his first few raids the Prince had been sympathetic but now with only a handful of women left alive after the great plague had wiped most of the females out six years ago in the Omega Quadrant, it was imperative he put his feelings aside to ensure the continuation of his race that was slowly dying out.

It was the same for all of the other planets and now they warred for women and stole them wherever they could.  But it was not all for simple breeding.  The men were lonely, bereft without female companionship and love.  Many grieved heavily from their loss and were desperate to connect with a female mate.  This drove them to capture a woman wherever they could.  Kidnapping women was not the best way to attract a woman but desperate times called for desperate measures.  At least every woman on his own planet would be treated well.  If they were not there would be harsh consequences for the men.  Women were viewed as priceless treasures and many would lead a life of pleasure, fiercely protected by their mate.

To obtain the women’s attention once more the Prince cracked his whip again.  Silence ensued.

“Any woman caught trying to escape will be punished by the soldier she disobeys with a whipping of her bare bottom over his knee.  Is that understood?”

He nodded to his men standing in the forest.  They had surrounded the spring and were waiting for his command and ready to pounce.

He gave the signal quickly with a nod of his head when two of the nymphs began to shriek and run through the forest.

“Take them,” he ordered two of his men while spying a young female moving out from a rock behind him through the corner of his eye.

“Stay where you are.”

But the woman was to ignore him.  She ran, her pert breasts bouncing on her chest with the effort.  With expert skill, the dominant Prince cracked his whip and caught the girl’s naked buttock hard with its tip.   The girl shrieked and rubbed her burning bottom but continued to run paying her captor no heed.  Once more he aimed a direct hit lashing the whip across both buttocks branding her bare bottom hotly with his mark of punishment and then again neatly aiming the whip between her thighs to catch the lips of her pussy and the small bud nestled between them.

The girl was so shocked she stumbled.  The Prince was upon her quickly.  He lifted her struggling form neatly over his shoulder.  He smoothed his hand over her buttocks then slapped his gloved hand across them thrice to calm the wench.  The girl squealed and cursed him making the Prince determined to silence her foul tongue and curb her wilful behaviour.  She would be made to accept his rule as a male and a Prince.

He found a rock to sit down on and lowered her face down over his knee.  The Prince stroked the red marks his whip had left across her bottom whilst his fee hand pushed down firmly on her back to steady her for a sound spanking.  He continued his caress hushing the girl’s begging for him not to spank her, prolonging her anticipation of receiving a firm strike to her bottom this time without his gloves.  He watched his men round up the women who had been bathing naked in the pretty lush woodland spring surrounded in flowers and ferns.

Two of his men cast a specially designed net in to the crystal blue waters as two young women dived to the bottom of the spring.  The men stood dominant and attractive in their star ship uniforms, in their short navy lapelled brass studded military jackets sitting on top of the waistband of their beige breeches tucked in to their long riding boots.  They began to haul the net in to the shore, clearly feeling their prey was caught.

As it emerged and broke the surface, the soft surprised cries of women could be heard.  Within the wide net there were four beauties trapped.  Their pale white breasts bobbing lightly on the water, their pert plum colour nipples flexing and rubbing against each other – the black curls of their vaginas and the small buds nestled there helplessly caressing another’s as they were pulled on to the bank.

Another of his men had caught one of the Torcello women who had been sunning her taut honey coloured naked body.  She tussled with him but his male strength was no match for her efforts and he caught her hands easily, pulling her up and giving her luscious plump breasts a sharp but careful slap, catching the nipples, once and then twice again.  The girl gave a shriek and then quietened, her pink lips pouting .  But her nipples visibly tightened and the pale skin of her breasts flushed from the strikes and unexpected arousal.

The female’s breasts appeared to grow larger.  The girl looked at his man coyly, submissively with sudden desire flaring in her violet eyes.  The Prince was unsurprised by her reaction.  He slid his leather glove over his own woman’s pretty peach bottom marked by the whip, enjoying the sight of her flesh and the power he held over her in her submissive position .  He had no doubts the girl secretly enjoyed her shame and humiliation even though she had struggled.  He could feel a gentle dampness emanating from her thighs rubbing on his breeches despite her protests.

Torcello women and indeed all of the women in the Omega Quadrant liked to be ruled and cared for by a protective firm male hand.  It was in their nature as it was in the men’s to be dominant over their beautiful female charges.  The Prince turned his attention back to his crewman approving of the robust way he dealt with the girl who would find his actions reassuring.  Perhaps the girl would make a good breeding partner for Major Thomas.  There was clearly an unexpected attraction between the two.  The soldier was taking more time than necessary subdue the wench by placing the female harness around her breasts and pussy for transportation back to Demeter.

The Prince watched him lie the girl back and place her restrained hands, tied together above her head on the flat smooth surface of the warm grey rock just below where Amias sat. Her body writhed, lifting up her hips on the Major’s command.  From his pocket, the Major Thomas took out the small clit clamp with a small gold bell attached to its end.  If the girl managed to escape the ringing of the small bell in her pussy would alert them to her whereabouts and ensure recapture.  They could not afford to lose one woman.

The soldier lifted the young woman’s legs up to her stomach and then parted them wide exposing her juicy moist pink pussy lips and the soft delicate bud protruding outwards from them.  She was beautifully ripe for taking.  Her juice glistened on her black curls in the sunlight making the Prince harden again.  Major Thomas bent to apply the clit clamp and the girl moved, bucking upwards with her hips when he stroked his fingers through her pink moist lips, slipping them inside and out of her channel.  She writhed, bucking against her captor’s fingers enthralled by his expert touch.  The Prince knew his mans would be curling the finger inside her, his thumb flexing the clit back and forth just as they had all been taught when devising a plan of action to capture the females and calm them with pleasure.  The Prince heard the girl’s breath quicken loudly enthralled just as much as he by her open fragile position.  The major put down the clamp and smoothed his large palm over her thigh and behind over on to her buttock, squeezing it harshly until she gasped.  The look on his handsome fair face was possessive.  He was clearly experiencing a connection with the woman despite having only just met.  It was often the way for their people.  The Prince had no doubt he would request permission to take the girl for his own and breed with her the moment they returned to the ship.

“Come now, little one.  I will be obeyed,” Major Thomas ordered, surprising the girl by spanking her buttock hard and continuing to do so until her tearful cries began to mingle with her pants of need and desire.  He brought her over the edge quickly and in to a strong orgasm with expert mastery, stroking strongly along her G-spot until the girl could not help herself.  He did not stop spanking her until her pleasure was spent.  She was so slick with juice and out of breath with her breasts rising and falling heavily on her chest she did not see him quickly apply the clitoris clamp until she felt it twinge with sudden unexpected pain in its captive hold.

The nipple clamps were to follow suit.  The Major extended her nipples with two sharp painful tugs and put in place the bell tipped clamps.  The leather harness was placed around her body leaving her breasts bare and hanging freely.  It travelled down her stomach and back thinly running through her pussy lips, a small hole left for the clit clamp and bell to protrude.  There were little hooks which fixed on to the clamp making it extremely difficult for the girl to remove it should her hands be free.

Major Thomas turned the girl over on to all fours and leaned over her to put a leather gag in to her mouth to silent her protests.  He gave her bare bottom a sharp slap on each bared buttock around the harness and then picked up the chain hanging at the back of the breast area.  He stood up and towered over her pulling at the chain which was now hooked in to each nipple clamp.  Her hips sashayed back and forth ringing the bell on her clit and breasts.  She panted, cried and moaned clearly unable to ascertain whether she should feel pleasure on desire.  As if to heighten her confusion Major Thomas dominantly forced her to crawl a little way before allowing her to stand and be lead masterfully by the chain to join the other harnessed women made to stand in a group.

Nodding with approval to the man for his deft handling of the girl the Prince prepared to apply his own method of punishment to the girl’s bottom lifted high and prominent over his knee.

“You should not resist capture, woman.  You know the rules of the United Omega Quadrant, if captured you must obey and offer yourself for breeding.  It is your duty.  Males from Demeter are dominant but will treat you well.  Disobedience will invite discipline.  We are strong virile warriors and fierce protectors of our women.  You are lucky you have not been claimed by a brute from Torcello.  Think yourself one of the lucky ones,” he advised her in earnest, genuinely sincere in his words.

He removed only one glove, the one that adorned his spanking hand and raised it only to bring it straight down to strike the girl’s bare bottom.  In time with her loud yelp her flesh jumped and quivered against his hand.  He brought the slaps down firm and fast until she was in no doubt of his dominant male authority.  His strikes to the backs of her tender thighs were to make her sob the most and beg for him to stop but it was only to spur him on.

“You will obey and accept your punishment, little one.”

“Yes, sir, yes, your highness.  I will be good . . .”

Eventually the girl hung limp and quiet, accepting each slap with new dignity.  It was time to bring her punishment to an end.  The Prince believed his point had adequately been struck home.

The Prince replaced his glove and smoothed his leather fingertips over her crimson coloured flesh feeling heat emanate strongly from it.  Curiosity overtook him.  Many Omega quadrant females were aroused when spanked by a firm chastising male.  They had often remarked it made them feel safe that they were cared for and protectively directed in their behaviour.  Prince Amias stroked his soft leather fingers gently between the girl’s inner thighs.  He smiled when he felt thick creamy juice coat his gloves.  He rubbed gently just skimming the beginnings of her pussy and felt her buck down against his knees.

He smiled.  She was a beautiful specimen with dark chestnut curls hanging down to the ground.  The girl’s skin was soft and peach coloured, just like Emmeline’s was that first night he disciplined her and made love to the woman.  She’d smelt of fresh gardenia.  He inhaled the air as though he could feel and smell her close for a moment and then eased his fingers in to the girl’s sex, slowly and gently revelling in the feel of aroused wet silky female flesh.  The girl moaned lifting a little to make it easy for him to stroke the small bud pouting between her lips.  It was a plump juicy clit.  He nipped it sharply and then squeezed as if to release its nectar.  A rush of creamy moisture accompanied the girl’s cry of surprise, flooding her sex.  It was so heavy his fingers were drowning in her wetness.  She was heavily ripe for taking and impregnation.

By her writhing and moaning on his knee he knew she was aching for deep penetration.  He could easily breed with her now, make her conceive with his rich fertile seed but he would not allow it.  The King of Demeter demanded he breed but he had flatly refused to impregnate every woman who was brought to him as suitable for breeding with a Prince.  Secretly he had travelled to a Doctor to undertake a medical procedure to prevent his potent seed from allowing a woman to conceive when he took her.  The procedure was reversible and as soon as he retrieved his beautiful lost Empress he would ensure she conceived his child as quickly as possible.  But for now he would continue to pretend arrogance that any woman brought to him was not suitable in her appearance or own breeding.  He would not be put out to stud even to prolong the life of the Demeter monarchy.  There was only one woman he loved and would do so for the whole of his immortal life.

He decided to satisfy the chastised beauty’s ache.  Lifting her up, he deposited her on all fours on to the more comfortable grassy area which surrounded the rocks and flora sprouting from the spring.  With the sound of rushing water calming the girl and ringing comfortably in his ears, he pressed down on her back with his leather gloved hands until her breasts and her shoulders rested on the springy surface.  Her crimson blushed bottom thrust up in to the air towards him.

“Please take me,” she breathed.  “I submit, your highness.  I want to feel the pleasure you promised.  I have never felt such need before . . .”

“Hush, little one.  Expect to feel more of it when you arrive in Demeter,” he reassured smoothing his leather clad fingers over her bare bottom.”

He slid them inside her again and curled them upwards to her G-spot stroking until she almost sobbed with her desire.

“Have you been taken by a man before, little one?” he questioned.  “I did not detect a hymen but many women do not possess them now.”

“No, she breathed.”

“Then I shall take you another way.”

The Prince undid his breeches satisfied.  A virgin girl would fetch a higher price and a better life if she was put out for auction.  The Prince was always protective of the women he captured and the often, unfair circumstances they found themselves in.

He reached in to the pocket of his coat and pulled out a lubricant all of his men carried if needed.  He squeezed some out and then opened the crease of the girl’s bottom inspecting the inviting puckered anal entrance closely.  This too was virginal and very enticing.  He lifted his cock out of his breeches and watched it stretch forth to her entrance demanding entry.

He probed and stroked her again bringing her to strong arousal once more as he plied the cool lubricant to her anal entrance and eased a finger inside her anus.  He was careful and gentle at first, stretching his leather finger in to her channel until it stretched to accommodate him.  She moaned in between her gasps but eventually he found her widened enough to attempt penetration with his penis.

The girl whimpered at first but his constant ministrations in her pussy eased his path and after a while he found himself embedded inside her to the hilt.  He gripped her sore chastised buttocks tight and slowly he began to thrust revelling in the dominant feel of riding a woman to satisfaction.  She moaned and after a while she began bucking back against him.  Masterfully he leaned forward to lift her a little and cup her breasts tightly using them as reins to ride his mount.  He felt his ardour rise sharply as she sobbed with pleasure and pain when he pulled tight on her nipples.  He thrust hard increasing her pleasure and her discomfort.  It was enough to make her orgasm explode.  His men gathered around to watch and urge him on.  It was the catalyst he needed.

“Come now wench,” he ordered slapping the girl’s buttocks hard.

With a helpless shriek the girl came bucking like a wildcat and he with her to the cheers of his men.

He carried the woman back to his ship over his shoulder leading the group of bound, nipple and clit clamped women.  His catch of women was secure.  The King would be pleased.  As he approached the lowered ramp of the shuttle ready to take them back to the star ship, his technology aide came running down it towards him.

“I am have found her,” the small man bespectacled in his top hat, holding his gold observation goggles around its rim told him with glee.  “You must go.  You must go at once.  She will bring peace and restore the Omega Quadrant to male and female balance.  Bring her back.”

The Prince stared at Luther and the way his pointy ears twitched with life.

“You speak the truth,” he was breathless.

“Yes, I do.  But hush we must keep the news quiet.  Whoever finds the Empress will rule the quadrant with her.  It must be you Prince Rassmussen.  You were chosen.  Others will bring more war.”

The Prince lowered his voice but found it difficult to hold his excitement.  He handed the naked girl to one of his men with gentle care.

“Where is she?”

“A planet called Earth.”

“I must go at once.”

“Yes, you must but there is something you should know,” his aide’s voice became cautious.

“I have all I need to know.”

“I will get you there.  I have discovered a portal.  But you must know she will not remember you.  I locked on to her whereabouts and sent a probe to observe her.  An undetected scan of her body revealed she has a small injury to her brain from some sort of accident on earth which has caused her loss of memory.  She does not remember anything of her previous life in the Omega Quadrant apart from broken memories she does not understand.  She will not know you, your highness,” the man was excited but cautious clearly expecting a bad reaction from his Prince.

Instead the Prince smiled, love blazing in his eyes along with fierce determination.

“Do not fear, Luther.  I know exactly how to remind her of who she is, her life and her position,” he grinned.


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  1. Stats23

    For such a short book (novella) it sure packs a lot of graphic, erotic, sex. It’s the story of a parallel universe dealing with an out of control pandemic that is killing off the females on all of their planets. Now surviving women are sought after and captured by men for sexual pleasure, extreme domination, and reproduction (a bit of a misogynist’s dream). However, the future Empress of this Universe is tucked safely away on Earth, to be brought back later by her Prince (Amias). She, Emmeline, is to be the Empress and ruler of the Omega Quadrant, but she personally is to be ruled by Prince Amias and to be TOTALLY subservient to him. AND, this subservience must be displayed in the most public of ways. Nothing left to the imagination here. I wouldn’t say it ends with a cliff hanger, but it certainly is set up for a potential sequel. 5 Stars
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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