Master Me, Please

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Krista Matthews thought nothing could be harder than losing her husband and Master to suicide until the man he’d entrusted her care to left also. By the time Dr. Dax Hayes returned from an overseas volunteer medical tour, she thought she was over his defection and ready to re-immerse herself in the BDSM world she needed and missed so much – without his help. One scene proves how wrong she was, and after Master Dax’s timely rescue, she agrees to let him tutor her back into the lifestyle. She just didn’t count on her growing feelings for the strict Dom, or his refusal to take her over completely, the way she craves. 

Dr. Dax Hayes fell for Krista Matthews the minute he looked into her blue eyes and saw the sated, content look she shared with her husband, Dr. Kurt Matthews. He managed to keep his feelings and lust under control until his friend and colleague asked him to join him in gifting Krista with a ménage for her birthday. Knowing it was a mistake, but unable to resist, Dax succumbed to the temptation of this one-time scene, never realizing where it would lead. A year later, after sealing his fate with a questionable act, he flees on a guilt trip, only to return and discover nothing has changed – he still wants Krista with an ache that won’t be assuaged by anyone else.  

Unable to resist stepping in when Krista gets herself in trouble, Dax again gives in to temptation and aids the one woman he can never have back into the lifestyle her submissive nature needs. When Krista learns the truth, will her feelings be strong enough to forgive him, or has he gambled everything only to lose it all in the end?

Publisher’s Note: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange and explicit scenes.

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Sample Chapter

I am in love with another man’s wife. Widow, Dax Hayes amended as he looked from Krista Matthews’ grief-stricken face to the coffin waiting to be lowered into the ground. His mouth went dry, his heart beating a rapid tattoo that threatened to burst from his chest at that guilt-ridden revelation. Jesus, why did that slap-in-the-face acknowledgement have to choose this moment, in this place, to rear its ugly head?

With considerable effort, Dax shifted his gaze away from her red-rimmed, sorrowful blue eyes, resisting the urge to cross over to her even as he admitted his strong feelings for his colleague’s wife didn’t come as a surprise. He’d wanted Krista the moment he’d glanced across the surgery room and looked into her eyes for the first time two years ago, and nothing had changed since. There had been something in those eyes, a sated expression he rarely caught on a woman’s face—not even a sub he’d just satisfied through strict, sometimes painful, stimulating control. That look had drawn on his dominant instincts and stirred his lust in a new, exciting way; so much so, he recalled giving serious consideration to asking her out and breaking his steadfast rule of not dating hospital employees.

Another first for him had been when his friend and surgical partner had introduced the new surgical tech as his wife, and the swift kick to the gut from that announcement did nothing to level off Dax’s interest. Even though a good number of medical professionals of his acquaintance thought nothing of infidelity, he never crossed that line. At least, not without the spouse’s invitation and approval. He had no moral objections to participating in a consensual threesome. Before and after the onetime ménage with Kurt and his wife, Dax had known how much he wanted Krista, and how utterly he’d failed to drive out his forbidden lust with other women. If he spoke with her now, he’d hear the ache of loss in her soft voice and be tempted to pull her into a consoling embrace, something he’d managed to avoid doing the past several months as he and other hospital employees took turns visiting their home and offering their assistance as the couple struggled with Kurt’s disease. After what Dax had done, the role he had played that led up to them standing in this cemetery over Kurt Matthews’s grave, he didn’t have the right to offer Krista comfort of any kind. Worse, he knew from past experience, touching her would result in unleashing his dominant cravings in a way he’d never experienced with another submissive woman.

“Yea, though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death; I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

Despite the pleasant seventy-five degree Miami temperature, sweat trickled down his back. As the minister wrapped up the service, Dax found no comfort in the standard prayer. The questions that plagued him about his friend’s death may never be answered, and that would be his cross to bear. A hand landed on his shoulder and squeezed, drawing his attention away from the ornate, walnut casket to his best friend Sean’s concerned grey eyes.

“You’re not going to offer any psychology platitudes, are you?” Dax, Sean and his five other close friends came from troublesome childhoods that had landed the seven of them in a summer camp for juvenile delinquents during their teens. Even though the psychologist meant well with his mothering, the shrink’s habit of constantly watching for signs one of them was struggling with past mistakes and tragedies could be annoying.

“Just reminding you we’re all here for you before we take off. Are you going to go to the house, pay your respects to the widow?” Sean asked.

Dax had been pleasantly surprised to see his friends at the funeral, the silent way they joined him for the service then came out here for the burial site eulogy a balm to his tortured conscience. But he was glad they weren’t following him to Kurt’s home. As close as the seven of them were, as well as they knew each other, one or more would be bound to notice his internal struggle when he could no longer avoid offering condolences to Kurt’s widow. He had to keep thinking of Krista in those terms to keep her at the arm’s length he needed her to be, where his conscience demanded she stayed.

“Yes. I won’t remain long as there’s a lot of family here. I plan on giving her your card. She may need someone who understands, since she lost her Master along with her husband.”

“You could help her there, eventually.”

“No, I can’t, and don’t ask me why. Thanks for coming.” Turning to face the others, Dax included Zach, Miles, Jackson, and the Carlson brothers in his appreciation. “It means a lot, you guys coming today. Kurt was a friend as well as an associate. He’ll be missed.”

“We’ll get together soon, poker or a play party, your choice,” Jackson suggested as the crowd started to disperse, and Dax saw Krista’s black-clad, slender form walking toward the limousine.

“Sounds good. Thanks, guys.”

Pulling up in front of the Matthews home fifteen minutes later, Dax opted to park in front of the white-brick ranch to keep from getting pinned in by other guests. Cutting the engine of his vintage Corvette convertible, he sat a moment, trying to get his act together before he entered the house where he’d had the most intense and satisfying sexual experience of his life. He cursed as he thought of the length of time since that one night, and the attempts he’d made to put distance between him and the one woman he couldn’t seem to forget.

But that night hadn’t been the first time he’d visited Kurt’s home, or walked out driven by an ache for his friend’s wife he couldn’t suppress. Like today, it had been a pleasant February afternoon when he’d stopped by with a CT scan of a patient they’d been conferring on, after calling ahead first to get his opinion on the best treatment plan. Stepping inside the sprawling house in the well-to-do neighborhood, he’d known Krista was Kurt’s wife, as well as the penchant for BDSM Dax and his colleague shared in common. What he hadn’t known was that the woman he continued to fantasize about every time she was assigned to assist him in the OR, relished living as her husband’s full-time submissive.

“Dax, come on in.” Dr. Kurt Matthews held his door open and Dax stepped inside, clutching the scan in his hand. A part of him knew this was a mistake. He found being in the same operating room with Krista Matthews difficult enough, seeing her in the home she shared with her husband would be tantamount to rubbing salt on an open wound, but he refused to let his libido get in the way of his job. Giving his patients the best care possible had always come first, which was why he had set aside his misgivings and phoned ahead to let Kurt know he needed a second opinion on William Henderson’s case.

“Thanks for making time to go over this with me, Kurt.” Handing him the medical report, Dax kept his eyes on his friend, resisting the urge to look around for Krista. “I’ve got him scheduled for a double bypass in two days, but now I’m debating over whether I should do a triple. I hate cases like this that could go either way, especially when it’s an eighty-two-year-old man with his history.”

“You can’t discount the risk of a major coronary on the table,” Kurt said, holding up the heart scan to the light as he walked into a great room. “Give me a minute here. Can I get you something? A beer?”

“I wouldn’t say no.” But I should, Dax thought when Kurt called out for his wife.

“Krista, bring us a couple of beers, please.”

There was a second of silence before her soft voice echoed with her reply. “Be right there, Sir.”

Shit. The title of respect she tacked on told Dax just how far the Matthews took their Dom/sub relationship, something he hadn’t considered when he’d decided to interrupt the weekend with work. Or had he suspected, and allowed curiosity and the non-stop growing desire for forbidden fruit to lead him here today? Dax didn’t care for that possibility. He didn’t cross certain lines when indulging in his dominant proclivities and wouldn’t start now, no matter how tempted. But the sight of Kurt’s wife entering the room wearing nothing but a thigh skimming, light blue shift and decorative, blue-suede collar almost coerced a rebuttal of that last thought from him.

He was no novice when it came to admiring a submissive woman, but his instant, adolescent physical response as he watched her pad across the hardwood floor and saw her in something other than baggy, hospital scrubs for the first time, made him feel like one. What sane man could look away from those slender legs or the pierced nipples easily seen through the sheer garment?

“Pretty, isn’t she?” Kurt asked, bending to kiss her as she handed one of the beers to Dax.

“Very. Thank you, Krista.” He took the bottle from her slender hand, their fingers skimming before he pulled back as if burned. Her blue eyes widened, as if the friction had shocked her also, before she lowered them in deference to her role in the household.

“Sit down a minute, Dax.” Kurt settled in a wide recliner and, as if it was the most natural thing for her to do, Krista knelt at his feet, sitting back on her heels and lacing her fingers together behind her.

The position pushed her chest out, stretching the thin material against the metal loops adorning her nipples. A pretty blush stole up her neck and spread over her face as she widened her knees, and the short slip rode up far enough to reveal an enticing glimpse of denuded, plump folds.

Perfect. That was the only thought in Dax’s head as he tilted the cold bottle up to his mouth and relished the relief rushing down his dry throat. For months, he’d been wondering what it was about this one unattainable woman that he found more appealing than any other who had crossed his path in the fifteen plus years he’d been indulging in a BDSM lifestyle. Then she looked up at her husband. A search for approval accompanied the eagerness to please suffused on her face and went with the love shining in her bright blue eyes. She’d glowed with that same look when Kurt had first introduced her as his wife, just minutes after Dax had decided to break his rule about not dating co-workers and planned to ask her out—an expression every dominant man strove to produce on their submissive.

Dax had only himself to blame for succumbing to temptation six months later, and if he had it to do all over again, he would refuse Kurt’s invitation to gift his wife with a ménage for her twenty-eighth birthday. That night may not have been the first time he’d had the pleasure of seeing the dark-haired, full-time submissive all but naked and on her knees, but it had been the one and only time he’d touched that soft, alabaster skin, felt the pillowy cushion of her lips wrapped around his cock, and heard her mewls of pleasure as she climaxed. He had to admit, though, that first time he’d seen her had packed almost as big of a wallop to his dominant libido as the few times he’d spotted the couple at the new BDSM club, Chains, since then, and the one time he’d caved to his desire and fucked her.

“Do you have plans tomorrow night?” Kurt asked Dax as they changed out of their scrubs in the doctors’ locker room.

Tired after the twelve-hour day he’d put in, Dax answered with an absent-minded reply. “Not yet. I’m just glad I’m not on call this weekend. You?”

“I made sure I wasn’t put on the rotation. It’s Krista’s birthday and I want to surprise her with something different.”

Dax’s gut clenched, like it always did whenever Kurt talked about his wife. “You’ve been together for a while. I’m surprised there’s still anything left for you two to try.” That was a lie, as there would always be something new with a woman like Krista, but he had to do something to dampen his interest, didn’t he?

“Yeah, I’m a lucky bastard. She not only loves me despite our twenty-year age difference, but she’s the sub I’d all but given up hope of ever finding. Which is why I want to give back to her with a ménage tomorrow night. But in private, at our home, not the club. You in?”

Because of how badly he wanted to say yes, Dax hedged. He’d been trying to fuck out the image of Krista kneeling as Kurt’s submissive for months now, and nothing and no one had worked. He knew if he touched her, there would be no way to get over his unholy obsession. Kurt must’ve seen the denial on his face as he paused, because he stripped Dax of his refusal before he could even come up with one.

“I wouldn’t trust my wife’s well-being or her pleasure to anyone but you. I know your reputation, Dax, and I think she’ll be comfortable with you, more so now that she’s assigned only to the orthopedic cases.”

Dax had been both relieved and disappointed over Krista’s promotion to first-scrub on the orthopedic team. He rarely saw her now, and then just in passing. Out-of-sight-out-of-mind had been working to assist him in getting his priorities straight and his dick under control, and now this. But he couldn’t let Kurt disappoint Krista, or risk asking someone who would take advantage of her willingness to please.

Knowing it would be yet another mistake, but unable to stop himself, Dax agreed. “I’ll be there. What time?”

“Thanks. See you at eight?”

“That works.”

Dax had no one but himself to blame for getting in over his head. As he parked in the Matthews’ circular drive the next evening, he’d had twenty-four hours to change his mind and come up with an excuse not to show up tonight. His blood rushed through his veins, spiking his adrenaline as he walked up to the front door. Mistake or not, right or wrong, he couldn’t turn down this chance to be included in giving Krista a special birthday treat. Following Kurt’s invitation to enter, he strolled into the large den thinking he was prepared to see her in her submissive role again. He was wrong.

Krista knelt on the braided throw rug in the middle of the room, naked, with her wrists bound together between her breasts and attached to her collar. Dax tamped down the compulsion to stride over and lay claim to her. Not mine, he reminded himself as Kurt entered from the hall carrying a multi-strand flogger.

“There you are.” A look of relief passed over the other man’s face, making Dax wonder if he’d thought he wouldn’t show.

“Sorry I’m a little late. Your sub looks pretty in that pose.”

“She’s attractive in whatever position I instruct.” Kurt ran his hand down her long, mahogany hair, this time a flicker of profound sadness flashing in his eyes. “I thought we’d start with a little warm-up. She likes a touch of pain, don’t you, sweetie?”

“Yes, Master.” The small smile trembling on those lush lips stirred Dax’s imagination as he pictured them wrapped around his engorged flesh.

“She might need a little assistance with balance,” Kurt prodded.

“Wouldn’t want her toppling over, would we?” Dax strode over to the couple and clasped Krista’s smooth, round shoulders in his large hands, tightening them just enough to exert his authority. She whipped drenched blue eyes up to him, her pale cheeks turning pink as her husband snapped the flogger across her ass.

“Eyes on me, little one,” Dax instructed when she closed her lids. Small white teeth bit into her lower lip as she gazed up at him, her slim body jerking with the next slash. Her berry nipples tightened around the dainty gold hoop piercings, and he couldn’t resist releasing one shoulder to flick them. Her quick, indrawn breath could’ve been from the stroke of leather against her ass again, or the way he pinched one nipple between thumb and forefinger.

Tearing his eyes away from her attractive, expressive face, he encountered Kurt’s knowing look. “You’ve noticed how responsive she is.”

“Hard not to,” Dax said.

“One more, Krista.” Kurt aimed the flogger at her quivering thighs, drawing a low moan before tossing it aside and reaching for his zipper. “She likes it all ways, so I’ll give you a choice between her mouth or pussy. I’m in an ass mood tonight.”

Dax feared dipping inside that damp pussy this early would be his undoing for the night, so opted for using her mouth. Maintaining his strained control, with those blue eyes pinned up at him as he felt her pouty lips wrapped around his hot flesh, would be difficult enough. Trailing his hand up her neck, he pressed his thumb against her soft, plush, lower lip, then almost came undone when she flicked her small tongue over the fleshy pad.

“Be careful, Mrs. Matthews,” he warned, using her title as a reminder to himself that she would still be off-limits after tonight. Unzipping his loose, summer khakis, he let his thick cock spring into his hand and he gripped the hot, steel-rod of flesh with his left as he stroked down to her damp labia with his right. “It’s a good thing I’m ambidextrous, isn’t it?”

Krista nodded, her eyes lighting with excitement as he spread her slippery folds. It was Kurt’s turn to cup her shoulder, bracing her for the invasion of two lubed fingers. Entering simultaneously, they filled her two orifices to the hilt, her small whimper and reddening face beautiful to hear and see. She held her pose like a pro as they treated her to a rigorous finger-fucking. Thrusting in tandem with Kurt, Dax worked her vagina as he stroked his dick, building heat in both sexual organs until they threatened to singe his hand and fingers. Through it all, her eyes remained on his, her look conveying a need he couldn’t pinpoint yet, but he would.

“Krista has a tendency to push buttons when she’s in one of her needy moods.” Kurt smiled at Dax over his wife’s kneeling posture. “She’s generous to a fault at putting my desires before or above her own, but occasionally her mischievous streak takes over. After two years of marriage, it challenges me to come up with ways to torture her delectable body.”

“You’re a lucky man.” Dax spread his fingers inside her snug sheath, stretching the muscles and adding a bite of discomfort. He could feel Kurt doing the same through the thin layer of tissue separating them. She moaned, thrusting her hips forward, and earned a sharp slap from her husband.

“Be still and tell Dr. Hayes how much you’re enjoying his fingers in your cunt,” Kurt ordered.

Krista’s pink face turned a darker red, but Dax thought the deeper flush was due more to escalating arousal than embarrassment. “Thank you, Doctor. I—” She ended on a sharp cry when he tugged on her clit, his intention to stop her from verbalizing her appreciation. He didn’t want or deserve gratitude for participating in giving her pleasure tonight. If she knew how much he wanted this—and her—she most likely would have refused this birthday present. From what he could tell, the twenty-year difference in their ages hadn’t stood in the way of her constant devotion to her spouse.

“You’re welcome, and happy birthday, Krista.” Keeping his fingers embedded inside her, Dax thrust the seeping crown of his cock against her lips. Those bright blue eyes lit up with pleasure as she opened her mouth. “Sorry, Kurt, I can’t wait forever for you.”

“No sweat, I’m on board.”

Kurt entered her back channel with a slow push as Dax slid past her lips and her warm, damp mouth took him in. She closed her eyes at the dual penetration, her slender frame shuddering in delicate acceptance of their possession. He didn’t reprimand her, figuring she needed a moment to adjust to this new experience. If she were his sub, he’d have the option, and pleasure, of punishing her later, but she wasn’t, and he didn’t. Besides that, her face suffused with bliss as soon as she opened for him, her look one of total concentration on servicing rather than on receiving. One fucking big turn-on.

Dax’s abdominals tightened into a solid knot with that thought, and an urgency to end this as strong as the desire to take part took hold. Torture, that’s what her silken mouth, soft lips and stroking tongue felt like as she laved his girth with damp caresses around and around, then, as he pulled back, up and down. Her lips compressed around his root, her cheeks going hollow as she sucked even harder against his withdrawal, that appearance of deep, concentrated pleasure damn near ball-busting. “Shit, you could’ve warned me how good she is at giving head,” he growled, flipping his friend a stern look. “Your fault if I don’t wait for you.”

“Krista, do not come until I say. If you do, you’ll get five strokes with the cane.”

Her shudder and the quick way her rosy face paled told Dax how much that threat worried her. “Not a fan of the cane, I assume?”

“She’ll take it if I’m in the mood, but I save it to use as leverage as she enjoys everything else too much.” The first part of his reply was another hint Krista was a sub who ached to please, the second part was responsible for the wicked twinkle in Kurt’s eyes that held a wealth of pleasure over her acceptance of his other, punishing tools.

Picturing the different implements available to torment a sub’s ass with urged Dax to fuck her mouth faster. Still working her pussy, Kurt’s deep, pummeling thrusts added to the pleasurable torture they heaped upon her. Her berry nipples had darkened to a crimson hue and her cream gushed over his fingers, proof of how much servicing their two cocks excited her. A fucking wet dream. Desperate now for both relief and to put space between him and an unattainable temptation, Dax commanded an end to her tortuous teasing.

“Suck me, Krista.”

He almost withdrew that order when she pulled up with a tight draw, her tongue tracing over rigid veins, setting off hot licks of pleasure that threatened to sear his shaft. He noticed Kurt tightening his hold on her shoulder as his surges into her ass increased. Her eyes flew open when Dax’s cock jerked, then filled with satisfaction and longing when she stroked under the rim of his head and pressed her tongue against the most sensitive area on a man’s penis. Gritting his teeth, he released the base of his cock and reached behind her head to grip her hair.

“Now,” Dax snapped, his tone a guttural whiplash. Keeping her head immobile, he fucked her mouth with steady dips, the slurping sounds from her busy tongue and lips drawing a smile of satisfaction from her husband he would later question. His balls drew taut and he could see the frustration crossing her face as she jerked her bound hands. She wanted to touch, but Dax was glad she couldn’t. He could only take so much. That fact proved true when she nipped at his flesh, tiny pinpricks of pain that forced his climax to erupt in a fierce torrent of heat.

Krista moaned, the low sound vibrating up and down his length as he rode out the pleasure, stilling his fingers inside her for a moment, just until he could get his bearings. Dimly, he heard Kurt’s shout of pleasure followed by the tight grips of her convulsing sheath around his fingers. Drifting down from the incredible high, he slid from her still suckling mouth, marveling at the way his and Kurt’s climaxes had seemed to set off her own.

Krista’s inner muscles continued to grip his fingers as she orgasmed, her keening cry shaking her entire body. Pearly drops of his come decorated the corners of her mouth. Eyes glazed, face flushed, she gazed up at him and licked them off. Hours later, that one expression on her face followed him home, and he knew he wouldn’t soon forget it.

Kurt’s diagnosis of ALS just a few weeks after that night had enabled Dax to keep up the friendly, supportive relationship at work he’d always enjoyed with Krista. But even knowing the hell in store for his friend, and watching the toll it took on her over the past year, he hadn’t been able to forget the sheer satisfaction of fucking her, or to stop from wanting her. Opening his car door, Dax slid out, shoving aside memories best shelved and forgotten. He’d pay his respects and pray he could keep his guilt well-hidden and his hands to himself. There would be no welcome here if Krista knew what he’d done, so it would be best all around if he stepped out of the picture after today. It would mean breaking his promise to Kurt, but better that than adding to the grief she already suffered. The tour with Doctors Without Borders Dax had signed on for would take him far away from temptation for a long enough time to hopefully earn forgiveness and, with any luck, give him a chance to get over the one woman he could never have.

17 reviews for Master Me, Please

  1. Tami

    Master Me, Please is the second book of the Miami Masters series. This story is about Krista, Dax and Kurt. The chemistry between the three is combustive, the intimate scenes were so hot that they made me weak in the knees. The plot of the book itself was also very interesting and I loved to read more about Zach from book one. If you like a hot spanking m?nage then you can’t go wrong with this book.

  2. Rhonda

    Well-written, original BDSM novel

    BJ Wane has a wonderful way of developing believable characters and storylines. Krista and Dax’s rocky relationship had so many facets to uncover. The story at times heartbreaking, just drew me in.
    This was a great addition to the Miami Masters series and I look forward to the secondary characters’ stories.

    I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  3. Sandie Buckley

    Master Me, Please is the second book in incredible author BJ Wane%u2019s Miami Master%u2019s Series. This series has been full of hot sexy scenes and dashing doms. Not to mention some very sassy subs. BJ has been one of my favorite BDSM writers for quite a while now, and with every series she writes, she gets better and better!

    Dax has had a crush on his surgical partner%u2019s wife for a long time. He was even lucky enough to participate in a menage, but now that Krista%u2019s a widow, he%u2019s kept as far away as possible. After being gone for 18 months, Dax still tries to keep his distance, but Krista decides it%u2019s time to get back in the saddle again and if Dax doesn%u2019t want to keep his promise to his late partner, she%u2019ll go elsewhere. Dax finds her in a bad situation, and saves her. But will he continue to deny himself? Grab yourself a copy of Master Me, Please and find out!

    Master Me, Please is the second book in incredible author BJ Wane%u2019s Miami Master%u2019s Series. This series has been full of hot sexy scenes and dashing doms. Not to mention some very sassy subs. BJ has been one of my favorite BDSM writers for quite a while now, and with every series she writes, she gets better and better!

    Dax has had a crush on his surgical partner%u2019s wife for a long time. He was even lucky enough to participate in a menage, but now that Krista%u2019s a widow, he%u2019s kept as far away as possible. After being gone for 18 months, Dax still tries to keep his distance, but Krista decides it%u2019s time to get back in the saddle again and if Dax doesn%u2019t want to keep his promise to his late partner, she%u2019ll go elsewhere. Dax finds her in a bad situation, and saves her. But will he continue to deny himself? Grab yourself a copy of Master Me, Please and find out!

  4. Hope W

    Master Me, Please is the second book in the wonderful Miami Masters series but can be read as a standalone. The plot is real and emotionally deep, while the characters are developed and have chemistry together. Finding my way through the story that B J Wane has woven, with many ups and downs, kept me reading from start to finish. Krista and Master Dax had such a strong chemistry but were so down to earth and real. Once you add in the hot and erotic sex scenes you have the complete package. I loved this book and can’t wait to see what book three will bring to continue this hit series. Way to go!! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  5. Margaret Corcoran

    I loved this series. It’s hot and sexy. BDSM at it’s finest. Also it’s about friendship. Krista is strong and submissive. Dax is a Dom with a huge amount of guilt. There is a lot of hot chemistry between them. All the characters are well written, developed and described. There are lots of hot spicy sex, spankings and support. I enjoyed reading this book and loved the interaction between the friends. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  6. Dyane

    This is the second book in the Miami Masters series by BJ Wane. Although it could easily be read as a stand-alone, with presumably at least seven books in the series (one for each of the sexy hot dom friends), I would recommend reading them in order to fully immerse oneself in the fantasy world. There is a grit and depth of character and plot in this novel that distinguished it from many of the simpler books in this genre. Sometimes I want to read something short and sweet and funny, and even predicatble – that is not this book. The hero and heroine must negotiate a rocky path to happily ever after. Fortunately for us, that path is overflowing with juicy sex, mild BDSM, and plenty of spankings. I wish the path were a little less rocky, but I am glad his love and care for the heroine were never in doubt. I%u2019m looking forward to the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  7. Sam

    I love how this author fully develops her characters and plot. It makes for very interesting reading. I really like Krista as a character; she has a great personality and I really could connect with her. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. I received an ARC of this book.

  8. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Kurt Matthews is gone and he has asked Dr. Dax Hayes to watch over his widow Krista. Guilt keeps him from the sub he has lusted after, from taking what he wants, from opening himself to Krista, from giving them both what they need. He can only hurt her if he takes her as his sub. Right? BJ Wane is always a good read. BDSM, menage.

  9. Toni L

    I’ve read a few books from this author now and I’m consistently presented with a good read with well drawn characters in an interesting storyline. This book is no exception. This is Book 2 in the series so we’re still getting to know the characters slightly more than in the previous book. This book presents an interesting dilemma for Dax when he finds himself drawn to a widow that he is attracted to – against his own wishes. This book delivers not only an interesting read but also puts some ethical questions into what on the surface is just a romance. i really enjoyed it.

  10. Goldie Nut

    Krista’s life with her husband and Master, Kurt is everything
    she always wanted until Kurt finds out he has a debilitating
    disease which will rob him of his dignity. He dies in a very
    shocking way and this death has betrayal with Dr. Dax Hayes
    that she is left alone as she deals with his death. There
    are so many twists and turns in this story line you won’t
    believe it and you won’t want to put it down until you finish

  11. Tmil

    How did BJ write this story so well? The reader can actually feel how lost Krista is and the hate for the nurse we shall not name. On top if that, it was really good to find out why Dax went away without a word to the group. I have to get more of this series.

  12. Lalaland

    BJ Wane does it again, this is the second book in the Miami Masters Series and it follows Dax who is the heart surgeon of the group introduced in the first book. In Book 1 Dax was recently returned from an 18 month stint with Doctors without Borders but none of the other guys in the group know why he suddenly up and left. This is his story. Krista Matthews a scrub nurse at the hospital is the widow of a colleague/friend of Dax. Krista’s husband and master Kurt was an eminent surgeon and was struck down with ALS a debilitating wasting disease. Rather than suffer the rapid decline and humiliation of the illness Kurt chose to take his own life. Krista is devastated and turned to Dax to help her through her grief and despair and feelings of betrayal following her husband’s funeral, but Dax has avoided her and then takes off for 18 months to work with DWB. Krista is at first in shock and grief and despair but then gets very angry and feels that Kurt has betrayed her and Dax has abandoned her. Before Kurt got sick he arranged for Krista to have a birthday present being a menage scene with Dax and himself. Dax is in love with Krista although he won’t admit it not even to himself and tries to get her out of his system by disappearing for a length of time. Of course nothing works because there is mutual attraction and although Krista would never be unfaithful to Kurt when he was alive or indeed even after is has passed, there is that chemistry which is hard to ignore. Ms Wane writes the characters with such depth and the reader can feel all of the angst that Krista and Dax go through before they can reach their HEA. I loved this book and cannot wait to read the next one, brilliant stuff. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  13. Redrabbitt

    I am always excited when I see a new book by BJ Wane, and for it to be a new series, is especially exciting. The second book in the Miami Masters is completely different than book one, Bound and Saved. While this is a series and has many of the main characters from the first book, this will read as a stand-alone. The story is of Dr. Dax Hayes, his partner, Dr. Kurt Matthews, and Kurt%u2019s submissive wife, Krista.

    The plot will take the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride that is riddled with many twists and turns. With the unexpected diagnosis of ALS that leads to death for Kurt, will have his young widow, Krista, needing support from people she can trust. Knowing that Dax is also a Master, and able to understand the unique and sometimes sheltered lifestyle of D/s she is shattered when rather than being there for her, he avoids her after Kurt%u2019s death and funeral and suddenly leaves for eighteen months with Doctors without Borders.

    Krista is lost without her Master, without that support and control that she craved in her marriage. She has no one to really rely on except a friend at the hospital who is not into the BDSM lifestyle but supports her. The grief is overwhelming but she eventually will return to her job at the hospital, but not to the BDSM world that she misses.

    Dax will return to Miami and his friends. When he is asked to assist with a problem at some of the BDSM clubs, he will happen upon Krista in a bad scene at the Dungeon. Her first time back to a BDSM club, she will avoid the one she frequents with Kurt, Chains. Dax avoiding her is one thing, seeing her with an inexperienced Dom who isn%u2019t watching body language or her using her safeword is another.

    What will come of these two that have underlying feelings for each other, but each is guilty of martyrdom because of those feelings? Dax is feeling guilty for assisting his friend, and for the feelings he has harbored for Krista. Krista would never cheat on her husband and Master, but she enjoyed the m?nage that Kurt set up with Dax for her birthday shortly before his diagnosis. What did she do to upset Dax and have him abandon her after he promised Kurt to watch out for her?

    There is so much angst and even anger between Dax and Krista after he returns. Unanswered questions, feelings, emotions, and guilt all play a role. Then for him to invite her to a private BDSM outing on the yacht owned by him and his friends will leave her frustrated and him too. Will they find their way and explore their feelings, or will the past get in their way?

    The story has strong BDSM scenes, including group parties, voyeurism, exhibition, spankings, and explicit sex scenes, and m?nage a trios. Each story in this series will take the reader on an amazing journey, and I look forward to the next book.

  14. Good bedtime reading

    Krista’s husband and Master has committed suicide not wanting to have her suffer through the last remnants of his debilitating decease. But what is she to do now. Her association with Dr Dax Hayes has faultered as he abruptly leaves to work abroad for a charitable organisation. However, he returns to the hospital where all 3 had worked and she hopes to explore their attraction, including discipline, bondage, and submission.

  15. Ajjmb

    So the beginning of this book was kind of sad because Krista has just lost her husband and master. Krista is also feeling abandoned by her husband and her friend DAX who we later find out is supposed to be actually taking care of Krista. Her husband Kurt has hand chosen Dax to be the one to care for her. Because DAX is the one that helped Kurt to commit suicide he doesn%u2019t want to be too close to Krista because he%u2019s afraid that she won%u2019t except what he%u2019s done. You have to wonder if the secrets being kept in this book won%u2019t tear their new relationship apart. I love the dynamics in this book and the way the couple finally came together. This was a really good book to read. I strongly recommend this book as a good read. I voluntarily reviewed in a Vance copy of this book.

  16. Pico1

    This book is about a doctor, Dax, and the widow of his friend %u2013 Krista. He feels guilty over the death of Krista%u2019s husband, because he provided the drugs when her husband had an incurable, painful and debilitating disease. As a result of his feelings of guilt, he refuses to undertake a relationship with her, even though she wants it very badly, and her husband had hoped it would happen. It takes the whole book for the issues to be resolved and for Krista and Dax to finally cement a relationship. I liked Krista as a character %u2013 she had problems and she tried to deal with them. I didn%u2019t like Dax %u2013 the constant complaining about his guilt got old, and his indecision seemed unnecessarily weak. The ending of the book was too short and pat, after all the angst that had preceded it.

  17. susan landowski

    This is book 2 in the series but can be read as a stand alone but please go back and read book one as well asor any book by this author. Absolutly love this author and the several series that have been written. This book id highly emotional and please stick with it as in the beginning is extremly sad and emotional but eventually the characters pull thru together via an intense BDSM relationship. Lots of emotions, sex and trust involved.

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