Marriage Market Complete Collection

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Mail-order mayhem…

Captivated by the idea and freedom of mail-order marriage, Amelia heads west to marry. Horrified to discover that her new husband had proposed to so many women before her, she sends a letter to her friends back home, telling them of her dreadful mistake.

Grace and Effie set out to rescue her in Seattle, even if that means finding themselves in a heap of trouble and being chased down by a Pinkerton.

Join Amelia, Grace, Effie, Suzanna and Martha in this complete collection of the Marriage Market series. Fall in love again and again with each couple as they experience commitment, love, loyalty, and a firm hand over the knee!

Publisher’s Note: This steamy Old West romance contains elements of domestic discipline.

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2 reviews for Marriage Market Complete Collection

  1. Redrabbitt

    What a journey Ms. Stevie MacFarlane has taken the reader on that all started with an advertisement for a mail-order bride. While the books each read as a standalone, it will be much better if they are read in written order and with all five books in this one collection, you, dear reader, can do just that. Hold on for an entertaining ride—and have Kleenex ready to catch the tears from laughter.


    I dearly love historical and mail order bride stories, and this one did not disappoint. Amelia Westcott was tired of her father trying to marry her off and found her own advertisement for men seeking brides in the west. She answers an ad for Mr. Hugh Jordan of Seattle, and he replies, and she accepts his offer of marriage. Hugh Jordan had many women send letters and pictures and asked his assistant, Clarence Henderson, to send letters of regret to the other women.

    What happens when Clarence decides one of the mail order brides is perfect for him, other men would love to have wives. Oh, what could go wrong? This story was entertaining, and I was laughing out loud many times at the various antics. The characters are delightful, and the dialogue witty. Hugh and Amelia are charming together, even when he has to spank her, and the wedding night was hilarious.


    I love series books, learning more about the characters from previous issues, and this one did not fail to keep the pages turning. With one letter of distress from their best friend, Amelia, these two socialites decide they must leave Boston and go to the west coast and rescue her from H. Jordan.
    The plot kept me captivated with the twists and turns that happen as these two, Grace and Effie, are on their way to Seattle. Effie has some common sense and is protective of the naive and gullible Grace. The dialog is entertaining, as are the antics of these two women traveling across the country. After Grace is forced into an unwanted engagement with Horace Remington, their journey includes dodging Pinkerton Agents.

    We do learn more about the situation in Seattle from Amelia’s story with all the extra mail order brides. This story includes plenty of well-deserved spankings of naughty women. This is such a fun new series, a great cast of characters, with humor but also sweet loving scenes.


    This book had me laughing out loud until I had tears and couldn’t see to read. The antics of Euphemia aka Effie Lane and her angst with Sam Jordan are priceless. Talk about explosive; these two together are dynamite. I have thoroughly enjoyed these stories and seeing all the trouble that these three Boston socialites can get into, but Effie takes the cake!

    The plot kept me totally captivated and the pages turning to see what would happen next. The dialog was hilarious and entertaining. The charming cast of characters has made this series so delightful, with wild shenanigans, sassy mouths, daring adventures, stubborn wills, multiple spankings, and erotic teasers. The saddest part was reading ‘the end.’


    From an ad for a mail-order bride, with so many women replying, then a clerk not sending letters of regret, so many women showed up, expecting to become the requested bride. Now that Hugh and Sam Jordan are married, what is Suzanna to do when she needs a rich husband?

    The antics of this self-centered woman causes a rift among some of the remaining brides. With each story, there is a large cast of characters that are from previous books. Suzanne and Marshall Cole Hadley had been caught in an innocent but compromising situation that has them engaged to marry, but she doesn’t want a poor lawman.

    The plot has Suzanna running off to Portland in hopes of snaring a rich competitor of the Jordan family, but those plans don’t work out as she expected. Dalton trails her and reports to Cole her whereabouts and then takes her into custody where she will have to answer for her dishonest behavior. Can Dalton tame this spoiled Georgia peach that appears to be rotten to the core? What happens when Cole returns home from a trip and finds his home spruced up, a low lamp left on and a woman in his bed? There is a lot of animosities still among some of the brides, some brides are underage and will be going back home with Effie’s parents. There are still several brides and courting men that will lead to more stories in this fascinating series.


    While this story is named Martha, and a big part of it is Martha and Ethan, it also has several of the other brides that had not married yet finding their HEA ending too. I am sure that like myself, many readers have laughed at the antics of the various mail-order brides in this series.

    The plot is full of mystery, suspense, secrets, angst, anxiety, attitude, opinions, misinformation, and revenge. Hell may have no fury for a woman scorned, but husbands have no regrets spanking a naughty wife either.

    The story will come with some shocking news for Suzanna about her family in Georgia that will alter her honeymoon plans. Then a bit of revelation with correction for Jane, along with worry for her two young children and during an honest conversation, she will learn that a certain doctor has feelings and honorable intentions where she is concerned. Throw in the ladies deciding to create a Ladies Aid Society with a Temperance movement, and what happens when the husbands and fiancés learn about their plans. A little too much alcohol will lead to the ruined reputation and impromptu marriage of one rebel lady to the most unlikely man in town. You must watch out for the quiet ones; they will surprise you with what they are capable of doing. “It is a wise woman who does not shut one door until she has another opened.”

    Martha will learn that Ethan is a man of his word. He refuses to allow her to back out of the marriage and teaches her across his knee that he won’t put up with her dangerous and foolish actions. “Do you want a man for a husband or a mouse, for I can be no mouse? “ She will learn that a good old fashioned spanking may hurt, but given with love it is intended wasn’t as bad as what she had feared and dreaded. Maybe some of her other fears of marriage aren’t what she perceives. “He was in heaven, with a little bit of hell tossed in for good measure.”

    The story has plenty of humor, with dominant men and naughty women. There are many spanking scenes and sex scenes too.

  2. Julie

    I love Stevie MacFarlane’s book, and this complete series does not disappoint.

    Amelia Westcott tires of her father trying to marry her off, so she chooses her own husband out west through a Mail order catalog.

    Amelia finds out there are several women there to marry her attended husband, Hugh Jordan.

    Heartbroken, she writes to her two best friends telling them of the awful mistake she made before she finds out the truth.

    The truth is Hugh chose Amelia and asked his assistant Clearance Henderson to send letters of regret to the other women.

    Clearance felt one of the ladies would be perfect for him, and then other men needed wives, so he didn’t do what Hugh told him to do.

    This saga continues in another book. It’s too late when Amelia finds out the truth. Her two friends Grace and Effie have left Boston for Seattle to save Amelia and end up finding their own grooms.

    This is just the beginning of this funny series. Their is plenty of attitude, secrets, suspense, opinions, mystery, and revenge included.

    I highly recommend you grab this collection as it’s very entertaining. Can’t wait for the next series to be released.

    I received a free copy of this book. This honest review was posted voluntarily.

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