Loving Leo

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GG Beauchamp is telling the story of her past and her husband, Leo, the love of her life, to her granddaughter, Shelby. Shelby plans to preserve the history of the family for the generations to come.

GG and Leo have embarked on their married life and this is their story. GG is a married woman now and the womanly experiences she was so anxious to experience have indeed proved to be well worth waiting for.

Leo is entranced by his passionate young wife and as their life together goes on, they are clearly meant to be together. The joy and heartbreak they live through, the family and friends they love, the life they build in Boone, Indiana, is a tale that brings laughter and tears and the warmth of a true love story.

Publisher Note: This sweet love story contains a theme of power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

Shelby Beauchamp Davis looked over her notes once again. She was putting together the story of her grandmother’s girlhood right here in Boone, Indiana, and she was finding the story fascinating. To look back and get a peek of what her grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ lives were like was something she’d wanted to do for a long time. Her grandmother, GG, was more than happy to pass down the history of their family in a way that made it so real. Shelby had laughed, she’d been shocked, and she’d cried at the story so far. Her Gran had had two brothers, whom Shelby had never gotten to know; she’d met her Uncle Carl a handful of times, but her Uncle Bryce had died unexpectedly at age forty-nine, so her Gran’s stories were bringing them to life for her.

Shelby rubbed the small of her back and rested a hand on her pregnant belly. So far that morning, her baby had been active, as though he or she was growing eager to greet the world. It wouldn’t be much longer now, and Shelby and her husband, Sam, were counting down the days. GG smiled at her and gave her belly a gentle pat.

“How’s our little one today?”

“Trying to kick his way out, I think,” Shelby said with a chuckle. “If this baby is as active after birth as before, we’re going to have our hands full.”

Shelby and GG settled down in the library in front of a comfortably crackling fire, each with a cup of tea. Shelby arranged her notebooks and other supplies and then gave her grandmother an eager smile. “Are you ready to go on with your story, Gran?”

GG gave her a wink. “I had a good night’s sleep and a nice long dream about your grandfather, so, yes, I’m ready.”

“Okay.” Shelby leaned over and turned on the tape recorder. “Let’s begin.”


GG and Leo Beauchamp sat in the little Boone, Indiana church on Sunday morning, listening to the pastor speak to his congregation. Leo shifted a little and his leg pressed against his wife’s leg. She felt an immediate rush of heat that went straight to her groin and her cheeks turned pink. She sat just as still as she could, trying not to think of the effect her husband’s touch had on her. She nearly gasped with relief when the pastor asked them all to stand and sing a hymn. Leo was oblivious to her discomfort, she was glad to see, as she suspected that he might find it funny if he knew. Sometimes she wondered if the reactions of her body that had been unleashed on their wedding night were normal or if she was some kind of sex addict. And she knew her husband would find that funny. Her pink cheeks were not cooling off a bit and she threw her whole concentration into singing the hymn until she felt in control again. Until they were seated and she realized that her panties were just a little bit damp.

When the service was over, GG was sure the others around them could tell by looking at her what kind of inappropriate feelings were leaving her a little weak in the knees. She was seriously relieved that she had kept her coat with her instead of hanging it up. Leo helped her on with it and she gave him a bright smile. It took them a while to make their way through the congregation and finally out the door, after speaking to everyone they knew and shaking the pastor’s hand. Once out of the church, GG heaved a huge sigh and said, “Wow! I’m glad we’re out of there.”

Leo gave her a puzzled look and said, “I thought you liked going to church.”

Flustered, GG said, “Oh, I do…I just…never mind.”

One of their friends called out to them just then and took Leo’s attention away from what his wife was saying. The three of them talked for a couple of minutes and then GG and Leo went on to the parking lot and got into the car. They were going to Leo’s parents’ house for Sunday dinner, but they were going home to change clothes first and pick up the cake GG had made. They had settled into a routine of alternating weeks of Sunday dinners with their families. When they got home, Leo took GG’s coat and pulled her close for a long kiss. She melted against him, immediately aroused, as always.

“Now what did you mean when you said you were glad to be out of church?” Leo asked.

“Geez, you never forget anything, do you?”

Leo laughed. “I try not to. Come on; spill it.”

GG’s cheeks were pink again. “I just…I had sort of a reaction. Leo, how can you make me want to have sex just by pressing your leg against mine? And in a place like church?”

Leo burst out laughing. “Well, I’m not sure, but I’m not complaining. In fact, I consider myself to be a lucky man!”

GG stared at him in disbelief. “Leo, we were in church! And I was sitting there getting turned on. There must be something blasphemous about that. Isn’t there?”

Leo advanced on her with an evil grin. “Maybe we should do something about your shameful desires right now.”

“Oh my gosh, we’re going to your parents’ as soon as we change clothes!”

He nuzzled her neck and said, “We can be a little bit late.”

She tried to back away from him, but her traitorous body was melting under his hands. “Leo,” she said weakly, “we shouldn’t do this. And you didn’t answer my question about being turned on in church.”

Leo chuckled at her again and said, “Look, God created man and woman to give each other companionship and to procreate, right? That means God created the act of making love, right? So, it wouldn’t be appropriate to be groping each other while we try to listen to the sermon, but your feelings are perfectly natural and given to you by God. Feel better?”

GG stared at him, unsure of exactly how serious his answer was. “Are you telling me the truth, or just trying to make me feel better?”

“It makes perfect sense to me. GG, there’s nothing weird or abnormal about you having a healthy sex drive. In fact, it makes me love you even more if that’s possible. But we should get changed and get to my parents’ house. We’ll take this up when we get back.” He winked at her and let her go.

GG flashed her brilliant smile at him and scampered away to change her clothes. She was in her bra and panties when her husband came into the room and started to get out of his jacket and tie. The look he gave her was all it took to bring that rush of heat back over her body. She hurriedly pulled her jeans on and yanked a sweater over her head while he laughed at her. Leo walked toward her and she backed warily away, pointing her hairbrush at him until she realized he was just getting some casual clothes out of the dresser.

“I’m going to get my cake ready to go,” GG said as she escaped from the bedroom.

Leo joined her in the kitchen a couple of minutes later and stopped to admire the pretty picture she made, setting her applesauce stack cake into a cake carrier and snapping it shut. She took his breath away every time he looked at her. And it wasn’t just how she looked. He was utterly captivated by her spirit and her personality. She was impulsive and adventurous, as kind-hearted as it was possible to be. She was intelligent and endlessly curious, and she had a huge capacity for love and compassion. And, to top it all off, she was the sexiest woman he’d ever met. She was also stubborn, a bit spoiled, and willing to be sneaky to get what she wanted. She would grow out of those traits; he would help her along that path.

“Are we ready?” Leo asked.

GG gave him a smile and a nod and they were on their way. The house was full of the aroma of Claire’s pot roast and GG’s stomach growled at the tantalizing smells. There were hugs all around and Leo set about teasing his younger sisters while GG helped Claire in the kitchen. Charles was checking the TV listings, looking for the football game, even though he already knew. They all enjoyed a noisy dinner together, lively with conversation and laughter. They ate their fill, and then Claire and the girls cleared the table and GG carried her cake to the table. There were oohs and aahs all around and Claire gave a nod of approval at sight of the stack of thin layers of cake, each spread with GG’s mother’s homemade applesauce.

“It looks perfect, GG,” Claire proclaimed.

GG had been nervous about making the cake. She’d never done one before, but she had both moms to advise her and it had turned out well. Now, if it tasted as good as it looked, she could be proud of it. Claire cut the cake and they passed the slices around the table. GG watched Leo, holding her breath as he took the first bite. He tasted, then chewed, and then closed his eyes and swallowed.

“GG, this cake is delicious!” He got up from his chair and wrapped his arms around her in a bearhug. The rest of them erupted in laughter and cheers.

“Oh, thank God,” GG said. “I was so scared I wouldn’t get it right.”

“No worries, darlin’! You can make me one of these for my birthday, as a matter of fact.” Leo pulled her chair out for her and she sat down, beaming at the rest of them. There were more exclamations of approval over the cake and they all enjoyed their dessert. Charles even had a tiny second piece, claiming he still had a little coffee to finish and he really needed some cake to go with it.

The rest of the afternoon went by as usual, the ladies cleaning and loading the dishwasher, Leo and Charles taking out the garbage. The football game was on TV and the girls pulled out the Monopoly game, begging Claire and GG to play. After the game was over, they all said their goodbyes and Leo and GG headed for home. GG leaned her head on Leo’s shoulder and they discussed the day as they made the short drive to their little house.

“What are your plans for tomorrow, baby?” Leo asked.

“I’m doing my grocery shopping after I get my morning chores done and Mom gave me a recipe for a beef stew that goes in the oven for several hours. Katie gets out of school early tomorrow and we’re going to do our letters for the VA.”

“You’ll be busy. I’m taking a long lunch tomorrow because I have a job interview.” Leo turned the corner onto their street.

“You do? An engineering job?” GG looked thrilled.

“Yep, entry level transportation engineering and they specified veterans preferred, with the proper education.”

“Oh, Leo, that’s just the kind of thing you want to do!”

“I know, it’s one of the best prospects I’ve looked at so far. I have one of those feelings that this could be the one.” Leo turned to smile at her as he put the car in park in the driveway. GG threw her arms around his neck and gave him a heartfelt kiss. Leo kissed her back and said, “Let’s take this in the house, baby.”

They went in, and as soon as the door closed behind them, they were in each other’s arms, leaving the cake carrier right there at the front door. GG giggled as Leo ferociously growled while he nibbled at her neck and earlobe. He cupped her bottom in his hands and lifted her off the floor and she responded by wrapping her legs around him. A moment later, he tumbled her onto the bed and kicked off his shoes before joining her there. His mouth plundered hers while he slid his hands up under her sweater and cupped her breasts in his hands. He could feel the hard nubs through the lacy bra she wore and rubbed his thumbs over them, making her gasp in response. GG sat up so he could pull the sweater off over her head, leaving her long, dark hair tumbled around her shoulders. Leo drank in the sight of her, her lips swollen and her eyes dark with desire. He never got tired of looking at her and she bent her head a little, casting him a sultry look and slipping one bra strap down over her shoulder.

Leo chuckled and murmured, “You naughty little thing, you know what you’re doing to me, don’t you?” Her response was to slip the other strap down and cross her arms protectively under her breasts.

Breathing faster, Leo reached out and stroked the rounded mounds of her breasts, gently working his fingers under her arms until he could circle one engorged nipple between his finger and thumb. GG sucked in her breath, her eyes going even darker. Leo reached behind her with his other hand and unfastened the pretty lace bra. Only her arms were holding it against her lovely breasts. He leaned over and drifted his lips across the exposed curves and the cleft in between, darting his tongue down between them. GG was trembling and her arms loosened, letting the wispy lace slide down a little more. Her husband’s mouth followed it, working his way to the rosy tips she was vainly trying to cover. When he triumphantly closed his mouth over one swollen, sweet peak, GG arched her back and abandoned the bra, letting it flutter to the floor. She moaned helplessly as Leo’s tongue played, sending electrifying sensations skittering down her spine.

Leo took his time, lazily feasting on her swollen breasts and trailing little lines of burning kisses up and down the silky smooth skin of her torso and up her throat to her ear. Delightful waves of shudders rolled down her spine and left her covered with gooseflesh. Leo’s mouth drifted gradually down to her belly and he gave her a little nip just under her lowest rib. When he undid her jeans and pulled them down over her hips, she realized that she was already wet and more than ready for him. He dropped her jeans to the floor and then stood, watching her as he undressed. GG lay on the bed in only her panties, squirming a little under his eyes, unable to hold still with the way her every nerve was on fire with need.

“Leo, please,” she murmured.

“Please what, baby?”

“Please, I need you. I need you closer; I need you in me.”

“Oh, baby, do you have any idea how much I love you?”

“Yes.” She actually gave him a satisfied, feline little smile.

With a shake of his head, he lowered his head to her thighs and kissed the sweetly sensitive spot at the top of her thigh. His mouth burned through the thin lace of her panties and made her gasp with shock. He teased her, kissing the mound between her legs, the hollow at the top of her thigh, but refusing to pull her panties off. GG was panting with desire, bucking against his mouth and he finally relented and knelt to pull the offending garment out of the way. He feasted his eyes on her naked loveliness and knew he would never, ever get tired of looking at her.

“Leo,” she whispered and held up her arms for him. “Please come to me.”

With a little half-growl, half-moan, he joined her on the bed. His kiss was deep and rough this time, and when his hands roamed her body, she moaned with satisfaction. He wasn’t sure how she pulled it off, but suddenly he was on his back and she was straddling him. His rock-hard manhood was trapped between them and she reached down and stroked him, wringing a moan out of him when her fingers wrapped around him. She raised up a little and dragged herself up the length of him, her wet center against him until she reached the point where she could take him into her. She went slowly, inching down over him until she had taken all of him deep inside her. GG’s smile was triumphant as she rose slowly and then sank down on him again. She rode him, slowly at first, and then faster and harder.

Leo was lost; lost completely in the sensation of his wife making love to him. Their tempo quickened and quickened until he couldn’t bear it any longer. He flipped her over onto her back and drove into her as she wrapped her legs around him and rose to meet him.

GG felt like she was being driven into the heavens, waves of pleasure sweeping her higher and higher until she was crying out with each thrust. The room seemed to swirl with light and stars at the same time, and they exploded together in an exquisite climax, driven to the peak of sensation and rocked with shudders as they slowly came down. They clung together, quivering with little aftershocks of satisfied pleasure. It took a long time for their breathing to slow to normal and they cuddled together, so close that they were nearly one person.

“Leo,” GG murmured finally, “I love you. I love you with all my heart.”

Though it seemed impossible, he pulled her even closer. “My heart is yours, love. How did I ever get so lucky?”

“How did we ever get so lucky?” GG was nearly purring with satisfaction.

They cuddled together on the bed for a long time, moving only to pull a blanket over them when they grew too cool. They talked softly while they snuggled, talked about Leo’s job possibilities, GG’s letter writing to the VA patients, the home of their own they eventually wanted to buy, their plans for the future. Finally, they pulled on their bathrobes and went to the kitchen to polish off the rest of GG’s cake, washed down with cold glasses of milk. When they went back to bed, they cuddled under the covers, naked, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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1 review for Loving Leo

  1. Redrabbitt


    Step back into the late 1960s and early 1970s, where life was different in Boone, Indiana—and the country was dealing with the draft, Vietnam, the hippy movement, and while things were different, some things in life stay the same. I was immersed in GG and Leo Beauchamp’s story and their marriage from the beginning.

    I will say that this is a series I have been thrilled to read, and the characters are like old friends; you don’t have to be around them all the time, but when you are with them again, it is a wonderful visit. The story is a journey of a young couple, their marriage, their plans, and dreams, along with heartache and changes. GG will tell the tale to her granddaughter, Shelby, who wants to record and document her grandparent’s history.

    The story has mild intimate scenes between GG and Leo and a few spankings. The tale includes changes in their life, getting together with family and friends, and bits and world news pieces—like the war in Vietnam.

    I felt like a voyeur watching, and sometimes it was with laughter and even a few times with tears of sorrow. It felt real, and the characters are so beloved that you felt their joy and sorrow. Just like in life, not everything is perfect; just a touch of angst and plenty of emotions are included.

    There will be a few situations that bring out GG’s need to rescue someone, and I love how Leo, along with her friend, Sharon, do whatever they can to help a person. GG has a giving heart, and Leo is so supportive of her—but she is also of him. They are “that couple,” the one that others want to be like. I enjoyed the honest conversations amongst the characters, but especially GG and Leo.

    The story will cover over 20 years of their marriage.

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