Love Triangles

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What would you risk for a chance at true love?

Devon risks everything when she leaves her small hometown to attend college, to make something of herself in the big city. Upon a visit home, she is devastated to find her true love engaged to her best friend. The years that follow are full of success and sex, but her heart and backside yearn for another.

Blake is devastated when his child hood sweetheart leaves for New York and returns home engaged to another. He always regretted not risking everything to go after her and settling for marrying her best friend instead. Years later, a successful Devon returns home, and she is looking for him. He isn’t sure that he can risk the heart ache of loving her again – or sharing her with her husband.

Grant gambles on love and marries Devon, knowing she loves someone else. Together they build a very lucrative business. Oh, and have some steamy fun to pass the time. But over the years, he watches their relationship become more comfortable as best friends and business partners, rather than as lovers. Not to mention promises he’s made in the past, that torture him in the present.

Libby loves a man who loves someone else, but she is willing to risk everything – including friendship and heartache – to get what she wants… and who she wants.

Most of the time true love wins. But what happens when it’s put to the test in love triangles?

Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Devon watched as her husband’s rock hard ass turned red from the spanking he was receiving from his dominatrix, Mistress Krissy. She was aroused by the sight, in spite of the melancholy mood she had been in when she had first arrived in his office. She squeezed her own nipples, hard, hoping to escape to a state of euphoria where she became so aroused she didn’t care what she did, or whom she did it with, as long as it ended with her having a toe-curling orgasm.

She pulled a pillow from behind, cast it carelessly to the floor, and leaned back into the leather sofa, tugging her pencil skirt up her thighs and spreading her legs wide. Devon caressed her toned legs, lingering on the stays of her stockings and continued to tease herself, moving slowly up her inner thighs. She took a deep breath, savoring the warm, heavy feeling spreading throughout her body. Yes, that’s it, she thought,as she encouraged her body to give in to the sensation, providing her tortured brain with a much-needed reprieve.

Another deep, relaxing breath and she stretched out even more, placing a stiletto-clad foot up on the edge of the glass table. She positioned herself, rocking her hips back and forth slowly until her head rested comfortably on the back of the couch. Her fingers continued their sensual assault and slowly made their way to her well-manicured mound, where she pressed firmly, eliciting a soft whimper from her throat. Oh, yes.

"Mm, that’s it, Devon, satisfy yourself because your man can’t," Mistress Krissy purred as the swish of her riding crop split the air before making contact with Grant’s well-defined ass.

Grant sucked in a ragged breath, saying nothing, and shifted his weight slightly.

Crack, another hard smack found its mark. Mistress Krissy grabbed Grant’s wavy, black hair and jerked it back to stare menacingly into his dark blue eyes. "If you’re going to be a big baby tonight, I’m going to have to give you something to suck on to shut you up," she said sweetly as she tapped her bare nipple with the tip of her crop. His eyes travelled slowly down the shaft, stopping at her taut, brown peak.

"May I, Mistress Krissy?" he asked with a devilish grin and a slight quirk of his eyebrow.

Mistress Krissy threw her head back and laughed. "You want to suck on my sweet tit, slave?"

"Yes please, Mistress. I would love to."

The Domme pushed her sub’s head down hard and delivered another punishing smack to his behind. "Assume the proper position," she ordered as she brought her riding crop down menacingly on the wood surface of the desk. "You don’t deserve to look at me, let alone suck on any part of me." Grant turned back to the desk and leaned forward, placing his hands flat on top of it.

Devon wasn’t even close to coming. She pressed and circled the bump in her folds that always gave her such wonderful mind numbing pleasure. She loved to masturbate and always had. And she enjoyed watching her very masculine, successful husband interact with his dominatrix every Friday evening at seven. At least she used to.

"That’s it, Mistress Krissy. Make him beg," Devon encouraged the Domme. "The man gets everything he wants because he’s the boss."

Mistress Krissy traced the crack of Grant’s ass with her crop before slapping his inner thighs. "Spread your legs wide and make sure you keep your palms flat on the top of the desk."

Devon could see Grant’s erection from where she was sitting. Her arousal increased as she watched Mistress Krissy slide the riding crop in between his ass cheeks and instructed him to squeeze. "Whatever you do, don’t let it fall," she whispered as she almost lovingly tucked an errant strand of his silky hair behind his ear. She gave his erection a couple of slow strokes with her gloved hand and a little pat to his behind before turning to give Devon her full attention.

"I think you could use a little help tonight, Devon, you seem to be struggling."

Devon glanced at the clock on the wall. Their session was running longer than usual. They only had twenty more minutes before the elevator doors would open, and their small office area would be set upon by the cleaning staff. The thought of getting caught heightened her arousal further.

She’d had an awful day, and all she wanted to do was come. Devon didn’t care from whom or how she got her orgasm, she just knew she needed it. She gave the approving nod that granted Krissy free rein over her.

"Stand up, Devon, and let me look at you," Mistress Krissy purred, with a satisfied smirk on her glossy pink lips.

Devon did so slowly, maintaining eye contact, and squinting just a tad to ensure Mistress Krissy knew she may be a willing participant this time, but that she was still in charge.

"Yes, nice." Appreciation for Devon’s curves was apparent in the Domme’s tone and the darkening of her green eyes as she approached. "Now unbutton that starchy blouse that’s hiding your treasure from me." Before the final button was undone, the Domme stepped behind Devon, pulling the stiff blouse down quickly to Devon’s elbows, holding her arms captive behind her.

Devon was momentarily surprised, but knew if she struggled slightly she would be able to free herself. Her mind and body worked together, allowing the thought of being completely helpless to consume her. This is what you wanted. She had reached the point of no return and she went willingly.

Mistress Krissy stepped in front of her, her mouth opening slightly as her tongue peeked out teasingly and slowly licked her lips. She reached between Devon’s breasts and slowly unclipped her bra, pushing it out of her way, and skimmed Devon’s hard nipples with her thumbs. A warm shudder zipped down Devon’s spine and her body strained forward, wanting more of the same.

"They’re beautiful," Mistress Krissy whispered as she gently massaged them before bending down to kiss and suck gently at each one. Devon’s head fell back and she shut her eyes in an attempt to focus on controlling her breathing. Her heart was pounding wildly. She took another deep breath while her back arched even more, welcoming the intimate gesture. A sweet warm rush between her legs reminded her there were other parts of her body that would welcome Mistress Krissy’s soft tongue.

Mistress Krissy stood up, a satisfied smile tugging at her lips, and took her somewhat-submissive new sub by the arm, pushing her toward Grant. "Sit on the edge of the desk, bitch, until I tell you to get up."

Devon’s wits returned and she leaned back slowly, resting her backside on the desk instead, daring Krissy to say a word. Mistress Krissy smirked and walked around to the other side, smacking Grant’s firm, red cheeks hard as she passed. "You better be ready, pet. I’m going to need you good and hard in a bit." She leaned over his desk, picked up his silk tie and walked back to stand in front of Devon. Their eyes met and held. The Domme’s soft green eyes were at odds with her almost non?existent black leather outfit, something Devon had really never noticed until now.

Although Krissy was looking at Devon, her next command was directed towards Grant. "You may watch what I am about to do to pleasure your wife, pet, but you must not touch or drop my crop from its resting place."

"Yes, Mistress." Grant stood up stiffly. His eyes met his wife’s and he winked at her.

Devon appreciated the reassurance. She was safe. He would never let anything happen to her. She was free to enjoy whatever experience was about to come her way and he would be okay with it.

Mistress Krissy held his tie up, swinging it in front of her as if to get her attention. Devon’s eyes returned to the Domme’s, only they weren’t as soft as before. Is she jealous?

"Close your eyes, bitch," the obviously annoyed Domme spat out.

Devon eyes narrowed, her thoughts obvious. Who are you calling bitch, Bitch!

Grant’s gorgeous lips cracked a smile and it cost him dearly.

"What are you smiling about, slave?" Mistress Krissy demanded, slipping the tie around her neck and strutting across the room on her high-heeled black boots to her bag of tricks. She reached in and pulled out a flogger, swooshing it in the air on her way back toward them. She struck out immediately at Grant’s chest and blazed a trail downward, stopping just shy of hitting his raging erection. Grant’s head fell back and he sucked in air through his teeth.

Devon knew it had to hurt like hell, but she also knew that Grant enjoyed the pain, which heightened her arousal even more.

Mistress Krissy strutted back to her bag and tossed in the flogger, pulling out a black plastic box. She looked up at them both with a sinister smile and opened it, presenting its contents proudly. A huge strap on dildo. She threw the tie at Grant. "Tie this blindfold on your wife. Time is running short." They all glanced at the clock. Uh oh! Time was ticking.

Devon’s eyes met Grant’s. He was turned on and ready to wrap things up; so was she for that matter. He leaned in, wrapping his hands under her bottom and setting her gently on top of the desk, spreading her legs wide. His erection humped slowly against her soft core while he reached behind her and fastened the tie over her eyes. She could no longer see, but she heard the crop whoosh through the air, a split second before it made contact with a loud crack against what was most likely Grant’s behind. Devon felt Grant’s body stiffen slightly and heard a low growl deep in his throat. It crossed her mind that the crack sounded a little harder than usual. Maybe he dropped the crop and it pissed Mistress Krissy off.

Devon wanted to touch him, to make sure he was okay. She needed to know that this was still okay with him. She stretched her arms out to the side, popping the last button off her blouse, freeing her arms, and reached out to touch her husband’s firm body. Her hand quickly found his raging hard cock and began to stroke it slowly. Yes, he’s okay. I can relax and enjoy. She felt her body melt as another wave of warmth made its way between her legs. "Oh, yes, fuck me, please," she begged, longing to feel him inside her.

"Step aside slave, I get her first." Mistress Krissy growled.

Devon reached out to him, not wanting him to move. Her hand came to rest on a very firm mound with a bump in the middle instead. She knew immediately what it was and whom it belonged to, and was pushed further to the edge of her arousal. When was the last time I touched another woman’s breasts? Both hands came up to explore. So soft. She heard Mistress Krissy’s quiet deep chuckle. "I have a little pressie for your tits, love. Hope you enjoy them," Mistress Krissy purred. "Put your hands down at your sides. There, that’s a good girl," she said softly.

Devon felt her nipples being licked and sucked, and leaned back into the desk to savor the sensation. "That’s a girl, relax, and show Mistress Krissy how you like to please yourself." Devon welcomed the invitation to touch the part of her that had been longing for attention and did so happily. As she rubbed at her small clit, her left nipple was pinched hard, sending another wave of arousal through her entire body. She pushed harder at the aroused clitoris that grew even larger and more sensitive between her legs. Another pinch, to her right nipple this time, and even without seeing them, she knew weighted nipple clips were hanging from her tits. She rubbed herself harder, liking the added sensation of the weights swinging gently.

"Now turn around and lean forward on the desk. I want to fuck you doggie style like the bitch you are," the Domme spat out.

Devon was close now, so she didn’t take Mistress Krissy’s words to heart. She turned her back to the Domme, leaning forward and putting her arms straight out with her palms flat on Grant’s desk. She spread her legs wide and positioned her hips to give the other woman an easy target. The weighted clips pulled on her nipples and swayed with her body’s motion, making her want to reach down and rub herself to completion. I just want to come already.

She felt the tip of the hard rubber dick penetrate her as her hips were pulled back and the dildo slipped inside. The bitch has some pretty strong hands.

"You may reach down between your legs and continue to rub yourself," Krissy whispered close to her ear. Devon did so happily. She allowed herself to forget everything and only focus on the task at hand. That was something she was good at. Distracting herself with sex to free her mind of the demons in her past.

Devon’s mind wrapped itself around the fact that she was bent over her husband’s desk being fucked by a woman, while he watched and probably beat off himself. It was new, and went a long way to push her brain to sending the ultimate signal of completion. A tingling started in her inner thighs and made its way to her core like a flash fire?just as she heard the ding of the elevator’s arrival.

Devon let loose and her toes curled as the welcome release washed over her body. She gasped for air. The makeshift blindfold was torn off as she looked over her shoulder toward the elevators, expecting to see the shocked expressions of the cleaning people standing on the other side of the glass walls. Instead, Mistress Krissy was standing in the elevator, fully clothed, holding her bag of tricks. She blew Devon a kiss just before the elevator doors slid shut.

Grant drove himself deep and hard into her, causing the nipple weights to swing wildly. She reached up and released the tension, gently removing them, as Grant ground out his pleasure, slumping against her back.

Devon gave him a moment to bask in his orgasm before reminding him the cleaning people were due any second.

Grant chuckled and whispered in her ear. "Don’t worry, hon, it’s all good." He pulled out of her and pinched the rubber he had been wearing off his spent penis. He grabbed his pants and shirt with his other hand and stepped into his bathroom. Devon heard the toilet flush and the water running as she tidied up the office.

She hastily pushed her skirt back down around her hips and over her knees. Then she quickly buttoned her blouse, tucking the shirttails back into the waistband of her skirt. There, if someone gets off the elevator now, I’m presentable.

Devon was looking at the nipple weights she had put down on Grant’s desk as he came out of the bathroom, adjusting his gold cufflinks at his wrists. "Krissy wants those back, hon, would you mind slipping them in my desk drawer, please, while I round up some files I need to take home with me over the weekend?"

"Of course." Devon stepped behind his desk and opened the middle drawer, sliding some envelopes to the side to hide the clips underneath, in case their secretary was in his desk during the week. A thick envelope with an unfamiliar legal stamp in the corner caught her eye. She said nothing and closed the drawer. "I’m going to grab my purse and laptop. I’ll be right back."

"Hm," was the only response she got as she headed out the door and down the long, plushy carpeted hallway.

Her office lights were still on, and her desk was a bit of a mess, which annoyed her because it was out of the norm. Devon’s momentarily found peace slipped away as her eyes rested on a picture of a young bride and groom. The demons she had tried so hard to keep locked in her past rushed at her again, consuming her thoughts, and robbing her of her relaxed state of mind. She grabbed the picture off a built-in shelf, bringing it with her as she looked out the floor-to-ceiling window that overlooked the spectacular view of the city below. She leaned up against the cool glass, looking down at the picture of her dear friends. A tear slipped and fell, landing on the picture in the middle of the couple.

"Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?"

Grant’s arms were around her, holding her close. She leaned into him, welcoming the comfort. "Yeah, I guess."

"Were you pretending it was him fucking you when it was really me?"

"No. I was too preoccupied thinking I was being taken by a woman, to give either one of you any thought."

"Good. My plan worked then. I was hoping you would give into everything that was happening and let yourself enjoy it. You’ve been so stressed out lately."

Devon leaned back to look up into her husband’s handsome face. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

"Yes, you have." He bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Let’s go get something to eat, hon. I’m starving."

"You’re always starving after you’ve been spanked," she teased.

Devon pulled away and looked down again at the picture in her hand. Another tear hit the glass and she quickly wiped it away. "I’m sorry, Grant," she said sadly, close to tears again. "I feel so out of sorts. I know she’s been gone over six months but today would have been her birthday. It seems to have brought everything back. I can’t stop thinking about him and how we left things."

Grant ran his hands up and down his wife’s arms trying to soothe her. "It’s okay, Devon. We both knew this day might come. Would it make you feel any better if I told you I knew your heart belonged to another man when I married you, and that I knew I might lose you one day?"

"No. Grant. You’re my best friend. I never want to lose you."

"Yes, we are best friends, and we’re very good business partners," he said, gently, brushing a wisp of hair back off her forehead. "We will always have that," he finished with a quiet sigh. He sucked in a deep breath before he continued in a more confident tone. "However, your heart has never belonged to me, and we both know it. You left it back home somewhere in Fartsville, Ohio, or wherever the hell it is you came from."

She giggled at the reference to her hometown. "But I want to make sure you understand that I do love you," she whispered.

"And I love you, too, Devon," he smiled down at her. "Now let’s get going before I fall dead on the floor from starvation."

He grabbed her computer bag and threw it over his shoulder along with his, gently steering her out of her office and clicking off the light. They walked down the hall toward the elevator as it dinged its arrival, and stepped aside as the cleaning people pushed their carts onto the floor.

"What perfect timing you all have," Grant beamed, as he held the side of the elevator for Devon to step on. She moved out of the way to make room for Grant and noticed that the women were staring at him with appreciative eyes. She smiled her own quiet smile. He was a good looking man after all, and had a hell of a body. Devon couldn’t blame them for looking, and she didn’t mind at all.

It was true; she and Grant did love each other. And at one time, they had loved each other enough to get married. But through the years, their relationship had grown into more of a mutual understanding of sorts, rather than a real marriage. Their ability to work so well together strengthened their business relationship and allowed the business to thrive. But somewhere along the line, being husband and wife took second place to being partners, and they became best friends instead.

They knew each other’s deepest, darkest secrets and worked together closely every day running a business that was well on its way to making them rich. They respected each other, and had enjoyed a very sexual and open relationship up until about six months ago, when Libby had passed. Since then, it had been hard for Devon to think of anything else but the friend she mourned and the man she had loved once and lost. But, you’re not going to think about them right now. They have consumed enough of your mind today. Focus on Grant instead. She met his smile and reached for his hand as they turned and watched each floor’s number flash red before them.

Devon let her mind wrap itself around what had happened in Grant’s office tonight. Is it normal that I don’t mind sharing him and that he doesn’t mind sharing me? The crease in her forehead deepened as her mind traveled into their past to the night that Grant had brought up the idea of introducing a Dommy into their lives.He had decided after a couple years of marriage that he might enjoy being dominated and punished, and had asked her what she thought of the idea. When she asked why, he simply said he wanted to see if it would balance things out in his life, give him a chance to be humbled, and atone for some of the things he had done in his life that he wasn’t so proud of.

Devon didn’t think that there was anything Grant could have done in his life that would warrant such a punishment every week. She had only ever witnessed him being kind and caring. But she was willing to go along with his idea to hire Krissy to fulfill his need. When she watched their sessions, it certainly aroused her. Mistress Krissy had been hired three years ago and things had been working out well ever since. It didn’t bother Devon as long as it made Grant happy. She accepted it as part of who he was, and she had always enjoyed watching someone being spanked. Besides, she liked Krissy. They had formed a sort of friendship through the years. Although, this was the first time the two had ever become intimate with one another. Just goes to show you how desperate I’ve become to escape my thoughts. You have to get your shit together, Devon, she scolded herself for the millionth time that day. Think about something else.

Grant squeezed Devon’s hand and she turned to look up at him questioningly. He winked at her as if to say, "Stop worrying."

And she was thrown back to their freshman year of college where he had caught her eye at a frat party, winked at her, and whispered those exact words in her ear. She returned his squeeze and let herself remember that fateful night. She had gotten drunk and spilled her guts to Grant about leaving the man she loved behind because she wasn’t good enough for him, and then literally spilled her guts all over his shoes.

Grant had taken care of her, and held her head while she paid homage to the porcelain God for her reckless, almost suicidal, behavior. Then he cleaned her up and put her to bed. They had been together ever since. They spoke openly about sex and shared fantasies with one another. Grant had surprised her one evening when he had taken her to one of the sex clubs he liked to frequent, one where anything went so long as the participants were willing. And that night she was willing. Anything to make her forget about leaving him, and that he was now engaged to her best friend.

She smiled to herself as a flush of warmth spread across her cheeks.

"There is only one thing that makes you smile like that, hon," Grant quipped.

Devon glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. "You’re right. I’m thinking about the night I got my first real spanking, thanks to you."

"I knew it," he chuckled, leaning close to nip at her ear. "I liked that night because it was the first night you let me have you."

They both smiled warmly at each other as the elevator dinged, announcing their arrival on the ground floor. They stepped off and headed for the slowly rotating door leading to the busy street beyond, waving, and calling their good nights to the gentleman sitting behind the security desk.

"You know, hon," said Grant, as they joined the rest of the business types on the street, "we’re going to Germany next week, so everyone is used to the idea of us both being out of the office. How about if I fly to Germany solo, take care of business and you go home to see your mom and dad. Take some time for yourself. Maybe catch up with your old flame and see how he’s doing since Libby passed. See if you can work through everything that has been bothering you lately."

Devon took a steadying breath and allowed herself to consider what Grant had suggested as they made their way along the crowded sidewalk. She didn’t say a word for a couple of blocks, deep in thought. When they stopped in front of their favorite pizza place and Grant leaned in to open the door, she looked up into his sexy blue eyes. "You sure you would be okay with that?"

He bent down, giving her forehead a kiss. "I want you to be happy, hon."

Devon soaked in Grants smile and kind eyes. "I’m not sure what will make me happy anymore to be honest, but I’ll think about it and let you know what I decide." Before she stepped through the door, she looked into Grants eyes. "I don’t deserve you. Never did." She was surprised when Grant’s eyes flashed silver with anger for a moment. It was an emotion he rarely showed.

"Who is to say what any of us deserve Devon. Now get your sweet ass in there so I can get something to eat."

"Yes, boss. Will do," she laughed as she quickly went through the door.

After they had eaten, and were on their way back to their apartment, Grant mentioned the club. "Feel like taking a detour home tonight for old time sake?"

"Hm," she smiled, feeling a tingle between her legs at the suggestion. "It’s been a while since I’ve been there."

"I know, hon, I’ve missed you."

"Krissy and I weren’t enough for you tonight?"

"It’s been a rough week," Grant sighed.

"Yeah, it has."

They walked on, stopping at the next corner waiting for the light. Devon knew it was her decision. Grant would go along with whatever she wanted, that was one of the many things she liked about him. He never pushed her to do anything she didn’t want to do. He was an alpha male who could make men quake in their shoes with the simple lift of his eyebrow in a corporate meeting, but never once had he gone alpha male on her. Nether physically, or mentally. They were equals.

The light changed and they crossed the street. She reached down and gently took his hand. If they kept walking straight, they were going home. If she turned right at the curb, that meant they were going to the club. She stepped up on the curb and stopped. He looked down at her patiently as she smiled up at him teasingly. "Let’s go to the club, I could use a good hard spanking myself tonight if the right guy is there. And who knows. If I have another orgasm I might actually get a good night’s sleep."

* * * * *

Two hours later, Devon was bent over a carpeted block in a darkened hallway breathing heavily as her slick fingers circled her clit. Grant held her hips firmly; his hard cock gliding in and out of her pussy from behind. Weird music played in the background through speakers she couldn’t see, and added to the experience that played out before her like a porno.

Her ass stung from the spanking she had been given by the man who had moved on and was spanking another woman in the shadows while Devon watched. A beautiful red head was eerily illuminated by the single dull light that lit the space, and was down on her knees between the man’s legs, sucking his huge dick, and having her tits slapped occasionally. She winked at Devon and puckered her lips, sending her a kiss across the small space. The scene enhanced Devon’s arousal while she enjoyed her dual roles of exhibitionist and voyeur. She had always loved watching and being watched. Does that make me a perv, she wondered briefly.

Grant leaned forward, moaning his pleasure in her ear. "I want you to call out his name as I fuck you, Devon." She knew he was only giving her what she wanted. She had called out her true love’s name many times while Grant was buried inside of her. It seemed to add to his arousal as well as hers. He knew her deepest, darkest fantasy, and it involved Libby’s husband.

"Say it, hon," he pleaded, "I’m so close."

She rubbed her clit harder and faster, her mind soaking up everything that was going on around her. She closed her eyes and Blake’s handsome face appeared, sending a warm rush to her heart. Devon let go of reality and let her fantasy take her back into the arms of the man she had always loved.

"I’m sorry I left you, Blake! Spank me hard! Punish me," she begged. Her head jerked back as she straightened her arms, pushing herself up off the block and gripping the edge of it as if she was holding on for dear life. She spread her legs wider and stiffened her body in anticipation. Her back arched as her request was granted and hard, sharp cracks were delivered to her already tender behind. Someone’s hand pushed gently against her mound, rubbing in a circular motion before a finger worked its way up Devon’s wet slit to firmly stroke her clit. In Devon’s mind, it was Blake’s finger.

Grant’s body pushed forward harder, slapping into he

4 reviews for Love Triangles

  1. SL

    4 stars
    The author can write. It was a different kind of subject read because it contained two couples that married and settled for second best. Instead of a marriage to the one they really loved, they continued to pine for their lost love while belonging to someone else. There may have been reasons or deception for how they ended up the way they did, but it still made me squirm. There are graphic
    sexual scenes as well as a male getting spanked by a dominatrix. It has a happy ending. But not
    sure some of the pain they endured couldn’t have been avoided if they had manned up to living
    with what life dealt you.

  2. SL

    4 stars
    The author can write. It was a different kind of subject read because it contained two couples that married and settled for second best. Instead of a marriage to the one they really loved, they continued to pine for their lost love while belonging to someone else. There may have been reasons or deception for how they ended up the way they did, but it still made me squirm. There are graphic
    sexual scenes as well as a male getting spanked by a dominatrix. It has a happy ending. But not
    sure some of the pain they endured couldn??t have been avoided if they had manned up to living
    with what life dealt you.

  3. Redrabbitt

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive! How true those sentiments are with this story. So many emotions, lies, deceit, betrayal, greed, selfishness and to tangle so many people up into this web of deceit. Childhood friends, childhood sweethearts, covenanting what your best friend has, and making a deal with the devil to get it. New friends become trapped in the lies with threats of blackmail and ruination. Oh yes, couples marry, have a semblance of a happy relationship, but spouses know that they place second fiddle and that the heart belongs to another. Death leaves heartache, but also bitterness and confusion. It\’s amazing how many people can be impacted by the conniving act of one insecure person. With forgiveness comes healing, and finally true love can win. The plot kept me captivated. I found the dialog entertaining, emotional and riveting. The characters showed passion and commitment.

  4. Redrabbitt

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive! How true those sentiments are with this story. So many emotions, lies, deceit, betrayal, greed, selfishness and to tangle so many people up into this web of deceit. Childhood friends, childhood sweethearts, covenanting what your best friend has, and making a deal with the devil to get it. New friends become trapped in the lies with threats of blackmail and ruination. Oh yes, couples marry, have a semblance of a happy relationship, but spouses know that they place second fiddle and that the heart belongs to another. Death leaves heartache, but also bitterness and confusion. It’s amazing how many people can be impacted by the conniving act of one insecure person. With forgiveness comes healing, and finally true love can win. The plot kept me captivated. I found the dialog entertaining, emotional and riveting. The characters showed passion and commitment.

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