Love and the Spaceman


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The final quest for Earth

Dr. Amy Toller is an alien anthropologist from the planet Eden. She is on the final quest for peace in the Galaxy – her last chance to find the seed of humanity – Earth. On Cabul, the second planet orbiting the uncharted star Belos, the team of scientists discovers a remnant of humans who escaped Earth 2,000 years in the past. Before Amy can learn the secrets these people harbor, the team from the Starcruiser Wilhelm must save the humans from a destruction unleashed by their own atomic experiments.

Tanner Brand is an engineer from the Wilhelm sent to infiltrate the Atomic Station on Cabul. When the Spaceman rents a room from the widowed Holly Meadows, romantic sparks fly.

Lloyd Thomas produces newsreels which are shown before the main feature at the movies. While covering the tests at the Atomic Station, he meets a woman working for the local newspaper. He will learn too late his new lover is a Spacewoman from the Wilhelm.

Who holds the key to humanity’s survival?

Author’s Note: This sci-fi romance is the fourth book in the Passion Quest series, but can be read as a stand-alone novel. It contains power exchange and erotic images. If these scenes offend you, don’t buy this book.

Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Stardate 3606.05.29

The Planet Cabul in the Belos Star System

Beth Meadows closed her eyes as their lips came together. She always enjoyed kissing Walter Green. Lying beside her on the narrow car seat, he struggled to hold her close, yet not fall to the floorboards.  Her right arm was pinned between her body and the seatback, but she wrapped her left hand behind his head and caressed his neck. She wanted him to continue.

He shifted his weight to his right arm, and moved his left hand to her right breast. Even through the fabric of her blouse and the padding of her bra, the touch of his fingers ignited a fire in her core.

She pursed her lips, and he deepened his kiss. She felt the tip of his tongue touch her lips, and she opened her mouth. His tongue slipped between her lips and touched her tongue. The French kissing fire of intimacy overwhelmed her. This was the seventh time they had practiced the taboo act; and, yes, she was keeping count.

Beth’s girlfriends frequently talked about French kissing as an erotic acted performed only a husband and wife. None of her friends had ever confessed to completing the deed, and Beth was not going to speak of it either.

The kiss continued, and their tongues danced. Although she and Walt had never spoken of it, she imagined they were consummating their engagement. Thoughts of an engagement brought visions of a wedding night to Beth’s mind. As though reading her mind, Walt released his hold on her breast. His free hand reached down and gathered the volume of material of her skirt and under-slip. His knee wedged between her knees, and he opened her legs.

Almost as many dates as they had been French kissing, she had been allowing him to touch her secret, feminine places. She had been resistant to crossing this boundary, but he had persisted, and now she craved his fondling down there.

Walt’s finger caressed her thigh as he traced along her nylon stocking. When his finger crossed the stocking’s top, when he touched her bare skin, an electric shock surged down her spine to set fire deep within her girly parts. This was the fifth time he had touched the bare, sensitive skin on the inside of her thigh.

She reflexively opened her legs as wide as the automobile’s backseat would allow.

His fingers settled on the gusset of her panties.

She knew her panty would now be wet. The first time they had explored this deeply into sexual relations, she had been concerned he would be offended—thinking she had peed her pants. But now, she knew he expected moisture and probably knew its real source.

His expertly practiced fingers pushed the elastic band aside and, for the third time, entered the panty’s leg hole.

She broke the kiss and gasped as his finger contacted her hot, vulnerable entrance.

His finger retreated slightly.

On his prior two ventures into this territory of which no one ever spoke, he had tried to slip a digit inside her. She had firmly said, “No.” On this matter, all of her girlfriends and the gym teacher were in agreement—nothing enters that hole before marriage. The gym teacher got into this discussion when identifying several exercises unmarried women could not perform. Exactly what one thing had to do with the other, no one had dared ask.

Late at night in her bed, when the frustration consumed her, Beth did the unspeakable and touched her own girl parts, or as the girls in the locker room called it, her jane. However, even at these times, she did not succumb to the urge to penetrate her virginal womanhood.

Beth was grateful Walt remembered the boundary and retracted the finger without her having to object. His fingers slipped between her lady folds to her clit, and this was exactly what she wanted him to do. Although Walt’s fingers had not yet given her the electric, spasmodic, whole-body release her own fingers routinely accomplished, the caress of his fingers upon her jane was vastly more exciting than her own.

Her breaths morphed into short, quick pants as she anticipated—this might be the time he succeeded in bringing her to climax.

However, he did something different. He pushed his forehead into the car seat, beside her head. He stiffened his neck and back muscles. Supporting his weight on his head and knees freed his right hand, and he stretched it down between their bodies.

She was confused as to what he was doing, but after a moment she realized he was opening his trousers.

Oh, no, you can’t do that! she thought,  preparing to stop him. But, she was frozen, hoping his fingers would bring her to an orgasm. She knew about penises and erections. While she had never seen one, her brother had made crude implications of how painful an ungratified boner could be. Expecting Walt was simply trying to relieve the discomfort, she said nothing.

After another moment, her suspicion was confirmed when she felt the hardness of this new appendage press against her Venus. She knew this instrument was exactly what she was saving her virginal entrance for. She knew, on their wedding night, this was what Walt would put inside her. This was what would make her pregnant, and that was exactly why he couldn’t do it now.

“I love you, and we’re seniors now,” he said.

This was the sixteenth time Walt had said he loved her, but Beth could not imagine what being in their final year of high school had to do with anything. Besides, she was not certain the summer months after their 11th and before their 12th school years actually qualified them as seniors.

Walt added, “I won’t do anything wrong. Trust me.”

Beth’s body tensed with the realization something new was going to happen. On most every date, Walt had taken them a little bit further along the path to full lovemaking. She had resisted some of these steps, but succumbed to most of the things he wanted to do. She did trust him, but she wished there was some way they could talk about it first. Beth knew talking was impossible; it would destroy the magic of the moment. Besides, what they were engaged upon—this sex stuff—was a subject even married people never discussed.

Walt’s hand, the one inside her pants, gave her a moist pussy an encouraging squeeze.

Beth swallowed and made no motion to impede whatever he had in mind. She was certain this had something to do with the pain in his boner, and he needed to release his seed. She didn’t want to cause him injury by refusing to allow him a climax.

Suddenly, the erect appendage was alongside his fingers—inside her panty!

She squirmed, trapped under his weight.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “I won’t put it inside.”

She wasn’t particularly clear what this meant. His manhood was already inside her panty. But then, Alice Truman’s advice came to mind. “Just keep your panties on. You can’t get pregnant if you keep your panties on,” Alice had said. Beth didn’t know what experience had given Alice this pearl of wisdom, but it sounded reasonable.

Walt removed his hand.

“Oh,” Beth moaned, as the hard cock—or dick, as the girls called the male member—pressed against her jane.  As good as Walt’s finger felt, this was bigger and felt much better.

Now, using both hands to support his weight, Walt gently thrust his pelvis against hers. The boner inside her panty slid along her sopping wet folds and bumped against her clit.

“Oh-oh!” She clutched her left arm around his neck. She struggled in vain to free her right arm.

Walt thrust again and again, moving faster and more forceful.

Suddenly, Beth felt the tidal rush followed by the fireworks explosions as her climax erupted.

A moment later, Walt froze. His whole body stiffened. Beth felt a gush of wetness burst into her panty.

“Oh, God – oh, God,” Walt groaned. He collapsed atop her.

Beth was already panting—fighting to regain her normal breathing in the wake of her orgasm—and now she had to contend Walt’s crushing weight. However, after only a moment, he sat up. In the tight confines of the sedan’s backseat, he rushed to return his tool to its proper place and to zip up his trousers.

Beth pushed the hem of her skirt down to cover her exposed underwear and legs.

His task complete, Walt leaned down and kissed her. The kiss was hard and deep, and their tongues mingled.

“Oh, Beth, that was so good. I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” she said, but could not find the proper way to tell him this had been her most powerful orgasm ever. Such a statement would lead to questions about her other orgasms which she could never answer.

He kissed her briefly again, and then climbed over the seatback to settle in the car’s driver seat.

“Don’t you dare honk that horn,” she said. She didn’t know if their act qualified for the traditional horn-honking sex alert, but she, for sure, didn’t want anyone to think she had just surrendered herself in the entirety.

She pressed a hand against the glob of ooze collected inside her panty. It seemed to be a gargantuan mess, but it was all in her pubic hair, well above her actual pussy. Perhaps Alice knew what she was talking about.

Beth wished she could open the door and get outside to move from the backseat to the front, but this motion would alert the people in the cars around them as to what had transpired in the same manner as honking the car’s horn would have.

Gathering her skirt, she climbed over the seatback and snuggled next to Walt. He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in for a long, sweet kiss.

A car horn beeped somewhere in the drive-in theater’s lot, followed by another a few seconds later, then a third. Beth reasoned, only the people in the cars directly beside them could know exactly which car had honked. She glanced at the cars to their left and right. Walt had parked on the left side of the lot, where the seniors congregated. However, she didn’t recognize the occupants of the adjacent cars. Pondering the backseat event for a moment, she reasoned their coupling had qualified as fun with dick and jane, as the giggling girls in the locker room showers referred to carnal copulation.

“All right,” she said, and tapped the horn bar to emit one short toot.

They laughed.

She picked up the bucket of popcorn from where she had left it on the floorboard and snuggled into Walt’s shoulder. She loved him and could hardly wait until they graduated from high school and could get married. He would get a job, probably at the Atomic Station, and she would keep house. Before long, she would be raising his children.

The pair of young lovers returned their attention to the movie playing on the giant screen at the end of the parking lot. Walt gave the knob on the speaker hanging from the car window a twist, and the sound track of the motion picture was restored.

This was a horror picture. Beth was not fond of ghosts and haunted houses, and it had been one such frightening scene which had caused her to scream and bury her face into Walt’s chest. He had comforted her, and their subsequent necking had precipitated the encounter in the backseat.

All told, the entire experience had taken ten or fifteen minutes. They had missed nothing from the movie.

Beth munched popcorn and closed her eyes as the ghosts reappeared.

This was the second movie of the Friday night double feature. She had liked the first movie better. It had been a science fiction flic about invaders from the third planet.

After the second movie’s dramatic conclusion, Walt cranked down his window and placed the speaker on the pedestal. They joined the line of cars crawling to the theater’s exit. Upon reaching the asphalt highway, most cars turned left and returned to town. When it was Walt’s turn, he spun the steering wheel to the right—towards the desert.

As they cleared the dust cloud created by the cars on the dirt road, he depressed the clutch and shifted into second gear, but he didn’t speed up. He twisted a lever at the top of the windshield, and Beth twisted a parallel lever on the passenger side. Walt punched a button on the dashboard and drove slowly while an electric motor whined and lifted the convertible top. When the soft-top was neatly, automatically folded behind the backseat, he pressed hard on the accelerator pedal. The car gained speed and lurched when he shifted into third gear. In another moment, they were traveling through the darkness at high speed.

The big but sporty Electra 225 was not really Walt’s car; it belonged to his father. However, as long as he kept his grades up and didn’t break the traffic laws, Walt had the use of the car for their dates.

The cool breeze rushed through Beth’s hair. A meteor streaked by.

“Did you see that?” he asked.

“Yes.” Beth made a silent wish; she wished the goo in her pants would not make her pregnant. She wished Walt would take her home soon. She wanted a bath. Beth made a mental note to retrieve her shoes and sweater from the backseat before they returned to town.

Along with half a dozen other cars from the theater, they climbed the switchbacks which led to the top of Red Rock Mesa. However, they pulled to a stop on the side of the road halfway up the final leg of the switchbacks. This was known as lookout ridge. From here, they had a premier view of the colored, twinkling lights of Virginia City nestled in the valley below.

The other cars also parked along the highway. Beth suspected she knew their occupants. Unlike the drive-in lot, here the cars were widely spaced to give their occupants plenty of privacy. This was where Walt and Beth usually necked, and where Walt had made all of his previous explorations of her body.

Nonetheless, she didn’t expect he was going to do anymore explorations this night. Thinking about what they had done during the movie made Beth realize she knew almost nothing about Walt’s body. This had been her first confirmation that boys actually had a penis, and that it resembled a bone. She was completely baffled about where Walt had the device stored; there was no bulge in his trousers corresponding to the tool’s size.

For a moment, she considered plunging her fingers into his trousers for some exploration of her own, but rejected the idea as it might spur him into taking their pseudo love making further. She could ask her brother, but he would only ridicule her. She could ask her mother, but the questions would reveal that Beth already knew some facts about the subject, and her mother would launch into an interrogation to learn how she had learned them.

Walt rolled his head back and looked straight up at the stars.

“There it is, Kratos,” he said, pointing toward one of the billion points of light overhead. “Do you suppose there are beings living there?”

Beth tumbled to his meaning. Kratos was the name of the third planet from the Sun, and it was the origin of the invaders in the first movie of the double feature. The science fiction movie had been one of the new color films, and the depiction of the green aliens had been far more realistic than the gray ghosts. Nonetheless, the black and white horror movie had been closer to Beth’s reality. She didn’t really care if green aliens existed, but ghosts in the closet were a different matter.

“I don’t know,” she said, angered he could think of anything besides what they had done in the backseat. The event had changed her forever, but he had forgotten it. She envisioned the word ‘hussy’ was now stenciled across her forehead.

She was trying to figure out how she would face her mother in the morning. She knew her mother would know what they had done within seconds of seeing Beth’s transfigured face. Her father had bent her over his knee and paddled her for far lesser transgressions. However, since his death, Beth’s mother had not administered any corporal punishment. Although, there were several times Beth thought her brother deserved a whack or two.

“My dad works at the Atomic Station. They’re developing an atomic rocket to take men out into space, and to Kratos.” Walt sighed. “I want to be one of those spacemen.”

Beth knew all about Walt’s father’s work; Walt had spoken about it several times. Before his accidental death, Beth’s father had also worked at the Atomic Station, and now her brother worked there. She didn’t know what an atomic rocket was, or why one would want to go the Kratos. She had memorized passages from her science book and knew the planet was slightly smaller than Cabul, their own world, and it was likely to have an atmosphere and water. Life forms were not impossible.

Walt kissed her. He placed his hand over her breast for a moment. When she did not brush it aside, he released the buttons along the front of her blouse and pushed the cotton material off her shoulders. She leaned forward, and he unclasped her bra strap. The bra straps slid down her arms to join the sleeves of her blouse. She was bound by her own clothing, leaving her breasts bare and defenseless; open to Walt’s touch and kisses.

She arched her back, displaying her charms. Her alabaster skin glistened in the starlight. In the cool air, her nipples stiffened and reached out, waiting for the caress of his tongue.  She gazed up to the stars and wondered what it would be like to be married to a spaceman.

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