Little Hope’s Doctor

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In 1700s Ireland, the clans are fighting for peace. Healers are being trained, and the doctor who hurt Hope one year earlier has returned to fight for her hand. First, he must prove himself worthy to her uncle and guardian, as well to the little healer herself. 

Hope is a special young woman with a gift. In her family, when one receives the gift, they lose one of their other senses. For her, it was her hearing. But Hope is special in another way, as well… 

Having grown up with a mother who was a ‘little’, Acelin is well-versed in the needs of such a woman. Having recognized that Hope, at times, needs to be little and cared for, he jumps at the chance to let her know he is the man who can provide her with what she needs the most.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains power exchange and sensual scenes. If either of these offend you, please do not purchase.


Sample Chapter


Acelin finally stopped running. He had been running for miles—through the forest, up hills and down valleys, through the meadows and around the glens. The early spring air was still cold this early in the morning and the mist was just lifting over the hills. Acelin needed to clear his mind and do some serious thinking. He leaned down, with his hands on his knees, bracing himself. His breath coming fast and deep. His legs were shaking with the strain. He thought back to the night over a year ago, when he had gone to the wedding celebration of Colleen and Rolland. He had already become friends with some of the six lairds who ruled most of Ireland. Wolf had visited the abbey often and had brought Amanda, Hope, Kelly and Maria with him a few times. Along with Colleen, these five women were healers handpicked by the five lairds to train with Amanda.

Amanda was Wolf’s wife and the king’s goddaughter. She was teaching the other four girls skills needed to become the most up to date healers. They would return to their clans after six months of training. The king had hopes this would help bring peace, not only between the clans, but between England and Ireland.

The abbey was two days’ ride from each clan. It was called the four crossings, as each clan would go their separate ways from the abbey to get to their own lands. The king had built a hospital off the abbey and Acelin lived there. Acelin was handpicked and brought from France to instruct the five healers in minor surgery.

Fourteen Months Earlier

Rolland was holding a second wedding ceremony so Colleen could have her big wedding with all her friends in attendance. Acelin remembered how he had asked to come along so he could get to know the women he would be instructing in surgery.

Wolf picked him up, along with Father Dominic, the head priest. He could hear the girls laughing in the coach. Wolf insisted they ride into the McDonald keep, mostly because of his concern for his pregnant wife. The girls were so excited to be going to Colleen’s wedding, it was hard for them to sit still. They were the first to arrive at the keep, except for Isaac, Alanna and Barbara. Barbara was Rolland’s mother and Isaac was one of the five lairds who contributed the healer Kelly.

The girls ran up to Colleen’s room to help with the wedding preparations while the men went to the study. Acelin followed behind, trying to fit in and unsure what was required of him, if anything.

That was when Rolland explained the problem he had with someone trying to harm Colleen. He had captured the three men who had kidnapped Colleen, in a cabin. He had talked about a plan using a decoy at the abbey but Colleen decided to be the decoy. There was still the leader of this bunch running free; no one knew who he was yet. When Erich joined them in the study, he had suggested using his niece, Hope, one of the healers. Acelin didn’t understand why, and the lairds acted as if they wanted to discuss it alone amongst themselves so he excused himself and went in search of the food. Acelin had been told Colleen had someone trying to harm her but didn’t know much of the details. He was a surgeon so he left the fighting and strategizing to the lairds who had experience protecting their clansmen and women. Acelin wondered around exploring the herb gardens and the infirmary.

The next he saw any of them was at the dinner and dance. The food and ale was abundant and excellent. Living at the abbey with the bland food there, Acelin appreciated the delicious food. He went out to the dance floor and danced with many of the maids who lived in or around the keep. He was feeling more comfortable and relaxed than he had been in days. He was not used to drinking the strong ale and it made him a little slow and jollier than normal, but he was enjoying himself. When Kelly grabbed his arm and insisted he dance with her, he didn’t complain. She was one of many he had danced with this night. She put her hand to her mouth as if to talk to him, and when he bent his head down to listen to her, the little brat kissed him full on the mouth and would not let go. That was when Hope came out of the study and saw what was happening.

She flew at Kelly, all the while screeching, “I hate you. I told you I loved him, and you had to try and take him. I hate you both, I hate you both.”

Wolf was the first to the scene, pulling Hope away. He held onto the little wildcat as tight as he could. It took all he had not to let the squirming, screeching girl get loose.

Acelin was in shock. He picked Kelly up from the floor, shaking her. “Why did you do this? You need a severe spanking, young lady, and I am just the one to give it to you.”

The anguished wail that Hope emitted broke Acelin’s heart. The sound of her pain rang out in the hall. He realized too late she had read his lips.

“You would spank her and not me?” With that, all fight went out of her. She hung in Wolf’s arms, sobbing, her heart broken. Wolf turned her to face him, lifting her legs and cradling her in his arms like a child, Amanda at his side.

“Take me away. I want Erich and Linda to take me away. I want to go home and never come back here,” she sobbed.

Jamie strode over to Acelin and took Kelly from his grasp. “This woman will be my wife in the morning. I will punish her; you can be sure.”

He had tried to talk to Hope to explain but her pain had turned to anger and she would not talk to him. He had gone to bed, sad beyond his own comprehension. The next morning, before dawn, he had left to return to the abbey alone.

Wolf had told him later that she insisted on going to Germany to train. She would be gone for a year.

Acelin didn’t understand his own feelings. When he had seen Hope in Wolf’s arms that night, the feelings of possessiveness had almost over powered him. He wanted to be the one to hold her and protect her. He wanted to sooth the hurt and pain. It almost broke his heart to see her in such pain, and the jealousy knowing another man was holding this little healer almost choked him.

Acelin had decided to go to the king. He wanted a chance to explore his feelings with Hope and to see if something could come of it. He wanted to at least have a chance to apologize to her and explain what had happened. It left a bad taste in his mouth the way things had ended.

He rode to the castle and asked for an audience and a very surprised king agreed.

“What is it I can do for you, Acelin? Have you decided to return home so soon?”

“No, Your Majesty, I have come to ask permission to stay. I would like to explore my feelings for Hope, one of your healers. With the permission of you and her uncle, of course.”

The king laughed out loud. “It seems my plans to unite our countries and the clans has spilled over to France. You may stay and be the surgeon at the new hospital, along with Hope, who is training in Germany at this moment. I must warn you, though, Acelin, you must have her family’s approval, and to do that, you must prove you are able to protect her. I would seek out Wolf and some of the other lairds to prepare you. You will need to prove your strength in body and character, or Erich will have none of you.”

Acelin agreed to seek out Wolf. He knew he had to become a man whom Erich respected or he would not be allowed to get to know Hope better. He knew Erich had misgivings about him. He had not intended to, but he had hurt Hope. It still tore at his heart to see her so sad. He didn’t know her very well but he knew she was good and kindhearted and honest. He knew she had some feelings for him. He had been so blind not to see them.

The king had even agreed to pay him a wage every month to run his hospital.

Acelin explained to the king his need to go to France and tie up his loose ends with his family before he was free to stay, and the king arranged for him to sail for home almost immediately.

Acelin agreed, saying he would be back in four months to take up his responsibilities.

He knew his mother would not mind. She was Irish herself and had always loved her homeland, insisting her husband bring her home to see her family every few years. His father was always more than happy to comply. He loved her and it was little enough to keep her happy.

He knew his father expected him to return to the French hospital and take over when he retired as surgeon there. As it turned out, it was easier to convince them this was the right move for him than he thought. His mother and father were a love match. They understood far more than he did. They gave him their blessings and exacted a promise to bring their grandchildren home to see them. They would be sure to visit him in a year, as it was nearing time for their trip to see his mother’s family. He had spent a month in France with his parents, brother and sister before returning to the abbey to take up his new post.

It was late fall when he had returned. There was a chill in the air already and a promise of a long winter. He had decided to stay at Wolf’s lair for the winter. He had asked Wolf to help him train and become more of an asset to the clans, and Wolf had gladly agreed, inviting him to stay for the winter and train with his men.

Wolf set his guards to training him. He left strict instructions with every one of his men not to hurt him. Wolf was not easy on him; he trained him hard but Wolf knew he had to protect his surgeon. He insisted he wear gloves to protect his hands.

At first, Acelin could barely lift the sword and was slow with the knife. Wolf’s men had him on the ground and at sword point so many times, it was a standing joke.

Amanda laughed at him, telling him he was slower than her girls.

“Maybe you want to train with the girls first, before you take on the men?”

Acelin ignored her and the men, working hard every day until he could notice a difference. His agility increased, his speed, his strength. Then, finally, towards late winter, came the day that Acelin finally had someone else on the ground at sword point. He was so proud of himself when Wolf clapped him on the back and congratulated him.

Wolf had encouraged him to run to increase the strength in his legs and all his hard work had paid off. When the snows were finally melting, he had become a force to be reckoned with. He could fight hard and run for miles. His body changed, also. While not as muscular or big as the lairds or guards, he had put on muscle. He could run for miles at a time through glens and valleys and not tire. He could use a sword and knife with ease and skill.

He had become close friends with Wolf and some of the other lairds, although Erich did not hide the fact that he still did not like him. Acelin thought it was more that he was protecting Hope.

Amanda and the other healers invited him to the infirmary every chance they had to learn more from him. He had nothing but respect for their skill and surprisingly learned a few things from the girls. He still stayed far away from Kelly, not sure if he had forgiven her yet for hurting Hope.

One day, a few days before he was to leave for the abbey, on a day when the birds were starting to chirp again after a long winter and buds were just starting to show themselves, he was called to helped deliver Wolf Jr., or Pup, as they called him. The first male in Wolf’s family was named Wolf for many generations. It was tradition.

Amanda didn’t want the confusion of calling both Wolf so they decided to call Wolf Jr. Pup. It was an easy delivery because Amanda had always taken care of herself. Acelin left the little family alone after the birth to adore their little scowling son. Wolf was so much in love with his family, and so was Amanda. Acelin couldn’t help but feel jealous. That is what he wanted with his little Hope. He despaired of it ever happening. He had waited so long. The longer he waited and missed Hope, the more he was sure she was the one who was meant for him. He couldn’t believe how blind he had been. He had talked to Wolf about many things and spent hours talking to him about his feelings for Hope. He had come to respect Wolf and the other lairds for their wisdom and leadership, as well as their caring for their clans.

Wolf had taken Acelin under his wing. He mentored him about many things and advised him to be patient with Hope. He thought she had the same feelings for him. Wolf had explained that Erich and Linda had protected Hope but had never let her grow up. When her parents were killed and her grandparents became too old to raise Hope, Erich and Linda had taken her in and spoiled her terribly. They had found out early on that Linda could have no children They were both happy to hear the laughter of a little one. Hope was so small and defenseless, they became overprotective. Wolf could scarcely believe they let her go to Germany, if not for the fact they had sent three maids and her old governess with her for protection and comfort.

Wolf and Amanda decided to help Acelin as much as they could without interfering. Wolf would try to talk to Erich and explain all that Acelin had accomplished. That was a couple of months ago, and Acelin had been filling his time running and imagining when he would see Hope again.

With a deep sigh, Acelin shook his head, clearing the memories as he started walking back the way he had come. He walked through the nearby forest, stopping by the small lake not too far from the abbey. It was still frozen in spots but the ice was too thin to walk on anymore. He took a handful of clear, cold water and drank deeply. He knelt and splashed water on his face to refresh himself for the rest of his journey back, the same thought running through his head. Hope would be home in a couple of months and he would be ready for her. He would make her see how much he cared for her. He headed back to the abbey to take up his doctoring and his teaching. Spring was finally here and, soon, his Hope would be, too.


Hope had spent more than a year away from home. She had spent a year in Germany, studying with some very famous surgeons. She had worked hard, learning as much as she could. She wanted to make her family and the king proud of her. Most of all, she wanted to make Acelin proud. She didn’t know why he was never far from her thoughts. She remembered the terrible night she had seen him kissing Kelly. It had hurt her so badly. She had promised herself never to let a man get close enough to hurt her again and that included Acelin. She never seemed to stop missing him. She had grown to care for him on her many trips to the abbey with Wolf and Amanda. He was so gentle and kind with all the patients, but he also would be obeyed. She felt sorry for the patients who received a good scolding from the surgeon/healer. He scolded her once for going outside without a warm enough coat on.

“You could catch a cold and then, when someone comes who needs help, you will be in bed. You must make sure to take care of yourself, first.”

Hope became angry at his treatment. No one had ever scolded her before. No one had ever cared enough.

She stomped her little foot in a fit of rage. “I am a grown woman, and no one can tell me what to do.”

Acelin promptly turned her around and gave her a swat on the bottom. Not enough to make her cry but enough to get her attention. It stung where he had spanked her, and she quickly began to rub her bottom.

“I would not scold you, if I did not care about you, young lady. You will wear a warmer plaid or I will give you a proper spanking. I will not see you ill.”

She turned and ran to her room, rubbing her bottom all the way. That was the day she began fantasizing about a life with him. The day she became interested in a man who cared enough to take her in hand. She shook her head. She had been gone for months and wondered if Acelin was home in France by now. A sadness overcame her and made her want to cry but she busied herself with her studies. Time would tell what would happen when she returned home. She truly hoped he had waited for her.

* * *

While in Germany, she had also learned more about her gift. She had miraculously met another empath. This other girl had explained to her how to block her feelings so she wouldn’t feel the severe pain when she touched others in pain. She felt only a tingling when she was in the area. She showed how to use her gift to help find an injury by feeling the location of the pain, how to listen to the body and what the patient was thinking. She learned how to use her gift to help others. Both girls had kept their gift a secret, to protect themselves. While her friend wasn’t a true psychic, Hope was. If she touched someone longer, sometimes, she could see bits and pieces of what they were thinking. Hope’s skill at reading minds was limited.

She thought of her aunt and uncle. They had taken her in when she was still very young. They had realized when she was about ten or so that she had the gift of her mother. The first daughter usually had the gift. It usually didn’t show up until early teens. The switch would occur suddenly. One gift for a sense, her mother lost her sense of taste but her grandmother lost her sight. Hope lost her hearing and received the gift much younger. She hid her gift well. Since she had her hearing for those early years, it didn’t take long for her to learn to read lips or body language. She could hide her hearing loss and her gift. In fact, she had hidden it for over a year.

When her uncle had any thoughts, no matter how fleeting, of spanking her for a misdeed, she could tell and would start her strategy to get out of it, whether it was tears or her big blue eyes looking sadly at him or a tale that would satisfy him. As a result, by the time she had slipped up and was found out, she was able to convince them it had just occurred. She felt shame at deceiving the people who loved her so much but it was too late to make amends for the past.

They became obsessive in their protecting her, making sure she knew not to reveal her secret, hiring a governess to teach her sign language and help with her learning. In return, Hope became hopelessly spoiled, throwing tantrums when she didn’t get her own way. The stress of having her gift was almost too much to bear sometimes, and she didn’t know what to do with her emotions. She threw herself into doctoring and healing until she was exhausted every night, but she was very good at it. It took a toll on her, though. Every time she touched someone in pain, she felt it. She could feel if someone was happy or sad or full of hate, like Adam, the man who had tried to hurt Colleen. She wore gloves a lot to keep from feeling other’s emotions, as it became tiring. Now, thanks to her friend, she learned to block it when she needed to. It helped immensely with healing, as well as in everyday life, and no one was aware of her gift.

Her time in Germany was at an end, and it was time to either face heartache or to see if something could come from Acelin and her feelings for him. Her maids were packing her clothes, and her governess was hailing a coach to take them to the ship that would take them home. The butler ordered some boys to put her trunks onto the coach. The cook brought out a basket full of goodies to eat on the way.

She gave Hope a kiss on the cheek. “Bye, my darling, we will miss you. Come and see us again, please.”

Hope waved goodbye, and they were off to the docks to begin their journey home. Again, she thought about Acelin. Had he gone back to France? Maybe she would never see him again. No, she decided if she had to go to France, she would. She had proven to herself she could travel wherever she wanted. She wanted to show him she was as good as he was; she was an adult now and could do as she pleased. She would show him he could never hurt her again. She smiled and promptly fell asleep.

17 reviews for Little Hope’s Doctor

  1. Joanie M

    This book was really good. All the great characters from the last book are back, which makes a very full cast. The story is absolutely wonderful. The romance between Acelin and Hope is very sweet, but there’s much more to the plot. Real danger is on the horizon. Meanwhile, the healers get into plenty of mischief which leads to lots of spankings. New characters are introduced and romance is in the air even while their very lives might be at stake. I loved this compelling page turner.

  2. Nicolette

    Hope is a special lady, she is one of the ladies being trained as a healer and each one has a unique gift. Hope loves Acelin and when she sees him being kissed by one of the other healers she felt he hurt her and decides to go study elsewhere. When she returns after a year she finds Acelin is still there and that he is set in making her his. This is a good book and a good series as the stories flows nicely into each other.

  3. Tami

    Little Hope’s Doctor is a wonderful continuation of the Healer series. I liked that it also included many characters from the former two books. I really enjoy to catch up with characters I got to love. This book is as good as the former two. There is love, suspense, mystery and so much more. I enjoyed reading the book and look forward to read the next one.

  4. Lisa Watson

    This story is set in the 1700’s in Ireland. Acelyn hurt Hope’s heart the year before but this time he is returning for her hand. Before he is allowed this he has to prove to her guardians that he is worthy of it. Hope is an empath and can read peoples feelings, she is also a psychic and a healer. She lost a sense for a gift at age 5 and hers was her hearing in place for being able to read minds

    Acelyn’s mother was a ‘little’ so he knows exactly how to treat a woman with these needs and recognises that Hope is also a ‘little’.

    When a Clan’s leader loses his mind he orders the death of all healers and tells mercenaries that they will be paid when the job is done. The Clans all rally together to stop this from happening and along the way there is a few love stories to be told and a look into how Hope and Acelyn’s age play dynamic happens.

    I enjoyed this book although I would have like to see more of the age play dynamic which I feel teetered out towards the middle to the end of the story although a bit came back through right at the end.

    I volutarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.

  5. Margaret Corcoran

    This is a sweet interesting and enjoyable story. I love this series and this author. Ancelin works hard to earn Hope. All the characters are well written and described. There is some age-play but it’s sweet. There is also some spankings and hot spicy sex. I enjoyed all the twists and turns in this story. It easily holds the reader’s interest. I am looking forward to reading more from this series. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  6. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. In 18th century Ireland, doctor Acelin is working with healer Hope. Hope who is deaf, has a special talent and a love for her Acelin. She has been cosseted and spoiled her entire life, but he loves her enough to spank his little girl when needed. Hope is his big girl and sometimes his little, something Acelin has always wanted. Littles, spanking.

  7. Dyane

    This is the third book in the Healer Series, and I like each one more and more. In this book we get to discover Hope%u2019s love story and also catch up on all the other healers and their families. It was lovely to know from the very beginning of this story that the hero Acelin was not only interested in the Hope but dedicated to becoming a better, stronger protector for her in order to gain her family%u2019s approval. Each of the healers is strong and unique, and each of their husbands is dominant, loving and protective, making for an enjoyable read. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  8. Nancy Hughes

    This is a light, fast read centered on characters, Acelin and Hope. Acelin a surgeon, and Hope a ‘healer’ reconcile, realizing the love one another. Hope is deaf, but can read lips, and has a unique gift. She’s also a ‘little’ who throws tantrums, requiring discipline.
    Weaved in the story is mystery and animals of the forest, trained to protect.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  9. Lalaland

    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy. This is the third book in the Healer Series and thought I should give it a go as I regularly review and like to try new authors that I haven’t read before. Its a love story and Hope is a healer with special gifts and because she has been given a special gift she has lost one of her senses, (her hearing). She is in love with a doctor from France Acelin and he wants to marry her but she sometimes needs to slip into a little lifestyle. Acelin is happy to be her papa as well as her suitor and then husband because his own mother, on occasion, slipped into little mode so the lifestyle is not new to him. The whole thing takes place in 18th century IreIand but I must admit that I really didn’t know what was going on. There are so many characters appearing that, unless you had read the previous books, you would have no way of knowing who they were or what their role was. Perhaps on reflection it was a poor choice but I would recommend that if you want to read these books you do it in order, this is not a standalone. Nicely written and I suspect a very entertaining series, perhaps I will go back and read the first two and then re-read this one

  10. Redrabbitt

    The second story in the Healer Series will include many of the people from the books one and two but can read well as a stand-alone. The King has asked each clan to send a healer and guard to train with Amanda, niece of the King and wife to Wolf. There is a large cast of characters and some intense life and death moments as not all the various clans are fans of the King and his efforts for peace. I especially love the way Maria can communicate with the animals and her respect for them, also that each of the healers has unique and individual gifts and talents.

    In book three, Hope, niece to Erich is not only a healer but also an empath. The firstborn daughter in her lineage has special gifts, but each woman will lose one of her senses, and for Hope, it is her hearing. But she not only can read lips, but she is also trained in sign language. Hope has fallen in love with the physician, Acelin, but Kelly made a showing at Colleen and Rolland%u2019s wedding, and when she sees her kissing Acelin, she is shattered. She will leave for Germany for a year to train with physicians and is now it is time, and she is coming back home.

    Acelin has had feelings for this little healer, and now that she is returning, he has decided to not return to France, but to remain at the Abbey and continue being a physician for the King. He is also hoping that Hope can become his wife. Now he must get the approval of Erich, and that may not be so easy. Acelin has been training with Wolf%u2019s men to be able to help defend the Abbey and to show Erich he is worthy of her and will defend Hope too.

    The plot will have Hope and Acelin finally getting together. He recognizes that Hope has her moments that she reverts to little status, needing her doll Nelly, and even sucking her thumb. He can handle that because he grew up with it, as his Mother is also a little. Acelin shows her he can be kind and loving, accept her as a little, his lady, and a healer. He also will prove that he will discipline her when she deserves it and throws a fit or temper tantrum. Whether it is the pressures of losing a patient, losing her temper, or working with patients, they have a great relationship.

    Trouble is coming, and when Hope and Maria are kidnapped and carried days away to another Laird%u2019s home, it will be the animals who help bring them assistance. When Acelin and Samuel follow, they discover the ladies safe, but learn that true harm is coming against the crown, the Lairds, and the Abbey. Several new alliances will be formed, new marriages, another future healer, and with the animals of the forest, and Maria%u2019s talent to communicate with them, they have an advantage against the enemy.

    As this saga continues, the Lairds are taking wives, the healers are gaining more knowledge, the friendships are growing, and new little ones are born or expected. The unity and support are helping the people and the Kingdom.

    The relationship of Hope and Acelin is one of mutual respect. He has a great understanding of her need to be little, and he helps her embrace it. They have a bond as husband and wife, and as healers. She also respects his role as head of household and his discipline.

  11. Goldie Nut

    Hope has a special gift as a healer. She doesn’t want anyone to know. She is
    also deaf but has been trained as healers. The 1700’s in Ireland the tribes
    are looking for peace. Sometimes it almost seems impossible. Acelin broke
    her heart 1 year ago and he is awaiting her return so he can start to make her
    understand that he is in love with her. The rest of the novel you have to read
    for yourself. There many more adventures to come.

  12. DB

    Another good story about the healers. Hope and Acelin are a great couple! They have known and waited on each other for years and have finally gotten together. Acelin knows how to treat Hope and all she needs. This book didn’t have a lot of dialogue, but it did have a good story. There is love, age play, spankings, characters from the other books, mystery, trust, dominant males and misbehaving females! 4 big stars

  13. Susanne Sanderson

    This is the third in the Healer Series. You should read them in order if you want to know who the other characters are in this one. The series gets better in each book. Hope and her “Daddy Doctor” Acelin is a great love story. Her broke her heart, but worked at making it up to her. Lots of twist and turns. And some discipline. Gotta Read this series. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.

  14. Sam

    I am really enjoying this series and this is my favorite book so far. Hope is a really great character. The fact that she is deaf adds a unique and interesting element to the story. I liked the way this couple was able to balance adult responsibilities with age play.
    I received an ARC of this book.

  15. Susan Kirkland

    Hope is a healer and loves her Daddy Doctor, Acelin. This is the 3rd book in the Healer Series and I loved it. You can read as a stand alone, but it would be better to read in order.

  16. Good bedtime reading

    This is the next book in this series of ‘healers’. It goes back over the history of Hope as she trains with the other women who have special gifts to impart with their senses to heal the sick. Hope’s gift is her ‘reading’ of a person’s many inner thoughts and feelings with one touch. A gift that she has kept hidden since the age of 5 went she went deaf. But she has an attraction to Acelin the doctor the king has sent to teach new techniques to the women. Acelin realises that Hope has moments of being a ‘little’ when she is stressed out so caters to her anxiousness with love and protection even if he has to discipline her when she throws a tantrum. Protection also comes when someone or something threatens the ‘healers’ as precautions are undertaken.

  17. Allison Beecher

    I read Little Hope’s Doctor without reading any of the other books in the series. I was a little confused at first, but because it seemed like I started in the middle of a story, but everything was explained and this book can technically stand on its own.

    Overall, it was a cute story and a great intro to age-play.

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