The Last Chance Program Collection

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One simple thing stands between Gina and a successful career. Her boss feels she has the skills and talent to be very successful, but her co-workers and the company’s clients refuse to work with her because of her poor attitude. A similar thing stands between Cheyenne and a sizable inheritance. Her grandfather’s will states she can’t collect it until she develops the maturity and responsibility he feels she lacks. A unique program can help each of them achieve their goals. The only question is will they agree to it, and successfully complete it?

Jason developed the program. He knows exactly what the young ladies need, and has several clients to prove the success of his rather unconventional program. It requires total immersion, where an administrator spends fifteen hours a day giving their client his undivided attention. Jason and Paul, the two administrators in these stories, have infinite patience, but they also have no problem repeating the lesson if their client is reluctant to fully commit herself to improving. The first lesson they learn is that any infraction is quickly dealt with by a trip over his knees.

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1 review for The Last Chance Program Collection

  1. Redrabbitt


    The two stories have initially been released as separate books and are now together in one collection. The first story is just under 40% of the book, and the second story is a bit longer. Each story in the Last Chance Program is where young ladies who are out of control are willing to enter the Last Chance program to get their attitudes, temperament, language, and lives back under control.

    Cheyenne and Jason (Last Chance Program Book 1) by Misty Malone

    I enjoyed this story with likable characters, a unique plot, and entertaining dialog. Take one out-of-control employee, Cheyenne, a very frustrated boss, Dan, and mix in someone who can make or break the situation, Jason, and you have a captivating story.
    Cheyenne has remarkable talent in her field but lacks self-discipline and control. She throws tantrums, curses, and is rude, shows no common courtesy to her employer, coworkers, or even clients.

    “She basically had no people skills. She generally didn’t care, but even she would admit there were times when knowing how to act around people would be a nice. Changing a few bad habits couldn’t be that hard, could it?”

    Jason offers a program that helps get women like Cheyenne to get back on track and turns the negative around into positive. He sees Cheyenne as feisty, compassionate, and intelligent; now, he needs to help find her triggers and how to change her behavior and think before she explodes.

    “As odd as it seemed in this day and age, he felt much of her problem was that she didn’t follow protocol because she had no idea what protocol was.”

    Cheyenne: “Can I trust you for the long haul, or will you quit on me like everyone else?”
    Jason: “Once you get to know me, you’ll realize that I don’t quit on things or people. When I agree to help someone, I commit myself to it. I don’t quit until we’ve both achieved the results we were looking for. I guide them and encourage them in the right direction until they’re happy with their life.”

    “Jason was gradually changing her view of things, though, and in the process, he got to witness a beautiful butterfly emerging from its cocoon.”

    There are many over-the-knee, bare bottom, hand spankings in this story, all very well deserved, and no sex scenes.

    “Don’t be embarrassed about how you were; be proud of who you are now.”

    Gina and Paul (Last Chance Program Book 2)

    We get to see our first case characters, Paul, the owner of Last Chance, and his wife, Cheyenne, who had been his client. Handler, Paul Parker, has gone to Florida to work with Gina Jamison. Her late maternal grandfather left a caveat in his will that either Gina completes the Last Chance Program and graduates or she will wait until she is thirty-eight years old to receive her inheritance.

    The plot mainly focuses on the two main characters, and has one very self-centered spoiled girl, Gina, who thinks she has all the answers, can manipulate the system, Paul, and whoever else needed to complete the program and get her money. She is so sure of herself that what she read in the contract was just threats and that there would be no way she would be spanked. To Gina, this will be a walk in the park, lay outside by the pool, and live her life like she has been doing for six weeks, forty-two days.

    Oh my, is this brat in for a rude awakening. She thinks she can have certain parts of the contract thrown out and is even told to seek legal counsel before signing. Grandfather knows what is best, and his granddaughter needs a wake-up call from the road she has been going down, and her parents have let her. The story is full of eye-opening lessons, morals, real-life situations, attitude adjustments, and heart-to-heart conversation. There are many well-deserved, OTK bare bottom spankings, but never any sex scenes.

    In working together, Gina grows as a person; she learns her jaded view of individuals is often miscorrect, and that manipulation of her parents, teachers, school, etc., was detrimental to her as a person of society, daughter, student, and friend. She will grow up with the help of Paul and even learn what love and commitment are all about.

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