Lasso Me the Moon

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Harper Logan is the successful chef/owner of a company that supports the men who fight wildfires. She is also a multiple world champion in the Appaloosa world. When her sister is found dead in Yellowstone, Special Agent-in-Chart Colton Spencer is set to be the lead investigator.

Harper’s sister’s death is bizarre – the cause of death not readily apparent. Spence needs to work with Harper to get to know the victim and to try and put the pieces together to find the killer.

Out of the worst moment of Harper’s life comes the greatest love she will ever know.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

One Year Ago

Dusk descended on Harper Logan as she stood vigil at the top of the rise concealed by a cluster of pine trees. She watched as the small group of men put the last of a herd of mustangs into a temporary corral for transportation to Canada in the morning. The men had no real right to trap the herd or sell them for slaughter in Canada, but there were also no real laws to prevent it. That job was left to folks like Harper who believed in protecting the last wild horses. So she waited for the men to leave and dusk to fade into darkness.

The Canadian slaughter houses were working overtime. The world outside of the United States seemed to now consider horse meat a delicacy. The growing business of slaughtering horses for their meat provided an opportunity for unscrupulous groups to hunt and capture wild horses and sell them off with little cash outlay. She was lucky to have stumbled across the quasi-illegal trapping of the herd as she packed out of the last smokejumper camp for which she had provided food. If her luck held, they would leave only one or two men behind to guard the mustangs overnight.

Harper wrapped her reins around the saddle horn. Dismounting, she stroked Mattie’s face telling her to stand. The Appaloosa mare was well trained to stay until Harper either returned to her or whistled for her to come. Mattie acknowledged the affection by nuzzling Harper in return. Harper left Mattie and began to quietly steal her way down the hill using the natural cover that was available to conceal her movements.

Harper watched as the group of men, began to wrap it up for the day. It appeared their plan was to leave one man behind while the rest headed into town. The lone man began to put together a camp-site of sorts for himself. He built a small fire, currently prohibited in the existing exceedingly dry conditions, threw up a lean to and then headed to the stream, which was at least a half mile away. Harper waited until he was out of sight and then ran to the fire putting it out completely. She’d been witness to one too many supposedly doused campfires that sparked and destroyed hundreds of acres of land and threatened or took the lives of both men and animals.

Harper walked over to the man’s gelding, pulled off his saddle and untied him from the tie line. She then removed his halter/bridle combination and quietly shooed him off. The gelding naturally headed in the same direction taken earlier by the other men. She looked around and located the man’s cell phone and hid it amidst his other belongings. He’d be able to find it, but it would take him a while.

She whistled softly to Mattie who jog trotted down to her. Harper petted the mare and then fished out a soft rope with which to make a temporary halter. Harper had been watching the mustang herd in the pen long enough to ascertain which was the lead mare. She entered the pen and stood quietly. The wild horses were a bit concerned at first but as she presented them with nothing to fear they settled back down. The lead mare watched her intently.

Harper held her hands down in front of her with her palms up. She made nonsensical cooing noises to the mare and approached her cautiously. The mare watched her advance and then dropped her head and started towards Harper. “Good girl,” she said stroking the mare’s neck. “I need you to help me get your herd out of here and to safety.” She knew the mare didn’t understand her words, but she hoped her tone conveyed that she was a friend and meant them no harm.

The mare accepted Harper stroking her neck and even allowed her to run her hand up and over her head stroking down her forehead and onto her cheeks. Harper looped part of the halter around the mare’s head behind her ears. She didn’t tighten it at first, just let her see that she wasn’t being hurt. When the mare accepted that, Harper put the nose portion over nose, running the rope back through so she had a secure halter. She tightened it just enough so that it wouldn’t slip off. Harper position herself by the mare’s shoulder, facing in the same direction, put the hand with the lead in it ahead of them both and stepped off. The mare hung back for a moment, but once she felt the slight pull on the halter fell in beside Harper.

Harper continued to talk soothingly to the mare as she quietly opened the gate to the corral. She mounted Mattie and allowed the two horses to sniff each other and see that the other was not a threat. “Okay, ladies, time to go.” She turned Mattie to head out of the camp. Again the wild mare started to hang back, but fell in behind Mattie. The other mares and foals in the corral followed behind. As they cleared the camp, Harper clucked to Mattie signaling her to trot. She glanced over her shoulder and grinned as she saw the small herd was keeping pace.

Just as they crested the rise, Harper could hear the man shouting. It would take him a while to locate his cell phone and his own horse. Once over the rise and onto more level ground, Harper kissed to Mattie who broke into a lope. Harper directed the horses east towards Yellowstone National Park. Once on federally protected land, the mustangs would be safe. Darkness was starting to envelop them. Harper slowed their pace in order to make sure no one was injured. She was grateful that a full moon was rising in the clear, cloudless sky. That should give them enough light to proceed.

They rode on through the night. Harper felt fortunate that the lead mare and the herd seemed content to follow Mattie. Not once did the lead mare balk at Harper’s rope halter or offer any fight. Harper knew they’d cross into the park shortly before dawn. Her goal was to get them deep into the park, release the lead mare and then watch them gallop away. The tricky part would be if she was spotted with the mustangs. She had her annual pass with her and hoped if she encountered anyone it would be after she had released the mustangs as she headed to where she had left her truck and trailer.

Harper knew dumping unwanted horses in any of the national parks was prohibited. Not only was it illegal, it was just plain stupid. Domesticated horses had little chance of survival in the wilderness, especially on their own. Mares might be accepted into a herd if they lived that long, but geldings would be driven off if not killed. She didn’t feel as though she was breaking the law. After all, the mustangs were wild and had probably wandered out of the park to begin with, and they didn’t belong to anyone. She was simply returning them to where they’d be safe.

Most of her contemporaries who rescued or moved horses to protected ground did so with the tacit approval of the park rangers. Problem was that Yellowstone had seen an uptick in criminal activity and one of the lead investigators for the National Park’s Criminal Investigation Service was on site. Colton Spencer was a man not known for his charitable feelings towards mustangs. He owned land adjacent to Yellowstone where he raised bucking bulls, broncos and other livestock used by the Professional Rodeo Association. Like a great many who raised livestock, Spencer felt the mustangs were a drain on the available grasslands and had no real value.

As the darkness started to diminish and visibility increased, Harper once again moved the herd into an easy lope. She hoped to make one of the meadows before the sun had fully crested the horizon.

They had just entered a lovely meadow with a big pond and lush forage when Harper heard someone far to her right calling for her to halt. Damn it! Did it have to be Spencer? Harper knew it was him as she recognized the big leopard appaloosa he rode. Not only had he won many a belt buckle on the PRA Circuit, he was the reigning and three-time Appaloosa World Champion in Roping. Thinking quickly, Harper released the lead mare, put the herd between herself and the ranger and then yelled startling the herd into a stampede. She galloped alongside them until they had kicked up enough dust to cover her peeling off from the herd and heading down one of the side trails leading out of the meadow and back towards her truck.

She hoped that as it wasn’t full light and her exit was obscured by the herd, that she could make a clean get away without Spencer being able to identify her. She urged Mattie into a hard gallop. If she could make the fork in the trail before Spencer could clear the herd, she’d have a better chance at a clean escape. She was in luck, not only did the trail fork as she remembered, but it did so in three prongs as opposed to two.

Harper galloped to the left knowing that trail would lead her back to the park’s western boundary. Once she was clear of the park, she could slow down as it would be difficult for Spencer to make a case that she was ever even in the park. In addition, she’d parked her rig along the access road and could load up and head for home.


Spencer saw the herd of mustangs moving in the distance. It was dawn and the light was still hazy. It took him a moment to realize they were moving rather orderly for a group of wild horses and then he saw why. There was a woman riding an appaloosa with a rope halter on what he suspected was the lead mare. She seemed to be taking them to one of the big meadows within the park. Who was this woman? Were these horses actual mustangs? Or was this some idiot who had tried her hand at raising or rescuing horses only to realize she was in over her head? They’d had numerous instances over the past few years of people losing their land and thinking they could simply release their horses into the wild.

Spencer hollered at the woman to stop. Even at a distance, her silhouette told him she was female. Instead of stopping as ordered, she released the lead mare and caused a stampede. This woman, whoever she was, knew horses. The horses bolted and kicked up a dust storm on the dry trail. By the time he could get around them and the dust had cleared, the woman had vanished. She could have taken one of two trails. Both forked not far from the meadow—one into three directions and one into two. By the way she’d created the stampede and disappeared, he felt she probably wasn’t some failed tinhorn and that the horses were most likely mustangs. He made the decision to let her make her escape and chose to focus instead on the horses now grazing in the meadow.

The lead mare, the one who’d had the rope halter on, challenged him as he closed on the herd. She aggressively charged him warning him back. Certainly, everything about the pretty palomino mare said she was wild and didn’t trust humans. Spencer had to wonder how the woman had accomplished getting a halter on her and leading the mare and the rest of the herd into the park. It might be worth buying her a beer to find out. If he could ever find out who she was. Colton smiled to himself. Based solely on her silhouette and her ability to ride, that might be something worth investigating.


Chapter 1

Present Day

Harper stood in the massive arena waiting for the official picture of her second World Champion win in Ranch Horse Pleasure. It was a fairly new class and combined elements of western pleasure, the old-time trail class and western riding. She’d been a three-time World Champion in the Heritage Class, which was a class judged in part on the quality and integrity of the Native American costume worn by both horse and rider. Harper grinned. Regardless of how many times she won at the Appaloosa World Championship Show, it was always a thrill.

She was looking forward to the exhibitors’ banquet that was just getting started. She had stabled her horse close to Etta Ross-Jensen, a multiple World Champion and considered to be one of the best amateurs in the industry. They’d been able to elaborate, over the course of the eight-day show, on a friendship that had started online. As Harper was at the show alone, Etta had invited her to sit at her table with her and her husband, Brody.

The photographer was finally satisfied with the picture and the head judge once again congratulated her on her win. She thanked him and headed back to her stall with Mattie. She’d need to get her settled for the night before she could head to her trailer with its comfy living quarters and get cleaned up for the banquet. She was surprised to see Etta loading her gelding into a trailer and heading out of the show grounds. Harper knew Etta lived in Texas. Perhaps she lived close enough that she just wanted to get him back to his own stall before returning to the banquet.

As they had breakfasted together most every morning, Harper and Etta had discovered they had many things in common. Both were successful business entrepreneurs. Both did all her own horse training with just the aid of a coach. Both had a soft spot for mustangs and had no issue with bending the law to keep them safe. And oddly enough, both had a connection to Butch Cassidy and the Hole in the Wall Gang. Etta was the great granddaughter of the Sundance Kid and Etta Place. Harper was the great granddaughter of Harvey Logan, aka Kid Curry, who rode with Butch and Sundance. She and Etta had laughed that perhaps it was the outlaw blood in their veins that made them steal mustangs from those who would see them slaughtered. Harper had commented to Etta at one point that interestingly enough, Harper’s college roommate, Stasha Parker, was the great granddaughter of Butch Cassidy, himself.

Harper was just coming out of her stall, when she all but ran into Colton Spencer. As she was lugging out a full bucket of water to dump in the drain at the end of the breezeway, she splashed a great deal of the contents all over the man.

She hadn’t realized how big he was. He had to be 6’4” easily. He had broad shoulders and the way his shirt and jeans fit spoke of a man not only in good shape, but well-muscled. His muscles looked to have muscles. He had shaved his head not so that he was completely bald, but as if like his beard, he had some growth from the day before. It was hard to tell the color, but it was dark. And he had Paul Newman blue eyes. If they didn’t harbor such opposing views on mustangs and his work as a law enforcement officer, Harper might have been interested in getting to know him better.

Harper hadn’t seen him at all at this World Show, but had heard that once again he was the World Champion in Roping. Since their almost run-in last year at the meadow in Yellowstone, she had tried to avoid him. She had no idea if he would be able to identify her, but didn’t want to press her luck.

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you.”

“It’s all right. It’s just water. No harm done.” He had a deep voice, but it was far kinder than she might have imagined. “You’re Harper Logan, right?”

“Well somebody has to be and no one else seems interested in the job.” Why on earth am I even quasi-flirting with this guy? Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

The smile that crossed his face was sincere but grim. “Is there some where we can talk privately?”

“Uh, sure. I just need to get Mattie some water.”

Colton took the bucket from her, walked to the end of the breezeway, with Harper admiring the view of his tight jean-clad butt, and tossed the dirty water down the drain. He rinsed the bucket out and filled it and brought it back to her. Harper opened Mattie’s stall door and he hung the bucket up. Mattie flicked her ears at him, but when she realized the bucket held only water, went back to munching her hay.

“I don’t know that I have any place private other than my rig, but I’ve got a fridge with cold water, soda and beer. You’re welcome to join me there.”

“That’ll be fine.” The big man fell into step beside her. Colton liked the way she moved with efficiency and grace. Truth to tell he liked the way she looked as well. She was tall probably about 5’9”. She had a willowy body with an ample bust and a small waist that curved into a nice set of hips. It wasn’t a true hour-glass figure, but still retained all of its feminine curves. She had nutmeg brown hair, streaked with blonde that came from time spent outside in the sun and not a bottle that fell just past her shoulders—neither straight nor curly. He suspected that it probably was curlier than it seemed and that she dried it more into waves than actual curls. Her face was angular with deep brown eyes and high cheekbones. Not classically pretty in the all-American-girl -next-door way, but lovely nonetheless. Colton couldn’t help but feel he’d seen her before.

Harper unlocked the door to her living quarters and waved Colton into one of the two rocking chairs she had set up under the awning. “Make yourself comfortable. What’ll you have?”

“I’m fine. Get yourself whatever you want.” Harper disappeared into the trailer. “Have we met before?” he called to her.

Inside the trailer, Harper froze. Surely this couldn’t be Spencer’s way of trying to trick her into admitting anything. She knew he had a reputation as a tenacious investigator and had solved several cold cases of persons murdered throughout the National Park system. “I don’t think so. I just have one of those common faces.” She came out with a bottle of water for herself and one for him. “You sure you don’t want this, or a beer?”

“I think your face is lovely, not common at all, but no, I’m fine. Can you sit down, please?”

Harper’s guard went up. “I think I’d prefer to stand. What is it you want Mr. Spencer, or should I say Special Agent Spencer?”

Colton found it of interest that he’d managed to raise her hackles. Her body posture had stiffened, and she was definitely ill at ease. “So, you know what I do for a living. That may make this easier.”

“Easier than what?”

“There’s no easy way to say this. When was the last time you spoke with your sister?”

“Dulcie? Sometime last week. We usually talk daily or every other day, but she said she would be travelling and might be hard to reach. This past wildfire season was brutal. I work as a cook for some of the smokejumpers so I have been on the move as well. Sometimes, it’s been hard for us to catch up. Why do you ask?”

Colton reached across and took both bottles of water from her putting them down on the small table between the two rockers. He took both her hands in his. This was the worst part of his job. He’d rather face down a suspect with an automatic weapon, than shatter someone’s world. “I really wish you’d sit.”

“If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. And I wish you’d tell me what the hell it is you want.”

Colton realized he was only making matters worse. “Two days ago, the body of a woman was found in Yellowstone. She has been tentatively identified as your sister, Dulcie.”

He was ready to catch her if her knees gave way or she fainted. Harper did neither. She straightened her back, removed her hands from his and reached around to get one of the bottles of water. She opened it and took a long drink. “Go on,” she said in an even tone that belayed all of the emotions crashing down on her.

“We don’t know much more than that.” Colton decided that perhaps if he sat down, Harper would join him. He perched on the edge of the rocking chair and once again took her hand in his pulling her gently into the other chair.

“Do you know how she died?”

“At this point, no. We do, however, suspect foul play.”

She jerked her hand from his. “My sister was murdered? You found her two days ago and someone’s just now telling me?”

He felt for her. He knew the pain of hearing from some stranger that a loved one had died and there was no explanation as to why. “It took them a while to identify her.”

The color drained from Harper’s face. “Because she didn’t have ID, or something worse?”

He took her hands in his again. This time, she did not pull away. “Both,” he said quietly.

“Oh my God,” she whispered. “Dulcie!” The cry was quiet but full of anguish.

Colton leaned towards her. “I’m so sorry, Harper. Once they had an ID they went to your home, but you weren’t there. They spoke with your foreman, who said you were here. As the case is being assigned to me, and I was already here, I told them I would give you the bad news in person.”

Her eyes filled with tears and started to slowly roll down her cheeks. It was all Colton could do not to wipe them away. Instead he took out his handkerchief and handed it to her without a word. She dried her eyes and gave him a brave smile.

“Do you need me to confirm her identity?”

He tried to be as gentle as possible. “There’s nothing really to identify from the body itself, but we could use confirmation of some of the things we found with her.”

“I can do that. Should I leave tonight? Where am I going?”

“Tomorrow is fine. If you’ll head to your place, I can bring everything to you.”

“What do I do about her remains? Can I bury them?”

“I’m sorry, we’re not yet done with them. Again, Harper, I’m very sorry. I’ll try and get them back to you as soon as possible. I promise I’ll do everything I can to make this as easy for you as I can, and I won’t stop until I find out who did this.”

Harper gave him a quiet smile. “I know your reputation Spencer. If this had to happen to my sister, I’m glad you’re the one who’s going after the bastard.”


12 reviews for Lasso Me the Moon

  1. Tami

    Lasso Me the Moon is the third book of the Wild at Heart series. Though you meet characters from former books, and also from another great series called Missoula Smokejumpers, the book is a standalone.

    This series gets better and better. Harper and Spence do have great chemistry that is off the charts hot, and the ranch hand Griff is such a great, loveable character as well. Harper is a very headstrong woman and more than determined to play a part in solving her sister’s murder, but Spence knows how to handle such a wild filly. There are some very inventive raunchy scenes, in fact, there is plenty of intimate contact.

    One thing I did not like was that the end felt rushed and that the murder was not solved, but overall I loved reading the book from start to finish and hope there will be many more of this series.

  2. rjr

    This was an exciting read with a terrific mystery surrounding a terrible crime. Harper is an accomplished, competitive horse woman who does just fine on her own. She has a great business cooking meals for an elite group of firefighters. She meets the handsome and powerful Spence when he is tasked with sharing tragic information with her. Spence is a former rodeo roper, and current lawman. He’s big, handsome, and dominant, with some definite old fashioned ideas about his relationships with women. Although very different, they find a deep passion growing between them. Road bumps are ahead however. Harper does as she pleases and Spence isn’t about to let her come to harm or misbehave. Sparks fly, along with laughter and suspense. I so enjoyed this wild ride of a story and especially the passionate relationship between Harper and Spence.

  3. Hope W

    Lasso Me the Moon is a story filled with intrigue, unrelenting suspense, and murder, yet has deep emotions that pulled at my heart. Losing someone you love brings tragic loss, but the love that comes from tragedy and builds between Harper and Spence has deep emotional desires. Harper has to figure out who she is and what she wants. Trying to accept who she is inside and how her independent nature blends together can be challenging when mixed with Spence and his dominant personality. The author wove this story with everything a reader could want! Mystery, intrigue, crime, murder, action, nature with mustangs, passion, sex, spanking, romance, great dialogue, and even laugh out loud moments along with some sit on the edge of your seat times to fill the pages from start to finish. I loved that this author seamlessly brought the Jackals, characters from the Missoula Smokejumper series, as well as previous characters from the Wild at Heart books into this storyline while still making this book a standalone read. I highly recommend this intense read from a talented author! I can’t wait to see what the next book will bring. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  4. Lalaland

    This is the fourth and presumably last in the Wild at Heart Series by Ms Bradley. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. This story is all about Harper Logan who is a world champion in the Appaloosa equestrian world and a successful chef with her own company that supplies and supports smoke jumper teams when they are working in the field (most especially the Jackals of Missoula). This book ties in with another very successful and enjoyable series called Missoula Smoke Jumpers and there are in fact a couple of crossover characters which appear in both series. Sadly we begin this story when Harper’s sister has been horribly murdered in Yellowstone Park and Agent in Charge Colton Spencer is tasked with investigating the crime. Naturally there is terrific chemistry between Harper and Colton (Spence to his friends) and they soon begin a very hot and raunchy love affair. Sadly because Harper is very independent and Spence is an old fashioned kid of guy there are soon fireworks and very soon Harper has a very sore bottom, more times then not. Of course Harper insists on being involved in the investigation and Spence has other ideas. I really enjoyed this book, although it is a standalone the main characters from the preceding three books are involved in the climax which doesn’t detract from enjoyment but I would still advise reading the whole series in order, if only just for more entertaining reading. Excellent read. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  5. DB

    The fourth book in this Wild At Heart series and WOW what a modern day western book! Harper and Spence meet when he has to tell her, her sister has been found dead. Spence is the officer in charge of the investigation. They get off to a rocky start with him telling her what to do and her not wanting to listen to him. He has ways of making her listen! This book had a great story, mystery, laughter, a very defiant female, a very alpha male, lots of well written dialogue, old and new friends from the other books, danger, suspense, lots of sex, many spankings and some unfinished business that I hope will be taken care of in another book! Loved it!!! 5 Big Western Stars

  6. Redrabbitt

    I have enjoyed each of the Wild at Heart books, but believe that this had to be my favorite. Part of that has to do with the fact that Willa Bradley brought the main characters from the first three books together in this story. The second part was that it had characters from Piper Stone%u2019s Missoula Smokejumper series where we learned about Colton Spencer along with the Smokejumpers known as the Jackals.

    Harper Logan has competed and won multiple times in World Champion events with her horse, Mattie. She will be confronted by Special Agent In Charge, Colton Spencer, who also competes in roping events. But this isn%u2019t a meet and greet; he is delivering devastating news to Harper about the grisly death of her older sister, Dulcie, found inside Yellowstone. From this discovery and this new case, he will ingrain himself into Harper%u2019s life and ranch to try and learn more about Dulcie, her life, work, and maybe uncover a lead to her murder.

    The relationship between Harper and Spence is full of angst but respect. She agrees to allow him and his horse, Tank, to come to her ranch during the investigation because it is closer to the crime scene. He will do his best to protect her from gory details but is honest with her about the evidence. Even to the point of allowing her to see the location, and she helps discover evidence that is crucial to the case.

    Harper has been known to skirt the law to protect and help relocate wild Mustangs. She will discover problems within the three herds near her home that joins Yellowstone. When Spence learns she has gone out by herself, he will be furious.

    The chemistry between Harper and Spence is explosive, full of angst, control, passion, desire, and acquiescing. Harper doesn%u2019t back down, even when she knows it is for the best. And if it is something, like the protection of the Mustangs, she is willing to pay the price. Getting her friends to help in her cause isn%u2019t difficult, learning that each of them has husbands who feel the same way, believe in domestic discipline, allows them to commiserate together on what will happen.

    The story has plenty of mystery, suspense, action, and adventure along with a new relationship between Spence and Harper. It contains dubious consent, domestic discipline, creativity punishments, some roping and tying up, and explicit sex scenes. Best of all, it has a happy ending.

  7. Ajjmb

    Lasso the Moon is another excellent book by Willa Bradley. I really enjoyed Harper and Spence%u2019s story. I love a good murder mystery and love how horses are always saved in these books. This book stands alone but brings in characters from the previous three book which are just as good. Ms. Bradley definitely knows how to weave an erotic tale with lots of spanking, and take charge guys. This is a great story and I feel like it might not be the end. I definitely recommend this story and I reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  8. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.? Harper Sloan does her best to rescue as many wild mustangs as she can.? When rodeo champion and Special Agent Spencer comes to deliver? horrible news, it begins a dark and wild ride for them both.? Plenty of spanking, a hard dominate man and a beautifully wild woman and some hot sex.? Hand, strap, belt.

  9. susan landowski

    Great fast paced read. Part of series But can be a standalone as I did not read the other 3 but followed along easily. I love a story with mystery, suspense, angst, and sexual tension and chemistry and this book delivers. Please read as not only is has a great plot but characters are well developed and you are introduced to characters from other books you may wish to read. Please read.

  10. DONNA L

    4.0 out of 5 starsPassionate
    ByDonna Lon August 7, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    I found myself on an emotional journey along with the characters in this book,it was a simple concept but what a ride it was.I felt the weight of emotions of each character and their struggles dealing with a difficult situation.The progression of Harper’s and Colton’s relationship and personality traits were amazing and heartfelt.Harper Longan life’s work ,working as a chef that provides for men who fight wildfires.Her other passion is rescuing wild Mustangs which see’s her acting outside the law.Special agent Colton Spencer has bad news for Harper,the death of her sister Dulcie.Spencer has also competed in roping events which he puts to good use in his
    relationship with Harper.Together they return to Harper’s ranch to continue investigating Dulcie’s death.Spencer is a dominant man who believes in domestic discipline and as his relationship grows with Harper,he has no problem punishing her for putting herself in danger.They don’t always see eye to eye on things,Harper is stubborn and will protect her beloved mustangs at any cost,this leads to inventive punishments at the hands of Spencer.This book was filled with excitement,danger,adventure sadness,discipline and hope.When you encounter a story that has heart,heat and realism,latch onto it with both hands and don’t let go.

  11. Toni L

    This is the latest in the Wild at Heart series and although book 4, I’ve only read book 1. It was mostly standalone but does include the couples from the previous stories, so if you’ve read them you now get to catch up with them. As I mentioned, the romance aspect is a lovely standalone read but the overall story arc covering the sister’s death isn’t, so don’t expect it nicely tied up. Harper wasn’t a favourite character of mine to read, but I can see that others would love her. Worth a read

  12. Kitty Ranma

    Wild horses and mystery.
    I can’t wait for more of this series, I want to say more about this story but I absolutely hate spoilers, so I won’t go into details.
    Reasons I enjoyed this book:
    Tear-jerker, Happily Ever After, Witty, Romantic, Wonderful characters, Page-turner, Great world building, Unpredictable, Original, Realistic, Easy-to-read, Entertaining, Action-packed, Steamy, Funny.
    adult, adventure, bondage, contemporary, dom-sub, domestic-discipline, favorites, horses, humorous, mystery, panty-wetting, romance, series, spanking.
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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