Kissing Kelli

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Kelli O’Connor grew up on a ranch full of exasperating brothers, all with an overabundance of testosterone. She’s spent her whole adult life trying to avoid macho men, but she found no other man heated her blood like ultra-masculine Sheriff’s Deputy Parker Jamison, especially when he kissed her.

Parker fell in love with his feisty woman the moment he caught her breaking the law. Kelli’s skills as a legal assistant were unparalleled, but she took too many chances with her safety. Those risks ultimately exposed her secret to Parker and his brand of solution.

When her desire to help assault victims becomes dangerous and overrides her sense of self-preservation, Parker decides it’s time to step in and teach his fiancée how to follow his rules.His first lesson will be to show her that submitting to him does not demean her as a woman and can only enhance her enjoyment of life – both in and out of the bedroom.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of power exchange, domestic discipline, and adult scenes including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

Music played in the background, the fire was stoked, and a small Christmas tree sparkled in the firelight. The tree glimmered and reflected the glow of the fireplace, creating the illusion of a million lights. Kelli’s face was brighter still when Parker asked the question she didn’t know she had been waiting on. Right at the end of a perfect afternoon while they were all bundled up in parkas watching the sun go down in brilliant winter splendor, Parker took Kelli’s hand. He quickly went down on one knee reciting an elegant speech and almost begged for her hand in marriage.

Kelli cried, laughed, and cried again. Parker gathered her in his arms and carried her back into the cabin.

“Sweetie, it’s okay if you’re not ready, we’ll keep working on it, and when you’re ready, we’ll do it again. I don’t want to rush you, but I do want you to know my intent,” he said as he wiped away her tears.

“Parker, I’m so many things right now, but I’m not saying no, I’m saying yes, yes, yes.”

“Ahh, it’s one of those happy tears things then?”

“It’s one of those irrational cries. Please kiss me again, will you?”

“Oh, baby, I’m going to do more than simply kiss you, I’m going to show you how much I love you in every way I know how. I’m going to make sure you know how much I adore you from now until eternity runs out of time. I love you, Kelli O’Connor.”

Even though Kelli had spent years distancing herself from using the Irish allowing that her brothers tended to use the Irish in highly emotional times, she felt the urge so naturally today. “  Is breá liom tú, Parker Jamison. I love you, too.”


The next day, Kelli and Parker had Christmas brunch with his parents and Chase’s family. His sister Aspen surprised them with her appearance.

“Kelli, I’ve have heard so much about you. I’m so happy to finally meet you!”

“Me too, it seems like we have catching up to do and filling in.”

“And you are home in time to hear our news, baby sister.”

“Kelli said ‘yes!’ We’re engaged!” announced Parker as Kelli held up her hand that now brandished a new sparkling engagement ring. The women and children squealed gathering around Kelli, and the men strutted and pounded each other on the back.

“Wait,” interrupted Parker, “that isn’t all. We’re going to have a little Jamison in about seven months.”

Another round of congratulations, hugs, and slapping of backs erupted before they could settle down for brunch. The excitement continued as the children opened their gifts under their grandparents’ tree.

That evening instead of eating dinner with his family, Kelli and Parker made it over to Liam’s where all the O’Connors, whether on the phone in Wyoming at Grandda and Mamo’s house or in the Circle C ranch front room, heard the news. The exuberant congratulatory scene played out earlier at the Jamisons was replayed in person as well as over the phone as everyone heard the engagement news and shared their excitement. Parker kissed Kelli to cheers of encouragement.

Then, as at his parents’ home, the baby announcement was given, this time by Kelli and the room was in an uproar again. Two of her brothers had found out earlier by mistake and Kelli had sworn them to secrecy. She would have bet against them for being able to keep the secret, but the unanimous excitement told her she would have lost that bet. Kelli had wanted to live her own life, but now that she was giving life and she loved Parker so much, sharing it with her family was important.

Jocelyn waited her turn to hug Kelli. “I knew something was going on.”

“Well, I didn’t. You totally surprised me.” Cheyenne took her turn.

“Wow, now I’ll have a tubby tummy partner. What about your parents? You told them earlier, right?”

“No, she did not, Katie.” Siobhan sounded hurt over the phone. “But I’ll get over it once I hold that wee one.”

“Ma, we needed to wait until we were sure and things looked good.”

“I know, lass, don’t be worryin’ about me.”

“Now, Parker Jamison, what day have you picked out for marrying my daughter? It is important, you know.”

“Yes, sir, I promise to take care of that this week.”

“We’ll be seein’ that you do.”

Kelli looked over at Liam and Quinn and mouthed a “thank-you” for keeping the news quiet for weeks. Liam nodded with a smile and Quinn raised his glass to her.

Dinner had been delayed for the news but everyone went back to it now, and the noise never seemed to quiet down.

Finally, the couple got to Kelli’s apartment, and Parker stayed with her as he did many nights. The next morning was the beginning of his shift for the week, and he was thankful for having the last two days off. Kelli had one more week off, so Parker kissed her lightly the next morning and left her sleeping. At ten fifteen, the call came in.

“Hey, honey, I—what’s wrong? Kelli, what…”

“Parker, this is Katie. Kelli is losing the baby. It’s too early in her pregnancy, and she is too far in the process to stop it. She’s refusing to go to the hospital. Doc’s new partner is filling in for him this week, and he’s coming to the apartment as soon as he can. You know him. He’s Quinlan and Cheyenne’s friend, Carter Taylor. Come home.”

“Why not call an ambulance and get her to the hospital?”

“She refuses, and right now, I can’t fight her. Besides, Parker, I think she is completing the process right now. Just get here!”

“I’m on my way. Katie, please take care of her.”

“Of course I will. Jocelyn has barely walked in the door.”

By the time Parker made it to the apartment, Doctor Taylor was placing a bag inside his car. He shook hands with Parker and explained things as they walked into the apartment.

“Sorry to see you again under these circumstances. Kelli’s fine physically. Emotionally, we won’t know how she deals with this for a little while, but you call me if you need anything or have any concerns personally or medically.”

“Thanks, Carter.”

“Anytime, you know that. I’m so sorry. I’m going to check in on her one last time and then leave. Katie had everything all wrapped up nice and neat by the time I got here. She is one heck of a nurse.”

“And she’s an even better sister and friend. Thanks again.”

They walked in on Kelli having the beginnings of a panic attack, and while everyone moved in Kelli’s direction, Parker took center stage bringing her from bent over to standing facing him.

“Kelli, listen to me. I’m going to help you control your breathing. Remember? I’m going to kiss you calm, yeah?” Kelli looked at him with fear in her tear-filled eyes and nodded as she struggled to breathe.

Leaning in confidently, he picked her up and positioned her on the bed against the pillows, and covered her blue tinged lips with his. He brought his hands up to slide one under her hair behind her neck and one to cup her chin, giving him full control. She tried to push him away even though she had agreed.

“Listen, baby, you are panicking.” She didn’t respond as he had hoped.
“Kelli Frances O’Connor, look at me.” His voice, calm but strident, had her looking into his eyes. “That’s it, honey, look at me. Watch me and then fall into it.”

While he held her in place, he leaned down to breathe into her mouth like a never ending kiss until she inhaled then exhaled several times quickly. Her stiffened arms moved to encircle his body, and her tightly closed fists showed signs of loosening the longer he kissed her. After a few breaths in a marathon kiss, he lifted away from her mouth so they could both get clean oxygen. He nodded encouragement.

“Okay, another kiss, Kel.”

“Okay,” she huffed.

It was as though she gave her panic over to him. There were only a few more breaths shared before he released her lips and her air exchange was easier.

“There, baby, you’re okay. I’ve got you.”

Carter nodded his satisfaction and walked out the door as Parker pulled her into his arms tighter, climbing in behind her and helping her bring things down further with nonsensical words, kissing the top of her head, rocking her. When she was calmer, Kelli allowed Katie to help her to the shower.

Carter checked back in at the end of the day, and the men grabbed a cold drink while they waited for Kelli to put on a robe. Jocelyn had left a while ago, and Kelli was trying to send Katie home.

“How is she?”

“Pretty good, I guess. I mean, how is she supposed to be? She has napped and then got up without any side effects really, except she’s crying a lot.”

“Actually, she is doing what I expected then. Except for a near full-blown panic attack. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“She has them occasionally. I haven’t gotten to the root of the problem, but I think I have a good response worked out. She responds quicker now when I give her a calming kiss. She lets it breathe for her.”

“That technique in there, this kiss, did Quinn teach you the method?”

“Yes. Kelli has had several panic or near panic attacks, and I have been able to stave them off by kissing her that way. I have adapted it to fit us and as a helping tool rather than a controlled play tool.”

“I’m glad to know it works in real life application and not purely for club play.”

“Yeah, but hey, don’t tell anyone she has these attacks. No one in her family knows. I think the cat may be out of the bag now, but I know she doesn’t want it known. I’ll talk to Katie and Jocelyn about keeping it quiet as they can.”

“You got it. I’ll merely have a quick look, and then I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Katie wanted to stay the night, but Kelli refused and reluctantly, she left Parker and Kelli to go home. Dr. Taylor would be returning the next day to check on her and Kelli didn’t want to see anyone else. It was a trial to get her to accept Dr. Taylor back again, but Parker fixed the problem.

“Kelli Frances O’Connor, either you let him come and check on you at home, or you will be admitted to the hospital for observation. I hear Carter is the new hire as the medical staff director for the hospital. He can make it happen in no time.”

Amongst tears, she nodded. On day two in the afternoon, she agreed for the family to visit and comfort her. Parker went back to work after three days when Kelli quit crying and kicked him and family members out. It was as though she had flipped a switch and was through with the mourning. By the time Parker had driven by to check on her midday, Kelli had stripped the apartment of holiday decorations. In the next few days, she cleaned the place, inside and out, cleaned her car, and donated her time as a legal clerk to Bhaile Haven.

Finally, it was New Year’s Eve. Parker was working an extra shift, so she celebrated with Nia, the friendly server from the café and Aspen. A pub in Missoula was having a celebration, and they wanted to be part of it all. Aspen had gotten a Ph.D. level job of some sort in Missoula, and she recommended the pub. The liquor was flowing, the man to woman ratio was good, and the music was playing non-stop.

By the end of the evening, Nia had a guy who eagerly took her number, Aspen had given hers out a few times, and Kelli was wasted. They stayed at Aspen’s place for the night. The next morning, since Nia had driven, Kelli was stuck until the other two women woke up. It was already two in the afternoon. She tried to call Parker, but it went to voicemail. She texted him, and she got no reply except one letter, “K.” What did that even mean?

There was a firm hard knock at Aspen’s door. The two women never even reacted but Kelli was fast at the door, jerking it open to see a no nonsense Parker with a stern expression.

“Oh. Parker, um, why are you here?”

“Here is the first deal of the day. If you don’t ask me questions, I won’t ask you any. Not until we get home and then expect a whole lot of talking.”

“You knew we were going to come here. You knew I would spend the night.”

“Kelli, it’s closing in on the next evening. Get your things. Let me check on Aspen, and then we are leaving. And before your mouth engages faster than your mind has had time to think, there is no answer other than ‘Yes, Parker,’ that will be acceptable.”

“Fine!” She jerked back from him only to have a hard swat connect with her unsuspecting butt as she turned away from him. It sent her three steps in the forward motion.

In a much more subdued voice, she answered, “Yes, Parker.”

“Good thinking. Grab your stuff.”

They were out the door quickly after Parker verified his sister knew they were leaving and she was okay as well. Once home, the conversation began.

“Honey, I know you’re still reeling from the baby. I am too, but we have to be careful when we do something like this to cover up the pain.”

“Parker, I can’t cover it up, it’s everywhere I go, all I can think about. I see it in family member’s faces. I think I have dealt with the worst of it and then I see a birth announcement or look at Katie’s growing tummy.” Kelli closed her eyes and took a deep breath as if she were cleansing her thoughts. “I have to simply deal with it and go on. I’ll just power through this like I do with everything else. So just spank me and let’s go on past this.”

“Sorry, but I’m not going to do that. You’re hurting, and I’m not answering your hurt with a spanking, this time. What I’m telling you is it was frightening for me to worry about you lying somewhere needing help. This is your one free pass for not calling but never again. We will have dinner, watch a movie, relax and have a peaceful evening.”

“No spanking? I’m so okay with that.”

“Not ever again, promise me.”

“I do promise.”

Parker wondered why it didn’t sound as sincere as he had hoped but let it go.

“Good then. Let’s get some dinner. Let me settle this little cutie in place first.” He pulled out a small but not harmless piece of molded glass and its accompanying lubricant. “Bottoms up.”

“No way.”

“Okay, I’m all about choices, so here are yours: with lube, without lube, with lube and spanking, without lube and with spanking. I’ll be agreeable to any of your available choices.”

“You said it was my free pass.”

“Yes, and it is. I am not spanking you for being inconsiderate, staying out too late, drinking too much, or not answering my safety check calls. But I am plugging you for a reminder. You can never do that again.”

“So not fair,” she proclaimed as she lay over his knees.

“I know,” he agreed as he squirted a dab of lube.

Chapter 1

Kelli O’Connor was yelling and stomping in the background of the phone conversation her brother Liam was having with another furious brother, Ciarán and it earned her a growling ‘sit down’ from Liam. Parker reached up, yanked his not so darling fiancée towards him, and made her sit on the sofa next to him. When she started to stand up, he gave her a hard look that settled her body if nothing else.

After more telephone on speaker conversation about Kelli barging in on Ciarán ‘beating’ on his wife Katie, the issue was finally solved, but not before Parker decided to have his own conversation with Kelli about making judgments about others’ lives.

“Kelli O’Connor, what in heaven’s name has gotten into you? Hell, you accused Ciarán of beating his wife. This has got to top all other impulsive things you’ve done,” said Parker.

“He was really spanking her, Parker, not simply a little tap. And poor Katie was crying.”

Liam broke in. “Kelli, you heard, Katie asked for this, wanted it. She needed it, and Ciarán had refused to hear her because he was afraid of her recent kidnapping experience. He didn’t want to bring up bad memories. He thought he was protecting her by refusing to discipline her, but by doing so, he was ignoring what she wanted, their old, secure life back. Finally, when she’d broken through to him, you barge in. You have no business getting in their private affairs.”

Kelli looked at Jocelyn as her sister-in-law verified what Liam was saying. “Katie thought he didn’t love her anymore. Not the same, anyway. This dynamic is how their marriage worked so well before, and the security of it needed to be reestablished by Ciarán restoring their order. You know all our men believe in domestic discipline and the women, by virtue of the fact we are with them, do as well.”

Parker knew his Kelli was having difficulty learning it was easier to let go than fight all the time and she liked giving into the man she loved for her own relaxation and stress relief, once she actually did it. She fought every one of his head-of-household acts at first. While Ciarán stated vehemently on the speakerphone he and Katie had finished with this conversation, Parker intended to keep her on the hook. He was going to talk about consensual activities versus domestic violence.

In fact, he had plans to demonstrate what it would be like in their relationship and future marriage if she did not get a handle on things. He had held off after her first two initial spankings for safety because he knew it would take time for Kelli to adjust her thinking. Today told him he needed to help her make those changes and address her manners.

She stomped out of the room and kicked around in the backyard for a bit before seeming to get the more radical of her emotions under control. She reappeared in the family room a quarter of an hour later.

“Liam, I need to borrow a vehicle, if not, maybe someone could take me back to town.”

Liam stopped talking, looked at her for a moment, and then looked at Parker who decided not to react to the request yet. He had brought her with him, but he knew without a doubt she was concerned about his response to the Ciarán event.

“Well, since Parker is here, and he brought you, it’d make more sense to ride back into town with him, don’t you think? Parker, is that all right with you?” Liam, obviously amused by the exchange, wanted to play it out, as it appeared Parker wanted to play it.

“Well, that might work but I’ve been having some problems with the attitude. I’m not sure I want to deal with it today.” He then looked up to Kelli, lifting his eyebrow at her.

“I’m not asking you to take me anywhere, Parker Jamison.” That undisciplined woman turned to her sister-in-law, “Jocelyn, can you take me home?”

Before she could answer, Liam said, “No, she has things she needs to do and going into Elk Lodge is not one of them. Bailey and Padraig will be waking up shortly and looking for their momma.”

Jocelyn shook her head and said, “Kelli, if you didn’t already have a ride I would take you, but since you do, I would rather not have a leadership discussion with Liam today.”

“Yeah, I get it.” Turning to look at Parker, Kelli said caustically, “Well, I guess I have no option but to ride with you.”

“Baby, you have a choice to ride, and I have a choice to take you. If you ride in with me, expect a discussion on attitude.”

“Fine,” she yelled and then stomped off to get into his truck.

Parker turned to his soon to be brother and sister-in-law and shrugged. “Sorry, guys. I figure she’s embarrassed about her own behavior. When she’s embarrassed, she’s automatically angry. I’ve been working on her automatic responses, but sometimes when she is in a mood, like today, I want to end the problem with a one-sided chat.”

“You have any idea why she’s feeling this moody?”

“Sorry, Jos, I don’t. It’s been almost two months since we lost the baby and she has refused to talk about it since New Year’s Day. She acts fine most of the time. In fact, she does so much I’m worried she is about to drop on some days. I have tried to leave her alone to work this out, but I’m about to end it.”

“Your engagement?” The shock was apparent on Liam’s face and in his voice.

Parker was equally shocked. “What? No, never, that woman is mine forever. She’s stuck with me. No, her attitude and moodiness are about to meet their Waterloo.”

Liam’s grim nod met Parker’s as he walked him to the door.

On the way home, Parker kept up a steady stream of conversation. He had been holding off saying anything about the new development at work knowing it would affect her too, but he wanted to show how being open with their thoughts cemented their relationship, not jeopardized it. Now was as good a time as any to begin again. He’d be able to take her mind off of the earlier escapade until they were back at the apartment.

The loss of their baby, at the beginning of the pregnancy was devastating, but he was thankful if they had to lose him or her, it was before they had bonded any deeper. He was going to share his news, for it would be their decision and hoped it opened communication more in preparation for the one they were going to have at home.

“The Sheriff is retiring this year. I was thinking about running.”

That got a response. “Running what?”

It wasn’t a response from someone who was paying full attention, though.

“For sheriff. I think I am going to run for sheriff.

“For sheriff, why?”

“Why? Well, because I think I would be good at it and would do well for the county.”



“You said you want to do it, I said okay. Now, what’s the problem?”

“Nothing, nothing at all. I thought you would have more to say, questions to ask, or something. I haven’t decided because Sheriff Barker hasn’t announced his retirement. Next week I think. Then I’ll decide for sure.”

Kelli shrugged and turned back to look out the truck window again.

Parker was never so glad to get close to town. He’d asked Kelli to marry him on Christmas Eve, and she had said yes. It was then they had decided they wouldn’t move in together before marriage but no date had been set. Maybe she needed that last commitment before she incinerated the whole family with her moods. She had needed his engagement commitment to her to settle down after Quinn and Cheyenne’s wedding. Then almost immediately, Kelli miscarried.

That was close to two months ago. Once Kelli went back to work, she had gone into overdrive. She had refused to slow down ever since. Parker was worried. She was going to do what she was going to do, and no one better stop her, was the way she was acting. She swore she had grieved enough. Jocelyn said people deal the way that works best for them and as long as she wasn’t stuck, she could mourn her way. It’d been very early in the pregnancy. It wasn’t unusual that you would jump back in and get on with your life.

Kelli had gotten on with her life and more. He had not spanked her after the New Year’s Eve bash, but after today, something had to change, and it started with his taking his feisty lady in hand.

“Kelli, you know there’s going to be some changes if I am elected sheriff. I’ll have to do things such as go to meetings out of town and attend all the community gatherings. I’ll expect you to do your part as well by staring our of trouble.” There was no response.

They were scarcely pulling into town when Parker heard sniffles and then crying from Kelli. In the last few months, he had heard too much of that from his sweetheart.

“Hey, baby, what’s up? You’re made of tougher stuff than that. Liam has let loose before, and you’ve never lost it like this. Hey, is me running for sheriff that big of a deal? Come here and lean on me, we’ll be home soon.”

Kelli’s only response was to shake her head and simultaneously scoot over to lean in and cry harder. Parker swore. He spoke words of comfort until they got home. Pulling into the parking lot of the apartment building, he got out and was around to her side of the truck before she’d realized they had stopped. He helped her out, getting into the apartment with his key. Sitting her down on the couch, he went to get two bottles of water from the fridge and gathered her into his arms as she continued her emotional release. When the tears slowed, and the heartbroken cries had diminished, she began to calm down and burrowed in further to Parker’s protective arms.



“I really messed up, didn’t I?”

“Well, it wasn’t one of your brightest moments, Kel, but I think you were worried about Katie, even though you have to know Ciarán worships her. Hell, he adores her and would give his life for her. He’d never harm her or anyone but especially not Katie.”

“I know, but when I saw them, I saw…” Kelli stopped and took a big breath. “Parker?”

“What, baby?”

“Are you going to spank me?”

“Don’t you think you need it? Earned it?”

“Mmm, well, I really was trying to protect Katie.”

“Mmm hmm.”

“And, I did apologize to Ciarán.”

“Mmm hmm.”

Then, when it looked like she was going to bring in more ammo for her defense, she folded, “Then I threw a tantrum.”

“Mmm hmm. Kelli, you’re too smart for this garbage, honey. I love you like no other, but I think your brothers and mine have the right of it, sometimes the situation calls for bottom dusting and this is one of those times.”

“Parker, what if I don’t want this.”

“The discipline, you mean? Well, I’d say everything was normal. Honey, it isn’t typical to want a spanking, but it is going to happen when you earn it.”

“You didn’t spank me on New Year’s.”

“And I think I might have made a mistake there.”

“Well, you can’t do it now,” came her quick retort.


“Maybe it is left over from all the stress.”

“Might be, but I don’t think you or I believe that. I believe it’s time we fix this.”

He watched her wiggle and rub her hands on her jeans covered thighs. He wanted between those thighs—was going to get there soon. They’d waited long enough.

“I know you have an ache deep down whenever you think about it, and you are fussy because it makes you uncomfortable. Sweetheart, we have talked about this. It’s a natural reaction your body has to discipline. It responds to spanking, to my discipline, my spanking. You have a sexual response. And newsflash, you are not the only one.”

“I feel like my body is betraying me somehow. It really isn’t natural.”

“Well, wouldn’t really matter whether your body hated it or loved it because this is what you’re getting. You can’t sit here and tell me you don’t feel guilty and you don’t need to get some of the buildup of emotion purged. You’ve been overflowing with this tide of emotion. This will break the dam before there are casualties.”

“I’m not like Katie. I don’t need it. Or Cheyenne, who craves it. Parker, Jos said she had a choice with Liam to choose whether it was in their relationship or not. And Katie said something like that too.”

“Well, each household is different. I know some said the women had to decide, some said there was a choice of when or under what circumstances, but this is us, Kelli. You know I’m not going to cause you any lasting hurt, but I’m not going to clear this action with you. Sorry, honey, I won’t seek your permission. I’m not Ciarán who only worries about safety or Quinlan who spanks for everything because he loves to spank Cheyenne and she loves to be spanked. It works for us because it does.”

“That’s not fair. What if I don’t want it? If I say no?”

“If I think it’s needed, you can talk, we’ll discuss it when we’re alone if there’s a chance, but if it’s needed, then you get to feel it. I’m not going to apologize for the way it is in our relationship. I guess you can end what we have, but it is not an option for me. I love you. You love me, and this is our relationship. Discipline will be in our marriage, and unfortunately, you’ll be sitting on a toasty, rosy bottom sometimes.” Parker paused to give the information time to seep in before he stood up, bringing her up with him.

“Well, drop the pants. I’ll handle the panties. I need a bare bottom to do the best for you. Now, don’t look at me like that, you knew if it was bad enough, this was going to happen. I’ll be back.”

He knew she hated removing her own clothing. She said she was too embarrassed when she did it. This is why he decided to forego doing it himself. He liked to do it, loved it, in fact, but she needed to feel some embarrassment for the mortification she had caused Katie. At least she wouldn’t be doing the last baring, he would. He’d add his apology to hers when he called Ciarán later tomorrow. He wanted Ciarán to know he had taken the violation of their privacy serious.

Parker liked to spank in stages. So leaving Kelli with more tears beginning to fall but seeing her start to remove her pants, he was satisfied the punishment had begun. He walked into the kitchen and brought back the thick wooden wok paddle he had seen earlier when rummaging for a spatula. She had a narrow, lighter one and a bigger spatula shaped one. The larger one was perfect to create an impression on his adorable sweetheart who had a temper and was a bit too focused on what she wanted. This would go a long way in adjusting some of the behavior patterns Parker intended to change.

Kelli looked over at Parker as he came in and her eyes flew to his hand holding the kitchen implement. “Parker, no, please, really, I’m so sorry.”

He reached out silently, kissing Kelli full on the lips, loving her sweetness and then he sat on the sofa patting his lap. “Right here, Kel. I need to get comfortable because this one is going to make an impression. Lie over my lap and settle in.” He helped her wiggle into a spot she was halfway satisfied with if one could categorize her thinking as ever content in this position.

“Settled, hon? Okay, we need to do a bit of talking before the payment is extracted. You need to understand that your brothers and their wives have things worked out for their own lives and they have agreed to it. You and I need to set some things straight and now is the time to do that. We need to decide this is what you earn when life is overrun by your bad choices. I have to be able to do it when you are too headstrong or out of control. When you lose the ability to bring things into control, I am here to help you. I don’t intend to have to do much disciplining once you get the rough spots sanded down, but until then, sweetheart, I think you should expect more of these rather than less.”

“Parker, do you think I’m really that awful?”

Parker caressed and squeezed Kelli’s perfect derrière while he answered her, all the while wishing he could take her into the bedroom and enjoy her treats. However, he knew that would not happen this afternoon, and he hoped this began a better relationship between the two of them, and more importantly, Kelli would feel better in her relationship with others.

“You aren’t awful at all. You’re a bit headstrong, pushy, and more opinionated at times than others would like. You love fiercely which is why I love you so much, but in that ferocity, you tend to look and think after you charge in with guns blazing, leaving a bevy of casualties behind.”

“I know.”

He rubbed a bit longer, and then, as though he had set his mind to the task, he landed the first solid swat, which was met by a squeal of surprise.

“And we aim to change that habit, don’t we, my love?”

The next handful of slaps swiftly followed with Kelli, already having primed the pump for tears, beginning to cry in earnest. Parker wanted to stop and comfort her because she had been in so much pain over their loss but knew this impression was going to set the tone, so he needed to set it well. After Parker had warmed her bottom freely and evenly, moving from cheek to cheek and over both cheeks simultaneously, he took a break to check in on her.

“I’m changing the cadence, now. We are going to the next level.”

“I’m fine. Just finish it, Parker. It’s cruel to stop.” Parker knew Kelli hated him to stop. She always said any break, no matter how short, made the swats after that much harder to handle.

“Well, it makes more of an impression this way. You are the one receiving the discipline, so you can’t dictate the methods. Besides, I need to check on you periodically. I want to help you make changes, not take the discipline too far.”

He placed his hands on either side of panty-covered hips and pulled the elastic down to her knees hearing her heavy sigh of resignation. Parker, on impulse, leaned down and kissed both hot spanked cheeks loudly before commencing with the kitchen tool. He landed the implement squarely on her right cheek, and the echo of the splat crashed throughout her little living room. Another sharp swat followed on the left side. His hand swats were whatever they were, erratic and unevenly placed, covering her whole rear end, but he utilized the kitchen utensil methodically, with calculated precision. Parker meant to make an impression with the implement, and by the sound of it, it was doing its job. She was savvy enough not to kick her legs, but she did try rolling her hips to no avail.

Kelli started another fresh round of tears, crying out all the things he wanted to hear from his imp. She sang her apologies, her fear of not watching out for her sisters well enough to keep them from harm, her love for her brothers, her love for Parker.

“Kelli, your sisters, have husbands who are more than capable of taking care of them, and your brothers know you love them. You know how I feel and I never doubt your love for me.”

“But I don’t want to be hurt.”

That last disclosure brought Parker up short. Was she worried about that with him? Physically or emotionally? It confused him because he was sure they had passed the ‘you trust me, and I trust you’ stage a while ago, long before he proposed. Was he wrong? Had he read the signs the way he hoped they pointed instead of seeing how things were in reality?

Seeing his sweetheart was exhausted but finally purged and his message delivered, Parker stopped. He lovingly caressed her back, bottom, thighs, and then brought her up against him to cradle her while she kept sniffling.

“It’s not so much that I don’t trust you, I love you. It’s that I fear things could get out of hand without either of us knowing. It would be too late to fix it if it did happen and I know what that is like.

“Kel, honey, if you mean discipline, I would never injure you. I would never come close.”

“I know, I do, and it’s just…”

She finished drying her tears and seemed to settle after her emotional release. Taking a deep breath and letting it out, Kelli said to Parker quietly, “I think I need to tell you something.”

13 reviews for Kissing Kelli

  1. JigsawGirl

    This is Book 2, a continuation of Meeting Her Needs. It starts immediately where Book 1 ended. There was much more of a focus on domestic discipline, and many more sexy scenes.

    Along with all of that, you get an action, suspense, mystery. Kissing Kelli seemed to be much longer than Book 1. I also found an issue keeping track of conversations in this book.

    For example, Kelli and Parker would be in a room full of their relatives. The conversation would start and you would know who said what. As the conversation continued, you would end up having to guess which person was was talking. That sometimes caused a re-read to determine where you lost track of the conversation. Very frustrating. Hopefully that will be resolved in the final edit.

    With all the intrigue and suspense, Parker and Kelli’s story did not end like I anticipated, but there was still an HEA.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy.

  2. Nicolette

    Kissing Kelli is another good book in the O%u2019Connor range it tell story of Kelli one of the O%u2019Conner daughters and Parker the local deputy sheriff. Parker is a domineering man and Kelli does not always find herself in agreement with his ways. Parker tries his best to keep her in line and safe and as their love grows Kelli finds herself accepting his ways more.

  3. Redrabbitt

    I will have to say that book two of Kelli and Parker will take the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride between the sassy and naughty behavior of Kelli and you can just see Parker shaking his head in frustration with dealing with her. Every girl needs a Parker in their life, one who isn%u2019t afraid to call them out, hold them accountable, make them submit, punish when needed, and make her feel like she is the most important person in his world. When Kelli realizes that Parker is serious about her submitting to his dominance, that he is honestly looking out for her and her best interest, her submission will not only be physical, but emotional. Parker is exactly what she needed but honestly didn%u2019t think she wanted.

    The plot will have Parker and Kelli%u2019s lives altered and something they will both have to accept and move forward. For Kelli, she felt out of control, mind, body, and soul, and Parker is at his wits end how to reign her in. An impromptu getaway to a private cabin will test their commitment and allow them to set boundaries and get back on track.

    Wedding plans will be delayed. Community service at Bhaile Haven will start encroaching on their lives, and eventually, Parker will have to set limits. Kelli is a kind soul that wants to help but finds herself in scary situations that leave them both shaken.

    Life is changing for both Parker and Kelli. Between their marriage, the joining of their families, there is changes coming on the horizon in their careers with Parker running for the office of Sheriff and Kelli going back to school to pursue her law degree. The story does have many spanking and other methods of punishments with some BDSM elements and explicit sex scenes.

  4. Molly Friis

    Kelli finds a lot of different ways to get in trouble. Kelli and Parker struggle to find their own unique way to make their relationship work. Finding out what is non negotiable for each other and what they can compromise on. Of course this is all going on in the middle of their everyday chaos. A fun read if a little drawn out.

  5. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Kelli and Parker’s life moves ahead in this 2nd book. This was a nice long read. Parker steps up his dominance in their relationship once he realizes that Kelli needs his guidance and love. Kelli learns to accept those rules and her consequences after sharing a traumatic event in her past. Spanking romance.

  6. DB

    WOW, what a great book!!! Loved it, wish I was still reading it. This story had a lot of characters in it, because of Kelli’s and Parker’s large families and I just wanted to be one, just one of them! Kelli and Parker have such an emotional relationship, sometimes hard to take and other times you just melt. Parker tells her, he’s the happiest when he is with her and you believe him. Parker is an alpha male, head of household, spanks when needed, loves all the time, protects, cares – my gosh, he’s just everything you would ever want! Kelli is a little scared of giving up her independence, frightened of what married life will be like, having to check in, etc., just worries about everything. But Parker shows her how he will always be there for her and take care of her. This is one of the best books that I have read! I wish I could read something new about it everyday! You are a terrific author Alyssa Bailey! This isn’t my first book I’ve read by you and it sure won’t be my last. One more time – LOVED IT!!! 5 Gigantic Stars!

  7. Hope W

    Wow, Kissing Kelli is book two in Kelli’s story and so worth the read! The story is well written and has a great plot with likable characters. Kelli grew up in the O’Connor home where discipline was plenty and protective brothers surrounded her. Although she moved away for a while, she is back home and living her life on her own terms. She is independent, feisty, and seems to know what she wants in life. However, once she meets Parker, she starts to really figure out who she is and what she desires. Parker is a deputy and exudes authority. He has lived a life with discipline and order, so when he meets Kelli he sees who he wants in his future and is determined to make her his. Although Kelli likes Parker, she does not want a life that includes domestic discipline but knows that Parker and dd come as a package deal. As she goes about her life she seems to find trouble with every turn. From overworking herself, trouble with where she volunteers, speeding, and her own sass she seems to keep her man busy and on his toes. However, Parker also knows how to help Kelli feeling secure and on track, even if it is with a warm bottom. As Parker increases his dominance will Kelli learn to submit to his authority or will she withdraw from the very man she wants and needs. Come read and join Kelli and the rest of the O’Connor clan.

    I highly recommend this well written story with a great plot and likeable characters. With spankings, BDSM elements, explicit sex scenes, action, suspense, and mystery there is a little something for everyone but put together, this story is a can’t miss read!! I hope to read more about Kelli and Parker but only time will tell. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  8. Rhonda

    Fun continuation of Kelli and Parker’s story

    The author did a good job of showing how Kelli is still struggling with giving control over to Parker. I love how he knows how to handle her anxiety and her naughtiness.

    I received an Advance Reader Copy and chose to do a review.

  9. Dyane

    This is the second Kelli O’Connor book and tells the story of Kelli and her fianc? Parker. They go about their busy lives while working on growing closer and hammering out the details of their relationship. Although it is nice to read about all the familiar characters from the previous books, this could easily be read as a stand alone novel. The plot is complex, with unexpected dangers threatening the women, and the discipline and sexy love scenes are well-written and sizzling hot. Another winning book by Alyssa Bailey.

  10. Susan Kirkland

    Kelli O’Connor has moved back to her hometown, but is hoping she doesn’t meet any alpha males like her brothers. She gets pulled over by Deputy Sheriff Parker and the fun begins. She better get use to the alpha male thing because Parker is all that and more. A fun novella.

  11. Lisa Watson

    3 star

    This is a domestic discipline book which is part of a series. Kelli is new to the domestic discipline scene but she needs it in her life to keep her centered and calm and her partner Parker is only happy to give it to her.

    The book has a crime story in the making although this part of the story must be concluded in the next book in the series as we were left in a bit of a cliff hanger with regards to this.

    The love story element of the story has a HEA.

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.

  12. Tina

    This is the 2nd book in this series (I have also read the 1st book). Parker & Kelli are now engaged with a baby on the way, but tragedy soon occurs and Kelli loses the baby.

    Kelli is still struggling with giving up control to Parker and I really enjoyed Parker’s plan of how he dealt with it. I love the characters and how their love shines through. As with the first book this story deals with more than just Parker & Kelli, it involves their whole family bringing so much depth to the story.

    I recommend this book.

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  13. lorna

    Again, super unemotionally written and not very interesting. The author jumps around in time so much and doesn%u2019t use any transitions so it%u2019s hard to understand what%u2019s happening.

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