Ivy’s Hunted Dom

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David is a wanted man. After surviving years in a POW camp, his life is still not his own. He grew up with the mob, and after giving valuable information to the FBI, there is now a price on his head. The Witness Protection program has placed David and a friend on Thatcher Island and his stepfather, the head of the Michilini crime family, has struck a deal to protect him, but even that is not enough.

Ivy is a young woman who has visions in her dreams, and they always come true unless someone intervenes. So when she dreams about a man named David being murdered by two men, she decides it’s up to her to warn him, to intervene and save his life.

But when she meets David for the first time, she knows immediately that he is the man for her, and nothing will stop her from making that dream come true. The hit men are getting closer, though, and Ivy continually makes bad decisions in her efforts to help David, which lands her in all sorts of trouble. Can she save him and make him hers? Will David ever be able to stop hiding and live a happy life?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance is filled with action and adventure and has a theme of power exchange.

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“March, damn you; do not fall.” David pulled his friend and companion, Jay, along with him. Both men were bone tired, hungry, and at the end of their endurance. They were on a forced march to Camp O’Donnell located in Cabanatuan of the Philippines. As prisoners of war, the Japanese systematically shot anyone who fell or who could not continue. He intended to see that his friend was not one of them. Jay was not only a friend but a very valuable asset, to be protected at any cost. Not only was he one of the famous wind talkers, but he was white. He was a genius with languages. His grandparents, being Navajo, had taught him their language when he was visiting them as a youth. They had mixed blood as his parents did. Because of his ancestry, his skin was as white as David’s. Jay knew Navajo, Japanese, German, Spanish, French and Italian, as well, as he knew his own, English. The Japanese must never learn that Jay knew the wind talkers code.

David held his friend up as they continued to march. The camp had to be close; they had walked for over sixty miles. Please God, let it be close.


Ten years later

“Don’t, oh God, no, please no.” And then, the fire, the smell of burning flesh. One hundred and fifty American soldiers burned alive in trenches they had dug. A scream tore at his throat but would not come out. The fear gripped him as he watched helplessly. The horror of seeing what humanity did to another human brought him to his knees, dry heaves wracking his body. The horror of knowing he was trapped with people who would do this as he curled into a ball on the hard ground. Finally, the scream escaped, waking him.

David sat up in bed, his eyes huge, sobs tearing from his soul. Sweat was running down his chest, and he heard whining, which meant his friend’s faithful dog had been trying to wake him.

Jake licked the tears on his face, trying to bring him back to the living, back to Thatcher Island where he now lived. The nightmare slowly went away, leaving him shaking with tears still running down his face. With his face in his hands, he sobbed like a baby. Would the nightmares ever stop?

Jake laid his massive mastiff head on David’s blanket covered lap until the tears stopped.

With a huge sigh, David gave this faithful dog a pat on the head. “I’ll feed you, boy. You deserve a treat this morning.” He got up, put on his robe, and found the dog food. Giving Jake a huge bone from the day before, he started the coffee. He would not go back to sleep. With a cup of hot coffee, he stood in the doorway of his home on Thatcher Island. The witness protection plan had decided this was the best place to hide him. His father was a hit man for the mob in New York. When he was killed, his mother had hidden him with a distant aunt. When David left for the army, he had given the feds valuable information, and one of the mob families had put a hit out on him. He had pissed off some seriously dangerous people.

Dawn was at least an hour away yet. The smells and sounds of the ocean calmed him. The sound of the waves breaking over the rocks, the seagulls’ call as morning was breaking all calmed him. He walked to his favorite chair, sitting with his coffee, watching the dawn break. He let his head fall back and closed his eyes just for a moment. Thinking back to his childhood, he could see his father arguing with his mother to be allowed to take his son out on a hit at the age of thirteen. He could see his mother putting her foot down and his father leaving without him. David smiled at the thought of his tiny five-foot mother scolding his father like a child, shaking her spoon at him. The same spoon used to dust his own britches from time to time. She was formidable and took no prisoners, whether it was his father or himself. His father loved her enough to let her be who she was. David remembered how his father would always kiss her goodbye when he went out on a job and the worried look on his mother’s face. He would always pat her bottom on the way out and tell her not to worry. His mother still lived in New York, now remarried to the don, himself. David was sure she had something to do with Don Michilini giving up the search for him. By all accounts, the man was very much in love with David’s mother. She had come to live with him and his ailing wife. She took care of the wife after she was diagnosed with lung cancer. His mother took loving care of his wife after her own husband had been gunned down. After she had sent her son away, the don had come to respect her and, in the end, to love her. In return, he had basically turned a blind eye to her son.

Both Jay and he were working undercover for the FBI and hiding out on Thatcher Island. Manning the lighthouse by night and trying to bring the mob to justice by day, David stayed away from Antonio Michilini, keeping information about him to himself. It was an unwritten and unspoken deal they both had come up with because of his mother. They did not touch one another. David had plenty of others to take care of. He didn’t need to interfere with the don’s family when he could pick and choose which family to fuck with. They had made plenty of powerful enemies and put many very bad people away in the pen—Jay, with his ham radio, codes, and languages and David, with his disguises. He drank the last of his coffee before he returned to the house. Jay had lighthouse duty last night, which meant David had breakfast duty. Jay would have breakfast and go to bed for a few hours. David sighed as he put his cup in the sink. He walked to his bedroom and pulled a new shirt and pants and underwear from the dresser and headed to the shower. As he passed the full-length mirror on the door, he gave himself a critical look over. Rubbing his hand over his face, he decided he needed a shave. He looked over his big, lean, muscular body, nodding his head in acceptance. Neither he nor Jay had an ounce of fat on them. They worked out continuously, either running around the fifty acres that made up Thatcher Island or rowing to shore. At a little over six feet, with his dark brown hair and blue eyes, he knew the ladies looked at him in appreciation. He never had any trouble getting important information from any woman. Jay was the opposite; his six-foot frame came with black hair and brown eyes. Both men had killer smiles. Only if you looked hard, did you see the hard, cold look of men who had seen too much pain and horror.

Jay walked in just as David was finishing his breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs. Both men had learned to cook as a matter of necessity. Jay sat at the table and gave his friend a once over.

“I saw you early this morning, having coffee. Did you have another nightmare?”

David looked up from his eggs to answer, “Yes, and don’t start on me, brother. I’m okay. Jake and I took care of it just fine.”



Jay knew the demons that kept coming at David. He was there, too. David had kept him safe. Some of the men would take pieces of a radio when they fixed the Japanese radios for them. They had put them together secretly. By the end, they had several. With the radio and Jay’s knowledge of Japanese, they had kept informed of the war. The Philippine underground collected quinine tablets to help the prisoners like Jay who had malaria. They smuggled them in secretly, at great peril to their own safety.

The torture and cruelty David saw while Jay was sick in the barracks most of the time with malaria was too much for any human. David had saved his life many times, and in return, Jay had given them a heads-up and saved many of their fellow prisoners. The Japanese didn’t know Jay talked their language and talked freely in front of him.

David had been Jay’s “babysitter” while in the army. Each of the Navajo wind talkers had a soldier to keep them safe. Jay knew that David had orders to kill him if they got captured. He couldn’t do it. Instead, he did all he could to keep his secret and keep him safe. When they were rescued and returned to the states, they had become closer than brothers. When David was given the opportunity to help the FBI and to be under their protection, Jay asked to accompany him. Although highly unusual, his reputation convinced them he could be a valuable asset. He manned the ham radio that kept them in touch with the FBI as well as with other informants. It was his turn to watch over his brother. Together, they were the FBI’s biggest advantage on the war against the mob. He shook his head. He had asked David to see a counselor many times to try and give him some ease from his nightmares, but David always refused.

“We haven’t heard from Fred in a while. I’m starting to get worried. I’ve tried to call the club, but I haven’t gotten an answer.”

David finished his breakfast and put his things in the sink to be washed before he returned to his coffee.

“I know. I am worried, too. I think I need to make a trip to the club and check out the situation. Maybe you could call Jason and have him meet me on shore with the Buick. I think a business man needs to call on Fred.”

Jay knew this meant David would go in the disguise of a businessman to talk to Fred, who was one of the owners of the Diamond Club, a very classy bar and nightclub.

The nightclub was very pricy, to keep out undesirable kinds of customers. The mob frequented the classy club with beautiful women nearly every night. The men dressed in suits and the women dressed in thousand-dollar dresses and were dripping with jewels. It was a place for the upper echelons of the mob to come and not be bothered, to do business with the other higher ups in the family or other mob families. Many deals were made there. Only the very important information was used, in order to maintain Fred’s secrecy. Fred discreetly listened in on conversations with bugs under certain tables, passing information on to Jay with the ham radio. Jay then passed the information along to the feds, who decided to do something about it or to put the information in files to wait for bigger deals.


David needed to take the edge off. It had been a few months since he had visited the club. Maybe that was why he’d had a nightmare again. Visiting Janie usually kept them at bay for a while. She liked it rough, and David needed to give it rough to chase away the demons that nipped at him at all hours. She liked the spark of pain to get her off. He needed the control to ease his demons.

“I’ll call Jason and have him get the Buick ready for you. You go and get ready, and I’ll sleep on the couch down here next to the phone while you are gone.”

David agreed. He walked to his room and got out his suitcase with all of his disguises, taking his time and being meticulous as usual. His life would depend on it. When he was finished, he looked in the mirror critically. He didn’t recognize himself—the mustache and darker eyebrows, a little make up here and there. Different colored contacts finished the job. He thought about a bigger nose but changed his mind.

He closed his suitcase and put it away before he picked out an expensive suit and an attaché case with some fake order forms. Making sure his new shoes were shined and his hair slicked back, he came out of his room.

Jay whistled as he came out. “I don’t know how you do it, but I am amazed every time you come out as someone else.”

David laughed. “I’ll be home tomorrow sometime. I plan on taking the edge off tonight. I hope Janie is waitressing.”

Jay waved him away as he undressed to his underwear and lay wearily on the couch. He pulled up the blanket and sighed contently. The nights were long and lonely in the lighthouse, but it was a good job and it kept them hidden.

“Lock up when you leave. I’ll see you tomorrow. You know to call if you need help.”

David nodded on his way out. He would take the ferry that connected the island with the main land today. He didn’t want to look scuffed up when he got to the nightclub. It was early yet and by the time he reached the club, it would be noon—plenty of time to see Fred before he had some fun. No one but Fred knew that he and Jay were silent partners. Very silent partners but still partners.

David hummed as the ferry carried him to shore where Jason would be waiting with the blue Buick. David greeted him as he put his things in the back seat. Making note, as usual, that the car was full of gas, he waved as he pulled out and soon was on the road to Boston. Turning on the radio to his favorite station, he listened to Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and Bill Haley and the Comets as he and his car ate up the road, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in time to Shake, Rattle, and Roll or Papa Loves Mambo or Young at Heart. He felt his heart lighten as he drove from the country to the big city of Boston. He was going to enjoy his stay at the club to the utmost. He only hoped Janie was available. She was his favorite waitress and always ready for him and his rough brand of sex and he needed a release in the worst way. Janie could take whatever he gave her and love it. He began humming to the music until, finally, he was singing along, anticipating a wonderful night.

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6 reviews for Ivy’s Hunted Dom

  1. John

    This book by Char Cauley was a fun read as Ivy gets introduced to the concept of spanking discipline along with a tense under story of hide and seek with the mafia mob. The story read smoothly from the first page to the last. The reader almost can’t help rooting for everyone to have a HEA. The question is, did they? This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Blushing Books.

  2. Lalaland

    This, for me, was a strange mix of genres. It starts during World War II and then picks up 10 years later. David was a POW but he just happens to be the offspring of a Mafia hit man who has subsequently been killed and his mother is now married to the Don, who has forgiven David for being an FBI informer but he is living in Witness Protection anyway, except he isn’t really because he hasn’t assumed a new identity and he is in contact with his family and friends. Ivy is a white witch living in Salem and she comes to the city to stay with her cousin because she has a vision of David and feels she can save him from being murdered. Somehow she meets him and becomes instantly in love and determined that they are meant to be together. There are lots of reasons I didn’t really enjoy this book, the first and most important being the language of the prose, do not forget it is supposed to be set in the 50s, people did not say “its in my DNA” in the 50s, not even in the 60s. Also I found Ivy to be annoying in the extreme, every time she made a move it was to cause someone to be in danger or trouble. Really not for me this one, sorry. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  3. Donna

    Donna L
    4.0 out of 5 starsExcited Read
    April 22, 2019
    Char Cauley has written a book with believable characters who were so
    easy to like.Its filled with a whirlwind of emotions and events that will
    pull at your heartstrings.Its was exciting, fast paced with elements of
    danger,romance and domestic discipline.

    David has been through life’s battles.He spent his childhood in a family
    where life was disposable.He survived life as a POW and was now living on
    an island under the witness protection with the FBI.His ordered life is in
    upheaval when Ivy tracks him down after one of her visions sees David in
    danger.Ivy is attracted to David and knows he is her soul mate and she
    must keep him safe even when it means putting herself in danger.David
    takes Ivy’s safety seriously and she finds out that David does not hesitate
    to punish her.

    This story includes drama,angst,romance,intrigue,conflict and new Beginnings.
    This book had a excellent character development and a plot that held my
    attention with just the right amount of heat .

  4. Monika

    Ivy’s Hunted Dom by Char Cauley is a captivating story with discipline scenes and quite some hot intimate scenes that were tasty and sweet. There is also mystery and danger and action. The chemistry between David and Ivy is palpable and makes this book a very good read that I enjoyed.

  5. Joanie

    This book was fast paced and compelling. I loved the contrast between the two worlds that David and Ivy lived in; they couldn’t have been more different. I also liked the paranormal aspect of the book and that it was easily accepted by everyone. I would have liked the spells to play a larger role in the story. Overall it was a feel good story without misunderstanding interfering with the romance. There was real danger, but it didn’t get intense. I hope to read more about the characters in this book.

  6. Redrabbitt

    Once again, Ms. Char Cauley has penned and enticing, fast-paced tale that has minor ties to the forties during World War II and picks up in around 1954. I love how she introduces historical facts and products and ties them into the story and her characters. I did find a phrase or two that seemed out of character for the time, but not enough to ruin a story. Throw in the mafia, a mother’s love, and a duty to country will help create a strong man in David. Take an imp of a woman with just enough innocence, her belief in her visions and dreams, along with her spells and potions and you have a white witch named Ivy. The story will bring Ivy seeking to protect David and yet her naughtiness and disobedience will come at a price.

    “This is going to hurt like the devil, little white witch.”

    The plot will begin in the Philippines, a POW camp with David protecting Jay—a vow he has taken to do at all cost. His second duty will become to help the FBI bring down crime and those in the mafia. Jay was a secret weapon of the US government during WWII and his ability to easily learn languages is still in use—and David is the master of disguises that allow him to move about secretly. What he isn’t expecting is to meet Ivy and become bewitched by her.

    “I put myself here. I did it, knowing what I was getting into. You didn’t hide it. You told me right from the beginning. I love you; you are mine. I have always known it. I trust you to keep me safe, so we can have a life together. I have faith in you, David.”

    The story is full of mystery, suspense, secrets, danger, informants, good and evil, with plenty of angst and discipline. Ivy is so trusting and foolish about the dangers surrounding them. She will place them in danger more than once; danger that could have them and others killed because she doesn’t listen. David is a man with a price on his head and believes he is a ticking time bomb and has no future—but will Ivy give him something to live for?

    “I promise to protect you, love you, and cherish you till the end of time. I will give you exactly what you need always, but I will also give you love and protection.”

    The story has several couples, and the discussion of discipline with these dominant men and submissive women plays throughout the story. The only one that has discipline scenes is with David and Ivy—but it is mentioned with other couples. There are also explicit sex scenes within their relationship and detailed in the story. The story is a stand-alone and does have a happy ending.

    “He was more than ready for his little witch. He had no doubt she was a witch because she had bewitched him from the first time he had set eyes on her.”

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