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“They killed my family. My friends. When I had nothing left, they brought me here, for him to kill. But only once he’s finished playing his game of cat and mouse.”


I was stripped and put in a cell with a huge alien. He has been driven over the edge. He wants to kill me, but first he wants to destroy my mind. I can’t give him a reason not to, but I won’t go down without a fight. He invades every part of me, forces me to call him Master, and subjects me to his mind control. I have nothing left to lose. He thinks he can break me. Can you break something that’s as wrecked as I am?


Humans have taken everything from me: My home, my family, my wife, and they want to take my sanity. They’re afraid of me. Grande Pharma imprisoned me and subjected me to tests. They gave me mind control. But they hadn’t banked on me running my own psychological tests. My hypothesis was simple: What would it take to break the human women who kept getting sent in here to seduce me for information? I take them apart, piece by piece. Revel in destroying them. But Aspen is different. She’s feisty and resistant. Breaking her will be satisfying. But will she break me, first?

This is book one in the Unbreakable series but reads as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This is an extremely dark romance with graphic scenes, featuring a dominant alien who exerts mind control and a feisty, human heroine who refuses to give up. But there is an HEA.

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Sample Chapter

Grande Pharma Clinical Testing Center.

The Stack, Alaxia




I approached the building with trepidation, undercut by quiet determination. It had taken three days of travel from the lower sectors to get here; I couldn’t back out now. I needed money, desperately. This was the only way to get it. My family would die without my sacrifice. Life in the Stack, the multi-story habitation unit on Alaxia, was tough.

I glanced over my shoulder. A car flickered invisible, then re-appeared.

Wait. Was that a glitch? This wasn’t real. My own memories surfaced, overwriting the ones I’d been given in this virtual reality. My family was dead. Killed by a demolition crew: An elite team of mercenaries whose sole job was to roam the lower sectors in the name of population control.

I hadn’t chosen to be at Grande Pharma. I’d been arrested by state police for walking in a mid-level sector without a pass. I was brought here instead of prison. Why did they even care whether I remembered that?

“Adrenal response triggered. Subject has rejected the rewrite.”

“She’s rejected the third one? Ugh. Fine. Bring her ’round. But it’s your turn to tell the boss.”

“No way. I did it last time.”

I opened my eyes, took in my surroundings and screamed. And I kept screaming.




One of the voices I’d heard stuck me with a big needle and within minutes I felt calm again. I could look at the electrodes attached to every part of my body, the headgear with the thick screws covered in blood from where it had been one with my skull, and the restraints that looked like they’d been designed by the Marquis de Sade, and I thought it was curious, where a moment ago I’d been horrified.

The electrodes seemed to be routed into a control box which was currently showing my heart rate.

“She’s pretty lively. You sure one shot of Haldol will keep her quiet?” A man came into view. Lab coat. Glasses. My eyes were fuzzy on the rest of the details.

“Yup. The oldies are the best.” The other man leaned over me and waved a hand in front of my eyes. He also wore a lab coat, but no glasses.

“Heh, you got that right. We’d be out of business if we didn’t invent new diseases to give to the lower sectors and cure.” Glasses seemed flippant as he said it. In the lower sectors of the Stack, if a mosquito had heard someone say that, a demolition crew would take out everyone in a quarter-mile radius. Mosquitoes were little flying drones, somehow controlled by the government. They spied on us and sometimes bit us to take blood samples. Drug testing, I think. We all pretended we didn’t know they were anything but insects, but even very young children learned to grow silent if they saw a mosquito nearby.

“Shh. You know that’s not true.”

“Isn’t it?”

“It’s still your turn to tell Erika what’s happened to Patient 1431.”

“Fine. But if she boots me onto the third gen Ebola crew I’m taking you with me.” There was movement. A door opened and closed. I watched the ceiling lights. They seemed hard to focus on.


Chapter One




I awoke in a dark room. There were lights in the ceiling, and they were very slowly becoming brighter as I watched. I tore my gaze from them to stare around the room, once it was light enough to see anything.

The walls were metal panels, like everywhere else I’d seen in the Stack. They were etched with patterns I didn’t recognize. My mind seemed blank, but I was certain this place was bad. I wished I remembered how I got here.

There was blood on the floor. My nose helpfully jumped in and told me it smelled it, just as my eyes picked it out. I was sitting in it. My hands were sticky.

Was it my blood? I didn’t feel injured. That was when I realized I wasn’t wearing anything. My skin was smeared with the sticky, metal-and-salt-smelling blood. It might have bothered me more, but in the lower sectors, I remembered second-gen human hemorrhagic virus, before they invented a vaccine. It was a mutation of the disease they’d used to control rabbit populations hundreds of years ago. It had killed tens of thousands of people, before Grande Pharma developed a vaccine.

It literally made you bleed out of every orifice, and made your skin split so you bled out of that, too. It made your tongue bleed… even your eyeballs. You couldn’t digest anything because your stomach was too full of blood, and you couldn’t breathe, either, at the end. It killed my best friend. She was one of the lucky ones, because she didn’t get hit by maggots before she died.

All I could do was watch her die, and hope I didn’t get it, next.

Being covered in blood was as commonplace as being covered in soil, for me.

“Another fucktoy, already?” A man’s voice made me startle. It was the deepest baritone I’d ever heard, like that vibrating low note on a church organ, and his tone was contemptuous. A thrill ran through my body when he spoke, but I told myself it was just because he’d startled me.

I didn’t want to be in a room with anyone who called me their fucktoy. It was an illegal pregnancy waiting to happen, and I’d be the one in trouble if it did.

When we had settled this new planet, it had been an expansive, open space. Soon, Earth started dumping all their criminals, redundant soldiers, and eventually, people whose only crime was to have fallen below the poverty line.

The population problem had crept up, and the people in charge had responded the way they always had on Earth: Limit the access to good food and healthcare, keep the lower sectors fighting one another, and let us simply fade out of existence.

When that hadn’t worked, they had reinvented this old Earth idea called social services, only, like many things from Earth, they had twisted it. Social services’ entire job, here, was to make women ashamed to have given birth if they weren’t at least middle-sector and didn’t have a permit. It was an effective way of making lower sector women too miserable or insecure to have any more babies.

If a woman was as low in society as I was, social services would fabricate evidence that she had a drug addiction or severe mental health disorder, and take the baby. Since the mother had no real problems, the baby was in perfect health and sold for adoption to childless couples in the middle sectors.

Social services claimed they were underfunded, but in reality, they were probably making a ton of credits through the baby market. It was another one of those things that everyone knew, and no-one talked about.

Since men suffered no ill consequences from fathering as many unwanted babies as they chose, they often forced themselves on women. I thought it ought to be a crime for a man to rape a woman, and a greater crime for him to leave her with a baby she couldn’t support, but in the lower sectors, the only crimes were those that affected public order. I’d gotten used to defending myself and fighting back when men got too close.

“Where are we?” I tried to keep my voice steady.

“This place? Your tomb.” He laughed coldly.

I shook my head, refusing to be scared by him. “So hand me a shovel; I’ll dig my way out.”

Before I saw where he was, I felt something seize my mind. I tried to move, but my body was not under my control. Fear gripped my heart and settled into my stomach. What was happening to me? I couldn’t fight this; it had slid straight inside me, ignoring all the skin and bone that usually kept people out of my head. I’d never encountered anyone or anything that made me feel so powerless.

“Crawl to me,” he said.

I wouldn’t. It was a stupid request and I had no intention of following it, but it seemed I had no choice. Whatever had seized my mind forced my limbs to move forward, through the stream of blood, until I reached him.

“Kneel, slave.” When he spoke, my body was made to kneel, but not the normal way. This was far more humiliating and made me feel submissive and vulnerable, both of which I hated. My nose was forced to the filthy ground and my forearms were flat, taking half of my weight.

“As I thought. Another weak-minded human fucktoy. You’ll break by tomorrow, like the others did.”

He seemed to lose interest, for he released my mind and I sprang up from the kneeling position, sitting back on my ankles as I looked at him. He wasn’t human. No way. I’d heard rumors of an alien race that had lived on this planet before humans were sent here, but I’d never seen one.

His skin was almost entirely covered in what looked like purple tattoos, in unusual patterns that I half-recognized. He wore no clothing, and his body was ripped, there was no other word for it. His cock sat like a log between his legs, although it showed no signs of being awake. Like the tattoos, his eyes were also purple. Dark, with tiny white flecks that looked like spiral galaxies. His pupils were two black holes. His nose was flatter and wider than most of the noses I’d seen, making him look almost tribal. His hair was short and black, and shone even in the poor light. What I found strangest, though, given the rest of his appearance, was that he had human-looking lips, and straight, even-shaped teeth.

I caught my breath as I realized his gaze had roved over my body while I’d been drinking in his details.

“Is this another VR program?” I wondered. With that power he just used on me, he could make me do anything he wanted. He could fuck me any way he chose, and probably force my screams to remain silent while he did it. So why hadn’t he, yet? The only explanation was this was VR.

His laughter was so deep I wondered if it would bring the ceiling down.

“No. Mind control doesn’t work in VR, slave.”

“I’m not your slave.”

“You were mine when they forsook you into this chamber, human.”

I shook my head and got to my feet. “Fuck you.”

He arched a brow, and his mind wrapped around mine once more. I wanted to breathe, but he held my lungs still. I felt him squeezing my heart. My eyes widened and swelled. I landed on my hands and knees. I was going to die, like a cornered animal, on this blood-soaked floor. My entire existence had been for absolutely nothing…

He released me, and I gasped for air as the blood surged around my body once more. I stared up at him.

“If I’m yours, you can prove it without that party trick.” I was afraid, and that made me angry. How dare he get inside my body like that to force me to behave? I resented that he used that power so readily, when I had nothing at all to fight it with. How could I ever resist anything he wanted from me? He could take whatever he pleased, and I would be forced to submit.

“My mind control is not a party trick.” He seemed unsettled that I’d suggested it. Given that he’d just literally stopped my heart, I was more inclined to think I was the injured party, here.

“Go to sleep.” He waved a hand dismissively, then he got inside my head once more, and I was forced to fall asleep on the blood-soaked floor.

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9 reviews for Invaded

  1. LuCinda Beebe

    This story is extremely dark romance like the author said. It was so dark that I had some problems getting into the book but as the story went along I found myself rooting for Aspen and even Keth to find away to make it work between them. The description of the places they found themselves was so vivid that I felt like I was right there watching what was happening. The plot line has some twists and turns that kept my interest until the finish.

  2. Lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.?? Thrown in a room with an alien of scary proportions, Aspen struggles to survive.? He has killed human women before and she knows he will do it again.? Caught between her cruel world and this monster, she should give up.she should.? Harsh, dominant sex and punishment.

  3. Ben Morris

    I was uncertain what I was in for here, I enjoy dark romance with non-con but there is something specific I need and that is intense characters and Aspen and Keth have this in spades. Both are characters in situations they do not want and Keth is taking it all out on Aspen invading mind and body, while degrading her because of his own feelings of being trapped. A lot of different tortures and erotic acts are in this book so if you are into dark romance give this a chance but know what you are getting into.

  4. Goldie Nut

    Aspen had lost everything and now she has been stripped and put in
    the cell with a very large alien. She figures he will kill her and she is
    defiant and feisty. Keth was killing every human woman sent to his
    cell but Aspen was different and she used some mind control with
    him. This has many twists and turns but you will have to read this
    novel to find them out.

  5. Lalaland

    This dystopian future alien romance was very dark and in places violent. Aspen is a human who is almost at the bottom of the food chain and Keth is an alien has lost just about everything. Keths family have all been killed by the invading humans and he is now a captive being studied. Aspen has been stripped and put into Keths cell complex to try to get some information as to where his people are hiding. Most of the females put into his cell are killed by Keth but Aspen is different, she will not try to charm him or offer herself for favours, how will these two souls who have been betrayed and mistreated in the worse way deal with each other. This was not exactly an enjoyable read in fact parts of it were uncomfortable, but it was interesting, so much so that I want to know what happens next. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  6. Good bedtime reading

    The ones in power had finally given up on Aspen. She was resistant to their form of mind control cum indoctrination. The decision was made to give her to Keth, a massive non-human. Part of the aggressive aliens who inhabited the planet prior to the human invasion. Keth’s only thought was to escape his prison of experimentation. He didn’t realize that it was exactly what Aspen, who never seemed to fit in, wanted as well. Together, in their different ways, they seek their freedom.

  7. Redrabbitt

    Warning, if you can%u2019t handle extremely dark erotic horror, depraved, graphic scenes, ones that include gory details, is non-consensual, including rape and death, don%u2019t read. This is NOT a sweet romance as most people want to see, it is a male alien captive and a female human captive placed together by Grande Pharma. They are both prisoners, and there is no trust%u2014and one has greater control over the other. The story is a dystopian world, control by elitist.

    Aspen Fearne has lived her life in the lower levels of The Stack and had watch atrocities happen to people she knows, including the death of her family. She has nothing to live for, yet nothing to lose either. She will become a guinea pig test subject of Grande Pharma Clinical Testing Center, referred to as Patient 1431.

    Boran Keth is an Alaxain and has watched humans destroy his planet, his people, and kill his father and his wife. Once he was captured, he became Patient 220, and they want to know where his people are hiding. He only loathes humans and killing them is easy, no matter how many women they send as new subjects to try and get information, he kills them. But then they send in Aspen, and she is different.

    The plot will have Aspen waking up in a pool of blood and gore and then she will see him, an alien, and knows her time living is soon to end. Keth finds Aspen different, but he doesn%u2019t trust her, and he is determined to break and her as all the others sent before her, and then he will kill her. No matter what he does to her, the pain and humiliation he inflicts, she doesn%u2019t succumb to him easily. She learns to call him master as he demands, but it is only as a means of survival. He will do cruel, depraved things to her body, use his mind-control to bend her to his will, but deep down, she is still a fighter, a survivor, and he respects her.

    Keth will see a formidable opponent in Aspen, unlike the other women sent before her. She doesn%u2019t capitulate to his demands to appease him, deep down, she is still a fighter. It is decided that together they have a chance to escape and are both willing to die trying rather than continue being test subjects of Grande Pharma.

    The story will go from two prisoners against each other to teaming up to fight for their freedom. It will take two individuals who have trust issues with one another, agreeing to work in unison and escaping their prison. Will their trust lead to more? Will hate turn to respect and love?

    The story includes graphic and explicit scenes, including non-consent, rape, mind-control, violence, with an extremely dark romance eventually. The story does end on a happier note and is the first in a series. Where the second book will go is unknown.

  8. Linda Tenda

    I am volunteering to leave a review of this ARC book from Blushing Books. My first book by this author. Not my typical genre, but what an amazing work! On an alien planet, humans are not only experimenting with the aliens, but their experimenting with their own species as well! The story is intense in many places. Dark intense. If you don’t want your heart racing at a hundred miles per hour; this is not for you. I love a racing heart!

  9. Jessica N

    Invaded is the first book in the Unbreakable series. Keth has been a prisoner of the humans for too long, and now they%u2019ve just thrown in a new toy. Aspen is like no other female before her, though, with her innocence, her desires to just be free, and the way she fights his dominance. Torn between wanting to break her, and all things human, or wanting to keep her safe, Keth and Aspen decide to fight. But even if they gain their freedom, do they have a future?

    Ohhh my, this book was exactly what I needed to read and I%u2019m actually mad at myself for waiting for so long to start this series! This book is dark, intense, but stunning in its creativity! I%u2019m in awe of Ms. Adams%u2019 imagination right now. Keth and Aspen make this crazy, unlikely team, but they fit so well together. Because of their circumstances, there%u2019s a bond and trust formed between them that will be tested again and again. Keth is so angry at everything human, and takes his revenge as often as he can. He%u2019s domineering, he%u2019s cruel, he%u2019s caring, and he%u2019s possessive. Aspen denied her dreams about living outside of the Stack, but has always been rebellious. Their first meeting is not sweet, this book is not really romantic, it is in fact quite dark and manipulative, but there is a twistedly beautiful bond formed between Keth and Aspen that had me devouring the pages, begging to know what would come next for the characters, and excited for the next book in the series!

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