In Pursuit of Molly

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Molly Rasher has been obsessed with Cián O’Connor from the day she met the preoccupied veterinary student. She was still dreaming of his toned body and serious demeanor when she finished college, but he had only nodded and smiled in passing. With no further contact, it seemed her sexy dreams would have to find another star – until he walks into the clinic’s front door, reigniting her passions.

Cián is more than halfway through his training to be a veterinarian. Finally, he can afford to pursue his angel. Molly’s endearing, shy smile has tantalized him for almost two years and now the opportunity to be with her has fallen into his lap, he’s going to grab it with both hands. He can only hope she’s ready for him because he’s learned that if you want something badly enough, you hold on tight until you get it.

No matter the cost.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet love story contains elements of domestic discipline.

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Sample Chapter

Nervous sweat rolled down his neck and back. Changing to yet another western shirt wouldn’t alter the outcome. Cián reminded himself he knew how to do this. A little bluff, bravado, and humility combined with the confidence he had learned from his family and the knowledge that he was pursuing his life’s dream went a long way. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he was in the top five of his class. It all helped him push open the clinic door. That and Molly Rasher.

The angel had bewitched him the moment she’d introduced herself in a class almost two years earlier. He had been overrun with veterinarian classwork ever since, but he kept a surreptitious eye on her safety, when he could. She had thrown him crumbs of her sweet, open smile whenever their eyes met. When she’d stopped coming to the campus, he’d learned she had taken her certificates and gone to work at her father’s veterinary clinic. He couldn’t believe the opportunity that had offered itself to him when he looked for an internship. He would do his best to avail himself of this providence.

A comforting combination of fur, dander, and gas expelled from trepidatious animals relaxed him. His older brother Quinn said he was just downright odd for enjoying those scents. Ciarán, another sibling, understood. He ran an equestrian and canine search and rescue training center. He’d also recently gone into specialized dog breeding on an exclusive level. Ciarán’s love of mustangs and dogs grew to create his current business, which was now gaining some renown amongst experts in those fields. Cián’s passion would grow as well. That is if he could get through this interview.

“May I help you?” asked the harried woman. Smiling at Cián, she curled gray-streaked hair behind her ear.

He doffed his Stetson and held it in his hands as he spoke to the woman at the counter while riffling his fingers through his own hair. “Yes, ma’am. I have an appointment with Dr. Rasher.”

“Oh, good,” her smile reappeared. “You’re the intern, See-an O’Connor.”

“Yes, ma’am, it’s actually pronounced Key-an, but the Irish spelling throws people.”

“Interesting spelling. I’ll remember that. If you get the internship, I mean.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Unfortunately, he’s swamped today. He has only a few appointments but more than normal walk-ins for some reason. Let me go talk to him. I’m Marcy Rasher, by the way. Be right back.”

  1. Cián into an empty exam room. She held out a white coat she’d snagged off the wall hook. A middle-aged gentleman dressed in his own white coat entered with a distracted smile.

He recognized Dr. Warren Rasher from online photos. Cián extended his hand automatically in greeting.

“Cián?” asked Dr. Rasher.

“Yes, sir.” Cián immediately felt more at ease.

“Good. Now you’re most of the way through school, is that right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What an accomplishment for one so young. You want to intern until graduation, is that correct?”

“Yes, sir,” Cián answered as he slid his arms through the familiar feel of a white coat.

“I read your resume a couple of minutes ago, so no points for my accuracy.” Dr. Rasher laughed before he was serious again. “I presume you realize you don’t have to do a residency for a license.”

“Yes, sir, I do. The thing is, several communities will rely on me and I won’t have the luxury of another veterinarian in the area, so I need to be confident and understand my limits.”

“Okay, and why apply here?”

“Your clinical work here closely replicates the type of practice I’ll be doing. The majority of my in house appointments will be pets, but that won’t amount to much. My brothers have a ranch and my brother-in-law does too. There is also a specialized canine kennel, and plenty of bovine and equine. The Montana and Wyoming area, where my family lives, is ranching and farming country.”

“Excellent. I like to hear that. It shows you’ve given this career some careful consideration and you’re responsible enough to trust.” Dr. Rasher looked up. “Don’t think that is a small thing in this field. It could be the difference between having a practice of your own and doing grooming for a living.”

“Yes, sir.”

“The school tells me you came to them summa cum laude and are in the top one percent of your class. I don’t have to tell you how impressive that is.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Now I understand why you’re so young and this far in your schooling. Right, well, this is your interview, son. I’ve just gotten a call that some brainless fool who thought he could herd cattle with his truck while he was rustling them, has caused a big uproar at the Mason place. He’s lucky there was anything left of him to end up in jail. Unfortunately, the brothers didn’t get there before a number of the herd were injured. They stampeded enough to encourage the driver to hightail it out of there, but he made a mistake when he decided to leave the cut barbed wire everywhere. You can guess what happened after that. Old time crime with new criminal stupidity. You up for it?”

“You bet! I mean, yes sir. I can imagine what would happen at any of my family’s ranches should that have occurred there.”

“You understand, then. Not a good outcome for anyone.” Dr. Rasher turned to his wife. “Marcy, you go settle the waiting room and get Molly over here to do what she can to treat them. I know there are a few she won’t be able to handle. Young Cián and I will do house calls late tonight or early tomorrow.” The veterinarian looked at his new intern in dark blue, new by the looks of them, jeans. “I’ll grab you a pair of my coveralls from the back. Might as well save the nice jeans and learn to wear those instead.”

“I’ve spent plenty of days in them, sir, but thank you. I didn’t think to bring any to the interview.” Cián grinned and so did Warren.

“We’ll get to it, then. And Cián, drop the ‘sir’. We’re working together. Now if you date my only daughter, the ‘sir’ will have to return.”

The fifty something man laughed at his own joke as he guided Cián to the back room. After a short orientation to the facilities, there was no more time to dawdle. They assembled a makeshift triage kit for Cián and off they went. Six hours and too many cattle to count later, Cián finished his interview and the first day of his internship with Warren Rasher, DVM.

Cián had been at the clinic for a week and was just beginning to settle into his new schedule when he saw Molly Rasher again. He had thought her striking when he first met her several years ago, but now, she was an angel.

“Hi, Molly.”

Molly nodded and smiled broadly.

“Hey, O’Connor, right?”

“Good memory.”

“I saw the name on our paperwork this morning. I thought it couldn’t be you. But my luck is coming in because it is. I wanted to get to know you when I was at school, but you were always so busy, and serious. Your name is unique, but I’m sorry, I don’t recall how to say it.”


“Yes, that’s it.” Her cheeks blossomed. “I mean… Of course, you’d know your own name. I mean… Sorry, blonde moment. I have more than my share.”

She was cute when she was flustered.

“Hey, no self-denigration allowed. We don’t have blondes in my family. Your blonde hair is nice. It’s kind of golden like honey and your brown eyes have flecks of the same gold in them. My sisters would give you extra points for coordinating that so well. We have dark brown hair and hazel eyes all around. My eyes are the darkest. My mom says it makes them mysterious.” Cián chuckled. “As far as the odd pronunciation, all it really means is you haven’t met the rest of my clan. I have an easy name next to some. I’ll show you sometime.”

Molly laughed. “I’d like that. Oh, Dad’s calling you. You’d better go back before the afternoon puddlers arrive.”


“Puddlers.” She laughed again when his eyebrow quirked in doubt.

“It’s true. You can’t imagine how many of the little darlings pee on whatever, and their owners pretend they don’t notice. And they do it more in the afternoon than morning. Odd I know. Well, more pathetic really. They should have the decency to clean up after their pets. That’s why we have rubber matting covering the waiting room floor. You can hose it off.”

“I see it differently. I think that owners aren’t always at fault. Plenty of sick or elderly animals have incontinence problems. Or the animal is nervous. No one’s fault.” He smiled. “Be thankful it isn’t a sick bull sitting in your waiting room.”

“You’re definitely veterinarian material. You sound like Dad.”

“Why thank you, especially since I enjoy working with your dad. I’m going to learn a lot from him. I’d better go. I’ll talk to you later, I hope.”

As Cián walked to the exam rooms, he heard Molly say, “Count on it.”

He coughed to hide his grin as he began his second week of internship.


Warren Rasher looked over at his daughter watching his exiting intern more intently than the recovering dog in front of her. Over the last few weeks, it had become a habit of hers. “Molly, I wonder if that oxygen would be more effective in front of Shadow’s nose.”

“What? Oh, sorry. I was distracted.”

“I can see that. Try to stay focused dear. Cián will be back after his class.”

“That’s nice.”

“For both of us, I imagine,” replied her dad.

A few weeks later, Warren discussed things with Marcy. “Molly seems to have eyes only for Cián O’Connor. I tell you, the moment she saw he was the new intern for the clinic, that girl was suddenly working more hours than she ever had. She’s done all she can to attract Cián. He’s engaging her in conversation easily, but he’s not even asked her on a date.”

“I know, and you are worried it is a one-sided infatuation.” Marcy laughed. “I’m so glad Molly doesn’t come to you for advice.”

“I have wisdom she could use.”

“Well, not for a relationship.”

“Molly isn’t in a relationship, is she?”

“No, but she wants to be.”

“With young O’Connor. But what about him?”

“Cián isn’t that young, he’s twenty-five, only three years older than Molly. And yes, she’s crazy about him. She’s carried a torch, at least a glowing ember, since she met him in school. I think he is at least interested in her. And it’s worse for Molly because he has been careful not to become involved with her. Did you scare him off?”

“No, but I do think he’s cautious for a few reasons. He works with me, he’s about to start his last year of school, and the prep for exams has started. All of which makes it not the best time to date.”

“When will it be a good time?”

“After he tests, the rest is gravy. He’ll skate to graduation. I imagine he’ll breeze through testing. Dating will suddenly become a viable pastime.”

“And how long will that be?”

“Soon. Class work is over in a few months. Then on to his practical year, working here and doing rotations, studying, and taking his final vet exam. I’m not offering my daughter as a prize, Marcy.”

Marcy leaned over and kissed her husband of thirty years. “I’m not suggesting you do. But we don’t want her to pine away. I hope he doesn’t wait too long. You know how she is when she is trying to be subtle about wanting something. She finally loses control and goes after what she wants however she can get it.”

“Are you sure about all this?”

“She doesn’t even look at any of the men coming in with their pets. She used to chat them up but now she smiles, is friendly, but that’s it.”

“We’ll just let them handle this themselves.”

She patted her husband’s hand. “Of course, dear.”


It was Friday evening. Molly and Cián were closing for the weekend. It was the Rashers’ anniversary weekend, so the clinic would be closed except for emergencies. Warren and several other community vets did weekend emergency rotations, which had worked well for a few years. Cián and Molly would handle anything that came up.

“Hey, Molly, do you want to go out somewhere?”

Molly smiled mischievously. “I don’t know. You mean like a date?”

“Yes, exactly like a date.”

Cián’s eyes looked at her confidently but more than that, as though he were the only one who could ask her. Proprietorship. Molly’s core pinged.

“But a few weeks ago, you told my dad you dated only those who you would consider as a wife.”

“Do you listen at many keyholes?”

Molly felt the heat rise up her neck and onto her cheeks with intense embarrassment. “No. It was an accident.”

He nodded with a little twitch of his lips. “Yes, I remember. That hasn’t changed.”

“Then why ask me to go out?”

“Well, going on the premise we just discussed, I’d make the obvious conclusion that I think you might be marriage material.”

“Might?” she squealed.

He didn’t seem at all flustered, which intrigued Molly. Everything about him attracted her. She loved his intensity when working with pets, the natural empathy he had for animals and people alike was heartwarming. Sometimes life with Cián was just plain entertaining.

Cián, while noticeably more educated, did dumb guy things—like assuming the owner of a Chihuahua was a woman. When the six-foot linebacker-built man came to pick up the wiggling dog, she had to hide the grin that overcame her at the expression on Cián’s face. He was nonplused, and Molly loved it.

“I’m sorry,” he said after the man left. “There is no way a man is going to be seen with a yappy dog. That’s his girl’s or wife’s dog, not his. I’d lay money on it.”

Molly just laughed. “You are so stereotypically male.”

Cián was a man’s man with a kind, gentle side that didn’t detract from his confident, cowboy persona. It enhanced it. Her girly bits were zinging to know that he thought she was possible marriage material. Her independent female side was indignant that her body reacted that way. Her libido, however, made an appearance often. She’d craved a piece of this man since she met him in class over two years ago, overruling any indignation. He was scrumptious. She couldn’t help teasing him.

“Yeah? Well, what if I’m not sure you’re marriage material?”

“No problem.”

“No problem?”

He reached over and dropped a light possessive kiss on her lips. “Nope.” His grin was broad and cocky. “To know me is to love me. Besides, I’ve learned from my sisters, the way to a woman’s heart is through action. Things like licking, kissing, worshiping, listening, oh, and when the time is right, clit action is never a bad choice.”

“Cián O’Connor, did you just say that to me?”

“Did you just question my motives for asking you out tonight?”

“I was teasing.”

Seriousness spread across his face again, causing her some concern. “I wasn’t.”

Molly waited to see if he would ask again. He didn’t. “Are you sure you want to date the boss’s daughter?”

“I’m sure I want to date you.”

“I’ll have to see if I’m free.”

There was a knock at the clinic’s locked door. Cián turned to see who was there. He leaned in close as he passed. His hot moist breath flowed over her cheek and bathed her neck.

“I spank for naughty. Remember that.”

Her stomach jumped. Did he just say that to her? Her insides melted from the embers he just blew into flames. This guy was hot with a capital H. Did he know how his confidence and seriousness affected women? Affected her? Molly’s friends had mentioned how he’d turned their heads during her last year of school. She wondered. Molly had no idea why his threat excited her, but her first order of business when she got home would be to change her panties and maybe have a date with ‘Bob’.

Putting the last of the cleaning supplies away, Molly could hear Cián’s dark murmur as he spoke firmly to someone. She couldn’t imagine who it was but if anyone could handle it Cián could. There was a shuffling noise behind her. Turning and seeing nothing, she closed and locked the cabinet when there was another sound from the same area.

Her father had repeatedly told her how to deal with intruders at home and there was a standard protocol in the clinic. She didn’t have her purse close. It was in her father’s office. So that meant no pepper spray. She looked around the exam room for a weapon should she need one. Her chest hurt from the wild thumping of her heart and the rising panic. Her stomach was doing cartwheels but not the same ones it did when Cián was in the room. Where was he anyway? She couldn’t hear him talking any more but the pounding in her ears was muting most other sounds.

Something fell on the floor. Glass broke.

The wooden medicine cabinet was in the corner. You would have to know that was where the heavy medication was kept to check in there. Ketamine wasn’t the only drug people wanted, so as a diversion, the clinic locked all the non-popular drugs in the office behind a reinforced glass door in plain view. The keys to that daily cabinet were in the desk. She slid her hand into her back pocket to pull out her cell phone, quickly typing 9-1-1.

“Nine one one, what is your emergency?”

Speaking into the phone as low as she could while still being heard, Molly gave the minimum information she could. “Intruder. Rasher Vet clinic. One fourteen Mountain Ashe Road. I’m Molly Rasher. Hurry.” She hung up. The operator would likely be irritated, but Molly couldn’t stay on the line any longer without giving herself away.

There was more breakage. Doing deliberately what she knew was against protocol, she walked into the room with no more than a medical instrument tray for protection. Glass crunched under her shoes as she entered the office. The drug closet door was still closed and presumably locked but as she had expected, the daily use cabinet had been broken into, the front decimated.

As she stood in the doorway, looking for the intruder, she spied a thin, unkempt man whose hands, housed in rough leatherwork gloves, shook hard. She watched as he reached through the jagged glass for yet another handful of bottles to throw in the bag. The sound behind her took her by surprise, too late to stop the next thing from happening. Horrible pain burst at the base of her head. Then nausea, blackness.

She woke to an almost blinding pain in her head and more queasiness. She tried to roll over but couldn’t without vomiting first.

“She’s awake, Jed.” Molly didn’t recognize the voice. It was a giddy kind of whine. It grated on her nerves.

“Well, well, the princess is awake. What’s your name, sweetie?” The words were kind enough, but the familiarity of the voice delivering them, and the sarcasm with which they were spoken screamed ‘danger.’ It confused her. She recognized the voice. It wasn’t only similar to a familiar person’s voice, it was a voice from her recent past. It was there, the actual connection, but she couldn’t grasp it. Her head pounded.

“Where am I?” Molly cringed as she heard her raspy words. She could barely think for the pounding pain in her head and the sound of her own voice, grating on her nerves.

“Well, that depends. You’re in my van. I thought you’d never wake up, bitch.” His tone had changed to a guttural sound that made her draw back in fright. “Now, you’re going to tell me where those meds are before your boyfriend wakes up and decides to do something that I have to kill him for.” An even greater fear for Cián streaked through her confused brain as she tried to concentrate on the robber’s words.

Molly responded through her muddled state, but she didn’t have a clue why. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

A hand shoved her. “Focus, woman. Listen to me. I’m what’s important here not whether you have a man or not. Where are the drugs?”

“In the cabinet,” she croaked. Her throat hurt, making talking difficult.

“The one we busted? Try again.”

She screamed as he yanked her hair hard, sending blinding shards of pain through her scalp and into her nerve centers. White spots appeared before her eyes, tears streamed down her cheeks. The black edges of her sight closed in as she struggled to stay awake. It wouldn’t do if Cián woke up first. She’d seen a guy verbally attack a woman in the mall parking lot and Cián had taken the man down in seconds. She knew, without a doubt, that Cián wouldn’t let anyone hurt her if he could stop it. Today, he would die trying if she didn’t somehow distract these men.

Taking a shallow breath, because anything more hurt too much, she spoke past the pain and fogginess in her head. “We lock it in a vault off site when the vet is out of town. He’s on a trip.”

“Bullshit. Vets need meds for emergencies.”

“Yes, but when he is gone, he takes the drugs off site. It is the standard for many animal clinics now because they have been broken into enough to make the change necessary.”

She prayed it sounded feasible. Her head hurt too much to come up with a better excuse. The pain forced her to close her eyes tighter and concentrate, putting all of her focus on breathing slowly through the next wave of nausea.

“Shit. Did you hear that?” The angry man yelled at the nervous one.

“Yeah. We gotta get outta here. The cops are here. We won’t be able to go back inside even if the drugs are there. Let’s dump and run.”

“No, wait. How did they know to show up?”

“The guy you left probably woke up.”

“Nah, I wrapped him like a steer at the rodeo.”

Molly had refocused on the conversation after her nausea had subsided. If she didn’t move or open her eyes, she might be able to avoid another wave.

Angry man backhanded her, throwing her against the van’s sliding door. She vomited, and the blinding pain nearly sent her into unconsciousness again. “Did you call? Did you do it, bitch?” He must have said it several times while she was gaining control of her roiling stomach. Finally, she was able to whisper out an answer.

“No. The glass case has an alarm connected to the cops.”

She tried to open her eyes just as his hand raised. She noticed him within her peripheral vision. She raised her hands over her head for protection, but the man punched at her face instead, hitting her on the jaw. Her head and now her ears were ringing. She lost feeling on the right side of her face momentarily then an almost unbearable rush of heat replaced the numbness.

“Now! We have to go now, man. I’m not taking the girl,” said the nervous one. “We have our faces covered. She won’t be able to identify us.”

Molly had a passing thought that they had cameras. Nothing she would tell. She worried about Cián. These men didn’t seem to think he was dead, but how badly was he hurt?

“The van. She’ll see us drive away,” said the angry one.

“Then handle it, but I’m not going to add kidnapping to this and bring in the Feds.”

The quieter one was getting more agitated. He sounded more worried. Molly made no sound, but keeping silent came with great effort. From behind her squinting eyes, she saw the angry man’s wrist with a tattoo of a dragon’s snout peeking out of his sleeve. She tried to memorize what it looked like, but the final sentence from the quiet man seeped into her foggy brain just as the door slid open.


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16 reviews for In Pursuit of Molly

  1. Nancy Hughes

    This was just long enough, didn%u2019t drag on, and was an enjoyable read. Main characters are Cian and Molly, attraction is mutual. Cian comes from a family that practices domestic discipline, which is new to Molly. Of course Molly has to test him and gets into trouble. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  2. Stats23

    There have been many books written about couples entering into a domestic discipline relationship and all of the issues that brings to bear, but few have succeeded so well at presenting the reluctant female%u2019s concerns and fears. Cian O%u2019Connor makes it very clear from the start of his relationship with Molly Rasher that he expects her to be obedient to him in all ways and that there will be consequences should she fail to do so. It is the way of his family. Molly loves and respects Cian, but has real emotional and physical issues with submitting to him and accepting discipline. The mental image of it excites her sexually, but her independent nature rails at the thought of being submissive. This story takes the reader along the very loving journey of Molly%u2019s ascension to the DD lifestyle in a realistic and exciting way. There are spankings, obviously, as well as some very erotic sexual scenes. The added bonus is the references to all of Cian%u2019s similar leaning siblings, with the promise of many more stories for the future. 4 Stars.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  3. Rhonda

    Sweet domestic discipline romance

    In Pursuit of Molly the first book in Alyssa Bailey’s Cian O’Connor series was a sweet, fun read.
    Molly and Cian have unexplored chemistry when they find their paths crossing for the second time. I enjoyed the gentleness and care Cian showed Molly along with his strength of needing to be in charge. Things get a little rocky on their way to HEA but the end brings it together beautifully.
    I received an advance reader copy.

  4. Maryanne

    In Pursuit of Molly.

    Molly admired and fancied Cian at college but he didn%u2019t seem to notice her before she left %u2013 but he did! Now he has come to work with her father and to pursue their attraction. I really enjoyed this insight into a young couples love story, overcoming problems and learning to respect each other within the parameters of a D.D. relationship. A great read and I can%u2019t wait for the next book.

  5. Lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.? Ci?n and Molly have been attracted to each other for a while.? When he goes to work for her father in his veterinary office, they are thrown together again. Their attraction builds, but when you’ve been vanilla your entire life and your new man believes in spanking, it can be a deal-breaker.? I look forward to the? next book.? Spanking romance.?

  6. Redrabbitt

    The story is a spin-off from other stories on the O%u2019Connor family and will have mention of many family members from those stories. That is no way will make it difficult to read and follow this new one featuring Ci?n O%u2019Connor and Molly Rasher. Also, while this story does not end on a cliffhanger, it will have at least another story or two that will follow this series.

    What a great beginning for the story of Ci?n O%u2019Connor and Molly Rasher. They had met in veterinary school years earlier. Molly decided not to continue to become a DVM, and instead just became a Vet Tech and went back home to work with her father. Now Ci?n is finishing up school and seeks Dr. Rasher to intern with him as he is in his final stages of school. He and Molly will become reacquainted, and this is the beginning of their relationship.

    Molly is a sweet girl, has had eyes for Ci?n from when they were in school, and excited that he is coming to work with her and her father. Their relationship is a slow-moving courtship, partially because of his schooling, and he doesn%u2019t rush things. Ci?n has a confidence about him, while not arrogant, it is self-assured.

    The story includes working together, a life-and-death scare that they both will encounter, his protectiveness of her, and guilt that he wasn%u2019t able to protect her from danger. He will take her home to his family, and she can see more of what his family is like, including learning that in the O%u2019Connor family, the men are the head of household and yes, the women are spanked.

    I think Ci?n is a patient man, even when Molly tries to push his buttons. When he learns of her misbehavior when he must go out of town, and she decides to stay behind and go out with friends. She breaks so many safety rules, and he proves he will spank her, but what happens afterward is an issue they must work through together.

    The story is a sweet romance, with power exchange, and a couple who will consensually enter into a domestic discipline relationship. While there are a couple of sex scenes, they are not overly explicit. The story is more the chemistry between Ci?n and Molly, the respect within their relationship, and the dynamics they establish during their journey.

    I look forward to the next story in this series, and Ci?n is finishing up school, making plans for her veterinarian clinic and house. Also for the plans for their future.

  7. Pico1

    Molly is a veterinary technician; Cian is a veterinary student almost finished with his studies and interning in her Dad%u2019s veterinary clinic. They begin a chaste relationship as they get to know each other %u2013 but her spoiled way of looking at things is a detriment to the development of the relationship. Things move forward with some spanking and mild sex. Cian is a solid citizen with good morals and a clear direction; Molly is flighty and needs a lot of attention from Cian to become more settled.

  8. Ajjmb

    I have waited a long time for Cian and Molly%u2019s story but it was well worth the wait and everything I hoped for. This is a delightful story and was truly enjoyable. I love the dynamic between Cian and Molly. It is different than his brother%u2019s stories. I hope there will be more to come later. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  9. Sam

    I really enjoyed this book; I was draw n in from the beginning and can’t wait to read the next one. This author does a great job of conveying Molly’s reluctance to enter in to a domestic discipline relationship. In fact, the author did a good job of expressing all the characters’ emotions and conflicts. I look forward to reading more about this couple.

  10. LuCinda Beebe

    I enjoyed this story because It was professionally written and fast paced with 2 likeable characters, Molly and Cian. The book deals with love and conflicts. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

  11. charlotte Huelsemann

    In pursuit of Molly Cian O%u2019Connor book one
    This book is a continuing story of the O%u2019Connors and is as awesome as the rest of them. Cian is the youngest brother and going to school to be a veterinarian. Molly works in the vets office of her father. This book is a stand alone but if you have missed one book of the O%u2019Connors you are missing something special. Cian believes in domestic discipline and is teaching Molly. He loves her and wants to start a life with her. This book was worth the wait. I loved every page.

  12. Tami

    Molly is working in her dad’s vet clinic. There she meets veterinarian student Ci?n and there is some instant attraction. Ci?n is happy that he finally got her attention, but he also realizes that Molly is kind of spoiled. And he does have the remedy for it, preferably with his hand heating up her bum.

    The story started a bit slow, but as I liked Molly and Ci?n, I did not mind. It was interesting to read how Molly coped with a domestic discipline relationship and I enjoyed the book very much.

  13. DONNA L

    4.0 out of 5 starsInner Conflict
    December 3, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    This was a interesting,enjoyable story of a young couple living
    a domestic discipline lifestyle.The author has excelled at giving
    the readers a insight at the struggles a women endures with
    accepting spankings as part of everyday life.This addition to
    the O’Connor family will follow Molly and Cian journey.Molly
    has been lying to Cian and her brothers.Unable to face the
    grief and trauma in her life,Molly health takes a turn for the
    worse.Cian is determined to nurse her back to health but his
    patience his tested many times .The O’ Connor family all
    believe in domestic discipline and Cian is no different.The
    book includes all the characters from this series

  14. Hope W

    Alyssa Bailey gave the reader a great introduction to Cian and Molly for the start to their story. The start was a slow build up, but a great lead in to the follow up book. The story is a sweet domestic discipline romance that included plenty of chemistry between the characters. The story is interesting and kept my attention as it progressed and grabbed my interest as I waited for book 2 to come out and see where this wonderful couple would go. Although it was a little short it does the job to grab your attention, become invested in the characters and their story, includes plenty of spankings, love, and quite a bit more! I highly recommend this book for a quick but great read! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  15. Toni L

    This is a short, quick read for when you don’t want to commit to a huge amount of time. There is a lot to like in this book. It’s a gentle, slow romance with an old-fashioned feel to it & is book 1 of 2 (so don’t expect a complete finish). Taken as it is, I enjoyed it. Sweet, gentle. But, there are also things that I didn’t love. At times it seemed contradictory in how the relationship was handled. This author has other series based around this family, so there are a lot of characters that I hadn’t come across before which I found a bit overwhelming & confusing. Without giving anything away, there is an event that occurs, & apart from the initial fallout, nothing seems to happen. Perhaps it will in Book 2? This is a pleasant read that didn’t really hit any highs or lows for me.

  16. Jf12574

    A great quick yet very entertaining read. A lovely book full of caring characters. If you read this make sure you read book two, just as good if not better than this one!

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