Impress Her, Possess Her

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On Nysa, women exist solely as recreation for men.

Calliope dreams of escaping Nysa, traveling to Earth and living free. Her plans are thwarted when she ends up placed with a dedicated soldier as his plaything. Regardless of her developing feelings for Amerrande, she knows she must not let anything get in the way of her plans to escape, and after a terrifying attempt and hazardous journey, she reaches Earth – only to discover freedom is not long lasting, as Amerrande is sent to find and execute her.

Phaedra has one purpose: service assignment soldiers for one month in whatever capacity they desire. Her doctor sedates and forces her to leave for the desecrated and disease-ridden Earth, followed by transport to Neoma, the frozen death planet. His plan was to save her from a life of servitude and offer her a freedom she wouldn’t have had. But all isn’t as it seems. And when Phaedra learns to see and trust with her heart and not her eyes, she will risk not only her life, but the life of the man she wants to share it with.

This is a two book collection consisting of Charm Him, Disarm Him and Impress Her, Possess Her. Both books read as standalones and have a HEA.


Publisher’s Note: These steamy sci-fi, apocalyptic romances contain elements of action and adventure, and power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Twenty-five silent, young women lined the white and gray, sterile hallway. All were emotionless, resigned to their unknown fate as they waited their turn.

Below their feet, underground, came strong rumbles. Slight and slow at first, they grew stronger and more consistent over the minutes, impossible to ignore.

Calliope anxiously grabbed onto Sheena, another student, in front of her in line. “What? What is going on?”

“Shush. Shush, and kneel down on the floor.” Sheena bent to the floor, pulling Calliope with her.

Lights flickered and sounds of destruction reverberated in every direction. The floor was shaking, everything was shaking and Calliope feared the shaking would send them into the internal depths of the planet, the source.

The surface shook so hard that the tiles and wall across the hall from her separated. She needed Cassandra. She wanted Cassandra. Looking down the line, the women all had their faces buried between their knees and under their arms. Were they not scared? Even now, they were unable to think and feel of their own accord.

Standing, her legs trembling, and unbalanced, she darted from the line. Sheena’s voice reached her, over the roars emanating from beneath. “No Calliope, don’t!”

The building felt unsafe and unstable, as if folding in upon itself, but she ran. The nurses and guards she passed did not attempt to stop her flight. Some areas had lost all overhead lighting, but the doorplates and some emergency lighting guided her way.

All she knew was that she must get to Cassandra. She was almost there, not much further. What price would she pay for her flight? Currently it mattered little to her as her feet hurried through the corridor. She ran right into Cassandra, who was exiting her quarters. “Calliope, hold still!”

Tears flowed from her eyes. “What? What is this?” Calliope sobbed.

“I said hold still! Stop talking, girl!” Cassandra held Calliope’s head, pushing it to the left, exposing the right side of her neck. Quickly and accurately, as a doctor with years of experience, she pulled the trigger on the instrument.

“Ow! Ow, Cassandra, that hurt me.” Tears came faster as she peered into Cassandra’s eyes, revealing all her fear and bewilderment.

The tremors had weakened, but the effects were far from over. Grasping Calliope’s forearm, Cassandra pushed her along. “Wipe your eyes and face. Go along with everything I say.”

Their pace quickened as they rounded a corner and sprinted down many corridors she had never seen. Calliope didn’t know their destination, but Cassandra loved her, and she trusted Cassandra. The Superiors were frantic, running here and there, unconcerned with the movements of the pair.

Arriving at the station, Cassandra pleaded with her eyes, though she knew the answer she would receive, if there were time. “Do you understand? Will you do as I say?” She had raised and taught Calliope as if she were her own child—in secret and unlawfully. Her answer would be yes. She knew there were no limits to the young woman’s devotion. Swallowing loudly, she walked them right up to the station guard. “She is supposed to be on this departure.”

The station. No, I don’t understand, Calliope thought.

The guard scrutinized the two women and waved over the guard with the microprocessor. He was a tiny man, smaller than any of the women at the Center, and even more so in comparison with the doctors. His eyes were black and he had a thin line for a mouth. “What? We have to depart them now while there is still time.”

“The doctor says this one is supposed to be on. I thought we had them all,” the first guard said.

“We do, according to the manifesto!” His impatience and irritation evident at the interruption, he shifted his black eyes to Calliope. “Let me see your mark, and tell me who you are assigned to!”

Cassandra once again pulled Calliope’s head to the left, displaying the requested evidence and said, “Amerrande. She’s going to Amerrande.”

Calliope’s perplexity over all the unusual occurrences of the day turned to dread and caution as new concerns flooded her mind. She was marked. Women whispered of the mark, issued once you received your duty. However, since you went to the station upon receiving the mark, no one could ever discuss the procedure, sight or meaning behind it afterwards. Her whole body trembled. Why would Cassandra do this? This wasn’t what they had discussed and planned. They had never considered this, it was never a possibility.

Rumblings sounded below again. The black-eyed guard, reluctantly yet frenziedly waved them on. “Put her on. They have to go.” He hurried off.

Tears swam in Cassandra’s eyes, and her voice quivered. “I love you. This is your chance, make the most of it. You will know what to do, trust me. Follow your heart, but fear it as well, and always, always trust your mind.” Caressing Calliope’s arm, as any overt sign of affection would be a red flag, she directed her to follow the station guard.

Overwhelmed, frightened and plagued with uncertainty, Calliope followed him. Entering the transport she took a seat, as the countless number of other women on board had done. Replaying Cassandra’s words, ‘You will know what to do, trust me,‘ she realized there must have been no other way. This was how it had to be.

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3 reviews for Impress Her, Possess Her

  1. Cindy

    I loved this book, it was fast paced and kept my attention to the point I would still be reading at 3am.

    Charm Him Disarm HIm-
    Calliope is such a strong and lovable main character that I was constantly getting mad at the way she was being treated by some of the men around her. She wanted to go to earth, which was war torn, she still wanted to go there because she thought that was the only place she could be free. Unfortunatelyshe is sent to Erya, which is a soldier camp and she is assigned to Amerrande. The assignment would only last 3 months but during that time she needs to do everything he tells her to do or she will be sent back or even exterminate.
    Amerrande is also a strong person but set in his ways and the last thing he want was a wife or even an assignment.

    Impress Her Possess Her-
    Alistar, a doctor wanted to save Phaedra from a life without choices so he took her with when he left to smuggle medication and medical equipment to the people that were sent to Neoma, which was nicknamed the Death Planet.

    Both stories are not for the faint of heart. They are brutal and will pull at your heartstrings, it will play on your mind after you’ve closed the last page.

  2. Ajjmb

    This was an interesting book that began with several unexplained things going on during the book. As the book progresses those events become clearer but it gives the book a mysterious and confusing quality at first. I couldn’t decide until the end if Amerrande even liked Calliope. Their relationship was very rocky until the end. Curiosity kept me reading the book. This book was just ok for me because of the confusing elements. It took me a while to figure it all out. The second book was much more to my liking. This book isn’t as confusing and you can really get into the storyline now that you understand the story better. I really liked the new characters introduced in this storyline. I also like that we find out that there is a whole other alien society living on the planet and that the king of this society doesn’t really like humans. However the female queen of this society seems to like Phaedra. I really enjoyed this second book which made the first one more likable because it sets the stage for the second book. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  3. John

    These two books by Sheridan Knight were both outstanding Science Fiction tales to read. Both stories dealt with the idea of having free choice in their lives after escaping from an oppressed society on other planets. Both stories also were developing romances. Both stories had an element of domestic discipline in them, with Phaedra’s story having the most. The characters were all struggling to adapt to their new lives and figuring out whom they could really trust with their lives and their future. The pairings were already pre-determined by circumstances, so it was just a matter of the couples realizing the fact and accepting it. Looking forward to books 3 & 4 in this series. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Blushing Books.

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