Hunter’s Moon

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Following a family tradition to seek her spirit guide, Luna sets out for an overnight camping trip into the wilderness. She doesn’t know that werewolves are real… or that a chance meeting with a ranger will alter her life forever.


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Following a family tradition to seek her spirit guide, Luna sets out for an overnight camping trip into the wilds of the Willamette Valley National Forest along the Blue River. She does not know that the full moon in the sky combined with her chance meeting of the ranger at the trail’s start would alter her life forever. She will soon learn that werewolves are real and that she is being hunted by them. Her only chance at survival is a Hunter, come to Blue River to thin down their numbers if not eradicate them. Fate throws them together and, at first, she is desperate only to stay alive and go home. But then she wants more, she wants to be in the Hunter’s arms and, after feeling the bite of his hand on her backside, over his knee.

This story is a dark fantasy. It is sexually explicit with themes intended for adults over 18 only.

Sample Chapter


Nestled in the valley of a tropical rainforest in the backwaters of India, the United States army base bustled with joyous activity.? Soldiers were on their way home after a long tour of duty.? The plane taking them filled up slowly as comrades shared goodbyes and catch-you-laters.? Unlike commercial flights, the plane would take off on time.? The military did not take well to delays and every man and woman in khaki uniform knew the value of punctuality.

Ripley stood off to one side, watching the slow boarding with the interest of someone who needed something to look at.? On either side of him stood armed Military Police.? One move they didn’t like and Ripley knew he’d be on the ground.? Alive or dead, they wouldn’t care and it wouldn’t matter that he knew their names, the names of their wives and kids, or even that they had shared a beer upon occasion.?

In front of him was an overweight, middle-aged pencil pusher desperately trying to fit in with the rest of the military by dressing in camo.? He flipped through the same flight papers and requisition forms he held over and over.? Ripley didn’t know the man, had never seen him before, and tried hard not to pull rank just so he could get on the plane.? It wouldn’t matter much to a civilian like the pencil pusher, but the superior in charge of him wouldn’t appreciate it.? Colonel Brown was a brash man who liked a good argument.? Stupid arguments, however, turned him into a raging bear.?

Ripley didn’t want to start his job on a bad note.? Being stopped by some little pissant was not a fortuitous beginning.? Starting a fight with the United States Army, over a civilian in its employ no less, was as good as flipping the bird at God and telling Him to choke on it.? Ripley was not a superstitious man, but he didn’t want to attract any bad luck either.

He turned his gaze upward to the faded moon.? He had to be Stateside before morning rose in two days, before the pale disc would at last be full.? His contact expected punctuality.? The United States government demanded it.? The job wouldn’t wait for him.

“I’m sorry, Colonel, but I don’t see?”

“That’s not my problem,” Ripley interrupted. “I need to be Stateside by tomorrow.? That means I’m getting on this plane.”

The pencil pusher tried to straighten himself up another inch higher than his five-foot-four. “Without the proper papers, I cannot allow―”

“What is your name?”

He blinked, his shoulders collapsing. “Snell, sir.”

“Snell, you have my identification.? You know who I am and what my clearance is.? You don’t need any more than that.? However,” Ripley loomed over the man without moving, a tactic he had learned from his uncle, “you will need a priest after my superiors get done with you, if you don’t get out of my way.”

The civilian shuffled through his papers again, a whine entering his voice, “You’re not on the list.”

“And I never will be.” Ripley picked up his satchel and his rifle case with casual ease, but he had his eye on the MPs.? They never moved from attention.? He suspected that he saw a smile playing on their lips.

“They won’t let you off the plane without the proper papers, Colonel.”

Ripley held out his hand for his ID.? It was placed in his palm and the pencil pusher saluted before walking away.? Ripley tucked it into his jacket, worry niggling at his brain.? The papers should have been taken care of before he had even been contacted.? But then, paperwork had a way of getting lost in India.? He nodded in respect to the military police. “I’ll see you boys when I get back.”

“Have a nice flight, Colonel,” one of them said.? They snapped salutes before turning and walking away.

Ripley made his way onto the plane, handing over his weapon to be stowed without complaint.? He took a seat with the other soldiers, ignoring their glances at his civilian clothing.? His title was purely honorary, given to him along with the security clearance and ID.? He was no more military than the common man.

What he was, in truth, was far more deadly.

*????????? *????????? *

Ripley sat in the office before an empty desk, a cup of coffee in his hands to ward off the pre-dawn chill.? His satchel and rifle case had been placed on a side table.? An MP stood to one side of the door, hands clasped behind his back and eyes fixed straight ahead.? Another man that would do his duty, no matter his personal feelings.

Tired and worn from travel, Ripley wanted only to get on his way to the hotel where he was to rendezvous with his contact.? The flight had been long and the only chance he had been given to stretch his legs had been the march from the plane to the office.? Because he was known amongst the troops, he had been allowed to use the restroom and given some refreshment.

The commanding officer, a Colonel Titus by name, came into the room and started. “Ripley.? What brings you Stateside?”

“A job.” Ripley set his cup aside, a little uneasy by Titus’s shock. “I was contacted last month for this full moon.? I am surprised that I’m stopped.” Again, he thought to himself.

Titus went to his desk and sat. “Without the proper papers, I can’t let you into the country.”

Ripley briefly furrowed his brow. “You are the second man to say that to me.? The contacts usually take care of those things.”

“Yes.” Titus scowled. “The contact for this area went missing a month ago.? Where are you headed?? Maybe they thought you were coming in through a different base.”

“Coming in through a different base?? I always come into the States through San Francisco, Titus, you know that.” The frown returned to Ripley’s brow and stayed. “I’m on my way to some little town about an hour’s drive north of here.? My final destination will be learned then, when I meet with Marcus.? Our usual arrangement.”

“If he shows up, do me a favor and let me know.? Like I said, no one has seen the man in a month.? You would have been the last person to hear from him.” Titus spread his hands in a helpless gesture. “But you’ll have to find some other way of getting in than through me.”

Ripley pointed to his satchel. “May I?” When the Colonel nodded, he got up and retrieved his satellite phone.? He dialed a number, let it ring once, and then he ended the call.? He returned to his seat and, with his phone held loosely in his palm, he picked up his coffee again.? He drank half the cup before it rang.

“Ripley, this is too early in the morning,” a gravelly voice muttered sleepily on the other end.

“Ethan, my contact didn’t submit proper papers.? I’m not being allowed into the country to do a job.” Ripley continued to sip at his cup.

There was silence on the other end and he merely waited it out.? He knew what it meant.? A contact stepping outside the bounds of routine was not taken lightly.? Too many Hunters had been lost to traps and the US government did not want a return of what they hunted.? Ripley could not help but remember that his parents had been killed after a contact had gone missing.

“Where are you?” Ethan asked quietly.

“San Fran.”

“The CO?”

“Colonel Joe Titus.”

“I’ll see to it.? Call me if you see your contact.” The line went dead as Ethan hung up.

Ripley tucked his phone away and finished drinking his coffee, taking his time to sip.? He reached out to put the cup back on the desk before he took a cigar from his coat pocket.? He bit off the tip and then lit it.? It would be his last cigar until the job was done.? As he breathed out the aromatic smoke, a knock came at the door.? Ripley looked at the clock.? It had taken Ethan forty-five minutes.? He could still remember when it would have taken twice that amount of time.? But then, Marcus was missing.

Titus thumped his paperwork down. “That has to do with you, doesn’t it?”

Ripley grinned around his cigar.

“What is it, Dawson?” Titus called.

The door opened and a soldier came in with a paper.? He set it on the desk and left when dismissed.?

The colonel looked at it without touching it. “You have great friends, Hunter.”

Ripley took his cigar from his mouth and smiled. “I do this country a great service in the extermination of its pests.”

Chapter One

The dream came to her again.? It started the same, always the same:? with his hands.? Large and rough, they caressed her arms to allow her to feel them.? The strength in them caused gooseflesh to appear over where they brushed.? Power, to hold himself―and her―in check was in every touch.? The first tremble of anticipation ran through her from the gentle scrape of his work-roughened fingertips.

His touch moved down her bare sides to hold her naked hips.? She leaned back against him, his body a warm wall.? Her fingers lightly touched the back of his hands and another tremble, followed by a soft gasp, ran through her.? Oh, how wonderful they were!

Turning, she gazed up into his shadowed features, his identity secret and lost in the dream.? A part of her was dimly aware of the disappointment that would cut more strongly once she woke up.? She desperately wanted to know who he was.? He couldn’t just live in her dreams.? He had to be a flesh and blood man, somewhere, and she wanted to be able to recognize him when she saw him.? But like in every dream before, he remained in shadow.

He took her hand and drew her with him, through the shadowed world of her dreaming mind, to a large bed that appeared beneath a soft, dim spotlight.? Memory of every previous fantasy involving the dream man and the bed flashed across the part of her mind that was still lucid.? It crossed over into her dream self by way of a soft gasp and clutching at his hand.

Unerring, he walked backwards to it, giving her time to pull away if she wished.? In life, whatever resistance she might have once felt had long been burned away by the recurring fantasy, but once more faced with the inevitable, she always paused.? She looked behind her, never seeing anything but shadows, for a possible reprieve.? Hesitantly, she flicked her eyes back to him and then took that fateful step forward.

She felt more than saw his pleasure, like the warm glow of a fire that brushed her skin.? He sat at the end of the bed and gently pulled her to lie facedown over his lap.? One of his hands rested upon the small of her back as the other caressed the swell of her bottom with the back of his knuckles.? Her skin tingled where he touched and she shivered, wanting more.

He massaged her, kneading her buttocks and the backs of her thighs until her entire body felt alive from the power in his strong hands.? Then the first sharp smack landed.? As if hit by lightning, she arched, throwing back her head, though there was no real pain.? Not at first.

He spanked her, filling the dream with the echo of his palm cracking against her bare bottom.? He smacked feeling into her, each stroke another lightning strike.? Electricity tingled through her.? She could almost feel it arching from one synapse to another.? Pins and needles ran over her skin, starting with her buttocks and going outward.

She couldn’t keep still on his knees.? Her fingers dug into his leg as she shifted.? She twisted, moving one buttock away only to lift the other up to his hard palm.? As if she offered up a target, he would smack the uplifted nether-cheek until all of her bottom felt the effects of his hard hand.

Nor could she keep quiet.? With the slight discomfort of the pins and needles turned into a throbbing beat, each breath she made became a soft whimper, growing into kittenish mewls and panting gasps.

And then the heat began to set in.? He spanked a fire into her backside and she could feel the lick of those flames down her legs and up her spine.? She writhed, kicking her feet and pushing at his side, but he didn’t slow, didn’t pause.? He was relentless in his spanking of her.

Reaching out, she grabbed a handful of bedding and attempted to crawl her way off his lap.? He didn’t try to stop her, but his hand continued to rain down smacks as she slithered across the bed.? When she reached the center, his body, bare and naked as hers, rolled atop hers.? His fingers gripped her thigh, bringing it up to one side.? He caressed her; his hand slid to her core, cupping her.

All the heat, the throbbing ache, he had spanked into her seemed to magically shift and refocus itself to her mons.? His fingers parting her folds pulled a cry of ecstasy from her.

He put his hand on her shoulder and shook her.

Luna Paxton the Fourth woke blearily to a hand on her shoulder gently shaking her.? She tried to burrow deeper under her blankets, topped with a thick quilt to stave off the unusually cold October, but the hand was insistent.? With a sigh and many black thoughts, she lifted her head and focused her eyes on her mother. “What time is it?”

“Three in the morning.”

Fear like ice brought her completely upright and fighting the bedding off her. “What’s wrong?? Has Nana had another heart attack?”

Her mother shook her head with a smile. “No, no, dear, everything’s fine, but you are going to miss your bus.”

Luna paused, one foot on the cold ground, the other still warmed by the blankets in bed. “Mom, there aren’t any buses that run at three a.m.”

Luna the Third, or Peggy to those closest to her (no one had ever been able to explain how the nickname Peggy had come from Luna) laughed softly as she turned on a light. “The Blue River bus leaves the downtown station at five.? You are going to be on it.”

Flinching back from the light, child glared at mother. “Are you still harping on about that?? I’m not going!? I can’t be any more blunt than that.”

“Yes, you are.” Some of the cheer in her voice was replaced by hard steel. “It’s tradition.”

Luna rolled her eyes before diving back under her blankets and snuggling down. “If this is where you break into song and dance, wake me when you get to ‘If I were a rich witch’.? I was about to get into bed with a very delicious man.”

“Is she up yet?” Aunt Flora bubbled into the room. “We have gifts to send her off…oh.”

“Don’t even try, dear,” Peggy said sagely to her daughter. “The man will no longer be delicious when you get back into the dream.? I cannot count the number of times you pulled me from Clint Eastwood.? I wanted to kill you upon occasion when you were little.”

“I was doing you a favor.? Clint Eastwood, ew.” Luna made a show of snuggling even further under the blankets, covering her head with the quilt.? With a deep breath, she was determined to get back to sleep, back to the wonderful dream.? Then, the sudden and horrifying thought came to her:? What if she got back into the dream and it was Clint Eastwood pulling her towards the bed for a spanking?? She shuddered.

“Is she up yet?” Aunt Aurora shouted from downstairs. “Her tea is almost ready.”

“No,” Aunt Flora shouted back, much of her natural and ever-present cheer diminished. “She’s still in bed.”

“Where any decent human being should be at this time of the morning,” Luna called out from under the quilt. “Now, hush, all of you, you’ll wake the Nanas!”

“The Nanas are downstairs waiting for you,” Peggy said and whipped the blankets away from Luna’s body.? Thank the Fates she had put on her pajamas before going to bed. “They also bought you presents to send you off in.”

Luna swallowed a sigh as she lip-synced along with the rest of the lecture, having heard it a thousand times in the last year.

“This is a special time for you.? Admittedly, it’s very late, you’re years past when you should have gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less special.? Every witch looks forward to her sojourn into the wilds to be found by his or her spirit guide.”

“I don’t look forward to it.? I would like to sleep.” Contrary to her words, Luna sat up.? Why it suddenly got so important for her to go on the stupid spirit quest, she didn’t know, had never asked.? Nor was she going to.? She didn’t want to go there, to that point of revelation with her family or with herself.? Some things were just better left buried.

Aunt Flora sat at the edge of the bed with a dreamy smile on her face. “I remember my spirit journey.? Papa took me out into the woods and we came across a stream.? I followed it until the trees just melted away onto a meadow.? When I close my eyes I can still see all the bright colors and hear the buzzing of the bees so hard at work.”

“I still don’t want to go.”

“You did once.? Before the crash.” Peggy folded the blankets up into a ball in her arms, looking mournfully at her daughter. “Is that it?? Do you not want to do this because your father isn’t here to take you?”

Luna got up from the bed and went to her closet.? She didn’t want to answer the question; she didn’t want to even think about it.? If she did, she would have to admit that, yes, that was the reason she didn’t want to go.? It was supposed to be a special trip between parent and child.? Hers had been forever ruined because someone had fallen asleep at the wheel and drifted head on into her father, walking home from work.

“It’s my fault.? I should have taken you,” Peggy said, still holding the blankets.

Turning, Luna hugged her mother from behind to rest her chin on the older woman’s shoulder. “It’s no one’s fault.? We were both grieving.? A part of us still are.”

Peggy turned to return the hug and patted Luna’s cheek. “Get dressed and then come downstairs.”

“Do I get a shower first?” she asked jokingly.

“Why?” Aunt Flora bubbled as she almost skipped from the room. “You’re about to get on the Blue River bus where the other passengers never bathe.? You’ll be the sweetest smelling person to ever ride it.”

Shuddering at the thought of spending three hours in close quarters with so many unwashed bodies, Luna changed out of her pajamas into jeans and a blue turtleneck.? She hopped out of her room into the hall as she put on her sneakers.? Straightening up, her eyes slid to her mother’s room and through the open doorway saw the cardboard box that held the last of her father’s things on the bed.

Wondering why her mother had pulled it out, she went to the box and looked down at the odds and ends, a few books, and an open shoebox full of photographs.? Set to one side was a wool parka vest.? Luna picked it up and held it to her nose.? Breathing in, she thought she could smell her father’s cologne along the collar.? She started to put it back down, but instead, slipped it on.? The instant warmth was almost like being hugged by him again.

She turned and headed for the stairs.? Halfway down, her family let out gasps and awws, as if she were a little girl in her Ostara bonnet or her red velvet Yule dress.? Peggy put fingers to her trembling lips as happy tears gathered in her eyes.? The Nanas, her grandmother and great-grandmother, sat on the couch facing the stairs, gazing on in matriarchal pride.? Aunt Flora couldn’t seem to keep still as she fluttered about the room.? Aunt Aurora nodded in stern approval.

Luna shook her head at all of them as she continued down the rest of the stairs. “You’re all insane, you know that, right?”

“Insanity would be letting you go your entire life without ever going through these rites of passage,” Luna the Second said.

“Tell me again why I can’t just go down to the park?” Luna gave the clock on the wall a pointed look. “At a decent hour of the day.”

Her grandmother pointed a knobby finger at her. “Because suffering is a part of growing up and it’s high time you suffered!”

“Right, like my being twenty-three doesn’t make me a grown up.” She shrugged. “What’s for breakfast?”

“No breakfast!”

Aunt Aurora put a large cup into Luna’s hands. “Just tea, love.? If you were a child, you would get a little something more, but since you are an adult, you will be fasting.”

Luna gaped at her family. “All of you are sending me out into the wilderness with nothing but―” She sniffed at the cup in her hands. “Mugwort tea!”

“Lots of mugwort tea,” Aunt Flora exclaimed, holding up a large thermos before she tucked it into a camper’s pack.

“Best to gulp it,” Peggy advised.

“I know,” Luna said testily, curling her lip at the cup in her hands.? She took a deep breath and then knocked it back, swallowing quickly.? It didn’t help.? The bitterness of the herb still had her coughing and gagging. “I feel older already.”

Her smiling mother pushed her down onto the couch between the Nanas.

“Time for presents!” Aunt Flora announced, bringing the camper’s pack with her.? She set it down at Luna’s feet before stepping back, beaming.

Luna looked dutifully at it. “Oo.”

Peggy’s hand whipped out and smacked her upside the head.

Aunt Flora knelt down as if she hadn’t noticed the exchange, pointing to all the pockets. “It’s got everything you’ll need inside it.? Water purifying tablets, compass, map, a warm change of clothes, a new sleeping bag guaranteed to keep you warm even if gets to be twenty below, and a new tent.? And all of it is so lightweight!? I made sure of that, I wore it for a whole day.? We didn’t want you to get tired from lugging around something heavy.”

Luna looked over at her mother. “Twenty below?”

“It’s just a precaution,” Peggy replied casually.

Aunt Aurora brought another large thermos over to be tucked into one of the pockets. “This one is empty, so you have something to purify your water in.? The other is marked as your mugwort tea to be drunk when you get to a good place.? Here’s a lighter and a few bricks of fire starter.? Remember your fire safety.? Just because it’s cold out there now doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been a very dry summer.”

“Only I can prevent forest fires,” Luna said dryly.

Aunt Aurora took the map out and showed it to her. “Here is where you will be getting off the bus.? It’s the first Blue River stop, not the second.? The second will take you out where the hunters will be.? We don’t want you getting shot.”

“Which brings us to my gift.” Luna the Second pulled a large, gaily wrapped box from under the couch.

Starting to feel a little guilty about being so churlish, Luna leaned over and gave her grandmother’s cheek a kiss.? She opened it and smiled down at the bright, neon orange winter coat. “Yeah, no one will mistake me for being a deer in this.”

Aunt Flora clapped her hands. “Put it on.”

She stood and put it on over the vest.? If she felt warm before, she was sweltering in the coat.? Zipped up, it gave her mildly curvy body a little more girth.? She put her hands on her hips, pushing in the sides of the coat, and gazed in amazement at the illusion of a bosom.? If only that snooty Melissa St. James from the seventh grade could see her now.? Luna gave a soft snort.? The high and mighty Ms. St. James would probably have made some pointed comment about her being fat.? Eleven years later and a part of Luna still wanted to curse the emo faking snob.

Aunt Flora hopped agilely to her feet. “Aurora, quick, while she’s standing, let’s put the pack on her.”

Luna turned obligingly and slipped her arms through the straps.? Aunt Aurora tucked and tugged from behind as Flora adjusted the strap that went around her waist.? The pack didn’t feel too heavy, but she hadn’t been walking for hours.? Her high school days weren’t so far behind her that she couldn’t remember what an eight-hour day did to her shoulders.? And she was about to go on an all day and all night hike with one on her back.? Dreaming of Clint Eastwood was starting to sound like a good idea.

“How’s it feel, love?” Aunt Aurora asked.

“Like my old school backpack.”

“Excellent!” Aunt Flora took a step back to look her over. “Oh, you make me wish Gerald had been a little less conservative.”

Luna shifted the straps on her shoulders. “Who?”

“Oh, a man I was going to marry, but he wouldn’t take my last name, and he wouldn’t move in here, and the ‘witch-thing will have to stop’,” she said, deepening her voice into a man’s husky drawl.

“We never could figure out what you saw in him,” Aurora muttered.

“He had a great butt.”

The crudity of the statement was so strange to hear from her flighty aunt that Luna was startled into laughing.

“At least you had the good sense not to marry him,” Luna the Second said. “I was blinded by Benjamin’s butt right up until he ran off with his secretary.”

Luna glanced at her great-grandmother. “How about grandpa Malcolm, Nana?? Did he also have a great butt?”

The elderly lady, silent since her heart attack, smiled lasciviously.

“I’m seeing another tradition emerging.? Mom, did Dad have a nice butt?”

“The best,” Peggy said with a grin.

“How about your man, Aunt Aurora?”

“The only man I ever knew worth losing a heart to was John and he was taken.” Aurora adjusted something in the pack, tugging sharply and nearly pulling Luna off her feet.

Luna looked at her mother, shocked to hear the first hint of a love triangle involving her parents and aunt.? From the complete lack of emotion on her mother’s face, she thought it wasn’t news to the rest of the family.

Aurora stopped tugging at the pack with a sigh. “He did have the best butt.”

Peggy lifted a pillow off the couch to pull something out of hiding.? It took Luna, still struggling with the information that her aunt had once had been infatuated with her father, a moment before she realized her mother held a dagger in an embossed sheath and a matching, woven belt.

“John made this for you,” Peggy said softly. “He was going to give it to you when he took you on this trip.? I’ve been waiting to give it to you.”

The guilt at being surly to her family returned tenfold and she had to blink back tears of shame.? She took the dagger into her hands, feeling the heft before she pulled the blade free.? The light glittered off the metal in a way that reminded Luna of starlight. “It’s beautiful.”

“It’s silver.? Not of much practical use in a mundane sense, but to a witch like you or I…” Peggy let her voice fade away as she smiled. “You can’t wear it.? The law prohibits a double-edged blade to be carried on one’s person, so it’s best to keep it tucked away.”

Aunt Aurora took it and Luna could feel her tugging once more at the pack as she tucked the dagger and belt out of sight.

Her great-grandmother stood, leaning heavily on a cane.? She patted Luna’s arm before she stuck her hand into her pocket to pull out a necklace.? At the end of a simple chain hung a silver moon symbol, two cr

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10 reviews for Hunter’s Moon

  1. anon

    This is a well written story about a young witch, searching for her muse, and a were hunter on assignment. It\\\’s well detailed and fleshed out with each character coming alive. I am looking for the next book so I can learn more about the witchy side of the story.

  2. anon

    This is a well written story about a young witch, searching for her muse, and a were hunter on assignment. It’s well detailed and fleshed out with each character coming alive. I am looking for the next book so I can learn more about the witchy side of the story.

  3. KArc (verified owner)

    What a great story!! Luna, a witch is on a trip to be found by her spirit guide but first runs into Ripley, a Hunter, savior and the alpha of all alphas. He is fighting to keep them safe from the were pack hunting her. The storyline is full of suspense and mystery. The spankings blended perfectly into the story. This is one of the best stories I have read in a long time.

  4. KArc (verified owner)

    What a great story!! Luna, a witch is on a trip to be found by her spirit guide but first runs into Ripley, a Hunter, savior and the alpha of all alphas. He is fighting to keep them safe from the were pack hunting her. The storyline is full of suspense and mystery. The spankings blended perfectly into the story. This is one of the best stories I have read in a long time.

  5. Tara (verified owner)

    Interesting, fun book — the concept was fairly original and well-executed, and the ending unexpected. Worth reading.

  6. Tara (verified owner)

    Interesting, fun book — the concept was fairly original and well-executed, and the ending unexpected. Worth reading.

  7. KatD (verified owner)

    I like the story line thought it had potential …There were great chapters but some were not my scene..maybe a little too much wolf…for my taste

  8. KatD (verified owner)

    I like the story line thought it had potential …There were great chapters but some were not my scene..maybe a little too much wolf…for my taste

  9. Lis (verified owner)

    This romantic adventure is better than most spanking literature because it is more about the woman\’s pleasure than her pain

  10. Lis (verified owner)

    This romantic adventure is better than most spanking literature because it is more about the woman’s pleasure than her pain

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