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In 1721, famed pirate Anne Bonny escaped the hangman’s noose and was forced into a life of respectability. But before she gave up the last of her freedom, she buried a treasure, leaving a family riddle so the daughters who followed would never be trapped in an unhappy life. 

In modern day Charleston, Anne’s eighth great-granddaughter Norris returns to her ancestral home to start a new life and perhaps to solve the family riddle and find the treasure. Norris purchases a bungalow in an up and coming neighborhood and hires Ian Hunter to head up the renovation. Ian’s interest in Norris quickly becomes personal when a man from Norris’s past threatens to steal her family legacy. Norris knows she must stop him before it is too late. Ian knows he must protect her?– not only from the mysterious man, but from her own careless disregard for her safety.  

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of domestic discipline and explicit scenes.  

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Sample Chapter


The cool breeze was a welcome relief in the Charleston night. Anne knew she hadnt much time. Hauling the heavy chest was not easy work, especially in her condition. She wanted to ensure the child growing within her would never want or have to make compromises in order to survive. Jack seemed convinced they were immortal, especially when hed had too much rum; Anne knew different. Captain Vanes death only months before had convinced her of that. Not that she mourned him, but Anne knew he was a better captain with a better ship. Yet, the Royal Navy had caught and hanged him in Port Royal. 

Calico Jack Rackham spent his wealth as fast as he acquired it. Anne was different. Shed seen her father expelled from England despite trying to make a living first as a lawyer and later as a more successful merchant and plantation ownerHed tried to provide for Anne by finding her a suitable merchant to marry but the man had been so dull, Anne had found it difficult to stay awake in his presenceAnne had run off with a part-time sailor who later turned small-time pirate. It was during the time she sailed with him that shed met Calico Jacka charming rogue who made her laugh and who taught her the pleasure that could be had with a man between her legs. Anne left James Bonny to be with Jack and never looked back. Well, at least not until now. 

Dragging the treasure laden chest to a deserted spot took time, strength and energymost all of which were being depleted by the impending birth of her child. As she rested between bursts of exertion, she reflected on her life and the circumstances that had brought her thus far. She regretted that the last thing shed said to Jack was said in anger, Had you fought like a man, you would not be doomed to hang like a dog. Anne, too, had been sentenced to hang, but the life growing within her had allowed her father to buy her a commuted sentence and take her home with him. She hadnt really planned to stay. She longed to be back at sea where she was free, but hearing that Captain Vane had been hanged a short while ago had convinced her that she needed to provide for her child and give up her pirating ways. 

She found the spot shed been seekingone she could keep an eye on from her home in Charleston and secluded enough to be safe from those actively seeking pirate treasureHer father could well provide for her and was convinced that with a bit of time and some rehabilitation he would be able to secure a successful match for her. While Anne agreed that a husband and a stable home would be best for her child, she wanted to make sure that she had the funds to escape and make a new life for them both if need be. 

Anne dug deep, more than ten feet down and placed the smaller chest that had until now been enclosed in a larger one at the bottom of the holeShe then took great pains to shovel dirt back over and around the smaller chest for four feet, packing it down hard so that it would appear undisturbedThen she placed the larger chest which contained some loot, dresses and other finery, and buried it as well, but did not pack the dirt as solidly. If someone discovered the larger chest, they would be satisfied and wouldnt look furtherAnd even if they managed to find the smaller chest, they would be hard pressed to figure out how to open the box within. And without opening the box, theyd never get to the real treasuregold coins, priceless gems and the like. 

She felt the fluttering kick of the life growing within. Anne smiled and embraced it. Boy or girl, this child was strong and healthy. She hoped that he or she would have children of their own. She planned to leave a clue as to the whereabouts of the bulk of her treasure hoping that her descendants would never need to use it, but that it would be there if they did. 

On a bonny island in the sea 

A treasure was laid upon the lee 

For those who follow she left it there 

So a painful life they would not have to bear 

Across from Charles Town the past was laid to rest 

Beneath the first will be found the best 


Chapter 1 

Present Day 

The summer heat had given way to the cool fall in Charleston. Norris Wingate was touring her newly acquired Craftsman bungalow in a soontobetransitional neighborhood. This would be her first foray into the Charleston market. Shed made plenty of money in Chicago working as an interior designer and flipping row houses, but the bitter Chicago winters had left her wanting to leave it behind for a more temperate climateThe fact that a well-heeled client had made a job move to Charleston and wanted to hire her to find, renovate and decorate a new home had made the decision to return to her ancestral home an easy one.  

And then there was the mystery of which countless family stories had been told. Some said that her family could trace their lineage back to the pirate Anne Bonny who reputedly had hidden a fortune to ensure her familys survival. Others believed that was merely a story invented to amuse people at family reunions. Norris believed the story, and that the treasure existed. She had always planned to someday come to Charleston harbor and look for it. Her plan wasnt to take whatever she found, but merely to find the treasure, see it for herself and then lay it to rest back in the place her eighth great grandmother had left it. 

The client had not yet moved to Charleston, but was scheduled to meet with Norris at their new home later today. Norris felt the weight of the trust that had been given to her. They had purchased the house sight unseen based on her recommendation. Today they would see it for the first time. At least, she thought, it was in a well-established and highly sought after neighborhood. Based on their past two experiences with Norris, Ted and Nancy Watson had given her the responsibility to find the right home for their busy and socially active family. Fortunately, that responsibility had come with a healthy budget and carte blanche to find something wonderful even if it needed extensive work. It was while looking for the Watsons home and wandering around Charleston that shed come across the bungalow that had called to her. 

The small, vintage home was not much to look at on first glance. Truth to tell, it wasnt much to look at on the second or third glance. It was the most dilapidated house in a neighborhood full of run down houses, many of which were being slowly brought back to life by couples who had been inspired by those television shows on various home improvement networks. Norris was able to buy her bungalow for a good price and her plan was to get the master suite, kitchen and fencing completed so she, Nell and Dudleyher two beloved basset houndscould live there while they worked on it. While she would hire a general contractor to do most of the heavy construction work and manage the construction on the Watson project, she liked getting her hands dirty and enjoyed doing a great deal of the work herself. She drew the line at structural, plumbing, electrical, roof and flooring. 

She pulled her Land Rover into the driveway and checked out the new automatic rolling gate to the yard. She had set it up so that the entire yard around the property was fenced with a solid panel white vinyl fence in the colonial style. Instead of being straight across, the top of the fence made a graceful curve from post to post. She liked the way the fence echoed the arch over each of the front windows as well as the arched front door. Nancy Watson had teased her saying she bought the place just for the front doorand there was some truth to thatIt was original to the house and was a heavy, wooden, arched door with a grated opening in the top that had a small iron door on the inside so one could peek out. 

Norris had run fencing between the yard and the driveway. Nell and Dudley had to have a dog door and their yard needed to be secure when she opened the gate to let herself in. It had been an extra expense, but was worth it in order to ensure their safety. There were three arched pergolas that framed locking gates into the yard. One led directly from the charming sidewalk onto a brick paved walkway to the front door. One from the driveway to another walkway to the front and finally one from just outside the garage area into the back. 

Norris closed the gate behind her and got out of the car, entering the back yard via the side gate. The good-sized deck was coming along nicely. She knew the dogs would enjoy sunning themselves when it wasnt too hot outside. She also knew that they would stay inside with the air conditioning once the heat set in. She laughed at her dogs as, like most bassets, they tried to ensure their comfort was uppermost in all things. 

She let herself in the back door walking past the washer/dryer hook up to the kitchen and what was once the back parlor. The latter was now being converted into her master suite which would, for the time being, also double as her office. She was pleased to find that both spaces, after her demo, had been cleaned up and her master closet and bath were roughed in. She was also glad to see that the contractor shed hired had taken it upon himself to haul out all of the demo debris. That had been on her agenda for today. She noted the fittings needed, and the space allotted to them, for the master bath. Shed allowed for a large shower, an antique furniture piece she would convert into a vanity and one of the new self-cleaning toilets in the bath. Norris returned to her bright and open kitchen and sketched and measured the space for cupboards, an island, sink, appliances, and open shelving. The space wasnt big but would be open to the combined living and dining space and would be very functional. One of her trademarks in the row homes she flipped in Chicago had been lower cupboards only, combined with open shelving in place of the uppers, and unique range hoods.  

She was smiling as she let herself back out the back door and nearly collided with a tall, sandy-haired stranger. May I help you? She asked. 

The man smiled and said, You Miss WingateIm Ian Hunter, your contractor.  

He extended his hand and Norris closed hands with him liking how is handshake was firm and friendlyHer mother had always said you could tell a lot about a man by the tie he wore and the way he shook your handIan had no tie, but she noted that the denim chambray shirt fit him very well, showing off broad shoulders and just a hint of sandy blond chest hair that was echoed on his strong forearms revealed by the sleeves of his shirt being rolled up. 

Nice to meet you, IanAnd please, call me Norris. 

Ian was normally drawn to the typical, blonde southern belles that were abundant in Charleston. But he thought he might be willing to make an exception for the tall, nutmegbrown haired woman with deep, soulful eyes who stood before himI was just coming to make sure all the debris had been hauled off. I left one of my guys to do it, but I always like to follow up. You must have had a lot of help getting all that demo work done so fast. 

She laughed. He liked the way she laughed. It had a certain deep, musical quality to it.   

No, she said Just a lot of pent up aggression.  

Now it was his turn to laugh 

So, did you have a chance to look at the floorsThink I can salvage them? 

I think theyre salvageable, but you might want to hire that out. Its going to be a lot of work as theres going to be a lot of hand sanding to be done. If it were me, Id wait and do all of them at the same time. 

Normally, Id agree that its best to do them all at once, but I want to get the kitchen and what will be the master suite done as soon as I can so I can move in. I hate living in temporary housing. I plan to get those two areas pretty much done and then move in. After that, Ill go about things in a more efficient manner. 

Why the rush? You know this neighborhood has yet to transition. I think itll be good down the road and there are several homes being renovated that will help. But right now, after dark, not necessarily the best place for a woman to be alone. 

But I wont be alone. I want to retrieve Nell and Dudley. I miss them.  

Ians raised eyebrow questioned the identity of Nell and Dudley 

My basset houndsTheyre kind of like my kids and Im not used to being separated from them. 

Ah, Ian said. Thus the reason the fence was done first and is so secure. Do you plan to have them here while were working? 

Yes, but theyll be confined to the kitchen, master suite, and back yard. I figured you and your guys could come and go through the front area. 

That should work unless we need to get into the back for something. I worry about sending my guys into a yard with aggressive dogs. 

Norris laughed. You obviously dont know bassets. About the only danger you or your guys will be in is being beaten to death by their wagging tails or having your lunch stolen. Fair warning, they are both master manipulators and any and all food will be fair game. 

Ian chuckled, Ill consider myself warned and pass on the info to my guys. But they might not be the best thing for protection. Norris smiled thinking that Nell and Dudley would have Ian and his crew wrapped around their paws in a matter of days. 

Norris continued, Youd be surprised. Most people up to no good dont stick around to see what kind of dog it is and bassets have a deep and loud bark. We wont let it get around they could be had for the price of a cupcake.  

Ian wasnt convinced it would be safe for her but could see his concerns were being brushed off.  

Ill try and figure out the rest of the floor plan and if youre available, based on what Ive seen of your work, Id like to see if you might have time to fit me in. 

Depending on the timing, we might be able to accommodate you. I dont want to commit until I find out about a rumor running around.  

Now it was Norriss turn to silently ask a question with a raised eyebrow 

Theres a rumor running around Charleston that one of the old historic homes overlooking the harbor has been purchased by some folks new to the area and theres to be a major renovationIve wanted to get my hands on one of those beauties since I moved down here from Boston several years ago. If the rumor is true, I want to ensure I have a competitive bid which often means being able to give a quick start date. 

Norris smiled. The Selbourne place?  

Ian nodded surprised she knew the place 

Its a gorgeous old thing, isnt itI know the people who bought it. She didnt want to tip her hand that she was the interior designer and that it was Ted and Nancy Watson who had made the purchase. Youre from Boston? I didnt think that sounded like a southern accent to me. 

Said one Yankee to another. Style looks like New York or DC, but accent is more Midwest. Chicago? 

Very good deductive reasoning. Born and raised in the Windy City, but only for the past few generations. Before that, my people called Charleston home. Well, I was just heading outIll get everything sketched out and back to you for a bid in a day or two. Email work? 

It can, but Id prefer to go over the sketches here with you if thats all right. That way if either of us has questions, were right in the space to figure it out. Would Friday afternoon work for you? 

That sounds good. Ill pencil it in, but itll depend on whether or not I have the time. Im not really sure what my Friday is going to look like. I do have to work so that I can pay you for your work. 

Ian laughed. Okay, keep me posted. He watched her walk out to her Range Rover and get in. He liked the way that even in jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt you could tell she was a womanfrom any angle. She looked up as she started the vehicle and he raised his hand in a slight wave. She smiled and returned the gesture.  


Ted and Nancy Watson were standing outside their new home in Charleston. Ted was beginning to be a bit apprehensive about the scope of the work that would need to be done. Are you sure about this, Nancy? 

Of course I am. Do you remember the transformation Norris made on our first home? How quickly it sold when we decided to get a bigger place in a better location? Remember when she and I showed you that house? Oh, my lord, I thought you were going to have heart failure. 

Yes, and the two of you were so excited.” 

And remember how much we loved that house and how excited you were when the magazine wanted to feature it in an article about old vintage homes in Chicago and what could be done with them? I have faith in Norris. If she says its going to be perfect, then its going to be perfect. 

At just that moment, Norris arrived and hugged Nancy. Is he doubting me again? She shook her finger at Ted Shame on you. Oh, ye of little faith. As Butch suggested to Sundance—there are two kinds of people in the world: some of us have vision and the rest of you wear bifocals.” 

Ted held up his hands Okay, I give up. Im supposed to be this all-powerful CEO who can negotiate anything. Have I ever gotten my way against the two of you? 

Nancy and Norris laughed. I dont believe you have, but apparently that doesnt stop you from continuing to try. Now come on in and let me show you what were planning. Its going to be a lot of work, but I think in the end youre going to love this home even more than the one in Chicago. 

Norris walked the couple through the large, charming home and explained her plans. One of her gifts was the ability to be able to explain things to a client in a way that they could see the end product in their minds eye. But her greatest gift was then being able to execute that vision in a way that surpassed her clients fondest dreams. By the time they left the house, Teds concerns had been allayed, and he admitted to being as excited as Nancy to watch Norris work her magic.  

Norris watched them drive off smiling. She had to admit to herself that she was a bit envious of their relationship. Their marriage was a true partnership. Ted was a highly successful non-profit CEO while Nancy kept their home and their family running smoothly. They had three great kids with whom they seemed to share a happy life.  

Heading back to her Range Rover, Norris started towards her temporary lodging but found herself drawn back to her house. As she drove back to her bungalow, she spotted a man putting some kind of small folding table out by his curb. She stopped and called to the man, You putting this out for anyone to take?  

Yep. You want it, its yours. 

Norris looked at it and found it pleasing. It was the side of a wine shipping container that had been attached to folding legs like those found on a TV Tray. Thatll do for a makeshift desk for now and for something to eat dinner off of in the living room. Perfect. She folded it up and put it in the back of her vehicle. Having found a makeshift desk, Norris stopped by an office supply store and picked up a nice office chair with adjustable back support. Long hours sitting in the hotels chair wouldnt do a thing for her back. All I have to do is get this back to the house and I can start working. Maybe its even worth getting a blow-up bed. I could camp out in the house, save the money from the hotel and get Dudley and Nell a lot earlier than expected. Having made up her mind, she headed back to the house.  

She pulled into the driveway just as dusk was settling in. She propped the folding table onto the seat of her chair and rolled it into the house. Locating it in her master suite by the window, she realized shed need at least one lamp in order to move in. That was something she could purchase with the blow-up bed and comforter tomorrow. Setting up her laptop, she sat down to do a little work and became lost in it until the absence of any kind of good light was starting to hurt her eyes and give her a headache. 



13 reviews for His to Treasure

  1. charlotte Huelsemann

    His to treasure by Willa Bradley
    Noris Wingate she is related to Anne Bonnie, she is her great granddaughter, who is said to hide a treasure in Charleston. Noris was an interior designer and she fixed and flipped properties. Ian Hunter is a contractor. This story has a mystery , love and domestic discipline. One very independent woman who is not used to taking orders and one very man who insists on her obeying him. This was a very good book. I hung on every word

  2. Lalaland

    This is all about Noris Wingate who is an interior designer who relocates from Chicago to Charleston where her ancestor was a well known lady pirate Anne Bonnie who married and had a child to avoid the hangman’s noose. It is rumoured that Anne buried a treasure somewhere in the vicinity of Charleston and passed the secret location to her daughter so that she would have something to support herself if she needed it. Thereafter the secret was always passed from daughter to daughter, so that there would always be that safety net should it be needed. Nora meets Ian Hunter who is the builder renovating the house she has bought and there is a definite connection and so they are a couple. Ian however, is very dominant and believes in domestic discipline and the biggest sin, in his opinion, is if his lady puts herself in any kind of danger, something which Noris tends to do quite a lot especially when she discovers that someone is watching her and has broken into her hotel room. This is an entertaining read, if a trifle predictable. There are some painful and spankings and hot raunchy scenes before the inevitable HEA. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  3. Rhonda

    Very intertaining DD love story

    This is the first book I’ve read by Willa Bradley and it was so much fun.
    Norris and Ian are a great couple with an instant attraction. The dialogue is smart and flirty. The stor both humorous and sexy with a little mystery. The secondary couple, Cindy and Dan were a great addition. I also loved the interplay and friendship between the 2 woman and 2 men. Too the other secondary characters of family, friends, and employees lent additional realism to the story. I am definitely looking forward to reading more of Willa Bradley’s books.
    I received an advance reader copy from the publisher.

  4. Joanie M

    His to Treasure was a creative and entertaining book. I loved the unique characters and the way they interacted, including the secondary characters. The mystery of the treasure was intriguing and I really liked the way the author kept it in the proper perspective, secondary to the romantic plot. The element of danger provided the opportunity for plenty of domestic discipline applied with love. The erotic scenes were well written and varied. Overall this is a great book that I couldn’t put down from start to finish.

  5. Tami

    His to Treasure is an entertaining story containing mysteries, adventure and intrigue. Norris and Ian are a great couple with instant attraction and chemistry. The intimate scenes were hot and descriptive. Ian is a very dominant man and he does not have any problem taking Norris in hand when she endangers herself. The secondary characters were also very interesting and likeable. I enjoyed reading the book.

  6. Maryanne

    A book with a different story plot! An ancestor from a renowned pirate, Norris, seeks the treasure after she moves back to the area that the family %u201Criddle%u201D says it hides!! She is strong and sassy and enlists the help of Ian, who needs to protect as well as help her when somebody else is after the treasure too!! A well told tale that had me giggling, as well as entranced to solve the mystery.

  7. Redrabbitt

    My, oh, my, what an amazing and page-turning tale that Ms. Willa Bradley has spun that takes the infamous pirate, Anne Bonny, and descending down to her eighth-great-granddaughter, Norris Wingate. I loved how the past and present collide, and while Norris is no pirate, she is a self-sufficient strong-willed and determined woman, someone that Anne would have been very proud of. I loved the riddle that mother would share with her eldest daughter that was to lead to the treasure of Anne Bonny.

    Norris Wingate decides to leave Chicago after the death of her mother and move her interior design business to Charleston, South Carolina, where her relatives once resided. She will buy herself a bungalow that she is remodeling and making into her home and then she will be working for former Chicago clients, Ted and Nancy Watson, who purchased the historical Selbourne house.

    Ian Hunter is the hired contractor for the remodel of the bungalow, and from the time he meets Norris, there is an instant chemistry between them. Ian comes from a long line of dominant men who care about their ladies and aren%u2019t afraid to administer domestic discipline to keep them in line. Ian will take it upon himself to insist that Norris does not move into the house before he can get a security system installed and that he does not feel it is the safest place for a single woman to be.

    The plot will have several things happen that will really set Ian on edge, when Norris drives to a friend%u2019s home to pick up her two basset hounds, her motel room and home will be broken into and ransacked. When Ian finds out that she slept at the house knowing that someone had entered, he will be livid. She already believed that someone was following her and Ian had seen a car cruising near her home. Then learning that her biological father was in the area and that he has a bad reputation should have put her on alert, but she tries and brush it off. Ian won%u2019t take that approach, and he will show Norris his method of correction when she blatantly disregards him and his rules.

    Ian is good friends with a detective, Dan Livingston, who is also a dominant and feels like Ian about the seriousness of what all has happened, especially what all her learns about Sam Harris. The story will have Ian making strict rules for Norris trying to keep her safe. When things seem to easy up with Sam, he will give in and allow her and Dan%u2019s wife, Cindy, go out shopping. But maybe that was premature. The story will take on danger and suspense with treasures being hunted based upon a riddle passed down from mother to eldest daughter over the centuries.

    The story has explicit sex scenes and plenty of spanking scenes in a loving and growing relationship. The story does end on a happy note. I will be the first to say that I laughed out loud several times at the antics of Norris and some of her comments. The relationship between her and Ian was special.

  8. susan landowski

    I absolutely loved this story. Completely unique plot line that has mystery, suspense, intrigue, hot sexual chemistry and lots of humorous moments abound. Also the characters are well rounded, have great chemistry and the male is a stromng Alpha with no problems curbing the sassy female’s tendency to get into trouble with spankings. Hot. Please read this book as you will enjoy.

  9. Dyane

    I have discovered a new, awesome author. This book had it all, a strong, feisty heroine, a handsome, dominant hero, interesting supporting characters, a nasty villain, and an adventurous treasure hunt. It was well-written and easy to read, with plenty of witty dialogue. Of course, all the passionate loving and sound spankings perfectly rounded out the novel. I am already looking forward to Ms. Bradley%u2019s next book. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  10. AJ

    Very Hot Story

    This is a wonderful romance and adventure story. I didn%u2019t which element to get more excited about, the sizzling hot sex or the quest for the pirate treasure. Let me put it this way: when a novel sold by a company that focuses on spanking literature can make me forget about the main subject for a while, that%u2019s a fun book! Now, having said that, I did find the spanking scenes a bit weak. First, the first one doesn%u2019t occur for several chapters. Next, Norris is promised a severe one, and then some hot sex to soothe her, but the entire episode is glossed over. I was really looking forward to reading the details! Finally, near the end Norris and her new friend Cindy are both promised spankings for pulling a dangerous stunt, and Norris is also told she%u2019s getting a mouth-washing for lying to her man. I was looking forward to a steamy double spanking scene, but there was none. Also, and this is strictly the writer in me complaining, some of the point of view breaks weren%u2019t done properly. Just a pet peeve of mine. Still, as I said, a great romance and adventure story, well worth a read. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review of the story.

  11. Good bedtime reading

    Although Norris was the many times great-granddaughter of Anne Bonny, Norris never put much thought into the fabled treasure that Anne Bonny was supposed to have hidden somewhere in New Orleans. She was much too busy with her interior design business, and fending off her new Contractor, Ian. The sparks that fly between them soon turns to romance. But someone seems to be dogging Norris’s activities. Ian needs to up his game and protect his woman.

  12. lani

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for an honest review. This is the first story I%u2019ve read by this author. While I loved the plot and concept behind the story, the actual implementation was average. The author tries to set a scene of romance and love but instead ends up being confusing. In one sentence the characters are all mushy and lovey-dovey and the next they%u2019re using the F** word repeatedly and getting sexy. It just didn%u2019t mesh. I also didn%u2019t like how the author used the word %u201Cbeat%u201D more than once in reference to a spanking. It was in jest, but not something I find funny. All in all, this will probably be the last book I read by this author.

  13. Jf12574

    I read an advanced copy of this book. Great characters,strong story line, make this a pleasure to read. Very entertaining. Don’t miss this one!

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