His Seductive Love

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Layla Walker never imagined living in Jackson Hole until she inherited her grandfather’s veterinary practice. But at least there’s a lifestyle club available where she can get her so-not-vanilla needs met. And yet, there isn’t a single cowboy at the club who makes her stop and take notice… until the night she gets called in for an emergency at Hunt Trail Rides and she runs into the owner. He’s big and brawny, looking more like a throwback to a Scottish raider than a modern-day cowboy. And then there’s the little fact that he kisses her brainless in under five seconds. That had to be a world record, at least in her book.

Alex Hunt keeps women at a distance. It’s not that he doesn’t partake of the bountiful submissives at his lifestyle club – he does – but he doesn’t let them get close. Abandoned by his mother as a child, now in his mid-thirties, he’s resigned himself to living the bachelor life… until one sexy hot veterinarian waltzes into his barn and helps save his foaling mare. Now he’s had a taste of heaven in a kiss that should have never happened, and he can’t help but want more of her seductive embrace. And he will stop at nothing to draw her into his world – and his bed.

But there’s a thin line between love and lust, fear and trust. Will Layla be able to let go of her fear and trust Alex? Or will she run away and prove to him that women can’t be trusted to stay?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of power exchange. While it’s the sixth book in the Cuffs & Spurs series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.



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Sample Chapter

“Who in the blue blazes are you? Tourists are not allowed back here,” the man snarled, the deep bellowing reverberation of his bass flashing through her being like a rocket exploding.

Layla grimaced at the tone. She was already dead on her feet after a long day caring for her patients. Getting an emergency call about a pregnant mare having a difficult labor meant she wouldn’t be sleeping for the foreseeable future. And, of course, her day wouldn’t be complete without an interaction with Mister Grumpy Gus here.

“As I’m not a tourist, that shouldn’t be a problem,” she said, standing by the entrance to the horse stall. The cedar and stone stables were clean and well maintained. She admired the crisscrossed exposed black beams decorating the ceiling. But it was the gruff man barring her entrance to the stall who commanded the bulk of her attention. The air positively sizzled around him. Or maybe it was just her reaction to him.

The giant man put his huge hands on his hips, emphasizing their muscled leanness, and glowered at her, apparently expecting her to cower before him. He made her think of kilted Scottish warriors of old with his lion-like head of hair stuffed beneath the brim of a black cowboy hat. Hair the color of sunset with myriad colors of gold, orange, and hints of auburn. But it was the man’s amber gold eyes that truly struck her. Never mind the fact that they were currently narrowed at her with an undercurrent of menace.

“If you’re not a tourist, then who the hell are you and why are you in my stables?”

She noticed his lips move, incredibly edible full lips that he proceeded to press into a thin line. His clenched square jaw had a hint of a cleft and there was a tic in his cheek.

His stables. She should have guessed from his overconfident bearing. This must be the owner of Hunt Trail Rides, a Mister Alex Hunt. The one who had left the message requesting her presence. Man was an absolute peach. And, if their rocky introduction was anything to go by, tonight was going to suck monkey balls. She held out her hand, inviting him to shake hers. With her spine straight, she said, “Doctor Layla Walker. You called my office emergency line tonight—something about a pregnant mare in labor and having difficulty with the birthing.”

“You’re the vet?” he questioned, seemingly unconvinced by her statement. Likely because she had boobs. It should infuriate her, the dismissal and degradation she experienced at times over her sex and profession. She knew that not many female vets catered toward larger barn animals. But she was all about diversity, had made it a point to study how to treat them, and it just so happened that she’d inherited a practice that encompassed their care.

When he didn’t take her hand and shake it, she gestured at their surroundings. “Do you see anyone else here? I left behind a perfectly lovely dinner to come help.”

The mare took that moment to intervene and bleated her pain. Layla’s heart clenched. While the owner may be a bit of an ass, she couldn’t let the poor thing suffer. Not on her watch. She pushed past the giant man in blue jeans and a checkered blue and green flannel shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows displaying his thickly muscled forearms. Shock registered on his face at her boldness but she brushed it off, ignoring him as best she could. Then she went and knelt at the horse’s side.

The mare was a beautiful golden Andalusian, probably sixteen hands tall when she wasn’t lying on her side, struggling to bring her progeny into the world. Layla set her bag down and pulled out her stethoscope. She listened to the heartbeat and the mare’s breathing, relieved that it all sounded good.

“What’s her name?” she asked, putting her stethoscope around her neck and stroking the mare’s distended belly, feeling a contraction take hold. Giving birth bit the proverbial big one no matter the species. She just wished she could ease the mare’s obvious agony.

“Willow,” Alex said and knelt beside her, making Layla feel incredibly small beside him.

“Hi sweet girl. I know you’re in pain,” she soothed, rubbing small circles over Willow’s belly.

“She’s been in labor longer than normal and is weakening,” he said, the strain in his voice obvious, making her realize that while he might be a bit of an ass, he cared about his horse a great deal.

“I need you to stroke her neck and face. Keep her calm for me while I check the position of the foal,” she ordered.

Layla positioned herself at the horse’s tail end, rolling up her sleeve. There was no point in using a glove that could potentially get lost in the vaginal canal. She had to give the big guy credit. He did as she instructed while she slowly, between contractions, inserted her hand and subsequently her forearm up the horse’s hoohah. It was painstaking, slow work. She had to move between contractions and stop when they hit.

As a vet, she loved her job: being able to help animals overcome illnesses and being able to properly diagnose them so that they were able to live long, healthy lives. But this was not one of the perks of the job. This—helping a large animal like this through the birthing process—was messy, smelly, and could potentially end in disaster.

When her hand reached the uterus, she grimaced, recognizing the problem. She could fix it, but it would take time. “Okay, I have some good news and some bad news.”

“Give it to me,” he said, holding the mare’s head in his lap. His big hands never stopped stroking her face or neck. What did it say about Layla that she found herself wondering what those big hands would feel like stroking her body? She squelched that line of thinking.

“The problem is the foal is turned the wrong way to enter the birthing canal. I’m going to have to turn it around in between contractions and get it into the right position.”

He snorted. “And that’s the good news? What’s the bad news?”

“It’s going to take a while and be painful for Willow.” And for her as well.

“Can you do it?” he asked, sizing her up.

The man got her gander up and she had to bite back a nasty retort. It wasn’t his fault that he seemed to be a bit of a Neanderthal when it came to her profession. And it was difficult to reply with a modicum of dignity when she was elbow deep in a horse’s vagina.

“Well, you’ll just have to trust me. Keep stroking her face and holding her like you are doing.” She hissed as a contraction squeezed her arm. It would be bruised by the time she was finished, but as long as her patient survived—both of them—she could handle a little bruising.

Over the next hour, she turned the foal, little by little, between Willow’s worsening contractions. Layla got covered in birthing fluid. Sweat beaded at her temples and soaked the back of her flannel shirt. By the time she got the foal into the proper position, Layla was ready to drop.

But she was aware of the man’s amber gold gaze on her, never wavering or faltering when she called out an order.

Once the foal was in position, she was able to remove her arm from the birthing channel.

“It’s done. Now we just have to wait for nature to take its course,” she said, wiping fluids from her arm onto a towel from her bag.

“Thank you for coming. I can handle it from here,” he said dismissively.

“If it’s all the same to you, Mister Hunt, I’d prefer to stick around and make sure there are no other complications with the delivery. We’ll need to double check the placenta too once it’s out.” She didn’t half ass anything when it came to her patients. No matter how much of an ass their owner was, she didn’t stop until she knew a patient was out of the woods.

“Suit yourself. And it’s Alex. Mister Hunt is my father.”

Like she’d previously thought, the man was just a peach. Too bad such a glorious hunk of man meat was an arrogant jerk. He was the epitome of a controlled alpha with golden good looks. And she would ignore the fact that now that they had nothing to do but wait, the kind of dominance he exuded caused her girly bits to sigh.

He was leaning his wide chest against one of the walls, still holding the mare’s head in his lap, as he considered her. “Walker. Any relation to Caleb Walker?”

“He was my grandfather.” And there was still a twinge of grief that he was no longer alive. That in order to gain her most cherished dream, she’d had to lose one of the people she cared about most.

Alex cocked his head to the side. The glint of the overhead light made the hair peeping from beneath the brim of his hat glow golden. “But you’re not from around here.”

Well hello, captain obvious. Did he want a cookie for figuring that out all by himself? “No. I’m not.”

But then Willow shifted as another contraction hit and she trumpeted in agony. Layla moved back into position as hooves and a snout emerged from the birthing canal. “It’s time.”

It all happened relatively fast from that point on. One moment there was no foal and the next, its fluid-covered body was sliding out onto the hay. Layla worked with Alex to get the foal’s nostrils clear and wipe off the birthing fluids with some of the hay.

The placenta was expelled from the mare’s vagina and Layla checked it over to make sure it was intact before resting back on her heels, still on her knees. She wiped her face with her sleeve as the foal took its first stumbling steps. Willow’s maternal instinct kicked into gear as she began cleaning her baby.

Layla grinned, touched by the poignant scene. Relief flowed in dousing waves over her system. She was dog ass tired. Her body felt bruised. And she had every intention of taking a long hot soak in her tub once she got home and then going horizontal in bed for as long as she could. Then she glanced at the big man who had moved to her side and helped with the last part of the birth. Glancing up into his magnetic amber eyes, framed by some of the longest lashes she’d ever seen on a man, her stomach flipped over and a shiver of liquid heat slithered through her veins.

In his exuberance, Alex cupped her chin and slanted his lips over hers. It was unexpected. It was shocking. And holy moly, the hottest kiss of her life. He didn’t just kiss her. Alex delved with tongue and teeth and lips into the very fiber of her being. She clung to him, covered in less than desirable things and it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that she was coated in blood and birthing fluid, or that her body felt bruised. All she knew was that she had never been so thoroughly and soundly kissed until Alex placed his lips over hers.

Movement in the stall broke them apart. Layla gulped in a steadying breath and put space between them. As he stared at her, dark hunger shrouded his features and Layla felt a resounding ache in her midsection. What was more startling than the fact that he had kissed her was watching the alpha reel back control until there was not even a tiny sparking hint of the blazing inferno that had turned his gaze to molten gold. He sealed up his desire as if it had never existed, his face becoming inscrutable.

The jerk! How he could switch it off so readily when her body was still humming in sweet anticipation? And that hot bath she had wanted? Better make it a cold shower.

It was rather ironic that she’d thought she would end up having an uneventful night when she left the clinic last night. Because the long, dark night had proved to be anything but dull and ordinary.

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15 reviews for His Seductive Love

  1. Redrabbitt

    The sixth book in the Cuff and Spurs saga will read as a stand-alone. While the BDSM club, Cuffs, and Spurs will have a role in the story, it is more around the lives of several key people that work or plays in the club. When a newcomer, Dr. Layla Walker makes repeat visits to the Cuffs and Spur club but turns down each Dom who approaches her, Spencer decides it is time to step in and insist that he will introduce her to a Dom%u2014who turns out to be Alex Hunt.

    Dr. Layla Walker, DVM will take over the practice of her late grandfather after his passing. He was the only one ever to understand her love of animals, and they were kindred spirits. She will be called out on an emergency for a laboring horse in distress where she will encounter Alex Hunt. What starts with lots of attitudes, will become a long night with a difficult but successful delivery.

    Alex Hunt is a man with more weight on his shoulders than most. He carries demons that he hasn%u2019t been able to shed, bitterness towards a mother who abandoned him and his father when he was only five, and a father who is dying from dementia and suffering multiple health issues.

    I will be the first to admit this story is emotional and even at times painful, but it is a journey of two people, each fighting issues, and together trying to make things work. Alex has devoted his life to his father, building his horse trail business, and has little time for himself. Layla is sad she lost her grandfather, and she is determined to honor the veterinarian practice that he left for her. She feels more at home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, than she ever did in Denver.

    I love the angst, attitude, passion, and chemistry between Alex and Layla. When they get together, it is explosive, the yin to yang, and the scenes between them sizzle during their BDSM scenes and explicit sex. There is no doubt that sexually they are compatible, but what about on the level of trust?

    Once Alex and Layla get together, they can%u2019t seem to get enough of each other. Once their demons and fears are revealed, it will become the mission of the other to help heal one another. It is part trust, part forgiveness, part new beginnings. But what happens when the fear of Layla%u2019s upsets Alex and then tragedy hits? Will he just let her walk away after cruel words said? Will the words and wisdom of a wise man help them open their eyes?

    The story has mystery, personal demons, fears from accidents, and romantic suspense. The story has explicit sex scenes, a couple entering a BDSM relationship, with scenes at a BDSM club, exhibition, and voyeurism, along with some mild bondage. It is about trust and honesty and moving forward.

  2. Lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.? I really enjoy Anya Summer’s books.? She creates characters who are sometimes conflicted and pulls you into their emotions.? In this 6th bokk of the series, Dr. Kayla Walker meets Dom Alex Hunt on a vet visit for one of his horses.? A woman with past trauma meets a strong man who is going thru his own difficulties.? She needs pain to cope and he can deliver.? BDSM

  3. Ajjmb

    Layla Walker is new to town and trying hard to make a go of the veterinary practice her grandfather left her. She has several run ins with Alex Hunt. He becomes her Dom at Cuff n Spurs and she becomes his veterinarian. Alex has a lot to deal with as his ailing father gets worse and Alex is carrying around a lot of hurt from a mother that was never there for him. Layla is cautious about giving away her heart to a man who may not be able to trust. This was a wonderful book. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  4. Tami

    His Seductive Love is book 6 of the Cuffs & Spurs series. Each book can be read as a standalone.

    I am so much in love with this series! As soon as I end a book of this series I am wishing that the next one will be out soon. Layla and Alex are a couple that drew me in right from the beginning, their chemistry is combustive. I was not able to put the book down once I started reading. A hot cowboy, horses, a sassy woman and a great storyline. What is not to like?

  5. Lalaland

    This is the sixth outing in Cuff & Spurs series by Ms Summers which is all about the members of a kink club at Jacksons Hole in the Teton Mountains, Wyoming. Although Layla Walker is new to the town she is not a stranger because she has inherited her grandfather’s veterinary practice and spent all her summers there as a youngster. Layla is now a qualified vet and is working hard to gain the respect and trust of the local ranchers and farmers as well as the pet owners who were her grandfather’s clients. Alex Hunt runs a trail riding business which keeps him extremely busy, in addition he cares for his ailing father who has vascular dementia and is deteriorating with every day. His mother deserted him and his father when he was a small child and he has no intention of ever becoming involved in any relationship because he simply does not trust them or women. One night there is an emergency when one of Alex’s mares is having a very difficult labour and Layla is called in to assist. Of course although Alex is dubious as to whether or not Layla is capable of dealing with this she is calm and skilful and brings the baby fowl into the world with as little trauma as possible to both mother and baby. Alex is impressed and finds he wants to get to know this new vet but is called away to deal with one of his father’s manic episodes before the two can get acquainted better. The next time they meet is when Layla is given an ultimatum at the Cuff and Spurs Club, Layla has been attending regularly since moving to town but she has avoided scening which anyone, Spencer the owner has decided that she must get involved or leave so he arranges a scene for her, with Alex. Thereafter the chemistry between the two is through the roof and they get much closer. Sadly all is not plain sailing and Alex has trust issues and Layla has fears and scars both visible and not. Will they or won’t they this is the usual on off ride we have come to expect from Ms Summers. There will be ups and downs and highs and lows until the inevitable HEA but its a fun and entertaining read and I enjoyed it, not a particularly intellectual challenge to read but gentle entertainment for an hour or two. This is the sixth in the series but can be read as a standalone, however if you read the other books in order you will be more familiar with the peripheral characters. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  6. Pico1

    What a terrific story! Two wonderful lead characters %u2013 Layla, a vet with a secret about an accident she had years ago that has affected her life and ability to establish relationships %u2013 and Alex, an operator of a horse ranch who gives rides in the wilderness to tourists, and is caring for his father, who is dying. Their meeting %u2013 the developing BDSM relationship they both enjoy and share %u2013 and the various stages of their developing romance makes a wonderful love story set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have read and enjoyed the other books in this series and this story is as good as the others.

  7. Marybeth

    This is the sixth book in the Cuffs and Spurs series. Layla is a vet who has come back to Jackson Hole to take over her grandfather’s veterinary practice. Alex is a local stable owner of horses. They meet when Layla is called to assist at a colt’s birth at his stable.

    Layla is assigned to Alex at the club to do a scene. That goes well and is the beginning of their love story. There are missteps along the way, but there is a HEA.

    This can be read as a stand alone in the series, but to better understand, it is recommended to read the rest of the series first.

  8. Rhonda

    Extraordinary BDSM love story

    Anya Summers stories always end up on my list of favorite books with His Seductve Love being added to the very top. I loved Layla and Alex’s interactions. There is such sizzling chemistry but even more real heart. Alex’s relationship with his father tugged at my heart and I marveled at how Layla became part of their family circle. This story really moved me and I recommend this very highly.
    I received an advance reader copy from the publisher.

  9. Hope W

    His Seductive Love is the 6th book in the Cuffs and Spurs series but can be read as a stand alone as well. Layla and Alex’s story was an attention grabber from the beginning. The story is well written and the storyline is believable. The characters are interesting and real as they deal with problems others can relate to. Layla deals with past hurts that leave her with scars on both the inside and the outside. Alex deals with emotional scars as he deals with losing someone close to him. When these two meet their chemistry is explosive but it also brings out its own set of fears. Watching these heartfelt characters try to deal with their own lives and fears as well as overcome their individual challenges to make it as a couple was amazing to read while hoping that they could make it together. The story included romance, BDSM, explicit sex scenes, spankings, love, deep emotions that brought the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions from tears to smiles and laughs, and so much more all wrapped up in one story! This couple kept me on the edge of my seat pulling for them to grab on to each other and live the love story of a lifetime! All I can say is that this was another hit for Anya Summers and I highly recommend this for a great 5 star read!! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  10. LuCinda Beebe

    What is so well done about this book is just this, Anya Summers compels me through her words and plot-twist to care a great deal about the 2 main characters, Layla Walker, a vet and Alex Humt, owner of Hunt trail rides. The characters are both relatable and interesting which kept me enthralled until the very last page. The story line is intriguing, engaging, and well developed. I loved this book and hope there is going to be more to come in this series.

  11. Margaret Corcoran

    I just loved this series. Each book is different yet some of the characters from earlier books appear in this one. They all deal outstanding well with hard issues. Alex’s dad has Alzheimers and Layla is trying to recover from a riding accident. All the issues are sensitively enclosed in the stories. I loved both Alex and Layla. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and I very highly recommend it. A very well written, enjoyable and interesting story. I hope that there are lots more books in this series. Please.

  12. Toni L

    Another quality book in this series that, like all the others can be read standalone without impacting on your understanding or enjoyment. Characters from the other books make appearances, which is nice. I loved both of these characters and the effort they put in to building a relationship. However, I felt that it didn’t really resolve any of those issues, which disappointed me.

  13. Jf12574

    Another great book of this series. Filled with Characters you will feel for and want to see that happy ever after ending. A great series!

  14. Susan Kirkland

    Layla and Alex scars that need to be dealt with to move on with their lives and boy do they move on. A very enjoyable read with DD and so much more. Enjoy!

  15. Jessica N

    His Seductive Love is the sixth book in the Cuffs and Spurs series, but can be read as a stand alone. Layla is a successful veterinarian, a submissive, but has scars on her body and soul that are difficult to overcome. Alex has taken care of his ailing father for years, but as he watches him decline, he just wants to fix others to ease his pain. Alex and Layla have a ton of chemistry and are trying to form a new relationship, but when trust and old insecurities come into play, will their new love hold strong enough?

    This book was so sweet, loving, with the perfect amount of steam, and I absolutely loved Layla and Alex! Both characters had scars from their past, yet neither were broken, and I loved that they were able to lean on each other in their vulnerable states. I loved that both of them had issues to cross, both kind of made mistakes here and there, but both of them wanted more out of their relationship than either realized at the beginning. My heart ached at some of their trials, especially with Alex%u2019s dad%u2019s health, but I loved watching their love slowly triumph. I think the steamy scenes were just as important as their bonding scenes, as neither were very good with talking about their emotions. Alex and Layla made an amazing team, were able to unite together, and able to find that elusive love that neither thought they would ever find! I love this series, loved this book, and look forward to anything that Ms. Summers writes!

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