His Little Minx

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Lena Lewis is the most sought after young lady in several counties. Her beauty and her father’s fortune make her a very appealing marriage prospect, but she hasn’t been able to attract the one man she really wants, Ian McKenzie. While she doesn’t love Ian, she definitely wants him, and she’s determined to have him as her husband.

Ian McKenzie has secretly lusted after Lena since they were teenagers, but he doesn’t want a spoiled and bratty woman as his wife. He vows to forget about her and pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. But after years apart, he still hasn’t overcome his obsession with her. When her foolish behavior lands her in a heap of trouble, he proposes marriage to salvage her reputation, but his help comes at a price. As her husband, he will not tolerate her bratty behavior, and she soon learns he means business when he punishes her appropriately.

It doesn’t take long for Lena to realize that she wants more from her marriage. By dominating her body, Ian has captured her heart. But with him so focused on his work, can a marriage based on lust ever turn into something more?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

Willamette Valley, Timber Grove, Oregon, 1875

The annual midsummer dance was winding down and people were beginning to make their way home. There were still quite a few gaily-dressed couples revolving around the floor of the town hall, but most of the older and younger people had already departed. A band of musicians entertained with lively tunes. Even though it was nearly midnight, the temperature in the room was stifling, and only an occasional breeze wafted in through the open windows to provide a small measure of relief. Thankfully, those occasional gusts of fresh air were a bit cooler than they had been earlier in the evening.

Ian McKenzie stood leaning against the wall as he watched the remaining revelers. He had finally managed to disentangle himself from the gaggle of single young ladies who had surrounded him for most of the evening. Due to the late hour, most unmarried young ladies had already gone home. Ian was greatly relieved to finally have a few minutes of solitude without someone batting their eyelashes or trying to wheedle an invitation to dance out of him. He would have long since left himself if not for the fact that he had escorted Miss Lena Lewis to the dance. In fact, he wouldn’t have come at all if it weren’t for her.

He had only invited her to the dance out of a sense of obligation to her father. She was the daughter of Ian’s good friend and mentor, Dr. Herbert Lewis. If Dr. Lewis hadn’t played upon his sympathies and asked Ian to extend an invitation to Lena, Ian certainly wouldn’t have done so on his own. He hated these social functions, and he usually avoided them like the plague. He didn’t enjoy being mobbed by young ladies determined to snare a husband.

Until very recently, Ian’s best friend, Gabe Faulkner, had been courting Lena. However, Gabe’s courtship of her had ended abruptly and unexpectedly, when Gabe suddenly decided to marry Ian’s cousin, Leslie McKenzie. That meant that Lena was left without a date for the dance at the last minute. Ian had reluctantly offered to take Lena, mostly out of guilt over the way his friend had suddenly jilted her.

Ian wasn’t surprised that escorting Lena to the dance had turned out to be a mistake. He usually avoided Lena even more than he did other young ladies. Something about Lena made him feel deeply unsettled, as if his skin was stretched too tightly over his bones. He could never completely relax around her, and he didn’t like feeling like he wasn’t completely in control of his impulses. He should have known better than to invite her to the dance.

Lena had accepted his offer, but as soon as they arrived at the dance, she had left his side and never looked back. Ian should have been relieved, but he wasn’t. Perhaps it bruised his pride to see that she preferred all the other young men over him. It wasn’t as if he was jealous. At least, that’s what he told himself as he watched her dance with everyone else.

Ian didn’t understand why he was bothered over Lena anyway. He was far more interested in getting his medical degree and pursuing a career as a doctor than he was in settling down with a woman. Even if he were ready to marry, which he definitely wasn’t, he wouldn’t choose her. Although she was breathtakingly beautiful, she was also a spoiled, selfish brat. Ian knew she would be nothing but trouble for any man who married her. He might lust after her, but he would never choose her as his mate for life.

No, he wanted a loving, gentle woman as his wife, not a silly, selfish girl who would require constant attention and firm discipline to keep her in line. At least, that is what his brain said. His body’s reaction was entirely different.

Ian’s lips turned into a disapproving frown as he watched the naughty little minx twirling around the dance floor with one partner after another. Lena had spent the evening blatantly flirting with every single one of the men at the dance. And it was small wonder they swarmed her. She was easily the most beautiful woman in town. She was tall and slender, but with enticing curves in all the right places.

Her dress was cut low across her bosom, and Ian couldn’t help but appreciate her glowing ivory skin and the jiggling swells of her full breasts. Her corset held the luscious mounds up like sweet, ripe fruit, and Ian’s mouth had been watering all night just from the sight of them. Her hair was a rich chestnut color that shone with red highlights and made a man want to run his hands through it. Ian’s cock grew as he envisioned how her hair would look spread out over the pillow as he fucked her to the point of exhaustion. She had beautiful large eyes that were bluer than a summer sky, and when she smiled, deep dimples appeared in her rosy cheeks. Her lips were heart shaped perfection. His cock throbbed as he imagined having those plump, pillowy lips stretched around his length. What he wouldn’t give to feed his dick down her throat while she stared up at him with those big blue eyes.

Realizing that he was sporting a raging erection, Ian looked away and blinked several times in an effort to clear those salacious images from his mind. What the hell was wrong with him? She was the daughter of his dear friend and mentor. He had no business having such lewd and obscene fantasies about her. But when it came to Lena, his conscience had no control over his mind or his body. One glance was all it took to have him imagining all manner of ways he wanted to possess her, defile her, claim her. He wanted to do things to her that he’d never even done to the whores at Harvey’s saloon, and even though that caused him shame, it didn’t stop his imagination from running rampant. Something about her stirred a nearly overwhelming desire to lay claim to her in every possible way.

For the thousandth time, he reminded himself that she didn’t belong to him and she never would. He had no intention of pursuing her, so he had no right to be feel jealous or possessive when she danced or flirted with others. He told himself that he was merely concerned for her safety, but even he knew it wasn’t entirely true. In that moment, he didn’t care that he was leaving in a few days. He wanted to tell all the other men surrounding her to back the hell off.

Ian wished she would realize that she was courting trouble by encouraging their attentions. Several of her admirers were strangers from surrounding areas, and some of them looked like they hadn’t seen a woman in months. Ian didn’t trust them as far as he could throw them. They were eyeing Lena like hungry wolves circling an injured deer. He knew exactly what they were after, and Lena was making herself an easy target by not turning them away.

Lena was dancing with one such stranger at that very moment. He was a huge, heavily muscled man, and he was holding her with far too much familiarity for Ian’s liking. Lena seemed neither to notice nor to mind, as she giggled and batted her long eyelashes up at the man. Ian ground his teeth, wondering just how much of the rum punch she had been sipping.

The song finally ended, and Ian wasted no time making his way over to the laughing couple.

When Lena saw Ian approaching, her smile quickly vanished. “What do you want?” she asked with a grimace.

“It’s time for me to escort you home, Lena. Your father will be expecting you. Come along now.”

Ian held out his arm for her, but Lena eyed it with a condescending frown. She raised her chin to a haughty angle and gave a dismissive humph.

“I certainly don’t intend to walk home with you, Ian McKenzie!” Lena turned to her partner and gave him a coquettish grin. “You’ll walk me home, won’t you, Mr. Adams?”

The man grinned with delight, and Ian noticed the way his eyes ventured over her creamy bosom with frank interest. “Of course, Miss Lewis. It would be my pleasure.”

Ian’s frown deepened, and he stepped between the couple. He gripped Lena’s upper arm and began to pull her away, but the stranger latched onto her other arm and wouldn’t let go.

“Hey, wait just a minute,” the man protested. “The little lady told you she wanted me to walk her home. Get lost.”

Ian met the other man’s eye steadily. “I promised the young lady’s father that I would escort her safely home, and that’s what I intend to do.”

Lena yanked her arm, trying to get Ian to release her. “Papa is only concerned that I be escorted home. He doesn’t care who is escorting me. Now let me go!”

Ian tightened his grip and narrowed his eyes as he met her angry glare. “Your father, like me, is interested in keeping you safe.” Ian spared a glance for the stranger. “No offence, mister, but I don’t know you, and I don’t feel comfortable leaving Miss Lewis in your care.”

Lena gave an enraged shriek and stomped her foot. “Don’t talk about me like I’m not here. I am not your responsibility, Mr. McKenzie! I’m a grown woman, and I’m quite capable of looking after myself. Now, let go of my arm and leave me alone.”

“You heard the lady. Back off, buster.”

The huge brute stepped between Ian and Lena and shot Ian a challenging glare. Even though Ian stood six feet, two inches, the man was several inches taller and looked at least fifty pounds heavier. Ian had no doubt the man’s fists could cause some real damage. Still, Ian refused to back down. He knew he could handle himself in a fight if necessary.

“The lady came with me, and I promised her father I would have her home by midnight. She’s leaving with me.”

“No, I’m not,” Lena said with a stubborn stamp of her foot. “I’m walking home with Mr. Adams, and that’s final!”

Realizing that nearly everyone was watching them, Ian heaved an irritated sigh and caught Lena’s eye with a disapproving frown. She might not have a care for her reputation, but he definitely did.

“Fine. Suit yourself.”

Ian turned and walked away. Let the little minx think she had won. He didn’t care. There was no need to cause a public scene. He would simply watch the couple from a discreet distance to make sure that she got home safely.


Lena felt surprisingly disappointed as she watched Ian walk out the door. She hadn’t thought he would give up his claim so easily. At the start of the evening, she had turned her attention to other men simply to make Ian jealous so that he would pay her more attention during the course of the evening. When that hadn’t worked, she had assumed that he would at least put up more of a fight for the honor of walking her home. She should have known that she would be disappointed when it came to winning Ian’s attention.

Her father, the town doctor, was from a very wealthy east coast family. He had emigrated from Boston to Oregon during his forties, and he was one of the richest men on the west coast. He worked as a doctor because he loved the work, not because he needed the money.

A few years after arriving in Oregon, he had married Lena’s mother. Because she wanted several children, he had a lovely, large mansion built for her in the scenic town of Timber Grove. Unfortunately, their dreams of a large family were never to be realized. She died giving birth to Lena. He had given all his love and attention to his only daughter.

As heir to her father’s fortune, Lena was an extremely attractive marriage prospect. However, it was her singular beauty that drew the admiration of men and women alike. Lena wore the very finest clothes, made by a French seamstress who had settled in their town. Ladies of all ages looked to Lena for the latest fashions, and she reveled in her position as the social darling of the community. Young women vied for the privilege of being friends with her, and she enjoyed being the center of attention.

Men clamored for her attention too. Lena had rejected more marriage proposals than she could count. The only man who had come close to winning her favor was Gabe Faulkner. He had courted her for a few weeks, and she would have accepted his marriage proposal if he had made one. But instead, he had unexpectedly dumped her and married another woman. To Lena’s horror, the woman he chose over her was Ian’s cousin, Leslie McKenzie. She was a tomboy who usually dressed in britches and who was the polar opposite of Lena.

To be rejected for a tomboy had been humiliating for Lena. In the wake of these shocking events, she had been left without a date to the dance. If Ian hadn’t asked her to go with him, she would have either missed the event altogether or been forced to attend without a date. Either of those options would have been excruciatingly embarrassing. Hence, she had reluctantly accepted Ian’s invitation.

Of course, being escorted by Ian McKenzie only boosted her position in the community. Since Ian was one of the most sought after young bachelors in town, Lena had been the envy of all the other young ladies present when she’d arrived on his arm. It had been a further boost to her ego when she abandoned Ian in favor of flirting and dancing with all of the other men at the dance. After all, it wasn’t as if she wanted to enjoy Ian’s company.

Ian and Lena had known each other since childhood. He was a few years older, but they had attended the same school while growing up. Ian had always been handsome, with his chestnut brown hair and green eyes. He was tall and muscular and made her feel small and feminine, even though she was above average height. For years, Lena had harbored a secret crush on Ian, but when he didn’t seem to notice her or return her feelings, she had finally turned her attention elsewhere.

Lena secretly knew, in her heart of hearts, that she had never gotten over her fascination with Ian. But she would die before she let him know that. Her pride simply would not permit it. He should be the one pining for her, not the other way around.

But it was hard for Lena to forget about Ian when he was a frequent visitor in her home. He shared her father’s fascination with the field of medicine, and her father had taken Ian under his wing. Ian came almost daily to see her father. The two men would sit for hours discussing boring things like the latest medical breakthroughs and innovations, while completely ignoring Lena. Ian never seemed to notice her beyond the few polite exchanges customary in society. It bothered her that she could never seem to snare his interest. She had hoped that this evening would prove to be the exception.

Lena was distracted from her troubling thoughts when her dance partner turned to her with a broad grin. “If you’re ready to leave, I’ll escort you home, Miss Lewis.”

She flashed him a flirtatious grin. “Of course, Mr. Adams. I live just a few blocks away.”

“Lead the way,” her partner said eagerly, turning her toward the door.

Lena sashayed out of the town hall, exchanging farewells along the way. Although she was smiling and doing her best to appear happy, she felt completely deflated with how the evening had turned out. She had hoped that when Ian saw how many others were interested in courting her, he would make more of an effort to assert himself as her suitor. Instead, he seemed content to let her flirt with everyone else at the dance, while he’d been surrounded by simpering young ladies all evening. It was positively maddening!

Her hulking escort kept up a steady stream of conversation as they ambled along the boardwalk. While Lena made the correct noises, smiled and nodded, she wasn’t really paying any attention to what he was saying. Thus, it caught her completely by surprise when he abruptly steered her between two buildings and pressed her up against the wall. The tall buildings on either side blocked most of the light from the full moon, leaving the couple in dark shadows. Lena suddenly felt very frightened and alone as she tried to squirm out of the man’s arms.

“What on earth are you doing? Let go of me this instant,” she commanded in her most haughty tone.

Instead of complying, the man swooped down to kiss her. Lena cringed and tried to turn her face away, but he held her jaw firmly in his hand. She squealed and squirmed, but he continued to press his disgusting, wet lips against hers. By the time he raised his head to leer down at her, she was beginning to panic.

“Get your filthy hands off me,” she cried in a shaky voice.

“Not yet, little lady,” the man said with a grin. His eyes dropped to her heaving bosom, and his leering smile only widened. “You’ve been teasing me all night. The least you can do is give me a kiss and a feel of these pretty little boobies.”

He began spreading slobbery kisses all over her neck and bosom. Lena tried to scream, but he clamped a huge hand over her mouth, stifling the noise she made. He restrained her effortlessly as he groped her breasts and spread wet kisses over her bosom.

Lena’s stomach roiled in protest. His touch made her skin crawl, and she thought she might vomit if he didn’t stop. She continued to struggle against him, but he was holding his hand so tightly over her mouth and nose that she could barely breathe, and she quickly began to weaken. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and she began to feel faint from lack of air.

All of a sudden, the huge brute gave a pained grunt and released her. Lena hauled in huge breaths as she squinted through the darkness trying to see what was happening. She could hear the thumps and grunts of a fight and she could make out two men’s silhouettes as they wrestled and punched each other, but she couldn’t see well enough to know who had come to her rescue.

Unfortunately, the two fighting men were blocking the narrow escape to the boardwalk, so she had no choice but to push back against the wall and hope for the best. After what seemed like hours but must have only been a couple of minutes, she saw her rescuer deliver a swift uppercut to the bigger man’s jaw. Her attacker went down like a log, landing with a thud at her feet.

Lena gave a strangled cry and leapt over his inert form. She would have continued running past the other man, but he looped an arm around her waist and pulled her firmly against his chest.

“It’s okay, Lena. You’re safe now.”

Lena gave a glad cry when she realized it was Ian who held her so securely. She grasped his lapels, buried her face against his chest and began to cry. She was shaking uncontrollably, and he soothed her as she wept. When her sobs began to subside, he led her back onto the boardwalk and into the moonlight. Ian glanced around. He was glad there was no one else around to witness her distress.

He quickly scanned her appearance. Although she was badly shaken, he couldn’t see any other outward injuries. He tilted her chin up to look more closely. Her cheeks were wet with her tears.

He handed her a handkerchief. “Here. Wipe your tears.” When she had complied, he tilted her chin up again and searched her face. “Are you all right? Did he hurt you? Did he…” Ian couldn’t finish the thought.

A fresh tear spilled down her cheek, but Lena shook her head. “No. I’m not sure what he would have done if you hadn’t come along when you did. But as it is, he merely frightened me badly.”

Ian gave a menacing growl at the thought. “I have half a mind to wake him up just so I can beat the living daylights out of him some more.”

Lena tugged his arm away from the direction of the alley. “Please, Ian, just forget about him and take me home.”

“If he did this to you, he could do it to other women. He needs to be taught a lesson on how to treat ladies.”

Lena shuddered but shook her head. “Please, just take me home.” She dabbed at a bleeding cut under Ian’s eye. “From the looks of you, you must have already beaten him up quite badly. Surely, he will learn a lesson from that.” She shuddered again. “I know I certainly have. Let’s go, please.”

Ian hesitated. He was loath to let the scoundrel get away with what he had done, but he could see that Lena was trembling. He needed to get her home before she went into shock or something. There was also her reputation to consider. Even though she was the victim, Ian knew that Lena would be the one to suffer condemnation if others knew about the incident. He couldn’t risk that, and he gave a reluctant nod of acquiescence, looking around to make sure they were still unobserved.

“Fine, but straighten your hair and clothes. I can’t take you home looking like this.”

Lena glanced down and saw several buttons on her dress were undone. She could see the lace of her chemise and the shadowed valley between her breasts. She turned her back to Ian with a small anguished cry. Her cheeks burned as she refastened her buttons and smoothed her hair. When Lena was once again presentable, she turned and looked up at Ian pleadingly. Her blue eyes were luminous in the moonlight.

“I’m ready. Please take me home now.”

They quickly walked the rest of the way to her house. When they reached her front door, Ian peered through the windows to make sure there were no servants around to see Lena looking flustered. The lamps had been turned down low, and there was no one in sight.

“I’m sure everyone has gone to bed for the night. I told Papa and the servants not to wait up for me.”

Ian tilted her chin up and examined her face. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Yes,” Lena whispered.

Her eyes looked like deep blue pools as she stared up at him. Ian felt a surge of possessiveness unlike anything he had ever experienced before. With a low growl, he swept her into his arms and kissed her.

Lena gave a small gasp of surprise before she sank willingly into his embrace. This kiss was a shocking contrast to the one she had received from that brute in the alley. In fact, Ian’s kiss was shockingly delightful, unlike anything she had experienced before. She had allowed one or two young men to kiss her, but those were just chaste pecks. None of them had taken possession of her mouth like this.

Ian’s lips were firm and demanding on hers. He cupped her jaw to hold her in place, and he simply took what he wanted. He nibbled and teased, as if he had all night to taste her. When he licked along the seam of her lips, she moaned and let him deepen the kiss. He surged inside, his hot tongue tangling with hers as he boldly explored her mouth. She looped her arms around his neck and began kissing him back with enthusiasm.

Her body responded in mysterious ways. She felt her nipples tighten, and there was a growing ache in her core. The flesh between her legs felt swollen and slick. Her heart was pounding and she was breathing fast by the time he lifted his head.

Ian found it hard to end the kiss. She felt so good in his arms that he wanted nothing more than to continue. However, the events of the evening haunted him. He was reminded of what could have happened to her, and he felt guilty that he hadn’t protected her better. Regardless of her irresponsible behavior, he should have insisted she let him escort her home.

Ian gave a disgruntled humph as he shook his head. “In the future, you will not place yourself in danger by walking home with a stranger like you did tonight. Do you understand, young lady?”

His words pricked her pride. She pushed out of his embrace, placed her hands on her hips and thrust her lower lip out into a pout.

“You are not the boss of me, Ian McKenzie. You don’t get to tell me what I can and cannot do!”

Ian narrowed his eyes as he glared down at her. “So much for you learning a lesson,” he growled. “You’re lucky I’m not your husband. I would spank your naughty bottom so thoroughly you wouldn’t sit down comfortably for a month.”

Lena gave a gasp of outrage. Her cheeks flooded with color, and she felt a strange fluttering in her lower abdomen from his threat.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

Ian leaned down until they were nose to nose. His voice was pitched low and his expression was deadly serious. “I would dare that and anything else it took to keep you safe, you naughty little minx.”

Lena pushed against his chest and stomped her foot with indignation. “I don’t need you to keep me safe. I can take care of myself.”

“Like you took care of yourself tonight? If not for me, there’s no telling what that man could have done to you in that alley.”

“I could have handled the situation,” Lena insisted haughtily. “He just wanted to steal a kiss or two. I’m sure I could have reasoned with him. I certainly didn’t need your interference, and I don’t need you to lecture me now.”

Ian’s temper had been boiling ever since he had seen the other man mauling Lena in the alley. He was still plagued by thoughts of what could have happened if he hadn’t been watching over her to be sure she got home safely. When she tried to blithely dismiss the entire incident, his temper finally snapped.

With a low growl, he tossed her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and marched into the house. He made his way to the parlor, ignoring her indignant protests along the way.

“What are you doing?” Lena cried, pummeling his back with her fists and kicking her feet. “Put me down this instant!”

Ian ignored her and closed the double doors of the parlor before carrying her to the settee. He sat down and arranged her over his lap. He held an arm around her waist to keep her in place as he shrugged out of his suit jacket and rolled up his shirtsleeves nearly to the elbows. The sight of his large, capable hands and the muscles shifting in his forearms sent tiny flutters of desire into Lena’s core.

“What are you doing?” she asked again, trying without success to free herself, but her voluminous skirts hampered her efforts.

“I’m giving you a well-deserved spanking, my naughty little minx.”

“I am not your anything!” Lena struggled and squirmed, trying to win her freedom. Ian easily held her in place, and she quickly realized that her struggles were futile. She glared at him from over her shoulder. “Let me go this instant or I’ll scream!”

“Go ahead,” Ian said calmly. “Scream as loudly as you want so that your father and the servants will all come to see what’s wrong. I don’t mind spanking you in front of an audience. I’d be willing to bet that they will be cheering me on.”

Lena shrieked and thrashed harder. “Papa will toss you out and never speak to you again.”

“I don’t think so. Not after I tell him what happened tonight. Is that what you want? Should we tell your father about how you behaved and let him decide your punishment?”

Lena’s cheeks burned with shame, and she clenched her eyes shut to blot out Ian’s gloating expression. When she answered, it was through gritted teeth. “I would rather he didn’t know.”

Ian chuckled softly, and when her eyes popped open, he met her startled stare. “That’s what I thought,” he stated smugly. “Now, I am going to spank you. Nothing you do is going to change that. If you don’t want the entire household to witness this, I suggest that you be a good girl and accept your punishment quietly. Either way, it won’t change anything. You can scream the house down, for all I care. I’m still going to blister your naughty little bottom. Do you understand?”

Lena gulped and nodded reluctantly. When Ian swatted her bottom, she jerked and let out a small cry of surprise. Even through the layers of clothing, his hand had delivered a considerable sting to her bottom.

“Answer me,” Ian ordered. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she cried with a shaky nod. “Yes, I understand.”

He spanked her again on the other cheek. “Yes, Sir is the proper response. You must show proper respect while being punished, so you will address me as Sir. Now, I ask you once again, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied sulkily. She thrust her lower lip out in a sexy pout.

Ian had to curb a grin. She looked adorable. “Good. Now face forward and be still.”

Since Lena didn’t have any choice, she did as he ordered. She gripped her fingers around the edges of the cushion, clenched her eyes shut and held her breath. However, when she felt her skirt being pulled up and bunched above her waist, her eyes popped open and she began to struggle once again.

“Ian! What are you doing? Put my skirt back down this instant!”

“Oh no,” Ian said quietly. “Spankings should always be given on a bare bottom. That’s the only way to be sure they deliver the desired message.”

As he spoke, he continued to raise her skirt until it was completely out of the way. Despite Lena’s continuous struggles, he managed to untie her petticoats and they dropped to the floor with a satisfying whoosh. When he reached for the drawstring on her pantalets, Lena began to panic, and she redoubled her efforts to squirm off his lap.

“Let go of me! You can’t do this,” she cried.

“I can, and I will,” Ian replied. “In fact, I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.”

He whisked her pantalets down her legs until they were bunched around her knees. Lena let out a mortified squeak and buried her face in the cushion. She could feel cool air wafting over her naked skin, and she knew that her entire lower half was exposed. She had never felt so humiliated in her life. Yet that small flutter in her lower abdomen came back, and it was even stronger than before. It was like an aching emptiness deep inside, and she knew that it was related to Ian somehow. She only ever felt it when he was around.

Lena held her breath. Knowing that Ian could see her most private parts was incredibly arousing. She would never have admitted it, but she felt a secret thrill at being restrained and helpless across his lap. It should have angered and outraged her, but instead, her heart was racing with strange excitement and the flesh between her thighs felt swollen and slick. Her heart raced as she waited to see what he would do next.


Ian paused to enjoy the sight of her draped over his lap. Lena had the prettiest bottom he had ever had the pleasure to see. Her buttocks were beautifully curved and plump, perfectly pale, smooth and lush. Her naked bottom was even more alluring than he had imagined. The prospect of spanking her until her bottom was red, swollen, and throbbing had hot blood surging into his cock.

He rubbed his palm possessively all over the surface of her bottom and upper thighs, humming his approval as he appreciated the texture. Her skin was like the softest silk beneath his hand. His grin widened as he took his time to squeeze and caress her naked bottom.

Lena bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning aloud. Ian’s firm palm felt divine. As he caressed her bottom, exploring every inch of flesh with proprietary thoroughness, she felt a steady trickle of fluid leaking out until even her inner thighs were coated with the slippery wetness. Surely, her body shouldn’t react in such a wanton manner. Her face burned with shame. She desperately hoped he wouldn’t notice the effect he was having on her.

Of course, Ian did notice. Even though Lena was squeezing her thighs tightly together, he could easily see the pink folds of her pussy. They were swollen and slick with her arousal, and he admired the enticing sight. His conscience urged him to focus only on spanking her and not to let his hand wander where it shouldn’t. However, Ian had never experienced such a wave of possessive desire before, and his self-control was sorely strained.

If Ian was honest with himself, he had lusted after Lena for years. He was a man with a very healthy sexual appetite, and the tantalizing sight of her naked and draped over his knee proved too much of a temptation to resist. He allowed just the tips of his fingers to brush lightly over her glistening folds as he continued to stroke her bottom. It pleased him when she gasped and squirmed, so he ran his finger quite deliberately down the full length of her slit to emphasize just how exposed she was in her current position.

“What’s this?” he taunted. “I can see every detail of your sweet little pussy. Why, you naughty little minx! If you’re going to flaunt yourself like this, I’m certainly going to take a closer look at this lovely pussy you have on display.”

He used both hands to pull her outer lips wide so he could run a finger down the sensitive inner crease of her slit. This new touch, even more invasive than before, had her squirming with renewed effort to try and escape his hold. Ian merely repeated the caress, determined to emphasize his mastery over her.

Lena couldn’t contain a tiny, telltale moan, and she thought she might die of embarrassment. Her heart was pounding with excitement, and the aching emptiness intensified in her lower abdomen. There was nothing she could do to stop Ian from touching her most private flesh. She didn’t understand why having him dominate her in such a mortifying way should actually bring her pleasure. She didn’t want him to stop what he was doing, but her pride wouldn’t allow her to relax and enjoy it either.

She clenched her thighs tighter and renewed her squirms, trying to block his access. Her struggles only resulted in her pantalets slipping off and falling onto the heap of her petticoats.

Ian’s grin widened. He might secretly admire her defiance, but he wouldn’t allow her to win this little contest of wills. Before he was finished with her, she was going to willingly submit to his control. He was purposely using humiliation to emphasize just how completely he had her at his mercy. His temper flared at the memory of her attacker and what he could have done to her if not for him coming to her rescue. It was Lena’s arrogance that had led to her being in such danger, and Ian was determined to rid her of her haughtiness once and for all.

“You naughty little girl. I think you enjoy me seeing and touching your pussy,” he taunted softly. “You certainly are wet down here.”

To emphasize her shame and vulnerability, Ian pried her thighs slightly apart and wedged his hand in between. Then, he cupped her even more blatantly than before, allowing his middle finger to penetrate her sweet heat up to his first knuckle.  Lena squealed and squirmed, but he easily held her in place and began slowly thrusting his finger in and out to a relentless rhythm. Despite her outward defiance, it was obvious that she was aroused by what he was doing. Her copious slippery fluid began to dribble down his hand, and they could both hear the slurping sound of his finger repetitively probing her snug entrance.

“I had no idea that you were such a wanton, Lena. The fact that you are sopping wet down here tells me that you are enjoying what I’m doing, you naughty little minx.”


Lena gave a mortified groan and squeezed her thighs as tightly shut as she could. Ian ignored her defiance and continued to wickedly probe her. When he squeezed a second finger into her slick sheath, she couldn’t help her reaction. With a whimper of surrender, she relaxed her legs yet again.

It was as if she had no control over her own body. Ian had all the control, and he mocked her with his leisurely and very thorough exploration of her most private flesh. It was as if he had all night to stroke and tease her. Soon, she was matching his rhythm, and she moaned and whimpered as she writhed on his lap. She wanted more, but she had no idea how to appease her hunger.

Ian chuckled tauntingly. “You’re so eager,” he crooned. “I love watching you fuck yourself on my fingers. Just be careful not to get too carried away, Lena. I wouldn’t want to accidentally ruin your virginity because you got too excited.”

Ian flicked her clit with his thumb, and Lena gasped. She couldn’t help herself, and she continued to thrust her hips toward his hand with a moan of pleasure. Her responsiveness thrilled him, and his voice was deep and darkly tempting as he continued to finger her boldly.

“That’s it, my naughty girl. Ride my fingers while you open your legs for me. I want to have a closer look at this gorgeous, hungry pussy. Show it to me. Spread your thighs nice and wide and show me where you want to be touched.”

Lena’s cheeks burned from his scandalous talk, but she couldn’t resist submitting to his demands. She moaned and spread her thighs, welcoming him to explore further. She wasn’t sure what Ian could do to satisfy the relentless aching hunger that was steadily building inside her, but she felt certain that he would know how to relieve it.


Her pussy was flowering for him beautifully. Her slick outer lips were swollen and lush, and they had spread open so that he could see her enticing pink entrance. When she released a needy little sob, it took all of Ian’s self-control to resist plundering deep inside her. Her sweet, musky scent nearly drove him wild. He wanted nothing more than to plunge his fingers through the thin membrane marking her as a virgin and claim her body as his own.

But he knew that would be wrong unless he was willing to marry her. In fact, what he had already done was so very wrong. He just couldn’t bring himself to stop yet. He managed to restrain himself from going any further, but he wasn’t yet ready to stop touching her. When he realized that she was close to coming, he reluctantly withdrew his hand, resting it intimately on her inner thigh.

“You’re such a shameless little girl to spread your legs and show your pussy like this. I can see everything. But I’m here to punish you, not pleasure you, my naughty little minx. Now tell me, why are you going to get a spanking?”

His taunting words hit Lena like a dash of cold water. She had been so focused on the delightful things that Ian had been doing between her thighs that she had forgotten about getting spanked. Her sexual frustration and anxiety about the impending spanking only heightened her anger. She glared at him from over her shoulder. “What?”

He grinned, letting his eyes drop pointedly to her exposed pussy. “I said, tell me why you’re going to get a spanking,” he repeated patiently, thrusting his fingers inside her once more. He told himself that he was doing it just to keep her unsettled and not because he couldn’t resist the temptation to keep touching her.

She screeched and squirmed, once more trying to get free of his hold. When she couldn’t, she glared at him as she tried to squeeze her thighs together to block his hand. She had no success with that either.

“Tell me why you are about to be spanked,” Ian insisted.

“Because you are a bully and a brute. Take your hands off me, you…you lecher!”

Ian merely laughed. He squeezed her clit and fingered her a few more times just to taunt her before he finally withdrew his fingers from her pussy. He tightened his hold around her waist and brought his hand down on her bottom with a resounding crack. He was pleased to see a bright pink handprint appear almost immediately. Lena arched her back and yelped in pained surprise.

“Ian, stop. Stop it this instant, you arrogant jerk! That really hurts!”

Ian chuckled softly. “That’s the whole point, and I’m just getting started. I guess we’ll have to add name calling to the list of things you are being spanked for. Now, the longer it takes for you to admit why you are getting this spanking, the longer the spanking will be.”


Once again, he pressed two fingers inside her and began toying with her slick flesh. Lena realized that he was doing it to purposely distract and confuse her. She buried her face in the cushions and gave an enraged shriek as she kicked her legs. Her efforts were completely useless.

Her bottom stung like fire. But at the same time, she wished he would do more than just lightly stroke her. She wracked her brain trying to figure out how she could provoke him to give her what she wanted. She jerked when Ian gave her another hard spank. It burned like fire, and she gave a panicked squeal. “Ouch! Stop that!”

Another painful smack landed on the other cheek. “Tell me why you are getting a spanking,” he prompted.

“Okay, okay,” she cried. “You are spanking me for arguing with you.”

Ian spanked her hard on the other side of her bottom. “That’s one of the many reasons but not the main one. What else?”

Lena squirmed and mewled from the sting. When his fingers once again stroked her slick flesh, she bit her bottom lip to contain a needy moan. “You are spanking me because I flirted with other men.”

Ian gave her another hard swat, grinning when she jerked and cried out. “Yes, that’s another one of the reasons. What else?” He fluttered his fingers inside her sheath and grinned when she released a tiny moan.

“You’re spanking me for being disrespectful?” she ventured.

She couldn’t concentrate on his questions when his fingers were doing such wonderful things between her legs. She moaned and spread her thighs again to give him better access. It was completely humiliating, and yet she couldn’t resist the urge to ride his fingers.

With a pleased growl, Ian accepted her unspoken invitation. His touch became even more possessive, and he pinched her swollen, throbbing clit. He squeezed it and flicked it with his thumb as she squirmed on his lap. When she moaned again, he chuckled and gave her bottom a harsh smack that immediately ignited a painful burn.

“You naughty, naughty girl! Keep your thighs together and stop trying to distract me with your hungry little pussy. Now, are you asking or admitting that you were disrespectful?”

He kept switching between pleasurable caresses and painful smacks, and the abrupt switches made it difficult for Lena to keep up with what he was saying. When she didn’t immediately answer his question, he spanked her other cheek even harder. Lena gasped and thrashed, trying desperately to break free of his hold. It was no use. He held her easily despite her struggles and peppered her bottom with a volley of well-placed slaps that ignited a deep, throbbing burn in her bottom. She finally stopped fighting, but by then, tears were streaming down her cheeks and she was panting from her efforts. Perhaps she needed to show some deference, since that is what Ian obviously wanted from her.

“Are you asking or admitting that you were disrespectful?” Ian prompted.

“I admit it, Sir,” she whined. “I was disrespectful to you.”

“And rude,” Ian prompted, giving her another painful swat.

“And rude, Sir,” she agreed. “Please stop!”

“And childish,” he charged. When she didn’t respond, he gave her another stinging swat.

Lena jerked and gasped. “And childish, yes, Sir,” she responded.

“And bratty,” he suggested. Another pause. Another hard smack.

“And bratty, Sir,” she conceded, nodding her head vigorously. “Please stop, Sir. That really, really burns.”

“While all of that is true, and you behaved like a disrespectful, rude, childish brat tonight, that is not the main reason that I’m about to blister your bottom, Lena. Do you even know why you are getting this spanking?”

“Because you think that I put myself in danger by allowing a stranger to walk me home,” she shrieked.

“I don’t think you were in danger; I know it.”

Lena knew it too, but her pride wouldn’t allow her to admit that Ian was right. “He just wanted to steal a kiss,” she insisted stubbornly. “I think you’re just jealous.”

“If that’s what you really think, then I can see I have my work cut out for me,” Ian stated. “Before I’m finished, you will admit that you were wrong, little girl. Now be still and take your punishment.”

Lena was not a meek woman. She ignored his order and began to struggle even harder than before, determined to win her release. Ian was undeterred. He easily restrained her and began raining blows down over her entire bottom and all the way down her thighs. Each smack delivered new heat, and her bottom felt like a thousand wasps were stinging her. Her tender flesh throbbed and ached, and the fiery heat was growing worse with every crack of his palm.

Ian settled into a steady rhythm, and Lena tried without success not to clench her bottom in anticipation of each smack. The clenching only made the burning pain worse, but she couldn’t seem to help it. Ian was thorough, covering every inch of her bottom and thighs. Still, he showed no signs of stopping. In fact, he seemed to be relishing her punishment. If anything, the intensity of the spanking seemed to be increasing. Lena couldn’t stay silent any longer.

“Stop it! Stop, I say!”

“I’ll stop when I’m good and ready,” Ian replied, never pausing in his rhythm.

“Let me go,” Lena squealed. “You’ve made your point. Now let me go!”

Lena thrashed her legs, trying to break free, and she struggled so violently that she nearly fell on the floor. Ian paused just long enough to clamp his right leg over both of hers, anchoring her in place. Then, he resumed his relentless rhythm, and if anything, he spanked her even harder than before.

“You’re not going anywhere until I say so,” he muttered, thrashing her bottom with renewed enthusiasm.

“Please, please stop,” she wailed.

Ian ignored her plea and continued to spank her. Lena tried to reach back and cover her bottom with her hands. Ian captured both of her wrists and pinned them against her lower back, then he began spanking her even harder than before.

“You’re only making this harder on yourself,” Ian stated, still delivering a barrage of punishing smacks. “I’m not going to stop until I’m satisfied that you’ve learned your lesson and won’t place yourself in danger again.”

Her bottom and thighs were already a bright crimson, and he knew she must be in agony. However, she refused to submit, so he continued to blister her bottom.

Lena gave a sob of panicked frustration. Realizing that she couldn’t get loose, she tried to reason with him instead. She twisted to meet his eye and gave him her most cajoling look. “Please, Ian. Please let me go. I’ve learned my lesson. I swear it.”

“You haven’t yet, but you will,” Ian stated. “Now eyes forward and take your punishment like a good little girl.”

At that moment, the parlor doors opened, and both Lena and Ian froze. Dr. Lewis stood staring at them with one eyebrow raised in surprise. Lena gave a little whimper of distress and her eyes were as wide as saucers. Her cheeks burned as hot as her bottom that was fully on display.

Meanwhile, Ian was very relieved that her father hadn’t come just a few minutes earlier. Ian would have hated to have been caught fondling Lena so inappropriately. He felt his own cheeks flush to a ruddy hue. However, he didn’t release Lena from his hold, nor did he remove his hand from where it rested intimately on her naked bottom.

Dr. Lewis pursed his lips and nodded slowly as he took in the scene. His eyes passed over Lena’s tear streaked face, down to where her arms were pinned to her lower back, and finally to her naked bottom that was glowing red. His gaze rose to meet with Ian’s, and the corners of his lips twitched with suppressed humor.

“Well, I would ask what is going on here, but it seems quite apparent.” He looked at Ian expectantly. “I’m assuming that my daughter misbehaved herself tonight.”

Lena gasped in shock. “Papa, make him release me!” Her father ignored her, waiting for Ian’s response.

“Yes, sir,” Ian replied with a firm nod. “She placed herself in danger by refusing to let me escort her home.”

“What kind of danger?” Dr. Lewis questioned sharply.

“The man she chose to escort her home didn’t seem inclined to keep his hands off her, sir. But no real harm was done, I assure you. I followed them, and when I saw what he intended, I stepped in.”

“Uh huh,” the doctor grunted. His eyes scanned Ian’s face briefly. “Is that how you got that bruise on your jaw and that cut under your eye?”

“Yes, sir. But as I said, no real harm was done to either Lena or me. Still, I’m sorry that I wasn’t more insistent that she listen to me in the first place.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself about that, Ian,” Dr. Lewis said, nodding thoughtfully. Finally, he heaved a deep sigh. “My daughter can be quite headstrong and unreasonable, I’m afraid. I really should have disciplined her myself, years ago.”

Lena whimpered and buried her face in the cushions. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She began to sob dramatically, obviously trying to play on her father’s sympathies.

“You can save yourself the trouble, Lena. Your histrionics are not going to work this time,” her father said sternly.

Lena abruptly ceased her wailing and raised pleading eyes up to meet her father’s. He was unimpressed. His severe expression softened into a smile when he faced Ian. Dr. Lewis winked at Ian before looking pointedly to where the younger man’s hand was intimately cupped around Lena’s naked bottom.

“Well, it appears that you have things well in hand, as it were. I’ll leave you to continue the lesson. Just remember what I’ve always told you, Ian. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. I expect you to do a very thorough job of teaching her this lesson. You’re not to stop blistering her naughty bottom until you’re convinced that she won’t ever place herself in danger again. Do you understand?”

Ian’s answering grin was positively wicked. “Yes, sir. You can count on me, sir.”

“In that case, carry on, my boy. Carry on.”

Dr. Lewis departed with a chuckle, closing the doors behind him. Lena pounded her fists on the cushions as she kicked her lower legs and screeched in a high temper.

“I can’t believe you just humiliated me in front of Papa!”

“You humiliated yourself, Lena. And now that I have your father’s blessing, you can bet that I’m going to roast your sweet little ass even worse than I would have before.”

With that, Ian unleashed a barrage unlike anything he had given her so far. No area of her bottom or thighs was spared. Every smack seemed worse than the ones before, and Lena thought she might faint. She was certain that he was flaying the skin off her backside.


Ian loved to watch her cheeks flatten and then bounce back with a little jiggle after each hearty smack. After he delivered several smacks on the same area, Lena started bawling in earnest. She had never been spanked before, and she would never have imagined that it hurt as much as it did. Her entire bottom throbbed and burned, and every new blow intensified the agony. She buried her face in the cushions to muffle the sound of her cries. The very last thing she wanted was for one of the servants to hear her. It was bad enough that her father had witnessed and condoned her humiliation and torture.

The spanking seemed to go on forever. Lena tried to remain still, but the fiery pain was unbearable. She continued to squirm and thrash, but her struggles grew steadily weaker. Finally, she was exhausted and could no longer struggle.

“Oh please, Sir. I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry,” she wailed. “I’ll never put myself in danger again; I swear it. Just please stop.”

She continued to sob until her energy was gone. Then, she lay limply over his lap and cried quietly as Ian continued to blister her backside.

Sensing her surrender, Ian gave a satisfied humph and tilted her further forward so he could access the most sensitive area of her bottom. When he began spanking the undersides of her bottom and the crease where her bottom met her thighs, Lena buried her face in the cushions and sobbed even harder. She hadn’t thought things could get any worse, but the smacks on her tender sit spots were pure torture. Every time Ian’s hand came crashing down, Lena wailed. To make matters worse, he began lecturing her about respect, responsibility and looking out for her own safety as he continued to spank her. His stern words hurt almost as much as his hand.

By the time Ian was finished spanking her, every inch of Lena’s bottom and upper thighs was a dark cherry red, and she was deeply ashamed of her behavior. Once again, he ran his hand over her bottom, and the heat from her skin radiated into his sore palm. He gave her buttock a firm, punishing squeeze, and Lena cried out from the pain.

“That should do it,” he stated with satisfaction. “I don’t think you’ll forget this any time soon.”

Lena sobbed even harder as he gently lifted her up, sat her across his lap and tucked her head beneath his chin. She yelped when her sore, naked bottom made contact with his hard thighs, but she let him gather her against his chest. He rubbed her bottom soothingly as she cried in his arms.

“You’re okay, little girl. It’s over now. Just breathe and cry it out.”


Lena’s bottom felt roasted and horribly bruised and tender, and sitting on his rock-hard thighs only exacerbated her pain. His trousers felt like sandpaper against her sore bottom. She should have been eager to escape Ian’s hold, but instead, she clung to his lapels and bawled like a child.

Ian stroked her sore bottom and his calloused palm felt divine against her burning skin. She focused on his caresses as he murmured reassuring words, occasionally dropping a kiss on top of her head. His tenderness soothed her, and she let it wash away her shame and bitterness, leaving her spirits surprisingly light.

Her emotions made no sense to her. She should have been angry and resentful, but instead, she felt a sense of profound relief. The evening’s events had been traumatic. Before the spanking, she had been having trouble processing them. Now, she felt safe and secure, which was confusing given that Ian had just punished her and left her with a bruised and burning bottom.

Even more puzzling was the arousal she still felt. She could feel moisture leaking out onto Ian’s pant leg. When he saw the wet spot, he would know how her body had reacted to the spanking. She hadn’t been able to hide her body’s reaction from him before, and she remembered the way he had taunted her about how wet she was as he fondled her. The thought made her cheeks burn as hotly as her bottom. She buried her face against his neck to hide her blush and cried even harder.


The way she clung to him and hid her face brought out all of Ian’s protective instincts. He was shocked by how intensely possessive he felt at that moment. He couldn’t remember any of the reservations he had had about Lena. He just knew that he wanted her more than he’d wanted anything in his life.

Continuing to caress her naked bottom wasn’t helping matters. The temptation to explore her pussy again was nearly irresistible. He ached for her, and his cock was throbbing insistently. It took all of his self-control not to toss her on her back, lift her skirts, and plow into her virgin pussy. He wanted to fill her with his seed. He wanted to watch her face as he claimed her irrevocably as his. He forced himself to pull his wayward hand from beneath her skirts. He focused on soothing her, and by doing so, he managed to restrain his primitive impulses.

After a long time, Lena finally calmed. Her sobs became sniffles, and she managed to slow her breathing, giving only occasional small hiccups. Ian once again offered her his handkerchief, and she wiped her face and blew her nose.

Ian tipped her chin up and met her eye. “You’re all right. You’ll have a sore bottom for a few days, but hopefully, you finally did learn a lesson. I expect you to be more responsible from now on.”

Lena’s cheeks burned brighter than before, and she tried to turn her face away but he wouldn’t let her. The calm that she had felt just moments before was quickly dissipating. Lena had been pampered and spoiled her whole life, and she wasn’t used to having someone lecture her. Her pride was hurting as much or more than her throbbing bottom.

She pushed against his chest. “Let me go, Ian.”

“I will in a minute. But first, I want to make sure that you understand why I had to punish you.”

“I understand that you are a bully and a brute,” Lena grumbled. “I’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done.”

Ian’s eyes narrowed as he held her stare. “I don’t need your forgiveness, Lena. I need to know that you’re not going to put yourself in danger ever again. If you were my wife, I would blister your bottom as often as necessary until you learned to behave yourself. No wife of mine would act like a spoiled little brat who places herself at risk through her own foolishness.”

His harsh words were simply too much to bear after everything Lena had endured that evening. New tears threatened, and she blinked quickly to keep them at bay. With a small cry, she shoved his chest. It was only because her abrupt change of mood caught him by surprise that she managed to scramble off his lap.

She ran to the parlor door before turning back to glare at him. “Oh, you are a beast and a bully, and I hate you! I hate you, do you hear? I’ll never be yours, Ian McKenzie. Never! I wouldn’t marry you if you were the very last man on earth!”

With that, she flung the doors open and raced up the stairs. He heard her bedroom door close, and he rose with a heavy sigh. He had hoped to end the evening on a more positive note, but Lena was even more defiant after the spanking than when he’d started. He should have stopped her and insisted that she listen to reason, but it was too late for that now. Unless he wanted to chase her through the house, he had to let it go.

Ian muttered to himself as he donned his hat and let himself out through the front door. “There’s no need to worry about that, Lena. I wouldn’t marry you either. I don’t even know why I said that. I certainly don’t need a naughty little minx like you in my life.”

Ian was deeply troubled as he walked to the nearby livery to fetch his horse for the ride home. He would be leaving within a few days to attend medical school, and he wouldn’t be back for several years. He had scrimped and saved since he was seventeen, working not only for his father but picking up extra work at several local businesses in town. His dream was to attend Harvard medical school in Boston, even though he doubted he’d ever be able to afford to go there.

Unlike other medical schools, Harvard had an actual three-year curriculum rather than just a piecemeal series of lectures. Their program focused on the sciences, and doctors who graduated from there had a solid foundation of medical knowledge to guide their practice. That is what Ian aspired to, but the cost of tuition was simply too steep, not to mention the cost of travelling across the country and living so far from home. He had resigned himself to attending a closer medical school and then expanding his own knowledge through self-study, at least to the best of his abilities. He wanted to be the very best doctor possible in order to serve the citizens of his hometown. He would just have to manage it without the benefit of attending Harvard.

Then, in a stroke of good fortune, Harvard had established the Arnold Arboretum in 1872. It was a huge, open air park in Boston filled with every type of tree from around the world that could be grown there. Planning and maintaining the Arboretum was a massive undertaking, and because of Ian’s knowledge and skill with plants and trees, he had managed to secure a job there. He negotiated to have the job be only part time, giving him time to study at the medical school. As an added bonus, he would also be given room and board in one of the university dorms and discounted tuition. Although it would mean working harder than all the other students, Ian was up for the challenge. It was his dream come true, and he couldn’t wait to embark on it.

Until that evening, there had been nothing to dim Ian’s happiness. He had never taken a serious romantic interest in Lena. He had always been attracted to her, but she was simply not the type of woman he wanted in his life. But seeing her flirting with all the other men at the dance had bothered Ian in an unexpected way.

Her behavior had stirred his possessive and protective instincts. He hadn’t intended to spank her, but her defiance had convinced him to take her in hand and teach her to behave properly. He could only hope that she remembered the lesson he’d tried to teach her, since he wouldn’t be around to ensure it. That thought made Ian unexpectedly sad.

Spanking Lena had felt right in so many ways. In fact, he had enjoyed it immensely. For years, Ian had been frustrated to witness her bratty behavior, and it had felt good to finally be able to address it. He was confident that with consistent discipline, he could reform her. There had been those brief moments after the spanking when she had been so sweet and submissive in his arms. Her acceptance of his authority had triggered a nearly overwhelming desire to claim her more permanently, and the notion was unexpectedly appealing. He suspected that Lena actually had a charming nature beneath her bratty exterior. She just needed the right man to draw it out of her.

Unfortunately, as circumstances would have it, Ian realized that he could not be that man. He was determined to pursue his life’s ambition and become a doctor. He might as well forget about Lena. By the time he returned in three years, Ian was sure that she would be married to some other man, and dealing with her would be her husband’s responsibility.

For some reason, that thought bothered Ian more than it ought to. The idea of any other man touching her like he had done made his gut clench. His mind completely shied away from the thought of her in bed with any other man. Even though Ian knew that Lena would never be his, he couldn’t stop feeling possessive and protective about her. He didn’t want to imagine any other man seeing her naked, touching her, fathering her children.

As his horse plodded along, Ian relived every moment of having Lena draped over his knee, and he was immensely relieved that Dr. Lewis hadn’t caught him in the act of fondling her. Ian should never have touched her so intimately. He should only have spanked her, not taken advantage of her nudity to appease his own desires.

Although Ian felt a brief flash of guilt, he couldn’t honestly say that he regretted what he had done. She was simply too desirable, and the sight of her delectable pink pussy, swollen and glistening and practically begging to be explored, had been too much of a temptation. He held his fingers beneath his nose and inhaled deeply of her musky scent. It only made the throbbing ache in his cock worse as he remembered how tightly she had gripped his fingers. He had wanted desperately to sink balls deep into her wet heat and plunder her softness.

Ian couldn’t remember ever being so aroused by any other woman. It was somewhat comforting to know that Lena had been equally aroused, even after the spanking. She had left a large wet spot on his trouser leg, providing ample proof that she had been just as affected as he was. However, knowing that only increased his sexual frustration.

He wished briefly that circumstances were different and that he could seriously pursue Lena. The right to claim her and enjoy her luscious body whenever he wanted would almost make dealing with her bratty behavior and putting a stop to it worthwhile. In fact, the thought of administering more spankings like the one he had just given her was a titillating prospect that had his dick aching more than ever.

Ian gave a self-deprecating snort and rearranged his cock to relieve the pressure. He shook his head and urged his horse into an easy canter. He couldn’t let thoughts like that cloud his mind. Lena was simply not the right woman for him, and he was convinced that his interest in her would wane as soon as he left for school. She might be the most beautiful woman in the small town of Timber Grove, but there was a big, wide world out there just waiting to be explored. There were bound to be other women who were just as beautiful and who wouldn’t require so much work to keep them in line.

He refocused his thoughts on his priorities. Once he had graduated and established himself as a doctor, there would be plenty of time to find himself a nice, agreeable wife. Ian was sure that he would soon forget all about Miss Lena Lewis.


In her bedroom, Lena flung herself across her bed and sobbed into the pillows. While her bottom was agonizingly sore, her pride was hurting even worse. Ian had not only spanked and lectured her like a naughty child, he had done so while she allowed him to see and touch her most intimately. She had never felt so humiliated in her life, and the fact that her father had witnessed it and given his approval just made the humiliation worse. She was profoundly grateful that her father hadn’t appeared a few minutes earlier. He would have found her with her thighs spread open, shamelessly riding Ian’s fingers like some common whore! Even now, she couldn’t believe that she had behaved in such a wanton manner.

After a long time, her tears finally subsided, and she rose and washed her face with cool water from the basin. Feeling slightly better, she began to undress for bed. That’s when she realized that her undergarments were still lying in a heap in the study. She raced down to retrieve them, only breathing a sigh of relief once she was safely back in her room. Hugging them against her chest, she relived every shocking detail of when Ian had stripped them off from her.

Lena removed her dress and went to the large standing mirror. Nibbling her bottom lip, she lifted her chemise to look at her bottom. Her skin glowed bright red in the lamplight, and she ran her hand over her bottom and thighs, feeling the intense heat that still radiated from the tissues.

Out of curiosity, Lena bent at the waist and squeezed her thighs together as she looked back over her shoulder. She blushed hotly, realizing that absolutely nothing had been hidden from Ian’s view even with her thighs tightly clenched. He would have been able to see her most private flesh, especially when she had so shamelessly spread her thighs for him. She remembered how it had felt when he touched her there, and she shivered with excitement.

She reached down and stroked herself, finding that her folds were still swollen and slick. There was so much moisture that it had completely coated the insides of her upper thighs. Her cheeks burned. What must Ian think about her? Surely, he must disapprove.

That thought gave her pause. When she seriously considered it, Lena was convinced that he had actually been pleased by her body’s reaction to him. Sure, he had taunted and teased her for her wanton behavior, but she had caught glimpses of the satisfied look on his face as he fondled her so intimately. He had liked that she was wet for him. He had enjoyed having her respond to his caresses. In fact, he had done everything possible to elicit her responses, and several times he had hummed his approval when she shamelessly spread her thighs and rode his fingers. The realization that she had pleased him brought a rush of heady delight.

With a frown of concentration, Lena searched for and found the tiny button of flesh that Ian had repeatedly squeezed and caressed. It was incredibly sensitive, swollen, and throbbing. When she ran her fingers over it, a jolt of pleasure shot through her, and she gasped and jerked her hand away.

What a strange reaction for her body to have. The spanking had been more painful than Lena could have imagined, and yet her body was thrumming with pleasurable arousal. Something about being dominated by Ian was thrilling. While she didn’t want to be spanked again, she would definitely enjoy being held in his arms again while he kissed and caressed her. She remembered every detail of what he had done to her. She had felt helpless and powerless being pinned over his knee. His superior strength made her feel feminine and vulnerable. She had thoroughly enjoyed being at his mercy, and even the memory had her heart pounding with excitement as another trickle of fluid ran down her inner thighs.

The only thing that was really unpleasant about the episode was the way they had parted. Lena felt unsettled and unsatisfied. While Ian had fondled her so intimately, she had felt her excitement building, and it had seemed as if she was close to finding some sort of relief. But before she’d been able to reach it, he had stopped. It was most frustrating to be left craving his touch! If only she hadn’t lost her temper, she might have been able to convince him to give her the relief she sought. She felt certain that he held the key to unlocking her desires.

Lena sighed and turned away from the mirror. After the hateful things that she had said, there was no chance of Ian ever holding her in his arms again. She knew that he would be leaving to attend medical school in a few days. She had destroyed any chance she might have had to convince him to take her with him, and that thought caused fresh tears to well in her eyes.

For the first time, she faced her most secret desire. She wanted to marry Ian. She had wanted that since she was about fourteen years old. She had only flirted with other men in a desperate attempt to get Ian’s attention, but it had never worked until that evening. Then, when she finally had managed to capture his interest, she had let her temper get the best of her. She had yelled hateful things at him, and now she might never have another chance to win his favor. What if he met some other woman while he was gone? What if he was already married by the time he returned from school? Those thoughts brought fresh tears coursing down her cheeks.

Feeling utterly exhausted and defeated, Lena changed into her nightgown and crawled into bed, sprawling on her belly to spare her sore bottom. Although she felt drained and defeated, she was too wound up to sleep. She lay for a long time tossing and turning. Her body was still humming with sexual frustration.

Finally, she gave in to temptation and once again reached between her legs. She closed her eyes and imagined that it was Ian’s hand fondling her flesh. Her breath came faster and faster as she stroked herself and pinched that sensitive little button of flesh. Try as she might, she couldn’t quite find the relief she sought, and she bit down on her pillow to stifle her frustrated groans. After several fruitless minutes of trying, she finally gave up.

With a little shriek, Lena pounded her fists and kicked her feet in a fit of temper. She told herself that it was good that Ian was leaving town soon. She could simply never face him again after everything that had happened between them, and heaven forbid that he should ever find out what a devastating effect he’d had on her!

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4 reviews for His Little Minx

  1. Ronald

    A really enjoyable story set in Oregon in 1875. It is about two people, Lena and Ian, who knew each other when growing up and meet again as adults and quickly end up married. Lena is wealthy and bratty; Ian is studious, having graduated from medical school at Harvard and he returned home to practice medicine. The marriage, which starts out with some tension between them, soon becomes extremely passionate and filled with spankings – some to correct Lena’s bratty ways, and some for fun. The development of their relationship into a really strong and loving marriage is nicely described and moves along quickly, with a good set of supporting characters. Both Lena and Ian are likable characters – although she does need a firm hand to improve her attitude at times. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  2. Stats23

    I do love early western days spanking romances and this is one of the best I have read. It all starts off with Ian McKenzie having to rescue Lena Lewis from being physically assaulted and socially ruined. He then spanks her for her for putting herself in that dangerous situation. Shortly after the spanking, he moves away to medical school, Harvard no less, and is gone for three years. Upon his return, in very short order, he has to repeat the saving of her virtue and reputation with similar follow up actions upon her posterior. However, absence seems to have made their hearts grow fonder, and for reasons not obvious to all, they agree to marry almost immediately. The wedding night bliss is a page turner that will excite the reader almost as much as it does the newlyweds. Hot, hot action that leads to surprising revelations of the wants, needs and desires of each. The one thing still lacking in their relationship is complete trust, and that is fully exposed the first day after their return from the honeymoon. Once that trust is firmly established, they spend all of their free time exploring the limits of their desires and willingness to dominate and submit. Both are surprised to discover the depths of their respective desires. Both want to give more than they receive, both physically and emotionally. The closing chapters and Christmas presents, both private and public, show just how much they truly love and understand each other. Tears of happiness are shed by both Lena and Ian (and just maybe the reader). A very endearing, sensual, erotic spanking romance. First Class Five Star read.
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  3. Marybeth

    Ian and Lena have known each other all their lives. In fact, they both want each other but have too much pride to let the other know. We start the story before Ian leaves to go to Harvard. He rescues Lena and then takes her home to spank her, with her father’s blessing! That stirs up Lena’s emotions, but she doesn’t know how to express it. Fast forward three years and Ian has graduated from Harvard and is a doctor. He goes back to Willamette Valley to practice. He tries to stay away from Lena, but he can’t. When he finds out that Lena went to the dance with the notorious bad boy in town, he follows and rescues her. And then, history repeats itself and he spanks her. This time, they decide to marry even though they do not love each other, or so they think. They marry and find they have a lot in common and have a HEA. This author writes a compelling story with a few discipline sessions that are very good! I really enjoyed the story and look forward to more books by this author. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  4. Redrabbitt

    The second story in the Return to the McKenzies series could read well as a stand-alone. It will have a few characters found in book one, His Sweet Kitten. The story is extremely heavy in sex scenes and has some harsh discipline. It contains explicit details, which could be considered non-consensual and dubious consent on discipline. It is about two people who have known each other for years, will part ways when he leaves for medical school, and when they reunite after he returns—the story of Lena Lewis and Ian McKenzie.

    Sadly, for me, I found this story was so over-the-top, unrealistic, and too much sex without nearly enough story. I found myself rolling my eyes and shaking my head. This could have been a fantastic story with realism. But read it for yourself. (3.5 stars)

    Lena is a spoiled daughter of Dr. Lewis and was several years behind Ian in school. Ian has known he wanted to do more with his life than farm the land, he wants to be a medical doctor, but attending Harvard is costly. It will be with the aid of Dr. Lewis, his mentor, that Ian can achieve his dream. Before Ian leaves, he will spank Lena—but he also takes things a bit further, leaving her confused.

    The plot will have Ian returning to town but avoiding Lena, which includes him giving her his condolences for the passing of her father while he was at school. When he finally makes an effort, it is only to learn that the brat is at a barn dance with a notorious rake—and that has Ian going in search of her.

    Once again, Lena has placed herself and her reputation on the line, and this time, Ian uses it to his advantage. He will offer her marriage, save her reputation, and maybe the two of them can get along and be sexually compatible.

    Half the story will involve their honeymoon week and all the explicit sex scenes, indoors and outdoors, as well as learning new technics. The two will learn that they have feelings for one another, but they will go through some rough patches to find harmony in their rushed marriage.

    “I’m fascinated by the opposite sides to your personality. I’m the luckiest of men. I’ve marriage both a blushing bride and a bold temptress. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.”

    “Since they shared an insatiable sexual appetite for one other, most of their time was spent behind closed doors. Their love allowed them to explore sexuality without fear or inhibitions. They discovered that they enjoyed all manner of sexual encounters, from poignant and playful to edgy and dark.”

    The story has very explicit sex scenes that will include sadomasochism, dominance, submission, mild bondage, BDSM, with harsh spankings, dubious consent, and power exchange.

    “Now, see to it that you never let a day go by without showing that woman how much you love her.”

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