His Island Girl

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The forbidden Dolphin Island was the last place Brenna thought she would find love, especially love at first sight.

When a night out with the girls leads her to the mysterious Dolphin Island, the evening soon turns rowdy. Unfortunately, Brenna gets to see less of the beach and more of the county lock up. She doesn’t know what’s worse; the discipline itself, or the humiliating position of being bent over an authority figure’s lap. She quickly learns such practices are common place here on the island. Will she ever feel like she belongs? Could she ever call such a place home?

Long-time resident of Dolphin Island, Jared, constantly witnesses people falling in love as they walk along the shores. He never figured he would be lucky enough to be affected by the island magic, especially since he already loved and lost once, but when he first meets Brenna, he is mesmerized by the way the ocean scene moves her. Her reaction touches something deep inside him. Is a second chance possible? Are his loving and dominant ways enough to keep her for himself, or will his lifestyle have her running for the next outbound ferry?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of power exchange. While it is part of the Dolphin Island series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.


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Sample Chapter

Chapter 1

Brenna McKee entered her friend’s yard via the back gate to find both Cristal and Nina poolside. They perched on the edge swirling their legs in the water. “How’s the temp?”

“Icy cold.” Cristal hurriedly pulled her feet from the pool and stood. Heading toward the house, she passed Brenna. “Come on. We’re getting out of here.”

Brenna drew closer to Nina and the refreshing pool of water. “What’s with her? I came to swim.”

Nina hopped up, toweling her legs dry. “Cristal had another argument with Bobby. Now she wants to skip town.”

As Nina finished explaining how Bobby broke up with Cristal once again, Cristal returned, jiggling car keys in the air. “Where shall we go?” Her airy tone replaced the scowl she wore only moments ago.

Nina said, “Let’s go to the lake.”

Cristal nudged her in the ribs with enough force to indicate her error.

Nina blushed. Looking down, she said, “Sorry, Bren.”

Brenna refused to let the traumatic memory take over, but she still wasn’t ready to revisit the accident scene, never would be. She didn’t want to go anywhere near the lake house. “It’s still hard. Let’s go somewhere else—anywhere else.” Planning a getaway suddenly seemed like a brilliant way to forget the unforgettable, and the idea of escaping chores and bills released her rebel side. She longed to be wild and reckless if only for a few hours.

 “Let’s go to the beach—Dolphin Island.” Why did Nina have to suggest the one place Brenna had been forbidden to visit?

“Except there,” Brenna said quickly before Cristal could get excited about a journey Brenna had no intention of taking.

 “Oh, come on, Bren. It’s just what I need.” Cristal spread her arms wide, keys jingling a happy tune, making Brenna yearn to agree. “I can already feel the sea breeze in my hair. If we leave now, we can have our toes in the water in less than two hours.”

Warm summer air tickling across sun-warmed skin sounded more liberating than a dip in Cristal’s pool, and Brenna was almost ready to agree.

Nina coaxed, her words painting a lovely picture. “I love riding the ferry, feeding the seagulls, and watching the sunset on the water.”

The relaxing images heavily swayed Brenna closer to the forbidden island.

Cristal bounced up and down. “We can stay all night and watch the sunrise too.”

A night away from responsibility sounded heavenly, and she was just about hooked. “Well, maybe. How about a different beach? My mom said to stay off the island.”

A collective gasp met her ears. Cristal recovered first and said, “Why would she say that? Dolphin Island is the most amazing place I’ve ever been. It’s so peaceful.”

“Almost magical. What did your mom say about it?” Nina asked.

Cristal and Nina’s excitement made Brenna want to explore the forbidden island, but the contradiction confused her. She thought hard to recall her deceased mother’s words. The only time Mom had mentioned Dolphin Island was when they had lived on the other side of the country. Brenna had been researching landforms for a junior high school book report. She didn’t have many memories of her mom helping her with projects, but her warning came through loud and clear. “Mom said it is the most suffocating place on earth.” Mom had not gone into detail, and Brenna assumed she meant the climate conditions. But if it was truly awful, why did their last move bring them so close?

Brenna shrugged. “I guess Mom didn’t want her hair to frizz.” We are lake people, Mom had always said. Could she have misunderstood Mom’s warning?

“Your hair will be fine.” Nina took Brenna’s hand and tugged. “Say yes. We can soak up some rays, work on our tans, and listen to music—”

“Put our toes in the sand and read the new releases,” Cristal added.

“Stay up all night, drink wine, and roast marshmallows.”

“Yes, Nina, ’cause wine and marshmallows go so well together.”

“Well, screw the mallows, I just wanted a bonfire.”

Cristal wrapped an arm around Nina. “It’ll be the biggest campfire you’ve ever seen.” They both locked their gazes on Brenna, waiting, pleading for her to agree.

“You two act like the island has some weird magical hold on you. Like it’s calling to your souls.”

“Wait until we get there, Bren.” Nina’s enthusiasm edged Brenna closer to agreeing, but it was Cristal’s words that made her eager to see what all the excitement was about.

“You have to walk the shores to understand the… magic.”

Their hopeful expressions had Brenna ready to consent. A trip to the forbidden beach sounded like the perfect escape from reality she’d been needing. Cristal wanted a break from Bobby; Nina had her own problems; Brenna could use a getaway more so than either one of them. She barely knew what she stood for anymore, but she’d only give in if both of them agreed to reinstate the traditional campfire snack. “But I like marshmallows when they’re melted between chocolate and graham crackers. Extra chocolate.”

Her friends cheered, jumping and hugging her. “Oh goody.” Nina clapped her hands and bounced around. Her light brown hair unraveled from its hold in her exuberance. Cristal wrapped an arm around Brenna. “We’ll have s’mores galore. Let’s go.”

 “We need to swing by my house first to check on my sisters and let them know I won’t be home tonight.” As the words left her mouth, she instantly regretted giving consent. No telling what kind of mischief her three sisters could dredge up without adult supervision. If anything went wrong, their entire cover could be blown.

Cristal rattled the keys. “We can take Daddy’s convertible.”


Brenna hopped out as Cristal slowed the sleek sports car to a stop in front of her home. “I’ll hurry.” She was more excited to be heading to Dolphin Island than she should have been, a night of freedom within easy reach. Only a tinge of worry burdened her heart.

“Hey, Bren, grab a few bottles from your mom’s cellar,” Nina said as Brenna headed up the front steps.

“By a few, she means a lot.”

Brenna gave a thumbs up and went into the house calling for her sisters and making a mental list of items to add to her pool tote: the wine and extra cash. She slid the bottles deep down beside the rolled towel and pocketed the money and then called for the girls again. Could they ever listen, just this once? She searched the house, finding them in the media room watching cartoons.

Cari saw her beach bag. “I want to go too.” She bounced up and made to leave to fill a tote. Kyndall and Ella right behind her and equally excited. Silly girls didn’t even know her destination, so she kept it that way.

Brenna spread her arms wide, corralling them back toward the sectional. “Nope. I’m having one, overdue night out with my friends, no sisters allowed.” The expressions looking back at her broke her heart, and she briefly reconsidered leaving, but only briefly. Thankfully, the blaring car horn strengthened her resolve. “I’ll take you swimming next weekend, I promise.” She looked at Kyndall and sent a begging expression attempting to get her to take her side.

Kyndall picked up on the cry for help. “You’re right, Bren. You deserve a break.” She guided Ella back to the couch and said, “Come on, Cari. Besides, it’s a school night.”

Brenna watched them resettle themselves in front of the TV. She leaned over the back of the couch and quickly kissed the tops of three heads. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Kyndall, I’m counting on you to get them to school on time.”

“I will—promise.”

Truancy would put their secret at risk, and if the school had any reason to call their parents, their little family of four would be ripped apart. Brenna didn’t want to think about what the state would do to her younger sisters if it were discovered that they were all living here alone. Sure, she was an adult now, but two years ago when they had all become orphans, their only goal was to stick together. So, till this day, they kept a low profile and stuck to the rules.

“Have fun without us.” Cari’s sarcasm was more hurtful than funny.

“Be careful,” Ella said.



Jared Masters set aside the article in The Islander about population growth. More and more families were moving to Dolphin Island and were excited and devoted to making a commitment to learning and living the island way. It was good news for his chateau. He enjoyed teaching the tradition and ingraining in his pupils the importance of carrying on the culture of the founding members. It was his calling, and he had built two of his businesses around the island’s beliefs.

A feminine knock, followed by a pause, assured him it was not one of the agents from his security contract operation coming to see him. Those guys took great delight in barging in, a prank started by one of his best snipers, Kal Durango. The others found it just as humorous to invade his office unannounced, but deep down, he liked the way it deepened the bond between them and him. “Come in.”

Professor Dianthus entered his office. Tall, sexy and married to one of his men, Faith had applied for employment soon after mastering the lifestyle and now taught a class on domestic discipline at Chateau Dreambox to any woman who wanted to learn more about the topic. “Good evening, Master Jared Masters, how are you?”

She smirked at him and sat, making herself comfortable in the wingback. She looked as though she held a glorious secret and couldn’t wait to share it.

Jared stilled, wondering to what degree her announcement would negatively affect him. “Spit it out.”

“I’m pregnant.”

Elation floated through him, and he had to admit he was more than happy for her. For years he had shouldered his share of the blame for the childless couple and had often apologized to them for having to send Agent Snike Dianthus on tour every time his wife was ovulating. Jared slapped his palms on the desk, making a grand booming noise as he shouted, “Hallelujah.” He rounded the sharp corner of his desk, gesturing with both hands for her to bring it in for a hug. “Get your ass over here.”

She fell into his embrace laughing with him over the exciting news.

Jared squeezed her tightly then released her. “Congratulations. It’s about time Snike figured out how to make that happen.”

She patted him on the chest as she stepped away and returned to her seat. “Ha, ha.”

Jared sat down too, this time in the wingback next to her. “So, are you leaving your post immediately?”

She shook her head. “I thought Snike would insist upon it, but as long as I’m feeling well and stay rested, he said I can work right up until delivery if I want. But, the moment I wane, he’ll pull my rump right off this place.”

She glowed in a way that said she was glad she had a husband who would watch over her, care for her, and was dominant enough to make decisions for her, only after considering her happiness and needs. “I made a list of names of people I think would be excellent at teaching my class.” She opened her folder and withdrew the paper. “What do you think of these?”

He glanced at her notations then set the page on his desk. “Thank you for taking the time to consider a replacement.” He paused not wanting to make any promises about her recommendations until he gave the few names some thought.

“I want to do more than recommend. If you select one, two even, I would like for them to apprentice under me until the big day comes.” She rubbed her flat stomach.

He nodded toward her hand. “How much time are we talking here?”

She smoothed her hand over her abs. “Six months.”

He ran his hand through his hair, worry quickly building within. It would be damn impossible to train up a new Dianthus in that amount of time. Sure, he could find someone with her skill set, but where in the world could he find someone with her devotion?


The three friends danced around the campfire. Marshmallow rods long forgotten and tossed aside. Breakup songs died out long ago, and now, pop hits streamed loud and steady. They twisted and shouted with the tunes. Each balanced, not so steadily, a crystal goblet, wine splashing with some of the moves.

Cristal, carrying the bottle and swishing to the beat, refilled their glasses. “I don’t want to ever go home. This place is amazing.”

Brenna held her glass steady as Cristal poured. She had to agree about the beauty the island offered. From the moment they drove onto the ferry a sense of peace and longing pulled her toward the island. Once on the beach, a serene calm invaded all her senses and reached deep down to her bones. The feeling was surreal yet natural as if she were coming home to a place she had never been.

When they had watched the sunset, an overwhelming sense of belonging beckoned to her in an oddly pleasant way. The docile feelings had consumed and scared her, so she focused on the present and the way Nina turned the bright floral plastic chair into a dance partner.

Cristal paused her hopping to poke at the flames. The fire danced higher sending a blazing heat across the campsite. Brenna attempted to pull her from fire duty. “Dance with me.”

 “Wait.” Cristal’s voice pitched high above the pounding music. “What’s that blue light?”

Nina looked where she pointed and took a long sip of wine then declared with knowledge, “It’s a ship. You can tell by the way the light bounces.”

Way down the shoreline, a light flashed from blue to white. “It’s a light house,” Brenna said. But as the light drew near, both girls were proven wrong. “Actually, it’s a red light.”

Cristal giggled and said, “Well that means horny sailors are heading our way.”

“Wrong,” Nina sang. “Maybe it’s shipped-wrecked sailors coming to dance at our fire. Crank up the music.” Nina danced around Cristal and pointed a finger in her face. “No sailor for you, Cristal, everyone knows Bobby and you will kiss and make up.”

Cristal groaned, clearly not ready to forgive him. She stuck her tongue out at Nina. “Maybe one of them will offer you a job cleaning the ship.”

Brenna giggled at the joke, but Nina shot back. “Ha ha. Like you never showed up at work a bee wit tipsy from a lunch long.” They giggled then laughed harder at the way Nina slurred and mangled her speech.

The inebriated pals danced and laughed around the fire until a brilliant-white spot light lit their camp, successfully breaking up the fun.

“Uh oh,” Cristal said in a high, screechy voice. She reached for Brenna and Nina, and the three clung onto each other.

Brenna froze; all she could do was stare at a silhouetted shape of the burly police officer as brilliant red and blue flashing lights blinded all her senses.


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10 reviews for His Island Girl

  1. Tami

    His Island Girl is book four of the Dolphin island series. I have waited quite a long time for the next book of this series, and I am delighted that it is finally here.

    I loved Brenna and Jared, they are such a great couple with combustive chemistry and their passion made me weak in the knees. I devoured His Island Girl and was not able to put it down until the very end with a very satisfied sigh. This series and author is a must read for me.

  2. Joanie M

    I liked this book very much. I have read and enjoyed the whole series, but I agree this book will stand on its own. With the exception of Jared, the characters are all new. Brenna is a complex character who was easy to empathize with. I loved the true friendship of Brenna, Nina and Cristal as well as the love and devotion Brenna felt for her sisters. Jared’s angst was simple, understandable and romantic as he was drawn to a woman he couldn’t have. The plot was interesting and held my attention throughout the book. It takes us on Brenna’s journey from dealing with past tragedy to finding her submission. The discipline was frequent and there were no erotic scenes other than in Jared’s mind. As with all the Dolphin Island books, the imagery was excellent. Overall, it’s a great book.

  3. Redrabbitt

    The story is the fourth book in the Dolphin Island series but will read well as a stand-alone. While previous stories had Jared Masters and his school, Chateau Dreambox, this one will focus heavily on the school, Jared Masters, and a new student, Brenna McKee.

    Brenna, along with two friends, Nina and Cristal will go out for a night of fun, that will lead them to Dolphin Island, and it goes from fun to jail, to a shocking discovery. Brenna%u2019s parents have both died, and she has been raising her three younger sisters and must lay low to keep them together. But one night of reckless behavior will open a can of worms, and place her sisters and herself in jeopardy.

    Jared Masters is a talented man, wrote the book called Inner Peace, that helps women with accepting the submission, has the Chateau Dreambox school that women attend to learn total submission, then there is the sex club, plus his private security operation. He is also a widower and has never been aroused by a student until Brenna McKee entered his domain.

    One of the older families on the island include the McKee family, but Brenna%u2019s parents left the island and the lifestyle expected of those living there. Not only did they not talk about the island, but they often moved to avoid the family from finding them. But that has all changed with Brenna%u2019s arrest; old secrets will be brought to light, and that includes family she never knew existed.

    The plot will have Brenna enrolled in Chateau Dreambox because of her impending court date and the seriousness of the charges. The hope is that she will present as a repentant woman that is adopting the lifestyle of the island and be able to avoid jail time. While she agrees with what her Grandfather asks of her, she is adamant about her feelings of dominance and submission.

    The story is about the journey of Brenna without the daily responsibilities of raising her teenage sisters, dealing with the loss of their parents, and learning more about herself as a person. She will be subjected to daily maintenance spankings, therapy sessions, classes on submission, and her dream, to work with horses. Learning to allow herself the freedom to grow as a person, and grieve for what was lost.

    For two people, it is an instant attraction, but one that each of them must tread lightly, he as an authority figure and her as a student. The story is full of emotions, including lust, jealousy, fear, regret, anger, angst, and eventually submission. There are many spankings but no sex scenes.

  4. Southern Lady

    A Fantasy Fun Read!

    While the females over the knee agreed Jared%u2019s spanking s were horrible, there was nothing we detected in our reading was all that harsh. A spanking school in paradise best describes this fast-paced book. It was a delight and interesting to read. Spanking fans that appreciate vivid scenes and complex details will find much to love in this well written book We found it to be an enjoyable read that delivered a good night read.

  5. LuCinda Beebe

    First off this is the first book I read in this series and I definitely will be going back and reading the previous 3 books. This is also the first time I have read any of this author’s book and I will be watching for more of them in the future. Brenna Mckee has 3 sisters that she has been raising since her parents deaths. One night she decides to go to Dolphin Island to party with some of her friends, the cops are called and they are arrested. In order for her to not go to prision she goes to Jared Masters school. There is depth and twists to this tale which kept my interest until the end. I read this book as a stand alone and didn’t have any problem with feeling like I was missing something.

  6. Ajjmb

    His Island Girl is a wonderful story about a young woman finding her own path to submission. The story comes with all the struggles and feelings of humiliation that often come with learning to truly submit to someone else and give up control. This is a very touching story and the emotions run high in parts of it. I love how patient Jared is with Brenna as she fights herself as she is learning to embrace her submissive side. I would really like to see more of this story because it seems like a beginning not an end. Brenna has only just learned to Submit and I am sure she will have more struggles. I really enjoyed this story and I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  7. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.?? Brenna has a hard life as a surrogate mom to her sisters.? She makes a mistake and her life changes drastically.?? Suddenly, getting spanked is an everyday occurrence.?? Spanking romance with? lots of spanking.? Hand, brush, strap.

  8. susan landowski

    Loved this book and can be a standalone as I didn’t read prior books but definitely plan on it now. Characters are well written and shows the journey of a highly stressed woman learning to allow herself threw a BDSM school to submit and relax and book strong and resilient. Please read this book as I feel you will love as much as I did.

  9. DONNA L

    4.0 out of 5 starsSweet Story
    ByDonna Lon July 15, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    This is the first book in this series that I have read.It definitely can be read as a standalone but more
    background into the Island history and its laws would have helped me.My heart felt for Breena McKee,
    after one night of fun with her friends changed her life forever.Breena finds herself in jail with an uncertain
    future.Breena had been full time carer to her three younger sisters since the death of her parents.Breena
    finds herself in the care of her grandfather that she did not know existed.Jared Masters,owner of Chatea
    Dreambox,who teach and lead young women into submission, is immediately drawn to Brenna.Breena’s
    journey is a difficult one,she submitted to the spankings but they will never break her.What she did not
    expect was her strong feelings for Jared but her future was uncertain with the results of her her alcohol
    fueled night out hanging over her head.I enjoyed the dynamics between Breena and Jared,it added complexity to their relationship.This story does not just focus on the naughty heroine but is a well written
    story full of love and emotions.An enjoyable read

  10. Sam

    This book is the fourth in a series but I think it could be read without the previous books as it focuses on different characters. It is somewhere between a school spanking story and a romance. The spankings in the book happen regularly and often with no reason which I am not a big fan of. The book was well-written but not my favorite.

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