Her Rugged Cowboys

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Her inner bad girl had been bound

Until now.

When her cousin Ricky asks her for help in turning his ranch around, Monica leaves the big city and sets out west. Pensive Steed, the ranch that her cousin owns has three stunning cowboys that instantly take Monica’s mind off her ex and remind her what lust and love are all about. Will jealousy weave its way into the cowboy’s hearts or can Monica handle all three men at once?

Publisher’s Note: This romance is intended for adults only. It contains sexy, dominant cowboys, adult language, and explicit scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase. 

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Sample Chapter

Dreams really can come true, but only if you can survive the heat… 


“Come here, baby. I’m rock hard and need to slip my cock deep inside of you. 

Sauntering toward him, Monica grinned and licked her lips, freshly stained a deep ruby color and exactly the shade Mike loved. “Who, me?” Wagging her finger, she swished her hips back and forth playfully. 

“You heard me. I’m your boss in and out of bed.” 

“I guess you are, but only here at the office.” Unfastening her coat, she eased the thin material off her shoulders, enjoying the soft sounds as it hit the floor between them. Now standing only in four-inch stilettos, there was nothing like seeing the way his hungry eyes drank in every inch of her curvaceous body. While this wasn’t her normal behavior, she was ready to kick up the heat in their relationship. There was truly something so exhilarating about being very naughty after hours. After all, her sexy boyfriend owned the posh business. They could afford to take a couple of sinful risks.  

“I said come here, or the birthday girl is going to be planted over my knees and receive a long, hard spanking.” 

“Maybe I’d like that.” God, yes, she would. She’d been craving more than just vanilla sex for so damn long. 

Crooking his finger, Mike raised his eyebrow and huffed. “Now.” 

Inching forward, when he reached out and yanked her to him, forcing her into the heat of his body, she gasped. When he crushed her mouth with his, pressing his tongue deep inside, she moaned. When he reached behind her and gave her several hard cracks on the ass, she melted. 

Crack! Pop! Slap! 

Shuddering, Monica closed her eyes and longed to beg him for more. Their tongues entwining, shivers skated down her spine and all she could do was place her hands on his shoulders, submitting to his desires. This just wasn’t her man at all. And damn, her pussy was clenching with desire. When he broke the kiss, she purred and inhaled his exotic scent that was all male. “What’s gotten into you?” 

“Can’t I desire my woman?” His voice was gruff, filled with a lust filled husk. He pushed her back and nodded toward his crotch. “Take out my cock.” 

“God, yes.” Fiddling with his buckle and belt, it took her two full minutes to free his throbbing shaft. Inhaling deeply, the scent of him, musky and exotic, filled her nostrils and she wanted nothing more than to suck him until he came in her mouth. Flicking her finger back and forth across his cockhead, she pursed her lips and cooed. “Should I suck you, baby?” 

“Later. You can clean off my cock. I have other things in mind for you tonight. You’re such a damn bad girl teasing me all day long, coming into my office half dressed. I need to punish you for hours.” Chuckling darkly, he thrust her over his knees and began to spank her methodically and evenly from one cheek to the other. 

Crack! Pop! 

“Ooohhh…” Monica squealed as she wiggled in his arms and knew her juice was trickling down onto his pants already.  

Slap! Crack! Slap! 

“Your ass is going to be red and on fire for a very long time. Just like you deserve.” His voice growled into the oversized space. 

She lay limp in his arms as the heated discipline continued and she was already sated from the dramatic change in his demeanor. “Mmmm…” 

Whap! Crack! 

“You’ve never been very obedient. We will fix this.” 

She heard his words and her entire body responded, her back arching, her pussy clenching. She wanted more. 

Smack! Pop! 

Monica tried to keep her hands on the floor, but the pain was intense. Thrusting back her arm, she shuddered when Mike growled. 

“None of that. We’re going to begin again.” His words were demanding. Controlling. 

Slap! Crack! 

Her body tensed, her heart racing as he continued and in her heart, she wanted this. She needed his firm hand. 

Smack! Pop! Crack! 

Echoes floated in the air as his palm slapped her naked ass. 

Whap! Crack! 

“One way or the other, you’re going to learn to follow my authority.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

With every hard smack, every time his hand slapped against her naked ass, she was pushed into a moment of raw ecstasy. 

“Now, I fuck you.” He yanked her up and in a split second forced her legs around his waist, impaling her in one deep thrust. 

“Fuck!” Clawing his arms, Monica moaned and threw her head back. This was pure heaven. 

Mike growled, the tone guttural as he held her in position, his fingers digging into her hips. “One day, I’m going to fuck you in front of everyone in the office.” 

“You can’t.” Rocking forward and backward, she draped her arms over his shoulders and lowered her head. 

“I own you, sweetheart, I can do anything I want.” Crushing her mouth with his, he thrust his tongue inside as he jutted his hips forward, shoving his cock deep inside. 

She wanted nothing more than to come, but she knew she was required to be obedient, to allow him to decide when and if she could have an orgasm. “Yes, sir.” Clenching her cunt muscles, she shifted forward, riding the man, the only man who’d been able to break her free of her conservative shell. 

“If you don’t learn to obey me, my punishment will be harsh.” 

Hearing the words, she cringed. Punishment. The word was delicious. 



Even after all the asshole had put her through, Monica Preston could think of little else. She craved spankings, a man who would provide rules, restrictions and dole out punishment. Hissing, she knew the concept was more like a fantasy. There was no way she could ever trust again.  

She adjusted her sunglasses as she climbed out of the rental car, studying the façade of the building with growing interest. She pushed back the same memory she’d been thinking about all damn day long. Finding a way out of her nightmare was first on her agenda. “Damn it!” There was no going back – not to Mr. Jerkoff anyway. Sighing, she furiously wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead before they trickled into her makeup yet again. Not only was it sweltering outside, but the air conditioning in the way too tiny car just couldn’t keep up with the damn Arizona desert heat.  

Why the hell she’d agreed to a temporary job providing accounting work and suggestions for obtaining new and frequent guests for her cousin’s dude ranch she’d never know. She knew her cousin Ricky was all testosterone and grandiose ideas. When he’d said the ranch needed help, he’d really meant the place was on the brink of disaster. The man believed she was a miracle worker. The decision had been made after consuming a full bottle of wine. Perhaps she needed a CAT scan. Even the name of the place seemed daunting or perhaps telling. Pensive Steed was at least catchy. 

The thought giving her a needed chuckle, she glanced around the perimeter and had to admit the scenery was breathtaking. From the craggy mountains to the prickly cactus and brightly decorated wildflowers adorning even the highways, Phoenix was a beautiful city. Unfortunately, along with hating extreme heat, she loathed being outside of her beloved Chicago – for any reason. Born and raised on a farm smack in the middle of nowhere, the minute she landed in the prestigious city she was hooked. Without a doubt, she preferred being able to indulge in shops and clubs, donning her finest slinky dresses and heels rather than dowdy attire.  

Then again, what did she have to lose changing venues? Not a damn thing. Her life was in a spiral, going straight to Hell.  

Glancing down, she cringed and had to admit her rather voluptuous body wouldn’t look good in faded blue jeans and some madras type shirt. However, she did have an affinity for cowboy boots, or maybe just cowboys in general and preferably naked and hungry. Groaning, she dragged her mind out of the gutter and wiped her sweaty hands. This would be an interesting working respite. 

Still, her cousin needed what he called her expertise and there were few in the family who could or would offer. Ricky wasn’t the type to ask for help either, so the situation must be pretty dire. Then again, running off to parts unknown chasing after a girl certainly didn’t help the ailing location. That was her cousin though, a wild and free spirit who drove his black sheep reputation into hell and back. Monica glanced across the desolate area and cringed. A solid month was going to kill her. Grabbing her suitcases out of the car, she headed for the main house and wondered if there was anyone staying in the vacation spot at all. “Where the hell is everyone?” A quiet floated around the ranch almost like a blanket of death. She was used to teeming activity and this tumbleweed mentality was going to try her last nerve. 

Standing in front of check in, she waited as patiently as she could for any sign of a human as she eyed the old-fashioned bell ringer. Clearing her throat instead of slamming her hand on top of the well-worn wood, she turned her attention to the incredible interior and was more than impressed. From the massive stone fireplace nestled in a charming and downright comforting family room type area to the scattered and very vibrant artwork adorning the walls, the log style interior was gorgeous. “Wow.” 

“Wow is right.” 

Jumping, Monica slapped her hand over her mouth as she turned and faced the source of the kind, male voice.  

“I didn’t mean to frighten you. You must be Monica.” 

There was something so engaging about the older man’s dashing blue eyes that she was mesmerized for several seconds. “Yes, I… I am and…” Laughing, she held out her hand. “I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone here.” 

“This is our slow time and sadly your observations are right. We’re certainly not as busy as we once were. We have a few folks out and about, but during the extreme heat of the day the guests tend to stay in their cabins.” Grabbing her hand, he smiled. “Forgive my manners. I’m Jessie Walters. Some call me the caretaker here.” 

Smiling, she felt instantly at ease as she shook his hand. “Pleased to meet you.” 

“May I say your cousin didn’t do you justice? He just said you were pretty. Damn, the man must be blind.” 

Blushing, she slowly took her hand away and smiled. “My cousin hasn’t seen me since I was fourteen. I was into all things nerdy then including braces, acne and a bad hairdo.” 

“That certainly has changed. Woo-we woman. You’re like a spitfire of fresh air.” 

The mystery voice was sensual and dripping of an unmistakable lust. Swallowing hard, Monica tilted her head, trying to remain cool as a cucumber, but the instant she saw the rugged man’s face and carved body she melted. Holy fuck. I’ve died and gone to heaven. If this is what cowboys looked like, she was going to sign up for all the rough and tumble perks a dude ranch could provide. “Whew.” She hadn’t realized she’d said the word audibly until Mr. Sex-On-Wheels grinned, his eyes twinkling. 

“I haven’t had that kind of reaction from a beautiful woman in a hell of a long time.” Inching forward, the hunky cowboy gazed down the length of her before licking his lips. 

“That’s what we call full court press,” Jessie chortled as he leaned over the counter. 

If this was full court press, Monica knew she had to have the entire rancho deluxe ride. Suddenly, visions of the sensual darkhaired man entered the back of her mind and in a blinding flash, she could see herself naked, writhing under him as he thrust his cock deep into her pussy, harder and faster with each plunge and… Fanning her face, she had to look away for fear her lust filled desires were going to give her away. My God, how long had it been since she’d had a man’s dick buried deep inside?  

“You gonna introduce yourself to the lady or do I need to do that for you?” Jessie shook his head, the tone of his voice dipping. 

“Oh, yeah, right. Been so long since I’ve seen a sexy woman I lost myself.” Wiping his fingers down his jean coated thigh, he finally held out his hand. “Thorne Kemp and we heard you were coming. Course, if I’d a known you were such a beautiful woman, I would have fixed myself up. If there is anything, and I do mean anything my brother and I can do for you while you’re here, just let us know. We’re at your service day and night.”  

The moment they shook hands Monica thought she might just have to fall to her knees and suck his cock. Blinking furiously, the inner bad girl in her hadn’t been let out of her cage in so long she was temporarily shocked into silence. Seeing his skin-tight blue jeans and even tighter T-shirt, covering a body that God had to have invented out of a damn Chippendale’s calendar, was enough to drive her into insanity. 

“Let the little lady settle in before you wine and dine her,” Jessie chastised.  

Giving the older man a gentle salute, Thorne grinned and tipped his hat. “All right, beauty, but you and I have a date coming and I won’t take no for an answer.” 

Tilting her head, she couldn’t help but admire the way the faded denim wore his ass or vice versa. You need to fuck that man and more than once. Monica sucked in her breath as well as her raging libido and attempted to look unfettered. But Jesus fucking ‘A’, the cowboy did things to her pussy few ever had. Christ, she was hot all over.  

“You’ve met the man about town. At least one of them.” 

“Um, there are two of them?” The question seemed ridiculous. 

Jessie leaned even further over the counter. “Twins.” 

That was it. She hadn’t brought enough vibrators or batteries to keep her hunger in check. Nope, she was going to hell in a hand basket. And one way or the other she was going to fuck the man and possibly his brother at the same time. The thought alone made her shiver. She held her breath, calming her nerves. “I think I’m going to like my stay.” 

Grinning, Jessie handed her a key and nodded toward the bank of windows on the side of the house. “Let me show you to your cabin. We have a damn amazing cook and Bertha prepares three full meals a day for our guests here at the main house, but you can always come in for a snack or share a glass of whiskey with us boys if you would like. I also handle most of the manly grilling, so you can anticipate kick ass steaks.” 

“Cabin? I certainly didn’t expect any special treatment.”  

“Trust me, Miss Monica. You don’t want to be around here every night when the rowdy boys kick up their heels. That is, when they aren’t in town running smack into mischief.” Tipping his hat, Jessie’s eyes twinkled as he walked around the counter. “Come on, pretty lady. Just down the road less than a mile.” 

Trailing behind him, Monica climbed into her car and followed him in his jeep down a dusty road toward the mountains. She could see horses and cattle during the ride, along with what had to be miles and miles of desert and little else. When Jessie stopped behind a small but very quaint cabin style home, she smiled. Maybe a little time in the country would do her some good. There were other buildings close by and she gathered they were the cabins for rent as well as for purchase. She had to admit, the entire dude ranch seemed like an ideal operation. Her cousin barely mentioned specifics but she’d gathered the horrendous economy had taken a toll. 

“Let me take your bags. I stocked up the pantry and refrigerator for you including some wine and feminine type stuff, but not knowing your tastes, you might want to venture out to the store tomorrow after it’s light.”  

“Why after it’s light?” 

“There are some beasts in the mountains you know, and they love to feast on a pretty lady.” 

Stopping short, she placed her hands on her hips and cleared her throat. “My guess is you say that to all the guests.” 

Darting a glance over his shoulder, Jessie broke into a huge grin as he unlocked and pushed open the front door. “You got me but only the really pretty ones. I can see there ain’t gonna be none of the pulling the wool over your eyes.” 

“I admit I take pride in my quick wit.” And brassy, kick ass attitude. Monica added in the back of her mind. Seeing the beautifully decorated cabin, complete with soft leather furniture in a rich chocolate brown and vibrant art adorning the walls depicting the western lifestyle, she was taken aback. Perhaps she could find peace. “This is truly beautiful.” 

“My wife, Elle decorated all the cabins for us.” 

“I can’t wait to meet her.” When she heard a guttural sound, she turned. 

“Miss Elle died last year.” Sighing, Jessie’s voice grew soft as he placed her bags onto the tile floor. 

“I’m so sorry.” 

“No need. We had over fifty wonderful years together. We loved each other so much. You learn about what you lost when its gone. Sad to say, for some of us, we wait far too long.” After looking away, he smiled. “Enough of that. Here you are. All you have to do is let me or any of the boys know what you need, and we’ll get it for ya.” Nodding, he turned and headed for the door. 

“Thank you so much.” 

“Say, if you’re up for it and not too tired from your journey, why don’t you come up to the house at sundown and meet the rest of the crew? I know they’d like to meet you.” 

“I think I’d like that.” There was no doubt she could see more than just a good ol boy twinkle in his eyes, but she let it go.  

“Settle in and we’re happy to have ya. I’ll show you around everywhere tomorrow, so you have the lay of the land as well as the office. Then you can hit the ground running, no doubt. Oh, and careful of some of the boys.” 

“Should I ask?” 

“They tend to bite gorgeous fresh meat.” 

Smiling, Monica gave him a nod and couldn’t help but feel close to the man already. “I appreciate everything.” She watched him walk away and sighed. This was definitely going to be an interesting trip.  

After gazing around the living room, she explored the rest of the cozy cabin. The combined oversized living room melded into a small kitchen and there was one bedroom and a small bath, including an apartment sized washer and dryer. Everything was tidy, comfortable and perfectly arranged for the space. From what she’d seen, her cousin had the right idea. While she was used to selling high dollar corporate suites, this comfy location would certainly be a respite for many of her clients. When she glanced out the kitchen window, the small deck attached to the back drew her attention. 

Dropping her things into the bedroom, she opened the refrigerator door and was surprised to find the entire contents full of fruits, meats, vegetables and bottles of wine. “You rascal you.” Grabbing a white wine, she searched the nearest drawers and was delighted to find a wine opener right away. 

As she opened the bottle and poured a hefty glass, she thought of the sexy cowboy again and her breath skipped. “Mmm…” Without a doubt she could see spending time with the hunk. Shaking her head, she walked toward the back door, flinging it open and smiling as the sun dipped just below the mountains in the distance. She stepped out onto the deck and stood scanning the perimeter. “Beautiful.” As she stood admiring the scenery, drinking in the rich countryside, she heard a noise in the distance. 

Turning her head, the sight of several people grabbed her attention. As they came into view, she was able to see several men on horseback. The sight gave her pause. Inching off the small deck, she walked slowly toward the growing swath of trail dust, kicked up by the light breeze. The closer the riders drew to the bank of small cabins, the easier she could tell they were indeed cowboys. Monica could only imagine them coming home from a long day on the range, moving cattle and tending to… Laughing to herself, she realized she honestly had no idea what modern day ranch hands did all day long. She’d been far too sequestered with her city slicker eight to all hours of the night job. But oh, she could just imagine nights under the stars with campfires and caressing a tall hunk, fresh from a lake water bath, kissing and making love. Mmm… 

“Get a grip.” So, she hadn’t had a single sexual experience since her exboyfriend Mike, aka ass wipe of the year, had dumped her not just for a younger and much skinnier version of herself, but also for her best friend no less. The girl had also taken her promotion, the one Monica had been vying for and working hard over the past nine months to secure. Who knew sleeping with your boss was correlated to sleeping with the enemy? Suddenly the visions of her best friend’s ringlet curls and naked ass flowed into the back of her mind. Killing the girl had been an option but she didn’t think she’d look good in prison standard tangerine. Bile rose in her throat as she envisioned the damning moment. 

“Oh, baby! I love ridin’ you like a damn wellhung horse!” Patsy yelped as she wrapped her legs around Mike’s waist. 

“Come on. You can do better than that,” Mike growled as he dug his fingers into the fleshy part of her hips. 

Bouncing up and down on his lap, she cooed and swung her arm around in a circle in the air, holding an imaginary lasso in her hand. “Fuck me harder! Let’s ride ‘em, cowboy.” 

Well, this trip was more than just helping out her cousin. The offer couldn’t have come at a better time. Snuffling, Monica gave the sky her middle finger, the visions of Mike’s who-gives-a-shit face remaining front and center. He’d fucked the blonde bimbo on the same desk that he’d spanked her on only two days before. Asshole. At least she could try and heal her heart and figure out about obtaining another job. Hell, maybe it was time for a new life. Could she be a country bumpkin fending in the wild and wooly west with a stud by her side? Why just wish for one? If she was going to take a hot and heavy fantasy out for a ride, then why not take her raging desires all the way to the extreme? 

Sipping on her wine, she was lost in her daydreams until the rumble of horses’ hooves getting closer dragged her out of her private vision of stripping Thorne out of his clothes. Shaking away the dreamy thoughts of riding him rough and tumble style, she placed her hand over her eyes, shielding the last vestiges of intense sun. As the riders came into view, she studied the group. “Whew.” They all appeared rugged and akin to something out of a steamy erotic romance novel. Their presence was commanding, a moment caught in time. Life here was different, engaging in a way she hadn’t anticipated. 

She took another gulp of her drink, nearly polishing off the entire amount. Shifting on her feet, she took several steps closer, trying to see every inch, every detail. 

She took several more and before she realized what she’d done, she’d moved into the direct path of the oncoming group — of the oncoming charging beasts. In the next several seconds, she was mesmerized by the sheer power of the massive steeds as they roared down the path toward her. That is until the lead horse became spooked, rearing up and in a split second knocking the rider off his horse. 


Jumping back, Monica ducked as the front legs of the horse came down, almost pitching her onto the ground. Instantly, she dropped the glass and as she heard a hard thud, she grimaced. “Shit!” The horse whinnied and reared again. While she certainly wasn’t frightened, she took a giant stride backward as the other men jumped off their horses and attempted to corral the steed. 

“Damn it! You need to pay more attention, woman. Watch where you’re going.” Struggling to his feet, he kept his head down as he brushed the dirt from his jeans. “I swear to God. Come here, Minnie.” 

“Woman? Watch where I’m going? Maybe you should watch where you’re going, buster. And it’s Monica to you and I work here now so can the attitude.” Suddenly, incensed by his harsh tone, she blew a stray strand of hair from her face and placed her hands on her hips. No two-bit cowboy was going to be rude to her. She glanced from one angry cowboy to the other. Lordy the two looked so much alike she was mesmerized. There simply couldn’t be two of the same hot men on the Earth. She held her stance even though her eyes stung from the wave of dirt.  

Two of the cowboys laughed. “She’s got your number, Dylan.” 

“You’re Ricky’s cousin?” the sexy darkhaired man asked, a grin spreading across his face. 

“Yeah, so?” Glaring at him, she knew the man didn’t deserve her wrath at all. 

“Don’t be rude to her, Zach!” Thorne snapped. 

“This is not being rude. Are you kidding me?” Tipping his hat, Zach gave her an appreciative look. “Have you seen your cousin lately? Hell, you have to be from a distant family as beautiful as you are.” 

Blushing, she glanced in their direction and while one was an older man with a crinkled brow and white hair, Zach was simply another sensational God like creature. More muscular than the other two, his American Indian brown skin was in direct contrast to the white horse he was riding, and the skin-tight ebony colored jeans. The fit was what she could only describe as body hugging and even the leather chaps did little to hide the bulge between his legs. To say she was turned on was the understatement of the year. Now, this was her kind of cowboy. 

Zach raised his eyebrow and walked toward her, his eyes hidden behind dark shades. “I will say though, Dylan’s right, ma’am. You could have been trampled. You have to watch your step out here at all times. The animals have the right of way.” 

“I just came off my back deck, but I’ll take note,” Monica said defiantly and yet as she stole a glance over her shoulder, she could see just how far she’d wondered off the secured location. 

“I think we all need to stop being rude.” Holding out his hand, Zach grinned and removed his sunglasses. “Allow me to formally introduce this rowdy bunch. I hear you met Thorne already. I’m Zach Martinez. This here is Garret Simon and the brooding fellow is Dylan Kemp. We didn’t expect the likes of you.” 

“Monica Preston and Ricky told you I was coming?” 

“We know everything here, miss,” Garret said as he wiped his hands on his jeans. 

Tilting her head, she glared at the man who kept his gaze away from her. “Brooding is right.” She was pushing her luck, but there was something about Dylan’s surly attitude that bothered her. 

Exhaling slowly, Dylan lifted his head, his eyes locking on hers. “Yeah. We know everything, including when someone is out of their league.” 

The carbon copy of the charismatic man she’d met before was standing in front of her, but where Thorne had the brightest turquoise eyes she’d ever seen, this man’s were vivid emerald. They were the kind of eyes a girl could get lost in. Instantly, she could tell the difference was in their personalities. This man was royally pissed off and she didn’t think his nasty attitude had anything to do with her bumbling onto their path. “What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“City girl here? I can already tell you aren’t going to last long,” Dylan stated, his eyes never leaving her. 

“Sounds like a challenge to me,” Garret chortled. 

“Sound like one I’d love to see myself,” Zach added, a grin riding his face. 

“Take it easy, brother.” Thorne’s voice was strained. 

Snorting, Dylan shook his head. “I do what I please.” 

Inhaling deeply, Monica glanced from man to man, finally glaring at Dylan, refusing to blink. Inching closer, she tilted her head, pursed her lips in the best sexy vixen look she could muster and blew a swath of hot air across his face. She was delighted to see a startled look cross his face, albeit briefly. “You’re on and I play to win.” Turning abruptly, she headed for the cabin, doing everything she could not to trip on the dirt and bits of grass. There you go girl! You rock! 

Only when she was inside did she risk stealing a look, unable to stop from grinning. “Whew. Now, that’s some kind of testosterone.” Every part of her body shaking, she crept closer and peered out the window, realizing her nipples were scraping hard against the thin lace of her high-dollar Victoria’s Secret bra. Beads of sweat were also trickling down both sides of her face. “Heat. Has to be the heat.” Yeah, that’s why you’re panting, and your nipples are hard. Has nothing to do with the three sexy cowboys and the image of being a sandwich cookie you have buried in the back of your mind. Right? 

“Hush!” She admonished her little voice and had to fight to keep from racing into the kitchen to secure another glass or three of wine. The fallen wine glass would have to wait to be retrieved. She refused to confront them again – just yet. Boy. This was going to be a racy and adventurous few weeks. Maybe she was just praying it would be. 


Thorne was nearly dumbfounded by not only the woman’s stunning good looks, but also the very way she managed to handle his brother. There was something about her spicy attitude that drove his cock straight into his jeans. He watched her walk inside the cottage and grinned from ear to ear. As Dylan stood cussing and grumbling, he had to fight to keep from bursting into laughter. “Wow.” He could certainly see Zach was more than just a bit interested in the sexy filly. He envisioned more than one tryst the three men had shared together with a willing female. Those had been the days before responsibilities and day-to-day concerns had taken over. He longed for the past, a time when there was less tension. Times had changed. 

“You can say that again,” Zach stated with enthusiasm, as he removed his sunglasses, his eyes glazing over with lust. “I don’t think I’ve seen that much piss, vinegar and ass kickin’ fire in years. That woman needs a hard cock and then some.” 

“You’re incorrigible!” Thorne said and shook his head. “What do you think, Garret?” 

“Let’s just say if I were even five years younger I’d give you boys a run for your money.” Grinning, Garret nodded toward Dylan, giving the other men a high five. 

They all knew how Dylan reacted to anything new, especially a beautiful woman and definitely one who pushed all his buttons. But hell, the man needed to get his head out of his ass for a damn change. It was past time. He’d been pining away for far too long. “I think she’s going to fit in well around here. What do you think, brother of mine?” There was no doubt he was goading his brother.  

Dylan bristled and glanced in their direction before grabbing the reins of his horse. “We don’t need her here.” 

“Uh-huh. And you just want to let the ranch go down without a fight? That it?” Thorne couldn’t help but be pissed. He’d been trying to get his brother to respond to anything about what the hell they were going to do with the mess they were in for almost four weeks. Then Ricky had simply disappeared. Groaning, he felt a twinge of fear race through his body. He’d been observant his entire life. What was going on terrified him. The fear of losing his childhood home was overwhelming. 

“That’s fucking bullshit and you know it!” Dylan snapped. 

“Here we fucking go,” Zach added. 

Garret held up his hands and backed away. “I’ll head back to the stables. I have a late afternoon ride to prepare for anyway.” Climbing onto his horse, he patted the mare’s side and gazed toward the cabin. “She might be good for us, all of us. You know what I’m talking about. New blood and something fresh to bicker about.” 

Zach burst into laughter. “That’s a damn good point. We’ve been so busy bickering and snarking at each other that we have no clue what’s up or down any longer.” 

“I know! I know exactly what we need to do. You assholes never listen to me,” Dylan said through gritted teeth. “And that woman isn’t going to fix a damn thing.” 

“I’m almost sorry I told you a damn thing about her being here.” Thorne knew the next few weeks was going to get ugly and while the woman seemed to be able to hold her own, Dylan was full of rage. 

“Then why did you? I can tell you simply want to have a fling with her anyway.” 

Narrowing his eyes, Thorne took several long strides toward his brother and without wasting a second took a swing, catching him square on the jaw. He was as angry as he’d ever been. “Fuck you!” 


Dylan went down with a hard thud. “What the fuck?” 

“Whoa, boys. This bullshit we don’t need,” Zach snapped as he jumped in the middle of them.  

“That’s it. My cue to leave. See ya, fellas.” Kicking the mare in the side gently, the horse started off at a trot, Garret grousing under his breath. 

Struggling to his feet, Dylan hissed as he rubbed his jaw. “You and I will finish this later.” 

“Of course, we will.” Thorne knew his brother was just hurting, but he was growing sick and tired of the man bitching about everything. Maybe the little filly was something good for his brother. As soon as he thought the words, his dick twitched, and a single bead of perspiration rolled down the back of his neck. Dear God, he wanted the woman. This was certainly unexpected. Was his reaction based on the fact he hadn’t had a woman in his bed in so damn long? He shook his head, weary from the usual bantering and his ugly thoughts. Things had to change. 

Zach moved closer and they both stood silently watching until Dylan climbed on this horse and took off at a full gallop. “What the hell are we going to do with him?” 

“I don’t know. Maybe the newest addition to the staff can help him.” 

Zach sighed. “I don’t know. She’s a wild woman and might be able to crack his icy exterior, but I think I can tell by that bulge in your jeans you wouldn’t mind a taste of her.”  

Giving him a harsh look, Thorne sighed. “She’s a beauty but I have no business getting involved with any woman and especially Ricky’s cousin.” 

“That would be because you can’t get it up or because you are still pining away for the last woman who broke your heart?” Taking a giant step back, he saluted Thorne. 

“Very funny and I don’t see you out there dating any either, unless you can call the concept of the one drunk woman riding you in a very creative way at the bronco event last year an actual date.” 

Giving him the finger, Zach groaned. “Don’t remind me. Okay? Besides, I was plastered.” 

“We all were.” Thorne smiled as he patted the whinnying horse, remembering the good days when the three men had shared a woman, enjoying her while remaining friends. That hadn’t happened in years. Maybe for the best. 

“I can tell what you’re thinking about and I would do it in a heartbeat.” 

“Do what?” 

Zach placed his foot into the stirrup and glanced toward the cabin. “Taste her with a vengeance and enjoy the hell out of a foursome. I can almost feel her hot mouth wrapped around my cock now. Yeah, baby, I’m horny.” 

“Said like a true cowboy or is that the Indian savage side of you?” Chuckling, he climbed onto his horse and had to wonder. What if they could share her just once? Would that help soothe the beast living inside of Dylan? “Maybe you’re right.” 

“I’m always right and you could use a little Indian magic. Let’s just see what happens.” 

“Yeah, let’s just see.” 

Zach gave him a look and shook his head. “You have to learn to trust.” 

Exhaling slowly, Thorne knew he was right. They all needed to learn to trust again for several reasons. Funny how life seemed to always interfere with every aspect of passion and love. Sadly, he wasn’t certain any longer if true love really existed. 


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9 reviews for Her Rugged Cowboys

  1. LuCinda Beebe

    From the first page this story was hot with a capital H. Monica is asked by her cousin Ricky to help with some accounting at the Pensive Steed Ranch were she meets the owners twins Thorne and Dylan Kemp and Zach their best friend. The characters are interesting and complex and I enjoyed each one of them to the point I felt like I was on the ranch with them. The plot deals with loyalty, love, adventure, risk and conflict with many twists and turns. I so glad I picked up this book to read and now can’t wait until the next one comes out in this series.

  2. Tami

    When Monica went to the Pensive Steel ranch, she did not know what life held in store for her. Thorne, Dylan and Zach show Monica that there are men she can trust.

    Three hot cowboys and one sassy woman make for an interesting read. The intimate scenes were very raunchy and held a lot of heat. I also liked the author’s vivid writing style and how she portrayed the characters. You can’t help but fall in love with them. I liked reading the story from the beginning to the end.

  3. Redrabbitt

    What starts out in Chicago with Monica and the man she is involved with, Mike, it will go downhill fast when she catches him and her best friend together in the office. Now she finds herself without the man she had thought she would marry since he was her boss, she probably no longer has a job, and she needs to get away. A phone call from her cousin, Ricky, at the Pensive Steed Ranch needs her help and now, so she boards a plane to Arizona.

    Arriving at the Pensive Steed will come with some shock, some awe, a bit of excitement, some uncertainty, and even anger. Learning her cousin, Ricky, isn%u2019t even around and things are much worse than anticipated will leave more questions than answers.

    The story is overloaded with testosterone, along with double entendre, plenty of tension, and will have Monica%u2019s head spinning. She is in awe of the beauty of the ranch, the potential for it to host guest and she is hoping she has what it takes to get things back on track. It will come out in bits and pieces as to issues and possible fraud and theft, but will she be able to find the answer to save it?

    There are underlying issues that have affected Dylan and even Thorne. Dylan is angry, does not trust easily, and yet he is drawn to Monica. His encounter with her is rough, controlling, and kept a secret. Then Thorne will be open, sweet, and takes her to his favorite place, the lake on the property. Monica isn%u2019t looking for a relationship, yet can%u2019t seem to resist the Kemp brothers and their dominance.

    The story has lots of sex scenes, and it includes with different partners, at different times even though there is no commitment she has sex with each of the brothers. What she doesn%u2019t know, is the brothers, and even Zach has shared women before. The story will include a m?nage ? quatre where she is a willing participant with Dylan, Thorne, and Zach. But is this just sex or could it be more?

    While the story is teeming with plenty of sex scenes, there is also more going on with the ranch, and what all Monica can uncover, and how she will go about trying to save the legacy left to them by their parents. Even the brothers and Zach, who along with a sister was raised by the Kemp family after the death of their parents, will have some secrets that will be revealed.

    Each of our four main characters is different in personalities and may be fighting their own separate demons. Monica is a free spirit, Dylan is brooding, Thorne is outgoing, and Zach is the peacemaker. There is plenty of anger, angst, mystery, attraction, and a true desire by all four people to find a way to say the ranch. They work hard and play hard too, but will that be enough? When the truth comes out, will there be relief that an answer has been found to save the ranch or will the men be upset?

  4. Hope W

    I really enjoyed this great book. With three alpha male cowboys and one feisty woman this book can be quite erotic. While Monica tries to help these men save their ranch, she never expected to fall for one of them, much less more than one! With each cowboy having a different personality and different dynamic with Monica it became interesting to see the different sides of the characters and how their chemistry effected the way they interacted. With the mystery, missing money, explicit sex, spankings and more, this book kept my attention as well as kept me guessing trying to figure out if they could save the ranch and how they would go about this challenge. I would loved to have seen the characters develop their connections a little more and the ending felt a little rushed but overall I loved this book and can’t wait to read more from this talented author. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  5. lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Thorn, Dylan, and Zack, three alpha cowboys. What more could Monica ask for when she is asked to help save a failing ranch? Dominant, gorgeous spankers, yum. Hot sex, a hot bottom, betrayal, mystery, and misunderstandings. Contemporary western spanking romance with a foursome.

  6. susan landowski

    Foursome that generates heat! An interesting plot that keeps on interested. Has mystery, hot and erotic scenes and a hint of emotional vulnerability. The characters are developed enough to keep one involved and the sexually chemistry between them all does not hurt. Please read this book.

  7. Jessica N

    Her Rugged Cowboys is a complex story that involves lots of secrets, damaged hearts, and one woman who is trying her best to navigate through the past to help everyone to a happier and loving future. Monica is brought to a ranch to help get their finances together and to try to find a solution for the ranch%u2019s future. She%u2019s distracted by three delicious cowboys who set off all of her alarms in the best of ways. But will Monica be able to save the ranch and find a place that feels like home in the arms of her future, or will she lose it all?

    I%u2019m not going to lie, I%u2019m honestly a little confused about what all was going on at times and I kept expecting the book to go in one direction that it never fully followed, which is okay. It was nice to figure out some of the secrets and I enjoyed reading how the chips all fell. I loved Monica%u2019s passion; the passion she felt for her men, for the ranch, and that all allowed her to gamble everything. Thorne, Dylan, and Zach all had such different personalities and they all brought something different to the book and their relationship that Monica needed. While I didn%u2019t love this book, it did keep my interest and had me turning pages to figure out the intricacies of Monica%u2019s relationship and trying to figure out all of the secrets surrounding the ranch.

  8. Toni L

    I have to admit, I didn’t get very far into this book before I almost gave it up. There was a particular scene that I felt went beyond acceptable. But I kept reading & it turned into an OK book. I liked the character of Monica even if sometimes I felt she should just use her brain a bit more instead of reacting. I also grew to like the ‘rugged cowboys’. Overall though, I felt the characters were a little too OTT in their actions. I’ve since read that this is the authors first book & while it wasn’t a standout it does show promise for future stories. An author to watch.

  9. Goodbedtime reading

    Why has her cousin Ricky asked for her help while he goes chasing after a dream? Monica soon learns the truth of the matter when she starts wading through the accounts with a little help from the three hunky cowboy/owners of the ranch Pensive Steed. They are hot, hot, hot! She simply cannot decide what turns her on more, the aura of the alpha male that each one emanates, the protectiveness and discipline, or the attraction she cannot deny.

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