Her Outlaw Daddy

He’s on the run from the law. She’s running, too.

He’s a Daddy at heart, a natural Dom, protective and possessive. While working as a bartender out west, he meets trouble and she’s gorgeous: Autumn Lane.

Autumn’s traveling across the country to meet her long lost sister, Lexa. Stopping at a small town bar for a drink, she can’t deny the intense attraction and desire to the cowboy bartender. He’s hotter than any man she could ever dream up. Controlling her impulses is out of the question.

He’s the perfect gentleman, even with a dark past and sinister childhood. Hunter would never take advantage of a woman, even if she threw herself at him. And that’s exactly what Autumn does. One simple touch. One simple caress. A single kiss. And before you know it, all bets are off.

Publishers Note: This is the third book in the sizzling hot Western Daddy Doms series. Each book features a different Daddy, with a guaranteed HEA and no cliff-hanger ending! While this book is a standalone, it is highly recommended that you first read from the beginning of the series to fully enjoy every aspect of this steamy romance.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Autumn stepped into the club, the pounding of music pulsating through her body as she headed for the bar. She needed a drink, and damn well if she found a handsome cowboy, she’d happily go home with him. She craved the touch of a man. The brawlier, the better. Autumn liked the rough and tumble men the best and a cowboy was her dream. Lucky for her, she was in Montana, home of the cowboy, or something like that. She didn’t really know much about Montana, let alone some rinky-dink town she was heading for, Ravenwood.

She was due to meet her sister tomorrow, a sister she’d never met before, well, one she certainly didn’t remember. They hadn’t quite been separated at birth. No, her sister Lexa had been snatched from her crib as an infant, just six months old, their parents murdered in their home. Autumn had nearly reached her fourth birthday and still remembered that haunting night, the memory causing a shiver to course through her body. She would do anything to forget the past, including drink the pain away.

Stepping up to the bar, she glanced the bartender over. He was a handsome sight to see, with his Wrangler jeans tight against his body, hugging him. What she wouldn’t give to be in those jeans. Damn, he was smoking. His white t-shirt was a size too small, his biceps protruding from the sleeves as it clung to him. He probably wore it that way for the extra tips and the cowboy hat was the finishing touch. She wanted to lean across the bar, grab him and drink him in. Her lips tingled with the thought of kissing him, along with her other more intimate regions.

“I’ll have me a cock sucking cowboy.”

“I need to see I.D.”

She just stared at him, ogling his body for a minute longer than necessary before realizing he was waiting for her. She opened her purse, grabbed her wallet and waved her driver’s license at him.

“Is this even real?” he asked, eyes narrowing as he examined it thoroughly.

“Do I not look twenty-one?” she scoffed, shocked he was questioning her age.

“You look young, but you do look old enough for a drink. Law says I have to card you, though.” He handed her back her driver’s license. “Cincinnati. That’s quite a way from here.” He grabbed the butterscotch rum and the Irish cream to prepare her shot. “Have to say I’m surprised.”

“Why is that?” she asked, climbing onto the stool. It was a bit too high for her, but she managed anyhow, thankfully not falling on her ass in the stilettos she’d worn. What had she been thinking, wearing them to a ranch in Montana?

She’d moved around quite a bit, foster home to foster home.

“Most country girls tend to order a screaming orgasm.”

“God, I could use one of those,” she muttered aloud. Any chance he’d be willing to satisfy her?

Sexy laughed under his breath. That’s what she’d call him because he was every bit as sexy as the cowboy in her dreams, hotter in fact. “That’s what they all say, until they’re actually screaming and bothering the neighbors.”

Was he playing with her? God, she could use one of those and not the drink. “Are you offering?” What she wouldn’t give to ride the sexy cowboy until dawn. Just imagining his thick cock deep inside her tight pussy, sent warmth flooding through her body. She’d give up sleep, and that was saying a lot. Autumn loved her sleep.

He met her stare, neither backing down, the heat radiating between them.

She hadn’t gotten his name and quite honestly didn’t care. His name didn’t matter; she’d never see him again after tonight.

She downed the shot. “Hit me with another.”

“Let me prepare you something on the house,” Sexy said.

“And it’s not one of your screaming orgasms? I’m still up for that if you’re man enough to make a girl come,” Autumn said. God, what she wouldn’t give to come from something other than her vibrator or her own hands. A man’s touch was good; his cock was even better. Especially a man the size of Sexy. He was huge, his muscles, his biceps, every part of him had to be enormous. It would probably hurt, like being a virgin all over again, but God, it would be worth the pain.

“If you were my girl, you’d be bent over my knee,” Sexy said.

Her pussy throbbed, imagining what he suggested. “You would spank me?” She couldn’t remember ever being spanked as a child and certainly not as an adult. “Like for a sexual kink?” she asked.

“No, to discipline you. Going out, drinking alone at a bar, flirting with a stranger.”

“Who said anything about flirting?” Autumn grinned. “I like trouble. Is that your name by chance?”

“The name’s Hunter. Let me get you that drink I promised you.”

“Oh, good. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.” She shifted anxiously in her seat, curious as to what concoction he recommended. He turned his back from the bar, providing her a nice view of his firm, tight ass in those blue jeans. Damn, he was hot! What she wouldn’t give to drop down onto her knees, unzip his pants and pull out his cock. She knew it had to be huge if his hands and body were any indication of its size. He seemed like he could easily crush a glass in his palm if he wanted to, he was that big and manly.

Her panties were soaked, imagining what he would do to her, how he might touch and tease her body. God, had it been that long since she’d had a man? She was so fucking horny, and he hadn’t even hit on her yet. Maybe cowboys on this side of the river really were more into cock-sucking than pussy licking. That was a real crying shame.

Hunter grabbed a bottle of vodka from the back shelf and mixed it with a few other ingredients that she couldn’t see, his back to her.

He turned on his heel, her eyes raking over his body, smiling at the sight of his brown leather cowboy boots. He looked the part of a cowboy in every way.

“I made something extra special for you, Cincinnati. Cowboys’ Cum.”

“Any chance I’ll get to experience a real cowboy cum?” Autumn grinned and sipped her drink. It wasn’t like she expected, definitely stronger. Her gaze remained transfixed on Hunter, not so much as glancing away. She swallowed every drop, her tongue licking her lips and her finger wiping the remnants just under her lip.

“I’m Autumn by the way.”

“I know, Autumn from Cincinnati,” he said, pointing at her purse, reminding her he’d seen her driver’s license. “What are you doing so far from home?” he asked. There weren’t too many customers at the bar; most were dancing on the floor or seated in booths on the opposite wall.

She didn’t so much as smile, thinking about the real reason she’d come to Montana. It was a long story, finding and meeting her long-lost sister. “Family reunion.” Two simple words to sum up the experience without making a big deal out of it. He was a stranger, and though he was gorgeous on the eyes, he was still a stranger.

She sipped her Cowboys’ Cum until she finished it and left the empty glass on the bar counter. “I’ll have another.”

“Where are you staying?” Hunter asked.

“Are you making me an offer I can’t refuse?” He was gorgeous beyond any man she’d ever laid eyes on. Was he willing to entertain her for a few hours, give her a screaming orgasm so she might experience a real cowboy cum?

“I’m making sure you get home safe. Give me your keys.” He glanced at his watch and headed toward the other bartender, a girl who barely looked legal and able to serve customers. He whispered something into her ear before coming around from behind the bar. “Let’s go,” Hunter said, guiding her out of the bar.

“Are you seriously kicking me out? What the fuck?” Autumn couldn’t believe the nerve he had! “Isn’t it your job to serve me drinks? You should serve me, dammit!” She threw her arm into the air like she was at a rally, fist clenched and pumping her arm into the sky.

“Do you have reservations at a hotel?” he asked. He escorted her to his pickup truck and unlocked the passenger door, opening it.

“I can stay with you, Sexy,” Autumn said, slurring her words. She attempted to step up onto the running board, but her foot slipped, the height too high, and with her heels, she was about to smash her face into the cement.

Thankfully, Hunter was there to rescue her. With one hand around her hip, he guided her into the vehicle, practically lifting her off the ground and keeping her from falling on her ass. She squealed, half in shock and the other half in delight at feeling his strong hands on her hips. What she wouldn’t give to feel the rest of him against her body.

While he positioned her in the truck, she swung her legs out, dangling them from the side.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Hunter tried to guide her back into the vehicle when she leaned in, pressing her mouth forcibly against his for a heated kiss. He tasted sinful. Her tongue pushed past his lips, her arms wrapped around his neck as she pulled him closer trapping her at the edge of the seat. What she wouldn’t give to feel his cock pressed up against her, but the seat was too high, making his waist out of reach.

He pulled back, breaking apart the kiss, and Autumn whimpered in protest. Maybe it would be okay. He’d take her back to his place and they could finish what had barely been started. She hated to admit how horny she was, and alcohol always brought out the worst in her, but Hunter was hot. Seeing the cowboy with his rock-hard abs straining through his t-shirt and those tight blue jeans, she just wanted to shove her hands inside his pants. It was impossible not to lay hands on him.


He tried to be the perfect gentleman, but hell it was damn near impossible with the hot brunette from Cincinnati showing up at the bar. He’d attempted to keep a low profile in Montana, finding a job as a bartender, although he knew shit about drinks. He’d convinced the owner to give him the job, that he was a hard worker, even without experience. She’d given him a chance, a few books to read and memorize, but mostly his training had been on the job.

The owner was off tonight, which was good since Hunter felt an undeniable need to look after Autumn. He couldn’t explain it. Maybe the dark hair and amber eyes reminded him of someone from his past. That familiar tug was enough to make his overprotective nature kick in, as it had for his sister when he’d been forced to look after her.

An hour before Autumn had shown up at the bar, the place had been rather quiet. He had snuck a few minutes on his phone, reading the news. Bile rose to his throat, his hand trembled and his stomach sank. The headline read: Local sheriff of Ravenwood arrested for attempted murder of nanny.

It had to be a coincidence, right?

Autumn had been a welcoming distraction, taking his mind off his sister. Just because he hadn’t heard from her, didn’t mean she was in danger. Maybe she just needed space.

Where the hell was he going to take her? His place was pretty embarrassing, not because it was filthy but the lack of space, of possessions, it was barely a home. He’d managed to rent the place from the owner of the bar where he worked. She’d given him a sweet deal when she discovered he was down on his luck and staying in the back room of the bar to sleep.

Staring at the beautiful woman sitting in his truck, all he wanted was to fuck her, right then and there. His cock twitched in his jeans, and she leaned forward, shoving her tongue in his mouth.

Fuck. If she wasn’t so damned drunk, he’d have entertained the idea of bringing her home to sleep with her, but not like this. He wasn’t one to take advantage of a woman, ever. It was all about respect, and right now that’s what he was trying to do, respect and protect her. She wasn’t in any position to drive, and he didn’t trust that a car service or cabbie wouldn’t take advantage of her either. She was beautiful and highly sexually charged. The air around her sizzled, making him instantly hard the moment he had laid eyes on her. She was gorgeous and was probably used to sleeping with any guy she wanted.

He broke the kiss, not because he didn’t want to kiss her, but because he knew it was the right thing to do. Hunter gently guided her legs into the vehicle and reached for the seatbelt, leaning in and securing it tightly across her waist, before shutting the door and walking around to the other side.

The moment he stepped into the car and buckled himself in, her hand was on his thigh, inching toward his growing cock. She stroked him through his pants. “Autumn, that’s enough,” he scolded her, but she ignored him as her fingers caressed the denim.

“Let me taste you, Hunter,” Autumn said, her hand coming toward his zipper.

He took her hand and put it back into her own lap with a firm “No.” It pained him to refuse her what he also desperately wanted, but she was inebriated, and he was sober. Everything about the situation was wrong, even if he did imagine her freeing his thick cock, her mouth moving down on the head, licking and sucking as she took him deep into her throat.

Autumn frowned and flicked his hand off her wrist. “Fine, I’ll pleasure myself,” she said, wasting no time to grab at her breasts, squeezing her D sized mounds through her dress. Her eyes shut and she moaned, firmly cupping one breast and then teasing her nipple through the fabric.

Did she have any idea the impact she was having on his cock? His erection throbbed in his pants, straining to be set free. Why was she teasing him? All he wanted was to be the perfect gentleman and instead, she was playing games with him.

If they were both sober, he’d throw her onto the mattress and drive his aching cock inside her tight little pussy. Fate was cruel, dropping such a sexy angel from the heavens and not letting him play with her, while she pleasured herself in front of him, moaning in the front seat of his truck.

Hunter tried to keep his attention on the road. The drive was mostly backroads, thank heaven, since he kept veering off the dirt path with every moan Autumn gave. Her fingers lifted the hem of her dress, and her skirt hiked up to reveal the shadow of her panties. He gave up trying not to look; he was a hot-blooded male after all.

Autumn stroked her pussy through her panties, moaning as she touched herself. Was she wet? What he wouldn’t give to drag a single digit over the satin material to feel the dampness seeping from her pussy.

He reached for her hand, grabbed her fingers that had stroked her wetness and pulled the digits to his lips, tasting her sweet nectar.

Autumn moaned and shuddered in the front seat of the car. Was she really fucking coming already from that?

He shouldn’t have licked her fingers, but his cock was hard and watching her masturbate was driving him wild. He’d been with his share of women, but none had ever been that bold.

Arriving at the ranch, he unbuckled his seatbelt and then hurried around the car, opening the door and helping Autumn with hers. His hand caressed her hip, her skirt still raised, showing off a glimpse of her silk panties. He could smell her arousal and wanted desperately to bury his face in her pussy.

Self-control be damned. Why did he have to be a gentleman? Fuck it. All he wanted was to bury his cock in her and she seemed eager and more than willing. He hated himself so much right now.

“I want you, cowboy,” Autumn said, staring deep into his eyes. She leaned in, shoving her mouth over his for another taste.

His heart thumped loudly, like horses’ hooves pounding against the trail, galloping in his chest.

She turned in her seat, pressing her breasts against his chest as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Let me satisfy you,” she whispered. “I know you want it and I’ll do anything you desire. Anything at all.”

She was a fucking dream come true. Autumn fit perfectly nestled against his body. What he wouldn’t give to shove his dick inside her tight pussy and feel her clench onto his shaft. His cock throbbed at the mere thought of her warmth and wetness. His jeans were tight, and his dick twitched in his pants as her fingers grazed the nape of his neck.

Her touch was as sensual as it was arousing, and he desired all of it, but knew he couldn’t have her. How did she know what turned him on? It wasn’t just her beauty but her body, her scent, he found everything about her intoxicating. Maybe it had been too long since he’d gotten laid. It wasn’t as though he could bring a girl home, ever. The time he’d snuck out, it had been a dreadful mistake.

His lips parted, needing desperately to forget his darkened past and forge onward. He needed her in this moment as much as he needed air to breathe. Drunk with lust, Hunter allowed her tongue entrance to his mouth, his fingers tangling in her dark hair, pulling her closer and tighter against him.

She moaned into his mouth, her leg sliding around his, lassoing him to her.

Her dress was soft under his fingertips. Slowly, he let his fingers wander from her hips, down her thighs and beneath the hem of her dress, inching it slightly higher, until his fingers found her panties. His rough digits grazed over the material, feeling the heat radiating off her pussy. He desperately wanted to rip off her panties and lean down and lick her until she screamed.

Autumn hissed with a sharp intake of breath when his fingers teased her lips through the soft, thin fabric.

No. This was wrong. As much as he wanted to drive his aching cock inside her, it couldn’t happen tonight. He withdrew his digits, putting her dress back down to look presentable, not that anyone was nearby for quite a distance.

Autumn whimpered when he stopped stroking her pussy. “Why did you stop?”

“You deserve better,” Hunter said. He guided her out of the car, helping her down to the ground, making sure her feet were steady before he escorted her into the house.

It was late and she was more than drunk. “How about we put you to bed?” Hunter suggested as he led her to his bedroom and turned down the covers.

She wasted no time at all, stripping out of her dress, dropping her bra and panties on the wooden floor, standing before him naked.

“Climb into bed,” Hunter said, giving her orders, telling Autumn what to do. That’s what he loved most, being in control. He needed that level of control and stability to feel safe.

“After you,” Autumn said and then gestured at him. “Everything off but the hat.”

Hunter laughed under his breath. What was it with city folk being massively turned on by cowboys? “Nice try, Cincinnati,” Hunter said, teasing her. If she was going to keep calling him cowboy, he’d give her a nickname too.

Her eyes narrowed and Autumn pouted, slinking onto the bed. “You’re no fun. I’m horny and all you want to do is stand there and watch me like I’m… Oh my gosh. Are you gay? Is that it? Is that why you won’t fuck me, because I’m literally unfuckable?”

He wasn’t sure whether to be insulted or amused with her newfound thought process. “No, that’s not it. I’m straight; I’m just not about to have sex with you while you’re drunk.” Why had he brought her back to his place? He should have called her a cab or saw to it that she was dropped off at a motel someplace, not with him.

Autumn whined, staring up at him with big brown eyes, “I’m not drunk, Hunter. I’m just tipsy, that’s all.” Her arm stretched out toward him. “Come to bed with me, please?”

He exhaled a heavy breath. It wasn’t as though there was another bed in the house, and the sofa was too short for him to sleep on. He thought about grabbing a blanket and pillow and getting himself cozy on the floor but no doubt he’d end up with a backache or neckache come morning.

Part of him contemplated climbing into bed with Autumn after she had fallen asleep. He’d be up early, before she woke, and she’d likely be out cold the entire night, unaware that he slept beside her. Although that assumed, she’d actually get tired and fall asleep. Right now, she was still much too interested in bedding him.

“I promise I’ll keep my hands to myself,” Autumn said as she stretched out on the bed, pulling the covers up around herself, and yawned.

Maybe the alcohol was finally making her tired.

He removed his shoes, belt, and hat, keeping an eye on the brunette. Her head lay against the pillow, her hair fanned out as her eyes slowly shut. If she was pretending to sleep to get him into bed, it seemed to be working and actually putting her to sleep.

His shirt followed next, along with his jeans and socks, leaving only his boxers. Hunter climbed under the covers, keeping to one side of the bed, trying not to stir her as the bed shifted and dipped.

“Finally coming to bed?” she asked, her eyes still shut, but she shifted closer, her naked body pressed firmly against his.

Hunter’s hands were firm and warm as he guided Autumn onto her back, putting space between them. “Yes, but you need your sleep. In the morning, if you’re still just as horny, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” At least by then he wouldn’t be taking advantage of her.

It took all his strength to force himself to lie still and not pull her into his warm embrace. He shifted and rolled over to stare at the wall, pretending he was alone. He shut his eyes and tried not to think about his cock as it reminded him she was naked and within arm’s reach. No, she wasn’t his to have and to hold, not yet.


Autumn awoke early the next morning, her head throbbing and the room spinning. It took her a few minutes to get her land legs back, as if she’d been out on the sea for a month. No, it had been that stupid drink. What had she consumed last night exactly?

The sun was just beginning to climb into the sky, and she glanced down at her naked body beneath the covers. Beside her, was one hell of a sexy male specimen, sleeping and well-built. Holy Hell, he was hot. Had she fucked him? She couldn’t remember what happened. In fact, most of the night was a blur, which explained the massive headache and the reason the room spun.

Quietly, she slipped out of bed, grabbed her clothes on the floor and took the articles into the nearest bathroom to get dressed. She was quick, not wasting a beat before tiptoeing back to the bedroom. She stared at the handsome cowboy, recognizing him as the bartender from last night. Well, at least she hadn’t been so drunk that she didn’t remembered him now at all. She grabbed his wallet and phone on the bedside table, along with his keys, quietly stalking outside. Autumn was ever so careful not to allow the front door to slam behind her. She didn’t need Sexy to wake up.

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