Her Outlaw Cowboys

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Can three dangerous outlaws find love and solace in the arms of one woman?

Wanted: Social Director. Come to the Wild West where you’ll find romance and the adventure of a lifetime.

For Georgia, a teacher from North Carolina, working on a dude ranch is exactly the change in her life she’s been looking for. Jilted by a younger lover, she’s more than ready for something new, but passion is definitely off the menu. And so, she lies in order to obtain the job.

When she meets three sexy, rugged, opinionated, and very arrogant cowboys, all bets are off.

Savage, Toby, and Josh are struggling to reclaim their lives. An opportunity for a job at a local dude ranch may be just what they need. A chance meeting with a sexy filly might fulfill a combined fantasy, but her caustic mouth and surly attitude need to be handled their way – with strict discipline. They have no problem taking her over their knees and issuing the physical correction she so desperately requires.

When their happiness is thwarted by damning accusations, including lies and deceit, can they work together to uncover the truth?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary Western adult romance is a reverse harem and contains elements of mystery and suspense, sensual scenes, and power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One


A hard spanking. Every girl needs one…

Why in God’s name was she thinking about the concept now? Perhaps because of the number of burly men with very large hands crowding close to their table. Or, she remained mesmerized by the erotic book she was reading, the vivid fantasies she’d experienced in salacious and decadent dreams.

“Exactly why did you bring me to a biker bar again?” Georgia Taylor mumbled the question under her breath, cognizant of the steamy looks they were getting from almost every male in the crowded dive bar.

“Because you adore dark and dangerous men.” Her husky voice was followed by a guttural laugh. “Dominating. Thrilling.”

“Very funny.” She wanted to punch her best friend of ten years but was afraid she’d be cheered on. While she adored Jessica Miller, she was growing frustrated with the constant attempts at fixing her up. She didn’t need a boyfriend – a lying, stinking asshole who took her money, ate her food and never paid a dime for anything. Huffing, she refused to think about her jerk-off ex any longer. The ride had been wild, just not in an enjoyable manner.

“Oh, come on. There’s nothing wrong with mixing it up,” Jessica cooed as she licked the rim of her wine glass. “I know you’re looking for a firm hand.”

She glared at her bestie, daggers in her eyes. “That’s private. No one is ever supposed to know.” Her mind flipped to her greatest desire, to be taken in hand by a controlling and rugged man, spanked for being a bad little girl. Dream much?

“Hint. You’re going to have to actually tell your next boyfriend what you want, or you’ll be pining away for the rest of your life.”

Time to change the subject entirely. Georgia tried her best to nonchalantly scan the customers, each man bearing more tattoos on a single arm than her fellow conservative male teachers would as a group. If they even dared to mark their bodies. Granted, some of them were hot, rugged and no doubt dirty in bed. Looks certainly could be deceiving. Jesus. Where had she allowed her mind to slide to? “I thought we were going out for a nice evening. That’s why I wore this dress.” This very skimpy, almost shows off my ass dress. The thought made her roll her eyes.

“This is a very nice evening. Look at all the eye candy. Honey, this is what big girls fantasies are made of. Huge men on Harleys. Rough and tumble in bed.”

Jessica grabbed her hand. “Girlfriend, you know what they say. Get back on that horse and ride him long. And. Hard.”

Her exaggerated words made her instantly reflect on her life. She loved being a teacher, but the summer months off were meant for her to indulge in heated sexual encounters, embracing excitement with the man she loved. Love. All she’d ever wanted to find was the right men to settle down with. She realized her faux pas and was forced to rub a bead of perspiration off her top lip.

“Maybe we can find you a couple hunks. What do you think?” Winking, she tsked her finger. “Oh, come on. Live a little. Two, three, five men at the same time. Huh? I know you and what you prefer.”

Unfortunately, Jessica knew enough to be able to tease her relentlessly. The very first erotic romance story she’d indulged in had three men and one lucky lady. Ever since then, her dreams had multiple men. And she was utterly out of her mind. “No way.”

“Fine. Be a fuddy duddy. One man. One studly, sexy, all male, big cock kind of man.”

The concept was bleak. “There is no one in Charlotte I want to date, let alone fuck.” Realizing she’d said the words a little bit too loudly, she cringed seeing at least four bikers leaning in, leering looks on their faces.

“You’re incorrigible. What about the online dating I suggested? You did create your profile, didn’t you?”

“Yes, and the first six, count them, six men were in their sixties, even though I specifically requested no older than forty.” Georgia burst into laughter. “And don’t you dare say anything about older men having charisma.”

“And limp dicks,” Jessica huffed. “Why don’t you pick out three bikers? Go for it.”

“Uh, no way.”

“Party pooper. That’s what you are.”

They sipped on their wine and Georgia slunk further into her seat. She was going nowhere in her life fast. She’d made a rash decision the night before. Granted, that had been after consuming over half a bottle of wine by herself. All by herself. Alone. No one to care about her. Fuck her. Great. All this talk about men had made her horny. She thought about the change in scenery and was forced to admit, the idea might be crazy, but she craved getting out of her comfort zone.

In more than one way.

“Let’s change the subject, Miss Conservative. What are you going to do over the summer?” Jessica shook her head in a beseeching manner.

“Well, I actually have a wild idea.” Georgia was pleased with herself.

“Wild, you?” Jessica teased. “I’m kidding. What are you thinking? Taking a long vacation? Hey, I could get some time off. Maybe the Keys. Think about swimming in paradise.”

“I was thinking something a bit more rugged.” She studied one of the bikers in particular and as her pussy clenched, she fought reaching out and touching. He was far too close and way too handsome, even with his scraggly beard. The ink covering his arms was a huge turn on, creating another quiver between her legs.

“Oh, baby. Rugged. I love the sound of that. Go on. Tell me.”

Wrinkling her nose, she wasn’t entirely certain she was ready to let the cat out of the bag. “Okay, but if you make fun of me you are going to die a slow and painful death.”

“Moi, make fun of you?” Jessica winked. “Go on. What?”

Georgia grabbed her purse, sliding the pamphlet into her fingers. “I found this online and made a few inquiries. There’s a job opening, just for the summer. This is something I think I could do and way out of my comfort zone.” As she slid the colorful brochure across the table, she sucked in her breath, waiting for Jessica’s reaction.

“A dude ranch? Are you kidding me? When I was talking about riding hard, I was thinking a stud muffin, not an animal.”

“Would you like to stand on the table, announce this to the world?” She could swear several different bikers were moving closer, waiting to pounce.

She opened the flaps and lifted her eyebrow. “Cowboys. An open range. Mountains. Camp fires. And strong arms to keep you safe. Not bad, even for you.”

“Thank you, oh so much.” She’d found the job listing after a late-night search, determined to bring excitement into her rather dull life. “The Lone Wolf Ranch is established and rates very high on the travel scales. The facility is four star, the chef renowned and the activities top notch.” She sounded like a travel agent.

“Are you serious about this?” Jessica finally asked. “Wow.”

“I am and don’t judge me. Three months in Wyoming. I think a change would do me some good.” Georgia could see the way her BFF was looking at her. Cray. Cray. Yeah, maybe she was crazy.

Taking a sip of her wine, she furrowed her brow, crossing and re-crossing her legs. “Activities. You know I have to ask, what in God’s name would you do there? You can’t ride a horse. You have no idea about ranching, farming or anything about working on a resort of any kind. Not that I’m suggesting it’s a bad idea but, it’s a horrible idea.”

“I would be in charge of their summer social program. You know, parties. Food, drink and festivities. I could see creating a barbeque complete with fireworks, children’s games and lots of margaritas.” You bet she was animated, her hands moving as she talked. Why were the burly men in the room crowding closer around their table? She gulped half the glass of wine, fighting back a burp after swallowing.

“Parties. Now, that you are good at.” Laughing, Jessica lifted her glass. “To new adventures. But I have to ask, did you get the job? I mean, did they really hire you sight unseen? Do they know you’re a teacher, of unruly children?”

Georgia plastered on a wicked grin. “They did hire me, and the owner said I sounded perfect for the job.” Suddenly, she felt claustrophobic, uncertainty sliding into the back of her mind. “I need to freshen up. I hope the bathroom isn’t a horror show.” She clambered to her feet, doing her best to walk in a straight line toward the swinging half lit neon sign indicating the restrooms.

“Chicken!” Jessica teased, whistling behind her.

The loud noise drew way too much attention and before Georgia made it two feet, she was being sized up, fresh naked meat on a platter. Or maybe a Harley. She bit back a moan at the delicious thought.

“Oh, baby. Wanna come ride my bike?” His voice was husky, sensual.

“I bet you’d look hot riding my hard stick.” His leer screamed of seduction.

The comments came fast and furious, hands reaching out to touch her. By the time she reached the shadows of the hallway, sweat was beading down her back. She hovered against the wall, chastising her decision to take the job in the first place. What was she thinking? She’d never been away from Charlotte for longer than a few days by herself. She hadn’t actually answered yes to the offer, but there was no time to waste. The last day of school was at the end of the week. She’d have to find someone to take care of her house, purchase a plane ticket.

And find what was left of her mind.

Slapping her hand to her forehead, Georgia felt more nauseous than she had since finding Joe’s tongue down the throat of a chick barely over eighteen. Joe, the ex, the asshole, the jerk, the… No, she wasn’t going down this road again. Not ever. No men. Just the Wild West. She stifled a giggle and brushed her hands through her long hair. This was her time. Three months of nothing but sunshine, mountains and hard work. And she was getting paid for the enticing vacation.

Smacking her hand on the door, she entered the dingy bathroom. The grunts and groans weren’t difficult to comprehend. They were the sounds of sexual angst coming from both a man and a woman. Like a spider to a fly, she was drawn into the drama as it unfolded, the sinful escapades of one hot and dangerous looking biker and a full breasted female doing the nasty in the corner of the bathroom.

“Oh, baby, I love your thick, hard cock,” the platinum blonde purred. She was leaning over the sink, her hands planted on the counter, her naked, voluptuous breasts swinging back and forth like pendulums as the bald headed, oh-so muscular man pumped his dick in a forceful manner from behind.

“You’re a bad girl, princess,” the biker muttered.

“Then spank me,” she cooed.

Blinking furiously, Georgia huddled in the corner, uncertain of what to do.

Growling, he yanked the blonde’s dress up to her waist and rubbed her ass before issuing several hard smacks. “I should use my belt on that ass of yours.”

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” Her hand pressed against the mirror, she stuck her ass out, wiggling back and forth.

He continued smacking the blonde, his hand moving from one ass cheek to the other.

Now, Georgia’s legs were quivering.

“Yeah, baby. You’ll get more of that later.” The biker grabbed the girl’s tits, squeezing as he used his powerful thigh muscles to lift her up onto her toes. His growls were matched by the woman’s squeals of joy.

Georgia realized her nipples were hard, her pussy clenching as she became the voyeur, studying the man’s form, his massive inked arms and neck, the way the blonde’s mouth twitched after every savage plunge. “Oh…”

A sly smile on his face, the biker tipped his face in Georgia’s direction, his pelvic thrusts never slowing down, but he held out his hand, beckoning with his fingers. “Come over here, darlin’. Join us. I’ll fuck that sweet pussy of yours raw.”

A haze formed over Georgia’s eyes as the blonde shifted until she was able to look in her direction. The girl licked her lips in an egregious fashion before winking. A moment, a single split second of her conservative life came crashing down as desire bolted through Georgia hot and heavy. And she wanted to join them. She wanted to be a third. She craved a hard fuck by a mysterious stranger.

But not by sharing another woman.

Gasping for air, Georgia somehow managed to shut down her raging libido, clawing to find the handle to the bathroom door. When she was safely outside, her back slamming against the fake wood grain wall, she exhaled, fighting the urge to slip her hand into her dress and pinch and twist her nipples. This was insane. This was wild. This was… exactly what she’d always wanted. Completely letting go, free of her inhibitions. No attachments.

She made a promise to herself before gathering her wits. One day, one incredible and delicious day she was going to engage in a ménage or maybe a foursome with several hot men. Then, she’d go back for more.

Now, if she could just break free of her conservative side.

Less than two hours later Georgia stood in front of her dresser mirror, a thick wooden bath brush in her hand. She was naked, the only light the one by her bed. She twisted the brush back and forth in her hand, eyeing the perfectly white bristles. This was her dirty little secret. Not even Jessica knew about her weekly maintenance. She studied her reflection, the woman staring back at her.

Exhaling, she twisted her hips, running her other hand down to her ass, tapping lightly. Even the action didn’t give her a true sense of peace, but at least fulfilled a certain level of need. Taking methodical steps toward the bed, she crawled onto her knees, bending over and placing her face against the comforter. The television was on and even if her neighbors heard, they wouldn’t have any idea what was occurring behind closed and locked doors.

She positioned the brush in her hand, lifting her arm and widening her legs. After several misguided attempts, she’d learned exactly where and how to hold the brush to create maximum impact. As she swung the brush, smacking her ass, she yelped and sucked in her breath. The sensations were electrifying, unlike using her vibrator, the intensity incredible.

Another smack then another gave her a tingling all the way to her toes. She slapped again, spanking her ass and the top of her thighs. The pain was raw, biting but not enough to make her cry. Her father had always told her that a spanking was supposed to make you cry, the release absolving her of her sins. Tonight, she realized she craved more than what she could give herself.

But she continued peppering her ass, one after the other until her arm hurt and her ass was on fire. Resting her arm, she panted and took a full minute to catch her breath. Then she began again, the strikes harder, becoming more difficult to aim correctly but with every swing of her arm, every slap of the wooden brush against her naked skin, she felt more alive.


“I’d get away from him. He’s dangerous,” the redhead snorted, giving Savage a nasty look.

“Dangerous? I adore the dark and brooding type,” the blonde stated before licking her lips in an exaggerated fashion. “Come here, baby. I’ll give you a little SYC to cheer you up. You know what I’m talkin’ about. Sucking. Your. Cock.”

The redhead snagged the blonde’s arm, yanking her away. “Not that asshole. He’s nothing but trouble. He’s a criminal. A bad man.”

He’s a criminal… The words ticked in his head over and over again, forcing bile into his throat. The bitches were all the same.

“Your shot, Savage. Hurry the hell up. Time for another beer.”

The stigma would never leave. Never. Fuck this shit.

“Yo, Savage.”

Parker Harland, Savage to his friends, gave his buddy a scathing look before flipping him off. He glanced at the pool table then polished off the last of his Budweiser. The night was dragging on, boredom reminding him that he had absolutely no life worth mentioning. “Yeah. Yeah. I’m coming.” At least Toby seemed to be in a good mood. Toby Keller, a previous rodeo hero and all around goofy guy hadn’t lost any of his verve during his incarceration. At least one of the musketeers had a better outlook on life. He sure as shit didn’t.

“He needs to get laid,” Joshua huffed, a grin on his face.

Shaking his head, Savage grabbed his pool cue, taking the shot, balls going in every pocket, the eight ball last.

“Oh! You did not just do that. You asshole!” Toby snorted then tossed his stick. “You are a damn pool shark.”

Blowing on his knuckles then sliding them across his well-worn shirt, he walked to the cue stand, sliding the stick back into position. As Joshua walked closer, an odd expression on his face, he knew he was going to need another beer, if not two or three. Josh Mitchem had taken the two year prison stint harder than either he or Toby, losing almost everything to his name. They’d never expected to be convicted, especially when they were trying to help, but the judge and the district attorney wanted to set an example.

Twenty-two months had seemed like a lifetime to all of them. Twenty-three for Savage given the brawl in the shower. But he refused to take shit from anyone, including some oversized, pinhead who thought he could use Savage as his ‘boy’.

“What’s up?” Savage asked.

Toby lifted an eyebrow before muttering about getting another round and walking away. He knew better than to get in the middle of Josh’s brooding mood.

Joshua scanned the small bar, as if pretending to be interested in the few women inside. The bar was a dive, a rundown example of a less than stellar part of town. The distant outskirts of Cheyenne had little to offer in the way of entertainment. However, the three of them weren’t being persecuted, taunted and otherwise treated like second class citizens at this point. No one gave a shit who or what they were.

Who the hell used the word any longer? They weren’t in the freakin’ Wild West.

“What? Just spit it out. We ain’t got all night,” Savage said gruffly. They’d been out over three months with zero prospects for jobs.

“That’s the problem. We do have all night,” Josh answered, mostly under his breath. “I can’t continue living in a shack. I had a life. This is ridiculous.”

He patted his buddy on the back, mindful of his words. Savage was the most jaded and had always been. He hadn’t grown up with a large family, or any family for that matter. Being an orphan had taught him many things, and most of them about keeping to himself. In and out of foster homes, he’d never bothered to get attached. Josh and Toby had been his pseudo brothers, friends since they were in grade school. He at least had a vicarious look at family life through their eyes, no matter how jaded certain aspects had been. For a few years, he’d fantasized about being adopted, but no one wanted a surly kid with a nasty attitude. Both Josh and Toby had kept him on track, yanking his ass back when he strayed into the far left lane, the criminal lane. Until one ridiculous night. “We’ll find a job, you’ll get a place and hell, maybe even a girlfriend.”

Josh laughed and lowered his voice. “Do you remember when the three of us were convinced that sharing a woman was the right thing to do?”

“And we shared more than one.” Grinning, the memories were bittersweet.

“Nah. I don’t mean the few one night stands. I mean forever. A submissive woman. Three dominating men. Could be a blast.” Josh shook his head, a faraway look in his eyes.

“A blast? There’s no woman alive who would tolerate being dominated by three men, let alone outlaws. Besides, that was Toby’s big plan. We’d all settle down on a ranch, one amazing woman, two dogs, the damn fence. The whole bunch of shit.” Savage clenched his fist. You bet he’d dreamt of the fantasy more than once. All the frank conversations as teenagers, the unbridled needs they’d shared had shaped the course of his yearning. But he was no fool. Besides, they’d tested the idea.

“Not such a bad concept, if you ask me. Course you’re right. That would mean a woman could actually tolerate us.” Josh gave Savage a knowing look, his teasing tone cut to a minimum.

Memories were brutal to all of them.

A full minute of silence was cut by Toby clearing his throat.

“Okay. We’re here to have a good time. A round for the crew. Time to celebrate,” Toby demanded as he handed the other guys a cold one.

“And exactly what are we celebrating again?” Josh asked, this time, disdain in his voice.

“We’re all out of the joint, not on probation and we have the entire summer ahead of us. Time to get moving. Do things. You know, live.” Toby looked back and forth from man to man. “Jesus. Rough crowd.”

“In order to live, we need money and that takes getting a job. Few prospects on the horizon.” Savage heard the bitterness in his voice.

Josh rubbed his jaw. “Well, I might have a lead. Ran into an old buddy of mine yesterday and he mentioned they were looking for big, strapping guys. And they need a mechanic.”

Toby snorted. “Leaves you out, bubba. The strappin’ part I mean.”

“Always a damn freaking comedian. It’s a good opportunity. He gave me the owner’s card. The pay isn’t great, but it includes room and board. So, I checked the place out. Seems perfect for us. If you guys ain’t chicken shit, I can make a call.”

Toby ignored his last statement while Savage drummed his fingers on the edge of the pool table. Josh certainly knew his way around vehicles, but what the hell was he going to do? Grunting, he noticed a sexy blonde checking him out. He’d seen her the moment she and her group of friends sashayed in like they owned the place. They had to be tourists given their slinky attire and boisterous actions. At least there was a distraction from the testosterone filled room. Suddenly, his cock was aching. He hadn’t been with a woman in almost three solid years. Time to get back on the saddle. “I don’t care. If it sounds all right, might give it a whirl. I have better things to do.”

Toby followed his gaze, popping Savage on the arm. “Like you never lost any time. Go for it.”

Savage swaggered close to the table full of women, able to overhear at least part of their conversation. They were definitely here scoping out the local talent. In the bedroom, that is. A one night stand with a blonde bombshell was just the ticket. And if she craved a spanking, even better. He didn’t utter a word as he sidled up to the table, acknowledging the girls only with his eyes.

“My. My. They grow them big in these parts.” The blonde fanned her face, giving Savage a nod of approval. “Muscles in all the right places,” she whispered, her gaze falling to his crotch. “Tattoos and one sexy dimple. I think I’m in love.”

He could see her instant reaction, her nipples hard peaks pressing against her slinky dress. Red in color. His favorite. “What’s your name, sunshine?”

“And that bedroom voice. Wow,” the redhead cooed.

“Jordan. What’s yours?” Pressing her lips together, she scooted closer.

“Savage. Would you like to get out of here, Jordan?” Yeah, he was pressing his luck, but he had damn good instincts.

Jordan seemed taken aback for barely three seconds. Grabbing her purse, she winked at the other girls. “I’d love to.”


“Do you want me to call you daddy?” Jordan asked, her eyes twinkling.

What the hell. Savage didn’t mind a little role playing. “Yeah, and you are one naughty girl.”

She licked her lips and twirled, the action allowing him to see her shapely legs, the slip of material falling into the crack of her ass. “I know what bad girls need.”

He glanced around the hotel room. The Econolodge hadn’t seen a renovation in a hell of a long time, but the women had made the place their own. Liquor bottles and lingerie were strewn everywhere. He noticed a collection of wooden brushes on the credenza and his pulse quickened. “All women need a daily spanking, but sinful, rotten girls need a hard whipping.”

“Oh, Daddy.” She noticed his gaze and slid her index finger over her lips. “Maybe I should change into my nightie, Daddy.”

Walking closer to the cheap furniture, he selected one of the brushes. The thick wooden handle fit his hand perfectly, the wood backing the bristles thick enough to add extra sting.


Jordan jumped when he slapped the brush against the palm of his hand. “That’s a good idea. Get yourself ready for bed, young lady.”

Squealing, she scampered into the bathroom, closing the door. A grin popped on his face. This was going to be a welcomed experience and one he hadn’t anticipated. He rubbed his fingers across the bristles, his adrenaline increasing, creating beads of sweat along the back of his neck. Adjusting his cock made him groan, the heightened desire driving him almost mad.

Maybe two minutes later, the door opened, bare feet padding into the adjoining room.

Savage darted his eyes toward her entrance and he blinked twice before being able to focus. Dressed in a frilly, pastel pink nightie, her blonde hair pulled into pigtails, she was the epitome of a much younger version, a baby doll waiting for her punishment. “Well, shit.”

“Daddy, you cursed.”

“Yes, I did.” The sheer attire accentuated her rosy nipples, her shorn pussy. He exhaled and ran his fingers through his hair, the brush planted firmly in his hand. “Place two pillows in the middle of the bed under your stomach.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Her head lowered, her lips pursed, pouting as any mischievous little girl should do, she took small steps toward the bed, thumping one pillow on top of the other and crawling onto the cover. When she lay over the fluffy mound, the nightie was pulled up, highlighting her rounded ass.

Now, his mouth was watering. He took deliberate steps closer, tapping the backside of the brush against his hand. “You are very disobedient. You never follow the rules and you backtalk. I’m going to spank you long and hard. Do you understand, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy. I deserve a brutal spanking.” Jordan wiggled her ass and kicked out her legs.

His dick was throbbing to the point of anguish. Advancing, he lifted the edge of her nightie, tugging until the soft material was up around her waist. “Keep your position or I will add additional smacks.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Snapping his wrist, he brought the wooden brush down on both ass cheeks three times, savoring the popping sound as wood hit her skin.

“Ouchie!” Wriggling, she clenched her fists, her feet shifting.

“You aren’t going to be able to sit down for a week.” He peppered her ass with several strikes, one after the other.

“Daddy! Hurts.” Her voice was muffled, and she flailed her arm back, trying to cover her reddened ass.

Savage grabbed her wrist. “None of that. I told you what will happen if you continue to misbehave.”

Sniffling, she managed to nod several times before smashing her face against the covers.

He moved to the other side, spanking hard and fast, each swat dedicated to her sit spot. After another six, he could hear her sniveling, crying even; he wasn’t certain the tears were real, but hell, he was having a damn good time.

Jordan slapped her fists, rolling her body back and forth. “Oh!”

The brush seemed to mold to his hand, the weight perfect and he was able to control his actions, memories of times in the past a bittersweet reminder of everything he’d lost. He held his breath for a few seconds, pushing aside his darkness then continued, issuing the hard strikes in a methodical pace. After rubbing her cheeks, feeling the heat tingling his fingers, he was ready to lose his shit. He wanted nothing more than to thrust his dick inside her sweet pussy.

Arching her back ever so slightly, she moaned the second he slid the tip of his index finger down the crack of her ass. She parted her legs just enough to allow him to slide his finger past her tight folds, easing inside her cunt. “Mmmm… Daddy, that feels so good.”

Savage pumped his finger as deep as possible. “You’re wet for me, baby girl. Tell me, do you want Daddy to fuck you?”

“God, yes, sir. Please fuck me.” Stretching out her arms, she made cooing sounds.

Removing his finger, he leaned over the bed, rubbing the tip across her mouth. “Open wide.”

Obeying instantly, she parted her lips, allowing him to push his finger inside. She suckled, the sounds floating into the air.

“Clean every drop.” He gazed down at her, trying to keep his cool as his balls filled with cum. When he was satisfied, he issued several additional spanks then dropped the brush. “I’m going to fuck you now.” He’d come prepared, sliding a single condom in his back pocket. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but he was damn glad he’d thought ahead. He snagged the foil package from his back pocket, ripping the top.

She twisted her head and pushed up ever so slightly, her expression one of raw desire. There was a gleam in her eyes as she watched him roll the rubber over his swollen shaft. “Shove that dick inside of me. Make me yours.”

The switch in her voice, the almost primal request was the icing on the cake. He unfastened his buckle and belt, kicking off his boots and almost tearing off his jeans. Planting his knees on either side of her, he pushed her legs together and tapped her butt cheeks with his dick. “All mine.” He slipped his cockhead between her folds, wiggling until he was able to slide the tip inside. The heat of her pussy made him groan. Planting both hands beside her head, he leaned over, kissing the back of her neck before plunging the entire length of his shaft inside. “Yes!”

She clamped her pussy muscles, squeezing around his dick.

“Sweet Jesus. So wet. So tight.”

“Wait until you fuck my ass, Dad-dy.” Giggling, she pushed up again, creating heated friction.

“Oh, yeah. Just wait.” He pumped in and out, straining as he tried to keep his orgasm at bay. He wanted this to last for a long time. Pulling almost all the way out, he dropped his head, nipping her shoulder.

“Don’t tease me!”

“I’ll tease you if I want. I’m in charge.” The sex was incredible, electricity shooting through ever cell, leaving his heart racing. He was straining, willing his body to cooperate. Every part of him was shaking as sweat oozed down both sides of his face, dripping down onto her skin.

“Let me suck you off. Please, Daddy.”

Surprised, he panted as he held the position, issuing a slight growl before taking a step back. “Then suck me.”

Another slight squeal pushed past her lips as she clamored to climb off the bed, settling in between his muscular legs. Her delicate fingers removed the condom, tossing the unwanted piece of slick rubber onto her dresser. “You are so strong, Daddy. So big.”

Savage couldn’t help but wonder just how many times she’d performed this same act. At least tonight, he was receiving the benefit. “Take every inch.” He folded his arms, closing his eyes and when she wrapped her perky little mouth around his cockhead, he almost fell face forward. “Shit.”

Giggling, she rubbed his balls, rolling them between her fingers as she sucked on the tip, her tongue swirling.

His mouth was bone dry and he tried to maintain position, his breathing difficult. “Don’t taunt me. Suck me.”

She took him down another inch. Then another, her mouth moving like an expert.

She’d done this many times before. The thought giving him a grin, he stared down at her with hazy eyes and rolled onto the balls of his feet. When she began to go up and down, slurping and sucking, he jutted his hips forward. “Yeah, that’s it, baby girl. Just like Daddy taught you.”

Jordan’s eyes never left him as he began to fuck her mouth, his thigh muscles tensing with every savage plunge.

“Yes. Yes.” He was shaking all over, sweat rolling into his eyes and he wasn’t going to be able to hold back his orgasm much longer. “Fuck!” As he spewed into her mouth, he was amazed she took every drop, sucking and licking, cleaning his cock then licking her lips. He fell onto the bed, exhausted and spent. “Come here, baby girl.”

Jordan purred as she curled next to him, resting her head on his chest. “Am I a good girl now, Daddy?”

“Very good. Hell, yes, you’re a good girl.” He could feel a wash of relaxation and closed his eyes. If only he could find the right girl, the one who would give him a sense of freedom, maybe even saving his soul.


9 reviews for Her Outlaw Cowboys

  1. Lalaland

    Georgia is a teacher and her life is going nowhere fast, she needs to make a change to try and make something happen. She finds an advertisement for a job as events organiser at a Dude Ranch and applies. Exaggerating her experience and qualifications she manages to secure a short contract to cover the school summer break season. When she arrives she is completely overawed by the sheer majesty of the country and beauty and peacefulness of the ranch and although she is completely out of her depth, she feels that she has come home and belongs. At the same time as she begins her job there are three cowboys who have been recruited for their individual expertise in various jobs, Josh is a mechanic, Toby an ex rodeo star and Savage is an accountant and marketing expert. There is one problem, they are all ex convicts having been in prison for 2 years for manslaughter. The ranch owner Richard Marshall believes that they should be given a chance to rebuild their lives and reputations although the local townspeople and the Deputy (who is Richard’s brother, do not necessarily agree). There is immediate chemistry between Georgia and Savage followed by an attraction between Georgia and Toby and then Josh. These men who have been friends for years share everything. Things should be great but sadly there is a no fraternisation rule and things keep going wrong on the ranch and all the evidence points to Savage. This is quite a hot read with some very raunchy menage scenes, some eye watering punishments, some hot funishments and plenty of kink in between. There is an interesting plot twist and some mystery and sabotage to keep you interested before the inevitable HEA. This was quite an entertaining read, I felt the plot twists towards the end were a tad far fetched and melodramatic but overall I enjoyed this book. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  2. Jessica N

    Her Outlaw Cowboys is the second book in the Cowboy Desires series, but can completely stand alone. Georgia needed a break from her life, so she wildly applies to be a Social Director at Lone Wolf Ranch. Upon arrival, she quickly realizes that there is much more going on behind scenes than she ever expected, finding lies, coverups, and three Outlaw Cowboys that just ignite all of her secret fantasies. Josh, Toby, and especially Savage are the men she wants in her life, but with strange things happening around the ranch and past hang ups that never seem to go away, can the four of them find happiness or will all of their dreams be ripped away?

    This book was full of drama, secrets, a whole lot of past hurt and mistakes, and a longing for something truly special between one woman and for men. Georgia was a great character, someone you can only dream of being on your side! She truly fought for those she loved, she was curious and sassy, but had an amazing kinky and submissive side as well. Toby, Josh, and Savage were all broken from their past, but also wanting so much to move on and prove their worth! Savage was especially intriguing because he carried so much blame and guilt on his shoulders. As the mysteries and lies were slowly unraveled, I truly felt for all of the characters and what they all had to endure. There were lots of twists and turns in the plot that had me second guessing and flipping pages until the very end to see what would happen next! I definitely enjoyed reading this book!

  3. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.? Georgia dreams of a trio of hard, spanking men to dominate? her.? To love, punish and cherish her.? When she meets three outlaws, Savage, Josh and Toby, she wonders if it could happen.? Unfortunately,? Savage has baggage and a mystery to solve.? Sexy, spanking, mystery romance.

  4. Redrabbitt

    The story is definitely a page-turner with a wonderful cast of characters and plenty of secrets, lies, deceit, mystery, suspense, and challenges. Three men will spend several years in prison for manslaughter and have a large majority of the town folks treating them poorly. Getting a message from a former friend about jobs at the Lone Wolf Lodge will give them a new start, or will it?

    Charlotte, North Carolina school teacher, Georgia Taylor is seeking a summer adventure and applies at the Lone Wolf Lodge to be their activities and event coordinator. Maybe she does exaggerate on the application about her abilities, but she gets the job and is going to Wyoming for three months. Not only will she have to try and pull off doing the job, but she must also try to act like a cowgirl.

    Parker Harland or Savage to his friends, Josh Mitchem, and Toby Keller have been friends since childhood, and consider each other brothers. They will happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and framed for murder while protecting a waitress. The saying of no good deed goes unpunished is definitely the case for these three men. Now they are considered outlaws; each served two years for manslaughter. Getting a chance at a job at the Lone Wolf Lodge will be a new beginning.

    The plot will have four new employees starting at the same time, Georgia, Savage, Josh, and Toby. There is an instant connection with sexual tension, and it won%u2019t take long for the four of them to act upon it. Georgia craves a strong dominant man%u2014or men and has fantasies about being held accountable, and having more than one man at a time. Savage, Josh, and Toby have shared women in the past, but also had one long-standing relationship, Macy, a woman who haunts them. They are hoping to one day finding %u2018the one,%u2019 the woman who wants to be with all three of them, could Georgia be her?

    The story has Richard Marshall confiding in Savage that he is concerned about the books, and ask him to dig into them and see if he can find discrepancies. He also asks him to design a new website and brochure to help secure more business. Questionable things have been happening at the Lone Wolf, and Savage and Georgia will start uncovering things. Someone is out to destroy the Lodge and Richard, and in the process, they are determined to frame Savage. Will they succeed or will the feisty Georgia find evidence and help him?

    There is plenty of anger, angst, mystery, attraction, and a true desire by all four people to find a way to save the Lone Wolf. They work hard and play hard too, but will that be enough? When the truth comes out, will there be relief that an answer has been found to save the ranch and clear the men?

    While the story is teeming with plenty of sex scenes, there is also more going on with the ranch, and what all Georgia can uncover, and how she will go about trying to save the legacy and future of the Lone Wolf. The story will include a m?nage ? quatre where she is a willing participant with Savage, Josh, and Toby. What will happen when her three months are up? Will she return to North Carolina as a school teacher or will she stay in Wyoming and live her dream of submitting and loving three men? There is also plenty of spanking scenes.

  5. LuCinda Beebe

    This is the 2nd book in this series and it is smoking hot from the first page until the last. Georgia Taylor a teacher is hired at a dude ranch for the summer where she meets Savage, Toby, and Josh also justed hired to work at Lone Wolf Lodge, a dude ranch. Georgia instantly falls for Savage, a tall, hunky, cowboy who just got out of prison for a crime that was an accident. There is many twists and turns to the plot line which kept me guessing who did what and why. I thoroughly enjoyed and can’t wait until the next story in this series. This book can easily be read as a stand alone.

  6. Hope W

    Her Outlaw Cowboys is the 2nd book in the series but can be read as a stand alone. This story keeps you glued to the pages and turning as you read a story of love and self discovery. The deep friendship between Savage (Parker), Toby, and Josh is surrounded with secrets from long ago, suspense, mystery, and danger. When you add in Georgia, it includes not only love from the past but now love of the future. With erotic sex, spankings, and love the pages seem to burn as you go. the author gives the reader a great blend of mystery and erotic love with a surprise ending that resolves the mystery. This book is a can’t miss and I give it a 5 stars!! I voluntarily received and arc copy of this book.

  7. Ajjmb

    Her Outlaw Cowboys is a great story with a little bit of mystery and a little bit of romance. Georgia knows what she wants and with a little courage she is ready to go after Savage, Toby and Josh. She is not willing to let anything from her past or theirs stand in the way of her getting the relationship she wants and desperately needs. The book has a lot of intrigue wrapped up in the story which makes it really good. This was a hot and spicy book that I strongly recommend. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  8. Goldie Nut

    Can 3 outlaw cowboy’s handle 1 feisty woman? Savage, Toby and Josh have
    come to the dude ranch to try to reclaim their lives. Georgia is a teacher that
    lies to get the job of social director. She needed adventure and a change in her
    life. The cowboys have always said if they one of them met someone they would
    want to share the woman. Georgia is sure not going to be bored on the dude ranch.
    Danger, intrigue and romance abound in this novel.

  9. Toni L

    As soon as you start this story it’s at full speed. A lot happens & there are a lot of characters. The main story between Georgia & the ‘outlaws’ is paced well, but it’s primarily Georgia & Savage. Yes, the others are involved, but almost like extras. The real story is Georgia & Savage. I enjoyed this read, but I did feel a bit overwhelmed with too many characters & too much happening. I think I would have enjoyed it more if there were less characters & less events.

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