Her Majesty’s Downfall

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Marla Majestic – known as Marla Majesty and often Her Majesty to those who barely manage to tolerate her – is not happy. The man she’s dated off and on since high school, the man she fully expected to marry one day, is engaged to someone else. For the first time in her life, neither her money nor social standing is of any use to her. Chas MacKenzie is in love, and it’s not with Marla. Furious, she intends to put a stop to it, in any way possible.

Until Chas’ best friend, Pete (Crunch) Benedict gets in the way.

Pete has known Marla forever. In fact, she was his high school crush. When he gets wind of her plans to thwart Chas’ wedding, he does the only thing he can – he takes Marla in hand. Marla doesn’t know it, but Pete has no intention of ever letting her go.

This is a sequel to Just Her Luck, but reads as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.

Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Marla Majestic sat at her desk her scarlet fingernails drumming a tattoo on the polished surface. It was simply too much! This was taking things too far, her brain insisted as she stared at the photograph in her copy of the local newspaper. And to think, it was her own father; her own flesh and blood that owned this rag. She wondered why she hadn’t been given her copy to proof yesterday morning. Now she knew. A strangled hiss escaped her clenched teeth as she continued to fume.

An engagement announcement and a picture of the happy couple slapped her in the face as soon as she opened the paper, and she nearly wore her hot coffee when she slammed the cup down on her desk. So he was going to marry the little twit! It wasn’t possible. Chas Mackenzie was supposed to marry her, God damn it!

Everyone knew that, everyone who mattered, anyway. How had that little nobody managed to breeze into town and steal him right out from under Marla’s nose?

Looking at the photo, Marla didn’t get it. She supposed the girl was cute enough in a juvenile sort of way, but she had nothing going for her. Marla laughed as she read the details.

Roberta Swancott, Babe as they called her, God, that was a sickening nickname, she thought with a sneer, was employed at Sally’s Diner. How quaint, a poor little waitress struggling to make her way in this cold and wicked world. Obviously, she’d somehow managed to appeal to Chas’ knight in shining armor disposition. Hell, he was always stopping on the side of the road to give someone a hand, change a tire or rescue some kind of pathetic animal or other.

Apparently, this waiflike girl had triggered the same response with her long hair that looked as though she’d never seen a stylist.

Oh, Marla knew about her, she’d heard the rumors flying around town but she never really took it seriously. He’d come to his senses soon enough after he had his little fling and was tired of babysitting. The word from some of Marla’s friends was Babe was immature and slightly underdeveloped. Chas would tire of her penchant for getting herself into one scrape after another. Imagine getting her hair caught in an old wringer washer, she thought with a spiteful laugh. The girl was a joke, a miniature woman playing at being a grown-up, and Chas liked his women full-grown, that was for damn sure.

Well, it had gone on long enough. Marla had been stewing for nearly three months, her anger simmering just below the surface as she rolled her eyes, and she’d stated publicly that it was ridiculous that Chas would prefer someone like that little tart over her whenever anyone brought up the subject of his new romance. It would soon fizzle out she insisted, sort of a last hurrah before he put a ring on her finger and decided to settle down.

No one seemed to know where Roberta came from or why. What did her people do, for instance? Did she have any social pedigree at all? Marla doubted it. For sure she wasn’t some rich heiress trying to prove to daddy that she could make it on her own. There were even rumors she’d been involved with that sleazebag Roger Thomson before meeting Chas. Now there was a disgusting specimen if she ever saw one. Why would Chas want Roger’s leftovers?

Even now Roger was being investigated by several law enforcement agencies. They hadn’t been able to pin anything substantial on him yet, but Marla figured they soon would. The man was a worm.

Glancing back down she looked at the smiling couple her eyes narrowing as she picked up a pen and gave little Babe some horns and a mustache. So, a September wedding was being planned, was it? That was still five months away and a lot could change in a short amount of time. She’d been holding on to her temper by a thread. Perhaps it was time to pay a visit to Sally’s Diner. Maybe she’d feel better once she got a real look at this troublemaker who was screwing up all of Marla’s carefully laid out plans.

Grabbing her blazer she picked up her purse and the keys to her red sports car.

“When my father comes in, tell him I have something important to discuss with him,” she snapped as she left her office and sailed by their shared secretary. “I’ll be back in a little while.”

“Yes, Ms. Majestic,” Mary replied. “I’ll let him know. If he asks where you are, what should I tell him?”

Marla paused. The smile did not reach her eyes.

“Tell him I’ve gone to take care of a matter that’s been on my radar for quite a while,” she replied coolly. “And tell him to make sure he has bail money,” she finished before going out the door and slamming it behind her.


Mary stared after her, unable to hide her grin. So Miss Majesty had seen the interesting item in the paper, she thought breaking into a full smile. Too bad it wasn’t closer to lunchtime, she thought with a sigh. Well, no matter. She’d have lunch at the diner and get the scoop from Sally herself. Or, if she were lucky the melee would still be going on.

Her boss’ daughter could make quite a scene when she chose to and apparently this was the day. The entire town had been waiting for this confrontation with bated breath. Most were rooting for Babe, but a few diehard friends of Marla’s were hoping for a different outcome. Mainly the society bitches, Mary thought with a grimace. Well, she for one hoped the little waitress kicked Marla’s ass and if Babe needed bailing out Mary would be happy to start the collection, anonymously of course.

Mary liked Babe Swancott. She was sweet and even-tempered and her love for Chas was obvious. However, she doubted Babe was a match for the furious woman who’d just sailed out of the office. No sir, she wasn’t, but Sally was, and Mary prayed this was not one of those days when Sally said screw it and decided to go to Bingo, which happened periodically.

Maybe Chas would be there. Usually, he brought Babe to work and met his buddies for coffee. They’d probably be gone by now, but maybe not. Lord, what she’d give to be a fly on the wall at Sally’s today!

Looking at her watch she sighed and tried to get some work done while she counted off the minutes till lunchtime.


Pete Benedict opened the door of the diner more than ready for a coffee break. The morning had already yielded three speeding tickets, a no turn on red and a domestic disturbance out at the old Marshal farm. No surprise for a Monday morning when the couple typically spent the weekend drinking themselves into oblivion.

After breaking up the scuffle he threatened both of them with appearance tickets or worse. When he’d left they weren’t speaking. Good! He hoped it stayed that way. Thank goodness they no longer had any stock to tend and Pete figured it wouldn’t be long before Matilda Marshall would be too frail to lift that heavy, cast iron skillet she always threatened her husband with.


That woman was one of the most quarrelsome creatures it had ever been his misfortune to arrest, and he’d arrested her more than once. Pete couldn’t imagine being married for fifty-plus years to such a cantankerous bat. Truthfully, he could well understand why Henry tipped the bottle now and then. They’d talked about it once.

“Hank, why the hell do you put up with that woman?” Pete had asked, shaking his head.

“For one thing, I got nowhere to go,” the old man admitted scratching his head. “The kids cleared out as soon as they were able and not one of them settled nearby.”

“There are senior apartments,” Pete pointed out. “Places you could live alone in peace.”

“This is my home, Pete,” Hank explained. “Why I can’t imagine leaving here.”

“But she’s so… mean,” Pete replied, trying to state the obvious as kindly as he could.

“That she is,” Hank agreed. “Believe it or not Tildy was a beautiful woman. Oh, the dreams we had when my granddaddy left us this place. I couldn’t wait to marry her and start our life together,” he said with a faraway look in his cataract-clouded eyes.

“What happened?”

“The usual, too much work and not enough play. She changed, starting arguments and fussing over every little problem.”

“Why didn’t you take a stick to her butt when it started?” Pete asked.

“I thought about it, more than once, but the life I’d given her was not the life I promised. Keeping this farm running and getting it to pay was hard work. Tildy did her share. Then the kids started coming along and there was even more to do. One day she looked in the mirror and she saw the old, work-worn woman she’d become and blamed me. I can’t argue.

“After that, there was no reasoning with her. She became a mean-spirited wife and mother and the kids couldn’t get away from here fast enough. I don’t blame them either,” he said with a sigh. “Eventually I started hitting the bottle trying to drown out the sound of her bitchin’. Soon she was doing the same.”

“Do you think if you’d taken her in hand when she was younger things might be different today?”

“Maybe. Can’t say but it’s too late now anyway. It’s water under the bridge.”

Pete had no more to offer.

He was never getting married.


Taking a seat at the counter Pete smiled as he watched Josie scurry around. A minute later she placed a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll in front of him and went on about her business. She was a pretty little thing, quiet most of the time and sassy when she needed to be. Occasionally things could get a bit rowdy at Sally’s Diner.

“Where’s Sally today?” he called out to her before picking up his cup to take a sip.

“She took the day off, being it’s Monday and all. Said she had important business to take care of,” Josie called over her shoulder as the little bell rang and she hurried to pick up her order from the window. “I suspect that business has something to do with Bingo,” Josie whispered with a grin as she passed him.

Pete laughed, heard the bell on the door and turned to see who was coming in. Crap, Marla Majestic, he swore softly. She was, as usual, dressed to the nines, her high heels clicking rapidly across the tile floor.

“Where is she?” she demanded loudly, taking a napkin and wiping the counter fastidiously before setting her purse down.

“What brings you to this side of the tracks, Marla?” Pete asked smoothly. It seemed smart to let her know he was there. Her face was flushed. Marla was armed for bear and gunning for a little cub Pete was particularly fond of, Babe.

“Who, Sally?” Josie asked glancing up at the woman in surprise.

“No, not Sally, you idiot,” Marla shouted. “Roberta, Babe, whatever the hell you call her, the little bitch who stole my man!” she demanded.

Josie looked at Pete, obviously confused. She’d only been in town a month, showing up with two little children and nowhere to go. Her blonde head tilted to the side and her mouth dropped open.

“I’ll handle this,” Pete said, rising and moving toward the irate woman.

“What do you want with Babe,” he asked calmly.

“What do you think I want?” Marla sneered. “I want to kick her ass and send her packing.”

“Now, Marla,” he began. “Let’s sit down and talk about this,” he suggested, kindly but firmly taking hold of her arm. “You don’t really want to start trouble, do you?”

“Yes, yes I really do,” she insisted as he steered her to a table and all but planted her ass on the chair. Folding his big body onto the chair across from her he signaled to Josie for his coffee and held up two fingers. Quickly she appeared beside them with his cup and another for Marla.

“Thanks,” he said shooting her a reassuring smile. Immediately he turned his attention back to the furious woman across from him who was rapidly drumming her fingers on the table and tapping her foot impatiently. Lord, he couldn’t seem to catch a break today.

“Now what seems to be the issue?” he asked.

“Don’t be an idiot, Crunch,” she snapped, calling him by the name he’d picked up in high school as her eyes darted around the restaurant looking for her target. “You know exactly what the issue is.”

Pete studied her closely. She’d done something different with her hair, he noted. It was longer than the last time he’d seen her, and her dark tresses now had a hint of red. It suited her, he decided.

“No, I don’t. Apparently, you have some sort of problem with Babe.”

“Only that she sailed into town and stole my fiancé,” Marla stated loudly. “Where is she?” she called out to Josie who was wiping the counter with an eye on the drama that was unfolding.

Josie ignored the demand and went about her work. Pete knew she heard; hell, half the town probably heard and spread the word. The diner seemed to be rapidly filling up with customers, curious customers who seemed to want to sit at the tables around them.

Pete wasn’t surprised. This day had been coming for a while now, ever since his buddy, Chas Mackenzie had fallen for a virtually homeless young woman who’d run her rust bucket of a car into Chas’ brand-new pickup.

“I don’t recall that you and Chas were ever actually engaged,” Pete pointed out.

“Well, we were,” she insisted glaring at him.

“Did he ask you to marry him?”

“Not in so many words, but it was understood,” she said in her defense. “We’ve dated for years. It was assumed we’d marry one day.”

“That’s hardly a proposal,” Pete said with a snort. “Perhaps you thought more of yourself than he did.”

Her hand flew out to slap his face and he caught her wrist in a strong grip.

“You really don’t want to do that,” he advised sternly. “Assaulting an officer of the law is a crime.”

“And you’d love to arrest me, no doubt,” she countered tugging against his strength.

“No, not really. I can’t imagine having you locked up for an hour, much less endure a day listening to your endless harping,” he informed her truthfully. “What I’d really like to do is pull you over my knees, flip up your sassy little skirt and teach you a lesson in manners.”

“Are you threatening me?” she demanded with an outraged gasp.

“Think of it more as a fantasy, a daydream if you will. I’ve always thought a good spanking would give you a whole new attitude.”

“Well, we’ll never know, will we,” she sassed, her eyes flashing. “For one thing, you don’t have the balls, despite how big and tough you are, and it would put your entire career at risk,” she pointed out with a challenging laugh. “I’m not worth that, am I?” she asked.

“Honestly, Marla, I don’t know what you’re worth,” he admitted. “If it would make a decent, reasonable woman out of a spoiled brat who has always gotten her way I might be pleasantly surprised.

“You’re beautiful, but you already know that. I’ve often wondered if having your ass blistered by a man who knows what he’s doing would reveal there’s more to you than meets the eye.”

“Let go of me,” she hissed softly lowering her gaze.

“Are you going to behave?” he asked sternly.

She didn’t answer immediately. Instead, she turned her head and observed the rather large crowd taking in every word.

“Yes,” she finally replied, rubbing her wrist when he immediately released her. “But this isn’t over, not by a long shot,” she informed him stiffly.

“It better be,” he warned.

Pete leaned forward, his voice low and unmistakably frank.

“Lately, I’ve been wondering if it’s time for a career change, so don’t think you can hold my job over my head. Stay away from Babe. Chas loves her and she loves him. Keep your nose out of it and try being rational for once in your life. You can’t have everything you want. Nobody can and I don’t particularly care how much money your daddy has.

“You wield a lot of power in this town, but be aware that you have a number of enemies as well. Most would not convict me of giving you exactly what you deserve. Leave Chas alone, and if you do anything to hurt Babe, either physically or personally I’m planning on having your ass on a platter. Do we understand each other?” he asked darkly.

“Boy, she’s got you under her spell too,” Marla snorted.

“It’s not a spell. She’s the real deal, loving, kind and genuine. Instead of trying to destroy her why don’t you give emulating her a shot? Maybe you’d find out honey is a lot more tempting than vinegar.”

“Kiss my ass, Crunch,” Marla replied haughtily as she rose regally from the chair. “I’m not afraid of you and I’m certainly not afraid of that little interloper. Her day’s coming, you mark my words.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” he responded rising as well. “I fear your day is also on its way and you might want to think about that.”

“You don’t frighten me,” she repeated. “You’ll never follow through on your threats, which are obscenely ridiculous by the way,” she added, holding her head high as she strolled to the counter and snatched up her purse.

Pete followed her.

Leaning in and rising to her tiptoes, she kissed his cheek, shocking him to the core.

“I wouldn’t want anyone to think we hadn’t parted as friends,” she whispered in his ear. “Don’t bother walking me to my car, darling,” she cooed for all to hear. “You worry about me far too much as it is. Never assume I can’t take care of myself.”

Pete watched her walk away, noting the exaggerated wiggle of her ass. What game was she playing now he wondered as he resumed his place at the counter? Josie brought him a hot coffee and replaced his cinnamon roll without a word.

“What just happened here?” he asked aloud to no one in particular.

“You’ve been had,” Josie replied with a grin.

Pete frowned at her, gulped down his coffee and tossed a few dollars on the counter. He had to think about this.


9 reviews for Her Majesty’s Downfall

  1. Stats23

    Ms. MacFarlane continues to write entertaining contemporary spanking romance fiction that reads and feels like the real thing. This story features characters that resonate with readers, former high school friends finding their way through post-graduation relationships and life choices. Like you will find in most American small towns, there’s the misunderstood rich “princess”, the high school hunks that either become cops or self-employed businessmen, and their many assorted friends. This story has all of that plus love lost, reciprocal revenges, comedic situations, and (of course) lots of spankings and some sweetly sensual sex. If you have enjoyed any of her previous stories, you are going to love this one. By the way, if you do enjoy this freestanding story (and I’m sure you will) be sure to go back and read “Just Her Luck”, the story of how the relationship of Chas and Babe began. 4 Stars.
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  2. Rhea

    This is an absolutely great read about misinterpreted feelings and miscalculated responding actions. It has a very good and thought-out plot that unfolds naturally, well-developed characters that grow throughout the book, sex scenes that will have you melting and it is all extremely well written. I absolutely recommend you read this book!

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  3. Redrabbitt

    The second story in the Sassy Girls series will have Marla Majestic determined to get back the man she wants—she doesn’t care that he doesn’t want her and is engaged to marry Babe. Marla has a reputation for getting what she wants, but maybe it’s time she learns that things don’t always go her way. Pete “Crunch” Benedict has had a crush on Marla since they were in school, but she never would give him the time of day, but now, she needs his help.

    “He couldn’t stand that woman, had barely tolerated her in school. She was such a phony, head cheerleader, president of the student council, running around sucking up to everyone to garner votes—she was even Prom Queen!”

    Marla thinks she can convince Pete to help her get Chas back—believing that he will sell out his friend for the run for Sheriff. What she doesn’t seem to understand is that he knows that keeping an eye on her is more to protect Chas and Babe from Marla’s clutches.

    “I’m thinking you’re a special kind of crazy and am very relieved you don’t have me in your crosshairs. What makes you think I’d ever do something so underhanded, so sneaky to my best friend?”

    “This woman would do almost anything to get what she wanted, and it was easy to understand why Chas had chosen Babe. What man in his right mind would take on her majesty with her wicked ways, sharp tongue, and single-minded determination?”

    So Marla thinks that Pete will just play along like an obedient puppy to get what she thinks he wants. Life will take a turn on a dime when Pete makes his on concession for agreeing to her crazy scheme. What’s the saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” And that is exactly the tactic Pete will use—what he wasn’t expecting is what happens between him and Marla—and she probably never dreamed it would happen either.

    “You’re not going to play me for a fool, your majesty. You wanted me to play your boyfriend, and you’d better be prepared to be the perfect girlfriend, or else. Or else the spanking I’ve dreamed about giving you will become a reality quicker than you can get out ‘I’m sorry.’ I won’t be humiliated or embarrassed by your antics, especially considering my position in the community.”

    “It was possible she’d just sold her own soul to the devil for no man could kiss a woman like that and be play-acting.”

    The chemistry between Pete and Marla sizzles off the pages with both passion and angst. She doesn’t want to develop feelings for him, believing that Chas is the man for her, but even her subconscious is screaming at her, ‘no he is not.’ Pete is the first man who has ever truly stood up to her, called her out on her bad behavior and took her in hand. There is something to say about honesty—and Pete isn’t afraid to tell her what she needs to hear.

    “You’re very adept at getting what you want. The problem, as I see it, is that sometimes what we want isn’t good for us.”

    While this story follows Just her Luck, it will read well as a stand-alone. There are several well-deserved spankings, plenty of honest, heart to heart conversations, and explicit sex scenes.

  4. Hope W

    Wow, I loved this 5 star read! Her Majesty’s Downfall is book 2 in the Sassy girls series but can be read as a standalone with no problems. The plot is true to life and caught my attention from page one and I did not stop reading until the end. The characters are fun and deep all at the same time. Marla is not always as she seems and Pete can see past her hard exterior. He knows what he is getting into, but also knows how to take a naughty lady in hand. The author gave us main characters that each had strong personalities but knew when to bend to the other. They are passionate, deep, mean spirited, loving, fun, and so much more. The passion pulls you in and makes you want to be a part of the story. So jump on in and enjoy the read. I highly recommend this can’t miss book! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  5. Marybeth

    This is Marla’s story. She has been pushed and unloved most of her life. But, she kept moving forward and would rather the town thought of her as stuck up than to be sorry for her. She propositions Pete to make Chas realize that he still loves her. But, her plans fail in the best way. She realizes that she likes Babe and that she loves Pete. I loved this story and I hope the next in the series doesn’t take a year!

  6. Donna

    Donna L
    5.0 out of 5 starsHer Majesty’s Fall From Her Throne
    September 10, 2019
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    Fate has a funny sense of humour and the best laid plans don’t always work
    out.How far would you go for revenge?.Marla Majestic,or her Majesty,expected
    to marry Chas MacKenzie.He was the man of her dreams and she had wedding
    bells in her head after having dated Chas.

    Marla was outraged when she found out that Chas was to marry Babe.How dare
    a simpering clutz like babe think she is good enough for Chas.Marla seeks out
    Pete ( Crunch) Benedick to help her with her plan.Crunch had a crush on Marla
    in high school but he was out of her league.There was no way that he would
    allow Marla to hurt his friends.He has demands of his own and being led around
    by Marla was not one of them.He was a traditional man who believed in discipline
    and Marla would pay the consequences for any mischievous.Along the way,the
    chemistry between them heated up.Despite the internal battle,her body betrayed
    her.Crunch had just the right amount of passion and dominance as they discovered
    feelings for each other that surprised them.Crunch hard hand uncovers a softer,more
    likeable side of Marla.She tried to resist him but failed.

    Ms McFarlane has a unique sense of humour which resonates with her readers.This
    book ticked all the right boxes needed in a spanking romance.It flowed well and
    was a joy to read.It can be read as a standalone but i recommend reading the books
    in order to help familiarise yourselves with the characters who pay a pivotal part in
    this book.

  7. Julie

    The author Stevie MacFarland has done it again with this fabulous book. This book is hilarious in areas, plus it is hot, steamy, passionate, emotional, the constant flow mixed with emotion, outrage, passion, and heat made it a glued to your seat page-turner I had to finish.

    Marla Majestic or better known as Her Majesty is not happy. The man she dated off and on since high school is in love with someone else, not her.

    This is the man that she meant to spend the rest of her life with. The man she intended to marry one day.

    Her social status or money can not give her what she wants for the first time in her life. Because it has no effect on Chas MacKenzie.

    In a rage, she is going to stop this craziness any way she can, but she needs help to pull it off and thought Pete (Crunch) Benedict would be glad to help her.

    Pete has had a crush on her since high school. She never would give him the time of day as he was not good enough for Her Majesty. He is relieved she does not have him in her clutches. He knows why Chas wants to marry Babe. Only a complete idiot would take Her Majesty on with all her plotting, her wicked ways, her guillotine tongue, and selfish determination. To get whatever her toxic heart desired. Right now it wanted Chas no matter the cost.

    When he finds out Her Majesty intends to sabotage his best friends Chas’ wedding, he puts his foot down and takes her in hand.

    Her Majesty believes Pete is on her side. However, a sharp turn is made when Pete shares his terms with her if he participates in her hair-brained scheme.

    He agreed to his terms to keep their enemies close so he would be able to protect Chas and Babe from this ruthless pain in the … well, you know.

    You will not play me as a fool, especially with my connection in our community. You will not humiliate me in front of anyone or without anyone present even. You wanted me to play your boyfriend, so you have me. Listen good you better be the perfect girlfriend or else my dream will come true, and I will spank that sassy bottom of yours faster than you can get a word out edgewise.

    Neither Pete nor Marla never expected what happened next. No man could be just pretending and kiss a woman like that.

    Their connection was a sizzling flame, and you felt the burning passion page after page.

    She still thinks Chas is the man for her, and she does not want to embrace the feelings she has for Pete. Nevertheless, her heart knew better.

    Pete says what she needs to hear, refusing to be anything but sincere. No one was like this man as he kissed thoroughly, stood his ground, took her in hand for her lousy behavior whenever it was called for. Yes, Pete is all she needs.

    As I said before this book had me glued to my chair until the end. But the ending was a bit of a disappointment.

    The two or three weeks it glossed over and ended the book should have been included. This woman Marla is full of issues, emotions, low self-esteem, and much more that should have been written about in-depth, like the other parts of the book.

    She got the right ending realizing her love for Pete, and he is the only one for her. Also that she actually likes Babe when she got on the right track. How did she get there though it does say? What was she feeling alone the way? All this is a journey on its own, a battle within her that has been building her entire life. How she overcame the thick-walled obstacle standing in her way for real love is an essential part of an award-winning romance and makes it more realistic!

    I still gave this five stars because as I said, the book was fabulous and only the ending was not completed. Of course, this could be easily solved within the pages of another book. There is still so much more to tell about Pete and Marla.

    Thanks so much for another great and exciting book!

    I received a free copy of this book. This honest review was posted voluntarily.

  8. Margaret

    I really enjoyed this very well written story. Poor Marla, life has not been easy and it seems to be getting worse. But she has a knight in shining army that she does not know about. All the characters are very well done. I did not read the first book in this series so I can gaurantee it can be easily read as a stand alone but I will be looking out for the next one. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and I very highly recommend it. A very enjoyable story to laugh and cry with.

  9. Lori

    Marla is ticked off. Her boyfriend, on a break, has fallen for soneone else. A tiny little girl who is not sophisticated at all. Marla has a plan to get her man back and luckily old school friend Pete is there to help. Or is he? Pete is a no nonsense man with big, hard hands. He knows there is more to Marla than anyone sees and is determined to figure her out. So good. Spanking romance.

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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