Her Forbidden Daddy

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Jackson always takes what he wants. He wants her but she’s off-limits.

There’s a secret her older brother, Martin, has been keeping, but Rosie hasn’t dared to open that door and discover what it is…

That is until she lays eyes on the mysterious and handsome Jackson. He’s her best friend Samantha’s ex-boyfriend. It would be against her better judgement to date him. Besides, Rosie doesn’t do relationships. She has always had trouble trusting men. But what if she allowed herself to open up, to feel, to experience what it was like to love again?

Jackson’s handsome, charming, and with a gorgeous body that she’d like to explore every inch of, if only her best friend wouldn’t hate her when she finds out.

Jackson’s business partner and owner of Western Daddies, Martin Taylor, has kept his younger sister, Rosie, far from the ranch. She’s off-limits to all members and she’s kept in the dark about their lifestyle. With her trust issues mounting up, can Jackson introduce her to a world of exploration, protection, and love and show her what it’s like to be little and loved?

Publishers Note: While this book is a standalone, it is highly recommended that you read the first three books to fully enjoy every aspect of this steamy romance. Like the other books in the series, it contains sexual scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

Leaving her house, Rosie headed for the bar to catch up with one of her childhood friends. They’d lost touch until her older brother had run into her at a book signing and discovered Samantha’s secret—that she was the famous romance author Rosie was obsessed with.

It had felt good to reconnect with her and they promised to have a girls’ night once a month, just the two of them, no husbands or boyfriends, which wasn’t hard for Rosie. She was eternally single, never willing to make a commitment. Plus, she didn’t want her brother, Samantha’s husband, hanging around all the time. It would be too much like when they were kids and Rosie always felt like the third wheel, except, this time she would be.

Rosie headed into the bar, pushing the heavy wooden door open. The bouncer didn’t even bother to ask for her identification. When did she get so damned old? Heading inside, she grabbed a stool and sat down at the bar.

“Hey, Hunter,” Rosie said, leaning on the bar, glancing at her younger brother who was bartending for the Saddle Up Saloon. Their older brother, Martin, had bought the place about a month earlier and insisted that Hunter run the small establishment as manager and handle the employees. It hadn’t taken much to convince Hunter and his girlfriend Autumn to return to Ravenwood, buy a house in town, and settle down together.

“Checking up on me?” Hunter joked, grinning at her. He wiped the wood of the bar down with a rag. “What can I get for you, sis?”

It felt good to have her brother back after so many years of wondering and waiting, not knowing what had happened to him after he’d disappeared when she was a child. Now he was back in her life and living in the same city. They could enjoy holidays and birthdays together and reconnect, after two decades apart.

“I’d love a martini. Any chance it’s on the house?” She tilted her head with a sly smile, hoping she could convince Hunter to give her free drinks while she waited for Samantha to show up.

“Martin gave me this job. I’m pretty sure if I start handing out free drinks, I’ll end up in the doghouse. He already fired one employee this week. I don’t want to be his next victim.”

“He’s not going to fire his brother for giving his sister a free drink, besides, it’s not a bad doghouse to be in. I mean knowing Martin, it’s probably made of diamonds and has heat and air conditioning.”

Hunter pointed at her, shaking his head. “You’re bad. Do you know that? Martin is a good guy. I wouldn’t be living here if it weren’t for him.”

Rosie was well aware of the fact that Martin purchasing the bar was the only reason Hunter had returned permanently to Ravenwood. He had needed a job and didn’t have a lot of work experience. “I know that.” She loved her older brother Marty and was extremely grateful that he had convinced Hunter to buy a house and settle down locally. “I’m glad you’re here. When he told me his idea to buy this place, I didn’t think you’d go through with it,” Rosie said. “I wasn’t sure you wanted to be back in Ravenwood.” There were a lot of memories here.

Hunter prepared her drink and handed Rosie the martini. “I’m glad I’m here. I’m still making friends and getting used to being back. Autumn is happy being able to visit with her sister, Lexa, too.”

“How is Autumn?”

“She’s good. I tried to convince her to come work with me at the bar, but she won’t do it. I can’t really blame her. She’s probably worried she’d get sick of me if we were together all day and night, every day. Unless we have opposite shifts, which would be even worse.”

Rosie nodded, listening to Hunter. She glanced briefly at her watch. She had shown up quite a bit early and still had a few minutes until Samantha arrived, assuming she would be on time.

“I need to help some other customers. Let me know if you want another drink.” Hunter headed to the other end of the bar, getting a customer’s drink order.

She glanced toward the door, keeping an eye out for Samantha.

“Is this seat taken?” A raspy male voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Yes, sorry,” Rosie said, turning her head slightly to catch a glimpse of the stranger. “My friend will be here soon.” She planned to tell him he could leave, but instead she found herself speechless.

He was handsome, muscular and really tall. It made her feel like a child in comparison. Rosie wasn’t terribly short, but this sexy cowboy was huge, every inch of him that she could see anyway. Her eyes landed on his hands. Also large. Was it true what they said about a man’s hands? Maybe that was his shoe size? Either way, he’d have to be very well endowed.

“Good. I’d hate to think you came to the bar to drink alone.”

His eyes were warm and inviting, and the black Stetson atop his head was the perfect fit to his ensemble. She tried not to stare, but it was too hard to look away and not to take in every inch of him, from his tight blue jeans to the dark shirt he wore. What she wouldn’t give to tear that damned t-shirt away and see his bare chest, run her fingernails over his skin and listen to the sound of his breathing as she unbuckled his belt.

Down, girl. When was the last time she’d gotten laid? Shit. She couldn’t even remember. It had been too long.

Rosie didn’t do relationships. She wasn’t interested in getting her heart attached and, worse, broken after the fact. Sex, she could do that, but it meant finding a man whom she wouldn’t run into at the grocery store or local bar. She didn’t want the follow up with awkward conversation that neither wanted to engage in.

Okay, truth of the matter was that Rosie avoided men, and not because she didn’t like them. No, she loved to fuck them, but then she’d sneak out before morning, so she’d never have to see them again. Letting them stay at her place was not an option.

When she needed a good fuck, she drove to the next town over and met up with a handsome stranger whom she’d find to scratch her itch so to speak. That would satisfy her for a few months, until she’d repeat the practice.

Lately, she hadn’t felt the same strange need. Maybe she’d just grown tired of it, but she wasn’t looking for a man either.

“Sorry, I’m not great with small talk,” Rosie said, reaching for her martini. She finished it off too fast, desperately hoping the liquor would loosen her up.

The handsome stranger smiled and shrugged. “That’s quite all right. You’re waiting for your friend. I’m waiting for my beer.” He gestured to the bartender. “Hey, Hunter, can you get me a beer?”

Did he know her brother or had he been a frequent enough customer in the past month to become well acquainted with him, at least on a first name basis?

“Sure thing. Same as usual?” Hunter asked.

“That would be great.”

“You must come here often,” Rosie said, acknowledging that Hunter knew what drink the gentleman preferred.

Hunter grabbed the man a bottle of beer and slid it across the bar counter.

“Can you get me another martini?” she asked her brother.

Hunter raised an eyebrow at Rosie, stared at her for a second, and then sighed. “Yeah, just a minute.”

The handsome man paid for his beer with a twenty. “Keep the change,” he said to Hunter.

“You’re not buying my drink,” Rosie said.

The stranger’s smile only seemed to grow, apparently quite amused with the situation. “Did you hear me offer?”

“No, I…” Gosh, she felt like an idiot. Why had she said that? He hadn’t offered or even implied with putting down a twenty that it was to cover her drink.

Her brother handed her a second martini and then headed toward another customer, leaving the two of them alone. She sipped the second drink, her eyes on the hot cowboy beside her. “Well, that’s quite a tip.” Rosie hadn’t meant to say those words aloud, but they slipped out before she could control herself.

“He deserves it.”

“He certainly does,” Rosie said.

Handsome’s eyes narrowed, staring at her, practically guarding her as he stood beside her, right beside her. Was he keeping any other potential suitors away?

“What are you doing?” Rosie asked.

“Saving your seat for your friend. Unless it’s for your boyfriend?”

“How do you know I don’t have a husband?” Rosie asked.

He pointed toward her hand. “No ring.”

“I could be getting it sized.” She gulped her martini and gestured at Hunter for another drink.

“Are you?” he asked as his knee gently brushed against hers, trapping her to the stool and blocking the spare seat from other patrons.

“Am I what?” she whispered, staring up at him, fixed on his eyes and that charming smile. What the hell were they talking about? She wanted to lean up and kiss him, to taste his lips, and run her fingers through his hair. Was that terribly wrong of her?

“Are you married?” he asked.

“Oh.” She sighed softly. “No.”

He laughed under his breath. “You almost sound disappointed in your own answer.”

She frowned. “No. That isn’t it. I don’t believe in marriage. I don’t do relationships.”

“Good. Traditional relationships never work,” the handsome stranger said, taking a swig of his beer. He glanced away for a second before bringing the bottle back to his lips.

What she wouldn’t give to be that bottle, to feel his lips against her fiery hot skin. Had the bar gotten several degrees warmer or was that just her? Where the hell was Samantha?

“I wasn’t asking.” Rosie finished her second martini.

“You should pace yourself, little one.”

“Seriously?” Was this guy for real? She wasn’t a kid and she certainly could handle her liquor. She didn’t need some stranger telling her to watch how much she consumed. She was a grown woman who could take care of herself. Her brother wasn’t cutting her off and no way in hell would this guy be stopping her either.

“Oh, thank God!” Rosie exclaimed, finally catching sight of Samantha stalking into the bar. Her heels clanked against the wooden floor. Her dress was short, far shorter than Rosie would have been comfortable wearing out in public.

“Jackson, what are you doing here?” Samantha asked the stranger.

“Wait. You know him?” Rosie asked. How did they know each other?

Samantha frowned as she came up to Rosie, embracing her in a hug before she grabbed the stool that Jackson had saved for her. He stepped aside, letting her have a seat. “Yes, we go way back.”

He snorted. “I’ll say. We dated.”

“I thought you ‘don’t do relationships’ either,” Rosie said pointedly to Jackson.

“I wouldn’t constitute what we did as dating,” Samantha said. She turned toward the bartender, gesturing Hunter over and ordering herself a drink.

“I’ll let you two have at it. Enjoy your evening, ladies,” Jackson said.

Samantha huffed under her breath, glaring at him as he headed around the end of the bar, took an empty seat and continued to watch the two women.

Rosie couldn’t help but feel his stare. Was he still in love with Samantha? He couldn’t possibly be interested in Rosie; they knew nothing about each other, except that neither of them was interested in a relationship. At least that’s what she’d said. She groaned out loud.

“What’s that?”

“I think your friend thinks I’m a slut!” Rosie grimaced. “Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I told him I don’t do relationships. He definitely thinks I’m a slut.”

Samantha frowned. “Why do you care what my ex-thinks? You’re never going to see him again, right?”

Rosie exhaled a heavy sigh. “Yeah. I’ll probably never see him again.”

“No, Rosie. Promise me you won’t get involved with him. It’s for your own good.”

She hated being told what she could or could not do. Especially from Samantha. “Right, like you did with Marty?” Sighing, she didn’t actually mind that she was with Marty now that they were older and had become family. Not only was Samantha her best friend, but they were also sisters-in-law. “Sorry, I don’t mean that. I don’t want to sleep with a guy you slept with before. That just feels creepy and wrong.”

“Good. That’s not the reason, but trust me, he’s off-limits. Okay?”

“Yeah. Sure. Okay.” Rosie didn’t know why but hearing she wasn’t to date him, made him even more desirable.

“I need you to promise me you won’t sleep with him. He’s not your type. Trust me.” Samantha reached for her drink and took a sip. “Rosie?”

Rosie pursed her lips together. “How do you know what my type is? Do I even have a type? Maybe I want something new and different? Maybe I’m tired of the same old ‘sleep with a man once and ditch him by morning’?” Her eyes widened in horror. “Is that it? You’re worried I’m going to break his heart or something? He made it clear he’s not interested in a traditional relationship either, Samantha.”

“We’re not talking about this anymore. Keep away from him. Trust me. He’s off-limits.”

Her second drink was good and gone so she was relieved when Hunter finally brought her a third. The martini tasted a bit watered down, and she grimaced, pushing the glass back toward the back of the counter to complain to her brother. Was he trying to keep her from getting drunk? Why did both of her older brothers have to be so damned overprotective? And now Samantha seemed to be falling in line with them too.

“Hunter,” Rosie said, gesturing him over with her hand, trying to get his attention.

Her brother momentarily ignored her, standing by Jackson, talking to him. Did they know each other or was he just ordering another drink?

What was the big deal? It wasn’t like Jackson had asked for her phone number and promised to call her. They were both adults and he was probably just being nice, protecting the stool for her earlier. It wasn’t like he declared his feelings for her. “Fine. I’ll leave him alone.”

“Good. Do you want to dance after you finish that drink?” Samantha asked.

“It tastes watered down. I think my brother is trying to keep me from getting trashed. I’m on my third martini. You should catch up. Do you want me to order us shots?”

“No way!” Samantha held out her hand, eyes wide.

“You look afraid. Come on, you can call your husband to drive us both home when we’re too drunk to drive.”

Samantha laughed under her breath. “I think you’re already there and did you forget my husband is your tough ass brother? I do not need my butt roasted for letting you get trashed. I’ll call you a cab, or better yet, drive you home myself when we’re done tonight.”

Rosie grumbled. “You’re no fun! I miss the partying Samantha. She was fun. Wild and crazy teenage Samantha.”

“That Samantha is all grown up,” she said.

Rosie’s eyes darted across the bar toward Jackson again. She sighed, flustered and frustrated that she hadn’t asked him for his phone number. She certainly hadn’t known he was off-limits when they’d first met and now, it seemed like trouble brewing if she went through with it. With liquid courage coursing through her veins, she stared at Samantha. “Why is Jackson off-limits? You’re married and happily, I might add.” Rosie crossed her arms in frustration. “Why can’t I have some fun with a stranger I met at a bar?” Maybe Samantha knew him, but Rosie didn’t and that was good enough for her to knock boots with him and move on.

“He’s not just some stranger.” Samantha couldn’t seem to meet Rosie’s eyes.

“What is that supposed to mean? Are you jealous?” Rosie had trouble reading her best friend. Reconnecting had made things feel like they had so many years ago, back in high school, trying to figure out what the hell was going on in Samantha’s head. She knew back then that Samantha had a crush on her older brother, Marty, but this, it was different. They weren’t in high school and she was already married. She glanced from Samantha back across the bar, frowning when the handsome gentleman had vanished from his place at the bar. Rosie shifted on her seat, trying to get a better look, past the throes of cowboys and their hats stealing away her view.

“Just forget about him, Rosie.”

Rosie wasn’t one to let anything go. “You know, I’m not good with doing that,” she said and laughed. “Samantha, you know me better than to think I could just let it be. So, you slept with him. Big deal. Does he have a microdick or something?”

Samantha’s eyes widened in horror and she snorted in laughter. “God no! It was, very nice,” she said, glancing down at the bar, cheeks flaming. “Jackson and your brother are business partners with the ranch,” she said. Her voice trailed off, as though she had more to say but held her tongue.

Rosie’s brow furrowed. “What does Marty have to do with any of this?” She didn’t understand how her brother would care who she slept with. They were grown adults.

“Fine, but when your butt gets blistered, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Samantha didn’t look the least bit pleased.

“Okay, fine. I get it. He’s off-limits.” Rosie gave in with a sigh. It wasn’t worth losing her friendship over a guy she didn’t plan on ever seeing again after one passionate night between the sheets.

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” Rosie said sarcastically, “for making sure I don’t get laid tonight.” She gestured to Hunter. “A shot of rum please.” When Hunter didn’t acknowledge her request, she pointed at her friend. “It’s for her.” He was helping another customer, making a drink for them two seats over. When he finished their drink order, he brought over a shot glass and poured rum into it, sliding it toward Samantha.

“That isn’t my first choice. I don’t think I should be doing shots tonight.”

“Don’t worry, it isn’t for you.” Rosie reached for the shot glass, intending to down it herself.

“You really shouldn’t do that,” Jackson whispered into her ear.

Rosie startled at his presence. His husky voice made her shudder and her sex throb with his proximity. Samantha still sat beside her at the bar and for the briefest moment, she wished her friend wasn’t there and that Jackson would take her right then and there on the bar stool or better yet on the actual wooden counter. She shuddered unintentionally when he didn’t pull away. Instead, his hand came to cover hers and he took the shot from her grasp, lifted it to his lips and downed it.

Samantha watched, eyebrows raised at Jackson. “I was taking care of it.”

“I’m taking you home,” Jackson said into Rosie’s ear.

“Really?” Her eyes lit up, sparkling with anticipation.

Samantha snorted with a laugh, glancing Rosie over. “You are so naïve, it’s almost cute. I can drive her home, Jackson. I don’t need you to chaperone.”

“You know the rules,” he said, wagging his finger at her. “Martin’s out of town and you’re not allowed out without a bodyguard or family friend,” he said. “Especially at a place like this.”

“Wait,” Rosie said, frowning as she pointed at Jackson. “You’re here with her.” She turned her finger toward Samantha. “I don’t understand. Why would she need a bodyguard? Are you in trouble again?” Her friend had been abducted by her ex-husband but that had been quite some time ago and as far as Rosie knew, he was behind bars.

“When isn’t she in trouble?” Jackson smirked.

“Jackson!” Samantha slugged him in the shoulder.

“What I mean is that with Martin’s position and wealth, it makes his family an easy target.”

Rosie rolled her eyes, not the least bit amused. “Now I know you’re full of shit. Martin’s done well for himself, no doubt, but he’s not worried about his family. If he was, he’d have a bodyguard around me all the time. It’s ludicrous.”

Jackson glanced from Rosie to Samantha, clearly confused, shaking his head. “I don’t understand.”

“This is Martin’s younger sister, Rosie.”

“How have we never met?” Jackson asked, staring into her eyes, his gaze never wavering.

“Wait, you’re Jackson?” Rosie’s eyes widened, the realization dawning on her, the familiarity of his name suddenly making sense. “I was expecting an older guy, divorced, and well—not quite so hot.” She couldn’t stop from making a fool of herself. It was probably the liquor talking, or at least helping.

“You’re Martin’s little sister? Shit. I’m taking you home, now.” He paid the bartender and led both ladies out of the bar.

“Why are you in such a rush for us to leave?” Rosie asked. Though she’d lost track of time, it didn’t seem that late. Samantha had just arrived, and the bar hadn’t closed yet.

“I’m surprised he hasn’t put a protective detail on you too.” Jackson led them outside and to his truck. “Come on; climb in,” he said, opening the door for Rosie. Samantha climbed into the backseat and Jackson helped Rosie into the front. “You need to buckle up.” She didn’t move, just sat in the passenger seat and stared at him. To think that her brother had been keeping this handsome gentleman a secret? She wanted to kill him—her brother that was.

When she didn’t buckle herself fast enough, Jackson leaned across her, pulled the belt tight across her lap then snapped the buckle. Her eyes momentarily closed. She wanted him to kiss her, but it never came. He shut the truck door, jarring her awake and back to the present. Jackson hurried to the driver’s side, let himself in and started the truck.

“Can you turn up the heat? I’m freezing!” Samantha asked from the backseat.

“Yes. It’ll take a few minutes to warm up.” He pulled out of the lot and onto the main road, letting Samantha give him directions as Rosie stared out the window, lost in her thoughts. She couldn’t believe Samantha knew Jackson and had kept him a secret. He was hot!

Jackson drove them back to Rosie’s house. He pulled up outside the front of the house and parked the vehicle. “Stay here, Samantha. I’ll be right back.” He left the truck running and in park, with the heat on, while he climbed out and escorted Rosie out of the truck and up the front porch steps.

“Walking me to my door? You really are a gentleman,” Rosie said, stumbling as she stepped up on the porch. She hadn’t thought she was tipsy, but her balance wasn’t what it should have been.

Jackson held his hand on her lower back as he led her up to the front door. “Thank you, little one.”

She scoffed under her breath. Little one? How old did he think she was? Rosie didn’t want to be called little one any more than he probably wanted to be referred to as ‘old man’. “Don’t ‘little one’ me. I’m not any younger than you are, sir.”

Jackson’s grin widened even more.

Was she wrong in what she’d said? She was trying to insult him, but she was certain there was a look of something else crossing his features. Was it determination? Maybe she just had too much to drink. She didn’t drink very often. The air outside was chilly but she hadn’t noticed as she felt warm in his presence, hot in fact. She wanted to take off her coat, strip down, and quite bluntly have her way with him. That was out of the question, though. She wasn’t that drunk. Tipsy? Yes, but not fully wasted to where she had no control over herself. She’d been down that road before and tried not to go there again.

“Are you trying to flirt with me or insult me?” he asked.


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1 review for Her Forbidden Daddy

  1. Ronald

    Learning that they really wanted a relationship
    An enjoyable story that follows the others in the Western Daddy Doms series. I have read and enjoyed all of them and this fit right in. Many of the characters from the other books appear in this one, although it does stand alone and it isn’t necessary to have read the others. Jackson manages a ranch owned by Rosie’s brother, who is a wealthy man. Rosie owns a bookstore in their town. Both have troubled love histories and have shied away from any kind of relationship, but as they get to know each other, it develops – along with an effort by Jackson to persuade Rosie to be a “little” to his “Daddy.” It takes her time, but as the relationship strengthens, she sees the benefit in it for her – helped by a few well timed spankings and a lot of loving. Both characters were intelligent and mature in their attitude toward relationships and their gradual change from their determination to avoid them. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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