Her Cowboy Daddy

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He’s an overprotective cowboy. She’s running from her past, right into disaster. Can he save her?

Desperate to get away, Lexa is running from her past and refuses to look back. She needs a job, and after answering a help wanted ad for an au pair, Lexa heads to Ravenwood. What she didn’t expect to find was a storm that sweeps her off the road.

Handsome cowboy Asher Hayes comes to her rescue. He’s gorgeous, the perfect gentleman, and a little overprotective. Asher warns her that Sheriff Jennings is a man not to be messed with, that he likely killed his own wife, and the police helped cover it up. It’s probably just a rumor, right? What other choice does she have? Mr. Jennings appears charming and kind. Asher has to be wrong, but what if he’s not?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, action packed romance contains a theme of power exchange. Although it is book two in the Western Daddy Dom series, it can be read as a standalone.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Lexa squinted as she tried to focus on the road ahead of her. An icy rain poured down on the windshield, making it difficult to see the lane in the dark. What had started out strictly as rain had turned far more severe as she climbed the mountain. She needed to cross the other side to find her way into town. She’d lost count of how much farther she needed to travel. Her phone’s GPS, she deemed worthless as the damned thing had frozen on her. Maybe the storm had interfered? That, or she just had a crappy phone. It was probably the latter, since she’d bought it at the local big box retail store and activated it just before the trip.

Her windshield wipers smeared the glass. They should have been replaced ages ago, but the car was a complete piece of crap. It was a wonder she’d made it from Nebraska without breaking down.

She squinted, staring out the window of the driver’s side, desperate to see the road. The rain turned to ice the higher north she drove, the elevation increasing, along with the slick surfaces. Ice clung to her windshield, making it much more difficult to see.

She was on her way to a new job in some small town in Montana, as an au pair. She needed this work more than she needed anything in her life. The seclusion was what she craved. Away from the drama of her recent past, a trauma that she didn’t want to ever think about again. In a desperate attempt to escape, she had answered a listing online for a nanny for a family with a toddler, a little girl, eighteen months old. The father had recently lost his wife, though the details were a bit hazy to her. He hadn’t elaborated on her rather recent passing, and Lexa hadn’t wanted to offend him. She’d spoken to him by email correspondence and twice on the telephone, all within twenty-four hours, to learn about his little girl and what her responsibilities would be. He sounded pleasant, albeit grieving after the loss of his wife.

Icy rain pelted harder, sticking on the windshield, and even with the heat on the windshield, it was difficult to see. It was late, well past when she was supposed to arrive to town. Hopefully, her employer wouldn’t be too angry with her, but she couldn’t predict the weather, let alone arrive any sooner, given the conditions of travel. Her hands were tight on the steering wheel, white knuckles gripping the leather as she clung to it as though her life depended on it, and maybe it did. The icy rain would not cease.

She slowed down, knowing the conditions were dangerous. She’d lived through enough ice storms to recognize the risk.

Lexa contemplated pulling over, but it was dark, and she was in the middle of nowhere. There was no turning back. The narrow, icy road made it disastrous if she turned around. There hadn’t been a town for at least an hour; it had been a deserted highway. She could only hope a town wasn’t too much farther, whether it was where she intended to stop or not. At the first sign of a hotel, she’d pull into the parking lot and sleep in her car. Doing so on the side of the road during an ice storm, though, was far riskier. If she pulled over, a car likely wouldn’t see her, and she could put herself in further danger.

Hopefully, Ravenwood wasn’t too much farther. She needed the job as an au pair. She hoped the father would be understanding when she arrived late. She kept driving uphill, her tires spinning on the wet icy roads. “Oh no, you don’t,” she muttered, hitting the gas harder to keep from getting stuck or sliding backwards. She downshifted the vehicle, driving a stick shift. Determination laced her veins. Her heart pounded wildly in her chest, slamming against her rib cage as her breathing intensified. She hated driving in any stormy weather, whether it was snow or ice.

She’d already slowed down, but it wasn’t enough. In the darkness of the night and from the storm, she couldn’t see the depth of the water on the road, just before it a sheet of black ice. Lexa charged forward, sliding on the ice, careful not to hit her brakes, which did nothing to help her as she headed for a giant puddle on the road, the car splashing water at both sides, sweeping her vehicle off the road into the river. She attempted to steer, to hit the brakes on her car, but they were useless. There shouldn’t have been a river in the middle of the highway, but the icy rain that had fallen had created a flash flood that swept the road and took her car, and her inside of it, downstream. It hadn’t been cold enough to fully freeze the river that had been alongside the road.

She gasped in horror. Lexa had no control over the vehicle as it traveled down the river. She screamed, terrified, panicking that her brakes and steering were not working. Adamant that she would not give up, Lexa struggled to open the door, unlocking it first, but it didn’t budge. The windows were sealed shut, the electronics whining when she attempted to lower the glass.

Her small sedan, swept by the current, slammed into a rock, forcing her body to jolt in the driver’s seat and her head to hit the side window. She groaned, the pain excruciating, but she wasn’t willing to give up. Lexa struggled to stay awake and alert. Darkness surrounded her at every avenue, the chill of the water seeping into her car floorboards and inching higher was rushing faster toward her, soaking her, the water bone chilling.

There were no streetlights, the moon was hidden from the storm, and Lexa was certain she knew no way to escape death.

She never should’ve left Nebraska, no matter how difficult life had been or the consequences for what had happened that fateful night. Her eyes slipped closed and her hand grew slack, falling into a cold, bitter unconsciousness.


Asher heard the rainstorm, thunder booming overhead. The forecast had been calling for torrential downpours and severe storms, which was supposed to turn into an ice storm as darkness settled in.

Sure enough, the weather forecasters had been right.

He was used to the river flooding his backyard, the small stream taking over the road in bad storms and destroying his land every spring. He sat in the dark on the sofa, a lantern hung near the window. He’d lost electricity hours ago, which meant he didn’t have much to do for the night. He had grabbed a book, using the soft glow from the oil lamp to read his mystery novel.

The wind rattled the windows, and ice pelted against the pane.

Damn, it was getting nasty out there. He closed the book and stood, stretching. The ranch grew colder by the minute, with the only heat source out of commission. Damn the storm. He’d need extra blankets tonight if the electricity didn’t come back on soon.

The crunching sound of metal against rock sent a bone tingling chill into the air.

“What the hell?” He squinted through the window in the direction the noise had come from. It damned sure sounded like a car smashing into what—his barn? Who the hell would be foolish enough to be out in weather like this?

The storm had been well predicted and town itself had even closed early, making sure that everyone would be home before the storm’s wrath hit.

The metal screeching sound made his stomach lurch. He had to venture outdoors and make sure whoever was out there was okay and didn’t need help.

Damn, he’d tried so hard to stay dry and warm. It wouldn’t be pleasant coming back inside after the ice storm. He grabbed his cowboy hat, placing it on his head as a small amount of comfort to keep the ice out of his face and off his head. He threw his coat on but didn’t bother with an umbrella. Reaching for a flashlight, he brought it with him outside into the wet and cold night. Asher’s insides pumped adrenaline as he ventured out into the wicked weather to see what had happened.

“Hello?” Asher called, flipping the flashlight on, the beam straight ahead. It was difficult to see, but he could hear the soft hum of an engine in the distance just beyond the barn.

Hurrying as much as he could, yet careful not to slip and fall on his ass, as the ground was a sheet of ice, Asher noticed there were car lights, flickering and tilted downward, the front end of the vehicle submerged in icy water. The car appeared trapped against a large boulder, and the current that presumably forced the vehicle down river rushed water over the roof. If anyone were inside, it wouldn’t be long before they’d drown, let alone die from hypothermia.

Asher hurried along the slick path, his arms steadying himself every so often as he felt his feet slip under his leather boots. What should have been mud and soggy pasture from the rainstorm had become a thick sheet of ice over the last hour or two. The storm had come in with a ferocity he hadn’t seen in years. Asher approached the newfound stream, trying the passenger side door closest to him, to keep from stepping into the icy cold current, but it was locked. The car engine was idle, the lights pointed down into the thrashing water below. There was a body in the driver’s seat, slumped over the steering wheel. A female, her brown hair floating in the water beside her head. At least she wasn’t fully submerged yet, but she had to be cold. He was chilly, and he hadn’t gotten more than his boots a little wet, aside from the sleet coming down on him.

“Hello? Can you hear me?” He pounded on the window. She didn’t respond. “Fuck,” he muttered to himself and held onto the car as the water rushed by him. He careened himself to the driver’s side door, discovering it had been unlocked. Did she unlock it for him? He hadn’t seen her move. Had she driven with the door unlocked on the highway? That was dangerous. If she were his girlfriend, she would have been over his knee for her lack of safety. Then again, he would have also been scolding her for going out in such dangerous weather. Didn’t she know the storms were bad in town and they had been calling for an ice storm?

Holding onto the vehicle, trying not to be carried downstream with the current, he carefully opened the door. The water smacked him like an ice cube, painfully cold and numbing his hands and toes. Asher reached into the front seat, across the woman’s chest, and unbuckled her seatbelt.

The metal of the vehicle groaned as he lifted her into his arms, the shift in weight detrimental as he pulled her from the sedan.

He’d seen what a storm like tonight could do to a person. When he was a teenager, he had lost a close friend, the storm waters rising and flipping over his car, drowning him. That had been a summer day; today, though, if she didn’t drown, she could still die of hypothermia. He needed to get her inside, out of the storm and out of her wet clothes. She needed to be warm.

Carrying the girl, he struggled in the frigid water, the current trying to knock him on his ass. He took one step, cautiously, at a time, slow and steady.

As his feet escaped the river and hit icy land, Asher gently placed her down on the icy pasture, making sure she had a pulse and was breathing, giving her a quick once over glance, to make sure she wasn’t terribly injured, and he wasn’t doing more damage by carrying her any farther. Her skin had been cold and clammy, her hair clumped together and frozen. Her pulse was slow and weak, but she was still alive.

The young woman mumbled incoherently under her breath as Asher lifted her back into his arms and carried her back to his house. It continued to sleet outside, the river swelling further, slowly up and over her car, swallowing it.

“Take a breath; you’re safe now.” He opened the door, the warmth and dryness he expected not as welcoming as he had hoped. It was dry at least, but he shivered from the chill in the air, missing the warmth of the heat and electricity.

She shivered but didn’t speak; her eyes remained shut, and he brought her to his bed, undressing her out of her wet clothes. Her shoes came first, then her shirt and pants. He stalled for a moment before unclasping her bra and sliding her panties down. Her clothes were soaked, and she needed to get warm. She couldn’t do that with wet undergarments.

“I swear, I just want to warm you up. You’re freezing,” he said, in case she heard him. She shivered. That was her only response, and she had been shivering since he brought her inside the ranch. Prior to that, he hadn’t noticed as he carefully had carried her across the icy pasture. His focus had been on not falling and hurting the young woman.

Asher, too, was soaked to the bone, and he removed his boots and then unclasped his belt, pulled off his starchy wet jeans that clung to him, and removed his shirt and boxers, stripping down to absolutely nothing but his hat. He grabbed the brim and tossed it onto the dresser. He grabbed a bath towel from the hall closet, moved the lantern to the bedroom, and dried her off, careful to look her over and make sure she didn’t have any apparent injuries, not that he was a doctor. He just wanted to make sure she seemed healthy after the accident. It wasn’t as though he could call a physician, unless she wasn’t breathing. The roads were impassible except in an emergency where EMTs would be required. He checked again; she still had a pulse. Hopefully, there was no other trauma to her from the accident. He didn’t see any evidence of bruising, except for the slight discoloration on her head.

He guided the young brunette beneath the covers. He dried himself off after, quick and best he could, but the towel did nothing to help the goosebumps all over his arms. His hands trembled from the chill and he shut off the lantern before he climbed into bed with the pretty young brunette. She was small compared to him but would fit nicely in his strong embrace.

“We need to share body heat,” Asher said. “I promise, I’ll be the perfect gentleman.” He wrapped his body around hers, his arms encircling her waist from behind, pressing her back to his chest. As cold and chilled as he felt, her body was an icicle against his.

Her body continued to shiver, and Asher held her firmly against him, warming her, wishing he had been even warmer, to help ease the chill and her pain. He tried to ignore the fact she was naked against his skin. From the glow of the lantern, she had been strikingly beautiful. Had they met under different circumstances, he’d have certainly asked her out, assuming she wasn’t married or engaged. He hadn’t noticed a ring and carefully guided her hand beneath the covers to his lips, kissing and warming her digits, feeling for a sign of metal on her ring finger. Nothing was there.

He smiled in the darkened bedroom, keeping her tight against him. His mouth buried deep in her neck, he rolled her onto her back, sheltering her from the cold as he climbed above her, his body covering hers, the soft mattress at her back, cocooning her in warmth.

His body stirred beneath the blankets, and he inwardly chided himself for his growing erection. Now was not the time to get hard. Yes, she was a gorgeous woman, with curvy breasts and the most beautiful nipples that he wanted to suckle. He wasn’t a pervert, though, and forcing a woman to do anything was against his standards as both a gentleman and cowboy. He shut his eyes and mentally tried to think about anything but the naked woman shivering beneath him. At least he was beginning to warm up and hoped that her body would settle down beneath his.

She continued to shiver, so he didn’t move, offering her what body heat he had to give her. His lips moved to her neck. God, how he wanted to kiss her soft, sweet skin. She smelled of peaches and cream, and he nuzzled her skin, refraining from licking and tasting her to see if she was as yummy as she smelled.

God, he was growing hard.

Thankfully, she wasn’t awake, or if she was, she pretended not to be, but Asher was mostly confident she wasn’t alert. Her body shivered, and his lips gently caressed the skin, only to warm her, not to satisfy his own desires. God, sex right now would solve everything. If only she was awake and a willing participant, begging him to fuck her.

She was trapped against his body, and he pulled the covers higher, making sure to keep her warm, his breath moving to the opposite side of her neck, his lips feeling over the icy cold skin and warming her with his hot, intense breath.

Slowly, he felt the first tremor from the chill die down between them. It must have been working. He couldn’t allow himself to indulge in anything else. He let his breath warm her neck, the blankets pulled tight, her body tucked deep beneath him. Asher found it difficult to sleep but eventually, sometime either incredibly late or very early morning, had drifted off, her body nestled beneath his.


She moaned and stirred, shivering as she remembered the flood of water and the car filling from the icy stream.

She gasped and choked, as though she were drowning, her body trembling in its place. Her eyes flashed open, her heart slamming against her chest from the nightmare, which was a sullen reminder of what she’d experienced. A flashback of sorts. She was akin to them.

Lexa took several deep breaths, coming to terms with her surroundings, the warm bed beneath her, the blankets several layers thick tangled around her body, along with a man.

Albeit, a very handsome large man, with biceps that put her to shame, and his body was enormous. She gave herself the opportunity to ogle him; after all, he seemed to have his torso bare, his chest rising and falling as he slept.

She didn’t recognize him. Not that she expected to know anyone out in Montana. Should she wake him?

Clearly, he’d saved her life. She moved to push the blankets down to get out of bed but noticed both the house was freezing and she was naked. What the hell happened last night?

She shivered and pulled the covers up tighter around herself, stealing the sheet further away from the stranger.

No doubt he was sexy, lying there in all his glory, the blankets covering below his stomach, but she could see a soft path of hair that went past his navel and dipped just below the covers. ‘Sexy’ wrapped his arm lazily around her waist.

God, she could get used to this, a handsome cowboy against her body.

She glanced down, shifting the covers slightly to see that he too was completely naked as she suspected. He was quite a fine specimen, well-toned, perfect muscles and, holy hell, a cock that made her mouth dry and pulse race. Had it gotten hot in here? Damn, girl. He was not only physically hot but fucking large. Not the kind of large where guys like to think they have a big dick but it’s more like a pecker and they just tend to be a big dick, no, this man was a lucky bastard to have a cock so large, she’d need a few aspirin in the morning from being so damned full and satisfied, aching from him plowing into her pussy. ‘Sexy’ probably got all the ladies he wanted.

She smiled to herself. Only she could saddle up with a cowboy and have no memory of it. She pulled the covers further around herself, stealing more from the man beside her in bed.

He grunted in protest, pulling her closer, his hand caressing her back and down over her bottom as he saddled her up against him, her back to his chest. He held her tight in his embrace, his leg draping over hers, keeping her pinned down.

Lexa cleared her throat as she felt his morning wood against her lower back. Holy hell, it was large, and to feel it grow against her, she wasn’t sure whether to feel flattered or offended. His eyes were closed, though, so it probably wasn’t the fact she was naked and against him, right?

Was it wrong for her to want to roll over and take his large cock into her hands, stroke him and watch him come for her? Another part of her wanted to slip out of bed, find her clothes, and leave before he woke up, but her car had been in the river last she remembered. The running and fleeing part was more like Lexa than anything else. Plus, there had been an ice storm. Unless the weather had suddenly cleared and warmed up, it might still be hell frozen over.

She hid beneath the warm sheets but shifted on the mattress to keep a decent amount of space between them. Her movements must have stirred him awake because she felt the bed shift and then him pause.

Lexa cleared her throat, letting him know she was awake.

He rolled around to face her, still covered by the blankets on the bed, his bare chest showing slightly.

“Brrr, it’s cold.” He shivered and pulled the covers higher. “Are you warm enough?” he asked.

“Yes.” He sure as hell saw to that, keeping her body toasty. “I guess I should thank you for saving me last night.” She wasn’t sure what to say, honestly. Thanks, but why am I naked in your bed? She had the sneaking suspicion she knew. The heat was out in the house, which probably meant no electricity. The house had been quite chilly without the blankets pulled up to her neck and his warm naked skin cradling her.

“You’re welcome. I think I’m finally warming up,” he admitted and smiled at her. “I’m Asher, by the way, and I promise I didn’t look when I got you undressed and under the covers. I thought it would be wise to share body heat. Apparently, the power’s still out. I was hoping the heat had come back on with the electric.”

“I’m Lexa,” she said simply, taking all that he had to say in and digesting it. “So, we didn’t…” She gestured between them.

He laughed, his ears reddening with a boyish grin and dimples. “No. I would never, not without a lady’s consent,” Asher said. “I do like to consider myself a gentleman. There are not enough of them around in the world.”

She almost felt disappointed that they hadn’t but let the thought escape as quickly as it came to her. “Where am I?” she asked, moving to sit up, wincing as she reached for the bump on her forehead. It hurt more than she realized, but it was the only real pain she felt. A few ibuprofens would help, so hopefully Asher had some in a medicine cabinet.

“Aside from my house, you’re in Ravenwood. Where were you heading?” he asked. “It’s not too often there are travelers in the middle of an ice storm. What were you thinking, heading up toward the mountains?”

“I needed to get someplace for a job last night, but I’m now incredibly late for my first day.”

“I’m sure whoever it is would understand. What town are you traveling to?” Asher asked.

“Ravenwood. It was some place on Maple Street. I can’t remember the address,” she said and sighed, rubbing at the bruise and wincing. “Is there any chance you can take me there this morning?”

“Well, that depends. There are a lot of houses on Maple Street, but not any businesses that I know of. Any chance you have a name or a house address?” Asher asked.

Groaning from frustration, she ran a hand through her tangled mess of hair. “My phone was in the car, probably destroyed with everything else, including the last of my possessions.”

“How about I get you a change of clothes for the day, some sweats and a flannel shirt to keep you warm?” Asher suggested.

“Please, that would be nice.” She’d be happy to change into anything right about now.

He climbed out of bed and hurried, probably because the air was chilly. Lexa didn’t look away, smiling at his backside as that was all she saw while he grabbed her something to wear and tossed it at her.

“Thank you.” She retrieved the clothes from the bed and pulled them under the sheets to get dressed. Asher grabbed jeans, boxers and a flannel shirt of his own and stalked out of the bedroom with his clothes.

She probably should have offered to close her eyes or turn her head, but damn, he was a sight to see! She wanted to see him turn around or, better yet, stay naked and climb back into bed with her. Damn, life was unfair, especially since he’d had a glimpse at her naked when he had undressed her, right?

Lexa pulled on the gray sweats, which were way too big. Not only did her hips swim in them, but they were incredibly long too. Asher was taller, far taller than she had realized looking at him from the bed.

She slid the long-sleeved flannel shirt on and buttoned it up, before climbing out of bed. She rolled up the sleeves so she wouldn’t swim in the shirt. It could have easily been a dress. Her bare feet on the ground made her wince from the cold.

“Do you have any socks I can borrow?” Lexa called out to him, her feet chilly.

“Top drawer,” Asher answered.

Lexa felt weird going through Asher’s dresser, but he’d told her to, so she slowly pulled open the drawer, finding socks on the top, along with a dark leather box. Her fingers ran over the black leather and lifted the lid. She knew she shouldn’t have opened it up, but her curiosity got the better of her. What was hidden inside the top drawer? Isn’t that where secrets were kept? Inside the box was a glass bulb, wide on one end and then a handle of sorts on the other. She wasn’t quite sure what it was, but she imagined it had something to do with sex. Why else keep it hidden away in secret?

Asher headed for the bedroom, catching her snooping.


“Sorry, I—uh,” She didn’t have a reasonable excuse.

“You what? You enjoy going through people’s dresser drawers?” he asked. Asher stepped closer, coming into her personal space. “I suggest you shut that lid unless you want me to use it on your precious bottom, baby girl.”

Lexa gasped at the thought of him putting it into her rear. What she wouldn’t give to bend over and let him do erotic things to her body. She shivered, and whether it was from his words, the mere thought, or his proximity, she didn’t care. “That’s where it goes?” her voice squeaked.

He laughed and reached for the box, closing the lid and securing it back into the drawer. He handed her a pair of socks. “Tell me again what you’re doing all the way out here?” he asked.

“I have a job as an au pair for a single father of an infant baby girl, Becca. His name is Roger Jennings.” She felt as though the room had suddenly had the heat turned back on. Lexa sat at the edge of the bed and slid the thick boot socks on her feet and up her legs beneath the sweatpants.

“Jennings? As in Sheriff Roger Jennings?” Asher’s face grew pale. “You aren’t serious?”

Was he fucking for real? That was one detail the man had left out. She sure as shit didn’t know he was the sheriff. It was less than ideal, dangerous in fact, but she needed the job. What other choice did she have at this point? She had no car, no money and no job. Besides, why did Asher care? He seemed upset, his brow furrowed as he stood over her. “Why wouldn’t I be?” Lexa asked, perplexed.

“Did Roger happen to tell you what happened to his wife?”

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2 reviews for Her Cowboy Daddy

  1. Ronald

    Lexa, the young woman who is the focus of this story, is running from her home to Ravenwood, the town that was the location of the first book in this series, Her Billionaire Daddy. She is supposed to have an au pair job with the local sheriff, who probably killed his wife, but meets Asher because she has a car accident near his ranch, and he saves her and brings her to his home. After starting her job and finding out the sheriff is a drunk and violent, she runs away and Asher finds her and brings her to his home again. This begins the long series of events that is the heart of this story – a mystery involving the sheriff, a love affair that grows between Asher and Lexa, and the “Daddy” club that first appeared in the previous book, and has an important role in this story. There is plenty of sex, some spankings, a lot of emphasis on using “Daddy” when Lexa addresses Asher, and some exhibitionism at the club. The story moves quickly – Asher is really a good, likable guy – as is Martin, the owner of the club and the main male character from the previous story. Lexa takes a long time to open up and explain why she is there, which affects her ability to free herself from her past, from the sheriff who harasses her, and complete her relationship with Asher. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  2. Stats23

    This second book in the Western Daddy Doms series is every bit as good as the first, with an even more intricate and intriguing plot. It is a stand-alone story fully enjoyable on its own, but it does share some of the characters and locales of the previous book. Lexa is on her way to Ravenwood to take a job as an au pair for the local Sheriff when she crashes her car in a flooded river and nearly drowns. She is rescued by Asher, a local rancher, who has to take extraordinary measures to prevent her from freezing to death. Asher has his own opinions of Sheriff Roger Jennings, none of them good. Turns out he is right, as proven out by a series of violent exchanges. The plot is complicated, with many twists and turns that you won’t see coming. Great action, sweet Daddy Dom romance, strict discipline and lots of erotic sex. 4 Stars
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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