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What gives these ladies a sense of security, safety, and the ability to be their best selves? The strong, assertive men they meet, who all have a very different way of expressing their adoration of the ladies they love.  In this collection, meet the women who have all decided that this is the way they want to live their lives, even if sometimes, in the moment, it seems like the wrong choice.

In Her Choice, Always, Holly and Eric are happily married – until someone finds out about their unusual relationship and threatens to rip it apart.

In The City Girl, Candy meets Jeb Lyon, the owner of a dude ranch and her new boss. His ideas are old fashioned and she decides she might be, too.

Her Choice, Forever finds Holly and Eric rebuilding their marriage on the Lyon ranch, bringing Eric’s recently widowed sister Liz along. Liz comes to the ranch for a vacation, but might upend her entire life – and her son’s – for a hot cowboy.

Liz’s story continues in The Dilemma. Will Matt convince her that her choice is right, for all of them?

Finally, in His Firecracker, Rayne brings her temper, attitude, and secrets to the ranch and meets Cole, the long lost Lyon son. Can these two wanderers find a home in each other’s hearts?


Publisher’s Note: This collection of steamy contemporary romances contains elements of domestic discipline.

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2 reviews for Her Choice Collection

  1. Redrabbitt

    Her Choice, Always

    I enjoyed this very well written domestic discipline story of two people, in a loving, committed marriage, who have chosen to live a DD lifestyle. It is a mutual total, complete, trust issue that goes both ways. But what happens when someone close to them always acts afraid and even goes as far as to feel that it is abuse?

    Two people who are in a safe, sane, and consensual relationship need to remember what is important to them and not others. Holly and Eric have great chemistry, totally in love with each other, and crave their DD lifestyle. When interference happens, doubt and confusion and misunderstandings cause serious hurt and damage their bond.

    The plot is a great reminder that what works for one couple will not be the same for another. As with any relationship, and open and honest dialog is always essential towards a happy home.

    The City Girl (A “Her Choice” Story)

    I enjoyed this sweet and mildly spicy story. Cassandra Carter has a reputation and knack for making the hospitality business run smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effective. After a nasty breakup with cheating fiancé Tyler, and having a break between hotels, she agrees to accept Matt Lyon’s offer to come and help them at Rose Ranch until she returns to Chicago in November for her next assignment. What she hadn’t counted on, was the patriarch of the ranch, Jeb Lyon, who insists upon calling her Candy.

    The plot kept me captivated with delightful characters and dialog. The May-December romance between Jeb and Candy is heartwarming, and sometimes bottom warming too. This story has multiple, well-earned spankings, and only mild references to sexual encounters.

    Her Choice, Forever (A “Her Choice” Story)

    I enjoyed this continuation of the Her Choice series that pulls in the Taylor siblings and family members going on vacation to Rose Ranch owned by the Lyons. Holly and Eric Taylor live a domestic discipline lifestyle. Ethan and fiancé Meredith are more laid back in their relationship. Meredith is skittish after being in an abusive marriage; she is intimidated by Eric. Liz is a widow, and her son, Ben, is a tween that is rebellious about everything, and Liz is working two jobs. Hopefully, this vacation will help mother and son. Matt Lyons feels a bit like a third wheel at the ranch since his father, Jeb, and Candy are married. He enjoys the ranch life and atmosphere and has been a love them while they are here kind of guy. Blaze is trying to come to grip with his feelings for his partner and how to tell his family.

    The plot encompasses the Taylor family spent two weeks together at the Rose Ranch but takes unexpected twists when the girls head out for a 24-hour spa and shopping adventure and can’t be located. Some of the roads have no cell service or even satellite for GPS. Eric, Ethan, and Matt all go in search of the women while Blaze and Ben stay at the ranch. Will Matt and Liz be able to share their feelings, is it just a fling or something deeper? This is an ongoing family saga, or now two sagas, and I look forward to more in this series. We are left with somewhat of several cliffhangers.

    The Dilemma (A “Her Choice” Story)

    The story is a continuing saga that needs to be read in order and has various dilemmas of the different characters that all intertwine to make up this series. The story does have a way of ending on somewhat of a cliffhanger, and I anxiously await the next story. In each edition, we see a group of characters that encompass the ranch and the people who are jointly involved.

    What started as a joint family vacation, of the Taylor siblings and their families, became a life change for Liz, a widow, and her son, Ben, after their visit to Rose’s Ranch. Matt Lyon, co-owner of the ranch and Liz developed feelings for each other. What was to be a couple of weeks, extended and now Liz and Ben have moved in with Matt. They have a domestic discipline relationship and do have an issue or two that lands her in serious trouble.

    Matt has dreams of leaving the ranch and traveling, and Liz is happy feeling like she has somewhere she belongs. “It was all she’d ever wanted. Roots. Her own place. Safety, security, and a family to love.” Ben is adjusting well, loves being on the ranch, looks up to Blaze, and is trying to spread his wings. Holly and Eric come to visit Liz and Ben for a week’s vacation. Can words said be misconstrued and cause problems for Matt and Liz?

    His Firecracker (A “Her Choice” Story)

    Her Choice stories are a continuing saga of the Lyon family and what takes place at Rose Ranch. Wedding plans are in the works for Matt and Liz; a long lost Lyon man will return, a new Chef will come on the scene, and secrets will be revealed.

    Cole Lyon is the nephew of Jeb Lyon; his father was Jeb’s brother that was killed in a car accident by Cole’s mother. Cole lived with Jeb, Rose, and Matt for six years started when he was ten-years-old until his mother’s release from jail where she took him away, and after her death, he went into the Navy for ten years. Now he needs to reconnect with family

    Mariah wants to slow down her kitchen work at Rose Ranch, and they have a new Chef coming, Rayne Thompson. She has a fiery temper to match her red hair. Cole is drawn to this firecracker, and he and her butt head many times, and eventually, he ends up taking her over his knee. Rayne has a short work record because her temperamental behavior leads to her either being fired or quitting. Why is New Orleans so important to her? What secrets is she hiding?

    Gabe is getting upset with Blaze for not coming out to his family about their relationship. What will happen when the Lyon family learns that Blaze is gay?

    With the approaching wedding, Liz is stressing out, and Matt must take his lady love in hand multiple times. Why has her simple family wedding become the event of the entire town? Lots of changes at Rose Ranch, new marriages, new relationships, new beginnings, and even unexpected surprises are on the way. There are plenty of men taking their ladies in hand, even if, for some, it is non-consensual.

  2. Marybeth

    I read this series as individual books. I love them all!

    Her choice, always
    This is a short novella about Eric and Holly. They have a D/d relationship and it works for them. Even though Holly has a love/hate relationship with spanking, it makes her feel loved and protected. Eric needs this kind of relationship as well. When they find out that his brother, Ethan, and his girlfriend, Meredith, think that Eric is abusive, it rocks Eric’s world. But, eventually Holly gets through to him and there is an HEA. I enjoyed this story, it helps explain the basics of a D/d relationship.

    The City Girl
    This was a wonderful story of an older woman and man. Cassandra has been hired to be General Manager of Rose’s Ranch. She is eminently qualified as she has been manager at many hotels around the world. She comes to the ranch heartbroken because of the betrayal by her former fiance. She is using this position as a stopgap to her next job. She doesn’t expect to meet Jeb, but they do become an item. I love the energy between these characters. There is definitely a HEA, but the way there is not always clear.

    Her choice, forever
    This story combines the first two. Eric, Ethan and their little sister Elizabeth and their families come to Rose’s Ranch for a two week vacation. Elizabeth, Liz, meets Jeb’s son Matt and they start dating. When the ladies go for a spa day, they run into trouble. This story seems unfinished to me. It has a HFN ending.

    The dilemma
    This is mostly Matt and Elizabeth’s story. It has been a year and she has moved in with Matt on the ranch. We do check in with the other couples and there is definitely a HFN ending.

    His Firecracker
    So…there is a nephew, Cole. He comes back at the same time the new cook, Rayne arrives. He is instantly attracted to her and he helps her settle her temper. There is closure for several of the relationships, but there are still loose strings. I hope the author goes back to visit this group again.

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