Heart Song: A Valentine Boxset 2021

Love is all around us in countless variations. Blushing Books presents Heart Song Anthology, a collection of stories about love: love in the workplace, love on the run, humorous love, fresh beginning love, bold love, secret fantasy love, second chance love. Some of these stories are new and have never been published before, and some are re-edited versions of older stories that were limited releases and worth sharing again. We hope they make your heart sing.

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Joannie Kay writing as Dara Ames – Jenn has secretly loved her boss, Cody, for two years. But Cody has a policy forbidding his employees from dating co-workers. He’s just ended a relationship and Jenn plans to make her move, but before she can, her mother calls to scold Jenn’s boss for ruining her love life. How does a girl recover from that?

Saving Valentines by Bethany Bliss – Asher and Cora are on the run from The Company, the organization that had employed Asher as an assassin and does not allow its employees to have love in their life. They’ve taken on new cover identities and are working on accepting their new life in Copenhagen. Asher worries about Cora’s nightmares and decides to craft a unique Valentine gift in the hopes that Cora will rediscover her kickass spirit.

Valentine’s Day at Rocking Horse Ranch by Char Cauley – Ike, a soldier recovering from traumatic injuries suffered in Afghanistan, suspects that Mindy, his nurse is an unfulfilled Little. He is a Daddy Dom in search of a little girl to care for and love. They come from very different backgrounds and do not have much in common, except their yearning for what the other can offer. Will that be enough to build a future together?

Lover’s Ball by Michelle Peters – Widowed Miranda, has had to make many changes in her life since her husband and Dom, Tony died. Her former Dom, Max Warrington, and Alison, his wife and sub are her best friends and have been by her side through it all. The new Miranda is no longer a submissive, and wants to explore an entirely new type of relationship with the two people she loves most: Alison and Max. Miranda’s desire for Alison is very strong and she doesn’t want Max to be in control – new roles for all of them. What will happen in the hotel suite, the night of the Lover’s Ball gala?

Adored by Carolyn Faulkner – After a failed relationship in Florida, Tess, opens a flower shop in New Hampshire, the place where she was happiest as a child. All her focus is on achieving success in her new business; she has no time for men. After all, she’s been disappointed by past lovers and knows her desire to be taken in hand is a fantasy that just doesn’t happen in real life. That changes when she catches the eye of the local heartthrob mechanic, and he realizes that she’s the ditz that passes him every morning, going well over the speed limit, crossing the double yellow line, and giving him the finger – while driving a car that is in such poor condition, it should be considered a deathtrap. There’s an old saying: Be careful what you wish for.

The Valentine’s Visitor by Emily Sharpe – At an historic hotel one Valentine’s weekend, two couples get a second chance at finding happiness. Carla, the manager of the historic Royal Poinciana Hotel, realizes her marriage is almost over. She and her husband don’t seem to have anything in common since their daughter’s death; they’ve been drifting apart for years, and now he has suggested separate bedrooms. She envies the marriage of Greta and John Farmer, frequent hotel guests, who are very clearly in love. Carla is on duty late on Friday, Valentine’s Eve, when an ill-tempered woman comes in asking what room her husband, John Farmer, is in. Before Carla can decide how to handle the situation, a man she’s never seen before exits the elevator, he’s dressed in a tux and looks exactly like Clark Gable. Almost midnight on Friday the 13th. Almost Valentine’s Day. Clark Gable’s ghost?

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