Healing Fears

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Some people spend their entire lives searching for love. But for others, like Elisa Hawthorne, love is right in front of them all along. Once she finds the courage to open her heart to Paul Davenport, the man she’s loved since she was a little girl, her world opens up in ways she never imagined.?

But after nearly a dozen years together, something has changed. Paul no longer seems like the man she married, and she begins to suspect the worst. She searches for answers, and finds a truth that threatens the very foundation of their marriage… 

Publisher’s Note: This love story includes graphic scenes as well as elements of domestic discipline. 

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Sample Chapter

Elisa Hawthorne met the love of her life when she was eight years old. She was riding her bike with her best friend in the whole wide world, Penelope Frost. Except nobody called her that, they all called her Penny. Elisa thought it was funny because Pennys hair looked kind of like an old penny that had been lying in the street too long. It was mostly brown, but it had some of that funny red color in it, too. She and Penny did everything together because they were best friends and they promised theyd always be best friends, even when they were old and their hair was gray like mama Hawthornes.  

Their parents were excited because someone new was moving into the neighborhood. Elisa and Penny hoped theyd bring another girl their age because then they could have another best friend. Theyd been riding up and down the street for hours, hoping to see the new family, and they were both getting tired. It was hot as hell outside, except Elisa wasnt supposed to say hell or her mama would get mad.  

Finally, just before lunch time, the new family showed up. She and Penny hid behind some bushes in the yard next door and watched as they all climbed out of a big black car. A man and a woman got out first, then another woman got out of the back of the car, holding a little kid. Elisa and Penny made a face at each other, then turned back to see if anyone else was in the car.  

The last person to get out was a boy. He looked older than them, like Pennys brother, Michael. He had blonde hair that was kind of shaggy and fell over his eyes until he shook it back. Elisa felt her heart start to go really fast, like when she ran as hard as she could run for a really long time.  

Oh, hes cute, Penny whispered with a giggle, and Elisa rolled her eyes. Penny was a little boy crazy, and it made Elisa just plain crazy. Michael said they were too young for boys, but that didnt stop Penny from holding hands with Luke Maynard on the playground every day. Elisa never really got why her friend talked about them so much, until right this minute.  

I guess he is, Elisa whispered back. She didnt know why, but she didnt want to tell Penny she thought he was cute. Maybe because if she did, Penny would want to talk about it all the time, like she talked about Luke Maynard. And Elisa thought that maybe, for now, it could be her own little secret.  

What are you two doing?  

They jumped at the familiar voice and spun around to see Michael glaring at them. Michael was mostly okay, but sometimes he acted like he was so much older than them, but he was only eleven and even Elisa knew that was only three years older than her.  

None of your business, Michael! Penny yelled, sticking her tongue out at her brother.  

Why are you spying on the neighbors? Michael narrowed his eyes at them and put his hands on his hips like Elisa had seen Mr. Frost do a million times before.  

Hello? They all turned as one at the new voice, and Elisa felt her heart thump, thump, thump in her chest again when she saw the new neighbor boy standing on the sidewalk. She stood a little straighter, hoping to seem a little taller even though she knew she was the shortest person in the whole third grade.  

Hey. Sorry, my little sister and her friend were spying on you. I was just about to take them home.  

Elisa turned and glared and him. You were not, Michael Frost! You cant tell us what to do! 

The new boy laughed, and Elisa turned her glare on him. Whats so funny?  

He held his hands up and shook his head. Nothing at all. Im Paul, by the way. Paul Davenport.  

Michael stepped forward and held his hand out. Michael, but you can call me Mike. This is my sister Penny, and her super annoying friend, Elisa.  

Elisa opened her mouth to yell at him again, but Paul spoke before she had a chance. Nice to meet you all. Ive have to go, but I guess Ill see you around.  

He turned and jogged across the lawn to the front steps. Elisa stuck her tongue out at Michael before riding away, wishing shed said something really grown up sounding before Paul had left. 


Im so bored, Elisa flopped backwards on Pennys bed with a dramatic sigh.  

Want to play dolls? Penny flopped on the bed next to her. 

Im tired of dolls. Letdo something outside.  

Penny sat up and gave Elisa that look she always had when she was about to do something they werent supposed to do. Mike is at a birthday party. 

Elisa rolled her eyes. Like I care what stupid Michael is doing. 

Then I guess I shouldnt tell you whose party it is, Penny said, sticking her nose up in the air.  

Curiosity finally got the better of her. Whose party is it? Elisa asked.  


Really? Elisa shot up in bed, then remembered she was supposed to be pretending she didnt like Paul. I mean. Thats cool, I guess.  

Now it was Penny who rolled her eyes. You have such a crush on him, Elisa. Just admit it.  

I do not! Boys are gross!  

Then prove it. Penny had that look in her eye again, but Elisa didnt care. She had to think of something to prove she didnt like stupid, cute, sweet Paul from down the street.  

Fine. Lets go. She hopped off the bed and ran for the door. 

Where are we going? Penny asked, racing after her.  

To a birthday party.  


After what seemed like forever, they were ready. Elisa and Penny had managed to get a bunch of their friends to come over and help them with their prank.  

Are you sure we should be doing this? Shelley Franks whispered as they all crouched behind a bush by Pauls backyard.  

Of course not. Thats why its fun, Penny said. Now hush and wait for the signal.  

Elisa peeked through the bushes, happy to see that Pauls family hadnt put up a fence. Theyre bringing the cake out now, she whispered. One… two… three… go!  

At her signal, a dozen girls sprang from the bushes screaming at the tops of their lungs as they raced toward the party. Without bothering to aim, they pumped water from the squirt guns theyd confiscated from the rooms of their various brothers. But Elisa had decided to take things a step further, and theyd all dropped pink dye from an old Easter egg coloring kit shed found into the guns. Within minutes, every boy at the party was covered in splashes of pink.  

Elisa stopped for a moment to admire her handiwork. Boys, dripping in pink water, chased the screaming girls around the backyard as the girls continued their attack. Pauls parents stood off to the side, looking as shocked as her daddy had been at his surprise birthday party last year.  

And there, in the middle of it all, was Paul Davenport, bent over and laughing hysterically. Planting her feet wide apart, Elisa lifted the ginormous water gun shed stolen from Michaels room, took aim, and hit him square in the face. Paul stopped laughing and looked straight at her. For a moment, she wondered if hed be mad, but he just blinked and grinned his big movie star smile.  

Elisa grinned back, then turned and ran away, screaming Retreat! as she led her friends to the safety of her own backyard.  


Man, Im sorry my little sister and her stupid friend ruined your party.  

Paul grinned at his friend, who was currently soaked in rose colored water and scowling. Its okay, dude. Party was kind of boring anyway.  

Michael shook his head and moodily swiped at the water dripping into his eyes. Theyre little brats. Well get them back.  

Paul just hummed in pretend agreement. Hed talk Michael off the ledge later, once his friend had some time to chill out. The prank had been hilarious and pretty brilliant for a group of nine-year-old girls. It was too bad the mastermind wasnt a few years older. He mostly avoided girls, but he thought he might like to get to know her better.  

Yeah. It was too bad she was just a kid. 



9 reviews for Healing Fears

  1. Stats23

    Another 5 Star fantastic story from Ms. Moore in the Healing series. This 3rd installment gives us what seems like two books in one, the first featuring the backstory of our book-one heroine Penny and her childhood best friend Elisa Hawthorne. It details Elisa%u2019s initial meeting, and developing relationship, with the love of her life, Paul Davenport. Paul is a natural Alpha Dom and the young Elisa quickly realizes that she is very much a bonafide submissive. The erotic spankings and sex scenes that these two share are hot enough to burn the pages. You get the feeling that their love and relationship could never be in danger. Wrong! The second part of the story deals with a very intense scenario of second guessing one%u2019s real life role and responsibilities of being in a D/s relationship. Only this time the doubts and insecurities are in the mind of the Dom not the submissive. When do the actions of a Dom become abusive, either physically or mentally? A tough, tough question that is so very relevant in these times of #MeToo. How they work it through, with the very able assistance of their friends, is a very compelling read. You will learn a lot about the dynamics of this type of relationship, all the while being entertained with an enormously erotic tale. Please, please let us have more stories in this series.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  2. Rhonda

    Wow, wonderful book

    This is the first book I’ve read by Brandi Evans and I look forward to reading more of her work. This is the second book in the Restrained Fantasies series and it read well as a standalone tho I look forward to going back and reading book 1 His Forbidden Submissive.
    Carter and Raven have great chemistry and are both well written if damaged characters. I enjoyed watching Raven embrace her submissive side and Carter opening himself once more to love. The plot moved at a great pace, with an excellent buildup to the HEA.
    Maddox was a great secondary character and I hope his story, Submissive Interrupted is out soon.
    I received an advance reader copy from the publisher.

  3. Ajjmb

    Healing Fears by Stella Moore is a wonderful continuation of this three book series. This book can be read alone and it goes back to a time before the first book begins in order to tell some of the background on Elisa and Paul%u2019s relationship. However Penny and Eric and Melissa and Jack from the first two novels are frequent characters in this story as well. I really liked how the author approaches Paul struggle with continuing to discipline his wife. He is struggling with the idea that he might be abusive and he may have forced Elisa into DD all these years. Elisa on the other hand is now struggling because her husband is no longer disciplining her and she is feeling unloved and frustrated with Paul%u2019s strange behavior. I was glad to see that Paul was able to come to terms with his struggle after seeing a therapist even if it was one visit. I really enjoyed the dynamics of this story. I also reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  4. lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Elisa has been in love with Paul since he moved across the street when they were kids. He has always disciplined her and she knows nothing else. Is a dd relationship still right for them? Finding their way is hard, but worth it. Plenty of spanking with 3 couples.

  5. Tami

    Healing Fears is the third installment of the Smoky Mountain Series. Elisa and Paul finally get their own book, they appeared in both former books. The story starts how Elisa and Paul got to know each other, how they fell in love and then, how they are dealing with everything that happened. There are quite some bumps in the road for them to overcome. I loved reading the book and also enjoyed to read more about the other two couples from the former books.

  6. DONNA L

    ByDonna Lon February 4, 2018
    What a wonderful addition this book is by Ms Moore to the Smokey Mountains Series.
    This can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading the previous books to
    familiarize yourself with the other characters.As with with other books the author knows
    not only her erotica but is well versed in the domestic discipline lifestyle.This story is
    unique as it explores the emotional ramifications of the Dominants feelings,when does
    punishments turn to abuse.Elisa Hawthorne has loved Paul Davenport since childhood,
    he has been a steadying influence in her life with his hard hand.Elise is left floundering
    when Paul suddenly stops punishing her,she thinks the worst,is their marriage over.Paul
    loves Elise but since the trial of their good friend Penny, he compairs himself to her attacker.
    Elise takes drastic measures,will this finally shake up Paul to seek help and save his marriage.
    You can’t help being drawn to this book by reading how much Paul struggles with his conscience
    about punishing Elise.I enjoyed the inclusion of Penny,Eric,Melissa and Jack. The plot includes
    hot sex and plenty of spankings.I am looking forward to the next chapter in this series.

  7. Redrabbitt

    The story is the third in the Smokey Mountain series, and while it has main characters from the first two stories, it reads well as a stand-alone. The story is a good bit different than Healing Hurts, and Healing Divides in that it starts from when Elisa and Paul first met when they were young children and neighbors and progressed as they go through school, onto college, and then marriage.

    Paul has watched out for Elisa since he turned twelve years old, and he nicknamed her little bird. While she had a secret crush on him since she was eight years old, she would pretend she really didn%u2019t care for him. The story will cover parts of their childhood, and then when their relationship changes from friends to lovers when she graduated high school. It is also the beginning of their relationship adding discipline and entering a D/s lifestyle.

    When Elisa decides she isn%u2019t going to attend college, Paul refuses to accept nor allow her that option and insist she will apply and then he is there through her years in college setting rules and expectations. Following graduation, it will lead to their engagement and marriage.

    The story will include the relationship of Penny when she refused to listen to Elisa and got involved with Franklin Pierce, and how it became an abusive relationship that for some time severed the friendship of Elisa and Penny until she escaped Franklin and sought out Elisa and Paul.

    While it has been years that Paul and Elisa have lived a domestic discipline lifestyle, one they both agree to, the trail and facts brought out in the case of Franklin and Penny will have Paul questioning his relationship and punishments. Their marriage will take a downward spiral that harms both of them when he decides to removed spankings from their marriage.

    Has Paul and Elisa%u2019s marriage hit a snag that they can work through? His work is keeping him out long hours, and slowly insecurities and doubts will work their way into Elisa%u2019s thoughts that maybe he doesn%u2019t care about her anymore, and maybe there is another reason for the decline in their marriage. When they try to talk things don%u2019t go well, and Elisa starts running away from their problems, and their marriage is suffering.

    The story is a great example of an open line of communication and how two people can grow in a relationship but also how fragile it can be when left unattended. It also has a great example of a safe, sane, and consensual domestic discipline lifestyle, compared to an abusive person who controls, coercion, abuses, and used fear to lead in a relationship. The story has many discipline scenes and explicit sex scenes.

  8. Hope W

    This book is excellent! Although it is the 3rd in the series it can be read as a standalone as well.
    I loved that the story shows the difference between domestic discipline and abuse. The characters were real and showed a range of emotions throughout the entire book. The storyline allows the reader to see how some head of households can question the lifestyle they live just as some taken in hands do as well. It goes into the mindset of a submissive and how some people crave the discipline and special connection that comes with the lifestyle. However, the author also brings in abuse to the storyline to show some of the signs that family and friends may overlook, how an abuse victim might handle the situation, and how they must overcome the fear after they leave the situation. This book showed happiness, love, friendship, family, abuse, recovering who you are as a person, and so much more. I highly recommend this book and can’t say enough how much I enjoyed reading this story. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  9. Margaret Corcoran

    I loved this loving story. Elisa needs Paul and all he has to give, to help and teach her. She may not like his methods but she loves him. Paul is very bad at expressing himself. All the characters are very human, well written and described. There are plenty of disciplinary spankings, hot spicy sex, real emotions and feelings. A very interesting and enjoyable read. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. Well worth reading!

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