Harvest Moon Ride

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Multiple world champion equestrienne, Etta Ross, has a dilemma. How does she rescue the small band of mustangs from the rustlers who want to smuggle them to Mexico for slaughter while avoiding a run in with the legendary Texas Rangers?

If all she had to do was save the mustangs, her mission would be easy. But she runs afoul of sexy Texas Ranger, Brody Jensen, when she’s wounded and stranded on foot in the middle of nowhere. Not buying her explanation that she was out for a walk, Brody is bound and determined to protect Etta, who is adamant that she can save herself. Brody is convinced that a few trips over his knee followed by his dominant lovemaking is just the remedy to Etta’s headstrong cowgirl ways.
Publisher’s Note: This stand alone love story includes scenes of domestic discipline as well as detailed descriptions of intimacy.
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Sample Chapter

Etta Ross stood vigil alone in the moonlight. Her sixteen-hand, varnish roan appaloosa, Timer, was a two-time world champion in Trail and Western Riding. She watched his nostrils flare as scents of the night wafted on the gentle breezeEtta felt the sense of timelessnessboth in images from the past and in the small band of wild horses that could be seen moving quietly in the night looking for a safe place to rest 

Under the watchful eye of the lead mare, the small herd began to settle down for the night. The herd was too small to rate their own stallion, but rather followed the intrepid gruella mustang mare. That appaloosa blood ran through her veins was obvious in the characteristics she carried—a distinct blanket with spots covering her hind quarters and the sturdy, striped hooves that needed no shoes for protection from the rugged terrain.  

Etta scanned the surrounding area with night goggles to ensure that the mares with their foals were safe from predators both two- and four-legged. She was grateful for the benevolent harvest moon shining down, making the night quite welcoming.  

She smiled at the thought that her friends, enemies, and other competitors at the Appaloosa World Show would never imagine that the recently crowned world champion was standing quietly awaiting the touch of his riders leg telling him to begin closing the gap between them and the herd. Etta also knew that Tara, her best friend and coach, was most likely becoming concerned that Etta had failed to show up for the closing night banquet and awards ceremony. Those fears would undoubtedly be increased when Tara read the note that Etta had left back at the show barn.  

Etta had learned of the existence of a small band of mustangs not far from Fort Worth that carried the prized blood of the Nez Perces sacred horses. That they were this far southeast was intriguing and Etta wondered if theyd been driven from what should have been their natural domain in Idaho by modern society or if their migration been more gradual, occurring over the centuries.  

The mystery of how they came to be here had been pushed to the back of her mind when shed learned that there were rustlers in the area hell bent on rounding up and driving as many wild horses as they could to an undisclosed central location, crowding them into tractor trailers and spiriting them into Mexico where they could be sold for slaughter. Not this time, she whispered as she reached down to stroke the big geldings neck. Not on my watch. With that Etta nudged Timer with her heel and the big horse began to pick his way quietly and carefully down the hill.  


Texas Ranger, Brody Jensen, sat in his comfortable office chair outside of Del Rio trying to discern a pattern. Brodys fellow rangers joked that Brody was the embodiment of the romantic fantasy about Rangers—tall, broad-shouldered, with well-defined six-pack abs, dark hair and eyes, and a perpetual five oclock shadow. And while they teased him relentlessly about his looks and easy charm, what they envied most were his skills in riding, tracking and marksmanship. 

Most rangers these days did their patrolling in trucks, jeeps or ATVs. Brody still preferred to ride. He could get into and out of places on a horse that simply could not be reached on a motorized vehicle. The suits in the head office of the Texas Rangers in Austin werent especially fond of Brodys outside-of-the-box ways of doing things, but they couldnt argue with his results. The fact that he never actually crossed a line and endangered a prosecution helped. Coupled with the fact that the men under his command would have followed him through the proverbial gates of hell made the suits in Austin turn a benevolent blind eye.  

It was on one of those early morning rides that Brody had found the set of tire tracks he had photographed and was now studying. The tracks didnt tell him all he needed to know; hed need to investigate further. But they told him something, probably an illegal something, was going on. That they were from several different tractor trailers coming and going in different directions and at different depths had caught his eye. It was obvious to him that the difference in depth was caused by a difference in weight. But were they heavier going in or coming out? Where were they coming and going from? And what was in those trailers? He wondered if they were connected with the reported injuries of some undisclosed men treated south of the border. There had been speculation across various agencies—state and federal—as to whether the injured men had been less than reputable horse brokers or something more nefarious. Another rumor floating around was that a federale had disappeared. Was the federale involved in the illegal slaughter trade, something else, or nothing at all?  


Etta allowed Timer to pick his own way down the steep ravine. The gelding had never put a foot wrong with her in the saddle. They moved quietly toward the small herd. The lead mare watched them approach, sniffing the breeze as they did so. She let out a low, muffled sound that was part greeting and part warning. Ettas big gelding answered in his own quiet way. The same way he had soothed so many other wild horses. Etta had been moving mustangs out of harms way for many years. She was well known by those who hunted them for either sport or profit. The large scabbard on her saddle carried the powerful rifle she had only had to use twice.  

Timer stopped directly across the herd from the lead mare and waited. One of the foals who was too young to know the danger of a humans scent got up to investigate. His mother got slowly to her feet. Etta saw no sign of aggression or fear in the mothers approach. The colt approached in a respectful manner, showing his submissiveness to the big gelding, who gently reached out to rub the youngsters withers. The baby grew bolder and came close enough to sniff Ettas boot. Etta sat quietly. She knew if she could get the herd to accept her and Timer as the same entity, the task of moving them to safety would be much easier.  

Etta wasnt the only one watching the band with night goggles. The rustlers had been following the herd for close to a week. The rider watching Etta knew that the boss was going to be none too happy about her arrival on the scene. He wondered to himself if now might be the time to vanish permanently into Mexico. The last time the boss had crossed paths with Miss Etta Ross and that damn gelding of hers, three men had ended up in the hospital just across the border and the boss had to have a bullet removed from his shoulder. The rustler turned his horse away and headed back to the camp where the others waited.  

Etta allowed Timer to move slowly into the herd, among the mares and their foals. She wished she could let them rest, but she kept feeling as though they were being watched. Shed done this kind of thing often enough to trust her gut, and her gut said they were not alone.  

They approached the pretty lead mare who watched, but didnt give any ground. She had shifted her weight back and was poised to move if she sensed she or her herd were in danger. Timer stopped just short of invading her space and again called softly to her. The mare lost some of the tension in her body and then slowly approached.  

Etta never failed to thrill at being able to witness and be a part of something wild and right. The mare got close enough to Timer to reach out and rub her head against his. He returned the gesture and the remaining tension in the lead mare visibly dissipated. Timer turned and nuzzled Ettas boot as if to introduce her and reassure the mare that she need not fear his mistress. As the mare moved closer to sniff Ettas boot for herself, Etta repressed every desire she had to reach out and stroke the pretty mares face and speak to her. She simply waited for what she now knew would be inevitable. The mare would accept them and then the band of wild horses would follow her and Timer as they led them to the safety of protected federal lands. 


15 reviews for Harvest Moon Ride

  1. Nancy Hughes

    Etta is intelligent, a successful business woman, as well as a sharp shooter. She knows well how to defend herself, and decides to rescue some wild horses on her own.
    Ranger Brody intervenes, trying to make her submit to his orders, to let the Rangers handle it, and spanks her. Etta doesn%u2019t submit easily. There are a lot of spankings and explicit sex.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  2. rjr

    A pleasing, contemporary, Texas Ranger love story. This book contains a great plot regarding the theft of wild horses from Texas who are killed in Mexico to support a drug cartel. Etta is a champion horse rider and raises prized beef on her ranch. Brody is a Texas Ranger hot on the heels of the horse thieves. Etta tries to save the horses on her own and before Brody can save her, she is shot, although not badly injured. This begins the relationship of a very dominant man and an independent woman. There are several serious spankings and lots of steamy sex on the way to solving the crime. This is the first book of the author’s that I’ve read and I found it interesting and fast paced. I had a few qualms about some phrases used, but that is just personal taste. I will definitely look forward future offerings by Ms. St. James.

  3. Redrabbitt

    I was impressed with the debut story by Ms. Willa Bradley, and it kept my attention and the pages turning as the tale unfolds. The story is full of mystery, suspense, murder, theft, angst, and passion. The tale takes the reader on a roller-coast ride of emotions, action, and adventure in this life and death story. Seeing that this is the first book in a series, I am already anticipating the next book. The story has a great cast of characters along with story-line. This is a contemporary domestic discipline story.

    Multiple world champion equestrienne, Etta Ross, is passionate many things, and that includes saving the wild mustangs that she knows are being captured, transported to Mexico and sold to slaughterhouses. She can%u2019t just allow that to happen, and along with her champion horse, she will attempt to rescue and lead a group of mares and fouls to safety.

    Texas Ranger, Brody Jensen is concerned at the tire tracks he found, especially considering that there is a weight difference in the coming and going tracks. Going back to the area he will find Etta Ross on foot, but she has been shot in the shoulder. Dealing with her belligerent attitude, sassy mouth, and refusal for medical care will have him forcing the issue, including telling her he will arrest her. Learning that she knows the ringleader and that he also has her prized horse, adds to this case.

    The plot will take the issue of the Mustangs to a more sinister level of crime. Etta won%u2019t leave well enough alone and allow the Rangers to do their own investigating and Brody will take her to task. True to his word, he is going to punish her and then claim her.

    The story will keep the reader on the edge-of-their-seat as the Rangers uncover more about the rounding up of the wild mustangs. Taking Etta%u2019s highly insured prized horse makes it grand theft, and there will be offers of deals being made. But is that going to be enough to keep Etta safe? Etta comes from a line of well-known great-grandparents, and she was brought up to ride, fight, hold her own, and shoot, and when she does shoot, she hits her target.

    Brody is keeping her at his home and not allowing her to leave and there are many spankings to keep her in line. He has never had a woman he wanted, and his wild cowgirl has proven to be a spunky, sassy, handful, but he is determined she will be his. If he isn%u2019t spanking her, putting her in the corner, he is making love her until she doesn%u2019t want to leave. The story has many spankings, including using a belt, and explicit sex scenes.

  4. Tami

    Etta is determined to rescue the wild mustangs so that they are not captured by rustlers and sold for meat. With the help of her horse, Timer, she manages to gain the trust of the lead mare. But then the rustlers cause the herd to stampede and Etta is shot – she not only loses the mustangs but also her very valuable horse. Brody encounters Etta walking around with her bleeding shoulder and soon realizes what has happened. Etta in turn is a complete brat and attacks Brody who is not happy with her behavior and spanks her. As much as Etta is determined to get her horse back and the mustangs to safety, Brody is equally determined to protect her. And if it means she will have trouble to sit down, so be it.

    In the book Etta is described as a hellion and this is exactly what she is. I have to admit, when I started reading I did not like her at all, but when the relationship with Brody progressed she grew on me. There were also some things I felt that were a bit farfetched. Apart from these things I liked most of the book.

  5. Lalaland

    This is a modern western. Etta Ross is a world champion equestrian and a successful businesswoman with her own ranch where she breeds and trains horses. When not competing or working she goes onto the Texas Range and rescues wild horses from being driven across the border into Mexico to be slaughtered for use as meat. Etta usually manages quite well alone but somehow manages to get stranded and shot by the horse rustlers. Brody Jensen a Texas Ranger finds her walking out of the dessert and refuses to believe that she is simply out for a walk. He is determined to catch the rustlers who are using the horse rustling as cover for trafficking drugs. There is an instant attraction between Etta and Brody but he is old fashioned and wants to keep her safe and away from the rustlers and the wild horses, of course, she won’t do as she is told especially since they have stolen her own horse Timer. There are some quite eye watering disciplinary spankings and some very hot moments. On the whole this was an entertaining quick read with a few amusing scenes and some laugh out loud moments. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  6. Hope W

    I loved this modern western romance that incorporated domestic discipline into the storyline. The character of Etta Ross is independent, sassy, and devoted to saving the wild mustangs. Brody, a Texas Ranger, was also trying to see who was rustling the wild mustangs, but for his own reasons. When these two characters meet there is instant chemistry between them and the fireworks begin. However, nothing is ever as it seems on the surface. There is more to the rustling of mustangs and these two characters must find out what that is and who is involved. The author included plenty of spankings, explicit sex scenes, love, mystery, crime, and a way to make the reader aware of the wild mustang population as well. Overall I loved the storyline, the characters, and the way the author kept my attention from start to finish within the story. I highly recommend reading this great book for a wonderful evenings read. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  7. PJB

    This is a well written exciting contemporary western tale that is fast paced with good strong characters and a heroine, Etta, I could relate to. She cares passionately about the wild horses she is protecting and is one tough cookie. Enter Ranger Brody, also a very tough cookie who will not stand any nonsense from hot headed Etta. Sparks fly and dialogue between these two is amusing and witty. The sex is well described and the spanking equally hot! Loved it!

  8. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. In this contemporary western, Etta can ride and shoot better than most men. She can also do some damage to any man who gets on her bad side. When she runs afoul of demanding Ranger Brody Jenson, she learns that she can’t best every man. Brody sets fire to her bottom when she takes dangerous chances. Hand, belt.

  9. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. In this contemporary western, Etta can ride and shoot better than most men. She can also do some damage to any man who gets on her bad side. When she runs afoul of demanding Ranger Brody Jenson, she learns that she can’t best every man. Brody sets fire to her bottom when she takes dangerous chances. Hand, belt.

  10. BlueDiamond

    I loved everything about this book. Wild horses, one wildly dominant ranger, and one saucy heroine to keep things hot and spicy. I really enjoyed the dynamics between Etta and Brody. The plot really flows nicely in this well-written love story. Writing about the great granddaughter of the Sundance Kid was simply brilliant.

  11. Ajjmb

    Harvest Moon Ride by Della St. James is a fast moving, hot in the bedroom romance. Etta is a woman looking for a strong man who won%u2019t hesitate to take her in hand like her Uncle does with his wife. However when she is faced with that man in Brody, her stubbornness causes to deny her desires for a bit. Brody is a bit fast moving for me and he immediately takes charge of Etta, even spanking her right after she has her shoulder operated on from a gun shot wound. Brody will not put up with Etta%u2019s foolishness and he lets her know with some good old fashioned discipline. Of course the plot of the story is fast paced and suspenseful with Etta trying to save wild horses, getting shot, loosing her own horse, almost being murdered, and falling for the handsome Texas Ranger. What a great story! You will need to catch your breath with this one. I loved it. I reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  12. DB

    New author – great book!!! Texas Ranger Brody Jensen and Championship horse rider Etta Ross are quite a couple in this modern day western dd story. I did enjoy all the flirty dialogue, laugh out loud moments, sassy feisty Etta, level-headed dominant Brody, suspense, drama, hot sex, many spankings and all the well written dialogue. Ms. Bradley did a terrific job on this book and I can’t wait for book 2!
    5 Big Texas Stars

  13. JigsawGirl

    Talk about a case of instalove and Insta discipline. Brody and Etta’s relationship went from zero to sixty in no time flat. Their snarky back and forth was entertaining. Etta was a strong, independent, businesswoman with A secret desire to submit to a man who was strong enough for her. Enter Brody.

    A quick paced, domestic discipline tale with a background of feral mustangs, horse wranglers, drug cartels, and Texas Rangers.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy.

  14. Good bedtime reading

    Great story set against the Texas border country. When Etta sets a goal, she intends to finish it. Even if she tangles with the local Texas Ranger in the guise of Brody Jensen. Apart from being an award-winning equestrienne, her intention is to saves the wild horses that are being smuggled and sold into Mexico. Brody also sets his sights on the nefarious gang. However, when he comes into conflict with the would-be do-gooder, his attempts to keep them both safe brings out his protective instincts. Brody will keep her safe at any cost, even if it means a trip over his knee to excerpt his rules.

  15. Toni L

    This was a decent first book from this author with plenty of action. While interesting, the characters did annoy me at times and I found some dialogue to be a bit on the corney/cheesy side. Definitely an author to watch.

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