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Aaron and Candy are a creative couple. Both work in creative fields and enjoy gaming and costly activities, but they save their most fantastic games for October. For that entire month, Aaron comes home to find his wife dressed as a very different – and very spankable character. From schoolgirl to naughty secretary to spy, Candy’s fantasy personas give Aaron a different dominant role to play each afternoon. And while the scenarios are imaginary, the spankings are real once both become immersed in the game.

But sometimes play feels lonely. However, just when Candy and Aaron think they’re the only spankers on their block they meet the neighbors with a taste for Victorian Steampunk and spankings galore.

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Sample Chapter

My favorite holiday is Halloween. It shouldn?t surprise anyone since it gives me a chance to be someone else. Aaron likes it, too. You know how most people mark off the months until Christmas? Well, in our house we do that for Halloween. But we don?t just celebrate the day, we celebrate the season, and for us that starts on the first of October.

Yeah, I know it?s different. But Aaron and I are different. We met at a cosplay convention. Both of us are in unconventional careers. Aaron is a game designer. I?m an illustrator. The other unusual thing we shared? We are both into spanking. We moved in together three years ago and at first every day was like a play date, but then we realized that we could be a different character every day. But then the unthinkable happened. About six months in we began to grow bored. It didn?t feel real, all the role-play. We felt like doing it so much was soaking some of the fun out of it, so we made a rule. When it came to sex, for eleven months out of the year we would be Aaron and Candy. But every October 1st we would become different people.

Today was the day. Aaron had gotten up and left early for work. I worked at home and watched the clock with a certain eagerness as I put the finishing touches on the panels I was doing for a book called ?The Clockwork Rabbit.? Work seemed to drag but I forced myself to remain focused until about an hour before lunchtime. Then I pushed myself away from the computer and went upstairs to get dressed.

The Game was about to begin.

When Aaron came home for lunch, he found Candy outside smoking a cigarette. Now, Candy knows she isn?t supposed to smoke. She also knows she?s not supposed to ditch school and was really surprised when he stepped into the back garden and found her leaning against the wall puffing on a Marlboro.

His expression was thunderous and Candy tossed the cigarette aside, waving the smoke away from her face.

?Uncle Aaron! What are you doing home??

?I live here, remember,? he said. ?And I come home for lunch.?

?Not on Wednesdays,? Candy said, her voice edged with disbelief. ?You have meetings on Wednesdays.?

?Usually, but they were canceled. And you have school on Wednesdays, young lady.? He took hold of her arm. ?So you want to tell me what you?re doing home??

?School was, um…canceled….?

?Canceled? Really??

?Yeah…? Candy began to speak rapidly, which was her custom when she lied. She twirled one of her pigtails, another sign that she was nervous. ?See, there was a, um, bomb threat…?

?Funny, they usually report that kind of thing on the radio. Breaking news and all that. I had the radio on all the way home and not a word.?

?The media,? Candy said. ?They really aren?t doing their job.?

?Or you?re lying to your Uncle Aaron,? he replied. ?And what was the one rule I told you was the most important when I let you move in here after your parents went to Europe? What was it, Candy??

She looked down at the toes of her penny loafers, playing nervously now with the hem of her schoolgirl skirt.

?Answer me!? He turned her quickly, punctuating the command with a sharp slap to her bottom. Even through the skirt it stung, and Candy yelped.

?No lying!? she said.

?And the second rule?? He smacked her again, harder, a bit lower on her bottom. Tears stung the back of her eyes. It was so easy to slip into the roles. Aaron was so dominant, and made her feel every inch the naughty, trembling schoolgirl she was pretending to be.

?No smoking!? she cried.

?That?s right. No smoking. And what did your parents and I agree was the penalty for you breaking my rules? Remember, Candy, I informed them straightaway that if I was going to take a schoolgirl into my home, she?d be subject to my discipline.?

?Uncle, don?t make me say it…?

?What was it, Candy?? he insisted.

?Please, Uncle Aaron…?

?Candy?? His voice was heavy with warning. ?Don?t make me have to ask you again. You know if I do it?s going to just make things worse. So I?m going to ask you one more time, Candy. What is the penalty for breaking my rules??

She looked at the ground again. ?A spanking, Uncle Aaron.? Her petulant answer was barely whispered.

?That?s right,? he said. ?A spanking delivered while you are over my knee with your skirt raised and your bottom bared. And now you know what to do, don?t you? You will go upstairs to my room and fetch back the heavy wooden hairbrush on my dresser. You will bring it downstairs to the living room, place it on the coffee table and put your nose in the corner. And you will wait there until I come in to spank you. Because I am very angry with you, Candy. And I need to calm down before I punish you.? He turned her towards the house and propelled her forward with a swat. ?Now GO!?

As he watched her go, he reached down to adjust his pants over his growing erection. He loved being Uncle Aaron and had a fondness for Candy dressed in schoolgirl attire. Her toned, tan legs looked so fetching in the knee socks and the little plaid skirt swayed so tantalizingly when she walked. He?d caught a glimpse of her rubbing her already stinging bum under the skirt as she?d fled inside. But they never had sex when they played their niece-and-uncle games. He was already looking forward to the long shower he was going to take afterwards.

Candy was having similar thoughts as she fetched the hairbrush. It was going to be a long frustrating night, but they?d agreed that once a game started, neither of them ended it. Not that she wanted to. The game was already starting to feel real. She was afraid, but she loved the feeling of knowing that very soon she?d be over Aaron?s lap, held in place by his strong arm and being spanked past the point of tears. She?d revel in the helplessness, the humiliation, the way he scolded her even as she cried out for him to stop. It terrified her, and it turned her on. It was like her sexual roller coaster ride.

She found the hairbrush just where she said it would be and left the room, making her descent downstairs as methodically as she dared. She wondered if she?d find him in the living room waiting, but he was not there. Candy laid the brush down on the coffee table as instructed and walked to the corner. She knew the protocol – stand up straight, keep your hands by your side, do not fidget. Uncle Aaron would expect to find her just like that, quiet and obedient.

She hated when he made her wait. Her body was ready, her bottom tingling with fearful expectation. The thought of going over his knee, of the sensation of his control was already making her pussy ache and throb. He would scold her for that, for being wet. The thought of that made her even more anxious and eager.

It was twenty minutes before he finally came in. He didn?t speak at first and she didn?t turn around to look at him. That was also against the rules. Nose in the corner until called.

?If you?re wondering why I took so long getting in here, it?s because I was on the phone with Headmaster Bannister. I figured when I caught you today that skipping school was the tip of the iceberg. It turns out I was right. It?s not the first time you?ve played hooky, is it??

Candy sniffled from the corner. ?No sir,? she said.

?And how many notes have been sent home about your behavior? Notes that you neglected to show me??

She sighed before answering. ?Three.?

?And how does that make me look as a guardian, Candy.? He was standing at her side now. ?Neglectful, that?s how. But I?m about to change that perception, Candy. When I send you back to school tomorrow it is going to be as a very, very contrite young lady with a very, very sore bottom.?

He took her by the arm. ?Come here.?

When Candy turned, she squealed in fear. A leather strap and wide wooden paddle had joined the hairbrush on the coffee table.

Aaron led her around the coffee table to the sofa and sat down, pulling Candy across his lap. She whimpered in fear as she felt him raise the hem of her plaid skirt and lean over to pick up the hairbrush.

?What a naughty, naughty girl,? he said, his hand rubbing her bottom in slow circles. ?You?ve earned a spanking that?s going to start over these panties and then continue on the bare. By the time I?m finished, your bottom is going to be so raw that just touching it with my fingertips is going to make you cry out in pain.?

She whimpered again. 

?We?re going to start with my hand,? he said. ?To warm you up.?

He began to spank her, the smacks hard and stinging against her bum. She gave a little cry after each one and Uncle Aaron increased the force of the smacks until those little cries grew louder and became shrieks of pain. The he stopped and pulled down her panties. She protested as she always did when he worked them down to her thighs, leaving her vulnerable and exposed to his gaze.

Her bottom had been colored a dusky pink by the spanks, which had all fallen on the crest of her buttocks. Aaron reached down and examined the panties bunched just above her knees. The crotch was soaked.

?Bad, lustful girl,? he said. ?Those wet panties are a sign of impure thoughts. Is there some boy at school I should know about? Are you skipping school to fuck like some little whore??

?No, Uncle!? She was sobbing in shame now and could feel his arm sliding around her waist. He picked up the hairbrush and brought it down on the under curve of her left cheek, just above the thigh.

?Are you sure?? he asked. ?No decent young lady is this sopping wet.? He brought the brush down again hard on the under curve of the other cheek. She cried out. The smacks smarted and stung. She kicked her legs. Aaron looked down and could see her engorged pussy between them.


?OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!? Candy could not escape her uncle?s grasp or the rapid smacks that seemed to fall everywhere on her bottom. Tears were streaming from her eyes and soaking the cushion of the couch underneath her face. Her nose was running like a sieve.

?STOP, UNCLE! PLEASE STOP!? She meant it as she cried the words but through the pain her pussy contracted with need.

He finally did stop and frog-marched her back to the corner by her ear.

?That was for ditching school,? he said. ?Now stand here and think about it for a bit.?

She nodded, sobbing, and was shaking with pain and sexual frustration.

He left her like that for ten minutes and then called her back over to the couch. He was holding the paddle by his side.

?Oh, Uncle!? she cried.

?Don?t ?oh uncle? me,? he said. ?Smoking? Hiding notes that were supposed to alert me to your behavior? I think those offenses are worth about ten swats each.?

?Twenty?? She was sobbing, her hands held out in supplication. ?My bottom is already so sore, uncle! Not so many! Please!?

But he ignored her and made her bend over the back of the sofa. Candy hated this, for it denied her the comfort and closeness of being held. But it was effective for getting her in a truly submissive mindset, for it required her to exercise total obedience as she held still for the punishment.

She?d only been spanked with the paddle once, for real punishment. In their every day life, sometimes Aaron did spank her. It was another part of their agreement. It had been about two months prior when Candy had come home with two traffic citations – one for an expired license Aaron had twice reminded her to renew and another for not wearing a seatbelt. The combined fines were in excess of $300. He was livid.

When he?d sent her for the paddle she?d been afraid but not terrified. It was a newly acquired implement and having been spanked with the hairbrush she did not think it would be so terrible to be spanked with the paddle.

She was wrong.

The pain suffused her entire small bottom with each swat and she was in a gale of tears after the fourth swat. She?d been put over his knee then so that she could not move too much. Candy had kicked and cried and by the time the tenth and final swat had fallen she had tearfully promised she?d never get a ticket again.

She was scared now, but also sexually charged as she held her position and felt the first crack of the paddle. After each blow, Uncle Aaron smoothed his hand over her bottom, his fingers brushing the sensitive lips of her pussy or lingering just over them for a moment, desperate to delve into the slick, heated channel.

Again he spanked her. And again, and again. They were not especially hard spanks, but they were more than effective. Candy was sobbing uncontrollably, her body wracked with spasms of pleasure-pain from each blow.

When the twentieth one had fallen Aaron stepped back. Her bottom was a deep red, almost purple in places. He could feel the heat off of it when he touched it. He?d not even picked up the strap but knew her punished cheeks could take no more.

?Back to the corner,? he said. ?The last five, for lying, you?ll get across your thighs.?

?NOOOOO! Oh, Uncle! Please!?

Candy was truly afraid, but she also welcomed the chance to show Uncle what a good girl she could be, how very sorry she was for disobeying and how much she appreciated his guidance by submitting to these last five blows across the backs of her tender thighs. She knew it would mean that later, when he made her sit at the table and write lines while he took his lengthy shower that she would feel the pain not just in her bum but on the back of her legs. But she could do this. She had disobeyed and now she could show him what a Good Girl she could be.

She gripped the back of the couch.

?You?ll count these,? Uncle Aaron said. ?You?ll count them and if you forget one we?ll start over. Do you understand, Candy??

?Yes sir…? Her voice was high and scared but firm with conviction. She could do this.

?You can do this, Candy,? he said, reading her mind, and gave her bottom a reassuring squeeze that sent a thrill through her.

Uncle Aaron raised the belt and brought it down across the back of her thighs just below her bottom.

?ONE!? She yelped the word and sunk down nearly to her knees.

?Stand up, Candy,? Uncle Aaron said, and she obeyed, forcing herself to rise and bend back over. The welt from the first blow was blooming across her thighs.

She saw him drawn the belt back and the heard the ?whoosh? just before it landed again. This one landed lower on her thighs. She breathed heavily as the sting settled and bloomed across her skin.

?OW! TWO!? Her bottom waggled back and forth and she sobbed for a moment into the back of the sofa.

Uncle Aaron landed the last three in rapid succession, and somehow Candy managed to count them. Afterwards he tossed the belt aside and scooped her into his arms. He wanted so much to kiss her. His cock was rock hard and he wanted nothing more than to drive it into what he knew was her very eager pussy. But he restrained himself, settled her into a chair in the kitchen with pen and paper and went up to shower as he left here there to write.

Candy had mastered the ability to bring herself to orgasm against the edge of the chair and as she now wrote, ?I will not disobey Uncle,” over and over in neat, girlish script she pressed her pussy against the edge of the chair, relishing the feeling of the hard wood against her engorged lips as her bottom and thighs throbbed against the chair surface. She came twice like that, eager for the next day when she could be someone else for her Aaron.

Until then, it was going to be a long night.

2 reviews for Halloween Candy

  1. anon

    Aaron and Candy revel in their spanking fantasies for a month every year. This year they add punishment spankings to their agenda. This is a fun-filled story about two people who obviously care about each other. People who take the time to plan for each other\\\’s pleasure. Fun read. Well written.

  2. anon

    Aaron and Candy revel in their spanking fantasies for a month every year. This year they add punishment spankings to their agenda. This is a fun-filled story about two people who obviously care about each other. People who take the time to plan for each other’s pleasure. Fun read. Well written.

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