Saxa’s former master and lover, the Centurion Gaius, promises to purchase her from her current master as soon as he is able to return to Rome. But misfortune befalls him and his plans are tossed aside while Saxa must learn a new life pleasing Legatus Marsus in his grand house on the outskirts of Rome. Becoming more and more obsessed with his favorite toy, the legatus goes back and forth between threats and punishment, to doing anything she wants in his desire to own the woman’s beautiful body and soul. When her former master and lover Gaius finally returns, will she be able to be with him? And how will it affect the rough relationship she already has with her current master?

This is the third book in the series: Saxa’s Journey.

DISCLAIMER: This is a newly edited and greatly revised version of a book previously released under the title Saxa. It contains the spanking of adult women, power exchange, and explicit sexual scenarios. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

“Has anything else happened between our lovely naughty slave and her conniving centurion lover?” Senator Publius asked as he arrived one morning, entering the Legatus’s tent without warning as he often did, his personal slave trailing behind. Saxa only knew a little about the senator’s slave who had only joined them for the current trip; that he replaced his old personal slave, who was rumored to be on his deathbed at one of the senator’s homes in Rome, that he was much younger than the legatus’s own manservant, the uptight Pious, and that he was very good-looking with shoulder-length light brown hair with silvery cream highlights which accentuated his tan skin. The new slave’s slanted, gold eyes met Saxa’s and he smiled at her in a silent apology for his master’s crudeness.

Saxa did not return his smile. Instead, she blushed at the senator’s words and became very busy cleaning the legatus’s chest plate.

“Saxa! Wine!” Saxa hurried to do as her master bid, wishing the legatus’s moodiness would abate, feeling it had been quite awhile since he caught her in the arms of the handsome centurion and he had punished her quite enough for the matter, plus she hadn’t seen or heard anything from the warrior since.

“I have some news you might appreciate, Marsus; I heard last week Centurion Gaius’s father, Augur Luciantus, has died.”

Saxa looked up from her job at the news.

Legatus Marsus gave the senator a disgusted look, “Why would his father’s death make me feel any better?”

Senator Publius leaned towards the legatus while his eyes remained on Saxa, as he tried to keep his voice confidential, “Because Centurion Gaius is a bastard and the son of a concubine. His father, his illegitimate father, was the reason the young whelp rose as quickly as he did through the ranks.”

“He’s an excellent warrior, senator.”

“Ever forthright aren’t you Legatus Marsus? Perhaps he is, but, at any rate, his father had planned to sign off part of his property to his favored boy, but he never actually finished drawing up the scrolls, so, they could just disappear… just give me the word.”

Legatus Marsus glowered as he chewed a chunk of bread. “Why would I do that?”

Since that morning Saxa had been busying herself with random things keeping a good distance from the legatus as possible in order to stay out of his way, but the news of her ex-master’s father made her want to hear more.

“What are you doing, Saxa?” The legatus lifted his hand to motion the senator to stop talking as he turned to glare at his female slave who had settled with her mixing bowl nearby.

“I… uh… am just making dinner…”

“Well, why don’t you find a baker’s tent in order to buy us some bread and wine?” Her master dug in his braccaes pocket for coin.

“Yes, Master.” Saxa took the money and left with the new posted guard falling in behind her.


An hour after dinner had finished, Saxa left the tent full of the legatus’s companions and headed to the creek that snaked through a cypress grove nearby in order to refill an amphora with water and to dump her washing basin. It was late enough in the evening that the posted soldiers, readied to be off in order to have their own dinner weren’t interested in her bothering them with her nightly routine. She was returning to the legatus’s tent, walking back through the trees when she was grabbed from behind and yanked into the brush causing her to drop her amphora and leave it spilling out its contents behind her.

“Master Gaius!” She kept her voice to a whisper when he loosed her mouth from his hand, it being quickly muffled as he crushed her lips with his own.

“I’ve been looking for you. Your new guard won’t let you alone.” His eyes flicked over her face, “and it’s been over two weeks since we last lay together.”

“Aren’t you worried you might be killed?”

The centurion shook his head. “At first I wanted to do as the legatus ordered me to do and I tried to get over you, but tomorrow they send me out again, and since I am likely to die anyway, it is worth the risk.”

“He keeps me inside all the time ever since he found us together. He barely even lets me go out on my own just to fill a water vessel.”

The centurion lifted a brow, and smirked. “If I knew there was a wolf at my door wanting my woman I would probably do the same.” He pulled her back to him. “Before I go, I want you one last time…” His eyes were languid on hers as he gripped her by the hair and kissed her.

Hastily, he laid his cloak upon the ground and urged her down upon it, placing her on all fours then yanking up her skirts while he situated himself behind her, gripped her about the waist and with a low groan began thrusting into her. Saxa pinched her lips tight to silence her moans while keeping her rear up against him as his pelvis smacked loudly against her buttocks. She grimaced with his final shove in, then moaned in reply to his growl as he came.


Saxa sat in her lover’s lap, her arms around his neck, his around her waist, enjoying a moment of closeness in the shadows of the trees as a chilled wind brushed across them.

“A storm’s coming…” Gaius looked to the darkening sky.

“A bad sign.” Saxa rested her head back against his pectoral, while he stroked the hair from her face and pecked gentle kisses across the pale freckles that delicately laced their way along the skin of her forehead and cheeks, stopping to smile down at her worried look. Saxa wanted to take in every part of him, her gaze taking in the sooty lashes that outlined his jade eyes accentuated by the deep bronze of his flesh, the refined curve of his long nose almost meeting with the upper bow of his sensually sculpted lips. Cupping his chin in her palm, she turned his face to hers and kissed him fully, sighing as she rubbed her forehead against his. “He says we are to leave for Rome soon.”

He made a slight grimace. “I have heard.”

“Do you know when you are to return?”

“It will only be a few weeks, not as long as the last time. I need to return home to my father’s house to put his affairs in order…”

She pulled back to look at him. “I am so sorry! I heard about your father’s death…”

“Thank you.” Gaius’s eyes glazed over. “He was ill for a long time. And now I must figure out what to do about his household and the concerns of my sisters.”

Saxa waited for her ex-master to mention his plan to take her as his wife as he claimed he would when he left her the first time. He shook his head. “But I cannot think on such sad news. Let us dwell on other matters…” He brushed his knuckles across her cheekbone. “For soon, my darling, the legatus will notice you are missing.”

A feeling inside her surged. “I cannot bear him any longer!” She grabbed at the collar to his tunica as she rose up to meet him face him. “I don’t want him. I want you! Take me with you.”

The centurion smirked in reply. “Would that I could.” He cupped her face in his hands. “But not just yet, my sweet. I will finish this last exhibition, finish my service and then I will be done with my service to Rome and I can return home.” He kissed the top of her forehead. “In the meantime, I’m certain the legatus will provide well for you; he has a fine home, he dresses you well and keeps you safe. I will let him take his fill so that he will be more ready to part with you when I come. And even if he is not fully ready to give you up, my father has left me with plenty of coin and a renowned vineyard that will quickly provide me with more, then I will be able to solicit the legatus until he finally gives you up, no matter the price.”

Saxa’s eyes searched his for a long moment for truth. “You promise?”

“Yes, Saxa, I promise.”

She clung to him in one last kiss, his arms enveloping her as tears threatened but she made them stay.

Chapter Two


“We’ve been riding for days,” Bors shouted to his fellow centurion when they were able to ride abreast of each other through an opened field. “When are we to meet the troops?”

“Come morning.” Gaius turned to look at the other man despite his mount’s harried gallop. “We can make camp in that stand of trees.” He pointed to a dense thicket still a ways distant and barely visible beneath the darkening sky.

Gaius had slowed Mercury to a trot as he followed Bors into the ravine when he heard his partner shout.

“Bors!” Through the branches he could see his friend clutching at his throat, trying to dislodge an arrow that had been driven through it. “Ambush!” He spurred Mercury in the opposite direction, only to be caught by a length of rope stretched taut between two trees that yanked him from his seat and landed him on his back fighting for breath. Knowing he had very little time to react, Gaius fumbled his way to standing, tugging his sword from its scabbard and crouching as he readied for the man who was coming out of the trees with his own sword drawn. A shout from his right revealed another man astride a large horse as he wielded a huge ax overhead. Gaius countered the man’s ax with a quick shift of his feet and blade. More men came from the trees and he was circled, Gaius counting five men in total dressed in roman garb.

“Give it up centurion…” the large man on the horse said as he circled the group.

“Why are you doing this?” So dumbfounded that he was being attacked by his own countrymen, Gaius did not think on fighting back as he was struck in the temple and fell to the ground as if stabbed.

He woke only a moment later lying in the mud. He tried to rise but a blade point halted him and he saw that all five men were readied to fight with weapons drawn as they kept wary eyes on him.

“Centurion Equitates Gaius Luciatus Cincinnatis,” a shorter, dark-haired man spoke up, “you have been deemed a betrayer to Emperor Domitianus Augustus and counted as a traitor by order of the Roman army and by the laws according to the Sicyllias Graxium order under the Roman herald, we hereby revoke all titles, lands and holdings that may exist in your name as well as the honored title of citizen to Rome.”

“Traitor? I am no traitor! I was sent by Legatus Marsus to man the West Mountain battalions. I am here to lead the twenty-first and twenty-fourth troops stationed in the Western plains against the hillside tribes there all in the name of Rome.” Gaius’s voice cracked in desperation as the men circled and closed in on him.

“We were sent by orders of his honor the Emperor Domitianus to capture two well decorated military traitors. We killed one, the Centurion Bors Milunis, and according to the descriptions, you are our other pursuit,” the dark haired man continued as his men forced Gaius to stand before they bound him, then forced him to the back of a waiting horse where they tied him to the saddle.

“This is stinking ram’s balls! Who sent you? I demand to be taken and tried at a court!” He shouted at the men as they turned their horses about and set their way back the same way he had just come.


“This one used to be a Roman citizen, but he decided he related more with the Germanians.”

“Ah! A traitor…” The slaver looked over Gaius’s large, muscular form greedily as Gaius glared back at the small man despite his hands being tied tight and his feet shackled. “You are lucky to even be alive, son. We got a special place for the likes of you.”

“Please, heed me, tolerant lord… They lie. I am not a traitor. I never ran away. I was with another centurion on a mission for Rome and they…”

“Shut up, boy! Or I’ll ambush your backside,” the greasy looking man replied with a wicked grin.

“Look, sir, please! I am a Roman soldier, a Centurion Equitates for Emperor Titus. These men have captured me… If you would just talk to…” but his shouts were cut off as one of the slaver’s men butted his jaw with the hilt of his sword before stuffing a rag into his mouth and tying it shut. The old man continued to keep his cruel smile as he unfurled the long tongue of a bull’s whip to lash across Gaius’s chest, causing him to buckle at the sharp, rending slice it made through his flesh. The man refused to relent, instead earnestly repeating whipping the tongue across Gaius’s body as he circled him, stopping at his back as he lay several more lashes across his back until finally, after almost a half an hour of continued abuse, the bloodied centurion collapsed to the ground. Half conscious, Gaius made no fight as the slavers yanked and shoved at him, working to drag him across the grounds to lift him into the dark cage that made up the bottom of the slave dealer’s wagon.

The slave trader snorted and spat. “This one’s strong! He has enough fight for ten men. I know exactly the place for him.” The trader handed Gaius’s abductors a heavy bag of coin in payment. “Find me more virile warriors like him, boys, and you will never have to scrounge again.”


The wagon bumped along rock and weed covered roads towards the south and east while Gaius was made to settle in among the tight confines of the cramped cage, having to lay his head upon a man’s sweaty body as another man was laid across his legs. At the most, he had time. Hours moved into days then into weeks of rambling rough roads, plenty of time to wonder who had put him there and how he would get out of his predicament.

Chapter Three


Legatus Marsus’s moods began to change the closer the entourage of Roman military got to Rome. Saxa was pleasantly surprised at finding him having an almost boy-like giddiness as he teased and laughed with her when they bedded down in the back of his cart one night.

“In two days’ time we shall finally arrive at my house overlooking the fine sands of the Mediterranean Sea.” The legatus lay back after finishing a sexual romp with his favored slave girl. “A real bath, my soft bed within the solid walls of my room, the fruits of my orchards at harvest time. These are things I have missed greatly…”

Saxa glanced over at her master as she lay beside him where he had left her. “Are things ready for your return?”

“They should be. I sent Pious along with several of my new slaves to get the house and grounds ready.” He circled his arm about her and pulled her to him. “It is cold, my lovely slave, let us huddle together beneath the night breezes.”

“Tell me more about your home in Rome, Master. Ease the tedious hours of riding in this wagon.” Saxa rested her chin on his chest.

“I’m sure a lot has changed to my little home in the eight years I’ve been away.” He toyed with a strand of her hair as he stared up at the stars.

“It’s been eight years since you were home?” Saxa petted the wiry curls near his nipple. “I’ve only been gone a few months from my home, I can’t imagine eight years…” She adjusted herself, rising up onto her crossed arms, her naked breasts pressing against his side.

The legatus quirked a sideways grin as his gaze took her in. “Well, I returned to Rome those eight years ago in order to allow my wife a divorce.”

“That is something.” Saxa nodded, pursing her lips. “Did you have children?”

“They went with her to her new home in Naples after she left with her new husband. But, yes, I have three children.”

“Oh. I am sorry.”

He shook his head with a frown. “I’m not. I couldn’t blame her for wanting a husband who was actually present. She is a beautiful, intelligent woman and she found a wealthy senator who was willing to take her and her children in. I’m sure she was much happier.”

“But now you are all alone. Your children are all gone…” Saxa couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for her master.

“Am I alone?” He turned to her with his half smile. “Do you pity me, my little slave?” He stroked a finger across her cheek.

“I find it hard to imagine you as a father.” Saxa’s grin was careful, a bit worried she went too far.

“I wasn’t able to be much of one. It is hard to be when you are a soldier for Rome. If you have a wife, she has to know she will be alone for years on end.” He stared up at the stars, his head resting on his arms. “I married later than a normal man. I was called from my post in the north by the Emperor Vespasian who was having difficulties with a small local war. So he wanted me to remain in Rome in order to be part of his personal guard. While I was home, the emperor had me join him in his many meetings and parties and I was asked by a senator if I would care to marry his beautiful daughter. It seems like so long ago and for such a fleeting moment in time, but I agreed, of course, and was given one of the senator’s many homes with its orchards and fields and soon after my new bride bore me three children one right after the other…” His gaze was off in another time. He loosed a sigh. “And now, all three of them are grown to adults, two have married and gained my family name more wealth and privilege and I have recently heard they have sowed children of their own.” He returned his gaze to the woman next to him. “But this old man is too busy to bother with the burdensome task of raising children! He’d much rather rut between the thighs of a beautiful slave…”

Saxa rubbed a finger over her lip, letting out a single laugh at the idea. “You are a very horny old man.” She grinned as he nodded in reply. “How old are you, Master?” Her eyes lingered on the wrinkles she noted at the sides of his eyes and mouth.

Instead of answering, the legatus gripped her by the arms and yanked her to him, pulling her head down to his kiss.

“That you do not need to be concerned about my pretty rabbit…” He shifted them both so that she was now the one on her back. “All you need to understand is I am here to teach you right and wrong as well as other…” He grinned when she gasped as he seated his erection into her, his eyes watching as she pleasured in reaction. He pulled almost all the way out then seated himself again with a grunt, “…things.”

Saxa closed her eyes to the feel of her master riding her again, feeling his pale eyes intensely watching her. “You… think…” Her voice was breathy in reply to his rhythm, “you… are a good judge… of that… Master?”

“Perhaps not, little rabbit, but I do know I have you…”

“Ohhh…” Saxa moaned as the legatus hugged her tighter, curling his arms about her as he took her groans with his ravenous mouth, his tongue claiming her above as he did the same below.

“…exactly where I want you.”


“Fish! Fish, fresh from the sea!”

“Wine! Fine wine!”

“Beautiful girls or beautiful boys! Only 100 denari per hour!”

“Lush fabrics from the silk road! Fine clothes to dress your wife…” The fabric merchant’s eyes caught on Saxa’s as she peered from beneath the heavy blankets that covered and protected Legatus Marsus’s wagon of slaves from the glaring sun. “Or a beautiful lover…” He grinned as he lifted up the shimmering fabrics in salute to Saxa. She smiled in reply.

“Is it always so hot?” Saxa asked another slave as she continued flapping a fan over her face as the heat rolled through. “These cannot be buildings. They are too big…” She couldn’t help but exclaim upon everything, her senses overloaded with all the new sights and sounds of the modern city. “They look like mountains!” She marveled at the massive marble platforms and intimidating, high walls looking invincible to any who dared enter the great city. Every one of them makes my temple look like a crumbling hut. I can see why the Romans view the rest of the world as barbaric. She sat within the lurching wagon, unable to hide her wonder at the smooth streets roiling with people, some working their way through the throngs to their own destinations, others calling out with various wares they were selling, a few trying to entertain the passersby enough to warrant a donation.

“Our newly appointed caesar has decided to give his people a gift, by decreeing the banishment of the curfew!” One man shouted the news he read from a scroll as he stood upon a raised platform in the center of the city. “The great Caesar Titus also decrees that there should be a day set aside for the rights of Bacchanal!”

She scratched at the iron band circling her ankle connecting her by chain to a large metal eye in the middle of the wagon alongside some of the other slaves’ chains.

“It’s to make certain you don’t get lost.” The legatus himself had made sure hers were on good and tight when his men were readying his large group of wagons to enter the chaos of the city. “Or to stop you if you decide to get lost.”

“Pigs for sale! Fine, fat pigs!”

“A gelding sired by the great Blue Bay’s Triumph! Winner of over twenty Colosseum races!”

“Tender rabbit! Chewy voles! Meat for sale!”

Farmers and auctioneers called out to the passing crowds, hundreds of vendors battling each other in order to sell their wares in the giant marketplace.

“Young girl for sale!”

“Well trained male servant! His master has died leaving him ready to take on the orders of your house!”

The shouts began to change as their wagon drew closer to the slave markets.

“Tall, strapping boy! Only fourteen years old and able to lift a horse!”

“Two beautiful sisters! Able to work the house during the day then please their master by night!”

“Healthy woman with child! Two for the price of one! Put the little one to work until he turns ten then get your return by selling him!”

Her excitement died with the darkening mood she felt coming from her fellow slaves. Even a cheerful woman who had been talkative the entire trip had gone silent as she warily listened to the hawkers calling out and the realization of her predicament settled in. A heavy guilt grew in Saxa’s belly for being glad to know that the legatus had chosen her to remain with him as she watched people around her hugging each other and crying as they readied for the end of their journey.

To distract herself and escape the stifling musty air beneath the wagon’s covers she lifted a side to again stare about the market square, taking note of the layer upon layer of wood, stone and iron cages that filled every edge while the grounds were filled with masses of people standing about bidding as the auctioneers rattled on.

She remained silent in her corner as the rest of the slaves were unbound and made to leave. What if the legatus changes his mind? What if he sees a prettier girl and decides to buy her instead and set me on the auction block? Saxa tucked in on herself as she felt the wagon begin to buck and shake about her. “We have one more to check on…” Brilliant light poured in about her as Saxa realized the blankets were being yanked off of the wagon frames. With the curtains gone, Saxa was left exposed on the bared wood floor. A cough and she looked up to find Pious watching her curiously from the edge of the wagon with his pen in hand as he made any notes the legatus might need pertaining to what had been sold or purchased, human or otherwise. “Not this one!” He called out to the young soldiers who were doing the gathering. “The master wants her. Onto the statuary cart…”

Several hours later, the last two of the legatus’s large wagons trudged through the city towards the south, stopping at a checkpoint gate before crossing a bridge over a broad river, then proceeded climbing into the hills that edged the city to the south. Saxa gazed across the landscape at the golden spelt covered hills and the steeper hills that farmers had carved into sections, splitting them into tiers like great cakes with vineyards and orchards sprawled across them. The legatus’s soldiers rode their horses alongside to keep track of the carts and the belongings within as they bumped along the roads and the huge monolithic buildings, the hallmarks of the eternal city, were exchanged for dirt and rock paths that wound lazily up into the hillsides. For a couple more hours they continued on as the afternoon started sliding into evening and the entourage continued to encounter people heading towards Rome; the wealthier classes often riding elegant carriages, the military on horseback, while the plebeians and slaves walked carts or alone while carrying great packs on their backs. At dusk, the group filed over a rocky butte then finally turned down a roadside lined with cypress trees and ended at a great stone wall that surrounded a substantially sized house and its broad swathes of gardens that led down the backside of the house down the hill towards the great sea. “Here we are…” Pious said more to himself than to Saxa who sat just behind his perch on the wagon bench. “The legatus’s home.”

As the carts pulled up to the building, people began to seep from the long white marble house, the many slaves clapping their hands and bowing low towards the gold haired legatus who was dismounting his favorite black horse. He greeted each slave with a handshake before sending them to help gather the items that were left piled on the wagons. An older man, obviously a head slave, came after to gather the new slaves, including Saxa.

“Come on then…” he ordered without introducing himself as he made them follow him to where Pious was standing with a scroll opened before him, overseeing the procedure as usual. The old man went to Pious and they murmured to each other as they looked at the scroll while ignoring Saxa and the other new slaves standing nearby. The pair continued with their discussion as they walked before the four people who were waiting for the lead slaves to decide where on the legatus’s property they were to be sent.

“Justisus. You are to follow Eli here to the kitchens.” The young male slave and his new mentor shook hands before they went into the house and the lead slaves moved onto the next one. “Salvious, due to your size, we want you in the fields.” A large burly man stepped forward to guide Salvious away. “Antonia. We need you to work in the house. Desde will explain things to you.” Pious smiled as he ushered the young girl towards a friendly blonde woman who took her hand and chatted with her as she guided her up the stairs and into the front doors. Saxa shuffled uncomfortably when the two men turned to her.

“This one is the one the master keeps for his pleasurable pursuits,” Pious informed the other dispassionately as he stood before her.

The older lead slave lifted his glaucoma-ridden eyes, his gray brows knitting as he scrutinized her, his eyes settling on the dipping front of her silk gown. “Obviously.” He didn’t smile at her nor make introductions but turned to chat secretly with Pious. “Nyda!” The old man motioned to a female slave. “This is the master’s slave for uhh… bedroom matters.” The woman drew in closer, her judgmental gray eyes scrutinizing every inch of Saxa. She was older and shorter than her, with a robust, sturdy build and olive toned skin that looked yellowish in hue. Her large eyes topped a primly set mouth beneath a long, bumpy hooked nose. Her clothing was carefully sewn with classic embellishments and a dark veil covered her hair. She met Saxa’s smile with a silencing stare, then her eyes began roving again, taking in every inch of the young woman; from the swooping braids of Saxa’s thick, chestnut hair, over the thin, almost see through silk fabric of her Grecian style gown, to the jeweled encrusted sandals upon her feet before she returned her gaze back to Saxa’s face.

“What are we doing here?” The legatus’s deep voice broke up the small party, his eyes flitting over Saxa briefly before turning to the others. “Pious, Gravax, Nyda come here.” The three older slaves followed the master away from her to stand under a shade tree, making Saxa feel more like an ornament or an ignorant child, as they discussed what to do with her. The female slave frowned as she looked back at Saxa occasionally, making hand motions along with her rapid arguments. Voices between them kept starting rising higher and higher until the legatus paused, his lips pressed into a thin line as he glared at the older female slave.

“Nyda. You will take care of her needs, is that clear?” He spoke loud and harsh enough so that Saxa could hear. “Dress her in the style of a pleasure slave, but she is only for my bed. Understood?” At the legatus’s resolute words, the woman gave Saxa a sharp glare that she could almost feel cutting through her liver. She could sense this was not a woman to piss off, and she wasn’t even having to, the legatus was already doing a good job of setting Saxa up to be hated. “You must train her in her role as slave however you need to, by whip if necessary, but the duty falls on you, Nyda, to make certain she is always clean, properly attired and readied to attend me when I am home.” After a curt nod of acknowledgement of her master’s decision, the older slave left the group to stomp over and grab Saxa by the arm, jerking her to follow her into the house. “Clothe her from the black wood chest I had placed next to my bed!” their master called out one last order. As her new warden dragged her down the rambling hallways through the house to the legatus’s bedroom, she first lessoned Saxa on many foreign curses and epithets as the woman sputtered her secret retorts back to her master to herself.


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