Freeing Molly

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When things fall apart…


When tragedy hits engaged couple Molly and Cián, things turn upside down.

Molly decides to spend some time alone telling neither her family nor her fiancé where she is or how she’s doing. When the police call for someone to retrieve her, she is in desperate need of loving care – both tender and strict.

Cián is devastated and irritated with his girl.

She is running from her life instead of asking for his help. Finding her is not as difficult as freeing her from the demons in her head, but he is determined nothing will get in his way, not even her. He will convince Molly she needs him as much as he needs her, and that he will take on anything to keep her safe as they rebuild their lives and try to move forward.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet love story contains scenes of domestic discipline.

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Sample Chapter

Molly Rasher still couldn’t believe that her parents were gone. It had been sixty-six days since she had answered the phone call that changed her world forever. A stupid accident in a touring cab while on vacation had taken her loving parents from her. It had sent her into a tailspin of disbelief, need, hurt, pain and then numbness. She’d heard it said you feel angry for being abandoned but she never did. She wondered if that was okay. Nothing in her world followed the normal expectations anymore, so why should her grieving process be any different. It had been sixty-five days since her older brothers, Joseph and Richard, came home. It had been sixty days since they had buried her parents.

There were days where she didn’t think she could ever take a deep cleansing breath again. And Cián, her Cián. He stood in her stead for everything, even taking her to the shower with him when she couldn’t stand alone due to crying. His loving eyes showed his pain at the loss of his mentor and employer but more than anything, his eyes loved her through the worst of it, putting aside his pain to take care of her. He was a quiet fortress.

Except that first night when he thought she was sleeping. That was when he cried, holding her but alone, suffering in his own cordoned off domain in his mind. There he released his mourning. The next morning, he was stalwart again, more in control of his world and hers. So overwhelming was her own grief, she could only acknowledge that she wasn’t the only one. In her mind though, she was the only one she could deal with and when she couldn’t, her man had her protected within the circle of his arms.

Cián had called his own parents down to help with the arrangements, the wake, bringing with them the confidence needed to get things done. Liam, Shane and Caoimhe came for the services. The O’Connors were wonderful people; she had already known that from her trips to their home. Molly had been able to call Siobhan Mom-O ever since she met her, until now. Now, with her loss so fresh, the word wouldn’t come. Siobhan, ever wise in the needs of her children, of which Molly was numbered since the engagement, immediately remedied the dilemma.

“Oh, my lassie, call me Siobhan for as long as you feel the need. Don’t add worry to your grieving.”

“Thank you.” And then the tears started again. Molly imagined she never stopped crying even in her sleep during that time.

It had been fifty-nine days since she had agreed to go home with Rick. Had agreed to allow Cián time to finish his paperwork to open his clinic, pack, and get things settled for the move. It was also to allow the siblings to bond and get through the horror. Cián was opposed to the separation but not opposed to giving her space and whatever Molly thought she needed. He kissed her sweetly, with a touch of dominance, the perfect kiss for this good-bye and promised he would see her soon.

It had been fifty-nine days since she had seen her fiancé and many more absent days were ahead. Likely a lifetime of them. Her world was decimated. Nothing was real.

It had been fifty-three days since she left Rick’s apartment in Boise on the guise of going to Denver where Joe lived. Rashly responding to her unexplained panic, she called Joe at work after a couple of days with him and told her eldest brother that she missed Cián too much.

“I understand. I’m busy here but I would like to see you before you leave the state,” Joe said.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t leave without seeing you both.”

“You call when you get there and follow the traffic rules. Stay safe.”

Molly had pretended to laugh. “I will. Promise.” She kept her promise to call. Not from Cián’s place and not her hometown. She called from Cheyenne. She needed to be alone and she couldn’t say exactly why. The men in her life, however, wouldn’t be able to comprehend her need to pull things together herself. She could keep up the farce for a week or so before being discovered, surely. Then they would demand she come home. Cián would likely spank her for putting herself in danger but that was something she would deal with later.

It had been fifty days since her brothers had found a buyer for her father’s veterinarian practice. The practice had had several offers over the last few years. When the family attorney, who was a close friend of her father’s—had been a close friend—contacted them, he told them it sold for an exceptional price. They sold to the vet who had taken over half the practice earlier in the year. The sale had been on the condition that Cián stay on as the second veterinarian until another was brought on board. It could be up to six months but highly unlikely to be more than one or two as he already had several interested. When Cián received the call, he readily agreed to stand in for the short time but refused the offer of permanency.

“Sorry, but Molly and I have plans for our own practice in Montana. The community and my family are waiting for us to open. That’s been the plan since I started college. Molly will work with me, just like Marcy did with…” The void was almost physical. Cián took a difficult breath and continued. “Well, thank you but no thank you.” The new veterinarian seemed to understand and Cián hung up.

The sale of the practice was set to be completed before the headstone was even delivered.

Fourteen days ago, she turned off her phone. She had shut out the only man she had ever cared for romantically in her twenty-five years. No, loved. She loved him. He was big, solidly built, bossy, controlling, and gentle as a kitten and he was all hers. Cián O’Connor was the youngest of a huge Irish clan of larger than life men and incredibly talented women with children everywhere. She had met them several times. With all the phone calls received over the last couple of years regaling the family’s comings and goings, she had learned to love them as well.

She missed Cián desperately, carried the bitterness of feeling lost and alone, but it was her choice. She’d shut him out. She’d told him she was staying with Joe, but she wasn’t. She’d thought to be with Cián forever, but things weren’t forever, her last couple of months had proven that fact beyond any doubt. She just didn’t have anything to give. She was an empty, numb vessel, a wasteland of nothing. Cián deserved so much more than nothingness. She didn’t think she would ever quit crying the first week she stayed with Rick. Now, she doubted she would ever be able to cry again.

Cián had told her he would be waiting when she was ready to come back, but that was when he expected she was with one of her brothers. He didn’t know where she was now. She’d done a good job of keeping the charade going for much longer than she could have ever hoped, but now Cián had said enough was enough.

“It’s time, Molly, to come home. If you need me to come and get you, fine, but it’s time. I miss you. I love you. Call me back soon, aingeal.”

The message was left on her phone because she hadn’t answered it for two weeks, but she wasn’t ready to give up on his voice, the way he made her feel. But Wellington wasn’t her home any longer. The dance was over. And so would her relationship be when Cián found out her deception.

Cián called morning, noon and night every day, and every day he left the same message, “I love you leanbh.” She listened to that message every day. “I love you baby,” but she couldn’t call him back. Then her brothers started calling, none of them realizing she wasn’t protected by a member of the trio, but she didn’t answer them either. She could tell they were becoming suspicious after a week; now they were demanding.

In five days, her childhood home would be sold because her parents had already agreed to sell it to the neighbors. They were going to downsize when they returned from their vacation. But they didn’t return. There was nothing left. Nothing but Cián, her heart said with every beat. She turned a deaf ear.

She lived in what Cián would call a dump. No, he would use a more colorful description of the dark, shabby room in the dank and dilapidated old boarding house, located in a forsaken neighborhood. Definitely not a safe place for her to be, day or night. She wouldn’t use her parents’ money and that left little for her to live on.

Two days ago, she had started working at a vet’s clinic. It was something, a start in the right direction. She realized that not eating for most of two months had weakened her, taking her stamina. Those first two days had nearly done her in. She slept when she got home until the next day. She didn’t even hear the night noises or remember the nightmares. That was a blessing, anyway.

Cián continued to call and beg her to pick up.

“Molly, mhuirnín, I’m coming to Denver if you don’t call me soon. Something isn’t right, and I need to see your face. Call me. I love you, aingeal.”

Molly knew the game she had started to stay was about to be exposed. They would come after her and find her somehow. Cián had connections. She thought to get rid of her phone or change the number, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t break the last link she had with him.

He called again. “Hey, leanbh, I have my license and the new vet will start in a few days. It’s time we got ready to move. Your things are already at the ranch, but I need to pack up the remaining pieces of my apartment. The guys are going to be here tomorrow to help me load my stuff. I can come get you after that. I’ll call Joe and make the arrangements. I love you.”

She could hear the desperation in his voice; it echoed hers in her heart. He called last night. “Molly, we’re loading things up now. I give up the apartment next week. I’ll grab you in two days. Be ready.”

Molly stifled the cry of agony hearing his voice gave her. She again chastised herself for allowing the ritualistic torture that listening to his messages was and climbed in her car. The day was long, and she didn’t listen to the messages that Cián had left since this morning, preferring to save them for when she needed to hear his voice. When she could pretend he was going to pick her up soon.

The stupidity of her choices would attack her when she was at her lowest and the last few days, she had hit bottom several times. She ached to cry but couldn’t. It was like that part of her, the part that made rational, clear decisions was gone and the ability to experience emotions was both heightened and numb. Despair was all around her taunting her to pull herself out, but she couldn’t. Existing was all she could do.

Climbing into her car at the end of the day, she waved to the owner of their last patient as he walked into the parking lot. The ignition made a grinding noise instead of starting. She tried again. Nothing. The man walked up to her. Mr. Sims, she thought. She was way too tired for this. She’d have to call a cab or Uber or find a bus.

“Hey, you have some car trouble I see. I don’t know about vehicles or I’d look. I could pretend if you like but I still would only be able to offer you a ride home or wherever you’re going.”

“Um, I’ll call a taxi or something.” She could hear Cián’s words in her ear as though he were standing next to her. Do not accept rides from strangers. It’s dangerous, and I will scorch your cute little butt if you even think about it. Call me. But Cián wasn’t here and she was tired with little disposable income—if she didn’t touch her savings.

“It’s the wrong time of day. You’ll be waiting for an hour at least. Here, go back inside and see if the vet will vouch for me. Yeah?”

She found herself nodding before the Cián in her brain could start his threats again. It took a mere five minutes before she had reassurances of Mr. Sims’ trustworthiness and climbed into his car. His cat, Mrs. Robinson, was in the kennel purring loudly. Well, his cat liked him.

“Um, I think it’s you the cop wants to pull over, Mr. Sims.”

“Probably, but I have some unpaid speeding tickets already, so I’d prefer to get you home first.”

The Cián in her head was growing louder. Her ass clenched in concern for its wellbeing as though it knew she was in trouble.

“Um, I understand, I guess, but I don’t want to be stranded if they take you to jail. If you could drop me at the bus stop, that’d work for me.”

He didn’t answer her.

“Or anywhere actually.” She wished she had thought her last statement out because this was the absolute worst part of town, and it was dusk already.

“Okay, I think I’ve lost them. I’m going to turn the corner and stop fast. You jump out because I can’t sit but for a second.”

Molly grabbed her purse and said, “Ready.”

She threw the door open as the car was coming to a stop, she tried to get out quickly, but the cop car rounded the corner several blocks back and Mr. Sims spun off, knocking her to the ground. Before she could check to see if she was all right, one police car followed Mr. Sims, another pulled up next to her.

“Don’t get up,” said the officer as he exited his vehicle.

“What?” Molly asked. “I think I’m fine. Mr. Sims just took off before I had gotten out of the car totally.”

“Let me help you up,” said the policeman who looked to be about Joe’s age, early thirties.

“Thank you.”

Soon it was obvious that Mr. Sims wasn’t wanted for mere speeding tickets but something more nefarious based on the questions she was being asked. She found herself in the back of the police car on her way to the station. She was so tired, and her day just kept going from bad to worse.

“I have a feeling it isn’t speeding tickets Mr. Sims was worried about,” Molly muttered while in the back seat of the car.

“You got that right.” The policeman seemed a little like Quinn O’Connor or even Kelli’s husband Parker. The cop’s walk and talk fit, but there was something else. He seemed a little protective of her and even chastising some, but that couldn’t have been it. She was too tired for all of this.

Over the next hour, she had explained the little bit she knew, all fifteen minutes of it, for the third time. “Look, it’s obvious you people want me to be involved in whatever Mr. Sims is in, but I’m not. Just call my employer and he will tell you the same story I did. You can even go by my work, take my keys and see if you can start my car. In the meantime, could I get an aspirin and some water? I’m tired and don’t feel well. I’m a little dizzy.”

She stood to go to the bathroom. Not a good idea. She had the impression she was moving or floating surrounded by more sirens, more chaos.

Next time after that, she was rudely awakened by something sharp being jabbed into her arm. “Shit. Sorry Cián, but that hurt. Make them stop.” But Cián wasn’t there and things began to become clearer as a woman, likely a nurse, spoke to her.

“Miss Rasher, you need some rehydrating, dear. Are you hungry? I can get you a sandwich as soon as we get your labs back, okay? Now, the officer is outside. They have called your brother and your fiancé. He’s on his way but it will be about an hour, I think. So, settle back and relax.”

Cián was coming to take care of all this mess. Good. She could sleep.


Cián hung up the phone and like he had for an irrational number of times over the last two months, he wanted to crush something, pound it into the ground in alignment with his crushed heart. Molly hadn’t answered his calls for nearly two weeks. Cián thought she was safe and secure in her eldest brother’s care, trying to recover after the devastating news that her parents had been killed in a freak touring car accident in the Caribbean. But her brother, Joe, let him in on something that Cián’s call made clear to him. What both of them, all three of the men in Molly’s life had found out, was that nothing they believed about Molly’s whereabouts was true.

Cian ran through the latest conversation he had with her brothers. He’d called Rick first, the middle child and the sibling closest to Molly, who was the youngest. Cián had waited until he thought Rick was off work before finally calling. Rick was a radiology tech who was always seeing the sunny side of life but these days, even Rick was finding it hard to do that.

“Richard Rasher.”

“Rick, Cián here. How are you?”

“Doing good, yourself?”

“Well, I don’t mind telling you I’m worried. I called to check on Molly. She hasn’t answered her phone in the last two weeks and I just need to know she’s okay.”

“Huh. I really can’t tell you. She’s not in Boise with me, she’s in Denver with Joe.”

“Oh, that’s strange. I could have sworn she was there with you, but I obviously missed that. I’ll call Joe.”

“Hey, wait. I can put him on a three-way call, hold on. Now that you mention it, I haven’t heard from her in a while either.” Cián could hear some tapping on the desk phone and then ringing, music, the tale-tell sounds of connection, and Joe was on the line.

“Cián, I was going to call you to find out how Molly was doing.” Joe sounded a little concerned. “If you’re calling us, that means something’s not right.”

“Wait, Molly is with you,” said Rick as Cián’s gut began to revolt at the implications forming in it.

“Me? She’s with Cián, right?”

“Hell and damnation, what’s going on here?” Cián stood to pace the room. “Wait. Molly told me she was going to stay with Rick for a while.”

“And she did, for a week. Then she said she would visit Joe in Denver. She hopped in her car and took off.”

“So, a week after the funeral?”

“Yep, to the day,” said Rick.

“And she did come to me,” said Joe, “that same day, pulling in really late. She stayed a couple of days, two I think, said she missed you, Cián, and got back in her vehicle to drive to you.”

“But she never came to me,” Cián said. “She said she was at Rick’s the whole time until two weeks ago when she quit answering her phone. I know she’s checking her messages because the voice mailbox hasn’t filled, and I have called at least three times a day for two weeks.”

“Well, she answered my call last weekend,” said Joe, “but she didn’t sound good at all. When she didn’t answer my call this morning, I was thinking to call you, Cián, to find out how she was. She was helping you pack, at least that is what she said. How would she know that’s what you were doing if she wasn’t with you?”

“Because I leave messages, keeping her up on the goings on here.”

The men cursed, discussed, cursed a little more, and then decided on a game plan.

“Wait, she said something about Cheyenne’s animal hospital. Oh, I remember. She said you were taking her there because you were going to observe some surgeries.” Joe sounded hopeful.

“Maybe that means she is near there. I’ll check it out.” Cián still sounded worried.

“Thanks man. We owe you. If we need to do anything, let us know,” Rick added.

“I love her. You don’t owe me a thing. I’ll find her, but the house is sold so I have to wonder where she’s staying. I’ll let you know sometime tomorrow when I have some news.”

“Call us whether you have news or not by close of business, yeah?” said Joe.

“Yeah. I’ll find her, don’t worry. I don’t hold out that her sassy little ass won’t be painted a stunning shade of fire engine red. Probably shooting flames of the same intensity, but I will round her up.”

The men hung up. Cián was more worried than angry right now. There would be time for addressing his naughty little aingeal, but he needed to focus on finding her. Sleep came in restless bits and pieces, but his dreams were active and vivid. She was calling to him and he couldn’t get to her. His phone was ringing, and caller ID said Molly but when he answered it, there was no one on the line. His gruesome nightmares had her floating in a pond, dead. That was the one that pulled him up for the day.

As he lay on the bed, trying to relax after the latest dream, he prayed Molly would answer his call tomorrow. She hadn’t today. Molly had been shut down since the funeral and there were no indications that she was anything but mimicking a dead man walking. He kicked himself for not checking with her brothers sooner, but he’d expected they would call him. He must have dozed off because he was next awakened by the distinctive ring tone he had downloaded to Molly’s phone.

“Molly, leanbh, are you all right?”

“Mr. Cián O’Connor?”

“Yes. Who is this? Where is my Molly?”

“I’m Detective Davis from the Cheyenne police department. We have a Molly Rasher in our office and her brother Joe Rasher said to call you. We wonder if you could come down and help us with Miss Rasher. I can’t tell you more than that until you get here.”

“Tell me, is she safe? Hurt?”

“I don’t think she’s hurt, and she is with us, so yes, she’s safe.”

Driving the near hour that it took to get to Cheyenne and find the police station, Cián tortured himself with speculation on things that could have happened. She was in a police station, which meant she could have been assaulted, in an accident or any number of things that might have brought her there. His logic told him if they were calling for someone to come to her at the station, it changed the likelihood that it was an accident.

Up until his death, Warren Rasher had been his boss and mentor. Cián was preparing to go to Montana and his brother’s ranch to hang his own veterinarian shingle. Molly, engagement ring firmly ensconced on the left hand, would go with him after the wedding. Things changed after her parents’ deaths.

To say his Molly hadn’t taken the news well was to say the August sun in Arizona was slightly warm. Molly had yelled, screamed, thrown things—you name it she’d done it and when she had exhausted all vocal avenues and physical responses, she just shut down. While the noisiness was difficult and frustrating, the silence was devastating.

The Rashers had a standing offer for their home from a neighbor who wanted it for his children. Marcy and Warren had decided to sell to him finally, in order to downsize and prepare for semi-retirement and travel. The sale had already gone into the final stages prior to their leaving. They had intended on moving out and taking their time looking for a new house after the vacation. That never happened. The sale went through, the new vet had asked Cián to stay on until he found a partner but that had happened now. Another reason he tried to connect with Molly. He wanted to take her with him. He understood putting the wedding off, but she belonged with him.

Her brothers called him to see if he’d made it yet.

“No but I can see the station ahead. I’ll know soon. I’ll call when I can. If it’s bad, I’ll call sooner rather than later.”


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13 reviews for Freeing Molly

  1. Stats23

    This is Book 2 in the continuing saga of Cian and Molly%u2019s relationship as it evolves within a domestic discipline framework. It can be read as a stand-alone book but I would strongly recommend you read the first one (In Pursuit of Molly) so you will better understand the many siblings, and their dynamics, in the O%u2019Connor clan. This particular story starts with a tragedy, the sudden death of Molly%u2019s parents, and how she (poorly) handles it. Both families, her own brothers and the siblings of her betrothed, have to get involved to help Molly work thru her issues and deal with realities of her mourning. Throughout this she has the loving, though firm and disciplined, support of Cian. There%u2019s lots of emotion in this story but not quite so many spankings and sex scenes as Book 1. Still, a very good read with lots of great characters and many intriguing/amusing/heartening situations. Though the main plot line reached a successful conclusion, there were a few loose ends that lend themselves well to future stories within this series. 4 Stars.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  2. Marybeth

    This is book 2 of Cian and Molly’s story. We start out with Molly’s parents dying and Molly not handling it at all. By the time Cian figures out she has left town, she has gotten herself deep in trouble. She is rescued, but she needs help accepting her parents deaths. There is discipline and spankings, but Cian loves her and does his best to help.

    I love this series and I can’t wait to read the final book. I have fallen in love with the O’Connor family.

  3. Lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.? In book 2, tragedy has struck and getting past it is pulling Ci?n and Molly apart.? This is a standalone read, but the first one is good too, so.? The entire family are spankers and protectors.? They all seem delicious.? Hand, belt.

  4. Redrabbitt

    The story is a spin-off from other stories on the O%u2019Connor family and will have mention of many family members from those stories. That in no way will make it difficult to read and follow this new one featuring Ci?n O%u2019Connor and Molly Rasher. Also, while this story does not end on a cliffhanger, it will have at least another story or two that will follow this series.

    The second story in the life and relationship of Ci?n O%u2019Connor and Molly Rasher is extremely emotional, with heartache, adjustments, and coping. Molly is in such a state of depression, denial, and confusion that she shuts out everyone who is important, Ci?n and her two brothers. When Ci?n decides she has been with her brothers enough, the three of them will learn quickly that she has fooled them, and Ci?n must find his girl and bring her back. The state of her mental and physical health has them all shocked and will require patience and stern guidance.

    I love how the O%u2019Connor family rallies around both Ci?n and Molly with love and support, a compassionate ear and shoulder when needed. That doesn%u2019t mean that they sugarcoat everything, because sometimes in life, you need to hear the harsh bitter truth too.

    Ci?n is questioning about how if he has handled things with Molly correctly, and maybe it is time to get them back onto the track they planned for their marriage%u2014he as head of household.

    The story has many ups and downs as Ci?n and Molly make plans for their wedding, they are not in their home yet and trying to get their life back to before the accident. His practice is keeping him busy, and wedding plans are occupying her time. The story includes a sweet romance, power exchange, and domestic discipline. The sex scenes are not overly explicit and do have some very mild edgy in their play. It has been a journey that leads to their wedding.

  5. Tami

    Freeing Molly is the second book of the Ci?n O%u2019Connor series. The book can be enjoyed as a standalone, but this is an ongoing series so I recommend you start reading with book one.

    Molly is overwhelmed with something that happens. She is so shaken that she sort of runs away. Her fianc? Ci?n is not very happy that Molly does not seem to trust him enough to confide in him. He shows her through loving discipline and other things that she can always turn to him for help.

    This is a story that had some scenes that tugged at my heart strings. I like the couple and was glad that everything turned out in the end. I’m hoping that the author decides to go for a third book in the series.

  6. charlotte Huelsemann

    Freeing Molly The o%u2019connors book 2 Cian by Alyssa Bailey
    This is the second book in this series of Cian. It is a standalone, but you are really missing a treat if you don%u2019t read book one or any of the O%u2019 Connors. They are a dynamic family and really fun to read about . the brothers all have their own personality. Saying that they (including the father) believe in Domestic Discipline. This is an amazing book.

  7. Ajjmb

    Freeing Molly is a stand-a-lone book in this series but I would recommend enjoying them together. This was a heart wrenching story but with a happy ending. Molly gets all the support she needs from her soon to be husband and his very large family but with depression sometimes that is just not enough. I adored this story even though I was hurting for Molly at times. This was a well written story and I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  8. Hope W

    Freeing Molly can be read as a standalone but I would suggest reading book one, In Pursuit of Molly, first to enjoy the complete feel for the series. I enjoyed this sweet and romantic domestic discipline story. The storyline is believable and heartfelt, while the characters are warm and likeable. Molly is dealing with a tragic loss and is not sure which way to turn to make it through in one piece. Little does she realize that all she needs to do is turn to the one person that will see her through anything! Cian is strong, dependable, loving, and believes in domestic discipline to keep a relationship the way it needs to be. One thing I love about Cian is his complete devotion to those he loves. This story has its ups and downs with plenty of emotions, love, some spanking, and a sweet yet strong chemistry between Molly and Cian. I recommend this story for a wonderful night’s read! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  9. Nancy Hughes

    I’ve enjoyed this well written series, of Cian and Molly. Their life was moving forward, until Molly’s parents died. She falls into depression, and doesn’t know what to do. Cian knows exactly what she needs. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  10. LuCinda Beebe

    This is the second book in this series and it can be read as a standalone but I definitely would read the first book before you read this one or I don’t think you will not enoy it the most. The characters are both relatable and interesting which kept me enthralled until the last page and which makes me hope there will be another book in this series. The plot line has some twists and turns and is well developed.

  11. Sam

    When Molly’s parents die she falls apart. It is up to Cian and his family to help her find her way again. Although they have rough patches, Molly and Cian come through everything with their relationship stronger than before. I am looking forward to the next book about this couple.

  12. Jf12574

    This as good if not better than book 1. The author did a splendid job of showing this poor woman s grief. The book is heart warming, the characters genuine, the plot thorough. Perfect read for anyone, anytime. A

  13. Susan Kirkland

    Why not run away when things get tough instead of leaning on your fiancee and his family. Molly does it her way and it doesn’t work out so Cian finds her and brings her back with domestic discipline back in their relationship.

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