War will come. Humans and vampires flee the city – what side they take?


Sample Chapter

Blood paints the Quiet King’s castle. Humans and vampires flee the city. War will come. The only questions are where and who will be on what side?

Brie, Samuel, and Ian return for the final installment of the Vampire King trilogy where all mysteries are solved and further secrets are revealed.


Sample Chapter



Clop. Clop .

My eyes remained close. I was too weak to open them. My body swayed back and forth. I lay slumped over a horse. I think. Many footsteps sounded behind me, but hushed ones, not the stomping of Royal Guards or the pounding of people fleeing danger.

Although my eyelids drooped heavy over my eyes so that darkness remained my only view, I should have been soothed by those hushed footsteps behind me. Yet blood’s deadly perfume filled the air, and not the kind of scent I’d experienced from walking past Capitol City restaurants that served all types of the red liquid for vampire consumption.


This was the odor of death and decay. The space flooded with it. A shiver of terror surged up my limp body. I prayed to Ambi and Ressi for the strength to at least move my hand, lift my head, and see where I was and who was around. My muscles sagged in defeat.

Clop. Clop.

A man screamed. A slash sounded, and then the screams ceased. Only the clop-clopping of hooves could be heard now as the horse carried me farther. I assumed it was night since I didn’t feel the usual heat from the sun. A cool gust of wind passed by, dried the liquid all over my skin into a hard shell, and lifted my hair in the air.

Clop. Clop.

After several minutes, I struggled to open my eyes and could only get the right one open for a few seconds. But what I saw frightened me. I’d thought I was on a horse, but instead, I lay over a man’s bare shoulder, a huge man with muscles that ballooned out and creased with bulging veins. His leather pants were ripped at the ends. Big black hooves replaced what should have been his feet. Blood and pus caked his skin.

Clop. Clop .

And in the distance of my mind a faint voice echoed, Brie.

What is that? I focused harder and groaned. The man who was holding me stopped. I trembled, unsure of who this man was and why he had me.

Where is Samuel? What happened to everyone? Why am I still alive? Hadn’t the knife drove through my back, pierced my heart, and sliced my chest open?

“Brie?” A dark voice laced my name. It came out gruff and unyielding.

“She moved her fingers,” a woman said on my side.

“Are you sure my queen moved or are you only hoping to save your life, Leeta?” the dark voice growled.

He said my queen. 

I sniffed. Somewhere under the scent of blood and pus, death and the night’s air was Samuel’s tenna scent. I groaned again. The man, who I now hoped was Samuel, lifted me off his shoulder and adjusted me so that I lay in his arms. I focused all my energy on my eyes. Slowly, inch by inch, I opened my eyelids.

Samuel’s face came into view. A scream lodged in my throat from the sight. Tattered flesh painted his horns. Blood trickled down his face. His fangs hung well past his chin like the tusks of walruses I’d seen in picture books. His eyes glowed red with rage. He was bigger than ever and it terrified me.

“It’s me, my Queen.” He drew his fangs into his mouth with a snap. “I’ve become a monster.”

“No…” I tried to say more, but my throat stung.

“I released your Phinova Dominas.” He turned around with me in his arms and guided my view to a long trail of women behind us. Lots of them stumbled forward with their heads down, hair ruffled, ripped robes, and dirt-smudged skin. Royal Guards walked among the women. Some let the dominas lean on their shoulders to travel. Other guards carried the younger dominas in their arms.

“I gave most of the guards a choice,” Samuel said. “Die or join with me. Most decided to live.”


“It’s only been a few hours since you’ve been…gone, but now you’re back.” Samuel hurried his pace and looked forward. “I killed the enemies. I clawed through their flesh and spilled their slimy contents inside. No one else will hurt you like that again. No one!”

I swallowed in fear as his skin rippled under me.

“For now I need to get you somewhere safe and far away from danger. And then I plan to kill the Quiet King.”

I parted my lips, trying to say something to change his thinking. He couldn’t go after the Quiet King, especially not by himself.

Whatever happened to Ian? He promised me he’d watch over Samuel. He promised. Did he help the Queen or is he dead?

“Relax. You’ll be safe soon.” Samuel rushed off with me, quicker than the average pace of a man or vampire, faster than a wild tiger or well-bred horse.

Wind dashed by. The clopping noise increased with his speed. The moonlit road raced under us. Pebbles and dirt kicked up under his hooves. I bounced in his hard arms. He tightened his grip. My right eye fluttered, but still I battled to keep it open, if only to see him for a few more seconds and know I was secure in his arms. He said he was a monster. I disagreed. He was my king, and nothing less or more.

And he has to remain safe.

I rocked in his arms and managed to screech out, “K-k…ing.”

He sighed and glanced down at me. “What are you saying, my love? I can’t hear your thoughts any more. I don’t know what you’re thinking or if it’s you and not something else moving inside that delicate skin.”

It’s me.

My eyes closed as exhaustion lured me into the dance of sleep.

“Are you truly back to me?” Samuel asked.

“Yes,” I whispered in a hoarse voice.

Chapter One


What is better than a nude maiden widening her legs for me to fill her? Two nude maidens widening their legs!

I hadn’t been lucky enough to get two women yet, so I lured only one domina into the back. I was in the fake Queen’s room, Samuel’s mother, or Queen Regina to those who cared. Oil paintings of the deranged woman decorated the walls. However, even her face couldn’t prevent my disrespect of my brother’s kingdom.

The blasted Quiet King.

I’d vowed to myself to violate all of the dominas on this side of the castle just to piss him off. If I was here tomorrow night, I’d penetrate the rest. By the time my brother Nai returned, he’d smell me all over them. What other way would I pass the time? I should piss on his statue before Samuel, Brie, and I leave. A loud laugh escaped my lips.

“What’s so funny?” The domina’s face reddened as she lay down on the bed and untied the belt on her robe. She wore no bra or panties under it. “Am I funny to you?”

“No.” I slipped off the black leather costume top and threw it on the floor. “This room is so dreadful it is funny.”

Her mouth dropped open. “Do not let the Queen hear you.”

Queen? I know queens and she is not one.

The room was themed for the gold queen. A mockery of blinding counterfeit gold plastered against all the walls. I’d put out most of the candles to stop the walls’ reflection of light blinding my eyes. Her gold-painted mascot the snake was carved in the metal walls, the steel posts of the beds, and even within the iron door of the room. Cheap perfume drowned the small place—a blend of chemicals, dead flowers, and oil probably found in the shadows of the bottom, where the lowest peddlers traded filth and garbage. I imagined Queen Regina in that area, holding up her expensive gown with her hands as she slithered around with thieves and murders, plotting and buying scents worthy enough for a whore.

I didn’t trust Queen Regina and knew I should be next to her now, instead of in her bedroom, but Ty and Victoria promised to stay near her for a few minutes. They’d been her spies, but in the end their hearts belonged to Samuel. I hoped they did. Year after year, I’d done my own spying in the sewers. Ty and Victoria whispered about Samuel constantly, worrying and praying that he would someday be the king he was meant to be.

They wanted Samuel to be King, but never considered how Samuel would destroy my brother. I’m not even sure Samuel and I together can beat him.

“Is something troubling you?” The domina frowned.

I forced a smile. “Of course not. You’re so captivating. I’m trying my best to concentrate on not spilling my seed right now from just the sight of you alone.”

She giggled. “You lie. Do all of you performers lie?”

We’d all snuck into the castle as performers in leather costumes, hats, and masks. Ty and Victoria provided the costumes. The royal guard almost didn’t let us into the castle. Brie had ended up singing a song with such a beautiful voice that I’d gotten erections. The guard let us in with no problem and all believed us to be performers, except for Queen Regina and her trusted helpers.

Queen? She’s no Queen.

Outside the bedroom, my brother’s dominas laughed and danced as a fiddler played an upbeat tune that made me want to scratch out my eardrums and go deaf to the sound. Since I’d snuck in with the domina, the music outside had grown louder. I could barely concentrate.

“Are you okay?” The domina opened her robe wider. “You look like you’re scowling.”

“This is how I look when I’m excited.” I forced a grin and concentrated on how lovely it would be to pierce her with my fangs and cocks.

“Come to me, please.” She stretched out her legs. I climbed onto the bed, careful not to press down on her small frame. Gold silk covered the pillows and sheets.

“Do you like my hair? It was all I could find.”

“I do.” I’d asked the domina to wear a red wig, and she’d humbly obliged, ran off for a few minutes, and returned to me with a ball of hair that was close enough to the shade I’d desired. I ran my fingers through the wig and spread those scarlet strands out until they fanned across the pillows under her head. If only this was real and she was truly my love. I leaned down to taste her. She squirmed on the bed with rosy pink nipples on top of huge vanilla mounds that jiggled as she moaned. Those luscious points pebbled under the lapping of my tongue and tasted so sweet, like powdered sugar.

“Your tongue is made of magic,” she whimpered.

“If only that was true.” I rose, unzipped my pants, and pulled my two cocks out. They spilled forward like thick, long snakes ready to explore and pleasure. “What is your name?”

“Shana.” She gasped. Her gaze shifted to them. “You have two?”



“I guess Ambi blessed me.” I landed a peck on her lips. “Are you scared of them?”

She bit her lip and shook her head no.

“Are you sure? Would you like me to put one away?” I quirked my eyebrows and held in a chuckle. “I could hide one, but I fear the other would become jealous and sad. You don’t want either one of my cocks to cry now, do you?”

“Cry? You’re so funny.” She giggled. “Cocks don’t cry.”

“How do you know they don’t?” I kissed the tip of her nose. “Until tonight I was the first vampire you saw with two erections.”

“Don’t pick on me.” She pouted, but I knew it was a flirtatious one full of curiosity and playful wonder. “If they can cry, then I don’t want that.”

“I don’t want that either, sweet one. And I promise you that I’ll take it slow and one at a time.” I sucked on her bottom lip. “But I only have one request.”


“Tonight, let’s pretend you are someone else.”


“Yes, little domina.” The tips of my cocks ached to be inside her. I lifted my body up and fisted both of them. Each lay in one hand. The contact of my fingers tightening around my lengths made me shiver.

“And who will I be?”

“A great queen, one with magic and power.” I leaned down and guided my tongue along her flat stomach. My fangs erupted from my gums. I dragged the sharp points around her belly button. “Your name will be Phinova tonight.”

“Who is that?”

“Someone I knew.”

The domina’s playful smile shifted to a frown for a second. “Do you love this Phinova?”

“I did, but now she’s gone.”

She sighed in relief and I wondered why. Surly, she didn’t think this moment would result in anything more than ecstasy. A cage of ice and stone locks imprisoned my heart. Only two women had the keys to unlock it and the sledgehammers to break the stone away. Unfortunately, one was dead and the other taken by a selfish vampire prince who didn’t want to share.

“I’ll be this magical Queen for you tonight.”

“And I’ll take my time each moment making sure you come hard and stronger than any other time you’ve come before.”

Fake Phinova gasped as I lay the heads of my cocks on her thighs.

“Are you sure you’re not scared, little domina?” I slipped my fingers up the shafts.

“No. I want to feel them inside of me.” Her voice could be a song. It was so smooth and harmonious. “Please fuck me.”

“And what is your name?”


I grunted. That word was all I needed to spark my erections. Blood rushed through my cocks with a fury, hot, and inciting a lust that seared my skin. This domina was too easy. Most needed more coaxing. Others had seen my cocks and fled the room in tears.

But not this one. She must be adventurous or another spy for the queen, one that listened to secrets and lured them out with her pussy. She’ll get no news from me, only two hard strokes, pounding into her with no mercy.

“Do you crave to have them both inside you at the same time?” I licked my lips.

My cocks twitched at the thought of being soaked with her. I shifted my view to her buttocks—a soft mass of pale flesh enclosed over two curvaceous bulbs and in the middle of them, a blossoming hole tinted in pink. The folds above the hole moistened. I touched her secret lips with my finger, slid it through them, and discovered her warm and wet opening, beckoning me to push my finger in more, but I didn’t. She shrieked as I pulled back, gathering her wetness and guiding it down to drench her ass.

“Maybe. I-I don’t know if I can handle both.” She raised her ass to my finger.

“Trust me then. Maybe I can somehow convince you later.” I pressed my fingertips at the opening of her ass, making sure to be gentle and not push too hard. “Maybe I’ll even have you beg for them both.”

I flashed a wicked grin, yanked off my pants, and moved down closer to those spread-apart thighs. The bed creaked under us. A scream sounded within the fiddler’s song outside the bedroom. I froze. The music continued.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I thought I heard something.”

“It’s only the entertainment outside.” She tweaked my nipples with her long nails. “Do you yearn for music or me?”

“Only you, Phinova.” I moved her nails away from my chest, never one for having my chest groped like a woman.

“I like that name.”

More screams sounded off in the distance, but the music continued to play and people clapped and laughed.

Am I imagining this or maybe it’s my conscious telling me to go back to my duty? No. I can’t be around that fake Queen for more than a few seconds.

Lounging with Samuel’s mother triggered me to dark, murderous thoughts.  Every time she talked, the urge to kill her pounded in my chest. I’d fled her sitting room after an hour of dealing with her. Higher up in the castle, I assumed that Samuel and Brie rested in their own bedroom. If they even slept? I know what I would be doing if I had Brie to myself. I rubbed the tips of my cocks against fake Phinova’s moist cunt. No hair lay on her folds, just soft vanilla flesh that swelled from my touch. A tiny bit of pre-cum spilled out and I traced the pink liquid along her opening.

She arched her body up. “Fuck me.”

“In time, Phinova. In time.” With my first cock, I drew circles along her throbbing clit. The pink bud puffed up at my attention and glistened under her arousal. I shuddered with desire. My second cock, I dipped it in and out of her damp opening, only letting it go in to the rim before sliding it out, only to pierce her again.

She cried out and grabbed the sheets next to her with her hands. “Please.”

“You were never patient when it came to our secret moments. Were you, Phinova?”

Phinova, my first Queen, was always so hungry for more. I doubt my brother and I ever truly fed her desire enough. We slept together in one bed, washed in one massive tub, ate at the same table, and lounged in the reading area, all three of us enjoying the same book. Most dusks we woke to her holding our cocks in her hand and begging us to take her.

I’d only had one cock then. It was before Phinova cast a spell that doubled my amount and increased my yearning for her. We made love to our Queen for hours, Nai and me. Many times we didn’t leave our bedroom until midnight, starving with hunger for blood and food.

We were kings of Capitol City by then, but unfortunately the territory’s needs fell to the bottom of the list when it came to priorities. We barely ruled. We only focused on Phinova’s desires and pleasure so much that when Nai left a few times to meet with a council or committee, Phinova and I escaped outside of the city and made love near the Lake of Purity. It was there she decided that I needed two cocks. She no longer could be satiated by one. It took a week for her to find the magic to wield such a miracle, another week to gather the ingredients, and three innocent men’s deaths to bind the spell. When Nai discovered the murders and what we’d done, he’d tried to execute me. He never said a cruel word to her the whole time.

You couldn’t punish her, Nai? Could you? And was it the murders that boiled your blood or the fact that I’d been making love to our lovely Queen for so long behind your back?

“Please.” Fake Phinova writhed under me. “Put them inside. Stab me with your dicks.”

Bells rang all over the castle, loud and shrill. I covered my ears with my hands. “What is that?”

“Those are warning bells.” She shot up into a seating position and climbed away from me. “We’ve had practice drills, but I’ve never heard them actually used. Something is wrong.”

“Blasted Samuel.” I searched for my pants, grabbed them, and hurried to dress. It had to be Samuel.  Who else would cause the castle bells to ring? He’d done something rash and stupid, no doubt at the order of his Queen.

What trouble have you both gotten yourselves into now?

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