Forever Molly

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Forever is a long time to live with the wrong decision.

Newlywed Molly O’Connor loves all kinds of mysteries and solving them gets her blood pumping almost as much as her new husband Cián O’Connor. Cián wants his wife to ease into her new life and is open to any way she finds comfortable. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that running a clinic, orienting to a large Irish family, and dealing with her protective husband isn’t enough excitement for the love of his life.

When things progress from a little harmless fun to horse thefts, assaults, kidnapping, and even murder, Cián puts his foot down. Despite his admonitions, his bride is too enmeshed in the events going on around them to heed his warnings for long. Molly becomes secretive, refusing to let go until it’s too late, putting herself and her family in grave danger.

It will take help from the entire O’Connor clan along with some special friends to ensure the young couple’s forever isn’t over before it begins.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet contemporary romance contains elements of domestic discipline.

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Sample Chapter

The echo of skin slapping skin diminished, lost in the feminine shriek Molly released. Her heavily drawn breaths were erratic.

“Cián,” she rasped, “I can’t handle any more. It’s too much.”

“Sorry, aingeal, but I have to keep my promises.”

He tried to sound contrite, but the truth was he enjoyed hearing his hand connect with her damp skin. God, she was so beautiful. He wanted to put an end to it, well his cock did, but he couldn’t, not yet. His chuckle sounded like a cackle even to his own ears. He embodied the bedeviled mind of his sadistic side. He loved her submission, her little squeals, and grunts. Craved them.

“Why are you such an overachiever? Honestly, Cián.” Her gasps for air interrupted her words. She stared at him, her bright blues drowning in his intense hazel scrutiny. “I can’t do this any longer. You have to let me come. Please.”

He held her as she arched, placing her exposed, quivering nipples at his mercy. She whimpered as she watched his dark head lower over her, breaking their eye contact as he sucked one nipple into his mouth. The shaft of erotic sharpness streaked across her nerve endings as she sucked in her breath. Experience with his girl taught him she was trying to endure the bolt of pain until the sweet tingle of arousal took over. She froze in place. Her eyes widened. Her lips formed a perfect O. He pushed two fingers inside her sheath. There it was, that ache in her expression that came from deep inside her core, that muscle clench, that familiar release of honey that signaled she was about to peak, hard. He knew it well.

He smiled as he released her nipple and moved to the other. She whined in desperation, wanting him to fill her. She mimicked the motions of making love falling into the ancient dance. His fingers driving her desire for his cock higher. Her actions and whines becoming even more desperate. He picked up the pace, adding to his own craving for completion. Soon.

Her loud moan of pleasure soon followed, accompanied by her half smile of orgasm made Cián hard as galvanized steel. His cock would require a vacation from overuse after this weekend. Well, his male parts needed to get used to it. He had been hard for almost two years. You’d think his cock would have relaxed some instead of staying in a perpetual state of gnawing need now that he’d finally found consistent relief as often as required.

Unbelievably, Cián sported a hard-on more now than ever before. One of them initiated sexual gratification daily. Cián chuckled at his thoughts as he watched his girl twirl in the results of their foreplay. He extended her flight with his fingers on her sensitive, pulsating inner chamber, rubbing the bumpy tissue inside that she loved.

Reconnecting with Molly, going after his girl when her sorrow buried all rational thinking in pain, and then marrying her, were the best three decisions of his life, bar none. With all the worry behind them, they could go forward. Their life as man and wife lay ahead of them. Kissing her hot, flushed breasts and running his tongue over her sweaty skin, he savored the salty tang of her flesh. It brought more wiggles and frustrated huffs from his bride which, sadistically, added to his enjoyment.

Cián loved to edge and Molly presented the perfect canvas for that brand of sensual play. She wiggled, moaned, whined, begged, and pleaded during the elongated process of bringing her to orgasm. He nearly came twice during this session. As it was the last one here before they packed their cases and drove home to start their forever, there would be no shooting prematurely like a school boy. He intended she went home absolutely sated.

As Cián circled her clit, coming close but not touching the sensitive nub, he knew it would extend her orgasm, wringing out every last bit of sizzle she had left. Then he’d possess her entirely. He marveled at the length of time her muscles spasmed around his fingers and he couldn’t wait any longer. Before she finished, he slid into her and trembled at the final orgasmic muscle flutters. He gritted his teeth and wondered where his control had gone. Being with Molly took every bit of it away, she was so beautiful inside and out. Once again, their compatibility amazed him. The love he felt for her, overwhelming. Its intensity painful.

This long immersion weekend was a wedding present his brother Quinn and sister-in-law Cheyenne had arranged. It was the perfect backdrop for allowing Molly to explore. No expectations, just time to test out things they’d never have in their own home for a variety of reasons, his rather vanilla family being a big one.

A group of investors, including Quinn and Cheyenne, owned Edgewood, also known by its members as The Edge. Molly’s curiosity about his kink hadn’t waned since moving to Montana. Now she was more relaxed, she had tried it with him. Cián liked immersion weekends but they were hard to find. He had less experience than his brother, which was fine with Cián. He only wanted to play once in a while. It was fun and added spice, but he had no interest in getting to the owners’ level. This was sensual play, not a lifestyle for him. That was the way he had sold the weekend and beyond to Molly. It was the truth.

Slap and tickle, that was what got Cián off, but he didn’t need it to enjoy time with his girl. Watching his Molly as she returned to the earth made him grin with his own satisfaction. She released her fireworks just seconds before he gave her permission. That was his miscalculation and not her fault. He wouldn’t penalize her for it but the look on her face told him it might be fun to play it out a little.

“Did you have permission, aingeal?”

“Cián, I can only last so long. I tried to hold off… I told you,” Cián quirked his brow. “No sir, you didn’t give me permission.”

He leaned down and kissed her lips, sliding his hands along her sides, settling them on her hips as he seated his cock deep. “No, I did not. What should I do now?”

“Make love to me?” her hopeful tone made him groan. He’d missed this playful Molly.

“You are asking me to reward your naughtiness,” he said as he kissed her neck. His lips worked their way back to her breasts as he remained crouched over her, his body caging hers.

“But I could make it incredible for you,” she smiled, trying to be alluring. She wiggled her bottom, drawing a groan from his own lips.

“If I allow it, there will be rules. You need to follow my instructions. If I let you have any freedoms, that is,” he admonished her in mock severity.

“I will listen, but you have to let me touch you.”



Cián burst out laughing. “You’re a fast learner. I accept your terms.”

His head lowered to capture her lips, drawing out the sweet goodness as she wrapped her legs around his middle and drew him tighter to her.

“Cián, stop tormenting me,” Molly begged. Her whimper sent his staff into a near cramp.

His spoke next to her ear, low, deep, demanding. “Who says when it’s time?”

“Can’t it be me? Please come inside to play.”

“Oh, aingeal this is no longer play.” He re-entered her hard.

His kiss grew aggressive as she reached for his nipples. He picked up momentum knowing he’d not last long. He’d staved off his own release for nearly an hour. His cock was painful with the endurance, he’d released pre-come the whole time. He was a mess before he’d even driven in her. A rush of warmth again shot up his spine when he thought of how much he loved this woman.

Molly had learned early how sensitive his nipples were to her touch. That naughty girl took every opportunity to tweak them. Almost as much as he tormented hers. She was as careful to keep their play private as was he when teasing her, but she attacked without mercy when not being observed. It was a playful side of her he had rarely seen since she lost her parents.

Her touch now sent him into high gear, his rhythm was grueling but over quickly as the burn was immediate and the tingle numbing as he unleashed the hold on his control. Cián slid his hand between them, placing his thumb over her stiffened clit. Molly followed him almost immediately, her thigh muscles flexing around his waist before they dropped, useless, on either side of him.

As they cuddled for the last moments before gathering their things and driving home, Cián thought back on the long road they had traveled in the last few years. It was pure providence he had found Molly again and reconnected with her after over a year of no contact. The spark that was there during their first meetings, continued after Cián joined her father’s clinic as an intern.

They’d navigated the speed bumps in the road and looking back, Cián was glad they had to build some bridges along the way. They’d taught them how to navigate their relationship. The attraction between the two of them, even reined in hard, sometimes had burned out of control. Cián’s lifestyle choices, including taking their time to consummate their relationship on a physical level, were challenging. He waited until after they had gotten to know each other. It had been a good call but made life difficult for a while. Molly never understood why he wanted to wait but Cián knew this thing they had was more than sex. The stakes were higher.

Cián had learned a little more of why his brothers reacted the way they did with their own wives in certain situations. It wasn’t hard to understand when he didn’t have a special someone but when he found Molly, his feelings for her were deep, visceral. He wanted to free her spirit while holding her tight. He constantly battled between treating her as precious china one day and scorching her rear for safety on another. She seemed to revel in trying his resolve and structure at times.

Finally, Molly had agreed to his head of household lifestyle with a few stipulations. She didn’t want spanked. Well, made sense. But she could challenge a saint sometimes with her penchant for putting her safety at risk. Not that it happened often, but when it did, it was difficult to not paddle her rear first and ask questions later. That was his brother Liam’s gig. Cián was taking it one day at a time on the spanking. He liked to mix it up.

She also wanted to have all the freedoms she had before marriage.

“Not many, just what I had before we dated. I think it’s only fair.”

“If you think you can handle the paddling you will get if you go too far, who am I to stop you?”

She hadn’t responded. Nor did she have much to say about trading wild woman freedoms for manic man spankings. Cián pointed out that it had been over two years since she had those freedoms. She’d frowned but didn’t disagree with him.

Children was another area they had discussed. It wasn’t the first time that discussion had arisen. She also did not want to have children right away and never as many as Liam and wife Jocelyn. Two birth, seven adopted. He agreed. They didn’t plan to have more than three, but one was out of the question. He wanted his kids to enjoy at least one sibling, two if he could get it done.

Molly found it difficult with the sheer numbers of people in his big family. She felt awkward at times. He was easing into those hesitancies cautiously. As for the big families, well, he only controlled his life.

Like the adventuresome sex he enjoyed, he would engage in it only so much as it brought sparkle into their world. He loved his kink. However, without much fanfare, he could live without kink if he needed to for Molly. Sex was about affection and mutual satisfaction. If it wasn’t mutual, it wasn’t enjoyable.

Now, after this weekend, Molly could see she appreciated some aspects of his kind of fun sex as well. She’d clarified that this was a special event. She wasn’t up for trying out the goodies at The Edge very often. However, at home, she loved the spicy play in their own bed, so it was a win-win as far as it concerned Cián.

Molly’s dreamy almost glazed expression told Cián she was still euphoric. It was a perfect time to shuffle her to the truck, thereby avoiding any awkwardness as they transitioned home. They had already packed and placed their bags in the truck in preparation for a quick getaway. Home. Their home. That sounded incredible after the long wait.

Cián stifled a grin. It tickled him when he helped his independent Molly into the truck. She wasn’t a short woman but at 5’5”, she wasn’t near his six-foot one height. He buckled her in and walked over to the driver’s side, sliding in the seat. She always seemed to climb rather than slide onto her seat. It usually irritated her but today she turned and smiled at him.

“Thanks for the honeymoon.”

He reached for her hand that lay on her lap and said, “Same time next year?”

“Oh, that sounds nice.” Then she crinkled her brow. “Wait. I still don’t know, right? That’s what I meant to say.” She hesitated. “No, I have to think about it.”

“But it was nice, and you enjoyed playing, right?”

She replied dreamily. “Mmm hmm.”

It was only a few miles home. He had pushed her limits all weekend and today was no exception. He expected Molly to fall asleep before they arrived at the driveway. He had held the line on sex during their dating. Not as much as some of his siblings had, but he felt it had been enough and Molly certainly complained. She grew into them as a couple and their decision-making process. When they did consummate, it was after both were ready and deeply committed in their relationship.

Molly was becoming a minx and Cián loved it. She was more likely to tease than before the wedding and less likely to lose her control when doing so. She was only a few years younger than he was, but she had shown less maturity in the beginning. Even though she’d been sheltered as young ladies should be, Cián knew she had seen more naughty days than she should have.

His Da would have called her a cailín dána, a naughty girl. He’d be right. Mindful of her parents’ sensibilities with their only daughter, he hadn’t been overly demonstrative in their early courtship. In Wyoming, they had observed the same respectful boundaries for his own parents’ sake. Molly sported a few warmed bottoms over her verbose objections to his lack of efforts toward consummation.

“I’m a grown woman and you’re a grown man. We can have sex, Cián.”

“Sure, but I prefer to respect your parents.” That night ended weepy but totally unfulfilling.

Since marrying, however, they were in their own home, running their own business. There was plenty of opportunity during the day to sneak in a little kiss and touch, leaving their senses heightened by the end of the work day and ready for the actual slap and tickle once they arrived home. However, turning off the ignition to his truck, his worn-out darling would simply go to bed tonight with sleep as the only activity.


Chapter 1

With their abbreviated honeymoon over, the newlyweds hit the ground running. They worked hard in their veterinarian clinic: O’Connor Animal Care. Their business card added the line, “we specialize in canine, feline, equine and bovine.” He wanted no one to be confused about his work. He worked on both large and small critters, but he was happier treating large animals. Cián knew his brother’s kennels, the various working animals and pets on the ranches would be most of his small patients but that suited him fine.

The name itself wasn’t original, but it showed the connection without using the ranch’s brand name, the Circle C. To avoid insurance issues with using the ranch name Molly and Cián had decided to keep things separate. While Liam and Ciarán were all in, Cián wanted Molly to see she had plenty of independence in her life. She was part of the gang but only when the mood took her. She seemed to enjoy the women but still stepped lightly around most of the men. Picking a connected but different business name was one of those ways he helped her deal with the large family presence. It was early days yet. He had no doubt, soon she would be giggling with the children and ill-advisedly rolling her eyes in response to the men.

He pulled his bride into his arms, lowering his head to capture her lips. Every touch, every kiss seemed more intense since they said their vows. Everything they did was more important, well, forever. Molly whimpered and pressed her hips firmly into his continually aroused cock. Her hand slid between them to massage him. Since finding Molly, he was sure his cock hadn’t seen a moment’s total relaxation in two years. Even after making love, his loins stirred in insatiable desire.

Molly murmured into his flannel shirt as she tightened her arms around his waist. “Thanks for that, Cián. You’re close to your family, and that’s wonderful, but sometimes I don’t want to be on display. I’m the new kid on the block, the youngest of the siblings and their spouses. I feel as though all eyes are on me, waiting for me to do something stupid.”

“Or something special. Muirnín, you’re my family now. I love my big clan, and would do anything for them, but you’re my focus now. I want you to love them as much as I do and if giving you space does that, it’s an easy decision.”

Molly raised her face for another kiss. “You can be so sweet sometimes.”

“Thank you, Mrs. O’Connor.” He inhaled her light floral scent and tried to settle his need to make love to her.

“You’re welcome, Mr. O’Connor.”

Cián pulled her to his side, leaning his cheek against the top of her head, slowing his heart, breathing in more of her scent. Time to change the subject before he took her, claimed her like the Neanderthal the others claimed the men to be.

“I’ve talked to Shane and Andrew about the cost of a heated stable. It sounds pricey but with our seclusion here, it’s important to provide a place to keep larger animals after surgery if they can’t recover on their own property. Maybe in a year. We’ll see.”

“Can we keep our own horses there?”

“What, not interested in a few goats, sheep, and buffalo?”

Molly laughed. “Nah, I figured we’d start small.”

“I’m thinking of running exotics but that will come later.”

“Cián, why? We’ll have enough animals in our days, do you want to care for them every night too?”

“No, I have nephews who are keen to earn a wage not given by their father. You forget, I grew up raising and caring for animals.”

“I know you’re right. Besides, even if the ranch is technically paying the boys’ wages, Liam’s kind of hard to handle sometimes.”

“He is that, but he’s the best dad to those boys. He’s instilled great values in them. I love the way he is similar to Da in that respect. Now, God help the girls as they grow up.” Cián shook his head chuckling good naturedly.

“Remember I have the birth control implant, so we won’t be having any of those darlings ourselves for a couple of years, at least.”

“And that works for me. I need my wife all to myself for a good while before I’ll be ready to share. Plus, there is a matter of her wifely training to complete.”

Molly laughed. “Ditto. But you need to know, since our honeymoon is officially over, I have to start back with my sessions again. Jocelyn has said we can do ours on an as needed basis, more like a skilled sister-in-law, but Aspen is twice monthly. I’m getting used to them. It’s freeing to chat with comfort and without pressure about things that still arise at unexpected times. Such as when I look at the pictures of the wedding and my parents aren’t in them.”

Cián reached over and squeezed his girl’s hand. “I realize that and I’m sorry.”

“I appreciate you miss them too and that helps, believe it or not.”

“Hey, I might know someone who could put them in some pictures, especially the ones with your brothers and us. And the whole family ones. What do you think?”

“Really? I hadn’t thought of that. I’d love to have those done.”

“Perfect. I didn’t give you a wedding present so that will be it.”

“Wait, I didn’t get you a present either.”

“Oh, yes you did. You married me. Then you stayed the whole immersion weekend with me and didn’t hate it. I’m stoked about that. We could make it an anniversary ritual, what do you say?”

“I can offer you a tentative yes. It was fun after I got over the orientation. That almost did me in just watching the demonstrations.”

“It is different and I’m glad you stuck it out. Brave girl.”

“Mm, it might have been because of all those rewards you kept giving me. I’d have been crazy to leave all of that goodness.” Her eyes twinkled. “I can understand Cheyenne craving her weekends if they were easy, like ours, but she has Quinn. I wonder sometimes if he is actually teasing her or serious.”

“Yeah, well they don’t do the immersion weekend like we did. They’re part owners and the members have one weekend a month along with multiple days outside of the immersion weekends. Quinn said something about camping immersion.”

“No. Absolutely not. If I’m going to be tortured sensually, I want a soft bed to sleep in.”

Cián laughed. “Not ready for roughing it, then.”

“And don’t hold your breath, O’Connor, that it will ever change. A girl likes her creature comforts.”

“O’Connor, huh? Guess it’s off the list of vacation hopefuls. I married a princess.”

Molly grinned. “And don’t forget it.”

“Or,” his voice deepened purposely, “I could help you be more open to trying new things.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Whatever.” He reached for her ribs when she rolled her eyes. Molly screeched.

However, the next vacation was a distant thought as the realities of the rest of their lives were in full swing. It was actually a relief. Cián felt they’d been living in limbo for so long, since the engagement, waiting for this moment. He could finally settle down and enjoy the fruits of his labor and the providence of his life. He could begin his forever with Molly.

The next weeks were full during the day and in the evenings. Molly was having fun placing her parents’ pieces in just the right spot. Cián relaxed as she took their new house and made it a home, helping only when asked. He hadn’t realized how often his day’s outcome depended on hers. Cián realized he was more watchful of her well-being, more protective. She showed him every day that while she trusted his judgement, she was a woman with her own ideas of her role in their clinic and their marriage. A few days ago, Cián heard loud and clear how much she disliked being told what to do.

“Molly, that horse is skittish and hurting. You need to give him a wide berth,” said Cián as he opened his kit for the instruments to address the inflamed and likely infected fetlock.

“You’ve taught me how to be soothing, Cián. Don’t forget I’ve been around animals my whole life; worked with them for as long as I can remember.” She reached up, using her calm tones to connect to the huge stallion. At first, it appeared Ciarán’s prime stud, Xavier, would accept her efforts but when Cián approached, the horse nipped at her, catching her shirt and nothing else.

Ciarán stepped in to settle his horse while Cián yanked her out of the way, taking her from the area. “Damnaigh é, Molly.” He hissed close to her ear. “You need to listen to me.” His anger made his voice harsh. “This is too dangerous for you. Go check on the mare and her foal. Leave this one to me.” She hesitated, and he landed a hard slap on her bottom. “Now.”

Cián saw the tears in her eyes, however, his overpowering fear for her safety had his heart galloping as fast as any stallion Ciarán had on the property. Finally, pushing through the experience, he took care of the horse, soothing and comforting the worried beast, while he cleaned and dressed the tender area. When Cián was ready to move on and check the newly foaled mare and her offspring, he arrived at an empty stall and stable.

“Where’s Miss Molly?” asked Ciarán.

“No idea. She’s no doubt irritated with me. I imagine she’s likely doing something she knows I wouldn’t approve of.”

“You know, you were too hard on her. She was doing an excellent job of settling him. He was just in too much pain to relax to anyone but me or his handler.”

“I get it, but that isn’t the point. The point is I expected that and told her to stay away. She argued and ignored me. She might have sustained a severe injury.”

“Brother of mine, you need to listen to someone older and wiser in the ways of wives. She wants to be with you and use her skills at the same time. She’s torn between following your lead and doing what she thinks she can, what she is trained to do. Hell, I bet her daddy let his only daughter do whatever she wanted. It isn’t an easy place to be, working with your spouse. A dominant spouse at that. In fact, she is the only one of our women who does.”

“I realize that, but we’ve already worked together for two years. This isn’t new to either of us.”

“Not as husband and wife. Kelli and Parker work on similar things but she has Parker’s brother Chase or dad Monte take her place if needed. Katie, Jocelyn, and Cheyenne have their own worlds separate from their husbands. Even Aspen has her day separated from Thorne. It takes a special couple to find that rhythm. You have it usually, but you’ve got to practice finding that symbiotic place before your assistant finds another to assist.”

“She wouldn’t. This is our clinic, our dream.”

“More than likely, it’s your dream she embraced with her whole heart.”

“No, she loves that we work together.”

“I’m sure you’re right, but she loves you more than anything or anyone else. Remember, you’re newlyweds just learning to mesh your forever. There will be challenges.”

“We lived together for six months before the wedding.”

“Yes, but either of you could have called it quits during that time. Now the commitment is made. Forever has begun. Look, all I’m saying is if you don’t work on giving Molly her head on things, you will find there is no one to lead.”

“You’re right but it isn’t easy. I’ll agree I overreacted, but she risked getting hurt. I’m trying to keep her safe.”

“That only goes so far. She’s your wife, Cián, not a child. She has to find her way, her own place, in our family, this community, and in your marriage. Allow her to make mistakes, deal with the consequences, and offer forgiveness when necessary. Just like, after you grovel your apologies for being such an ass and cursing at your wife, she will do for you.”

“I need to find her first.”

Ciarán nodded toward the pastures. “I believe that’s your fair-haired bride now.”

“What made her race off on a horse she isn’t familiar with?”

“Oh, Molly’s comfortable with Genevieve. It’s her favorite ride in the stables except for Xavier. I told her she couldn’t ride him alone because he is still unpredictable. She’s listened and talked to him often. She has taken him out twice with another person. That’s why she was right in trying to settle him today. She knows Xavier, and he knows her.”

Cián was quiet for a moment. “She listened to you because she isn’t as familiar with you yet.”

“Possibly but I’m more inclined to believe it’s because I gave her a good reason and provided a way to do what she’d asked that would satisfy us both.”

“I’ve been an ass.”

Ciarán slapped him on the back and grinned. “Yep, you’ve officially joined the dumb husband club. I’m impressed at how quickly you became a member. You always were an over-achiever.”

Cián laughed. “You’ve been speaking to Molly, I see.”

“Nope. Nothing but experience talking here. Listen little brother, take it from me, you’d better get used to inserting your size twelves into your considerably smaller mouth. It makes groveling easier.”

Cián watched as his brother strode off to another part of the stables, his amusement obvious. Looking out across the field, Cián’s deep love for Molly expanded to depths he had no idea existed. Forever was a long time. He had to get this right.




8 reviews for Forever Molly

  1. Nicolette

    Molly is working on getting over her parents death and her relationship with Cian. They work together in their vetinary centre. She likes solving mysteries and frequently gets into trouble. Another good book in the O’Conner’s family series. A good read with mystery adventure and a loving hard handed man.

  2. Ajjmb

    As always I love reading about the O’ Connor family and all the trouble that comes this way. Over the years they have dealt with lot and now it is Molly and Cian’s turn. This family seems to be a criminal magnet with the way horse thieves, drug dealers, kidnappers, murderers and traffickers seem attracted to messing with the O’ Connor women. I love these books and I can only hope this is not the end. I know Alyssa Bailey has gone through the whole list of brothers finding their one and only but I hope she can start on the new generation. This is a wonderful and exciting series and well worth my time to read.

  3. Redrabbitt

    The story is a spin-off from other stories on the O’Connor family and will have mention of many family members from those stories. That in no way will make it difficult to read and follow this new one featuring Cián O’Connor and Molly Rasher. Also, while this story does not end on a cliffhanger, it will have at least another story or two that will follow this series.

    “Cián deep love for Molly expanded to depths he had no idea existed. Forever was a long time. He had to get this right.”

    I love how author Ms. Alyssa Bailey tells a story, can make it more about one couple but so smoothly integrate the other O’Connor family members. For Cián, life around his large and bold family is the norm, but for Molly, it can be overwhelming. They are now married and working in their veterinarian practice, but many strange things are happening. Having a good security system in place in the practice will help, and while Cián tries to keep their home from also needing a security system, that won’t be possible when danger is present, and it seems he and Molly are at risk.

    Molly loves a mystery, and while she is great at helping connect pieces in place of people and events taking place in town—she is warned by Cián not to get involved. Saying she will not and doing what she promised will be a catalyst in this tale—but she isn’t alone, and with the help of an outside source, she does prove valuable in helping solve a series of crimes—but at what cost?

    “Sometimes annoying and bratty, but always cute and loveable, and dangerously hard to resist.”

    The story includes stolen horses of great value, a missing woman, and ties from Colorado that seem to be in Montana now—how will that affect Cián and Molly? When it comes to the O’Connor women, they are strong, feisty, and sometimes too inquisitive for their own good, and that makes the newest member a great fit—but her propensity for wanting to solve a dangerous mystery one that becomes a matter of life and death and has all the O’Connor men in action.

    “You get into more trouble, woman. You drive me crazy. I want to kiss you, spank you, and make love to you every day.

    The O’Connor men may each have a different style for handling the women they love, and even Cián is learning how to deal with Miss Molly. That is the same as in every D/s relationship; it isn’t one-size-fits-all; each couple is different and unique and must find what works for them. Cián learns that he may have to give Molly some room, but in the end, he must put down his foot and hold her accountable for her naughtiness, but in a loving way. There is no doubt that while he wants to protect her, needs to discipline her; she is still his world.

    “He took a cleansing breath. “Sir. I understand, sir. You are going to put some respect in your words until I have heard it enough to believe you understand my role in this family. Head of household is not just a phrase; it’s a responsibility I take very seriously and by the time we are done with this whole issue, you will be convinced of it too.”

    The story is a sweet romance, with power exchange, and a couple who are married and have consensually enter into a domestic discipline relationship. While there are a couple of sex scenes, they are not overly explicit. The story is more the chemistry between Cián and Molly, the respect within their relationship, and the dynamics they establish during their journey.

  4. Charlotte

    Forever Molly book 3 by Alyssa Bailey
    This is the third book in this series, but they are all standalones. Cian and Molly are starting their life as veterinarians. It seems like rustlers and all kinds of trouble follow them. Molly is in constant trouble and Cian is just getting his feet wet as a married man and needs advice from his brothers. This is an adorable story about a feisty girl and a handsome man trying to figure her out. I love it.

  5. Marybeth

    This is the last book of the trilogy for Molly and Cian and the last of the series. ☹

    Cian and Molly work together at their veterinarian clinic. Molly is more on the business side while Cian is the veterinarian. Of course, there is a mystery going on and Molly is in the middle as always. And, as always, the O’Connor men are trying to keep their ladies in line. Eventually they solve the mystery and Molly settles in to being an O’Connor wife!

  6. Nancy

    A great addition to the O’Connor series. Enjoyed reading this story of Cian and Molly, and their day to day joys, and struggles. Plenty of spankings and love making. You won’t want to put this book down, once you start reading.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  7. Hope W

    Wow, I loved this story that finished this couple’s story! Alyssa Bailey has written another great book with the hopes of the next generation’s stories to come. I was kept guessing up until the end as the crime/mystery with all the twists and turns unfolds. The characters are well developed and meshed together seamlessly with previous characters yet they were explained completely within this book thus making it a standalone story. However, I liked having read all the books in order but especially the Cian and Molly story. The women are each unique but feisty, strong and have plenty of sass and naughtiness. The men are all alpha males that are hard working, strong, protective, loving, and all know how to handle a naughty woman. I enjoyed the chemistry that was powerful, loving, sweet, and deep. The power exchange is unique to this couple as with all the previous couples, but equally exciting. Overall I loved the book and hope to see the next generation continue the stories in the future. I highly recommend this for a great nights read! I give it a big 5 stars!! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  8. Goldie

    Molly and Cian O’Connor are owners of a Vet Animal Practice
    that her dad had and Cian took over. There are strange goings
    on at the clinic and Molly finds herself hurt. Cian is blaming
    himself about that injury but Molly is resilient and at times too
    smart for her own good. She finds she likes a mystery to keep
    her going but when she finds herself in over her head she will
    later find her protective husband administering discipline to
    help her remember to listen to her husband. She does help
    solve the mystery of all the crime that is going on.

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