Finding Chloe


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Sample Chapter

Jake is a firm believer in ‘spare the rod, spoil the wife’. Chloe avoids most punishments and things run fairly smooth in their marriage until Chloe begins to crave the crack of his hand on her skin. Can Chloe come to terms with the dark desires living inside her?


Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Chloe knewshe was in a world of trouble the instant she steered Buttercup into the open barn. Jake’s large frame stood shadowed in the dying light of the sun as streams of light peeked through the open doors. An eerie shadow fell across his face and a chill raced up her spine.

She straightened her posture throwing her shoulders back, convincing herself she was not afraid. Jake’s nonchalant stance as he leaned against Buttercup’s stall clearly defied the dark look and shadows of disappointment clouding his eyes. She avoided direct eye contact, bringing Buttercup to a halt.

Chloe was quite aware of the trouble she had in store. If she were actually honest about it all, she would admit she knew of the trouble the moment she climbed onto Buttercup’s back. But the reason her heart was racing and her breathing was labored at this exact moment was because of the obvious anger she could read coming off the man standing before her. His arms crossing over his wide chest and a deep frown carved into his face, those familiar dark eyes boring into her as she sat atop the 1500-pound horse. The Percheron horse did little to help her situation as Buttercup betrayed her loyalty by nuzzling closer to Jake, her nose pushing at his shoulder until he gave in and ran his rough hand down her muzzle gently chiding the horse with only a soft murmur before patting the horse’s neck, his eyes never leaving Chloe’s, echoing an ominous and dark promise which had her stomach rolling in a strange mix of fear and anticipation.

Chloe knew when she saddled Buttercup that afternoon that she wasn’t supposed to go riding alone, ever. Jake had made that point extremely clear when he had been teaching her to ride. She could still hear his deep voice adamantly stating how very large the Percheron horses were and how he worried for her safety if the horse became startled and she lost control while out riding. It didn’t seem like such a hard command for her to follow, not at first, but Chloe had had never expected to take to the horse so quickly. She had fallen in love with riding. It had been surprising, especially to her, since she never had shown interest in horses and had never longed to ride a horse before, but Chloe had taken to riding like she had been born atop a horse. And when Jake had first taught her to ride her soul had seemed to sigh in some long forgotten memory, her body melting into another as she and the horse ran freely through the Canadian landscape, her hair flowing along with Buttercup’s and flying effortlessly across the land.

In her mind it seemed only natural that she would find herself here, on this day or another. It was inevitable that he would catch her at some point, as she could not stay away from the horses. She had been drawn to the barn that afternoon like a magnet, as she had been many times, but this time she could not resist the pull. She had known Jake would be going into town for a few hours and the temptation had been far too intoxicating. Chloe nearly giggled like a naughty toddler as she scurried to the barn undetected, sliding along the shadows and into the stall where Buttercup stood patient and focused, much like a waiting accomplice looking regal and ready, the dimly lit barn shadowing the chestnut hair as she ran her hand along the muscled shoulder. She would become the perfect partner in this deliciously forbidden crime.

Maybe in the back of Chloe’s mind she had known Jake would find out. Maybe she had done it out of direct defiance, or maybe somewhere deep inside where she felt the beginning melt of a burning heat, maybe just maybe she had wanted Jake to find out. The sweet heat was already whispering between her legs taunting her as she brought Buttercup to a halt in front of her stall. Her nerves danced as she debated whether she should get off the horse, fairly debating staying right up there until he calmed down or at least lost the dark look marking his face that made her shift uneasily in the saddle.

Always the gentleman he was, Jake reached his hands up to her. It was an innocent offering, at least that is the way it would seem to any observers, a means to help her off the horse. His wide work-roughened palm seemed so tender to any curious onlooker but Chloe was all too familiar with how ruthless his hand could be and she knew it would shortly be working diligently to leave no inch of her backside unpunished.

Chloe delicately placed her small hand on the saddle horn. She smiled boldly down at him, not willing to let him see the nervous twist in her stomach as she felt the distinct snap of a symbolic trap as his hands reached up, prepared to wrap fully around her waist. The crooked grin, at other times endearing, now made him look like a dangerous Cheshire cat who was anxious to get her into the house and drive her near to madness.

She knew he wouldn’t chastise her right there in the barn. Jake would not disrespect her in front of the men who worked for him unless she was impertinent and rude to him in front of them, which she had never been. And she was not fool enough to try, nor brave enough to risk that kind of show. But even though she knew the men would not see her punished at this exact moment, her hands began to shake because she was far too familiar with the man and his ways. She knew he would never intentionally cause her harm, but it did not mean Jake wouldn’t make sure to show his displeasure in several unorthodox ways.

Chloe put her foot in the stirrup so she could swing down from the horse, her shaking hands holding tight to the saddle as she dismounted, she felt the tight muscles of his arms as he took hold of her, wrapping his hands snugly around her waist. It was a show for the men working in the barn. It appeared he only helped her off Buttercup, but the dark warning was also clear as she kept her eyes on his. His chiseled stone jaw, square and taut, along with the dark look slicing her to the core, spoke more than his words could ever convey. His arms briefly tightened around her waist, her body pressed firmly to his as he slid her down to the ground.

Once her feet firmly hit the dirt, he released his hold around her waist, but his arm still held her tightly as she stood beside him, his tall frame dwarfing hers made her feel like a chastised child as he asked his foreman Mark to take care of Buttercup while he took his wife back to the main house.

Jake led her out of the barn, his hand holding hers the entire time, never loosening his grip. Not even for a moment. His mouth, razor thin and tight, remained silent. Not a word was spoken to her as he marched her back to the house. His cold silence spoke volumes as she tried to keep up with his long angry strides.

Chloe stumbled only once or twice but didn’t complain one bit, she knew she had disobeyed Jake willfully and without regard to thought or her safety, but that wasn’t the only reason her heart was racing wildly with each step. It wasn’t the sole cause of her breath hitching as they moved toward the main house. Chloe had other things tumbling around inside her head as each step brought them closer to the inevitable consequence of her actions. She lost a war inside her own head as she both feared and anticipated returning to the house. Her mind rolled in a whirlwind of conflict, desperately dreading what would soon follow but at the same time her body seemed to be aiding and abetting Jake in the maddening behavior.

She felt like she was being pulled in a thousand different directions and didn’t have the time or awareness to even begin to sort through the vicious assault of emotions attacking her all at once as the house came into view far too quickly. Her sensibilities were screaming ‘no’ while her body seemed to work against her best interests in constructing the entire perfect crime and carrying it out with such glee. Why had she even considered this punishable act? Could she be so confused that she could do something so blatantly wrong so that this exact punishment would inevitably occur? That very thought was enough to have her believe she had gone mad.

Somewhere along the way, in the course of her marriage, Chloe had grown so confused with so much of her life. She felt as if she couldn’t grasp onto one single thread of logic or make sense of anything in her life sometimes as she struggled to understand herself from one day to the next. Each day she wondered if she would lose another thread of reason. Some days, and even some moments like this she wondered if she was okay with losing her reason and sinking into the clear abyss of complete and total madness.

As they neared the house her mind whirled in fear and anticipation, both emotions so polar opposites. She couldn’t think straight half the time anymore. Her fear of punishment and hatred of every second she was being spanked by Jake was such a strong contradiction to the clear and convincing evidence stating otherwise that reminded her with each stride that she would soon be pulling her panties to her ankles and baring her backside.  It was all too confusing for her to process and there wasn’t enough time to sort through her thoughts as they entered the house.

“You know where to wait for me,” Jake’s voice, deep and firm, gave no room for any argument as he released his hold on her. The gentle click of the front door closing behind them sounded like a gunshot to her. It echoed in her brain and she felt tears tightening in her chest. For the first time since sitting atop Buttercup that afternoon, the flood of regret washed over her, intensifying the emotions swirling through her veins, and she genuinely wished she hadn’t disappointed him.

“Now,” the one sharp word made her flinch out of the reverie and Chloe scurried down the hall, fully aware he was even angrier than she first realized by the firm tone of his voice.

Jake never raised his voice to her, and the way his tone had reached out to slice her with one quick swipe was not a good sign. Already she desperately wished she hadn’t gone to ride Buttercup, she could only hope he would be lenient on her, if not for the sake of her backside, at least for the sake of her sanity. Her mind warred inside her like a twisted game of tug-of-war tearing inside her heart.

Chloe didn’t hesitate when she entered his office. The dark scent of leather and wood mixed richly with the spicy tendrils of his aftershave that still lingered in the room. The scent hit her like a drunken wave as the memory of her last visit to his study rolled lazily through her mind, reminding her vividly of the pain to come.

There was one punishment that would always stand out in Chloe’s mind whenever she entered this room; it was the punishment that had changed her forever. Maybe it hadn’t changed her visibly, but in Chloe’s mind and in her heart, it was the exact punishment that had made Chloe realize not only did she not know who she truly was, but she could never let her husband know the real Chloe. He could never know the dark side of her that would haunt her day and night for the rest of her life.

That punishment, the one that changed her world, had been for disappearing from the house without any word to him or Cora, Jake’s house cook. Chloe shuddered when she remembered that Jake felt it was necessary she experience the feel of his belt on her bare skin for that punishment. The leather had bit into her backside for what seemed like an eternity, laying expertly across her backside in a precise pattern that layered her skin with red stripes. It had been the most painful punishment she had ever experienced. She had been nearly paralyzed with the tears and she had promised herself she would never make him so angry again. It had also confused her even more when something inside her had twisted and shifted. Not only had she been pleading for the punishment to end, but her body had begun to will it to continue, her body begging for more strokes as her mind was pleading for it to stop. 

It had been such a twisted web she had found herself in, a web so dark and dangerous. The punishment had been the first time Chloe felt her body react in such an unnatural way as the leather hit her fair skin, never missing its mark. As she cried out in pain, she also felt intensifying tingling between her legs, warm sparks of awareness had her crying out for more, knowing what came next as her own juices flowed freely on their own with each strike of the leather.

Chloe shook off the memory. It was so embarrassing to know the truth, even if it was only herself who knew it. The thought of Jake ever finding out was too humiliating to fathom and she promised herself she would force her body to get in tune with her mind. She didn’t like punishments and that was that.

Chloe crossed the office quickly. It was her corner she went to now, right beside his desk. It was the only empty corner in the office and in a way she hated he had reserved this corner of the room for her alone. She stuck her nose in the corner, as astutely as she could, considering the situation.  Her fingers went to the cool button of her jeans, trembling as she undid them, her nose only leaving the corner for a moment as she slid the denim down her legs. Her white panties followed suit a moment later. Her nose returned to the corner as her clothing pooled at her ankles, an implicit shackling, knowing she couldn’t run far with them roped around her ankles, her bare bottom on display in the empty office waiting for Jake’s arrival.

Chloe never knew how long Jake would make her wait with her nose in the corner and bare bottom pointing out into the room. At these moments she felt she was his trophy on display for him, an offering to him. Jake had no idea she found this ritual uncomfortably arousing. She was blessedly thankful his mind was always so intently focused on her bare backside and not the area a little lower, the folds which grew ever more moistened with arousal as the punishment grew more imminent. She was constantly horrified by her body betraying her so blatantly before he even laid a hand on her and she was constantly aware ever since her body had become awakened to its secret yearnings. It had become ever more eager to show its pleasure with only the faintest of punishment. Why did it ever have to come to this?

Chloe’s hatred of spankings had been evident since the first time she found herself bottom up over his lap. She hated the pain, disliking the complete weakness and the chest heaving cries. But as the months had passed, she could look back and see how her body had slowly been convinced being punished wasn’t so bad after all.  His strong arm, which firmly remained on her back, effectively holding her down, became arousing and sensual. The warm heat he caused on her cheeks became stimulating and exciting.

She had despised herself ever since learning of her arousal with each punishment and she had no idea what to do with the information.  The betrayal she felt about her own body as she lay crying over his lap and anxious to run away, yet at the same time desperately yearning for his touch. She still despised every moment of every punishment, but as she stood now in the corner she became increasingly angry as the tingling between her legs grew ever more urgent, the moisture already clinging to her lips. She knew he would be entering the office soon. This thought had her backside trembling in both panic and anticipation.

It was hard to believe, as she stood in the corner awaiting a spanking like an errant child, that less than a year ago she hadn’t even known Jake. She had only been an American girl trying to survive with a bad job, no prospective boyfriend, and little more than her decade old sedan to her name. Chloe would have never believed she would be married to a strict man who not only believed in spanking her like a child, but also enforced his rules frequently and painfully.

Her former self would be horrified with the position Chloe now found herself in. A grown woman who was nearly compliant and eager as she stood awaiting a spanking from her husband. Shaking her head, Chloe wondered what she would have done if she had known back then what she knew now. As her nose grew hot stuck in the corner, her legs growing tired as she waited, she brushed a tear from her cheek, wondering if she would have made the same choices if given the chance to go back? Would she still have agreed to marry Jake and move to Canada if she had known about the punishments, even her growing desire and need for these punishments? If she could go back a year and relive meeting him, knowing what she knew now would she still end up here? The beginning of their marriage had been so innocent, but now the dark knowledge of her secrets weighed so heavily on her heart.


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