Dr. Ashby’s Medicine

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Dr Byron Gideon Ashby is world renowned for his non-traditional treatment of wayward wives at the behest of their husbands. He also has another secret, for an entirely different reason, which is he is a feared sky pirate. On a raid he happens across a woman, a gorgeous woman who immediately draws his attention and protection. When he realizes the perpetrator is the same man he believes murdered his sister, he is duty bound to rescue her.

Lady Lucinda Nicolette Whittock is stunned by her father’s actions. He intends to force her to marry a man she despises: Baron Von Arkham. A disgusting, cruel man who is looking only for a woman to bear him a son and heir, but Lucinda’s inheritance is the real draw for a man like him. Just when she thinks all is lost, her rescuer appears.

Can Dr Ashby and Lady Lucinda find happiness in their second chance at love? Can Dr Ashby keep Lucinda safe from herself and the notorious Baron Von Arkham?

Publisher’s Note: This fantasy sci-fi contains elements of danger, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, second-chance love, adult themes, medical play, sensual themes and is intended for adults only. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Nysarria, the Spurgeon Solar System. Somewhere above Babbage Falls aboard the Raganork Airship


Dr Byron Gideon Ashby, part-time sky pirate, had been dubbed ‘The Wicked Gentleman’ for his antics when he robbed pretty, defenceless ladies of their precious jewels. Today he would more than live up to his reputation. He removed his steam-powered rocket pack from his shoulders and stared out of his black and silver plague doctor mask with lustful amber eyes at Countess Gwendolyn Baldwin. One of his men held her in a tight grip. He lowered the rocket pack down onto the green velvet chaise longue and aimed his blaster at the countess and her husband.

The doctor cast a dashing aristocratic and somewhat frightening figure in his elegant black top hat, black leather plague doctor mask, with cold-cast aluminium eyepieces, beak, and steel dome rivets. His black velvet cut-away Regency coat with tails was complemented by a high silver silk cravat. His gloves were white, and his tall, toned athletic body was finished with black breeches and knee length black hunting boots.

On his dramatic arrival at the room on the airship, Dr Ashby had noticed the countess removing her rings and earrings to hide them. She had dared to hide them down the tight black and gold brocade corset sitting on top of her ripe, slim hips clothed in a full-length black bustle skirt. She was indeed a striking beauty. Her auburn hair was piled atop her head, and her dark green eyes with full black lashes fluttered nervously at him, exposing her guilty secret. He watched as she placed her long, gloved hands on her hips and attempted to look at him defiantly. The Wicked Gentleman did not like to be made a fool of, especially by a lady. For her misdemeanour and disobedience, he decided the countess would be receiving a sound bare bottom spanking over his knees before he left the airship with his booty.

“Take anything of worth,” he ordered his men, who were threatening the count and his men and servants. There were eight of them, all dressed in black and each sporting a leather gas mask and helmet. Five of them brandished cutlasses menacingly at the count and his men. The other three of The Wicked Gentleman’s gang began ransacking the rooms on the airship, putting anything of worth into leather sacks. One of them held the countess in a tight grip when she began struggling violently, inelegant cursing tripping from her lips as he searched her hands, ears, and throat for jewels.

“You will not find them there,” Doctor Ashby grinned under his mask. “The beautiful countess has already hidden them down her pretty corset.” His voice was crisp and upper class.

“Please remove them or I will have no choice but to retrieve them myself, Countess,” he threatened.

“I do not know what you are talking about. I have hidden nothing.” She was haughty, once again cursing at the man who held her.

The Wicked Gentleman approached the woman. “Do not make the mistake of believing I am a kind and true gentleman who will not retrieve them from between your naked breasts for all to see, madam.”

“You would not dare!” The woman was outraged.

“Oh yes, I would. I am going to have the good grace to count to three and give you one more chance before stripping you bare where you stand, madam.”

The countess’ eyes widened with shock, but she still decided to disbelieve him.

“You would not—”


“I am not giving you anything! Pirate, thief—”


“This is outrageous! I will not give up my jewels. You will not dare to retrieve—”

“Give him the jewels, Gwendolyn, for God’s sake,” her husband urged.

“I will not.”

“Gag and tie up the count. Three. Your time is up, Countess.”

There was a firmness in Doctor Ashby’s voice which told all who could hear it that he had indeed meant every word and now he was going to strip the countess naked.

“Hold the countess’ arms tightly behind her back,” he instructed her captor whilst the doctor deposited his blaster back inside his leather holster inside his jacket. He took out a pocketknife, then slipped his hand between the middle of the countess’ corset, his gloved white hand brushed the milky white mounds that threatened to spill over and out of their confined space.

The Wicked Gentleman pulled her forward, causing her arms to stretch painfully out behind her, still held by his masked gang member. She gasped out loud when he took the knife and cut down the middle of the corset, but she could offer him little resistance. When the knife reached the bottom of the corset, the doctor had no hesitation in opening the corset wide and removing it from the countess to bare her breasts to every man in the room.

The jewels dropped to the floor, but the doctor did not pay them any heed. Ignoring the blushing of the countess and her curses, he continued stripping her, convinced she hid more under her skirt—but more for the desire to see her standing naked and vulnerable, open to pleasurable penetration should she desire it.

He cut and tore the silk taffeta skirt and her petticoat until they were removed in tatters around her feet. There was an awed silence in the room as every man’s eyes rested upon her naked form. She had not been wearing any undergarments and her neatly shaven auburn-curled sex was displayed prominently. Her long, slim legs were covered in dark stockings, and she still wore her long black gloves, her leather laced ankle boots, and a lace and black leather collar at her throat. She was a stunning vision—one The Wicked Gentleman could not resist sampling.

His eyes roved over her small but pert breasts with the darkened plum peaks pointing at him with arousal. He grinned to himself underneath the mask. For all the countess’ efforts to resist and her curses, her body was becoming aroused at his masterful treatment. He pressed his gloved hand against her stomach, sweeping his eyes over her moist lips, pressing his hand lightly into her stomach to calm her agitated breathing. He stroked her flesh gently.

“I think you are concealing something else,” he said softly. His gloved hand moved down her stomach and paused at the top of her auburn curls.

“Part your thighs, Countess.”

She stared at him and shook her head.

“Part your thighs, Countess, and let the jewel go, or I will remove it.”

She shook her head defiantly.

The Wicked Gentleman grinned beneath his mask, grateful for the opportunity she was giving him. He moved his gloved fingers through her curls and slipped them neatly between her pussy lips. Surprisingly, she was dampening, making his probing for the jewel that she clenched tightly between her lips easy.

She gave a low female moan as he moved his fingers back and forth. The small ruby was nestled up high in her lips, but he took his time to stroke and fondle the slickness of her mound, circling the small vaginal entrance and pausing to pinch the tiny, plump pleasure bud hanging ripe from her sex. It was a joy to inspect her flesh so intimately. He would have dearly loved to have her on his examination table, naked and defenceless, willingly probed and brought to climax by the new steam medical apparatus he had been developing to pleasure and inseminate a female.

Yet, she wasn’t quite the right type of woman to use in the experiment. He was still searching, and when he laid eyes upon her, he would know instantly of her appropriateness.

Another moan and then a small gasp escaped the countess’ mouth when Doctor Ashby’s persistent caress forced her to unclench the impressive muscles in her vagina. He knew what he next felt was the small priceless ruby the count and countess were carrying to the city of Gravura to have made into a large ring, a present for the countess on their first anniversary.

He pulled it out from her pussy lips and admired it, wiping the countess’ milky juice away with his fingers. He put the jewel in his top pocket and turned his attention to the pouting countess.

“An ingenious place to hide a jewel, my dear. The muscles in your vagina are unusually strong. You warrant further intimate examination, but I do not have my medical apparatus here to test them. It is a shame, I must say. But I shall content myself with disciplining you for hiding the jewels. I am not a man to be trifled with.”

He flicked a thumb idly over her breast, watching it spring back and forth. The countess gave another helpless moan even though she began to struggle with defiance. He removed his gloves, setting them down next to the rocket pack on the chaise longue.

“Discipline?” she breathed nervously.

“Yes, spanked over my knee until your rear is reddened enough to remind you of your punishment every time you sit, madam,” he informed her light heartedly.

“You cruel, heartless—”

Doctor Ashby reached behind her and raised his hand, smacking first the left bare buttock and then the right, hard and firm to silence the countess’ errant tongue. The urge to spank her for her squalling tongue over his knee was now overwhelming. The woman needed some firm male guidance and instruction to tame her disobedience.

She cried out with pain, but when he repeated the action, brushing himself against her breasts and sex to achieve the action, she became silent.

“Blindfold her and tie her hands behind her back. Blindfold the count but remove his gag. I want to converse with him. Remove the other men to the dining room.”

Satisfied that both the count and countess were blindfolded, Doctor Ashby removed his plague doctor mask. He was dark and handsome, with a devilish air about him that always ensured he rarely slept alone, even though he was single. At twenty-six years he had a full head of dark brown hair, with well-chiselled aristocratic features, high cheekbones, and a manly chin. His amber eyes, unimpeded by his mask, shone brightly as he viewed the naked countess. He gestured for his man to let her go into his custody and to move the count to a chair facing the chaise longue. Then he ordered the man to leave and help with the ransacking of the airship and its many rooms.

“Come, Countess,” he said, lifting the young woman around her waist. Immediately she began kicking and screaming against him. He ignored her behaviour, knowing it was soon to be schooled to his satisfaction over his knee. He sat down on the chaise longue and neatly deposited the countess over his knee.

Doctor Ashby braced the naked countess against his knee and administered a sound bare bottom spanking. He raised his hand in a well-practised arc and aimed for the most sensitive parts of her rump. His favourite place to catch with his firm disciplining hand was the uppermost backs of a woman’s tender thighs and just where her buttocks curved. The quivering flesh was a pleasure to view as it jumped obediently to his attention with each slap he delivered. A woman always cried out with pain from being struck there, but he had also discovered on experimentation that these were the places which also aroused the female subject, mixing her pain with strong pleasure, should he be inclined that way.

Countess Baldwin was the fourth woman he had spanked naked in the last week and a half for attempting to withhold jewels and personal trinkets in her undergarments, but the countess had been the first to hide them in her sex. Each slap of her rounded milky flesh was loud and painful, silencing her errant squalling tongue.

Although her husband could not view the proceedings before him, he was clearly becoming aroused by listening to his wife being spanked firmly on her bare bottom. It made Doctor Ashby wonder if the count had dearly wished to apply such a punishment to his wife since the birth of their marriage a year ago. The man’s arousal was strong, hard, and clearly visible between his legs. Confined within his breeches, his cock strained towards her, demanding entry.

The woman sobbed loudly, but the slick moisture coating The Wicked Gentleman’s legs told him the wench was enjoying her chastisement. She was a feisty woman, but her female bravado and haughtiness was fast disappearing into sobbing as he slapped her rear and the backs of her thighs crimson. When she finally lay quiet and sobbing over his knee, accepting his mastery and his right to school her, he ceased her torment. Satisfied with the colour of her bottom cheeks, he allowed her to sit upon his lap.

He swept his sparkling deep amber eyes admiringly over her naked form, gently stroking the tip of a breast with his ringed forefinger. His black velvet coat stroked her skin with his movement, bringing a healthy glow to her skin.

“You are a beautiful woman, Countess,” he told her, enthralled by the agitated rise and swell of her breasts as she breathed.

She appeared startled and bemused by his compliment. “I wish my husband believed it so.” She was breathless in her speech.

The countess had not objected to Doctor Ashby’s touch, and now he continued his caress with purpose.

“He has not come near me since we consummated our marriage,” she confessed, tears rolling from under the blindfold to rest upon her cheeks. “I believe he keeps his mistress satisfied in her bed, but I am to be denied.”

Doctor Ashby hushed her, soothingly cupping her breast in his wide male palm, almost lovingly. He held it gently, rubbing his thumb over the top of the pale mound.

“Your husband is a fool to deny such beauty.”

“He was in love with another before our marriage, as I was… But we are together now, forced to be by our parents. We must make the best of it. I try to entice him to our bed, but he is civil and polite in refusing. I am so vexed with him. It makes me devilish and churlish in my behaviour towards him. He barely tolerates my presence. The precious jewels he gives me are to placate me and keep me deceived of his love.”

“Yes, your behaviour is churlish and your tongue is foul for a woman, but it may be remedied easily with masterful handling and frequent spankings,” the sky pirate informed her calmly, a serious tone in his dark velvet voice.

Her breath quickened.

With a wicked smile, he tilted her chin upwards. “Perhaps when you learn the meaning of obedience over his knee and accept his mastery, he will come to your bed.”

Doctor Ashby then addressed the count. “Your wife requires a firm hand. I suggest you spank, or better still, paddle her often and I warrant you will see an improvement in her behaviour.”

The blindfolded count moved his head from side to side like a blind man. “Your hand is artfully practiced. I could hear it in the way you stung her flesh with each slap. I should like to emulate it, sir,” the count answered. “You have indeed brought her churlish tongue to task. I will take your advice.”


Doctor Ashby moved his hand under the countess’ rump as it, he was certain, sat uncomfortably stinging on his lap. He could feel the heat from her punished buttocks nicely warming his legs through his breeches. He smoothed his palm over one reddened buttock and was pleased at her silent submissiveness. Gently, carefully, he slipped his fingers between her thighs. They were drenched with creamy moisture. He found her sex filled to the brim with it. He smiled and stroked the fluttering bud nestled in her auburn mound. The countess moaned and sobbed with need under her blindfold.

He paid her no heed but continued his gentle tantalising stroke as he spoke to her husband. Only when she began to move with annoyance on his knee did he threaten her with his firm hand upon her buttocks again. Her movement ceased immediately.

“Why do you not attend her bed, sir?” the sky pirate asked with great interest.

“That is none of your business, sir,” the count was cornered, angry.

“A mistress is the reason. It can be no other. But you have such a beautiful wife. Her body is plentiful in its shape and form. Such delights await you in her taking, and I can see she arouses you painfully. For the pain you have caused your wife, I will make love to her and satisfy her needs. For your punishment you will listen to the sounds of her pleasure, and your penance will be to imagine her writhing body as I pleasure it. I have no doubt you will resolve to make amends for what your arrogance and adultery has caused you to miss, sir.”

In one fluid movement, Doctor Ashby made the countess turn to sit on his lap and straddle her legs across his own, opening her sex wide. By her rush to obey him, it was obvious she was more than eager to accommodate his masterful direction of her body. He spread her legs wider and then unbuttoned his breeches. She was already wet and prepared for taking, and he wasted no time in guiding his rod-like member to her wetness. His hands grasped her small waist and raised her upwards. Then he lowered her down on top of his cock and fed it up inside her slick entrance.

The countess moaned with pleasure as she felt her tight, unused channel contract with pleasure and a little discomfort to accept the mastery of his long, wide, hard length. She moved down on top of him, swallowing him whole until he almost penetrated her womb.

Doctor Ashby cupped her buttocks and moved upwards to meet her downward thrust. Still tied and blindfolded, she was unable to hold onto him and was completely at his mercy. He set the rhythm of their joined movement and grasped her breasts to use them as reins and guide the punished countess down on top of him faster and faster.

He pulled and teased her nipples sharply, stretching them out cruelly until the countess cried out with pain. Moisture from her sex coated him thickly in response, spurring his ardour on. Hard and unforgiving, he thrust up to meet her.

The handsome Wicked Gentleman nuzzled the countess’ neck, brushing his lips where he knew it to be most tender and intoxicating to a woman. She moaned and threw her head back, thrusting her beautiful breasts out as though in an offering to him. He raised his hand and slapped them gently three times, delighted by the spring in their wobble. The countess cried out but pushed down on top of him harder. He felt her vulva tighten in spasms around him and her breathing quicken. His own breath was to follow as desire surged through his cock, urgently wanting to spill his seed within her. Briefly he wondered about the child they might have produced together if he had wished to impregnate her in one of his exotic experiments. The countess was beautiful breeding stock, but he was aware she lacked the mental and intellectual capacities he was looking for in a woman to breed with.

The countess gave a small scream as she came, releasing her pent-up frustration at not having been made love to for so long. Doctor Ashby grunted like a wild animal and came with her, his pleasure exploding and releasing his soft creamy seed into her channel with dominant force.

Doctor Ashby caressed the silky sheen of sweat across the countess’ shoulders and bestowed her with gentle kisses along her neck until her panting pleasure calmed. Aftercare was important when a woman had been punished and then pleasured. He had made extensive notes on this being vital to their wellbeing and essential discipline. If she had been at his home or in his laboratory engaging in one of his experiments, he would have personally bathed and moisturised her before putting her to bed. He would have made her rest naked between the sheets of his bed as he made observations of how she slept and then of her behaviour for the next three days, to see how long the punishment lasted and kept her tamed and obedient to the will of a man.

“Thank you,” she whispered to him. “That was heavenly.”

“Good. Now that you have been pleasured, my beautiful countess, you must submit to your husband. He has heard what delights in you he is missing, and I warrant his member will burst if you do not satisfy his need for you.”

Doctor Ashby pulled the countess off his knee and gave her plump red buttocks a careful squeeze, admiring his skilled handiwork.

“Now be a good girl, unbutton his breeches, and mount him,” he instructed, untying her hands. “Do not remove your blindfold or I shall have to spank you again, and this time with the leather strap I carry to discipline young ladies just like yourself. I know you respond wetly to discipline, but my strike will be harder with the leather, and I warrant you will think twice before disobeying me again.”

He watched her cheeks blush under the blindfold. She nodded and allowed him to lead her to her husband. Doctor Ashby tapped her rear with his palm and helped her straddle her husband, instructing her to undo the count’s breeches while blindfolded.

With determination, the countess undid her husband’s breeches as Doctor Ashby replaced his top hat and plague doctor mask. He gathered up the jewels from the floor and deposited them inside his pocket, watching the countess mount her husband’s cock, guiding it up inside her. With a smile when he heard the count groan with pleasure, he replaced his rocket pack.

The countess began to move up and down on her husband, guiding his lips to the tip of her breasts. At first it appeared as though she were reigning dominant, but even with his hands tied behind his back and blindfolded, he proved a force to be reckoned with. He thrust skilfully as she moved downwards on top of him, just as she had upon The Wicked Gentleman’s cock. He drew one of her nipples into his mouth to pull and nip with his teeth. Doctor Ashby viewed the scene with interest and approval as the count thrust inside his wife, hot and hard, ready to spill his potent seed into his wife’s pussy with fervent ardour.

He replaced his white gloves, taking a moment to inhale the musky, arousing scent of her sex on the fingers from when he had removed the ruby from her pussy. The woman really was responding well to the rhythm her husband was setting. Her glowing red buttocks bobbed enticingly up and down, making Doctor Ashby harden again. He needed to find his own beautiful countess to play and experiment with.

He moved his sleeve up and looked down at the brown leather band adorning his wrist with brass corner pieces, copper and brass gears, and spinners with crystals cultivated into a uniquely designed timepiece. In the middle was a small screen and voice transmitter. He tapped it and spoke into it to one of his men. Their masked image flashed up on the small black and white screen.

“Gather the others. I am ready to leave. Bring what you have found.”

“Yes, sir,” the man replied, and then the screen faded.

Doctor Ashby turned his attention back to the countess moving up and down on her husband’s cock, both hell-bent on coming as his men returned to the lounge on the airship. He prepared to leave, but the count and countess were so close to coming and he dearly wanted to see the countess brought to the dizzy height of pleasure once more, this time with her crimson spanked buttocks on show to every man in the room.

Doctor Ashby approached them both, knowing well what would quicken the pace. For a moment he watched the blindfolded couple and then he removed one of his gloves. Without further ado, he bent and administered four firm slaps to the curve of the countess’ buttocks as she rose to thrust down upon her husband’s bulging cock.

She cried out with pain and then he heard her coming hot, wet, and fast. Then the count grunted his own release amid her panting cries and screams.

Doctor Ashby laughed and corrected his smart attire, watching the couple kiss as they came.

“I believe my work here is done,” he mused out loud as their pleasure slowed and came to a halt. “Mind you rule your wife with a firm hand. Spank her regularly and do not neglect her bed. Then, sir, you will have a dutiful, obedient, and lusty wife, who will provide you with many children.”

The count nodded and began to devour his wife’s breasts, hungry with need.

Doctor Ashby grinned underneath his mask. He brushed a kiss across the countess’ burning left buttock. “Adieu, Countess. It has been a pleasure.”

He tipped his top hat at her when she lifted up her blindfold and ran with his men to the stairs leading to the bridge and the hatch. He tipped his top hat at the tied up crew and the man steering the ship with one of the doctor’s men holding a cutlass to his throat.

The Wicked Gentleman and his gang climbed up onto the steel girders and looked out at the green fields below and out to magnificent falls cascading from a cliff into a large lake. He pulled a gear on his rocket pack and stepped off the airship into the air. His rocket pack burst into life and made him buoyant in the air, and his men followed suit.

Doctor Ashby, part-time sky pirate to appropriate jewels and trinkets for the mere fun of it and to procure precious stones to use in his elixir sexual pleasure compound experiments, was about to call his adventures a day. But then he spied another airship a short distance below. He signalled to his men, who were already carrying full sacks, and motioned for them to follow him.

Another adventure was nigh. Perhaps there would be another tasty damsel in need of his bedside manner.

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  1. Stats23

    What a fast, fun, sexciting read! While it technically cannot be called a prequel, as there are no other books about Dr. Ashby yet in print, it sure has the sense and feel of one. Bryan Ashby is a futuristic sky pirate specializing in taking precious gem stones from rich ladies. A bit of a Robin Hood if you will, but he doesn’t give his bounty to the poor rather he uses them in his sexual pleasure compound experiments. A deliciously wicked side story on its own! On one of his raids he ends up rescuing Lucinda from being forced to marry a sicko of a man by her equally sick father. This rescue leads to a spanking romance of epic proportions. While the story has an HFN ending, it certainly leaves lots of room for more adventures by the good Doctor, the adventurous Lucinda, and perhaps his band of Wicked Gentleman. Lots of spankings, lots of sex, and lots of ass play. 5 Stars
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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